The $20 Million Dollar Deal with Jeffree Star

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Commenti 43 269
Kimberly Mattson
I am ready to take the day off work so I don't miss the launch of this palette. Lol
muffin asmr
muffin asmr 11 ore fa
I wish jefree would be my best friend 😊
Maria Chears
Maria Chears 11 ore fa
When youre blowing whatever money you have on Shane dawsons launch cuz you dont want it to sell out
dizzy pleasure
dizzy pleasure 11 ore fa
i hear hoodie again 🥰🥰🥰
Tanith C.
Tanith C. 11 ore fa
Where did Morgan get that makeup kit????? I want one!!!!!!
Oddball Artz Chloe
I can NOT WAIT for this pallette. That metallic green, KILL ME BISH
Mykayla Wilson
Mykayla Wilson 11 ore fa
I can’t wait for re-order on his bags and hoodies. Now the pallet is everything and I’m crying cause I’m so fucking excited for him 😭😭so proud.
onebaddab6767 11 ore fa
Loving this soooooo much!❤❤👑👑🐷🐷🐽🐽🐖🐖❤❤👍👍👍👍
Kirsten Phillips
Hope Shane rents it
Erika Martinez
Erika Martinez 11 ore fa
Im so exited for the launchhh🤞🏻❤️
ItsKC 11 ore fa
Alexa Barajas
Alexa Barajas 11 ore fa
Shane, I feel like you need to hear this: I WILL buy your palette. No doubt, as soon as you launch I will buy it!
Kind Of Noodle
Kind Of Noodle 11 ore fa
What if the unnamed color was called “viewers discretion”
Yaya Martinez
Yaya Martinez 11 ore fa
Nov 1 is my birthday I really want it but ik it will sell out 😢
Teena Hendriks
Teena Hendriks 11 ore fa
Bitch, if this drops on Nov 1st Im legit buying one of everything. Yaaaaaaaaassssssssss #JeffreeStarXShane #Conspiracy #SoFuckingPumped
Jada Marie
Jada Marie 11 ore fa
idk why but i started crying when the were in the bedroom of their old house😢
Elaina Verdugo
Elaina Verdugo 11 ore fa
I will definitely be waiting the day it launches and buying whatever I can super quick
Everest Gacha
Everest Gacha 11 ore fa
20%of these comments be like “that greeennnnn 😱😭”
Kore Baier
Kore Baier 11 ore fa
I can’t wait for this to hit. Excited and so happy for you Shane!
Amanda Crisp
Amanda Crisp 11 ore fa
Shane and Jeffree Holiday collection of 2019 = EPIC
Lykos-Anubis 11 ore fa
Shane and Jeffree need a TV show T_T
Justin Rebelak
Justin Rebelak 11 ore fa
Clock the HOUSE! Rich Lux is everythinnnnggg!!
Krissy Gaytan
Krissy Gaytan 11 ore fa
I can't wait to buy this
Madison W
Madison W 11 ore fa
Whoever staged that house did a terrible job 😂
Laura Quevedo
Laura Quevedo 11 ore fa
When jeffrey held up the nate pillow and started yelling at it
Random ARMY Girl
I'm getting into makeup just for shane. I love him soooo much🥺
Ari's Life
Ari's Life 11 ore fa
😍😍😍 literally can't wait for this pallete
Isabella Belleza
Why is this 13trending? WHERES #1trending
Ana SAntos
Ana SAntos 11 ore fa
I already want it I’m so exited!!!!!!
Merry Red
Merry Red 11 ore fa
Jeffree is such an inspiring business man! Really cool to watch him work and share with others!
Leah 7689
Leah 7689 11 ore fa
The polar bear 😂! Shane, “Me with my hoodie... me with my robes.” Same. Lol.
kiana n
kiana n 11 ore fa
This is going to be the craziest launch in makeup history.
Jillian Roundsky
This moment gets me everytime omg 16:00 - 16:10 I love it
Nina Me
Nina Me 11 ore fa
I know this is kind of random but Shane needs to go pee a LOT.😂😂😂
Lulu Rae Canaan
Lulu Rae Canaan 11 ore fa
Omg Shane has rlly improved in his makeup skills! When he was doing his eyeshadow towards the end I was very impressed! Good work Shane!
diksha malhotra
diksha malhotra 11 ore fa
Im currently on the bus to school I wanna watch this soo bad but I know that if I start I won't stop... Aka You're like a drug to me You're my own personal brand of heroine......
Amber Hughes
Amber Hughes 11 ore fa
Shane and Ryland are so damn cute and sweet, my diabetic ass is about to go into a coma. 💙💙💙💙💙
ughlele 11 ore fa
did i spy a mf jeffree star grinder
Dammyon Cook
Dammyon Cook 11 ore fa
If they eliminate that sickening green I'll be pissed! Perfect shade for the palette!
Shaylynn Stanhope
I cant wait to buy the pallet and lipsticks!
Chloë Nicole
Chloë Nicole 11 ore fa
Wait so I’m confused? Is it going to be Jeffree’s formula or Morphe !?
Sabrina Coelho
Sabrina Coelho 11 ore fa
I just hope I can get the palette
christina morales
Nicole Ordonez
Nicole Ordonez 11 ore fa
I’m so excited for nov.1 saved it on my calendar!!!
Chiita kun
Chiita kun 11 ore fa
Drew Monson 😢😢😢 I don't know what happened among them but I want the spooky boys back together.
Tú Vũ
Tú Vũ 11 ore fa
love you guys from vietnam :)
Gabriela G
Gabriela G 11 ore fa
I’m saving up and buying the whole collection, idgaf
Niza Skyline
Niza Skyline 11 ore fa
Jeffrey is like they type of friend you need who will tackle the hard tasks call people out when you can’t 😩 I need someone like that
Sarah Downs
Sarah Downs 11 ore fa
SO GOOD!!!!!!!
J Hack
J Hack 11 ore fa
Sending so much love your way Shane. I'm so unbelievably proud of you watching your videos for over 10 years and seeing what you're doing now and the new things you're passionate about. You inspire me everyday, thank you for pursuing your dreams.
Stacy Moscotti
Stacy Moscotti 11 ore fa
Dude. I’m a 41 year old housewife who doesn’t wear makeup and I CANNOT WAIT TO BUY SHANE’S MAKEUP.
Nina Hernandez
Nina Hernandez 11 ore fa
Can’t wait 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Ashley Neufield
Ashley Neufield 11 ore fa
Shane if your entire store online could sell out in like an hour, think about your make up palette. I promise you I will do anything to get something from your collection. Where I live, we don't have a morphe, so I will order online and wait however long I need to. your going to have the greatest success in this
Tori Frazier
Tori Frazier 11 ore fa
Andrew with red lips is everything. 😘🤑
cameo echols
cameo echols 11 ore fa
The ending 💖💞💓
Arianna Lucia
Arianna Lucia 11 ore fa
I’m so mad they got rid of the green shade
A R 11 ore fa
wait I'm so proud of Shane ): he's really actually trying to learn more about makeup and you can SEE it. compared to the first time he's tried doing his makeup, to now.. such a huge difference. he's gotten so much better it's insane. i cannot WAIT for this palette
Emilia Soso
Emilia Soso 11 ore fa
High key Shane is really good at makeup
Tayler Jones
Tayler Jones 11 ore fa
i’m literally constantly checking their stuff bc i want this palette sooo bad.
Sophie Rose
Sophie Rose 11 ore fa
Anyone else feel like making a pallet with jeffree
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