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Luckiest Fifa 19 packs,Ronaldo,Messi, 98 Pele, Prime Icon in a pack opening walkout, FUT Champions rewards, SBC best packs reactions fifa 19 ultimate team, fut 19 pack opening compilation with all the best players in FUT 19! Best Back to Back Packs ever!
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Here's all the Fifa 19 ITvidrs that opened all those crazy Board drops packs:
JMX: 87 Icon Henry in a pack
- itvid.net/u-xJMX25
Meher Gaming : 89 Aguero in a pack
- itvid.net/video/video-Ag-9eicgibk.html
NoHandGaming : De Bruyne in a pack
- itvid.net/u-NoHandGaming
Fifa Bawz : 94 Messi in a pack
- itvid.net/video/video-dgqPIiVU-kU.html
W2S : Prime Icon Henry + Okocha in a pack
- itvid.net/u-wroetoshaw
DerKeller : Icon Raul in a pack
- itvid.net/u-MrShishaKeller
DjMaRiiO : Mbappé UCL + Lewandowski inform in a pack
- itvid.net/u-DjMaRiiO
Hastag Ryan : Icon Vieri in a pack
- itvid.net/video/video-g5qJCI0FNKc.html
NepentheZ : Inform Suarez in a pack
- itvid.net/u-NepentheZ
E2a : Icon Okocha in a pack
- itvid.net/video/video-eLaoawvWsAU.html
RG28 : Pogba in a pack
- itvid.net/video/video-Ut7lEGoc1u0.html
PaatoFifa : Prime Icon Ronaldinho in a pack
- itvid.net/video/video-lmT1W4drKKI.html
Axoskill : De Gea in a pack
- itvid.net/u-AxoSkill
Fangs : Verratti Scream in a pack
- itvid.net/video/video-vQQmsXiLSZw.html
FUZZY : 89 Aguero in a pack / FUT Champs Rewards
- itvid.net/u-fuzzy88lp
Huge Pantz : 98 Prime Icon Pele in a pack
- itvid.net/video/video-83bmw4Bsl6g.html
FluffyCarrot : 89 Griezmann in a pack and 87 Aubameyang in a pack! (Back to back walkouts!)
- itvid.net/video/video-y7ncV_gtfaM.html
Later Bruh : Ronaldo and Mbappe in a pack FIFA19
- itvid.net/video/video-cvuJ_4lxc2Q.html
* Our FIFA 19 Road To Glory! TwinsToGlory (RTG Ep 1)
- itvid.net/video/video-1JgJVEgR1yE.html
Check out our Fifa 19 Ultimate Team videos!
* FIFA 19 League And Nation Hybrid SBC Completed for cheap (Use Loyality Glitch):
- itvid.net/video/video-LfSJ5l-oa70.html
* How to start Fifa 19 Ultimate Team:
- itvid.net/video/video-eDC1tst7BQA.html
* League and Nation Basic SBC Completed for cheap:
- itvid.net/video/video-x8sI1_tvz4U.html
* The First FIFA 19 Pack Opening + Our starter packs:
- itvid.net/video/video-M3eHfudoj8Q.html
* FIFA 19 Best Web App Trading Method:
- itvid.net/video/video-4bR-B9Zdg80.html
*FIFA 19 Loyality Glitch:
- itvid.net/video/video-Z31Ap1FNAv8.html
* TOP 100 FUT Champions Rewards FIFA 19
- itvid.net/video/video-c27d_anCV_k.html
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4 nov 2018

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TwinsFifaHD 6 mesi fa
The Episode #6 of the Best Fifa 19 Packs so far is here! : itvid.net/video/video-jI9XM7TvGqU.html
TrIoNpHy YeRoZ
TrIoNpHy YeRoZ 4 mesi fa
Slt les français
Two Plays Game
Two Plays Game 5 mesi fa
TwinsFifaHD the reaction from der Keller is so crazy because he is an Schalke Fan and Raúl Player for Schalke
면이건 3 mesi fa
저기 왜 딸ㄸ이가잇어
JULIAN 3 mesi fa
Team français on est la
Zidane gazella
Zidane gazella 3 mesi fa
Tunisia ❤
Muhiedine Tannir
My best pack was baby icon maradona !!!
GAMERBROS HD 3 mesi fa
the nedwed pack are facked
Timon Necknig
Timon Necknig 3 mesi fa
Der Keller was very happy because raul was a Player of his favorite Football Club Schalke04
MS. sosso.
