The Cast of "Wednesday" Finds Out Which "The Addams Family" Characters They Really Are 

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To celebrate the new Netflix series “Wednesday,” we had the cast - Jenna Ortega, Hunter Doohan, Percy Hynes White, Emma Myers, and Joy Sunday - take a quiz to find out which “The Addams Family” character they really are! Is Jenna actually like Wednesday? Which OG character are they all trusting with a secret? Watch the video now and take the quiz alongside the cast too! #Wednesday #Netflix #jennaortega
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22 nov 2022




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BuzzFeed Celeb
BuzzFeed Celeb 6 mesi fa
Take the quiz yourself! www.buzzfeed.com/jenniferabidor/jenna-ortega-wednesday-cast-addams-family-quiz
Wrestling with Jay
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Wrestling with Jay
• Chiyoo •
• Chiyoo • 6 mesi fa
Oooh i got Wednesday!
Carmen Reyes
Carmen Reyes 6 mesi fa
🐰Shiien🌷 6 mesi fa
@Wrestling with Jay xxx
leokimvideo 6 mesi fa
Jenna Ortega deserves an Academy Award for her ability to never blink in any scene 😳
J☆Y 6 mesi fa
She never blinked??!!?!??!
GZ Cheese
GZ Cheese 6 mesi fa
She literally blinked in so many scenes
Alex70 6 mesi fa
Just like Billie Eilish 😂
Vogsphere 6 mesi fa
Or did they do 30 takes until she finally got it right?
I like how everyone tells you who they play but Jenna just let's you know that she IS Wednesday Addams.
Katie Cooper
Katie Cooper 5 mesi fa
for the 3 people who don't know
NotMørïaĥ 5 mesi fa
Omg I noticed that too how everyone was just like I play... and Jenna's just like I am Wednesday
Stranger In Moscow
Xavier also said that
mirqx #roadto100
@Stranger In Moscow fr
Stay 5 mesi fa
Xavier too lmao
Sheral Bee
Sheral Bee 5 mesi fa
Whoever cast Jenna as Wednesday deserves a huuuuge raise.
m 5 mesi fa
tim burton, he actually hand picked all the cast and even emailed jenna about playing wednesday which is pretty cool
MiSt 123
MiSt 123 5 mesi fa
Tim burton obvi:P!
Georges X El-Gharib
Tim Burton the goat
Orange Jungle
Orange Jungle 5 mesi fa
The og tastemaker Tim burton
David Szymanski
David Szymanski 4 mesi fa
the creator chose the cast he wanted jenna to do wednesday
Jun Maris
Jun Maris 5 mesi fa
I seriously have never seen someone more beautiful than Joy Sunday. I hope she gets a lot more roles in the future. She exudes elegance.
Lexii 5 mesi fa
She’s amazing!!!
Barack Οbama
Barack Οbama 5 mesi fa
No hair, kinda wierd
Eddie 5 mesi fa
@Barack Οbama you don't have hair too 😧
;ن; 5 mesi fa
@Eddie 😭😭😭
Rizzasouras rex
Rizzasouras rex 5 mesi fa
@Eddie man got toasted
anonymous 5 mesi fa
Is it just me or everyone of this cast has an amazing voice?
TheBlueBeyond 5 mesi fa
Their voices are amazing 🤩
1sa amor
1sa amor 5 mesi fa
jenna sounds like a cool tomboy
chrysanthemoon_ 5 mesi fa
Omg yassss
Emma Lilley
Emma Lilley 5 mesi fa
She is a cool Tom boy.
