The Chicago Bulls DISASTER 

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From "title contenders" to complete disaster. We discuss why the Chicago Bulls failed so miserably.
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27 mag 2023




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Poor Demar Derozan. From being tortured every year by Lebron To getting jetsoned for someone that led their team to the finals and give Toronto their first chip, and that player ended up dipping on the Raptors. Being stuck in the shadow realm (San Antonio from 2018-2021) and when he finally got in a contending situation it went up in smoke in a year. I just want Deebo to win a chip.
Tre Miller
Tre Miller 4 mesi fa
He's never gonna win being a 1to 4 option
Suhail Hussin
Suhail Hussin 4 mesi fa
Y u do San Antonio like that😂
Char 4 mesi fa
The Bulls have been way more of shadow realm in the 21st century than San Antonio! 😂
Michael 4 mesi fa
Me 2 bro
Michael 4 mesi fa
@Tre Miller what are u talkin about u can win a championship with him being a 3 or maybe even a number 2 option
Connor 4 mesi fa
Honestly I think the biggest issue for the Bulls was the injury of Lonzo Ball. The backcourt of Lonzo and Caruso was one of, if not the, best defensive backcourt in the NBA. Pair that with the fact that, among the starters, almost none of them have real playmaking skills, certainly not comparable to Lonzo. Lonzo made sure everybody got their touches, and with a team of Demar and Levine, who naturally play a more isocentric style of offense, having to ability to make mismatches before they even get the ball, or to be a threat from three if the defense gives too much attention to your two primary scorers, things naturally just flowed so much better. Lonzo, much like CP3 in LA, was able to make the most of his otherwise underwhelming center, but following his sidelining from injury the entire team as a whole declined in EVERY aspect. Offense became stagnant, defense became lackluster and shooting regressed heavily. It also seemed like there were more lockeroom issues as a result, more reports of trading players or blowing the team up instead of rebounding to push back next year.
Liz K
Liz K 4 mesi fa
Chris Lamprecht
Chris Lamprecht 4 mesi fa
I feel like you nailed a lot of the core issue which makes this offseason even more difficult
AngryPeanut52 4 mesi fa
Lonzo's injury hurt the team the most. When Lonzo was playing, the Bulls went 22-13. Before the injury, the Bulls were 27-12, projected to go 57-25, which would have given them the number 1 seed in the Eastern conference.
nash yvan
nash yvan 3 mesi fa
Exactly my guy people forget that they were dangerous before his injury but this guy also has a point that they have a bad supporting cast
SuperSparrow45 3 mesi fa
@nash yvan It's not so much that they have a bad supporting cast, but without Ball, they didn't really have anybody who was a natural distributor like Ball. Beverly brought that back to an extent, but it wasn't enough. They had a ton of role-players and iso scorers, but who is getting them the ball?
B1inded3agle 4 mesi fa
As a bulls fan, this hurts so bad 😢 hopefully we get better over the next few seasons
Izzyfresh 4 mesi fa
i feel you brother
King J
King J 4 mesi fa
We will bro we will
Thomas Buckley
Thomas Buckley 4 mesi fa
Imagine being a Knick fan tho
EyeM Unchained
EyeM Unchained 4 mesi fa
Dont underestimate the loss of Lonzo Ball. Great record, switchable defenders. Lonzo was fuel that made the team good. Hopefully he'll be able to hoop again.
D4PPZ 4 mesi fa
Lonzo won't suddenly stop being one of the most naturally talented players in the league because of the injuries, but he will see a great reduction in what he can actually accomplish individually on that court. If, by some miracle, he returns looking as good as he did for those first 35 games, the Bulls have a chance at being relevant, but the chances of being that guy after getting what is basically a knee replacement is next to impossible.
Jeju 4 mesi fa
The fact that the bulls future rest on Lonzo, just shows how trash the bulls is smfh
jerry hicks
jerry hicks 2 mesi fa
@JejuI agree with u, he just gets hurt to much. he is a liability.
Mind of the North Star
2018 draft pissed me all the way the f**k off as a Bulls fan. We passed on Mikal Bridges, MPJ, and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander for a dude that's not on the team anymore All after trading Jimmy Butler Thanks GarPax
ch.illmatic 4 mesi fa
+WCJ arguably has the best contract in the league rn lol
Mind of the North Star
@ch.illmatic Would you rather have Wendell Carter Junior or Mikal/Shai/MPJ?
