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The Bella Twins attack Ronda Rousey: Raw, Oct. 8, 2018

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Find out why Nikki & Brie betrayed The Baddest Woman on the Planet after their Raw victory over The Riott Squad.
#RAW #Bellalution
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9 ott 2018

wweworld wrestling entertainmentwrestlingwrestlerwrestlesuperstarsकुश्तीपहलवानडब्लू डब्लू ईमैचसुपरस्टारव्यावसायिक कुश्तीمصارعهRawBrie BellaNikki BellaRonda RouseyRuby RiottSarah LoganLiv MorganRiott Squadsp:ty=highsp:st=wrestlingsp:scp=athlete_in_matchsp:dt=2018-10-08T20:00:00-04:00sp:ev=wwe-rawsp:ath=wwe-nikbesp:ath=wwe-livmsp:ath=wwe-rubrironda rousey wwe debutthe bella twinsnikki bella vs ronda rouseyronda rousey vs nikki bella




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Commenti 10 729
My Name Is Sam Bale
Who do u prefer: Like Brie Bella Comment Nikki Bella
cod slayer
cod slayer 23 ore fa
Was the crowd chanting we love Nikki?
Ayla Lindsey
Ayla Lindsey Giorno fa
I hate you Bella twins
SOCZU 2 giorni fa
nikki bella pokonala ronde rousey jak byla z niom w druszynie
Mckenzie WWE
Mckenzie WWE 2 giorni fa
yesss ronda deserved that
Roberta Fiaccabrino
Ashley Meregildo
Ashley Meregildo 3 giorni fa
Love nikki bella y brie bella i love
Remas Klk
Remas Klk 3 giorni fa
therorisangmotsamai on fleek
I don't know bout others but i really miss the bella twins
ReYnMeN delisi
ReYnMeN delisi 5 giorni fa
Ulan rondaya yazığım geldi be.....dost kazığı çok acı
Kari Harrison
Kari Harrison 5 giorni fa
natalia escarabajal
Por que... QUE les pasa
flavia mariano
flavia mariano 7 giorni fa
Desgraçadas !!!!
Wiko Wiko
Wiko Wiko 7 giorni fa
Wiko Wiko
Wiko Wiko 7 giorni fa
Zümra Mercan
Zümra Mercan 7 giorni fa
Rowdy ronda ROSEY love you
fix 7 giorni fa
I love twin magic
Rin Omar
Rin Omar 7 giorni fa
Were the Bella twins pretending to like Ronda or did they just realize she did something to make them do that to her
Paulo Martins
Paulo Martins 8 giorni fa
Wtf ;-; crazys
Paulo Martins
Paulo Martins 8 giorni fa
Só eu de brasileiro ;-;
Paulo Martins
Paulo Martins 8 giorni fa
Шш шшш
Шш шшш 8 giorni fa
русско язычние вы здесь? ❤
Amanda fã Menor Mr
Que falsianis
komatsu Rika rika
komatsu Rika rika 8 giorni fa
I love you Randa Rousey
Tikendra Kashyap
Tikendra Kashyap 9 giorni fa
Any one India ke.....?????? Like Kare
Its me Jade
Its me Jade 9 giorni fa
Rhonda Rousey is A queen The Bella Twins are trash and there was two of them versus one so...
Jeongguk 정국Jeon 전
Was this an acting? BTW, I LOVE YOU RONDA!!!
Bapu Khndagle
Bapu Khndagle 7 giorni fa
+fix rygdf
fix 7 giorni fa
Lol. Definitely acting. Nikki Bella and Ronda Rousey are good friends
houda Aziz
houda Aziz 10 giorni fa
بغى نمشي أخطر حبس ... حتي الموة.......حب الموة
kassiane vitoria
kassiane vitoria 11 giorni fa
Nicki Brie false .......
Deisy Orellana
Deisy Orellana 11 giorni fa
Dieeeeeeeeee. Bella twins go kill your self
Cristiane Cardoso
Cristiane Cardoso 11 giorni fa
Amu rondaaaa♡
Hana Drama
Hana Drama 13 giorni fa
Faaakkk twins fak mom are you cow the dog girl fak fak twins
Sophia Parungao
Sophia Parungao 13 giorni fa
Why would bella twins do this?.