Yourdad • 309 years ago
Can we appreciate how Joy Sunday is so nice and like the total opposite of Bianca she is so beautiful and funny lol
Petr Miros
Petr Miros 5 mesi fa
Are you one of those who got shocked that Jack Gleeson is actually not a psychopatic sadistic mass murderer outside of his role as Joffrey?
m 5 mesi fa
@Petr Miros calm down, petr
Petr Miros
Petr Miros 5 mesi fa
@m Man, im calm. Its just that human stupidity can sometimes get my inner evil out :)
Betraid6661 4 mesi fa
@Petr Miros Nah he tryies to be tolerant, but it looks cringe instead:D
A A 6 mesi fa
Jenna is the ultimate cool girl. She deserves all the praise!!
jobany kokkok
jobany kokkok 6 mesi fa
Nora A
Nora A 6 mesi fa
But she comes across abit me me me
Derin 6 mesi fa
@Nora A i’ve recently watched 2 other interviews with her only and she is definitely aware of how fortunate she is. why can’t we cheer for her, instead of bringing her down, based on a video u saw of her and she is the main character so ofc she would be the focus 🙄 that’s why she is sitting in the middle?? the co-actors don’t seem bothered so why are you?
The Jenkins Family
Nonaya Bidness I agree 💯
- Csótánypüré -
Percy Hynes White is being just so purely cute and kind. Looks like someone who ppl can be comfortable with.
sharmin badalbayli
Yeeees finally i found uuuuuuu
Chavon Manuel
Chavon Manuel 5 mesi fa
I feel like I've seen him in some other movie or show before but I don't remember what that was
ava 5 mesi fa
his voice sounds so much like timothee chalamet
azi 5 mesi fa
@Chavon Manuel the gifted
Chavon Manuel
Chavon Manuel 5 mesi fa
@azi Yes
Julian Bracey
Julian Bracey 5 mesi fa
Love how humble Jenna is lmao Hunter: “I’m hunter doohan and I play Tyler *idk the last name*” Jenna: “hi I’m Jenna, and I AM Wednesday……”
afmXx_ 5 mesi fa
Hahaha Tyler's last name is Galpin^^
Tx4NJ1R0 K4M4D.0
Tyler Galpin, for future reference lol
Georges X El-Gharib
I thought you meant he actually said that
FairyFelix 5 mesi fa
Joy Sunday is literally so gorgeous! I love her voice its so soothe and relaxing. She could be a great storyteller too.
AmeliePinky 5 mesi fa
Cel Tic
Cel Tic 5 mesi fa
*I literally couldn't stop staring at Joy Sunday. She's gorgeous and she exudes radiance & an easy-going confidence*
wani 3 mesi fa
i literally couldn't stop staring at your copied comment. it's so original to do something like that.
izzydubmusic 5 mesi fa
Jenna reacting to Hunter saying he's not a boss...had me rolling. Wednesday doesn't want to live in her mom's shadow, so Jenna reacting that way is both real to her and her character lmao. Love it.
Lilia Rikowa
Lilia Rikowa 5 mesi fa
I love how they were all saying "boss bitch" 🤣 I'm just confused why the cast of Young Royals can say the word bitch, but the cast of Wednesday gets censored.
@Lilia Rikowa No one needs to say it at all.
Idk 5 mesi fa
@dearrationals2177 Bro what? They are grown adults, they can say whatever the hell they want.
wani 3 mesi fa
@WontReadWontReply damn are you conservative? Lol
George G.
George G. Mese fa
@wani I quite enjoyed his comment
Delilah Montgomery
I love Jenna's voice and the clarity of her speech
Bryan Carson
Bryan Carson 6 mesi fa
It’s probably been perfected after playing Wednesday 😂
6Havinn 6 mesi fa
Roger Mellie cry?
MysticShawty 6 mesi fa
@6Havinn fr haters gonna hate but it worked
I once killed A man with my shoe
I literally do not understand people praising celebrities for doing the bare minimum. She’s literally just speaking like a normal person 💀
Idk man
Idk man 6 mesi fa
Who doesn’t 😍
Jeeekeeeyyy 6 mesi fa
Finished watching the show in only just a day. I was rooting for Xavier until the end. Hope to see his backstory with Wednesday if there is another season. I want to see more of them. Xavier being simp reminds me of Joel & Gomez. I like it.