X3 4 mesi fa
@ch.illmatic shai made all nba 1st what are you smoking
Hunttu 4 mesi fa
Its easy to know the lottery numbers after results
Rimimimimimimimim ケ
The Team rushed Lonzo ball, and the team has just been even worse since Lonzo Ball got injured… they could really use Defense, Shooting and a Playmaker, Lonzo brings all of that to the team.
SonSauvage 4 mesi fa
Being someone who is from the Charlotte Metro area, I always do a little side eye when I hear people worrying about their team becoming one of the worst in the league.
jerry hicks
jerry hicks 2 mesi fa
Jordan is the goat but he is not a good owner
SonSauvage Mese fa
@jerry hicks facts. All respect due to the legend but man DAYUM 😂
CraneKraken Mese fa
Can't argue with that.
Tremia Green
Tremia Green 3 mesi fa
As one of many Bulls fans, I don't know whatever basketball gods the team ticked off after 1998, or if someone put a hex on the franchise since then, but whatever it is, it's been nothing but one disaster/horror story after another, having struggled these last 25 years. Even when they try to get back to respectability and title contention, something always gets in the way and turns everything upside down, and we're back at square one. It hurts. We can never have nice things. I sure hope we can get better again someday. 😥 The fans deserve a heck of a lot better than what we're seeing/going through now. 😥
Marc Basil
Marc Basil Mese fa
Uhh, are you aware of who owns the Chicago Bulls..? 😳
rumpy 839
rumpy 839 4 mesi fa
Whilst the plan failed, the part that hurts most is losing Lonzo. His cheap contract and young age meant we could've held onto him even after Demar and Vooch, and his there isn't one team who wouldn't want someone so selfless. Hope he can get back but recent reports aren't encouraging.
Windy City Vids
Windy City Vids 4 mesi fa
This team looked great, I remember in the beginning of 2021-22 season of how well they played and they look like they were gonna go in a deep playoff run, but injuries hurled them and Zo being out hunted as well and it crashed badly and they are in a bad spot.
ٴ 4 mesi fa
Being a bulls fan, this hurts badly..
Jayus 4 mesi fa
Nah y'all had mj like 30 years ago
Lebrons daddy
Lebrons daddy 4 mesi fa
@Jayus I’m a bulls fan so I don’t really care because of our history.
drip_lord1881 4 mesi fa
@Jayus yea 30 years ago 💀
SomeOldGuy 4 mesi fa
The bulls are the definition of mid. It sucks, because before Lonzo’s injury, they may not have been among the best teams in the league, but they were very exciting to watch. I really hope Lonzo can get back on the court eventually, whether for the bulls or another team, because he has so much talent that he hasn’t been able to use.
Noobsaibot 4 mesi fa
All I know is that if Lonzo was never injured, this bull’s team would look, feel, and play different. Crazy how a good or great point guard or offensive orchestrator can affect the whole offense.
2.muchmichael 4 mesi fa
As a chicago fan when we picked up all those guys me and everybody else was hyped we were the number one seed for some time then after lonzo got injured everything went down hill if he was healthy and are main guys stayed healthy majority of the time we could’ve made it to atleast the second round with a slim chance of being in the finals i still got hope for this team ik we gonna bounce back
Marc Basil
Marc Basil Mese fa
Uhh bulls are one of the healthiest teams in the nba over the past two yrs lmao
elay levi
elay levi 4 mesi fa
I really do think that if Caruso and lonzo could stay healthy for a longer period of the season,this team is a top 4 seed in the east.
undefeated 4 mesi fa
bro they WERE 1st seed half the season healthy they get no credit they sweeped miami this season series and bulls injured they shoulda won play in vs heat but check the ft’s
undefeated 4 mesi fa
bulls should be in finals they dominated the heat this season and heat got lucky play ins
TWM 4 mesi fa
It’s dope to see DeMar having his best seasons so far at this age, yes it sucks they’re not winning but good to see he’s still bangin.
midwestyle 4 mesi fa
The loss of Ball hurt because not only was Ball one of our best defenders, he was also the best 3 point shooter on the team.
