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Jimmy Fallon and Pete Davidson play a round of True Confessions, talk about getting stuck paying for Kid Cudi’s birthday dinner, Alec Baldwin’s workout routine and more.

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The Best of Pete Davidson on The Tonight Show | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / fallontonight



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30 mag 2021




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Commenti 2 043
Brianna Lloyd
“Kim and Kanye.. cutest couple ever” how ironic now lmaooo
homayoon tavan
homayoon tavan 29 giorni fa
He just talks nonsense
Sherry Neglia
He was probably already tapping it behind KW back lol
Jeffrey Schultz
Proof he was schemin from day one
Amrit Maity
Amrit Maity 2 mesi fa
Poor pete got dropped as well homies
Matt Kudela
Matt Kudela 3 mesi fa
I was thinking the same
moonstar777 Anno fa
Jimmy Fallon’s team making a Pete compilation has been the best birthday present I’ve ever received
Jess Carter
Jess Carter 3 mesi fa
@kailey HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Merchant
Chris Merchant 5 mesi fa
Happy Birthday! Sorry but this compilation was great until the last skit was repeated, it was the same as the first.
chloe rogers
chloe rogers 9 mesi fa
@BJ happy birthday
shanafehr 11 mesi fa
Angelia Salah
Angelia Salah 11 mesi fa
@moonstar777 when is your actual birthday? We all need to know now so we can wish you a happy birthday every year. It says your comment was 10 months ago, so I assume end of May/beginning of June? And mine is Saturday 😁
Ashalon 87
Ashalon 87 Anno fa
I love how straight forward he is with the sponsorship and why he likes the game. Funny and very honest at the same time.
Jaquay Jenkins
Jaquay Jenkins 5 mesi fa
The Quayage Tee shirt 👕 😍 👌 🔥 ♥
robotsam17e9 Anno fa
Salvatore Jack
I also love how he is a Skete.
abdulla firas
@Andres Rodriguez he probably so it like: do you want money? Sure!
Andres Rodriguez
Them: do you like the game? Pete: sure
Problem Anno fa
i find it hilarious that pete managed to accidentally help someone lose 100 lbs lmao
Tiffany Hamby
100 dam pounds you think I need to loose a 100 pounds?? My goodness how much weight does the camera add I thought 10 pounds was how much it adds
Jennifer Feliu
Jennifer Feliu 6 mesi fa
Pete davidson is quite physically fit with his cannoboid use and high testosterone like alec baldwin
Bella Bukuru
Bella Bukuru 9 mesi fa
@Captain Pearly that’s random but it’s true 💀🤣
Not surprised at all
Dylan Socha
Dylan Socha 10 mesi fa
@jschulermusic they were smoking something nice and I’m here for it
Kat Anno fa
Pete is the best part of SNL and you can't convince me otherwise.
Kingfisher 4 mesi fa
@GingerBish Yeah I was gonna say Kate because she's Funny.
Sergio J. Rodriguez
@Kat I wasn't trying to convince you at all. Just my opinion. I even tried to watch his stand-up. Which is one thing I'd wish I had the skill or talent for. I truly respect the art. So, I truly can appreciate any comedians passion and dedication. I just feel other comics are more gifted. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Kat 11 mesi fa
@Sergio J. Rodriguez Again, you can't convince me otherwise~
Sergio J. Rodriguez
Not at all, but he gets an A for effort. Through his personal struggles I can relate and appreciate his wins. But as far as his comedy... he's just okay. Nothing amazing as past and present comics. But that's just my opinion.
Heezypeasy ♥︎
Pete, Kate and Keenan are the best
X X Anno fa
I never understood why women were obsessed with this guy (looks isn’t everything so that didn’t matter but I just didn’t get it lol) but now I get it. He’s fucking adorable. His personality is great. And that, jealous men out there hating on him, is why he bags some of the hottest women. He’s just so damn likable.
gualv boyy
gualv boyy Mese fa
what a cringe karen comment lmao
C. MeIsTeR
C. MeIsTeR 8 mesi fa
I didn't get it at first either, but his humor and personality just seem so genuine and authentic and it makes him hot af. Like once you see his perspective on things, his physical features just pop
Kadee 8 mesi fa
@Kari Podrug ya it’s hawt
iAmMercy 8 mesi fa
Women are very attracted to the dude it's insane
Denis Anno fa
20 minutes of Pete Davidson? What have we done to deserve this gift?..
