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The best songs of Westlife 2015

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Synthesis of the best songs of the westlife legendary group, although the group has disbanded, but these songs made many people never forget.

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29 mar 2015




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Commenti 504
Ben Town
Ben Town 10 giorni fa
I miss Brian's Picture too.
Hilya Syarifa
Hilya Syarifa 13 giorni fa
I want they complete again to do reunion , Mark , Shane, Nicky , Kian , and also Bryan 🎤👌 Its feels my tears fall down when they can meet each other again after long times... Its greet and happy so much to feel it , hopes can be accept ♥
jhamzie Estrada
jhamzie Estrada 14 giorni fa
My idol weslife song everyday I play all music with related my love ones b4 hehehe.
Helben Molino
Helben Molino 17 giorni fa
lance tristan laping
Advances songs
Ella Villarmino
Ella Villarmino 22 giorni fa
Angulina Sangma
Angulina Sangma 29 giorni fa
Zena Abubakar
Who is with me here today
Susan Hartl
Susan Hartl Mese fa
Marilyn Sik
Marilyn Sik Mese fa
Westlife wish you do a reunion . You’re a hit forever and ever . Brian McFadden you go to my gym. City Gym , Sydney , Australia . Westlife songs very very inspiring . Reunion please
박태호 2 mesi fa
Forerve westlife i love
박태호 2 mesi fa
Rosine Mawamba
Rosine Mawamba 3 mesi fa
artists never die,too much love westlife
Pearl Gau
Pearl Gau 3 mesi fa
2018 🎶🎶🎶
Manuela Figueiredo
Lungelo simelane
Hazur119635 CheAbdHamid
I m still hear this legend song..tonite Sept 2 2018
Myrna Suyan
Myrna Suyan 7 mesi fa
I love westlife forever 💋♥️
junrey gañolob
junrey gañolob 7 mesi fa
westlife my fevorite songs nace songs
Sarah Calhoun
Sarah Calhoun 7 mesi fa
They need come back as 4 lads sorry brian
Brenda Brown
Brenda Brown 7 mesi fa
I just started listening to them my husband sent me
ROXAN FIDER 7 mesi fa
may i know the title of the songs included in this compilation?
daisy collera
daisy collera 7 mesi fa
i love westlife song ....ur the one for me
Simon Peter Mbwalala
My reave
Edelvraian Dela Peña
I'm from 90's guy also straight guy, I have two sons for now w/my wife, my same ages guys said that Westlife music, is a lady music. Something weird for them but I like westlife musics so relaxing for me, a million like for guys👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
ELISHA LADUA 8 mesi fa
i love it westlife
Pozz Hour
Pozz Hour 8 mesi fa
Thank you westlife i like your song
Emere Handsome
Emere Handsome 8 mesi fa
Nice music
Nestorio B. Bernisto IV
Dipiar Wenda
Dipiar Wenda 8 mesi fa
Thang you
melolyn grande grande
I really love it westlife,,,,
Dennis Ehigie
Dennis Ehigie 8 mesi fa
Edo mu
Nida Pacayra
Nida Pacayra 8 mesi fa
one of my favorites singers the west life 😉
Салтанат Нургазиева
Как же, вас люблю,с детсво!!!Я однолюб!!!😍😍😍
Abby Riola
Abby Riola 8 mesi fa
D. Zina Rongmei
D. Zina Rongmei 8 mesi fa
Mark you're awesome and you looks like n angel for me I love Westlife
junarta I ketut
junarta I ketut 8 mesi fa
I like this song.
Jarukan Saenmart
🐇🐯🐔ค่ะTHAT s A WonderFul ideaค่ะคือเรามารักฮักฟ้งเพลงต่างเมืองก้อด้วยลูกทุ่งไทยอิส่านแหมค่ะม่วนม่วนกันทั้งนั้นค่ะจริงจริงซิค่ะค่ะ
Jarukan Saenmart
Jarukan Saenmart
🐇🐯🐔ค่ะYour WellComeค่ะ
leah jean baliwan
ganda namn ng song natu my idol westlife
Zodwa Thandi
Zodwa Thandi 9 mesi fa
I ❤ westlife forever .....
Sylvia Gaddini
Sylvia Gaddini 9 mesi fa
love u Mark for everrrrrrrrrrrrr
Dawson Tv
Dawson Tv 9 mesi fa
I have an active westlife fans group on WhatsApp where we share audios, videos, pictures, lyrics and news of westlife. In case you wanna join, contact me on WhatsApp +2347064285388
Jessa Mae Galo
Jessa Mae Galo 9 mesi fa
I really love listening music #Westlife 😍 🎵 👍
zobo arthur
zobo arthur 9 mesi fa
I love westlife since I was a child
Orange Money
Orange Money 9 mesi fa
My name is Abraham Loagbay I love westlife forever and forever and I will never forget about my favourite song No No. MayJehovah bless those who ready love this song n alway remember them.