Soron66 5 mesi fa
I too desire a second season, but I won't hold onto hope. Hope is a construct created by the delusional, because they can't accept any other outcome as a possibility. When the unwanted outcome occurs, their anger or sadness is activated. Also, I find it to be a waste of time as Netflix has a hard-on for cancelling shows.
Jeeekeeeyyy 5 mesi fa
@Soron66 there's nothing wrong with hoping, dude. Having your own plot in your head, unsure of what's coming, is normal. Especially when you're fond of what you're watching, it fuels excitement. Whether the outcome isn't what you wanted, it will upset you. Yes!!! But that's an acceptable reaction for an avid viewer. That means you did not just watch but also created connections with the characters and the story. Furthermore, if Netflix won't release the following season, it's their loss for wasting such a masterpiece. Anyways, I respect your thoughts tho. I'm just sharing mine regarding yours.
Kota Azzarelli
Kota Azzarelli 5 mesi fa
@Soron66 on the last episode when wednesday was finishing her book she said “the end?” and then the character tyler started turning again so i’m assuming they’re shooting for a second season if this one goes well which it is
Ray Vega
Ray Vega 5 mesi fa
@Kota Azzarelli yeah i doubt Netflix would end it like that so
padtrick keys
padtrick keys 5 mesi fa
Same finished it yesterday it was so good
Mia Azzopardi
Mia Azzopardi 5 mesi fa
i think one of the best things about jenna ortega is they way that she always knows what to say and how to say it. i also love how kind she is :)
Cal Owenby
Cal Owenby 4 mesi fa
Yeah she seems awesome.
butterfly🦋 5 mesi fa
I love the combo between Jenna and Hunter. It would be good if the story is about them getting together
GrumpyCath 5 mesi fa
Emma is the perfect Enid! She's just so alluring!
Nora Walsh
Nora Walsh 5 mesi fa
The scared and fast excuse of Hunter when Jenna looked at him offended was damn funny 😂
Midracle 6 mesi fa
Jenna literally being wednesday herself. Edit: Wednesday deserves to get an Oscar/Emmy
Raven Sky
Raven Sky 6 mesi fa
It’s a tv show
Vijay Williams
Vijay Williams 6 mesi fa
Oscars are for movies 😭 she deserves an Emmy
Lana 6 mesi fa
Oscars are for movies,she should a get a Emmy which is literally the Oscar for TV shows
Y'all are ridiculous. Nothing about the show was awards material.
Maan Baer Pygg
Maan Baer Pygg 6 mesi fa
it's surprisingly good. it's great that the main characters are teenagers, because it explains all the cringe, and stupid decisions, and if you look at Wednesday as a lost teenager.. it really makes sense.
PinkVersace 5 mesi fa
They ain’t teenagers at all they’re young adults lol
Valerie Livolti
Valerie Livolti 5 mesi fa
Lmaooo google their ages
BreakDanceVR 5 mesi fa
Bro, Jenna is 20
Soulcatcher 5 mesi fa
Yeah but in the series they still portray teenagers, which is the point this comment was trying to make.
Even in the show, I thought Tyler looked too old for Wednesday. Turns out he's 28 in real life.
Toast 🍞
Toast 🍞 5 mesi fa
I've never seen Jenna/Wednesday laugh like this before! 😂🤣😁
Toast 🍞
Toast 🍞 5 mesi fa
👆For the intro
Samuel'stuff 3 mesi fa
I love how genuine hunter is. I think its so funny how red his face was at the end. He seems like he would be one of the nicest humans ever
Lil Ty
Lil Ty 5 mesi fa
Jenna laughing at him getting hit by a car Is so relatable 💀😭😭
Shreya Khanna Doodles
I just love Joy Sundays way of expression and her voice - it’s so effortlessly cool ❤😎
nanachi 6 mesi fa
Joy Sunday’s poker face looks so scary and frightening but she’s such a sunshine when she laughs. the duality 😭
Esmerelda Snickles
Exactly, she got me feeling some typa way
witch, please
witch, please 6 mesi fa
She doesn’t look scary at all to me, just classy
Terica Kimble
Terica Kimble 6 mesi fa
this is so rude to say .