Nerea Martínez
@Christina_j.m. He is
He is like the CUTEST
Nerea Martínez
D R Anno fa
What did KK do to deserve it?
dude, ive already done this 5 times google
The kim and Kanye part is interesting now. Hehe
Caitlin Jansen
I love that in True Confessions John and Jimmy are in suits and Pete is just chilling in a hoodie 😂
Unixesis —
Unixesis — 2 mesi fa
@Gypsy Baby nah Pete's the only one
Gypsy Baby
Gypsy Baby Anno fa
Theyre all so stoned!
Increase Anno fa
indie hub
indie hub Anno fa
Raelynn Claypool
Jimmy’s laugh is so real but at the same time it’s so fake. That’s talent
MK11 8 mesi fa
I think he just has a very photogenic or should i say videogenic laugh....that he plays up and exaggerates sometimes.
B-Dub Anno fa
@kiriakoz I know what you mean. Since Jimmy’s ratings have tanked the past few years, he seems like he’s forcing/exaggerating his laugh & interest in guests & their work. I don’t watch him as much anymore because he comes off unnatural, unlike his time on Late Night & when he first started The Tonight Show. But, I think he’s being genuine & sincere with Pete. I believe they’re friends & hang out, especially since they’re part of SNL - it’s natural for them to laugh at everything they say to each other. Plus, Pete is hilarious. How could you not laugh at everything he says! Jimmy’s just goofy & laughs at everything. He often got in trouble for breaking character on SNL - just like Pete. Ha.
Couple of Reacts
Mike Hemraj
Mike Hemraj Anno fa
@Kathleen M Not sure why people hate on his laugh so much. . . there's definitely nothing forced or unnatural about it. Early in his career he had to learn to suppress his laughs quickly to sell a scene. If you see him laugh on his show, it's the same reflex. He finds a lotta sh*t funny and genuinely laughs at it (and also, in general, it's good that he DOES laugh because he always does so WITH his guests to help validate them or help them feel welcome subconsciously) but also he knows how to suppress it quickly. It may seem unnatural and like he's turning it on and off, but it's pretty clearly a genuine laugh.
Yennefer Anno fa
Meghane Lex
Meghane Lex Anno fa
the fact that Lorne Michaels (Pete's boss) wanted to take him on vacation after knowing him for less than a year shows how likable he is
Karina White
Karina White 7 mesi fa
After knowing him for a week!
Karina White
Karina White 7 mesi fa
After knowing him for a week!
iAmMercy 8 mesi fa
And that's what the haters don't get.
Lindsay Baker
pete is just a natural storyteller, but he makes it so funny
L Will
L Will Anno fa
I don’t get how he gets so much hate, he’s hilarious and adorable.
Andre0600 7 mesi fa
Kanye fans. Millions.
Lambert Anno fa
Its just from guys, 100%
leanna l.
leanna l. Anno fa
y’all need to have him on the show more for real. he should at least be the judge for the next cooking competition
Elizabeth Trainer
I've followed this young mans career since the beginning, his highs and lows...I would be proud to have him as a son, such a sweet person.
Michele Carter
Pete Davidson is too, too funny! We love him! He has an infectious smile... even his eyes smile; he's a good dude.
Molly Smithurst
his eyes are haunting
Abigail Sanchez
I loved the story about Pete not intentionally helping Alec Baldwin lose 100lbs 😂😂😂😂
Lynn Hettrick
"Big and Rich" "Who?" "Big and Rich. County music." "Oh." I'm with you, Pete.
Abigail Walter
“Then my reaction was right”
Sonder Haze
Sonder Haze Anno fa
Pete is one of the only comedians that makes me laugh out loud
“It’s confusing because I’m lonely and she’s... not real.”
Chelsea Wyatt
How I felt when I saw Lady Dimitrescu in RE Village 😅
Travis Anno fa
Garren Engel
Garren Engel Anno fa
Felt that on a spiritual level
Marni Vee
Marni Vee Anno fa
I love Petey! Dude is real AF, and considering the shit he's been through, I'm really happy for him to have come out on the other side feeling better and happier. It's obvious in the way he looks and acts. God bless ya, Pete!
Abigail Barg
Abigail Barg Anno fa
@Ivelina Hristova nah fam pretty sure it’s bipolar and bpd also chrohns
Mr Jee
Mr Jee Anno fa
@Ivelina Hristova ah Thank you! I knew it was one of them not quite sure which
Ivelina Hristova
@Mr Jee He has BPD = borderline personality disorder, not bipolar disorder or manic depression.
