The Disturbing Side Of WikiHow

Danny Gonzalez
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WikiHow? More like WikiWhy. Because why do these articles exist. This video on WikiHow is guaranteed to FREAK PEOPLE OUT!
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Commenti 12 270
Katryna Bernier
Katryna Bernier 15 secondi fa
dan I love your work it has taken me from a dark place please keep being you.
Alyssa Hooper
Alyssa Hooper 7 minuti fa
And,Danny,you make me laugh...Really hard😂
Alyssa Hooper
Alyssa Hooper 8 minuti fa
Ive seen one...Danny...it was about you.NO KIDDING!!!
Julie Kay
Julie Kay 9 minuti fa
Alice Avery
Alice Avery 2 ore fa
The how to smile can be for people with autism, like for me it didn't come naturally. But that's cause I'm a robot.
Michy :3
Michy :3 4 ore fa
for some reason this video made me wanna do something creative, so I paused, spent a few hours on starting to create a book and now I'm back to watch the rest xD so, in case the book is ever gonna get finished and published: thank you for the motivation kick, Danny xD
Warden The WET
Warden The WET 14 ore fa
i cant smile ._. help pls.
Jocelyn Scholl
Jocelyn Scholl 20 ore fa
You are the only reason that I have not hit someone when mad XD
Lord Ander Stardex
I'm about to start flopping on the floor
Jellybean Boss
Jellybean Boss Giorno fa
Do you think "how to adult" is on wiki how?
AugieDog08 Giorno fa
There's one article about how to make and release a virus...
Ana Cornelio
Ana Cornelio Giorno fa
Honestly, for the smiling one, before you read it, i thought the guy was like, depressed and wrote this on how to smile.
Gavin O
Gavin O Giorno fa
6:44 don’t just write it for them Well what are u supposed to do???
whatever unicorns
*How to make Karen give you back the kids*
Jasmine Nalani
Jasmine Nalani Giorno fa
ok but am i the only one who as a child had a school for all my dolls and i would spend hours in my room making fake worksheets for them and they would all have names and i’d take attendance... is it really just me?
Rowan Thompson
Rowan Thompson Giorno fa
"how to smile" may be for people with autism or other people who have trouble with social cues or social etiquette.
Green Bean
Green Bean Giorno fa
I can see how someone who's depressed would look for the article if they've been faking being okay, and they just told everyone about how they felt. I know when I was at rock bottom of my depression I didnt really movey face when i felt anything? It was kind of weird. But i started smiling just to do it, cause it made other people more responsive and i was also more responsive. It creates a muscle memory, so that when you're happy, your face shows that you are. Hope this makes sense.
skull princess
skull princess Giorno fa
One time my brother was mean to me so I googled how to put a curse on someone and I was going to do the voodoo doll one but then it said please note that this is a criminal offence or something like that so I didn’t do it 🙂
DeerDragon Giorno fa
bold of you to assume i know how to smile, good sir
Sarah Jarry
Sarah Jarry Giorno fa
When I cry I usually end up smiling. When I talk about something depressing, I am still smiling. It’s super awkward. We need a “how to frown” lol
Spoonful of Salt
*how to be greg*
Tina Yu
Tina Yu Giorno fa
Like bears can do their homework
Life of Talise
Life of Talise Giorno fa
“Because that’s not pretending to be sleep that’s pretending to be dead” 😂
Alyssa Faith
Alyssa Faith Giorno fa
Low key gonna have nightmares about that dude in the park now
Lara Correia
Lara Correia 2 giorni fa
I've been freaking people out for years and didn't even know it 😔
z chan
z chan 2 giorni fa
Danny: who is looking up how to smile?! Emo kids: nervously laughing (sorry im late)
Alyvia Orberson
Alyvia Orberson 2 giorni fa
I just walk up to little kids
MorandaApple Myka Goss
greg=fast boi
Cooky 2 giorni fa
The Stokin Twins need to know how to smile. 😂👌
Mostafa Alaa
Mostafa Alaa 2 giorni fa
How to kill someone without anyone know 1-kill the person 2-put the person in garbage bag 3- burn the person 4- kill more
billie trash
billie trash 2 giorni fa
I guess I'm crazy. I dance crazily, and scream out at random times, I chase people and slap em.
Ande w
Ande w 2 giorni fa
We want more!!
Swap Trash
Swap Trash 2 giorni fa
10:20 when mo bamba comes on in the Uber
random craft
random craft 2 giorni fa
*"That's not pretending to be asleep"* *"That pretending to be **_dead_** "*
Madison Hughes
Madison Hughes 2 giorni fa
does anyone else keep on getting ad for fabletics? because i do
Hey, Want Some Kookies?
great info, thanks Danny!
Hey, Want Some Kookies?
what i found so funny about the "how to freak people out" is because from a young age ive always spoken to people in gibberish to annoy them lmao
lyssa green
lyssa green 2 giorni fa
Wikihow: don't slap them with a ruler or something like that..... And that's how baldys basics began
Nora Sweeney
Nora Sweeney 3 ore fa
artist_around _the_block
6:44 “Don’t just write it for them.” Then who’s going to? 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣
Thalia Mansilla
Thalia Mansilla 22 ore fa
artist_around _the_block that’s what i thought lmao
artist_around _the_block
Isn’t it nice to know that blind people can smile even though they’ve never seen anyone smile.