Chad B
Chad B 4 mesi fa
I'm a raptors fan and I miss Demar. I was hoping he could win a championship with the bulls but they've been pretty disappointing so far
wlndbeach 2 mesi fa
demar was benched in the 4th in an elimination game vs lebron. dwane casey was also fired right after. toronto ends up winning it all with a kawhi rental lol. demar is literally fred mcgriff 2
Chad B
Chad B 2 mesi fa
@wlndbeach yes I know they would never have won with demar as the number one guy but I still wish it could have been done
Nikkon Reinold
Nikkon Reinold 3 mesi fa
it is simply painful to see a team as exciting as this one without any top5 superstar being put together. i just hope for the best for each of them and that we can witness them for a whole season
Marc Basil
Marc Basil Mese fa
How are they “exciting”..?
Nikkon Reinold
@Marc Basil they have no obvious mega star and still shook up the league. where you excited in the past 5 years about any other team?
Jamirimaj 3 mesi fa
Very fun fact: Demar and Zach are the first Bulls duo to average 24+ PPG in the same season since.... NO ONE. Yep. And they did it in two seasons.
J 2 mesi fa
thats why just scoring doesnt relate to wins lol
J 2 mesi fa
Kyrie and Lebron? Curry and Durant?Tatum and Brown? Shall i go on?
Jamirimaj 2 mesi fa
@J I don't know what you're trying to say, I just said a really bizarre fact.
Jamirimaj 3 mesi fa
Just less than two years ago, the Bulls were the most fun team to watch with people predicting them to go to the ECF. Sigh.
LEskiE 4 mesi fa
Tbh, the GM really did a great job constructing the team compare to GarPax. They are number 1 before injuries infested their locker room. Anybody cant control that so I cant blame him.
shadhinov 4 mesi fa
I feel bad for derozan man. Dude just can't catch a break.
Tre Miller
Tre Miller 4 mesi fa
He can't win as a lead man
Michael Brian Tiña
Yeah, we're the definition of "mid", which is the worst place to be in the NBA. I just wish we could have seen a full year or two of the complete lineup with a healthy Lonzo Ball. He really provided the perimeter defense and 3 point shooting that we needed. We just lacked more rim protection and rebounding. I think the ceiling for that lineup could have been a conference finals appearance. Let's see what AKME do this off-season to retool this roster.
Devos With O
Devos With O 3 mesi fa
Definitely was rooting for them, but it truly goes to show you that Lonzo really made a difference. When he went down, it’s like that team fell down as well. He’s not the best player on the team, but he to me was the most important player on that team because he was your main facilitator. And when he went down, the Bulls went down. Miss watching him play. I wish Debo was in a better spot to win a ring🙏🏾
Marc Basil
Marc Basil Mese fa
Debo plays for the most famous sports franchise on planet earth. He makes more money in endorsements & sponsorships than he would anywhere else. He is happy.
Ball Guy
Ball Guy 4 mesi fa
The biggest disaster was rushing Lonzo Ball into surgery when he already had a bone bruise. How does a small meniscus tear surgery turn into a career ending injury when the doctor had a timeline of a 6 weeks recovery unless the surgery was botched. Having the surgery on top of a bone bruise resulted in nerve damage. That is the biggest disaster to date and the big elephant in the room that no one is talking about. This is not a Brandon Roy situation. This is a bad surgery. Both Brandon Roy's knees deteriorate from bones rubbing together and it was diagnosed as such. For Lonzo, doctors said his knee was structurally sound. So how do you go from this to end of career?
T Mac
T Mac 4 mesi fa
2:30 just because Bulls traded that pick doesnt mean we would’ve drafted Franz Wagner
I hate Cesar
I hate Cesar 4 mesi fa
This could go for any team in any draft. But when you're a lottery team, you go for the next franchiser. That's why this Chicago Bulls big 3 is cultureless. How can two players on the SAME team average 25? Hopefully they find a good Point Guard since losing their pick
Jo 4 mesi fa
The statement is fairly factual?? Just explaining the opportunity cost really ...
OranguTANK 4 mesi fa
At the start of the season the bulls were going hard, Lonzo was fitting right in with them, then after he got hurt its like they just fell off completely.