SimplyXenia 6 mesi fa
she doesn’t look scary at all…this comment seems racially motivated asf.
nanachi 6 mesi fa
hi, i think i should’ve used other adjectives rather than “scary”. because most of the readers find it sensitive. but what do i mean with that is that she looks “scary” in a sense that she reminds me of a movie antagonist. someone who would look beyond your eyes and soul and would curse your whole existence type of way. if you know what i mean? my comment doesn’t aim to warn her. i love her! and she’s so gorgeous!
Anthony Campos
Anthony Campos 6 mesi fa
If they ever did a Sons of Anarchy prequel, Percy Hines would make a great teenage Jax Teller and Jenna would make a great teenage Tara.
Love Yuri
Love Yuri 5 mesi fa
I'm still not used of Wednesday Addams smiling and laughing a lot! Love you Jenna
Maltesers123 5 mesi fa
Hunter laughing like his name and the character he says is the funniest thing he's ever said is killing me
FÉNIX 6 mesi fa
Hunter Doohan's smiles are so sweet. No wonder I'm so attached by him in the series.
Mely Michu
Mely Michu 5 mesi fa
The cast is just amazing. Brought Nevermore to life and I can't wait for more seasons to watch.
Christian Edwards
“Cousin Itt cause he’s a Pimp” Jenna Ortega is an icon😭
Burb 6 mesi fa
what time is that?
Car Fernandez
Car Fernandez 6 mesi fa
@ Burb 2:29 😂
Maisa Riya
Maisa Riya 6 mesi fa
@ridiculouslysuper okay grandpa
@Maisa Riya Rather be called grandpa than be part of the dumbed down tiktok generation who can't tell reality from obviously fake 10 second clips.
Love how Jenna turns to Hunter and gives him that look, after Hunter say's 'I am Wednesday Addams and I am not a boss bitch'.
Nick JD
Nick JD 6 mesi fa
I love Jenna and Joy, and Emma, and Percy and Hunter. Jenna is so Wednesday Addams and on screen and off she is amazing can't wait for season 2 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Sweet Corn
Sweet Corn 4 mesi fa
I've been Jenna's fan since her role as the eldest sister in "Yes Day". I really love Jenna's acting and so her voice and the own way she demonstrate the character's personality. Being a long-time fan, I'm so proud of her that now she can have this huge amount of international fans. Congratulations, Jenna!
Katie and Helena
All these actors are unbelievably incredible, they are such AMAZING actors
seleena 3 mesi fa
I really love Jenna's personality.🤩😍☺ and her voice
Lyz Cabrera
Lyz Cabrera 6 mesi fa
Since most of us are talking about ships, I'm ashamed to say I clowned myself until the end. I tried not to like Tyler, ended up liking him, and then couldn't bring myself to hate him. Literally in last minute I was still like "but they had such nice chemistry and would've been great together" 🤡
Marie Goofy
Marie Goofy 6 mesi fa
But he was controlled by that crazy woman. And in the original, are the Adams family saints? They kill, they torture etc.
Karina Alexandrovna
😂😂😂 same ahahahahhaa
Karina Alexandrovna
I hope they end up together cuz I dont see her and Xaviar as a couple
Angel Amaka Okoh
Spoiler 😭😭
parfiteleporter 6 mesi fa
Well I knew the moment I saw tyler in the woods with coffee ground...and his obsession with his mommy dearest...its always the innocent looking one's aren't they?