Mr Jee
Mr Jee Anno fa
@olive He lost his dad in 9/11, has manic depression and struggles with addiction
olive Anno fa
What has he been through
R. Syed
R. Syed Anno fa
Whoever on the Jimmy Fallon team thought it was necessary to make a 22 minute Pete Davidson compilation...you need a HUGE raise & also plz marry me 😭❤️
Kailyn Nazarchuk
this cured a good portion of my depression in only 20 minutes i love this man always have
malaico510 Anno fa
Hope you feel good 🙏💙
Jacqueline Mary
pete is such a blessing to this world
Quốc Thọ
Quốc Thọ Anno fa
Azize şahkırgıl
Neyka Rodriguez
I hope Pete knows how much people love him. He's a real gem
Sophia Anno fa
tell me i’m not the only one that’s wants to smoke with pete so fucking bad
Nerea Martínez
I would love to hangout with him though!
I don't , as he's sober. 😊 Smoking is fine for some but for some of us addicts weed can lead back to other avenues.
I Smell Like Beef
love the Lord
@Barbara couffer oh yeah Same page here
I love how hard jimmy laughs at Petes jokes. U can tell he genuinely enjoys his company
Annie Anno fa
He is the cutest person on earth. I just cannot watch him without smiling so much.
Ruby Firefly
Ruby Firefly Anno fa
Pete telling a story while giggling is one of the best things ever! This dude always makes me feel good.
Anita Backrub
I think it’s so sweet he lives with his mom he’s obviously successful enough to leave.
iAmMercy 8 mesi fa
He bought the house for her
Mia D
Mia D Anno fa
Am I the only one with parents who couldn’t wait for me to be gone?😂
Lorn Moulinie
I mean he owned the whole house so really his mum lived with him
He's left already. Not sure if he's keeping the basement though.
I love how the only time you hear about Pete Davidson lying is to spare someone's feeling and it ends up working out in people's benefit anyway😂❤️
Joe Pena
Joe Pena Anno fa
If jimmy ever retires.. should change the name to “the tonight show with John Mulaney”
Kadee 8 mesi fa
@Mikke Leblanc no such thing . Everyone’s enjoyed style is different , not bad/good
Ethan Salters
emhibbler Anno fa
Do you know how much blood I’d give for John to have a tonight show?
no peace
no peace Anno fa
I love mulaney but i think that's a bad idea
Scarlett Gray
i really do adore this man
HyperDust Anno fa
What the fuck did I read
Mr.Shankly Anno fa
what man? How old are you ....12?
Claire MacDougall
Pete is funny because he doesn’t force it he just tells the truth! He’s just a sweetheart and we love to watch him!
Charlotte Hood
Pete Davidson: dated and was engaged to Ariana grande Also Pete Davidson: “ya I live in my moms basement”
【 Echo 】
【 Echo 】 Anno fa
8:39 I love John’s genuine bewilderment, he looks to the audience like “are you hearing this shit too?”
Giggen 3 mesi fa
I love how both John and Pete go “yeah that happened”
Kimberly King
Pete is a whole fool. 🤣 “I still got metabolism.”
Human Phillip's
Pete scooting in on the chair cracked me up too much.
Millie Wade
Millie Wade Anno fa
He is the reason I started watching SNL. Love him, he always makes me laugh.
C mc
C mc Anno fa
Every 5 years SNL produces a comedy icon. Pete Davidson is the most recent icon. Naturally funny without effort
David Weber
David Weber Anno fa
I love how pete can't go more then 10 seconds without cracking up laughing 🤣 and he is always smiling lol gotta love it haha
KeirahT 3 mesi fa
Pete is like the guy that everyone thinks is hilarious but he's being dead serious and just being himself
Oyuki Yudho
Oyuki Yudho Anno fa
I’m glad Jimmy knows his viewer love Pete just like he does 🥰
H2Odrew Anno fa
2:15 pete is the first person I’ve seen that actually acknowledges how the lights dimmer down😂
Ash Griggs
Ash Griggs Anno fa
Lol underrated comment. My thoughts as well. First week to tell how genuine he is.
LifeSavor ASMR
LifeSavor ASMR 10 mesi fa
He is just so effortlessly funny. One of those rare people in comedy, who has you laughing before he even says anything.
