The Cast of 'Wednesday' Guesses Tim Burton Projects Using Emojis | Entertainment Weekly 

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Jenna Ortega, Luis Guzmán, Gwendoline Christie, Joy Sunday, Hunter Doohan, Emma Myers, and Percy Hynes White try to identify Tim Burton projects using emoji-based clues.
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The Cast of 'Wednesday' Guesses Tim Burton Projects Using Emojis | Entertainment Weekly
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16 nov 2022




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Tiffany Bowe
Tiffany Bowe 10 mesi fa
Its insane how many Tim Burton movies Johnny Depp is in 🤯
Brinley Larson
Brinley Larson 10 mesi fa
Ik I love Johnny
Randy N.
Randy N. 10 mesi fa
I like the one where he plays the quirky weird guy
The Runaway Kid
The Runaway Kid 10 mesi fa
Ones I can think of : Corpse bride Edward scissorhands Alice in wonderland Alice through the looking glass Sleepy hollow
kn316 10 mesi fa
@The Runaway Kid plus charlie and the chocolate factory, dark shadows, sweeney todd, ed wood
The Runaway Kid
The Runaway Kid 10 mesi fa
@kn316 ahhhh yes forgot about those for some reason 😉
Second Channel
Second Channel 9 mesi fa
I love how they took so much time to guess their own show they played on😂
Jennifer Anderson
Very ironic 😭😭
steelsheen 9 mesi fa
the emojis for Wednesday made no sense 🙃 a bunch of calendar days with a down arrow? would've made better sense if it was 👰🌞
Those emojis doesn’t make sense😂
moffmachi♡ 9 mesi fa
@steelsheen there are 7 calendars and the arrow is pointing to the middle one, since Wednesday is the middle of the week 🤭🤭
Zara Hoffman
Zara Hoffman 8 mesi fa
They did think it was just movies
A A 10 mesi fa
This series is gonna be great!! Jenna was the perfect choice.
Porcihorse 10 mesi fa
yeah I can’t imagine anyone else playing Wednesday she is perfect for it
Talya Basaman
Talya Basaman 10 mesi fa
Just finished it (pulled an all nighter haha) and I loved it!!!
𝙼𝚒𝚢𝚘 ★
@Talya Basaman man i could never 😭😭
Gir 10 mesi fa
It is great❤
emily meyers
emily meyers 10 mesi fa
It’s sooo good
Beaniebird 10 mesi fa
I’m obsessed with this show and would love a 2nd season!
o 10 mesi fa
Ikr I want a second season already 😭
lia 10 mesi fa
@o tenemos q esperar un año para una segunda temporada.
Daniela López Aguilar
@liados probablemente. La filmación de esta temporada duró 8 meses.
Special Order_937
It’s Netflix …. They cancel anything people like
Landon Armour
Landon Armour 10 mesi fa
appeartly it’s coming out on dec 26, 2022
Beste Karaca
Beste Karaca 9 mesi fa
Percy knowing Wednesday but dont give a hint is everything
Kaylee 9 mesi fa
He was like “imma wait and see how long until they get it” 😂
Anna María
Anna María 4 mesi fa
love him😍😍😋
Alana Habers
Alana Habers 10 mesi fa
gwendoline laughing making everyone laugh gives me life.
Riventrix 10 mesi fa
YESSS, I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THE INTERVIEWS FOR SO LONG (especially the ones where Emma and Jenna are on❤)
blue lock
blue lock 10 mesi fa
Caly 10 mesi fa
Yes 🙏
Derek Baker
Derek Baker 10 mesi fa
Me too
Cuteqm1 8 mesi fa
I love how Gwendoline was just like “it’s obviously top-hat arrow vampire” like that got me rolling on the floor in tears 🤣
Mina ♡
Mina ♡ 10 mesi fa
all of them having different faves shows how much individual characteristics each movie has
cinemaman 4 mesi fa
Chase Hedges67
Chase Hedges67 10 mesi fa
This series looks great and the cast is 10/10
I love complicated
The way Percy says "is it Wednesday?" is just adorable.