FanThemePark Mese fa
It's sad that Lonzo went out the way he did. They were a great team with his playmaking and defense and this is coming from a Suns fan. Hate to see a team suffer so much because a player gets a freak injury which sidelines him potentially forever.
We just can’t keep anyone in Chicago. It’s really telling that in 2020 onwards you still hear MVP chants here for DRose
Farting champion
Interesting! I’m just couple months intro watching nba so these vids about teams help a lot go find out what’s going on in the leaguers I’ve just watched about 76 and not Chicago. Gonna explore more
The Northie
The Northie 28 giorni fa
I honestly thought this Bulls team would be a great team. They had everything in place and had a good balance of talent and depth. But everything that went wrong did go wrong.
Alex Monteiro
Alex Monteiro 4 mesi fa
More videos like his about teams and their situation please.
Man Of Culture
Man Of Culture 4 mesi fa
The saddest part is Lonzo I hope he can get back
Dante Perry
Dante Perry 4 mesi fa
I'm a Chicago Bulls fan I've Just want the Bulls to get Better every Season and try not to make these Mistakes.
David Brown
David Brown 4 mesi fa
It’s always a problem when at least 2 out of 3 star trio aren’t great to elite defenders
Dwayne 4 mesi fa
I was so damn excited about the future after we were the number 1 seed at all star break 😭
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow 3 mesi fa
It all would have been different if Ball stayed healthy imo. Like the video said, I hope the Bulls recognize how much things improved with Beverley. In other words.... we need a solid PG or this offense really doesnt work.
Dante Perry
Dante Perry 4 mesi fa
It's still Hurts so much it's all Thanks to General Managers of the Chicago Bulls it Could have Drafted some Great Players however it Passed the Draft.
Andrew Forehand
Andrew Forehand 13 giorni fa
It’s not easy being a Chicago fan but I do have hope for the future
As a bulls fan it really doesn’t matter if they doing bad or good but they just need to win
Shawn Lewy
Shawn Lewy 4 mesi fa
Poor Chicago Bulls, I feel they been rebuilding since the Last Dance, they’ve been snake bitten by expectations and injuries since the Last Dance, they have so many different front office staff and head coaching changes since the Last Dance, and it’s been almost 30 years since the Last Dance and I don’t think the Bulls are going to win anything until Jerry Reinsdorf dies, but his family will take over, or if they sell the team after his death, until then, the Chicago Bulls can only remember the dynasty days of the 1990s
Christiano Felicio
I don’t blame arturas karnishovas, he’s imo a phenomenal GM, the team just fell apart with injuries and other factors.
Marc Basil
Marc Basil Mese fa
LOL injuries..? They were one of the healthiest teams in the league over the past two years
Joshua Whelan
Joshua Whelan 4 mesi fa
as a bulls fan these trades are awsome i think we very much supassed expectations we wernt ever expected to be a championship contender, getting lonzo was the best thing that could happen very young up coming player then the vet allstar with demar no team rebuilds an entire team and wins in their frist season people need some perspective for how teams work, you NEED TEAM CHEMISTRY to win look at golden state warriors, this years Denver Nuggest look at the three peat lakers no one has ever won with out team chemestry which builds up over 3-4 years
acornacorn 4 mesi fa
at 9:49 you were talking about how even with lonzo playing we weren’t that good. we were the 1 seed in the east and were on pace to probably make the conference finals. you then said even when he was healthy all we could do was win a playoff game against the bucks. even though he wasn’t even playing.
Joshua Hodge
Joshua Hodge 2 mesi fa
It’s crazy cause the moves the bulls made weren’t bad, just everyone got hurt. It’s a tough break for them
Marc Basil
Marc Basil Mese fa
LOL ball was the only one who got hurt
NDF 2 mesi fa
bulls fan here... I really thought we had it. We were the number one seed in the east for a time in the 2021 season, then ball went down. Obviously we didnt understand how bad the injury was at the time so I thought we still had it, we fell off bad. Finshed with the 6 seed, I kinda knew we werent beating the bucks, but then going into the 2022-23 season I thought we were going to be the team that it finally happened
Marc Basil
Marc Basil Mese fa
TheTrayz83 4 mesi fa
It was a great gamble with the trades Injuries just got them deronzan was mvp candidate it was a great move in my opinion
Hungry Glass
Hungry Glass 4 mesi fa
This hurts so much
Nonstop 4 mesi fa
Sorry, brother.