Efwin197 5 mesi fa
I love how genuine this cast is
Adel💖 5 mesi fa
4:18 Jenna’s face got me dying🤣
Ava 19 giorni fa
whoever casted jenna as wednesday deserves, human of the year award
Michael Larson
Michael Larson 5 mesi fa
I saw this like 9 times. Love everytime you see it. It gives you clues that you missed. Perfect cast. Part 2? I hope.
iAmGoat 5 mesi fa
2:16 i love this part its so funny especially hunters panic not trying to sound phicopathic but it is definitely the best part "ehhh right now"
O’SAMM 6 mesi fa
The way I fell in love with Tyler and then… you know 😭😭😭 I feel used
Tired Daily
Tired Daily 6 mesi fa
honestly the emotional distress I had when the realisation came is unmatched 😭
cid 6 mesi fa
Amber Leigh
Amber Leigh 6 mesi fa
I was like he is too good to be true and still never stop myself
T H O M A S 6 mesi fa
No bc I was rutting for tyler and then they did that to me they should of shame lols but that really got me tho
The way Percy laughs at none of these is so funny and cute to me
Ava Britton-Heitz
I know Tyler turned out to be crazy, but Hunter perfectly encapsulates the other sweet Tyler.
Joanna Mysluk
Joanna Mysluk 4 mesi fa
Jenna getting offended when Hunter said he isn't a boss b*tch was everything, someone should make that into a reaction GIF.
Jimin-ssi Bangtan's mind
Man, no me importa, me gusta mucho Hunter Doohan y espero que su personaje tenga más fuerza y protagonismo si se hace la segunda parte de la serie. Es un personaje que no evoca tanto desprecio desde que estamos en una serie con temática Gore y él sólo pareció un juguete de alguien más, cuando lo vi dar el giro repentino debo admitir que me gustó mucho, me gustan mucho los personajes que encuentran confianza y arrogancia en sus defectos, lo siento señores, pero soy team Tyler a mucha honra
Rob's Channel
Rob's Channel 4 mesi fa
That Bianca actress has a really nice voice, really fits her siren character 😂
Dayzconfused 6 mesi fa
Binged the series now it’s time for me to watch every video of the cast out there 😭
ren 6 mesi fa
same LOL
virat kohli
virat kohli 6 mesi fa
Need Spoilers rn!
Tray Terra
Tray Terra 6 mesi fa
POV: you’re liking the op’s comment, because you’re doing the exact same thing rn.
•Eda’s Right Arm•
@virat kohli uhhh lets see tyler is the hyde/monster the nice plant teaher is his master and brought back ____ from the death and also stabbed Wednesday Tyler and Wednesday kissed multiple times goody is an addams and we will never see her again and blah blah blah so much more its the best show ever tbh even though it came out like yesterday i really cant wait for new episodes 10000000 percent recommend
Juliamegacool 6 mesi fa
ItsAddy 5 mesi fa
I love how Jenna is between the boys she was in a love triangle with in the movie.
padtrick keys
padtrick keys 2 mesi fa
Grace 5 mesi fa
I love this interview!!! What a great cast!! 💗
Cal Owenby
Cal Owenby 4 mesi fa
I love this video! The whole cast is so entertaining, in and out of character.
Ksha Laniyo
Ksha Laniyo 5 mesi fa
“We are the cast of Wednesday and we are gonna take the buzzfeed… quiz- that’s not the line😅” had me cackling💀
NinjaGamer13 6 mesi fa
Props to Hunter Doohan for being charmingly awkward; if I were sitting next to such a goddess I’d definitely only be capable of embarrassingly awkward 🙃
No Name
No Name 6 mesi fa
The gays know how to hold our own next to beauty.
NinjaGamer13 6 mesi fa
@No Name Ah, is he gay? I guess that would explain it 😂
:p 6 mesi fa
@NinjaGamer13 yup he’s got a husband!
Nelsie Geografo
Nelsie Geografo 6 mesi fa
And have you noticed how awkward Percy Hynes White is?
Trevor Mckenzie
Trevor Mckenzie 6 mesi fa
Im a grown ass man and loved watching the young talent of Jenna Ortega and Emma Myers. Whoever casted them 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Their hug at the end was a great touch, showed just how much Wednesday's unwavering attitude evolved.
Bincey Lee
Bincey Lee 6 mesi fa
I dunno about the grown ass man part lol
Trevor Mckenzie
Trevor Mckenzie 5 mesi fa
@Bincey Lee Says the person making a childish joke, go figure...