MS. sosso. 3 mesi fa
Parlez Fr sa fait mâle au oreille
Skill Kids
Skill Kids 4 mesi fa
What’s the song on 4:22 when he packed messi
leo_tsg 4 mesi fa
Nohandgaming 😂
Karel Dalen, van
1:27 sure he is fapping there
انتقام سلاطين
الله يحفطكوم افضل قناه انتوم افضل
Fin200576 4 mesi fa
The guy who packed prime pele is lucky asf
Fire Sayzix
Fire Sayzix 4 mesi fa
Speak french bro!!!!! You can speak english 'cuz you know it but you must clean your accent!!!!
Enzo Ba
Enzo Ba 4 mesi fa
Continue comme ça tu fais du bon contenue et aussi sa serai au top que tu face des vidéo en français
RU DY 4 mesi fa
"Nooooo, i mean yes"
TMG_ hansel667
TMG_ hansel667 4 mesi fa
Es el DJpajero:v
skiller03 4 mesi fa
Jubair Khan
Jubair Khan 4 mesi fa
3:48 song name?
Felipe Tribik
Felipe Tribik 4 mesi fa
Name this music 10:06
Felipe Tribik
Felipe Tribik 4 mesi fa
08 sorry
Pike Family
Pike Family 4 mesi fa
Francesco Game
Francesco Game 4 mesi fa
MoeHitEmUp 4 mesi fa
even tho some of them u don't understand they all seem happy af
Remy Pignon
Remy Pignon 4 mesi fa
Parler français ptn ses abuser votre accent français sa defonce l’es oreille j ai peter mon iPhone X a cause de sa ptn
μικρός Γιωργάκης
9:39 song name plsplsplspls
SAVAGE 4 mesi fa
Tito My name is - Leffard
Mattia Pacifico
Mattia Pacifico 4 mesi fa
Ma gli youtuber italiani non stanno mai??
AJ Lynch
AJ Lynch 4 mesi fa
Pele was clickbait. No reaction for him
FlyZe Up
FlyZe Up 4 mesi fa
Vous êtes français nn ?
Rodrigo Heredia Men�ndez
Arriba España⚽️🇪🇸✌️
Tobias Skönström
Gilla min kommentar om ni är svenska🇸🇪🇸🇪
Yousef Kadi
Yousef Kadi 5 mesi fa
FreddieGamer8 5 mesi fa
I wish I was recording 😒😒 because I packed 94 legend ronaldo
TheCaptain H
TheCaptain H 5 mesi fa
Vidéo cool ! Mais aiaiaiai l'accent français en anglais fait mal aux oreilles ...
Progen Z
Progen Z 5 mesi fa
ca svoit il est pas anglais
dina bytyqi
dina bytyqi 5 mesi fa
sounds very gay
Michal Manó
Michal Manó 5 mesi fa
fuzzy tam jee
UC LA 5 mesi fa
Putainparler francais
RdSurYTB Error404
Vous etes francais ?
Zoli #ZsombeyFAN
7:36 Song???
xX.VeNoM. Xx
xX.VeNoM. Xx 5 mesi fa
U are like gay
Ajax Amsterdam Official Champions League
4:18 he’# my fav dutch ytber
Maïté Aqua-Urbex
Je vous jure l'accent français quand on est français c'est insupportable ! ( je dis pas que je fais mieux c'est un constat).
Randy 5 mesi fa
Vous etes français mais vous parlee anglais ? Pas compris
alexy 52
alexy 52 5 mesi fa
Vous pouvais parler français svp c mieu comeme car la l'anglais et pas terrible
Gino Horacio Valerga Arana
Djlloros en 4:58
joul saba
joul saba 5 mesi fa
مين عربي
Snub Focuss
Snub Focuss 5 mesi fa
Lmao 😂 when you spill drink on yourself at the pre party and bro has to lend you a shirt 👕
Lord Fader
Lord Fader 5 mesi fa
fake fifatwins
Carmelo Sorce
Carmelo Sorce 5 mesi fa
Si vous êtes français parler français
Weeckelijkse HaaDee
My PS4 name its Vishengel2
Weeckelijkse HaaDee
I got neymar
Weeckelijkse HaaDee
4:30 its e dutch guy
Ecad Kenobi
Ecad Kenobi 5 mesi fa
My most luckiest pack i got in fifa 19 for now is varane 🤣 . And u guys ?
Galder bilbao
Galder bilbao 5 mesi fa
Dj las carencias, like por DjMariio
Khedidja Mehdi
Khedidja Mehdi 5 mesi fa
Juste parler français
hola buenas tardes
Vamos hay dj mario
Pablo Mora Ruiz
Pablo Mora Ruiz 5 mesi fa
Packs of W2S are always fake
Yeaqo 5 mesi fa
4:10 der keller beste
Yeaqo 5 mesi fa
2:04 benji digga
t: Auk
t: Auk 5 mesi fa
Why tf there isnt any Pele reactions?
