The Disturbing Side Of WikiHow

Danny Gonzalez
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WikiHow? More like WikiWhy. Because why do these articles exist. This video on WikiHow is guaranteed to FREAK PEOPLE OUT!
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12 ott 2018

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Commenti 11 834
Becka Kemmerer
I’m actually forming tears 😂
Astrid Hector
Astrid Hector 5 ore fa
8:23 wait, I was supposed to breathe?
Wonder Woman sydney Pelletier
I am now greg!!! I turned on notifications
Tilda Bartlett
Please make another one of these. I almost died of laughter
Iron Lava, Inc.
When you realize that you already do most of things on the How to Freak People Out wikiHow
RTICK_Waste 8 ore fa
At The Academy For Bear Arts, Rupert has brought his father's nerf blaster to school. Send. Help.
Random_boi_500 13 ore fa
Don’t be baldi
Avery Rock
Avery Rock 14 ore fa
I wonder what Danny would do if he was in the like 9-19th century... would he just gossip about war or joke around with the king or something😂
Behindthesea 15 ore fa
He looks like that guy from that vine... like the one with Demi Lovato’s Cool for the Summer
Elžbieta Jakaitytė
I just looked at his eyebrows the whole video. Like when you see it, you cant unsee it
Yeet Skeet
Yeet Skeet 16 ore fa
Anyone else get annoyed by his shirt
ⱬɇro _ꍟmotion
Yeah soooo wikihow has "how to fake waking up"
DragonFang 409
DragonFang 409 20 ore fa
I once used a WikiHow article to figure out how to care for my pet rock...
Hanging Gaming
Hanging Gaming 20 ore fa
Anyone who runs a school, I have a bear named Timmy Jackson. Please send a scholarship to your school and we will see if my bear can go. Thanks
Hi Llo
Hi Llo 22 ore fa
👶🏻🤳🏻 /| / \
Lois Camero
Lois Camero Giorno fa
can I get likes because I'm eating a big mac
Carleny Erazo
Carleny Erazo Giorno fa
I wasn’t going to slap them with a ruler .............. i was going to stab them with a katana
LV. 35 Boss
LV. 35 Boss Giorno fa
The have how to breed Syrian hamsters I know this from vinesauce don’t question me
Valerie Moondust
I once read a 'how to be social' article bc I was desperate and alone but I think I read it wrong bc it didnt work
Logan Alexander Beatrice Cook
How to reverse a curse is a solid question. I curse people very often. Also, witches. :)
Mariela Amor
Mariela Amor Giorno fa
This how Instagram comedians come up with sketches
Charmaine Rebello
I freak people out all the time.I don't need wikiHow...
NeverMindGaming Giorno fa
I hate wiki how
Hi Llo
Hi Llo 22 ore fa
Wiki how come?
Apple Song
Apple Song Giorno fa
wikiHow how to breathe
Sophie Yeet
Sophie Yeet Giorno fa
why does Danny remind me of Emma Chamberlain a little bit like the way they talk lol
It'sRandom Giorno fa
10:41 How does he know their gender.. ._.
Kyla S.
Kyla S. 2 giorni fa
My 2 yr old cousin, Eliza carries a dead cockroach in her pocket and has meetings with her stuffed animals in a spider man costume......🤷🏼‍♀️
Simply_wolfhard _
Simply_wolfhard _ 2 giorni fa
2:55 If stares could kill, id be in fucking hell.
carolyn brown
carolyn brown 2 giorni fa
9:29 “it’s your turn to wake up the baby” o fuk no let that lil dude sleep
Juliana Dutrisac
Juliana Dutrisac 2 giorni fa
"Hey, It's your time to wake up the baby"
ADudeWithALife 456
ADudeWithALife 456 2 giorni fa
Thank you
Tracey Orpin
Tracey Orpin 2 giorni fa
Weston Bourgeois
Weston Bourgeois 2 giorni fa
Great info, thanks Danny!
Amelia Schlueter
Amelia Schlueter 3 giorni fa
ima greg now
Ajadorable8 3 giorni fa
Myrna Phillips
Myrna Phillips 3 giorni fa
Pupsterpup 1
Pupsterpup 1 3 giorni fa
sounds like a troom troom script
C N Ah Theivagt
C N Ah Theivagt 4 giorni fa
I want another video
Relaxed Subliminals
Have you seen the one for classic fort nite dancing?
Daniel Ivanyuk
Daniel Ivanyuk 4 giorni fa
i be greg guys
Amber Wilson
Amber Wilson 5 giorni fa
The second one... that’s how to describe me like no joke that’s me and I don’t do this on purpose it’s like I wrote it
Amber Wilson
Amber Wilson 5 giorni fa
When you talked about the school I ran got my build a bears and made seats and taught them volume
Brianna Bricker
Brianna Bricker 5 giorni fa
I highly recommend the how to be scene article
Kairos Gilbert
Kairos Gilbert 5 giorni fa
How to search up stuff
Jack Hughes
Jack Hughes 5 giorni fa
Erin Dunbar
Erin Dunbar 5 giorni fa
0:31 - that baby's face is a *mood.*
Azura 5 giorni fa
"hey it's your turn to wake up the baby"
Julia Ramirez
Julia Ramirez 5 giorni fa
pls make another video of this!!
Those Aquatic Chickens
the urban dictionary lists greg as the fastest growing army on youtube
Prossimi video