Lois V. A
Lois V. A 6 mesi fa
I love that this is such a young cast! Made them playing high schoolers much more believable 😁
Eduardo Armenta
Eduardo Armenta 3 mesi fa
I can't stop looking at Joy. She looks even more beautiful without her contacts 😍
Rob 6 mesi fa
Que elenco incrível
Gaby Cross
Gaby Cross 4 mesi fa
Joyce looks absolutely STUNNING!! I don't know if it's because her contacts on Wednesday are always freaking me out because they make her eyes pop so ridiculously much that now seeing her naturally is like "OMG she's flawless!"
Ameikharar GH
Ameikharar GH 6 mesi fa
Its strange seeing Wednesday smiling and laughing and all of them getting along so well after watching 1 to 8 ep nonstop haha
Haryumi Yuki
Haryumi Yuki 6 mesi fa
That's pretty
Kenta Wong94
Kenta Wong94 6 mesi fa
She did smile when her uncle came
Ameikharar GH
Ameikharar GH 6 mesi fa
Yeah but Still its feels Strange, does it not
Haryumi Yuki
Haryumi Yuki 6 mesi fa
@Ameikharar GH Don't know, I love her smile bro 🥺
Soron66 5 mesi fa
This is yet more proof that Jenny IS Wednesday Addams. Don't get me wrong. I absolutely loved Christina Ricci's Wednesday. However, Jenny's is just perfect. The definition of a grey character. Not a goodie-two-shoes but not evil either. Just at the perfect spot in between.
Laney Cate Glover
I just love this cast sm. Jenna is one of the most talented people Ive ever watched especially watching her grow up
Derpman the First
I love how even here Jenna rarely blinks, like she's still in character XD
Keira 5 mesi fa
She better get an award for this show omg
信羌 4 mesi fa
Jenna is also very popular in Japan! She's super cool and too cute. I love her.
Bindair Dundat
Bindair Dundat 6 mesi fa
I liked the cast. All of them. Characters and actors alike. Which is rare, especially in the recent products of Hollywood. I jumped into the show with little to no expectations knowing it was another "Netflix remake", and was greatly surprised. The series reminded me a lot of Harry Potter: an earie school for "unnormies" with mysteries, secrets, rivalries, and monsters. And a healthy dose of Tim Burton flavour. Loved it. I'm down for another season. Hope it does well.
Mario Viola
Mario Viola 5 mesi fa
It actually did VERY well! :D
Narcisa Pamintasu
Did you know that Wednesday was filmed in Romania?
Bindair Dundat
Bindair Dundat 4 mesi fa
@Narcisa Pamintasu Sure. And I read that season 2 might move to Hungary because the romanian company they rented the equipment from swindled the production.
Van saj Ban
Van saj Ban 6 mesi fa
I love how consistent and yet so different every episode is:
youtube commenter
youtube commenter 15 giorni fa
jenna ortega did great at wednesday learning cello learning what to say learning not to blink and littraly everythink. she even learnt how to do fencing.
abby johnson
abby johnson 3 mesi fa
the way jenna just says “i’m Wednesday” gotta be the most satisfying sentence the world has seen.
Toast 🍞
Toast 🍞 5 mesi fa
Jenna is just so funny 😂😂
LoopingTingles 5 mesi fa
3:47 I love that Jenna just talks with her mouth shut I love that for her
coco bean
coco bean 6 mesi fa
Joy is the perfect siren ! Her voice is hypnotising 😍
Esmerelda Snickles
Love her voice
Eliana 6 mesi fa
amcnda_ 5 mesi fa
-log- 5 mesi fa
Yelan 5 mesi fa
I don't understand what's cute about that but uh sure
Lee 5 mesi fa
Is it just me that is obsessed with Joy Sunday's voice 🥺🥺
Dingle Berry
Dingle Berry 3 mesi fa
She's bald Jerry! Bald!!!
