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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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In 2023, Kurzgesagt has existed for 10 years (which is insanely long in internet years).
We are among the largest sciencey channels on ITvid and still a bit of a black box to people.
So let us talk about ourselves in three parts: Our backstory, how we finance our work, and the values of Kurzgesagt!
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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Check out some of our favorite shop products here: kgs.link/shop-175. Our shop is not only our most important source of income, but our passion project where we create sciencey products with of lot of love and detail.
Not a rock
Not a rock 2 mesi fa
Ant Nogerden
Ant Nogerden 2 mesi fa
Stolas Goetia
Stolas Goetia 2 mesi fa
7 hours ago? On a 1 min ago vid?
Kester1342 2 mesi fa
계말년 2 mesi fa
give us lyrics
After Skool
After Skool 2 mesi fa
7 years ago, Kurzgesagt was a huge inspiration in starting my own youtube channel. Thank you for the transparency.
Brody Deacon
Brody Deacon 2 mesi fa
so dope ily both 🎉
WATCH MY CLIPS! 2 mesi fa
That's CRAZY! I love both of you!!!
Thijs Deschildre
Love your channel!
Buufl 2 mesi fa
Cheese doodle
Cheese doodle 2 mesi fa
Will the be vr game be on the original oculus quest
The fact that a single teacher basically started kurzgesagt is crazy. One person can really change the world.
___. Mese fa
All they need is a small donation of $600,000 from Bill Gates to get started!
Matthew J
Matthew J Mese fa
New Moon
New Moon Mese fa
​@___. Yea and that 600k only pays 10 people near min wage for 1 year.... not a lot of money when you look at it that way now is it?
Raphael Lopes
@New Moon bro getting free good science videos, not even biased by the money giver and still complains
___. Mese fa
@Raphael Lopes not even biased 😭
Crazy what having money can do. Also congrats to that teacher who unknowingly created this channel and helped educate billions.
StickDK 23 giorni fa
My grandfather was such a teacher. When old students of his recognize our last name, they tell me how my grandfather changed their lives, inspired them to do this or that, and in some cases become teachers themselves. It is really touching and awesome, and it serves as a reminder to never give up on anybody
Henry Carlson
Henry Carlson 20 giorni fa
@StickDK So Wise , Grand fathers are generally wise
Info Chan
Info Chan 16 giorni fa
Billions not really, millions sure.
Dwayne Williams
Dwayne Williams 14 giorni fa
20 million... Not even close to a single billion... 😂
Grimmjow095 10 giorni fa
@Dwayne Williams 20 million subs, not views on their channel or views on any specific video. Views reach over a single billion. The “20M Subs” in the title gives it away pretty quick, if you think for sec.
Dream Hollow
Dream Hollow Mese fa
I'm glad you finally addressed this. People were worried. It's nice to know your group is willing to be transparent about this sort of thing.
Thomas McGrath
It didn't address it though, sadly :( They didn't say when the funding from those last two started, so how much of their current funding is from them? And are those last two sources of funding related? And just because it's not 50%+ of their funding doesn't mean they don't have an influence. They didn't address the criticism of their source gathering in the video or in the article they linked to. And most of this video was a narrative about their founder and the channel's history portrayed as an inspiring success story, which isn't appropriate in a conversation like this and doesn't have anything to do at all with the criticisms. It's an appeal to emotion which muddies the waters. I'm not saying any of that was malicious or even intended, maybe they just produced what they thought and felt and this was the product. But it makes me nervous for sure. As i said, this video doesn't convince me that their funding doesn't influence their content. If someone asked you right now to explain why kurtsgesagt isn't influenced by those grants, how would you do it? I want to trust kurtsgesagt as much as you do, i don't want to start a comment section argument either. If you're willing, please give me an answer, i won't argue back or anything.
@Thomas McGrath regarding how they compile the research for their videos, there's a link to an article they wrote on it in the desc, maybe that might give some more info? I haven't checked it myself yet though. I will say however that it's kind of impossible not to be influenced by sponsors completely even if it's on a somewhat subconscious level. It's a full team of people too so I'm sure not everyone in the group feels the same way about sponsorships or have malicious intent or biases when putting out these videos..in general I'd like to believe kurtzgesagt is genuinely trying their best to spread the ideas that they detailed in this video
alphaxfang Mese fa
@Thomas McGrath i doubt a small percentage of an income can dictate their direction... if it a big chunk like 20% or something maybe, but a single digit percentage of income steering their direction and risking their bigger income stream is illogical...
