The BEST Pokemon From Every Main Series Game!

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Now we've all played the Pokemon games going through with our favorite Pokemon, but have you ever wondered which Pokemon is the BEST for beating the game as fast as possible? Well, in this video we go over the best Pokemon from the Generation 1 games of Pokemon Red and Blue, all the way up to the Kanto remakes of Pokemon Let's GO Pikachu and Eevee. With the upcoming release of Pokemon Sword and Shield, it will be interesting to know the history behind the best Pokemon for every main series game! So without further ado, let's do this! We hope you guys enjoy the video, be sure to subscribe to both of us for more content like this; also, big shout out to PulseEffects for all of the help, and to the SentretSquad in the DobbsNation discord server for helping out as well! Until next time! See ya~!
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Commenti 100
Dobbs Anno fa
It was a blast working with MysticUmbreon for this project! Also BIG shout out to PulseEffects for helping us with this video, and to the members of the DobbsNation discord server as well! We hope you guys enjoy the video! :D
Gaming Cyan
Gaming Cyan 3 mesi fa
Bulb Adair is a better Pokémon because it’s super effective to the first to gyms and it can beat the 3rd gym because it can resistance it
Somebody 4 mesi fa
This is my opinion Kanto:Mewtwo/And of course X Accuracy Nidoking Johto:Mmmm Maybe Feraligatr And Furret :3 Hoenn:My Swampert Sinnoh:Infernape Unova:Excadrill Kalos:Greninja prob And Mega Lucario Kanto:Agree Johto:Kinda Agree Hoenn:Agree Sinnoh:Infernape could use it better but eh Unova:Kinda Agree
Mills Films
Mills Films 5 mesi fa
Dobbs personally I believe Bulbasaur is the best for fire red leaf green because he’s perfect for the first three gyms
Bikas Singh
Bikas Singh 6 mesi fa
I like pizza
MrClay Animations
Dobbs i just love hiw in the intro of the video yoy made mewtwo dance it great
Sonia Hanspal
Sonia Hanspal 3 giorni fa
Fuck you poplio
Assan Haque
Assan Haque 5 giorni fa
Alakazam is also very good in gen 1
Gabriel Vojnikovic
Gabriel Vojnikovic 9 giorni fa
who whud start whit chespin not froaky in kalos
Damian Brown
Damian Brown 10 giorni fa
Is it really fun to just horn drills everything that's kinda a shitty way to play though
Chan YY
Chan YY 11 giorni fa
13:34 Everyone is here! Oh wait Edit: If the Pokémon chain continued without looping it could have scrolled to Spheal (or Sealeo)
Darkling Star Artz
Darkling Star Artz 12 giorni fa
: Infernape is based on GOKU Me: wait.... not dragon ball?
Ruan Geraldo
Ruan Geraldo 12 giorni fa
Dude, i just defeated brock with only a Charmeleon
Ruan Geraldo
Ruan Geraldo 12 giorni fa
And only using ember bc scratch didn't even do tickles on onix and geodude
raccoon lord
raccoon lord 13 giorni fa
I always knew my boy mudkip was special has always been my favorite starter and probably will stay like that
Pangolin 14 giorni fa
My Nidoking knows Thunderbolt: strong against flying, water Peck: strong against bug, grass and fighting Dig: strong against electric, poison and rock Double kick: normal, fairy, rock, dark and steel. I’m planning on him learning horn drill too
The Gamming Card Garage
I thought bulbasaur would be greater than squrter because he is only weak to one gym and strong against most gyms
Yosef Tafari
Yosef Tafari 15 giorni fa
you made a a massive mistake
Deepthi Angara
Deepthi Angara 16 giorni fa
Raikou looks funny with Choi’s speps
Amelia 411
Amelia 411 14 giorni fa
It's Choice Specs, NOT Choi's speps!
venomdealer22 none
venomdealer22 none 18 giorni fa
I love water type starters, except for the sun and moon games I chose to run with the fire and dark cat.
venomdealer22 none
venomdealer22 none 18 giorni fa
My feraliagator would have surf, return, ice fang and what ever I felt like at the end.