AAREET 4 mesi fa
I really want to see Bianca’s lip gloss collection 😂 her lips shine so much 😅
I eat teeth
I eat teeth 6 mesi fa
I love how everyone is obsessed with Jenna because she deserves it
r n
r n Mese fa
The fact that she hated the love triangle and the guys next to her would not be here if she had her way with the script makes for an interesting dynamic.
Selena Khefif
Selena Khefif 6 mesi fa
Am I the only one who was team Xavier from the start? In conclusion: I was happy about tyler lol
Jocelynn Riggs
Jocelynn Riggs 6 mesi fa
arya s
arya s 6 mesi fa
im also team xavier i just love how he painted her while playing cello, and they knew each other before so yeah i kind of rooted for them from the beginning
Bea Chinel
Bea Chinel 6 mesi fa
Yeah Team Xavier! 🙌
Robyn The Robber
I’m Team Enid 😗
Allie IsWell
Allie IsWell 6 mesi fa
I'm also Team Enid lol
lar lar
lar lar 5 mesi fa
Percy getting hit by a car and being on the roadside for 4 hours before someone found him 😂. That story needs to be told with details!
Eu amei ver a série na Netflix..E a Jenna Mortega é linda e talentosa..parabéns..e os outros atores tbem são lindos e talentosos ..parabéns ..eu não entendo inglês..só na tradução..gostaria de saber..pois gosto de ver vcs conversarem ..Bjus ❤🌹
awdrgujol 5 mesi fa
Why no one talks about Hunter , like he is so cute and so funny ... He looks so innocent but his voice...
awdrgujol 5 mesi fa
@Gio Parker so?
Luna 4 mesi fa
SpinnaaWw 5 mesi fa
It's really nice how Emma looks at Jenna, or she's smiling or she's biting her lip.
Yelan 5 mesi fa
Their friendship is so cute
l ♡
l ♡ 5 mesi fa
I just love Percy's personality so much😭😭
e.m 4 mesi fa
l ♡
l ♡ 4 mesi fa
@e.m well... i wish i have unsaid that he's an actor indeed so 😅💀
such an amazing show, this cast is phenomenal
ash 2 mesi fa
I'm literally obsessed with the movie 😙✨
OOZTIN 6 mesi fa
i just love when cast members just be themselves rather than a fictional character is just amazing
hi 5 mesi fa
joy sunday has such a great personality and is funny and pretty 🤩
Mariana Nicoli
Mariana Nicoli 5 mesi fa
jenna is so effortlessly funny
Cheyne Gweneth Fernando
This proves Jenna Ortega IS Wednesday Addams on and off screen😀
Amira Agape
Amira Agape 6 mesi fa
Joy just having the casual popular girl sitting pose is everything
Emannuelly Sousa
Gente, a voz da Jenna é muito linda💞
Charles Smith
Charles Smith 6 mesi fa
Joy is so eloquent. What a beauty!
🇵🇷 NeNe
🇵🇷 NeNe 7 giorni fa
Season 2 need to hurry up and get here ! I can't wait ! Jenna Ortega Enid are a favorite
IamOJ 6 mesi fa
Jenny Ortega is talented. Hope she handles the fame and fortune better than some have.
David Terry
David Terry 6 mesi fa
With as much as Jenna cracked up during this video, it amazes me even more how much control she had in Wednesday. Her performance was literally perfection! 💖💖
Karen 5 mesi fa
When Jenna was laughing and asked who did Tyler pick Enid looked at Wednesday and bite her lip smiling 😍🥰
Miranda Tweeton
Miranda Tweeton 5 mesi fa
Why does everyone keep mentioning that?
Karen 5 mesi fa
@Miranda Tweeton because there dating off set
Clare Grant
Clare Grant 5 mesi fa
What time stamp?
Miranda Tweeton
Miranda Tweeton 5 mesi fa
@Karen is this something that is like confirmed or something because when costars date each other, it makes the show go to shit
Yelan 5 mesi fa
@Miranda Tweeton lmao fr
S98 6 mesi fa
I felt betrayed when I found out about Tyler😭He and Wednesday really had chemistry
Waouh 😯 la voix de Joy est harmonieuse 🥰
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