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The Best Love Songs 2018 New Songs Playlist - Great Love Songs Ever - Romantic Love Songs HD

Collection Love Songs
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The Best Love Songs 2018 New Songs Playlist - Great Love Songs Ever - Romantic Love Songs HD
The Best Love Songs 2018 New Songs Playlist - Great Love Songs Ever - Romantic Love Songs HD
The Best Love Songs 2018 New Songs Playlist - Great Love Songs Ever - Romantic Love Songs HD
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20 gen 2018

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Commenti 152
Collection Love Songs
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Inayat khan
Inayat khan 10 mesi fa
English movies
Sohag Khan
Sohag Khan 2 mesi fa
so amizin,
Ms Cherry
Ms Cherry 3 mesi fa
The Best Love Songs 2018 New Songs Playlist - Great Love Songs Ever - Romantic Love Songs HD
Julius Bontilao
Julius Bontilao 5 mesi fa
sana makahanap ako ng mahal ko kainlove
Samarth Kurde
Samarth Kurde 6 mesi fa
Nice song
air ene
air ene 6 mesi fa
I like this music its so comfortable
salvador Calsnoy
My heart soften and lovable listening to these Songs.
Mba Niah
Mba Niah 6 mesi fa
Jatuh cinta pd lagu kenangan... Lagu pengantar tidur Make me fall in love
Angelo Renato
Angelo Renato 6 mesi fa
I mss y olys ms beautiful vellage of botition...
Edna Satos
Edna Satos 7 mesi fa
I really like this song. .. feeling inlove again. .hahaha sarap mkinig
Fatima Pereira
Fatima Pereira 9 mesi fa
Nice song😍😍😍😭😭😭
billy jean raymond
cool verry cool Raymond le capricieux
Yohnnes Eshtu
Yohnnes Eshtu 9 mesi fa
Wow i lovet songe 💏❤❤❤
veniethyl laranjo
Ang sarap if u have love each other. ..u fell the life never ends. .
Rebecca Mamaril
Rebecca Mamaril 9 mesi fa
sarap balikan ang past sarap pakingan
steven smith
steven smith 10 mesi fa
Thank you thank you thank you very much
Melchor Sedoriosa
Have a nice day.... Nice song...
Love-love Abad Abad
Hay sarap mainlove sna kaso ung gusto mo di ka gusto,tapos ung mahal mo may mahal ng iba saklap bes😂😂😂😂
Josh Vidal
Josh Vidal 9 mesi fa
Love-love Abad Abad un lang dun ako nalungkot hahaha..ok lng yan tuloy pdin ang buhay
camao marlyn
camao marlyn 10 mesi fa
Future Mind
Future Mind 10 mesi fa
so relaxing love songs..
Coy Cartmell
Coy Cartmell 10 mesi fa
this is the best songs I think love is magical sharing it with the ones we love and care for with all ours hearts and souls nothing in this world can compare with love for one either so stay true stay together and happy valentines day everyone
kateandmax Atkinson
we are in love listening to this one
Wande Desmond
Wande Desmond 10 mesi fa
Happy Valentine day....2018
Nutty thip
Nutty thip 10 mesi fa
I love this song
Marlyn Dacalos
Marlyn Dacalos 10 mesi fa
So amazing
Elmer Panes
Elmer Panes 10 mesi fa
Marlyn Dacalos yes amazing and very relaxing
Jha Alojado
Jha Alojado 10 mesi fa
Nice song.. Pero mas masarap qng pakinggan when the two you listen together..
JECIL LUMUKSO 10 mesi fa
i love the old songs...i fell so inlove. :-)happy valentines
James Rabelo
James Rabelo 10 mesi fa
ung tipong namimiss muna sya 😔😔 npapaiyak ka nlng dhil sa mga song nato 😖😖 ganito pla ung feelings na magkalayu kayu ng taong mahal mo ..
youna kc Kw55607293
Laureto Laurente
Laureto Laurente 10 mesi fa
I like all love songs,, But im cried because im remember my beloved family
Kenneth Cuario
Kenneth Cuario 10 mesi fa
I like the first song
Johann France Abanz
i miss my love...love u always
Jojo Sanchez
Jojo Sanchez 10 mesi fa
Happy valentines sa inyo mga 😉⚘⚘⚘
Art Angel Mallari
I feel inlove again and again..I love Romantic songs and OPM songs😘😘🚶🏻🤞🤞👩‍❤️‍👨💕💖💖💕🎤🎤🎶 awesome!!