Amelia 411
Amelia 411 17 giorni fa
Stephen Chamberlain
Stephen Chamberlain 19 giorni fa
MhyticReborn 23 giorni fa
OUR video
Shadow Pixel
Shadow Pixel 28 giorni fa
This felt like a best starter list ngl....but good vid nonetheless
Doubt 29 giorni fa
3:58 small error but continue
Julio Cesar Sousa Haubrich
P G 2
P G 2 Mese fa
You can get noodling though a glitch and have it lv 100 before Brock
So basically you water type trainers are noobs
Aman Ali
Aman Ali Mese fa
I Think Bulbasaur Line Is Best In Gen3 Kanto Games
Pikabrook Mese fa
Take that everyone who said infernape and Emboar were bad Pokemon
Hero Mese fa
i personally think blaziken is better for gen 3 but i understand that it’s better for the gym leaders and the game in general even though blaziken is better competitively
Zain Ahmad
Zain Ahmad Mese fa
Lss BrolyGaming
KAKAROT is a low tier saiyan. Lmfao!
kstanni87 Mese fa
Did you forget someone in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire.....Rayquaza and it's Mega Rayquaza form which doesn't need a stone. Sure he is postgame pokemon like the Lati twins but that thing has been a beast that Smogon created a Anything Goes tier just because it was too much for the Uber tier
Amelia 411
Amelia 411 17 giorni fa
Zygarde DoesStuff
Using Hone Claws and Rest is the best for Excadrill Edit: Or use Sword Dance
On 0:40 mystic saves dobbs from a nidoran
Brett Beck
Brett Beck Mese fa
Best for gen 2 is actually Typhlosion just for sheer attack power and can learn moves that destroy everything in its path
Kasen Brooks
Kasen Brooks Mese fa
Where is alakazam
Ciro gaming!
Ciro gaming! Mese fa
Bulbasaur is better
Win Wules
Win Wules Mese fa
Umbreon Mese fa
i dont think so about gen 4 sinnoh, i watched a youtuber and he destroyed a game with pikachu
Devinator958 Mese fa
To me the best Pokemon to use in Platinum is still Infernape. Mainly due to the reason that, unlike in Diamond and Pearl, a move tutor can teach you Thunder Punch before Crasher Wake. Dealing with 2 of Infernape's weaknesses.
Odin Hutson
Odin Hutson Mese fa
Aempolion is also immune to sandstorms
Amelia 411
Amelia 411 17 giorni fa
LilCaleb YTGC
I have a question isn’t bulbastor better since it can beat the first 2 gyms and not realty effed by electrical types and can go to go to the grass gym
Pranav J pillai
Why are u stretching every single word u say
Candace Cope
Candace Cope 2 mesi fa
I Beat Ultra Moon And Dominated EVERYTHING With A Inceniroar,And During Ultra Necrozma I Abused Mimyku's "Disguise" Ability And Used About 50 Revives.
Candace Cope
Candace Cope 16 giorni fa
@Amelia 411 Okay.
Amelia 411
Amelia 411 17 giorni fa
The E in Incineroar should be after both E's, and can you please NOT capitalize every word in the comment?
Kurt Silva
Kurt Silva 2 mesi fa
*126 base special attack
gecko games
gecko games 2 mesi fa
Wouldn't bulbasaur be better than squirtle in this case though?
lucifer 2 mesi fa
which is Dark type type
Blade Slays
Blade Slays 2 mesi fa
man sounds like totally kyle
Brooks Yang
Brooks Yang 2 mesi fa
for X and Y I have to give an honorable mention to the even torchic with blazikenite from the event which just tears through the entire game and makes this easy game even easier
Zedrick Gaw
Zedrick Gaw 2 mesi fa
Who wins nidoking or alakazam you vs me every gen
Zedrick Gaw
Zedrick Gaw Mese fa
And what bulbasaur in remakes it learns sleep powder which you know is infuriating get nidoran male to get thrash
Zedrick Gaw
Zedrick Gaw Mese fa
And oh my god infernape is second best because starly staraptor and middle evolution dont get enough attention and know about gameplay you get starly very very early your first route and viability very good but a little on gen 4 theres no fire type so pick chimchar your gonna say some of you will say your stupid blah blah oh my god who wins in gen 4 staraptor or infernape staraptor obviously fighting type is kinda a threat for a fighting type and flying type staraptor and flyer imagine your pokemon in level 100 and the other level 100 and no flying types yes theres two staple against fighting types psychic types are oh my god not that good i might say
Zedrick Gaw
Zedrick Gaw Mese fa
And abra is way to weak and grinding for a speedrun no pick nidoran male
Zedrick Gaw
Zedrick Gaw Mese fa
Nidoking in gen 1 was oh my i quit because x accuarys was broken gen 1 to gen 2 because it was you could never miss anything horn drill to nidoking and nidoran was the early to actcess and moon stone you could get nidoran male so early before even the first gym i would pick squirtle because surf know movepool pick thrash and thunderbolt. thrash by level up thunderbolt tm defeat surge and get bubblebeam and horn drill bubblebeam because for thunderbolt wont effect ground types like giovanni's 1 rocket hideout and more thrash for pp power points tell me whats my flow or anything i miss
Luis Aponte
Luis Aponte 2 mesi fa
Funny cause I used Primarina alone to defeat the Ultra Necrozma.