Chelsey 9 mesi fa
I love Gwendoline and her laugh 😂
K'NG RICO 8 mesi fa
I hollered 😂
Isa🇻🇪 10 mesi fa
I love how Luis goes “WhAt!😡” when they get the movie wrong
Alyazya44 9 mesi fa
Sameèeèe hahaahahhhaah
aysha 10 mesi fa
I loved this show! Can't wait for season Two.
if there is we might have to wait 1-2 years 😭😭😭😭
Niki Enhypen
Niki Enhypen 9 mesi fa
@ιиfєяиσвℓαzє it will be for sure
aysha 9 mesi fa
@ιиfєяиσвℓαzє truew
Chelsey 9 mesi fa
I love how the one they struggled with the most was Wednesday yet they got almost everything else 😂😂
Not Elise
Not Elise 10 mesi fa
I’ve watched all episodes in one day, and now I WANT SEASON 2 SO DAMN BADDDDD
wowowow3 9 mesi fa
you should watch Misftis too, youd like it :)
Not Elise
Not Elise 9 mesi fa
@wowowow3 I did!!!! It’s amazing literally I could watch it over and over ahain
Lifegoeson100 9 mesi fa
Gwendoline was very helpful 😂, everyone else was so serious 😂. I didn’t know Tim Burton made Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, it’s such an awesome movie
Gwendoline Christie is so pretty and her laugh is so cute ❤ to be honest the whole show is amazing i am obsessed 😊
Abby Koziel
Abby Koziel 10 mesi fa
I loved Wednesday so much and I can’t wait for season 2
Rhoda Chiyesu
Rhoda Chiyesu 9 mesi fa
I also can’t wait for Wednesday Addams s2
Coralia Chwastiak
@Rhoda Chiyesu ikr me too season 2 is gonna be so awesome the whole cast is awesome
Miss Mary Mack
Miss Mary Mack 10 mesi fa
Omg Jenna is the MOST PERFECT Wednesday I’m obsessed 🤩 literally everyone I know finished the season in 2 days- I hope there’s a second season!!
gothic_chick082 9 mesi fa
Johnny Depp is the absolute best actor for Tim Burton's films. His voice is mesmerizing...🏴‍☠️🖤🏴‍☠️🖤🏴‍☠️🖤Love Jenna as Wednesday
mikai 3 mesi fa
I love how Gwenie tried to guess and well she did a good job I've got to apriciate that
Fiona Williams
Fiona Williams 9 mesi fa
The fact that it was like all of them Vs Gwendoline was so funny. Gwendoline is such an angel
em0shorty 10 mesi fa
how can you not love this cast
Vic Lizardi
Vic Lizardi 10 mesi fa
Fantastic series don’t miss. Have seen it twice already.
Eduardo Armenta
Eduardo Armenta 9 mesi fa
I honestly never watch a series twice but this one I did. They did a great work with this show, a season 2 should be a no brainer but as always Netflix cares more about new subscribers than the actual total audience.
Sueanne Jones
Sueanne Jones 8 mesi fa
Can't wait for season 2. Wednesday is such a great show I love it. and beetlejuice is one of my all time favorites as well.
lav 10 mesi fa
Tim burton really made the best gothic themed entertainment
Red Langdeau
Red Langdeau 10 mesi fa
In my youth ii was never an Adam's family fan, this series has changed all of that, Wednesday is so well written and directed I have enjoyed every episode, I am so anxious for season 2, I am one anxious fan.
little alien 👽
Tim Burton is a pure genius
xXKurumiXx 9 mesi fa
I love how they name almost all of them instantly and then when the very last one comes which is Wednesday, the show they are litterally the cast for, they all get so confused LMAO
Lily E.
Lily E. 8 mesi fa
We needed more interviews with this cast :(
Elizabeth Holis
Elizabeth Holis 9 mesi fa
Now I want to a Tim Burton binge marathon of all his movies!
SM 9 mesi fa
Gwen making me laugh the whole time 😂
Norzat N.
Norzat N. 10 mesi fa
Just finished watching today. Please announce season 2 already!
Milagros Calderon
Pensé que no me gustaría, está muy buena la verdad me encantan los personajes y la historia. Good job.
MajoR Roberts
MajoR Roberts 10 mesi fa
Happy to see Luis back in action... Legend actor..
To Ri
To Ri 9 mesi fa
My favorite Tim Burton project is Wednesday I love the series so much
Based 7 mesi fa
the way gwendoline responded late and was like " did that happend? " was so funny 😭
Warpz_OnYT 10 mesi fa
We need a session 2 for Wednesday 8 episodes I want more 😢😅
Albert Ranses
Albert Ranses 10 mesi fa
Tim Burton es sin duda un genio ❤️
Based 5 mesi fa
Gwendolines laugh is too powerful they had to separate her in another room
He has done so many movies with Johnny and Helena Bonham Carter. The gothic trio forever.