Trevor D
Trevor D 4 mesi fa
At least the Blackhawks have the #1 overall pick. I look forward to that.
Hungry Glass
Hungry Glass 4 mesi fa
@Trevor D i never watch that stuff
Hungry Glass
Hungry Glass 4 mesi fa
@Nonstop thanks bro
PayRy's Two Cents
@Trevor D watch them not draft Bedard
As a Bulls fan I can't expect much from them maybe in a few years from now they will get better. Reinsdorf is cheap and the Bulls need a new owner if only Lonzo Ball didn't get hurt the Bulls wouldn't have been so bad and might have made the playoffs
Lyubomir Grigorov
As a Bulls fan I am just glad that I am old enough to have watched MJ play :) The Bulls are never going to be better than that 6 rings team, ever...
Marc Basil
Marc Basil Mese fa
JDH 4 mesi fa
Enjoy much of your vid but disagree with it's ultimate conclusion. This version of the Bulls are not finished yet. No one expected the Bulls to be contenders. You don't bring in guys like 'Zo, AC, and Debo and expect that. The team just needed to get out of the gutter. And it did. The team needs to make a few moves for next season and take care of the Lonzo issue...but the Bulls were a better team last season...especially at the end...then the season before. They were perfectly capable of beating the Raptors and no shame losing to the Heat. You say "the Bulls ran out of talent" and lost. Well I guess the Bucks and Knicks did the same? We'll see about the Celtics. The Bulls can be a GOOD team over the next couple of seasons and beyond if theY play chess a little and have no chance of being "the worst team in the NBA." Also you're wrong about them having no first round picks the next three seasons. It's the next two seasons. But they may get 'em back depending on team circumstance and position. And beginning in 2026 they have five first round AND five second round picks in a row over the next five seasons. And as you say they could trade for more. So no...this Bulls team and organization is not a "disaster." In fact expectations have been exceeded if we go according to what most were saying right after bringing in 'Zo, Debo, and AC. The Bulls are in fact just getting started and will compete well soon enough.
Alex Escutia
Alex Escutia 4 mesi fa
The moves are terrible but they got shafted by the ball injury we’ll see how long it’ll be til they’re a top 4 seed again
matthew 2 mesi fa
the bulls will suprise everyone this season, i'm not saying they will be contenders but 5-6 seed for sure, torrey craig and jevon carter are the free agent additions the bulls needed, if the bulls make changes to the offence to address the lack of 3s attempted and maintain a top 5 defense, while finding a spot to plug these young guys into i honestly see them having a good season.
Marc Basil
Marc Basil Mese fa
They need Williams, White, & Terry to REALLY show out
Kamauri Fitch
Kamauri Fitch 4 mesi fa
It sucks to me mostly bc I do believe they’ll be a better team if they had Lonzo ball it’s kinda hard cause u look at it now and he might not play another game again
Eddieavina123 4 mesi fa
Love your video, Nonstop, and keep up the great work
Marquee_6666 23 giorni fa
Poor Chicago Bulls I hope That They're Gonna Be Great Again
Dan Verarde
Dan Verarde 4 mesi fa
Let's be logical about this. Over the last 8 to 9 seasons, everyone has been chasing the Warriors. I can't say this enough, if you want to win follow the Warriors blue prints, don't chase them with what you think is the winning combo because let's be honest, the Warriors cracked the code of this era of play. I mean this 2023 playoffs they almost got screwed by the refs against the Queens but the refs finished off the Warriors when they played the Lakers. Not every combo will unlock the lock but it gets you closer. 👍
Mecias Rivera
Mecias Rivera 4 mesi fa
as a die hard bulls fan all this happened thx to "GarPax" after D. Rose got hurt and they traded Butler things started going spiral downhill asap plus the bulls had a chance of beating the heat in the play in tournament they were up and drummond was doing his thing on defense until the coach changed the rotation!!!!!
CYMotorsport 3 mesi fa
3:07 this is a totally unfair point. He didn’t become most improved and an all star until season. He was stagnant after being traded to Cleveland. There’s no such thing as “2nd rate all star” and the benchmark for good trades never was “top 10 player in the league”. Those were very very good trades up to that point. They had a 15 win turnaround different in that single season. What more do you want them to do or him to do in his first major trading period?