Colin johnson
Colin johnson 9 mesi fa
I am a boy but I still like Westlife someone please coment about this is it rights that a boy like Westlife
Andrea Ignácz
Andrea Ignácz 9 mesi fa
Miss you guys...please come back!!!!!
ANA VITORIA lourenço
Loyd Skaylz
Loyd Skaylz 10 mesi fa
I'm no more Single. Dating Westlife Songs
Kabety Hangala
Kabety Hangala 10 mesi fa
love you more🇳🇦🇳🇦Namibia's
Robinson Dickson
Robinson Dickson 10 mesi fa
I love westlife since my childhood. Westlife for life😍😍
Jerwin Flores
Jerwin Flores 10 mesi fa
Mpleslyn03 sumaque
inspiring songs :*
jamilazha plata
jamilazha plata 10 mesi fa
wow!!! nice song I love it.....WESLIFE 4ever
Juliete Jalandoni
Since when i was teenager tell now,i love westlife songs,,i love it all,
Johngil Perez
Johngil Perez 10 mesi fa
Westlife forever to me...
roland legalig
roland legalig 10 mesi fa
Perfect and very beautiful all song Westlife..💟💟💟💟💟
JackieSimon PenSen
nice song in westlife i really like it...i remember my love Simon Penton always...see you soon Si
Edna de Carvalho
Edna de Carvalho 10 mesi fa
I love Westlife
Damian Machilu
Damian Machilu 10 mesi fa
This guys are gifted in this world
Elpe Monks
Elpe Monks 10 mesi fa
Love this photo of the guys..amazing band! Love watching their clips on Vevo!
Bunga Nayla
Bunga Nayla 10 mesi fa
Very like westlife 😍😍😍
Jennie Meddieha
Jennie Meddieha 10 mesi fa
Am always flying without wings whenever I listen to westlife lyrics
Quang Le Van
Quang Le Van 11 mesi fa
I like Weslife
Nursalina Mohd Taib
Nursalina Mohd Taib
Nursalina Mohd Taib
Agbeti Mawusi
Agbeti Mawusi 11 mesi fa
I die with west life songs
Jarukan Saenmart
Jarukan Saenmart 11 mesi fa
Jarukan Saenmart
Jarukan Saenmart 11 mesi fa
Gbenga Alfred
Gbenga Alfred 11 mesi fa
my best group artist
Clarisa Arias
Clarisa Arias 11 mesi fa
Nothing to say but for me westlife is my life
Agbeti Mawusi
Agbeti Mawusi 11 mesi fa
me too
Rose Lamb
Rose Lamb 11 mesi fa
really hope they do a reunion soon
Marry Jane
Marry Jane 11 mesi fa
Lagunya g bosenin.. :)
Philip Urbano
Philip Urbano 11 mesi fa
Nice song’s
Jarukan Saenmart
Jarukan Saenmart 11 mesi fa
🐇🐯🐔ค่ะ i m veryGetFulแหมค่ะเพลงเพราะเพราะแหมค่ะ
Umun Cahyo Raino Raino
Good i like
Gentle Umukoro
Gentle Umukoro 11 mesi fa
218 any one nice falling.
Jarukan Saenmart
Jarukan Saenmart 11 mesi fa
Brigitte Abrahams
West life is the best of all times !!!!! It just puts me in such a calm & loving mood . You GUYS ARE THE BOMB !!!!!😙😘😘😙😙
Jarukan Saenmart
Jarukan Saenmart 11 mesi fa
Gentle Umukoro
Gentle Umukoro 11 mesi fa
Jarukan Saenmart where are you from pretty one?
Jarukan Saenmart
Jarukan Saenmart 11 mesi fa
Gentle Umukoro
Gentle Umukoro 11 mesi fa
Jarukan Saenmart nice falling 218.
Christina Caballero
Since i was young up to now i love Westlife and their songs... Shane, kian, nikki, mark and bryan,... I love you all. Your songs and your memories will never fade and will remain in our hearts... Youre the best forever
Christina Caballero
Hope to see you in person someday before i die...
Jarukan Saenmart
Jarukan Saenmart 11 mesi fa
Rosemere Konig
Rosemere Konig 11 mesi fa
amo muito 😙💖
lucero nori
lucero nori 11 mesi fa
I love
بينوس شغاله
i love you weslife ur my idol forever..☺☺☺
Baloyi Jasi
Baloyi Jasi 11 mesi fa
Can listen 2 this every day
Juscelino Santana
Bom adoro dimais
Jarukan Saenmart
Jarukan Saenmart 11 mesi fa
🐇🐯🐔🐇🐯🐔🐇🐯🐔ค่ะMiss JARUKAN saenmartTH And MATherSAW THค่ะ Nice to Meet youค่ะแหมค่ะ
Grace Alejandro
I love westlife songs. It relieve stress..
Juderuiz Sacmon
nice music
Aicha Wadjiri
Surya Ningsih
Westlife my favourite this songs
Wilma Osunero
I love westlife no matter what it takes for them forever in my heart 🍎🍇🍓🍒🍊🍋🍻🌅💌💙💙💙♦️♠️♥️♣️. Happy birthday Godbless to us all🌈🍌🍭🍿🏸🏇🏻🥇🎰🎫🎗🏅🏆🏌🏻💎.
Tana Mokaulet
I love westlife😘
françoise awlime
Khetha Kelvin
this song blessed my soul like really gyz l will always steady with u westlife
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