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The Bella Twins attack Ronda Rousey: Raw, Oct. 8, 2018

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Find out why Nikki & Brie betrayed The Baddest Woman on the Planet after their Raw victory over The Riott Squad.
#RAW #Bellalution
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9 ott 2018

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Commenti 9 899
Icare7 Ora fa
I think they got the story line wrong,,, if any one Make Rhonda the Heel, because the Bellas have been so on the righteous side in their whole careers. With build up and brand, its hard to believe these girls are back stabbers. Even if its a story line...... What do they have to gain? Since no girl can defeat Rhonda,,, let her start on the men.
kem KuLa
kem KuLa 3 ore fa
Why is Brie’s tights all the way up her belly ohh we don’t want to see that momma belly flaps I get it
วนิดา โพธิ์งาม
Marell Thomas
Marell Thomas 6 ore fa
The Bella twins is some fake people fl4real why you jumping it just could have been one of y'all that fought. Straight fake keep it a 💯
Aleja Fonsecq
Aleja Fonsecq 7 ore fa
ablen en español 😈😈😈😈😈
nimco love
nimco love 10 ore fa
Who thought that ronda niki and brie could have been the girls verison of the shield
M L 10 ore fa
Can y’all calm down? It’s scripted. You can get mad obviously but at the end of the day there all still friends.
mariam St
mariam St 10 ore fa
Where the hell is naty
Elysabeth Poodle
Im sorry but I just do not get this WWE stuff. Its clearly acting and poorly at that. Everything is fixed and re=hearst. Look I can sort of get where Ronda Rousey is concerned as if you can make it you go to WWE and fake it but everything else I just dont get it. What is the interest in watching this?
John Doe
John Doe 10 ore fa
@0:13 secs she actually fakes falling and throws herself to the floor watch carefully. Really poor acting Brie didn’t even touch her yet 😂😂
Andro Tech
Andro Tech 11 ore fa
They're Awesome 😀
Ashley 13 ore fa
The Gonzalez’s
I love you bella twins
Sunil Kadam
Sunil Kadam 15 ore fa
Csaba Kovàcs
Csaba Kovàcs 16 ore fa
Bella 🖕
Rajnish Yadav
Rajnish Yadav 18 ore fa
I love nikki Bella but now I hate them
Maiawa George
Maiawa George 21 ora fa
Ronda Rousey =like
Shay H
Shay H Giorno fa
Go bella twins😙😙😙😙😙😙😙
Anh Nguyen
Anh Nguyen Giorno fa
độc ác phản bội
Eduvijes Sotelo
Eduvijes Sotelo Giorno fa
IRL(in real life) tho, Ronda would kill them....clearly and obviously
Techy India
Techy India Giorno fa
I like ronda rousey
Deepanshu Ranghera
Bellas Twins Ko Ye Nahi Karna Chahiye Tha Ab Rowdy se Unhe Koun Bacaga 😈😈👿👿👹👾💥💥💥💥💥💥🐯🐯🐯🐮🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯
Lucia Aguirre
Lucia Aguirre Giorno fa
Brie Bella is in the itty bitty titty committee
Diego Enrique Campos Torres
Como se extraña a AJ LEE en estas luchas.
Azianna Green
Azianna Green Giorno fa
Guys we all know its scripted they get paid for acting and hurting people and getting hurt not saying i dont like watching it i do
Josefina Andalio
Boo bella twins
Lakesha Stapleton
Nikk Bella what are you doing this is Amari and I am a chow
Mecha Vann
Mecha Vann Giorno fa
If you want for John Cena I would not even be in the WWE so yeah just need to stop trying Ronda Rousey
Dani Hernandez
Dani Hernandez Giorno fa
Que groseras son
lovely girl
lovely girl Giorno fa
the 2bitch girl wearing the red 👎👎👎👎
Qamar Ali
Qamar Ali Giorno fa
Ronda Rousey u are best in the World
John Gonzalez
John Gonzalez Giorno fa
From face turn to heel turn in 1 second
Nailde Silva
Nailde Silva Giorno fa
Nikki e brie vocês foram bem responda em português BR
Nilufar Ikromova
Ronda Rouse 👍🏻👍🏻
مستر هلالي
والله قهر روندا روزي احسن مصارعه
Ashlee Oyabam
Ashlee Oyabam Giorno fa
I feel so sorry for Ronda :( She's not ready for this. Anyways Ronda can beat Nikki and Brie by herself🙄 FAKE FRIENDS HUH😕
d rouse
d rouse Giorno fa
Haha , I love the heels . Wait til Holly Holmes shows up at wrestlemania .
Alexander Devasagayaraj
I love ronda
Water RB
Water RB Giorno fa
Ronda i told they will attack u
Sister Stucky
Sister Stucky Giorno fa
am i the only one who dislikes the bella twins (no offense if you like them)
Mawi Mawi
Mawi Mawi Giorno fa
Poor ronda😂
soumen biswas
soumen biswas Giorno fa
I Love you ronda
Muhila Rajeswari
Hi i am a indian girl i am first time watching the show i to amazing why nikki and brie beat the ronda any one tell please
ĶûmîhøPH YT
ĶûmîhøPH YT 2 giorni fa
Welp... Im exited to see 2 girls in the ring
Els Lotterman
Els Lotterman 2 giorni fa
The bella twins ar sak
joebell abrio
joebell abrio 2 giorni fa
no bella attack ronda
FREAK MODE 2 giorni fa
Ronda can beat 5 man but twins not?
oscar ortigoza
oscar ortigoza 2 giorni fa
que hace ronda ahi??