Theonevidz Mese fa
@Thomas McGrath who the fuck cares where their funding comes from. BG is a good dude.
Ben Mese fa
​@alphaxfang from my point of view this is more about the " critisim generates views easier" point. Every Video I saw criticising their BG funding had completly surreal Idealismus of what the World should look like while at the same time piggybackriding on KGs success. Non of their Videos had even close the number of views as their critising Videos had and non had even close the Produktion value of even the first KG Videos. It's just monetizing on Internet drama with the hypocritic side product of at the same time criticising monetized Videos.
Ignacio Churruca
Everytime you guys publish a new video, I pay my daughter (10 yo) 5€ to make me a resume in english (non native). She thinks she is ripping me. We love the content and the format. Not enough good words to thank you. Keep up the good work. Thank you very much.
Banaanipässi FIN
Banaanipässi FIN 17 giorni fa
This is awesome.
Blex 14 giorni fa
This is such an awesome technique to get kids in the habit of consuming scientific content on the internet! But I assume you still watch these Kurzgesagt videos, just not with your daughter, or else you would miss the awesome animations and you wouldn't know if your daughter misunderstood something
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
That is so cool to hear!
Chloe Raley
Chloe Raley Mese fa
I can’t explain how much these videos mean to me and so many other people. You guys really nail every video. Happy 10 years :)
Electro Ninja
Electro Ninja 2 mesi fa
Thank you all for acknowledging the criticisms without making it a massive drama that drags in your unknowing fans.
N0mad Fernan
N0mad Fernan 2 mesi fa
yes, some channels talk about their investors to sway opinion using a video they wanted this channel to produce.
E 2 mesi fa
Newcastle United Clips
This is straight out of the bill gates playbook. Deceive with the stats and make a sob story.
Uncanny Valley
Uncanny Valley 2 mesi fa
@shAp What are you getting mad at? That people have different opinions? That experts disagree on outcomes? Besides, they said that they do the video then the sponsor pays for it, whichever sponsor that happens to want to pay for it.
ireallylikewaffles 20 giorni fa
when i sit through my biology classes im bored out of my mind but watching just one Kurzgesagt video on the topic makes me super interested, your team have made me genuinely like learning and im forever grateful for it. thank you for making such a good channel and inspiring me and millions of other people to be passionate about learning.
Youssef Tamer
I think most people know how complicated it is to run and fund a channel or project across multiple platforms of media, and yet to simplify things, this video basically addressed everything in a less complex way. It’s just what Kurzgesagt does, simplify complex topics that people want to know more about
Jenn W
Jenn W 17 giorni fa
I've only bought merch from one other ITvidr. I've bought merch from you at least 3-4 times and several items each time. Each has been impeccable! I think my earth logo mug is my very favorite. Oh and the notebooks are exquisite, both the dotted and the journals. I'm so glad I'm helping support the channel in a really meaningful way!
Labrat_09 Mese fa
Your channel is one of the reasons I'd never hate learning things
Zach Carney
Zach Carney 14 giorni fa
I always thought it would be really fun to play a game made by Kurzgesagt and now they are making multiple! Thanks for making fun yet educational content for all of us.😊
Ignacio Zamora González
Im really proud of this community ❤
Jason Jin
Jason Jin Mese fa
I like how he doesn’t actively call out the haters while expressing unnecessary bias. Instead he remains calm and addresses the situation calmly and clearly with reasonable thoughts and little opinions that are actually positive while trying to satisfy both sides.
Akiirahh!! Mese fa
Well, I've been watching you for 10 years. I am so insanely happy you diffused all the crappy talk that's been going on. I seriously cannot believe all the gossip but I am beyond happy that you cleared the air WHILE giving us oneof your classic lovely videos. I hope you guys at Kurzgesagt will go strong for another 10.
Big Hoss
Big Hoss 10 giorni fa
You guys are one of the greatest reasons for my curiosity and love of learning. It's totally carrying me in school, and it's helping me stay happy despite taking really hard classes. Thank you for that
MyOwnHaven 19 giorni fa
I really appreciate the hard work guys. Been a follower for years and how this channel started is what I've been telling people since I was little, getting knowledge and having fun should not be worlds apart.