James Jamison
James Jamison 4 mesi fa
Bro watching this hurts as a bulls fan. Till zo pat an AC got hurt we was 1st. It’s time to do a full rebuild like we should’ve dne trade zach to Portland for the 3rd an Debo to mavs for the 10th pick
SuperMaanas 4 mesi fa
Anyone here after the Bulls won the Finals in 2024? Crazy how things can change in a year...
JustHuy 4 mesi fa
I hear Aerosmith's song here 😂
Patrick Doll
Patrick Doll 4 mesi fa
Small correction at 2:00 mark; Marc Eversley is the Bulls' GM, while AK is the Executive VP of Basketball Ops
AfricanH3ro 4 mesi fa
As a Bulls fan, this video hurts my soul haha
william blake
william blake 4 mesi fa
mid players, low expectations, how come is it a disaster? performed as expected.
Moopert 27 giorni fa
Honestly, I don't see why NBA GMs keep going all-in and trading so much to win right now. When was the last time this actually worked? When the Celtics got Garnett and Allen? Honestly can't remember it working since then. Maybe Toronto, if you want to count the Kahwi trade, but I don't think that was really the same thing. The all-in trade strategy just seems to blow up almost every time it's tried.
Kenny Polaris 北极星
Will always love my BULLS no matter what 😊❤
Andruw 4 mesi fa
I blame Donovan. A healthy Lonzo, Caruso and a new head coach would put them in the East's top 4 easily. Even without Lonzo in the backcourt, Pat Bev and Caruso should be enough to at least make the playoffs with a competent coaching staff
dgertz28 3 mesi fa
Nick Nurse should be hired for the next season
Samuel Sampaio
Samuel Sampaio 2 mesi fa
I think you were kind unfair with Zach in certain points of the video. After Vucevic come, he lose many games for COVID protocols. In 2021-22, he get injured at the same game as Lonzo and played half season with a bad knee. Started 22-23 coming off a surgery, that was why he started slowly and get better after.
persezyra 3 mesi fa
Since Rondo got injured after the 2-0 against Boston in the 2017 playoffs...
He doing the right moves 💯
Ian Pett
Ian Pett 4 mesi fa
no one thought that bulls big 3 was a real contender lol, deep playoff run maybe but not actual contender
Alex Escutia
Alex Escutia 4 mesi fa
Saw it as manybe a second round team
Eozvarit 4 mesi fa
Well, we all know the truth. Zach is not the guy to build a team around. He is maybe a good third-second option but how are supper rosters build Zach is supposedly Bulls' Lebron, Steph, Jayson, Giannis, Jimmy... you got the point. Just no GM in this supper hyped media times would dare to admit it without infuriating casual fan base.
WarOfWords 3 mesi fa
The problem is Derozan. Too much ISO ball, ruins the flow of the offense.
Ron Ben Nun
Ron Ben Nun 4 mesi fa
You should do the same type of video on the Washington Wizards
AngryPeanut52 4 mesi fa
Lonzo's injury hurt the team the most. When Lonzo was playing, the Bulls went 22-13. Before the injury, the Bulls were 27-12, projected to go 57-25, which would have given them the number 1 seed in the Eastern conference. That's why they should hold off on launching a tactical nuke at their roster. At least until the trade deadline, if the team isn't competing for a postseason appearance, then they should blow it up.
Paul Reed, Jr.
Paul Reed, Jr. 4 mesi fa
The net rating is basically neutral with “the big 3”. Unless you are getting a Lonzo clone this doesn’t make much sense.
Toshi.capalot 4 mesi fa
we should of won both games 1 and 2. first game, it was an over the back on the paw(patrick williams) even tho it was on giannis. then we won game 2. we could of won game 3 but we just sucked
Sniper 11 N.D.
Sniper 11 N.D. 3 mesi fa
Demar derozan is still elite and Zach Levine has a lot of potential. Having said that, they will come back stronger.