GHOST T.V. 14 giorni fa
For Ronda, This Was Strike One ☝️ Before She Turned On All Of Us. 🤦🏽‍♂️
Official Are
Official Are 14 giorni fa
The Bella twins are such fake friends
Shizou 11 giorni fa
Oh yeah she posted she was a first in WWE and she was better then twins... And that's why they get mad... I don't really know but I heard it... Also showed photos too
Shizou 11 giorni fa
No they aren't... I heard ronda post on Twitter smth like they made angry... And that's why they attacked her...
ÏtzMeLūckyCát 14 giorni fa
Poor rousy
Justin Gunn
Justin Gunn 14 giorni fa
I don't blame the Bellas turning Heel I mean Ronda Rousey made it happen
Deborah Charaug
Deborah Charaug 15 giorni fa
Go and watch ronda vs Nikki Bella.... I told you they will regret it. Big time I really hate back Stabbers hah they got crutched Oct 29 2018 and they betrayed ronda Oct 8 2018.
Deborah Charaug
Deborah Charaug 15 giorni fa
They just made a huge mistake.. that they will regret
Balou Balou
Balou Balou 15 giorni fa
Nikki bella er Brie bella fo hollò 💚💚💚💚
Toka Natua
Toka Natua 15 giorni fa
Feel bad for ronda rousey 😭😭
Chloe Fowlston
Chloe Fowlston 15 giorni fa
Love the Bella twins. I don't like Ronda at all.
Dominick Dubois
Dominick Dubois 16 giorni fa
My birthday is October 8th
its me K.
its me K. 18 giorni fa
Why did the Bella twins did that OMG.
Arun nayak
Arun nayak 19 giorni fa
Malak Star
Malak Star 19 giorni fa
🖕🖕🖕🖕 the twins
Miss Kiss
Miss Kiss 19 giorni fa
Двое на одного ?! Вообще аху*ли
Preta Gonçalvesbshfgrvsh
Menino batendo na outra lá que ela é amiga da outra eu vou bater nela eu vou dar um murro naquela na cara dessa menina para vocês
Paulo Martins
Paulo Martins 8 giorni fa
Dá um murrão
Paulo Martins
Paulo Martins 8 giorni fa
I Am Myself
I Am Myself 22 giorni fa
I don’t understand how people don’t know it’s scripted,although it may hurt the Bella twins aren’t bad at all in real life.
shilpa saxena
shilpa saxena 22 giorni fa
Bella,s are the beach 😡😡😡😡😡
Ryna7naga Ryna
Ryna7naga Ryna 23 giorni fa
Ronda rousey I like the way he plays is selow but strong ❤️😘😘😘 From Indonesia Like
Nazmi Naila
Nazmi Naila 2 giorni fa
Ryna7naga Ryna terimakasih google translate
• vitamin •
• vitamin • 23 giorni fa
Đéo hiểu tiếng anh đm
Re Tr
Re Tr 23 giorni fa
Prudhvi Sai
Prudhvi Sai 23 giorni fa
That is a cheating game
Tom Divinaflor
Tom Divinaflor 23 giorni fa
Fake match and choreograph match good move
Diemthuy Tranthi
Diemthuy Tranthi 24 giorni fa
Bella chó ghẻ
Muaz Sadaf
Muaz Sadaf 24 giorni fa
Belle twins win the mahes😊
ธาดา ปัญทา
Name Name
Name Name 24 giorni fa
2:39 what I would do to take Ronda’s place knowing I’m under the feet of the two hottest women in the WWE and that they are dominant over me and that I’m nothing. 😍
Backup Account
Backup Account 24 giorni fa
I’d be their slaves any day. 😍
Rania 25 giorni fa
imagine double teaming someone because you know you can't take that person alone
Leslie Torres
Leslie Torres 25 giorni fa
Estas Bellas son unas envidiosas y buenas para nada solo sirven para hacer modelo
Gro Kvamme
Gro Kvamme 25 giorni fa
I love rødma roser love
Faith Grecia
Faith Grecia 25 giorni fa
Ghaaad Bella twins 😭whyyyy malllldoooooooo andwae
Samboy D.