Bookworm Reviews
It's cause those his two favorite actors
F2DopeBoyZ 6 mesi fa
I love how luis is just agreeing with all of them saying yea after each movie
kxromi !ON BREAK!
i like how everyone is like "WOW I KNOW ALL OF THESE" and then theres Gwendoline and Luis are like 🤔 "oh yes that makes sense" lol
Sára Szabó
Sára Szabó 10 mesi fa
We want season 2!!!
Лина Грейс
Наконец-то Тим Бертон получил достойную славу, сняв этот сериал. Обожаю его фильмы и мультики с детства. Он - лучший из всех!
Based 9 mesi fa
3:12 I love how she's just saying the emojis and not guessing the movie itself 😭
Cortni Montgomery
I love Gwendoline Christie laugh
캐릭터들 너무 잘나왔고 세계관 설정도 너무 좋도, 주인공 이랑 룸메랑 교장이랑 캐릭터 연 배역도 너무 잘 맞아떨어짐.
FOCUS KPOP 9 mesi fa
Tim burton also made two videoclips for The Killers, “Bones” and “Here with me” they are beautiful, you have to see them!
Alexandria Delgado
Helena bonham carter (i know i butchered the spelling) and johnny depp are like tim burtons go tos. They are so versatile and dedicated to their work. Tim made the best decision ever hiring them everytime.
Katatakutan Pinoy Horror Stories
A crossover of Wednesday with Sheldon Cooper would be great 😂
The Runaway Kid
The Runaway Kid 10 mesi fa
The Big Bang Wednesday?
Katatakutan Pinoy Horror Stories
@The Runaway Kid indeed!!!
Coralia Chwastiak
@The Runaway Kid I could so definitely see that in the future that would be so iconic 😅
Linda Gosche
Linda Gosche 10 mesi fa
wednesday is such a good show i love it
teala donnie.
teala donnie. 8 mesi fa
How could they not get there own show from an emoji
CGGG 090
CGGG 090 10 mesi fa
This makes me optimistic about how well I would do as a chef.
¥-Noah_SS-¥ 9 mesi fa
I love the fact that Gwendoline favorite is Wednesday lmao
Jess Morris
Jess Morris 10 mesi fa
Luis is just there for the ride hahaha
easy learning
easy learning 8 mesi fa
I love Xavier character 😍
Diana Setterby
Diana Setterby 10 mesi fa
I just finished it! I loved it!!!!!
Cass Nunya
Cass Nunya 10 mesi fa
I love every single movie he has ever made.
Diana_Vax 9 mesi fa
It's a lot of fun how none of the actors know their own series 😅
Zara♡ 10 mesi fa
I’m surprised Helena and Depp weren’t in this show. Since Tim Burton often has them in the movies he makes 😅
Norzat N.
Norzat N. 10 mesi fa
Never say never ;-)
Jayy 10 mesi fa
I could see depp as gomez
leafydiem 🌿
leafydiem 🌿 10 mesi fa
And Winona
FOCUS KPOP 9 mesi fa
There has always been the misconception that Tim Burton directed "The Nightmare Before Christmas" but it wasn't like that, he wrote the poem on which the story was based and designed some characters. He really didn't want to get involved in the stop motion process because he found it tedious. I invite you to investigate more on the subject... I was also disappointed :(
Nicole Jordán Ch
Johnny Depp everywhere!!!!! He is really a complete artist ❤️❤️😍 impossible not to love him
gillian nebesny
gillian nebesny 10 mesi fa
Excellent dance to the goo goo muck lol ! I laughed and cryed alot the best 💋❣️💯
Celeste 10 mesi fa
Gwendoline Christie is so cute, she gives me life 😭♥
Special Order_937
Had no plan on watching the show … but I actually enjoyed it
sofii 10 mesi fa
Mykaila Williams
Bianca...... WOW! I LOVE YOU JOY SUNDAY! I also love Batman go figure....anyway you're the perfect Bianca. Jenna Ortega also seems fun!