Liv 22 giorni fa
You guys were one of the reasons I went to a school with Biotechnology as a major. After 3 years, I have written my final in it two weeks ago xD
Lâm Nguyên Đăng Khánh
Kurzgesagt deserved a custom youtube play button
JAG Mese fa
You all made a wonderful progress as the initial founder and the teams throughout that journey! Hope to collaborate in future educational endeavors.
jaim3_mm 💕 PS5
jaim3_mm 💕 PS5 20 giorni fa
Thank YOU for existing! Kurzgesagt is the most amazin channel I know in regarding to everything I've always wanted to know more about, even when the topic is not something that was interesting to me the way you tell the stories have something that lightens something in my curiosity, so the best way I can think of saying is just a THANK YOU ALL for existing!
Dniuy Jei
Dniuy Jei Mese fa
The impact a teacher can have on a kid's life is remarkable.
Someone 2
Someone 2 19 giorni fa
My biology teacher actually plays kurzgesagt videos in class sometimes and it makes the subject so much more interesting.
I'm glad you finally addressed this. People were worried. It's nice to know your group is willing to be transparent about this sort of thing.
TimeBucks 2 mesi fa
You can make practically anything into an interesting and fun to watch story
Nasir 2 mesi fa
irfan pasha
irfan pasha 2 mesi fa
Sana Malik
Sana Malik Mese fa
Very nice
Sana Malik
Sana Malik Mese fa
Very good
Kieran Cuthbert
Still the best content creator on ITvid! You are 100% onto something when referring to negative and sensationalist content being cool. Keep bucking the trends kurzgesagt with your motivational yet open minded approach to your content.
Abas Rashid
Abas Rashid Mese fa
You guys are truly amazing! Thank you for existing and having the values that you have. Please keep on growing and inspiring - y'all deserve all the awards and recognition!
Tarik Gradascevic
I thank YOU guys for being so patient and thorough and thoughtful about everything you provide. You're awesome and need to reach even more minds and hearts. Thank you again for all you're doing ❤🎉
Mr Hussain
Mr Hussain Mese fa
Been a long time viewer, follower and supporter of Kurzgesagt for many years! Watching you grow and expand for the great good is heartwarming and you have inspired so many to think differently and have amore inquisitive, open minded approach to all aspects of life with science as the drive so thank you for your existence and all that you guys do!
Ryan Soltani
Ryan Soltani 2 mesi fa
The impact that teacher had on the founder of this channel and the long lasting inspiration it gave really shows that anyone can be the catalyst to something great. The best kind of Butterfly effect
Euan Austria
Euan Austria 2 mesi fa
Like 10k ? Or half all the money they get ?
Euan Austria
Euan Austria 2 mesi fa
Wait the first vit was 9years ago not 10
iamthirdyt 2 mesi fa
One person can change the world.
pvic 2 mesi fa
imagine being that teacher. most teachers are good and just want to make an impact and help kids. ive had amazing teachers (and bad ones, but mostly good or neutral). I hope theyve reached out to that teacher because this would fill him/her with immeasurable joy :')
Russia Bro Z (You know, like Dragonball Z lol)
They just need to stay out of politics. Their description about the Syrian conflict was horrid, but to their credit, unlike most media outlets, they apologized for it.
Gamer Pro
Gamer Pro 8 giorni fa
Started watching years ago, glad that you are making the same form of content without compromising on the quality. Keep up the greatness.
BMO Mese fa
Kurzgesagt animations are among the best in the world, even rivalling big movie studios like Disney
Rowela Inguillo
congratulations to your 10 years, kurzgesagt! thank you for sharing your "origin story" (it's not a youtube channel if it doesn't have this intimacy imo lol), and i'll be here to see where your journey takes you 🥰
I appreciate you guys as much as you appreciate us. I can definitely relate to your creators struggles with learning and this channel has been an amazing gift that helps me learn through art and storytelling. Love you guys and hope you never stop making videos.
Geoff Burkman
Geoff Burkman 19 giorni fa
Been following your work for most of your existence. You folks rock!
Ino Gamerz
Ino Gamerz Mese fa
The animation is god tier but the music and sound effects are criminally underrated. Massive appreciation to all the team effort.