Shivam Agarwal
Shivam Agarwal 3 mesi fa
You just give the crown of the best pokemon to all the water starters. If you love water types then just make a video full of water pokemon.
Will Crawford
Will Crawford 3 mesi fa
This guy sounds like a younger version of rick from rick and morty
WindterrorBW 3 mesi fa
0:38 Is he legally allowed to use the Coromon encounter background?
Kai matter manipulation
I mean gardevoir is op is op you can sweep the Ellet 4 I mean I did beet game with gardevoir.
Wesley Oldham - Video Games
When Dobbs said Eevee and Pikachu "are gonna be the best," he paused. Probably struggling not to say "Like no one ever was"
Da Gammer
Da Gammer 3 mesi fa
In ORAS I had a mega blaziken with blaze kick, strength, sky uppercut, and earthquake. It was so amazing!
Ha I knew it I should have caught the raikue because I rekt the end with no problem with those two 9:58
Sorry it been a long time since I played my game
Amelia 411
Amelia 411 2 mesi fa
Martin S
Martin S 3 mesi fa
That was the strangest pic of Goku ever.
Eleazar Sherwin
Eleazar Sherwin 3 mesi fa
Infernape is a beast in the Sinnoh games along with Empoleon. Infernape's Close Combat can destroy Barry's Empoleon. For Empoleon games, it's ridiculously broken where you can destroy Barry's Torterra due to double weakness to Ice.
Uglyboi Gamer
Uglyboi Gamer 3 mesi fa
lol remember when mysticumbreon was talking shit about infernape and emboar
Blue 3 mesi fa
Ashton Murphy
Ashton Murphy 3 mesi fa
Moral of the video WATER STARTES
Nathan Rodriguez
Stupid ad
Len Bernal
Len Bernal 3 mesi fa
Time to put this in my last firered team
WorldGaming 3 mesi fa
Hahahaha That gen 1 X-Accuracy
Infinite Finite
Infinite Finite 3 mesi fa
Amelia 411
Amelia 411 2 mesi fa
Can you please not type in all caps?
A random Mega Noivern with internet access
Um... Rayquaza for Zinnia?
A random Mega Noivern with internet access
Woo! Yes Aura, Lucario’s amazing!
Advay Aloni
Advay Aloni 4 mesi fa
For Diamond and pearl I am gonna say turtwig cause when it becomes torterra it has an advantage againt fire and water becoz it is a steel and grass type.
Garland Taylor
Garland Taylor 4 mesi fa
Bgames 101
Bgames 101 4 mesi fa
What you talking about groudon
idk my name
idk my name 4 mesi fa
Endeavour focus shash Hawlucha is too op but I ditched most of my team for sivvaly shiny zekrom and mega mewtwo x Edit- focus shash endeavour is for ultra necrozma
Priya thakur
Priya thakur 4 mesi fa
I am a grass lover
Super Gamming1877
You might as well use Empoleon as a HM Slave
Espinoza Marko
Espinoza Marko 4 mesi fa
Fun fact: if you have a charcoal, and an +attack nature on Emboar, u can one-shot the hole game with flame charge, building speed passively and if you use bulk up or work up... It's probably the most broken thing you can have with no legendaries or pseudos.