La fameuse Gooogle
Tu me butte
Lolpie 5 mesi fa
Nohandgaming and Der Keller best reaction. moin deutschland
Chun Li
Chun Li 6 mesi fa
10:20 😂
FC BRAM 6 mesi fa
Fifabawz 💪🏻💪🏻
Alexpollux 6 mesi fa
Parle français parce que l'accent fr en anglais ça fait mal au oreilles
Ditisjosh 6 mesi fa
When you get sucked for the first time 4:30
marek 2345
marek 2345 6 mesi fa
Johny hehe
1SoccerChamp2 6 mesi fa
W2S reactions are so fake it hurts to watch
Danielle MacGillivray
Yoann Laureau
Yoann Laureau 6 mesi fa
Tryh Fut
Tryh Fut 3 mesi fa
Yoann Laureau totalement
rachid bouhajji
rachid bouhajji 4 mesi fa
Mdr grave
Tehkaaz EU
Tehkaaz EU 4 mesi fa
ya plus de gens qui parlent anglais donc plus de vues et de tunes
Captain Rayane
Captain Rayane 4 mesi fa
GentoGaa ils sont français justement ptdr
Chucky 4 mesi fa
Ptddddrrrr j’avoue
Rhizon Haze
Rhizon Haze 6 mesi fa
9:18 ...What in the literal fuck lol he opened a store pack and got Pele?! sheesh what a jackpot. Also does anyone know the song that's playing?
Wellington Royale
Nour Abbas
Nour Abbas 6 mesi fa
What is the name of the song on pele?
ewan bird
ewan bird 6 mesi fa
French again but he from Gabon
niksesinho sesinho
7:9 music plese
Little Bobby
Little Bobby 6 mesi fa
Today i found ronaldo ones to watch :)
Bezee Godwin
Bezee Godwin 6 mesi fa
Mbappe! 😎
S8NNIX 6 mesi fa
@derkeller haha bis mit dabei und wirst gefeiert digga =))
Veckni 6 mesi fa
Mais vous êtes français non ?
TwinsFifaHD 6 mesi fa
thebigredfortnitegamer copsteake
4:37 is fake
Bums Kartoffel
Bums Kartoffel 6 mesi fa
Theo Germans are THW best
WaXy- Clan
WaXy- Clan 6 mesi fa
Vous êtes français non ?? Sinon très bonne videob
TwinsFifaHD 6 mesi fa
Oui merci bg ;)
Dewces Dash
Dewces Dash 6 mesi fa
I got Road to champions Sanchez a Inform gk, De Gea n Courtois in one pack
FaBrawl 6 mesi fa
Omg een Nederlander Joran
Paweł Marcinkiewicz
My best player is Socrates 91
Oscar Trip
Oscar Trip 6 mesi fa
I packed De Bruyne and Kanté. Pretty sick. But i got banned on the account where i packed Kanté, but KDB is on my main account.
Hamdi May
Hamdi May 6 mesi fa
who is the youtuber; minute 1:24 ?
Luis Brito
Luis Brito 6 mesi fa
Djmariio Y su cuenta Chetada Jajaj
Curro Vidal
Curro Vidal 6 mesi fa
My best packs are Puyol icon Pogba and Dybala
HUGO SAUNIER 6 mesi fa
Pourquoi vous faite des vidéo en anglais alors que vous êtes français?
TwinsFifaHD 6 mesi fa
On a commencé a regardé des vidéos en anglais du coup on s'est dit allez on se lance en anglais
ValK 6 mesi fa
4:43 el Tito DJ
Vanessa Spiteri
Vanessa Spiteri 6 mesi fa
From gold 3 in futchamps i packed legend crespo 85 rating
Vanessa Spiteri
Vanessa Spiteri 6 mesi fa
+TwinsFifaHD thanks mate
TwinsFifaHD 6 mesi fa
GG thats amazing :)
JelleTgames 6 mesi fa
bruh fifa bawz zat erin
Vd_jesse1 6 mesi fa
What is this? Is this english
Nadir Abassi
Nadir Abassi 6 mesi fa
I should you send you the clip where I found ballack
TwinsFifaHD 6 mesi fa
Yes bro! Our twitter is @twins_fifa send us your pack there! :)
IlproMaster 13
IlproMaster 13 6 mesi fa
"Ice prinsipe" found Ronaldinho!!!Search on his channel
Giuseppe Filocaso
In a premium gold pack, super lucky!
pacybits video
pacybits video 6 mesi fa
Wow cz/sk youtuber are ther
Wxkong 6 mesi fa
Mes il est français
XRMFC06 6 mesi fa
J'suis sur vous vous enculer chacun son tour
DD Plays
DD Plays 6 mesi fa
4:40 FIFA bawz
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the YEET META is unbeatable
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This is Minecraft JOHN.. He's EVIL!
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