Facts! Also btw you can find the individual OSTs for each video on the Epic Mountain channel, the people who produce the music for Kurzgesagt videos.
Andre Lin
Andre Lin Mese fa
@deepysingh800 Oh! A fellow Epic Mountain enjoyer. I remember the feeling when I first realized I could actually listen to the OSTs of my favorite Kurzgesagt videos on that channel.
Martin Cornejo
Why have i seen this exact comment somewhere else?
Ino Gamerz
Ino Gamerz Mese fa
@Martin Cornejo Like same? Idk if someone already type this or similar comment Credit goes to them anyone who wrote similar or exact same
luc tan
luc tan Mese fa
Felipe Rodrigues
The Portuguese channel made me really happy because I'm a viewer since 2015 and see the efforts to deliver this awesome content in my native language is so inspiring
Andrew 201yo
Andrew 201yo 12 giorni fa
I remember finding you 8 years ago, when i was looking up something for my little brother to understand some topic. I almost started crying about passion and energy you all gave to your videos those days. Today it is next level and yey, I'm crying right know becouse it's beautiful to see you grow and getting better. Best channel worldwide, i love you guys.
気EgoDeath 24 giorni fa
The way theyre painting this picture, it seems like they've got a lot of humanity, its really easy to relate to parts of their story
The Chronic Generalist
You're one of Humanity's greatest positive force! Thank you for doing what you do and entertaining us in the process!
Caddy Joey
Caddy Joey 19 giorni fa
The thought of the owner getting educated in the way he prefers by his own product is a awesome thought
The Powerhouse of the cell
Your bacteriophage therapy was the video that inspired me to get back into academia. Now I am in my second year in pursuing a PhD degree in chemical genomics research. I truly have a huge respect for Kurzgezagt team. Thank you for what you do!
Bartley Tuthill
Bartley Tuthill 2 mesi fa
As a guy with only a high school diploma thank you for doing the hard shit!
Effendy Culster
Effendy Culster 2 mesi fa
Maybe I just random, but I love your photo....
Zahkrii 2 mesi fa
I hope you eventually get to contribute in leading the way for emerging knowledge in your field. Good Luck!
Another interesting angle is that Kurzgesagt motivates people too to get into science without degrees (consider Phillip's, who has a design degree, book about the immune system). Opening up sciences a little to not be so extremely dependent on academia is important.
Geickolonian 2 mesi fa
One day you will achieve great things, i can tell
Andrew Stanwix
I really appreciate your channel and all the hard work which shines through. I bought the immune book which I highly recommend and would pre-order the next book without knowing what it’s about that’s how much faith I have in you. Thanks, keep up the great work
ita b
ita b Mese fa
You guys are changing the world, one video at a time.. ❤
Henry :p
Henry :p 19 giorni fa
Большое вам спасибо за такие интересные и затягивающие видео!!! И особенно за то как вы умеете преподнести тему из видео!!! С любовью подписчик из России!!!! ^^💕
Rytis Damalakas
yall have very much increaced my interes in space and nature! (in the future i want to get a job as a biologist or astrophysicist) your videos are amazing!
Cinergetik Mese fa
Respect! What a wonderful way to be transparent with your audience and continue to inspire engagement . The way your team puts together and communicates ideas is exemplary!
Olá, Ciência!
Olá, Ciência! 2 mesi fa
Thank you for such an amazing video!🙌 As fellow science communicators using videos this type of content is absolutely incredible! Understanding that the challenges we're a facing are somewhat similar to the challenges Kurzgesagt has faced during the past few years reassures us we're in the right path of communicating science effectively. Creating, developing and sustaining a business centered around science communication is definitely not an easy thing to accomplish, but you guys are making it and, besides that, you are sharing knowledge which will help others to expand and reach bigger audiences. Keep up the outstanding work. Warm regards from Brazil!
Davi Soares
Davi Soares 2 mesi fa
Freash0 2 mesi fa
Eldom Vedovato
Eldom Vedovato 2 mesi fa
O trabalho de vocês é maravilhoso, e assim como de Kurzgesagt, me traz otimismo pro futuro da humanidade. Obrigado!!
Antônio Gabriel Zeni Landim
E obrigado pelo trabalho de vocês!!