Ton Palacios
Ton Palacios 4 mesi fa
sorry but for gen 2, typhlosion with flamethrower, return, thunder punch and earthquake is godly. I've literally beat the whole elite 4 with just my typhlosion, with pidgeot for bruno's fighting pokemon
Robert Reilly
Robert Reilly 4 mesi fa
Nidoking getting mega in Cardinal. Yes.
Lillly Eevee
Lillly Eevee 4 mesi fa
In my first Pokemon game I pick Tepig and spam him to win anything. Then I restart it. Not using the other pokemon in the party with other types was my mistake...
Cesar Bonilla
Cesar Bonilla 4 mesi fa
I like how the actual best starter in Leafgreen and firered is Bulbasaur but blastoise
Sushila shrestha
Whare do we find hm cut in pocoman ruby
Oops. . . I Choose Bulbasuar In LeafGreen.
Wilhelm Dietz
Wilhelm Dietz 4 mesi fa
Your name is not "mystic Umbreon" that would be a really weird name to give to your child.
Drip Mario
Drip Mario 5 mesi fa
Don’t hate furret, we know it’s not the best Pokemon in battle but we love furret so stop having a tantrum because people don’t think like you do, if you say furret is garbage you need to learn how to be nice.
Alexander Zumbrun
in heart gold and soul silver i think totodile is the best again because fraligater can learn ice fang
Muna Pradhan
Muna Pradhan 5 mesi fa
Ground on can learn thunder bro! Be aware😂😂
Samantha Darnell
Seriously, why did this mostly turn into which starter is best to pick in each game? I thought this was going to be like which pokemon best compliment the starter you pick.
T7 Legends
T7 Legends 5 mesi fa
Nc Vid. Thank you very much
Meliodas 5 mesi fa
No the best Pokémon is lord helix our lord and savior
akia elizjan
akia elizjan 5 mesi fa
Satoshi Gekuga Is The Best Bro
Yohanes Bobby Sanjaya
Gardevoir and Lucario are super broken combo in XY lol, u just cant lose if you have both. u got ralts very early, and gardevoir learn Pyschic, Calm Mind and Dazzling gleam early and also hypnosis. just put gardevoir as the lead (and give luck incense for money lol ) and then use psychic if u wanna kill that bastard, dazzling gleam for double battle and horde, hypnosis if u are unsure what to do then use calm mind if u wanna keep using gardevoir or just switch to lucario and beat that bastard to a pulp.. u got money and u mostly win any fight mega lucario is just too op, i beat diantha's mega gardevoir with him just to flex
Antek Operacz
Antek Operacz 5 mesi fa
What did we learn kids ? All very cool pokemon are op Like? Swampert,feraligator,nidoking, blastoise,infenape,impoleon,raikou, Thyphlosion,emboar,excadrill, Manetric,salamence,lucario,mega Lucario,alakazam,mega swampert, Hawlucha,primarina,mega manetric, All drugged pokemon
Joseph Peñaranda
Nidoking or mewtwo Edit: I am dumb
Bubul Kalita
Bubul Kalita 5 mesi fa
Why use Feraligatr when there is Gyarados and Suicune to choose from which are way better ? Fire type Typhlosion is way better .
Yash Gawli
Yash Gawli 5 mesi fa
Everyone taking about kyogre....... But hey groudon actually broke the game due to its drought ability and he can learn solarbeam 🙄
FlameryLavaWolf gaming
i came across raikou and it fled
antousse 5 mesi fa
"Infernape is the best because it is based on Goku... " Goku itself is a blatant copy of the monkey king (which rules) so... yeah, at least a bit of recognition to that. Also, Swampert is king in Hoenn
Mika'il Marethyu
Except for Gen 6 he could have named the video: "Best Starter for every Generation"
Lemons For
Lemons For 5 mesi fa
I ditched the X and Y lucario since it was painfully weaker than my team when I had gotten it.
whats the best pokemon SW/SH
Walter 5 mesi fa
So If Machamp can learn fissure in r/b/y then can't you a give him a x accuracy and hit every fissure
Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife 5 mesi fa
Whats the best pokemon in pokemon go? XD
Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife 5 mesi fa
I love tag battle with my rival because everytime I use Surf I end up killing all pokemon on the field including my rival's. XD like in Iron Island where u training with Riley in a tag team, i surf all the time and his Lucaro dies everytime. Its so funny. Its like I the only one who gets to train my pokemons. XD
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