Jason Songa
Jason Songa 3 mesi fa
DeMar and Lavine are great. But the Bulls should have kept Jimmy. Look at where Jimmy is and where the Twolves, Bulls and 6ers are rn
CHiTOUN 4 mesi fa
it’s been a very painful ride 😂
Ja Moa
Ja Moa 4 mesi fa
Long time bulls fan 😢 I miss MJ , hope the teal get better next season
Jayus 4 mesi fa
Dont worry mj might come back to play
Ja Moa
Ja Moa 4 mesi fa
@Jayus you never know 😂😂
DeadAss_Facts 4 mesi fa
Weirdly enough they’re only in this position because Lonzo went down, while Lonzo was there the team were actually scary
Alex Escutia
Alex Escutia 4 mesi fa
They beat up on bad teams and had a terrible record vs playoff teams scary is overstating it. They were good not great
Orange Man Bad
Orange Man Bad 4 mesi fa
90s bulls still the greatest super team ever assembled.
Duy Doan
Duy Doan 4 mesi fa
i like the part where he said championship window 🤣🤣🤣🤣
AlphaFishy 4 mesi fa
They are gonna have to start a rebuild rn
JC Penales
JC Penales 4 mesi fa
They are bad, but certainly not worst. I mean, even if the Spurs pick Wemby, they are certainly not playoff bound. They are NBA B Team at most. And I am a Spurs fan. Every team now is in the “ring culture”. All wants to win now, no one has patience to develop talent and chemistry.
Kyle 3 mesi fa
As a Magic fan, I approve of the Vuc trade.
Marc Basil
Marc Basil Mese fa
Carter is horrible, and Wagner is fools gold
Ham 1982
Ham 1982 4 mesi fa
the superstars have to be either way talented offensively with top playmaking skills or outstanding defenders none of the three are that
S P 3 mesi fa
Bulls lost to eventual finalists! Nothing to be ashamed of… They’ll do well next season…
David Spann
David Spann 4 mesi fa
I can't believe this right now 😔😔😔😔
Diogo Vanravan
Diogo Vanravan 4 mesi fa
It's not a mistake to sign and trade someone who is a free agent and doesn't want to stay!
BentleysSports 4 mesi fa
They Need To rebuild trade Demar And Zach For Mika’s and someone else they need to rebuild
Pascha 4 mesi fa
Hell no we don't need to trade them
Tre Miller
Tre Miller 4 mesi fa
​@Pascha naw trade DeRozan for depth around Zach and Vooch and sign Wood
Jeju 4 mesi fa
@Pascha then have fun being an 8 seed for years. Demar and Zach ain't it
Pitou Nefer
Pitou Nefer 19 giorni fa
Do you think Zach Lavine can one day be in Michael Jordan level? He has the same height 6'6 / 6'5 and he has the speed and jumping ability
august 4 mesi fa
his only mistake and start of mediocracy is letting Boylen coach for so long. In turn, letting go of a not good Markkanen that time.
dave 4 mesi fa
The only thing I'd say is that it should'nt have surprised anybody that they beat the Raptors in the playin
Justice Hill
Justice Hill 2 mesi fa
As a bulls fan this hurts to watch
The Dude
The Dude 4 mesi fa
The Bulls are like the White Sox of the NBA a year of remarkable progress up in smoke the year after come to think of it, Jerry owns them too
Mark Jhoncel Marcial
Love your vids bro ❤❤
Paul Anders Bullecer
Imagine if Heat signs Lonzo in the off season
Zilvinas Strolia
From when derozen, lavine and vucevic trio is considered championship material? I am suprised. I see them as what Charles Barkley called studio warriors - empty stats on weak or mediocre teams.
happysmileyz 4 mesi fa
It might be a disaster but at least they tried
Drew Musolino
Drew Musolino 2 mesi fa
I mean.. yeah but now that this "Big 3" has played a few seasons together and if Lonzo Ball plays a full healthy season W/ Pat Williams having a breakout year.. signed Torrey Craig and a solid defender (Jevon Carter), Dalen Terry will get more time, and maybe Julian Phillips too, they do got some youth. Along with old Drummond and Caruso too, that's not terrible, and if they're like 7th or 8th in the East at mid season, wouldn't be surprised if they make a trade to go all in, cause yeah future is probably not so bright, so why not?
Marc Basil
Marc Basil Mese fa
Ball will never play again
Takes time to find guys that gel Bucks did it, not overnight.
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