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The Bella Twins attack Ronda Rousey: Raw, Oct. 8, 2018

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Find out why Nikki & Brie betrayed The Baddest Woman on the Planet after their Raw victory over The Riott Squad.
#RAW #Bellalution
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9 ott 2018

wweworld wrestling entertainmentwrestlingwrestlerwrestlesuperstarsकुश्तीपहलवानडब्लू डब्लू ईमैचसुपरस्टारव्यावसायिक कुश्तीمصارعهRawBrie BellaNikki BellaRonda RouseyRuby RiottSarah LoganLiv MorganRiott Squadsp:ty=highsp:st=wrestlingsp:scp=athlete_in_matchsp:dt=2018-10-08T20:00:00-04:00sp:ev=wwe-rawsp:ath=wwe-nikbesp:ath=wwe-livmsp:ath=wwe-rubrironda rousey wwe debutthe bella twinsnikki bella vs ronda rouseyronda rousey vs nikki bella




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Commenti 10 364
Mr. Xù
Mr. Xù Ora fa
Don' no
Maria Socratous
Haida Estanislao
No soportan que Ronda Rousey sea la mejor
Marco e Franci channel
2 vs 1 poop bella twins
WWE Nation WWE Army
Angel Meral
Angel Meral Giorno fa
It is true? Its oct ? 2018?
Pusshen Squshy
Pusshen Squshy Giorno fa
Bu nasıl ihabet
Lider Line
Lider Line 2 giorni fa
esey qirmizilar
niraj yadav
niraj yadav 2 giorni fa
Rounda is best
George keeron
George keeron 2 giorni fa
alexa bliss is the best not nikki bella ha ha ha haaaaaaaa by by
azra khan
azra khan 3 giorni fa
Thz z cheating....nonscence twins
Anime Buquis
Anime Buquis 3 giorni fa
They only do their job
Anime Buquis
Anime Buquis 3 giorni fa
It's scripted anyways
Queen Lauren
Queen Lauren 3 giorni fa
You mess with the bella twins I mess with you😂😂😂😂😂
Daniela Alejandra Anton Gutierrez
ал тю
ал тю 4 giorni fa
она блядь их ногами не била а они суки били извените за мат нервы не стольные
Lea Aquino
Lea Aquino 4 giorni fa
Ronda rousey is never defeated😕
sean ybanez
sean ybanez 5 giorni fa
Good Job Nikki!! 😊 , Stay Fearless , RONDA SUCKS 😂
Катя Лебедева
Интересно, за что ее так?
Dushuyant Arya
Dushuyant Arya 5 giorni fa
I like you Ronda rouse
Dewayne Suggs
Dewayne Suggs 6 giorni fa
Dewayne Suggs
Dewayne Suggs 6 giorni fa
phd jr
phd jr 6 giorni fa
Ronda te ama
phd jr
phd jr 6 giorni fa
Te amo
Mckayla Catanzaro
Mckayla Catanzaro 7 giorni fa
if ur gonna watch wwe then know that like 95% of it is scripted, thank u
Punam Sahu
Punam Sahu 4 giorni fa
Fighter fight
Athena B
Athena B 8 giorni fa
I like them both sorry sister stucky am so sorry
Sri Jaya Brass
Sri Jaya Brass 8 giorni fa
0:13 brie bella not touch sarah logan ? 😂😂😂
Patricia Peregrin
Patricia Peregrin 8 giorni fa
Hhoohohoho ronda rousey attack
Andrea Marie
Andrea Marie 9 giorni fa
Bella Doesnt deserve to win 😀
David Espinoza
David Espinoza 9 giorni fa
David Espinoza
David Espinoza 9 giorni fa
Altynai Kasymkyova
Altynai Kasymkyova 10 giorni fa
Ganesh Bhujel
Ganesh Bhujel 10 giorni fa
I like bella twins
Sarbani Parta
Sarbani Parta 10 giorni fa
PRO TV 10 giorni fa
If I where I will help Ronda because I'm a taekwondo player I will broke there hips
Hussain Kashif
Hussain Kashif 10 giorni fa
Wowwwww Nikki and brie bella have done very good to Ronda rousey
Zola Munianga
Zola Munianga 10 giorni fa
Brie mode
Naheed Naheed
Naheed Naheed 10 giorni fa
Nikki so hot😘
Akhila Akhilakumari
Akhila Akhilakumari 11 giorni fa
Billa s kresy
Bachirene Houria
Bachirene Houria 11 giorni fa
Fak you
Rabiya Ozur
Rabiya Ozur 12 giorni fa
I love the bella tvins
Fan Милс Кел
Fan Милс Кел 13 giorni fa
mikhaela kaye
mikhaela kaye 14 giorni fa
anong silbi ng mga yan na bouncer or whatsoever? tiga tanong kay ronda kung okay lang sya at tiga nood
mikhaela kaye
mikhaela kaye 14 giorni fa
nakailang suntok muna bago literal na naawat yung bellas :) gara amp
Mia Vallance
Mia Vallance 14 giorni fa
Gustavo Mora
Gustavo Mora 14 giorni fa
Ronda vs Charlotte
Indri Ajha
Indri Ajha 16 giorni fa
Ray Bilverstone
Ray Bilverstone 16 giorni fa
What a couple of hideous creatures 😈.
Sueli Santos
Sueli Santos 16 giorni fa
Ronda se espondo ao ridículo participando desse teatro
João Victor
João Victor 16 giorni fa
Hoje mais god
pouya rahmaniii
pouya rahmaniii 16 giorni fa
Nikki is the best 😍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘👑👑👑👑👑
Quinn Anya VLOGS
Quinn Anya VLOGS 16 giorni fa
Murat Korkmaz Oyunda