100% agree lol
MattiKulomaa Mese fa
I am beyond impressed at how this channel has evolved and grown, and am thrilled that it is expanding to other media. I don't usually want to be a walking ad for anything, but I think the work you guys are doing is of such great importance that I will get me some swag to wear and hopefully increase your audience further.
Tony T
Tony T Mese fa
I’ve watched this channel for soooo long and I’ve never once thought about how much money you guys make or where you spend it. I just appreciated the awesome videos . Hopefully the employees get paid right for the great content.
Leem T-Me
Leem T-Me 21 giorno fa
I love your animation and the content included! Keep up the amazing work you always put a smile on my face! ❤
Michael Morford
I really appreciate this video. It gives a transparent picture of the economy of your channel. I will do my part to ensure you all are around to teach my kids when they're old enough!
Cup of Marketing (Tech & Ai)
Your channel inspired me to create educational content in the form of tutorials in the field I love. And I finally started weeks ago. I have always wanted to be a teacher but it just does not pay well. Thank you so much for it, Kurzgesagt. I have watched your channel since 2014!
Jordin Ford
Jordin Ford 2 mesi fa
Dropped out of college a few years ago for a lot of the same reasons Phil dropped out of HS. Saw the "Limits of Humanity" video and it reignited my passion for space. Now I work as an aerospace engineer at a rocket company with my Calendar on the wall in my office 😊 thank you all for all your hard work
How long did it take for you to finish school for this. I’m really interested in stuff like this
Germonchik FidDsz
Whoa 👏 what a W
Robert O'Toole
​@SLICKUID I don't know what country you're from. But in the UK there are some really good apprenticeship schemes for aviation and aerospace engineering and the military can be a really good way of doing this too
Robert O'Toole
​@SLICKUID I don't know what country you're from. But in the UK there are some really good apprenticeship schemes for aviation and aerospace engineering and the military can be a really
Robert O'Toole
​@SLICKUID I don't know what country you're from. But in the UK there are some really good apprenticeship schemes for aviation and aerospace engineering and the military can be a really
Ecernosoft 14 giorni fa
Thank you all for providing an excellent learning channel! Each video makes perfect sense, is fun, interesting, and is educational! Keep up the hard work!!!!
Jake Flo
Jake Flo Mese fa
Thank you Kurzgesagt Team for your work, you really make a difference!
Khaerul Umam
Khaerul Umam 10 giorni fa
Thank you very much to the team behind kurzgesagt, keep spreading the curiosity!!!
ASZaidan Mese fa
Thank you for all your hard work ❤
Felipe Amezcua
Si hicieran libros de los temas ya publicados y con la animación que tienen , espacialmente para niños harían mucho más dinero , todo el mundo los ama , todo lo que hacen es hermoso y fácilmente yo compraría varios de sus libros , por cierto no he podido comprar y que me envíen a México aquí tendrían buenos clientes.
Average Enjoyer
They did one these, the immune book written by the founder himself
Lester Mak
Lester Mak 2 mesi fa
Congratulations on your 10 years. My kids and I have learnt so much from your videos, we are forever grateful for your content!
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers 2 mesi fa
I’m in my late 30s and I’ve learned so much in my adult years thanks to these videos. Your kids are fortunate to have parents that expose them to this kind of content.
Maddox Monteza
Maddox Monteza 2 mesi fa
10 years of spreading information
E 2 mesi fa
Alizabelle 2 mesi fa
I actually learn more in this channel than in school lol
Yamato Zhen
Yamato Zhen 20 giorni fa
Unironically your shop is so good! A simple thing like a poster has so much detail in it and it almost feels rewarding for buying one of your products!
|burning toast
kurzgesagt is so good explaining topics
Corg - Music and Stuff
Its amazing how you actually make people want to watch and learn more!
Joezee Gonzo
Joezee Gonzo Mese fa
My cousin showed me this channel back in like 2017 or 18 and I show it to people whenever possible! Thank you guys for making science interesting and fun to learn and think about!💚
Won Pon
Won Pon 2 mesi fa
One good teacher is all it takes to change the world. Phillip's story is a perfect example of this. Due to that teacher's efforts, today we have Kurzgesagt.
The 4 Space Constants Tetraquad
Until every "Change the world" opportunity is taken. That doesn't say anything about the present.