mics 3 mesi fa
Percy said “is it Wednesday?” you got it man. She's on his mind
struckbymike 9 mesi fa
three best quotes: "…arrow numbers-" , "it's very obviously top hat arrow vampire" , "down 17! DOWN 17!" istg gwendoline is always on crack and i'm here for it
Itsezyyyy__ 9 mesi fa
Lmao the fact that they couldn’t get Wednesday was hilarious
Echo XVII 8 mesi fa
Love how luis just go alobg with them haha
KAZZILDO 10 mesi fa
Wow. I've seen more Tim Burton 's movies than I thought I had. I mean, half of them I didn't know were Burton's
Marisela Aguirre
Saben que sería genial 😋 que Tim Burton y Guillermo del Toro trabajarán juntos 😏🤯 son geniales 🤐😶‍🌫️
Sarahi Koonce
Sarahi Koonce 10 mesi fa
Loved Wednesday 🖤🖤🖤🖤
Morgan Smith's Funhouse
Johnny Depp is probably Tim Burton's best friend since he's in a lot of movie
Mucizevi Karizma
Mucizevi Karizma 10 mesi fa
Guys, "Wednesday" is sooo perfect!!
yellowbtc_19 10 mesi fa
Emma the whole time 😃
gyalgyal 10 mesi fa
lmao i was goinf to comment this
jezsalinda ortiz
jezsalinda ortiz 10 mesi fa
Because she was with Jenna Ortega
Olle Rosberg
Olle Rosberg 9 mesi fa
How the arrow pointed on thursday. Also, tim has made a LOT of classics
Layma 9 mesi fa
Well, that's weird American traditions for you 😅 their week starts with Sunday for some reason
Priya Durgadeen
Priya Durgadeen 10 mesi fa
I all I have to say is that I WATCHED THIS SHOW ALL DAY YESTERDAY!!!
Kathy Rodriguez Torres
Luis Guzman!!! Great actor
Avaliair 10 mesi fa
Can we appreciate that the "Wednesday" one, the arror is pointed at the fourth calender out of the seven meaning it would actually be thurday, not wednesday...
Andrew Bonica
Andrew Bonica 10 mesi fa
It would only be [Thursday] if your week starts on Monday. Most calendars in the U.S. start on Sunday.
Pov storytimes
Pov storytimes 9 mesi fa
Ok my favorite Tim Burton Movies are probably Beetlejuice, Nightmare Before Christmas and of course Wednesday
Kawthar 9 mesi fa
I love Johnny Depp I'm surprised by the amount of movies in tim burton he played in
A.M. 9 mesi fa
Lol yeah but tbh they're best friends, they love working together. I believe depp is also the godfather of Tim's kids.
meow 9 mesi fa
as bad of a person that tim is he makes such amazing movies
mystery 9 mesi fa
Larissa's laugh is so funny old kisses from Brazil here in Brazil Wednesday is called Wandinha addams
𐬿qinvon𐬿 10 mesi fa
Yes I love the show so have been waiting for the interview
The Seasoned Outdoorsman
wensday is my fav movie because of emma and jenna ortega
Uli 10 mesi fa
Ok Luis, you can let the rest of the cast answer some of them
mon cheri
mon cheri 8 mesi fa
Percy’s so good at this
Liv Cameron
Liv Cameron 5 mesi fa
They took like 5 minutes to guess their show Wednesday! Edit: Emma didn't talk half the time
Jay Corbin
Jay Corbin 10 mesi fa
Nightmare Before Christmas is only TECHNICALLY a Tim Burton project. Tim Burton had little to do with the film as he was busy with other stuff at the time, and Henry Selick directed it.
edie 4 mesi fa
1:19 christina ricci was in sleepy hollow im glad they recognised it😭
Ok but Frankenweenie made me cry when I was younger and honestly if I watched it again today I would probably cry again XD
𝗳𝗲𝗹𝗶𝘅 ♡︎
why is gwendoline so relatable. *“arrow numbers”*
nini xxv
nini xxv 9 mesi fa
Okay now every movie that's a legend to my life was because of Tim burton wahhh i love him ❤️✨ and hey Johnny Depp is there every clip wow
fat shed guru
fat shed guru 9 mesi fa
They need a second season soon
Rougé Renawe
Rougé Renawe 10 mesi fa
Not including Alice In Wonderland (2010) is a crime.
Cooper Wolfe
Cooper Wolfe 10 mesi fa
Yeah I agree. That movie never deserved the hate that it got
raniii652 10 mesi fa
and Coraline
Wonpils Pink sweater
@raniii652 Coraline isn’t Tim burton 💕
raniii652 10 mesi fa
@Wonpils Pink sweater looks like I haven't done my research😅
Jocelin Amaya
Jocelin Amaya 10 mesi fa
Charlie and the chocolate factory
Xinran Peng
Xinran Peng 10 mesi fa
My eyes are on Percy all the time.......... he's so beautiful
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