Lucélia Alves Alves
São muito é da fausa🖕👌
Hamza Binumbaran
Hamza Binumbaran 2 giorni fa
What kind of freaking nikki bella is that????!!!!
Danny Cabanial
Danny Cabanial 2 giorni fa
Bella Twins plsss stop
s.p.FOX 2 giorni fa
she's somehow perfected the armbar
Shah Zaib
Shah Zaib 2 giorni fa
Good bella
Michael Turner
Michael Turner 2 giorni fa
It’s all soooo real!
Michael Turner
Michael Turner 2 giorni fa
I just love WWE
Michael Turner
Michael Turner 2 giorni fa
What entertainment...!!
Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel 2 giorni fa
Supongo que la WWE le paga mucho mas que la UFC por hacer ese show jajaja
Faisal Sadat
Faisal Sadat 2 giorni fa
i love this girl
Aman Patel
Aman Patel 2 giorni fa
Bella twins are very smart
fatima imran
fatima imran 2 giorni fa
Maria Goreti
Maria Goreti 2 giorni fa
Elas divinhão a panhar
Jungkook loveMawi
Jungkook loveMawi 2 giorni fa
I just found this video and I used to like the bella twins alot but now I hate them....I know people that are a fan of the bella twins will be mad and sorry If i said i hate them, but lets face it, they betrayed ronda rousey, they stabbed her in the back. Thats not how a friendship is supposed to be.
Aiyarawan Thongprom
Neha Rawat
Neha Rawat 2 giorni fa
l love Ronda...
i'm boos
i'm boos 2 giorni fa
Trump donald
Trump donald 2 giorni fa
Enrico Val Naypa
Enrico Val Naypa 2 giorni fa
carmen horse
carmen horse 2 giorni fa
Why are three people ag
NAJ FARAH 2 giorni fa
so rude bella twins i hate you guys
Аслан Аскарбек
хайпанутся решила
Sarswati Bhandari
Sarswati Bhandari 2 giorni fa
Tween bellla loser
Chinchella Gudnaz
Chinchella Gudnaz 2 giorni fa
Imma be honest i used to like the bella twins but now they took jealousy to the next level
Juber Ahmed
Juber Ahmed 3 giorni fa
marquina faraon
marquina faraon 3 giorni fa
Why you too attack rouda you well be friend
David Schultz
David Schultz 3 giorni fa
Por dios que alguien las detenga! La estan lastimando! :V
Chenlyn Marcelo
Chenlyn Marcelo 3 giorni fa
ang bella twins ay sobrang daya
Solmon Steiner
Solmon Steiner 3 giorni fa
Ronda thank you for making matches kinda real
Kaz Roberts
Kaz Roberts 3 giorni fa
I did not know the Bella's was like this and would do something like this i guess Ronda was right they are do nothing Bella's (dnb)
stacey quill
stacey quill 3 giorni fa
Get help Rhonda rousey go
Matthew Calmert
Matthew Calmert 3 giorni fa
0:11 The heck was THAT in the background?
Trump donald
Trump donald 2 giorni fa
Thats how bellas wrestle
Abu Sufyan
Abu Sufyan 3 giorni fa
Is this real or just an act?
Trump donald
Trump donald 2 giorni fa
Its real weird question
jennei Talo
jennei Talo 3 giorni fa
Arif Putra
Arif Putra 3 giorni fa
Ronda rousey hebat saya suka dia
Thanh Mai
Thanh Mai 3 giorni fa
Dm hai con loz Ronda Rousey của t
Girl gamer 101
Girl gamer 101 3 giorni fa
Are you ok
Goretti Mutanya
Goretti Mutanya 3 giorni fa
I can't believe you could I was always happy but now I don't even want to see your face you are so selfish that's why I love Ronda Rousey more Brie and Nikki are the worst
goody869 3 giorni fa
Cringe-worthy performance!
Fareeda Khan
Fareeda Khan 3 giorni fa
What a acting
Chetna Sports
Chetna Sports 3 giorni fa
बोगस हे सब
Kajol Dhingra
Kajol Dhingra 4 giorni fa
Luv u bella
Niha Jan
Niha Jan 4 giorni fa
Wtf bella twins
earthdrawวาดรูป Gameต่างๆ
I don't like Bella twins 😒
Lalala Lalala
Lalala Lalala 4 giorni fa
Why does the Bella Twins always have to be the bad guys of the story?... Is getting old! Well you know what? It IS old!
DCG 4 giorni fa
News Hunte
News Hunte 4 giorni fa
Ooh no... she's cheating
19fran85 4 giorni fa
Has anyone found part two in pornhob??
Amir Arab
Amir Arab 4 giorni fa
Vipul De Silva
Vipul De Silva 4 giorni fa
YES! Rounda Rousey is right i am thinking about JOHN CEENA's Bed room. hE. hE, heee
nityanand mallik
nityanand mallik 4 giorni fa
Niki Bella is always best women for the wwe in history and she is the longest raining Divas champion
Wiktoria Kwiatkowska
nityanand mallik Omg True !! I love Nikki
Erick Corral
Erick Corral 4 giorni fa
That’s in Chicago I Love ❤️ Chicago But Why There Fighting The Are Kicking Her The Bella Twins Making Her Not Good Ronda Rousey is Not Happy At All I Love ❤️ Ronda Rousey I Love You So Much Ronda Rousey Ok
CaliGirl 4 giorni fa
😂😂 You guys are taking it too seriously, its WWE. Something called entertainment! smh 😫🙄
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