Cagadas Jessa Marie
oh , songs that i love before going to bed... pampatulog
Fe Escaro
Fe Escaro 10 mesi fa
music is my best medicine for homesick. I lve music so much.
sweet home
sweet home 9 mesi fa
Fe Escaro yes it's true
Kris Gammad
Kris Gammad 10 mesi fa
I love it!!.♥♥♥
Dice Juakin
Dice Juakin 10 mesi fa
happy Valentine girls
Ghing Biboso
Ghing Biboso 10 mesi fa
JAYLORD JAIM 10 mesi fa
ang sarap pakinggan bsta love song..makaremember ta sa past...
Mae Savariz Ag S
Mae Savariz Ag S 10 mesi fa
grabi na 2 ang song nga nman nkkaantig sa puso!!!!! %@@@@
indrawati jaya
indrawati jaya 10 mesi fa
I like valentine you all love beautyful
Ella Laurel
Ella Laurel 10 mesi fa
Nice song
Ronak Joshi
Ronak Joshi 10 mesi fa
Love Song Collection
Johon Luste
Johon Luste 10 mesi fa
Valentina Falarti
Jhay Solano
Jhay Solano 10 mesi fa
hay kaylan kya ako mk2ahanap ng love one
May Marañon
May Marañon 10 mesi fa
Roger Tejada
Roger Tejada 10 mesi fa
Nice song.happy valentine day to all of u.
Tina Chuu
Tina Chuu 10 mesi fa
Love it!
Beauty79 Narak
Beauty79 Narak 10 mesi fa
Amezing differance Popular of feeling & Spacial Of drifferance Completly Very Actweel Very Sexy @ EMOTION for eacheveryone To **let it be me**..WOW!!!
Jamie Forrest
Jamie Forrest 10 mesi fa
Chua-chan Grieshaber I love you and your
Ummikalsum Kalsum
I am like musik fans Love song collection Romantic
Mei MayTube
Mei MayTube 10 mesi fa
Happy Valentine's Day ❣️ 💞💑ヽ(愛💘愛)ノ💏💞 💕💖14/02/2018 💖💕
lolopia melati
lolopia melati 10 mesi fa
shreeman tamang
shreeman tamang 10 mesi fa
nice song
Athungo Ngully
Athungo Ngully 10 mesi fa
Riza Buco
Riza Buco 10 mesi fa
Maricel Tampipi
Maricel Tampipi 10 mesi fa
You feel relax when you listening this song i really love old song 😘😘😘
Dishiya Dele
Dishiya Dele 10 mesi fa
Cutesttttt song.....😙😙😙😙
Miara Angelina
Miara Angelina 10 mesi fa
Beautiful, Happy Valentine's day everyone (feb2018)❤️🌹❤️🌹
Miara Angelina
Miara Angelina 10 mesi fa
Aizel Joson likewise🌹🌹🌹
Aizel Joson
Aizel Joson 10 mesi fa
Miara Angelina happy2, Valentine's day
Miara Angelina
Miara Angelina 10 mesi fa
Punkej Aurora ,likewise. Thank you
Punkej Aurora
Punkej Aurora 10 mesi fa
Miara Angelina Haiti thanks . and happy valentines day 2 u .May God bless u more fun night happiness
Miara Angelina
Miara Angelina 10 mesi fa
Prakash Ghimire 🌹🌹
Aïssata Compaore
Yes,yes nice very love songs fantastic.