Kyle Keller
Kyle Keller Anno fa
Funniest guy in stand up today. He can say anything he wants. It doesn’t matter how offensive, ridiculous, truly horrific, or shameful to his fans or himself… he has a demeanor, the words, the comedic timing… and a face that is so charming and honest that he could say the worst thing imaginable and twist it into a joke that would have anyone laughing.
Angieluvsdmb Anno fa
I love John & Pete! These three are are hysterical in their own special way. All 3 are kings!
Grady Anno fa
Jimmy's compliment to Pete about King of Staten Island actually seemed completely genuine.
Dasa Asadaris
Pete's always on the verge of laughing
jr Anno fa
I didn’t realise he was this funny, genuinely a naturally hilarious guy 🤣 the Alec Baldwin story was so funny
Ava Kate
Ava Kate Anno fa
Pete’s just a joy to watch, such a smiley funny kid. Love him! ♥️
Drop The Mike
I love how he slipped up that his character in suicide squad dies super quick. He goes “I’m in it for like 2 seconds”. Then quickly tries to cover up and say “the trailer for 2 seconds”
tara. Anno fa
He and Jai Courtney were the reason I went to see it and wow I was sad lol.
Sean Flanagan
He tried to warn us and I didn't want to hear it.
XxCelestial GirlxX
Barbara couffer
this guy proves if you make the women laugh the panties will drop. He's a straight up playa
Frijos v
Frijos v Anno fa
Mia D
Mia D Anno fa
I mean- he’s also a good looking guy
no peace
no peace Anno fa
It's not just that. He's honest and open and cool
Lorraine Anno fa
Thank you Pete for always making me crack up laughing.
Junior Gomes
Junior Gomes Anno fa
"Kim and Kanye the cutest couple ever"... 5 minutes later..... 😅😅😅
Netneeno80 Anno fa
I was looking for this🙌
Xx_FazeDK_xX Anno fa
And now he with kim
Snehasmita Chakraborty
I am on a roll and am binging Pete's videos. For hours. I can't seem to stop.
good byw
good byw 11 mesi fa
That’s me today…he’s funny and real…hard to come by
Scratch Anno fa
Pete Davidson is the only person who freely admits he has b.p.d., lives with momz, and has a deep love for enhancements. My hero ❤
Munya Makombe
lol.. "Kim and Kanye, the cutest couple ever!" This aged perfectly coming from Pete.
Je'Anna Anno fa
Thats exactly what i was thinking! 😂
Natalie Leal
Natalie Leal Anno fa
I love people that are naturally funny during conversation. I think that's what makes Pete likeable.
Vine Media
Vine Media Anno fa
Pete helped me overcome depression. I am laughing so hard just by watching him in any shows. Thanks Pete. 💕
SophiaMaria702 SophiaMaria
Every time Pete Davison is on My spirit is literally lifted ! He is so freaking hilarious !! ❤️❤️
azize Anno fa
We need more of Pete Davidson !
Tom George
Tom George Anno fa
Pete Davidson was great on the Jimmy Fallon show Pete Davidson is the funniest person on the planet I just saw the king of Staten Island he was so great I don't know if I'll be able to laugh at him again I love you Pete
eljordigg Anno fa
The best of Pete is basically every single visit to the show
PandoraSkies Anno fa
Love coming back to this. Pete is the only person that makes me laugh out loud.
Karen Barraza
Pete: "Well you're a huge pot head" Jimmy: "uh well uh.." *laughs nervously*
He exposed him on his own show
Evita Khach
Evita Khach Anno fa
“In case you wanna have some fun with your wife over Easter break” 💀💀💀💀💀💀
Eliana Block
Eliana Block Anno fa
ive seen each of these clips countless times, yet they never stop being funny. i love pete davidson.
Nicki Quiambao
He makes jimmy laugh for real
Jackson Conforti
This dude is my full man crush, what a legend. Spending a day with him would be the funniest shit ever.
GAIR 8 mesi fa
From pete freaking out hearing “I want the crazy stuff” from kanye to actually taking the crazy stuff with him, we all grew up.
Addy Grl
Addy Grl Anno fa
Pete needs to continue to make movies. I enjoyed watching him in Suicide Squad. I just wish he’d have a bigger part. 😄 King Of Staten Island movie was good too. 👍🏼
Sarah Anno fa
I like SNL Pete Davidson, but LOVE his natural personality! Seems like he’d be cool to hang with no matter who you are.