Ronda Rousey winner!! Bella bad's 🤨😐😑
Djunie and manou channel
That's not fair the Bella twins you guy's coward
Nanul Xachatryan
Nanul Xachatryan 19 giorni fa
Ronda Rousey
ronda jean rousey
ronda jean rousey 19 giorni fa
No one's win to ronda♡♡
Denaye Wilson
Denaye Wilson 19 giorni fa
1:38 look at them fake soft punches like🙄🤔
cookies _jungkookie
cookies _jungkookie 19 giorni fa
0:54, at this moment I feel bad for Rousy 😪
Frank Stone
Frank Stone 19 giorni fa
The Bella Twins just wanted to stab Ronda Rousey in the back I don't like the Bella twins anymore they think that they better and everyone and I'm so glad that they don't come back the raw anymore
Yasemin Sahinduran
Yasemin Sahinduran 20 giorni fa
The bella
Ranjith Abraham
Ranjith Abraham 20 giorni fa
i know
Indira Salazar
Indira Salazar 20 giorni fa
This is so fake 🤣
Ember Vallejo
Ember Vallejo 20 giorni fa
I feel like the Bella twins do cheap shots or distractions to win
mapalo musonda
mapalo musonda 21 giorno fa
The Bella twins should go to heal😡😡😡😡😈 😈am dicerpointed in the twins😵😵 i loved them sooooooo much i cant even express my love for them they shouldn't have done that and randa is my favourite amog all now i know never trust anyone they may be your friend from the outside and enemy from the inside i course them once again
Hannah Maxville
Hannah Maxville 22 giorni fa
Boooooo bellas
Hannah Maxville
Hannah Maxville 22 giorni fa
Boooooo ballas
Hannah Maxville
Hannah Maxville 22 giorni fa
Alondra Robles
Alondra Robles 22 giorni fa
BOO Bella
Flora Aniscal
Flora Aniscal 22 giorni fa
Now... I hate the bella twins but I vote for the bella twins only
jinky rogelio
jinky rogelio 22 giorni fa
I really love Bella twins no matter what.
Pâmela Mayalle Torres
Vey essas nega são umas cagona só pega a Ronda pela tração. Luta igual a uma mulher pora!!
lili lalisa
lili lalisa 22 giorni fa
Wtf! Oh my ronda.
Melissa Vargas
Melissa Vargas 22 giorni fa
Now I’m kinda hating the bella twins🙄hate them now); I’m crying for Ronda
Janely Castellon
Janely Castellon 23 giorni fa
Like of you hate them now
Jagseer singh kular productions
At the last scene Nikki Bella put her foot on Ronda's bum
Mariam Gurgues
Mariam Gurgues 23 giorni fa
0:55 you can see it in her "why are you guys doing this?!" I feel so bad for Ronda rn. but its probably just for money.
Tony Nguyen
Tony Nguyen 23 giorni fa
Chris cyborg and meisha Tate need to debut and beat Rhonda
He llo
He llo 24 giorni fa
There's the turn heel. 😂
Tanis Ayoungman
Tanis Ayoungman 24 giorni fa
The belles are ugly asf
jose reinoso
jose reinoso 24 giorni fa
le paran sacando la mierda a la rousey
Lillian Rush
Lillian Rush 24 giorni fa
Are used to love the Bella Twins but now I hate them in there so stupid
Lamyae Serghini
Lamyae Serghini 24 giorni fa
Fergucci. o7
Fergucci. o7 25 giorni fa
Nichols Cresante
Nichols Cresante 25 giorni fa
i am a fan of ronda and bella twins but ugh.........i am ashamed
Melvin Rodriguez
Melvin Rodriguez 25 giorni fa
QWEEN_ BISH 26 giorni fa
So unexpected like...🙄🙄
Grennielle justalero
Bad2x Bella twins. Bella twins boooooooo
wedson felipe felipe
Ronda de um wedson para a sua conta, mas não tem tempo pra 😢😧😧
Sengul Husein
Sengul Husein 26 giorni fa
Fiona nicole Bonza
Fiona nicole Bonza 27 giorni fa
Why you bella twins attack ronda i hate nikki i love jhon cena and why jhon cena loves nikki bella ?
raine&cole vlogs
raine&cole vlogs 27 giorni fa
I really hate the Bella Twins now👿😡
Liny Bella
Liny Bella 28 giorni fa
Poor Ronda
I hate Rounda Rousey she breaks peoples arms and does it on purpose
Cindy Stillwell
Cindy Stillwell 28 giorni fa
I really thought AJ Lee was going to come out when the bellas did this
Eross Earvin Trias
Eross Earvin Trias 28 giorni fa
Its just act
Roseprincee 29 giorni fa
Fraquinhas. .
Hycint Ynion
Hycint Ynion Mese fa
I love Bella twins! Bella twins: We are the only Queens here!!😂♥️♥️
Jiwak Rai
Jiwak Rai Mese fa
Ronda is best player in this world
Bhushan T
Bhushan T Mese fa
Do whatever you want, You will taking any decisions with your experience of wwe
Moon Chaser
Moon Chaser Mese fa
What's Happening!?
luna valente
luna valente Mese fa
Todavía que ganaron gracias a Rousey la golpean y todo aora deve aver venganza
Mangesh Madavi
So nais
Prossimi video