NATIDOME Corp 10 mesi fa
ang sarap pakinggan oh
Jehad Khan
Jehad Khan 10 mesi fa
nice song
Wilaiwan Ananatasa
I'm feel in love with someone but in real I don't have him
King Ivory
King Ivory 10 mesi fa
How old this song and who is singer and when he sing
Arjay Gomez
Arjay Gomez 10 mesi fa
Relaxing song tanggal ang pagod
Velvet Estrada
Velvet Estrada 10 mesi fa
Marfe Calaps
Marfe Calaps 10 mesi fa
I love dis song even old..But its nice to herd..Cos t much touch ur heart..
Keyhope Jhory
Keyhope Jhory 10 mesi fa
Good love it
RC Rameriz
RC Rameriz 10 mesi fa
Nice music.. im feel inlove i remember bfore my x bf.
Leilanie Germinal
love it
Andriano Stanley Chukwuharam
Is very kul and loving
Anang Langkar
Anang Langkar 10 mesi fa
M MM 10 mesi fa
Indiaville Nuyad
Indiaville Nuyad 10 mesi fa
RAHUL VATS 10 mesi fa
M MM love u baby
Chris Steele
Chris Steele 10 mesi fa
Just want to say hi
Python 130
Python 130 10 mesi fa
Oh well this is an ad song
Arianne Cipriano
Arianne Cipriano 10 mesi fa
paloma lion
paloma lion 10 mesi fa
# 1 me gusta 😭si🌍💕💕💕1/28/2018
Asha Anne Gulo
Asha Anne Gulo 10 mesi fa
i can't stop listening because so good in ear
Felix Ch
Felix Ch 10 mesi fa
Ok baget
jake steven
jake steven 10 mesi fa
Nice compilation of songs .. Very relaxing at the same time nakaka-senti 😏😏
Indiaville Nuyad
Indiaville Nuyad 10 mesi fa
jake steven p
Indiaville Nuyad
Indiaville Nuyad 10 mesi fa
jake steven pl l
Lilia Santos
Lilia Santos 10 mesi fa
Very nice songs❤️💜💚
Dino Stavros
Dino Stavros 10 mesi fa
Very nice music
Maylene Esquillo
Maylene Esquillo 10 mesi fa
grabe sarap ma inlove kung inlove din sayo ...😂😜
Romel Ramos
Romel Ramos 2 mesi fa
sinabi mopa maylene.
Erick Reintegrado
Maylene Esquillo heart heart po ❤️ ❤️
joecrist legamia
joecrist legamia 10 mesi fa
Maylene Esquillo sana ganito palagi
joecrist legamia
joecrist legamia 10 mesi fa
Maylene Esquillo ohoh lalo na mahal mo tlga
Cardo Dalisay
Cardo Dalisay 10 mesi fa
Maylene Esquillo ilan taon kana ms?
alvin Muje
alvin Muje 10 mesi fa
👍👍👍 nice
Cheng Dubria
Cheng Dubria 10 mesi fa
So in love 😍😍😍
Emmanuel Berry
Emmanuel Berry 10 mesi fa
Екатерина Мусатова so in love nice song
Marie Fernandez
Marie Fernandez 10 mesi fa
keara dougan
keara dougan 10 mesi fa
Marie Fernandez love
Analyn Razos
Analyn Razos 10 mesi fa
ang mga love song pagnaririnig ko umiiyak ako..kc na alala ko ung tao na nagpaiyak sa akin..wala sya puso sana maligaya na sya ngaun sa buhay nya na alam nyang na my sinaktan sya tao..thanks sa pagmamahal mo kong saan ka man now..
Indiaville Nuyad
Indiaville Nuyad 10 mesi fa
Indiaville Nuyad
Indiaville Nuyad 10 mesi fa
Indiaville Nuyad
Indiaville Nuyad 10 mesi fa
Abhik Mathur p pl
Mama 10 mesi fa
a very lovable music it's so fantastic vedio love quote it's so amazing......
Riza Buco
Riza Buco 10 mesi fa
Son Le
Son Le 10 mesi fa
Flower rose Gumamela
She tired😯beee choose ur typ😢🌹🌹🌹
padum kakati
padum kakati 10 mesi fa
hi,i realy like this songs vry much the power of love ever
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