Fran Bassett
Fran Bassett Anno fa
How can you not love Pete. He’s extraordinarily cool without the BS factor. Naturally charming and caring. He doesn’t try to market his talent under ordinary circumstances. Strangely enough, he’s the exact opposite of Ye.
FA AA Anno fa
You can tell Jimmy is genuinely laughing and enjoying the interactions, Pete is effortlessly funny
Mau5imu5 Maximu5
Is it just me or does anyone else have a huge desire to just hug Pete Davidson???
They’re so jealous that Lorne never took them 😂 their faces were both of envy lol
Tierra Teske
Tierra Teske Anno fa
LMAOO that was so dope
Tabatha Ogost
when they realized they weren't special
Alyssa Mago
Alyssa Mago Anno fa
Love this. Pete for the win. He's amazing at what he does but also he's so human.
Simone Chitoroaga
Pete is one of my favourite human beings (if he is a human being at all).
Freddy TW
Freddy TW 8 mesi fa
Destiny Duke
Destiny Duke Anno fa
I love how Pete didn’t ask any questions just said true right after he said New York
MaRi3 Anno fa
I need more John and Pete collabs in my life!
SylvieMarie Anno fa
Love that they included the entire true confessions episode it’s literally my favorite I’ve watched it many times 😅
Pepi Kyum
Pepi Kyum 8 mesi fa
I love Pete!!! This compilation is 🤟❤️
Vanessa M
Vanessa M 10 mesi fa
I love Pete! So down to earth and just seems kind.
Sonja Heck
Sonja Heck Anno fa
I know he went through hell for a while, but the exposure he got in the AG relationship really catapulted to a whole new level of fame. He was very known nationally with millions of fans, but not huge otherwise. He also seems so happy now. In that video interview with Charlamagne, he seemed to hate SNL. But then now they have put him in sketches and he is great. Seems very likable.
pbbdmedia Anno fa
Pete is right on time. What an easy roll. Glad Jimmy really gets it & keeps it lit.
Thanh Mai
Thanh Mai Anno fa
Pete is doing just fine post Ariana. Good for him 😎🧐
♡dream♡ Anno fa
@masemenos said nobody ever
ban Anno fa
@♡dream♡ i asked a very understandable question, if you don't understand then i don't know what to tell you and your emojis
♡dream♡ Anno fa
@ban ?🤨✌
ban Anno fa
@♡dream♡ wtf is all those emojis LMAOO
Brainy Janie
Brainy Janie Anno fa
After watching Pete my mind is clear! Such a great feeling. Happy Valentine's Day Pete and everyone 💘
D Anno fa
Pete is a beautiful young man inside and out -talented -love his genuine laugh-and well a good looking guy! If I wasn’t 40 maybe Pete -just maybe!! 😂 I wish u so much luck and well being in ur future!
SophiaMaria702 SophiaMaria
I can watch him on every interview best interviews hand down ! So refreshing how real and down to earth he is not including funny as hell
Caitie Wickboldt
Thank you guys so much for making a Pete compilation!🖤💕
Cece 7 mesi fa
Jimmy’s actual real laugh at :30 😂
Clea Anno fa
Pete is adorable.😂
A dorable
A dorable Anno fa
He's totally adorable 🥰
mary strenke
mary strenke Anno fa
I'm an old lady, never watched Pete before. He is adorable!
Heezypeasy ♥︎
Pete really is soo real and such a likeable guy ♡
kylesaz716 Anno fa
1:30 Knowing the two of them are friends, John looked at Pete with eyes that said "Wow I did not expect you to be here right now on this show, how did this even-" and Pete's eyes responded with "Jimmy asked me to come on, don't worry about it" and they both nodded like they understood each other even though they had completely different facial expressions and NOT A WORD WAS SPOKEN BETWEEN THEM
Kathleen Barrow
Kathleen Barrow 7 mesi fa
Pete is naturally funny. ❤️ Yep, it's all cuz of You, Pete! Lol
jaden Anno fa
His smile is everything.
Nicci Berriman
Nicci Berriman 11 mesi fa
Pete is soooo funny! I’m crying!
no peace
no peace Anno fa
I love how he always checks in with the roots and the audience
Samuel Becker
I love how everyone is all dressed up in suits and stuff and then Pete is just wearing sweats 😂
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