Sudhanshu 2 mesi fa
​@TYLER ANDERSON what does the person really mean by his reply under the comment? Also, is it a reddit reference?
fpsgod30 2 mesi fa
@Sudhanshu I don't know either
The Roaring Dino
@The 4 Space Constants Tetraquad you aren't deep
Life in academia
Thanks very much for what you do! It's an inspiration.
tenchu951 23 giorni fa
My grades were not good enough to get into Med school and back when I graduated Highschool you either had to wait 7 years or have a close to perfect A Lvl score. I started studying chemistry and was good in it, but hated it. After 2 semesters I stumbled upon your channel and it rekindled my desire to study something I love and enjoy. I’m in the last trimester of my clinical rotations now and already good job offers from both departments I worked in before. I’m confident that I’ll pass my m3 and I found a doctor mother for my phd. Thanks a lot guys :) And ps: my gf really liked your gratitude and habit bundle which I gifted her.
707KAT Mese fa
We appreciate you guys. Thank you for supporting human creation and your always informative videos.
Sleir Mese fa
this channel is very inspiring and I hope to hear more from our narrator and learn more alongside the animations!!
Comfy Spy
Comfy Spy Mese fa
I do feel much more comfortable supporting an organization that is this transparent about their goals, business model, and even origins. I love the content you produce, and congrats on a full decade.
Maome Kat
Maome Kat Mese fa
dear... such a ripoff video...dont fall for this, begging, we dont make enough money video.. only narration & badanimation. atleast add some real world nat geo lvl sciency mazing real images to show the science. now kurz has 12,500 patrons aka 100,000$ monthly plus sponsors worth 10,000$...and free hosting on youtube, and 100k+ from shirts/cups. dont fall for this, begging, we dont make enough money video
Asus4 is a lovely chord
​@Maome Kat not at all the point of it, it was to respond to recent criticism
santhosh Kannath
@Maome kak how is this a money begging video? All they are doing is explaining how they manage their business. Are you not even listening to the video and simply commenting this for fun?
Eli Tettelbach
Greatly appreciate the transparency! Congrats on 10 years and over 20 million subs. You've definitely helped inspire me to think more about a lot of things and taught me several other things I'd never heard much about before. All while being entertaining. Framing things as a story (or at least a chapter of one) is both entertaining and educational!
Cassie Avestruz
I love you guys! Thank you for inspiring us through the years! More power! 🎉❤✨
Pollus Emanuel Zhudarak
Lágrimas em meus olhos por tanto brilho do trabalho de vocês. Vocês são maravilhosos.
etc291 Mese fa
I’ve watched your channel for years now and your story of growth and how you came to be is so inspiring. Thank you for your content, it really does make one question how to be a better person in this world
TIOLI Mese fa
All I can say is that I hope to hear the same narrator in 10 years time, but I know that is a very unlikely feat. Congratulations on a full decade and I can't wait to see how you guys evolve, and I really only hope for the good. ♥️
Talik 2 mesi fa
This video is really just a corporate finance spreadsheet… and somehow Kurtzgesagt STILL made it interesting and fun to watch. A testament to just how powerful story can be for learning.
Aditu, soferu
Aditu, soferu 2 mesi fa
linuxares 2 mesi fa
and we all watched it!
arcabark 2 mesi fa
Honestly I don't see how people can still continue with the critiques about Kurzgesagt after this video. Do you seriously expect pop science- where in the name already should explain every minute detail ver batim from a science paper?
Kevin Wu
Kevin Wu 2 mesi fa
@arcabark if you're related to something controversial, in the eyes of the internet, you're controversial
[banned] 2 mesi fa
Cai Gwatkin
Cai Gwatkin Mese fa
The "inspiration of long term thinking and a positive constructive outlook" is why I love watching this channel. I want to be hopeful in the future of humanity, to try to take an active role in improving it, and these videos renew that hope in me
I've been with you for 10 years and every video. You quickly became my favourite channel on ITvid and that hasn't changed. I've bought your calendars and books and the quality is always fantastic. Thank you for always creating fun, engaging and informative content.