Samboy D. 25 giorni fa
What thwle bella twins now i hate them like hell
Clarissia Adamczyk
Clarissia Adamczyk 26 giorni fa
What the twins that stupied
Kayra Kanoglu
Kayra Kanoglu 26 giorni fa
guys the revenge is in in the RAW Womens Championship were Ronda beat up Nicky and Brie but mostly Nicky because she was fighting against her BUT THAT WAS SUCH A RELIEF TO SEE THE BeLLa tWiNs suffer :))
james Llaneta
james Llaneta 26 giorni fa
what happen????
Rhonella Ulip
Rhonella Ulip 26 giorni fa
Bella twins are supper dupper fake friends!!!!!😈👿👿
Muhammad Arshad
Muhammad Arshad 26 giorni fa
Bella sis cheating
Asian YouTube Channel Nepal
Be very happy
Ngọc Hân
Ngọc Hân 27 giorni fa
Chưa bao giờ tao tức vậy luôn á 2 con đĩ đó đánh hội đồng Ronda mà coi được? F*** 2 con dog!
Kawinyawee Jinda
Kawinyawee Jinda 27 giorni fa
Trinh Ngọc
Trinh Ngọc 27 giorni fa
Alejandro Galindo
Alejandro Galindo 29 giorni fa
0:44 Brie bella y Nikki bella son unas traidoras!
Sukran Bilgic
Sukran Bilgic 29 giorni fa
Alondra Enriquez
Alondra Enriquez 29 giorni fa
Its 2019 rn and im like whyyy 😂
Abigail Fox
Abigail Fox Mese fa
Poor Ronda 😍
Марина Ахаева
Уроды 😤😤😤😤
Lukas 101
Lukas 101 Mese fa
when ronda is angry i get scared for her opponent i dunno why😂😁
Lindsy Chavarl
Tell me why ... when brie glt hurt nikkie helped he r and when nikkie was in trouble brie helped her
Sara Rafaela dos Santos
Vai vai. Romda. Rouze
Maryam Sheikhasaad
The Bella twins are very not nice to any one I love you please like
Tui Ale
Tui Ale Mese fa
I do love the Bella twins but what they did makes me feel so sad..I'm not a big fan of Ronda Rousey but I feel so sorry for her because by the look of her face she trusted the Bella twinz..
Vansh Suresh
Vansh Suresh Mese fa
It was scripted my dear its wwe
Arun Kadur
Arun Kadur Mese fa
This is not right way
ramu jaikab
ramu jaikab Mese fa
Febxien Nellas
the bella twins is cheating
Rebecca Wambui
Ronda should honor her ex professional fighting background by stopping to fight just for money like a circus toy
marvin pineda
Ronda eres la mejor
Siriany Howe
Siriany Howe Mese fa
I hate the bella twins
Natnicha Kongyom
ซุมสันขวานหักหลังลูกพี่กุเบาะลูกพี่กุเอาคืนแน่🖕🖕🖕 อึ้อินแฮง
Alexa Bills& Ronda Rousey best
the bella twins😡😡😡😡😤😤😤👎👎👎👎👅👅
mhe Villavieja
Your fake friend
lawrence buco
Team bella!!
Adriana Carrera
Nikki Bella girlfriend boys love
Advikka Ridhy
Guys this is all scripted
Jéssica Luana
Única amiga de ronda e natalya porraaaa
Keyana brown
Keyana brown Mese fa
2:13 nickis weave is definetly not on point it's not shaped up at the bottom 🤣🤣 how embarrassing 🤦🏽‍♀️
Keyana brown
Keyana brown 29 giorni fa
+Liam Beasley 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Liam Beasley
Liam Beasley 29 giorni fa
I can't unsee it😂
Zodini Tlau
Zodini Tlau Mese fa
The bella twins are cheated bad girls
Roshell Tabar
What happen😔😔
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