EC70 0N3
EC70 0N3 Mese fa
Its amazing that you shared this with us! i only discovered your channel a few years ago, but love it so much. I myself struggled in school to understand and study a lot so I find your channel very entertaining and informative! Please never give up and continue to give us great content! (42yo with aspergers )
pieflys123 Mese fa
I’ve been watching this channel since my early high school days (2014-2015ish) and it’s been really cool to see it grow from a smaller channel into a powerhouse in the ITvid/Science community. I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit concerned after seeing the critical video (we all know the one), but y’all being this transparent about EVERYTHING is a huge confidence booster. At the end of the day it’s up to the individual to discern all of this information themselves, but this was a really good step in a positive direction.
Paulinha S.
Paulinha S. Mese fa
Thank you for existing! I just love the channel, the topics and the excelence you put into each video. Please launch more books!! Immune rocks, it was a spot on! Keep up the good work :)
Ahmed's lab
Ahmed's lab 2 mesi fa
Happy 10 years anniversary yall realy deserved 20 milion subscribers with your Memorable learning and animation
Balou huh
Balou huh 2 mesi fa
chrisbatterson 2 mesi fa
Hrfjio Mese fa
Need more organizations like you guys. You are doing a whole lot of good in the world
ronch550 3 giorni fa
I had to see the first video Kurzgezagt posted 9 years ago and, while the quality of the animations and narration have obviously greatly improved, the narrator seems to be the same person. So, great job, Mr. Narrator. Thank you to everyone in the channel making these great, informative videos. You deserve to have even more subscribers.
miomip Giorno fa
Thank you, for doing what you guys do, and helping me and others understand, and explore topics we never whould have without your videos.
Matthew J
Matthew J Mese fa
when i was 3 i was watching youtube kids on my dads phone and found a video on the solar system it explained what it was to me and i got very intrigued by it so i watched another video and another and another until 7 years later i am still getting captivated by these amazing videos. This time with a friend
evelyn acosta
evelyn acosta 6 giorni fa
bless this channel for the future and the positive optimistic things it supports.
8bitbonsai 2 mesi fa
i really hope that the teacher knows what an impact she had in creating this channel and what difference a single passionate person can make
burnt.cheerios 2 mesi fa
MrPyromanic1 2 mesi fa
The BEST kind of butterfly effect
Velderyx 2 mesi fa
Having that kind of teacher is a miracle, I think I have teacher like that back in high school, she actually do nothing on motivation but the way she teach is very engaging and make hard topics easy to digest, even for people who don't want to learn at all. She even won annual most favourite teacher in the first year she come to school The mind-blowing part for me is that she can make my extremely lazy friend think her lesson is very-very important and won't skip her lesson while he's still be lazy and skip classes at other subject
tumblingartist 2 mesi fa
Ducki Mese fa
Don't forget Crash Course, please.
BW W Mese fa
As an adult I'm so thrilled to watch every video your team releases. My son loves the channel and is also more excited about science just from the creativity of this channel. Thanks!
Esteban Narváez
As a design and animation student, this is very inspiring 👏
Petra Daue
Petra Daue Mese fa
Thank you for always being there when I needed help in science. You are the ones who inspired me to explore the almost possible, and helped me create new ideas. I will never stop watching your videos, and I hope you guys are never forced to stop.
Joseph Hardville
I love you guys so much. Thank you for being so transparent and renewing (and continuing) my dedication to science! 🤓
Jasper Rivera
Thank you Kurzgesagt team for providing us free educational videos. I love you all! ❤
That One Guy
That One Guy 2 mesi fa
Back in 2016 your videos made me want to become a geneticist and since then I have gotten to work with professionals researching human disease. Thank you for the inspiration
Peter 2 mesi fa
Did you end up becoming a geneticist?
Kirara Kurokawa
Kirara Kurokawa 2 mesi fa
no you didn't. stop lying.
Root 2 mesi fa
@Kirara Kurokawa Bro personally knows That one guy 💀☠😹
Kirara Kurokawa
Kirara Kurokawa 2 mesi fa
@Root bro believes everything he sees on the internet. kurgesagt made me a billionaire fyi.
Mitch krulock
Mitch krulock 18 giorni fa
This is actually a helluva thing for you guys to reveal and put out there. Most youtubers and group are secretive about how and where they bring in revenue.
Carsten Wollsen
Thank you so much for producing quality content for all these years
8D R
8D R 16 giorni fa
Thank you for your transparency and honesty ❤
E J Mese fa
When my momma told me to be productive, I just watch you guys. I never get bored It even motivates me to be productive even when I don't feel like it