Mel 2 giorni fa
“Don’t just write for them”
The Bomb Digity
The Bomb Digity 2 giorni fa
As an autistic person the ones about basic human social interactions are very helpful i.e. smiling and body language
Patt Jen
Patt Jen 2 giorni fa
I lav ur EYES
levente danka
levente danka 2 giorni fa
I think most of the weird stuff were made for autists or for dudes who has got social problems
Samuel Cobb
Samuel Cobb 2 giorni fa
3:57 reminded me of his girl scout cookies vine Oh a simpler time ☺
Yee Yee
Yee Yee 2 giorni fa
How to design a Organized looking website key word being LOOKING 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
GachaAri 1201
GachaAri 1201 2 giorni fa
I have placed a curse on a certain prat and I hope he doesn't know how to reverse it...
Shaggy 2 giorni fa
I can smile. Horribly, but I can smile.
Shattered Sanity
Shattered Sanity 2 giorni fa
when i was little i always slapped my toys with a ruler when my bears were bad i loved playing school
Potato Bananafish
Potato Bananafish 2 giorni fa
Those articles are very helpful
Potato Bananafish
Potato Bananafish 2 giorni fa
I always accidentally smile while I’m in a bad mood
Ella Casey
Ella Casey 3 giorni fa
how to murder someone
Adrian Black
Adrian Black 3 giorni fa
The smiling thing would be good for Autistic people sooooo….
Amy G
Amy G 3 giorni fa
The question you should be asking is why are you one of those 3mil. people?
Cali Avent
Cali Avent 3 giorni fa
What do you mean "Don't just write it for them?"
Chloe Kinkade
Chloe Kinkade 3 giorni fa
If you can’t smile you can’t read the fucking article
Jackie Cheek
Jackie Cheek 3 giorni fa
I searched up fastest growing army on youtube and the first link that showed up said "the fastest growing army on youtube is of course Greg
Alexandria Baker
Alexandria Baker 3 giorni fa
Ok, but I was that serious teddy bear school kid 😂
blurryface is my mood
*that's how Mark Zuckerberg learned to be a human*
Honey_Bee 3 giorni fa
When ppl say sad things I start to smile... Its rlly annoying
Kira Avery
Kira Avery 3 giorni fa
Honestly, when I played school as a kid, I used to plan out *everything* . It was the best part of playing.
dark entity
dark entity 3 giorni fa
The f*ck is with the captions "freak people out if your bored or how long you want to" "Just go out your not insane " They don't match up it's creepy .
Star Script
Star Script 3 giorni fa
dark entity I think it was from a later part of the video. I believe the original captions for that section (which did exist beforehand- I’ve watched this video a couple of times) glitches out for some reason
IM8kro M8
IM8kro M8 3 giorni fa
7:08 whoops I thought you were Baldi but you grew hair.
Draw with Evie
Draw with Evie 3 giorni fa
1:28 sociopaths
Winter Pheonix
Winter Pheonix 3 giorni fa
"How to freak people out. Step One." *Ah yes. I've always wanted to know that.*
Bella W
Bella W 3 giorni fa
Please make more videos like this!❤️❤️💙💙
Let Me Be Perfectly Queer
Well I think some of these "common knowledge" ones might be helpful to someone who is autistic for instance. Autistic people do have different brains than allistic people, so something that seems common knowledge to you, might not be to them.
Elina Fakhar
Elina Fakhar 3 giorni fa
I was freaking people out without noticing •____•
Gabriel Aaron
Gabriel Aaron 3 giorni fa
Watching this one hope 2% battery
Lacey 3 giorni fa
High-five ✋🏻
Cushalano Christiano
17:05 I'd probably use square space for websites and such bc I remember having to use html and it's so hard to learn all the codes so if its templates its gonna be way easier.
Allison Dickson
Allison Dickson 3 giorni fa
I told my friend I sucka t flirting and I dont really know how to do it. She sent me the wikihow to flirt. It didnt teach me anything.
Time To React JoJo
Time To React JoJo 3 giorni fa
You only smile when your in a bad mood if your depressed. I'm one of those peoples
Ravi Patel (patel7ravi7)
Hi. The captions (CC) after 4:39 are not the same as what was said in the video.
Vienna 3 giorni fa
14:00 when my sister was around 6, she faked being asleep in the car so my parents could take her to bed after a long trip. We used to share a room back then and I remember my mom trying to put her pjs on (my sister has always been a really heavy sleeper so we didn’t really thought it was weird how she didnt “wake up”), my mom looked away for a second, and I saw her opening her eye. When she saw that I saw it, she closed her eyes in the same second, it was pretty obvious. But it’s been 10 years and she still denies it so..
A Bowman
A Bowman 3 giorni fa
The how to smile (specifically part two) would be good for people with autism and asperger's
Secret Subliminals
Secret Subliminals 3 giorni fa
Me: *searches "How to get people to hate you"* maybe I can make me Sister to do this... WikiHow: Step 1: Go on ITvid Step 2: search "T-Series" Step 3: subscribe to them
Lilly Goldsmith
Lilly Goldsmith 3 giorni fa
How To Breathe. Step 1. Don’t breathe so you can learn. Step 2. Inhale. Because we all know you die if ya don’t. 🙂 Step 3. Exhale. Because you need to finish the process. Step 4. Be proud you can breathe despite already knowing how to.
Secret Subliminals
Secret Subliminals 3 giorni fa
wikiHow: search anything Me: hmmm..... *Types "how to get a kill on fortnite"* WikiHow: Step 1: get on fortnite Step 2: play fortnite Step 3: get a gun on fortnite Step 4: once you see a person, aim at them Step 5: shoot Me:... Wait *Types "how to get free v bucks"* WikiHow: Step 1: you can't Step 2: you can't Step 3: you can't Me:... Ok... Seems reasonable... Bye
Lea G.M.
Lea G.M. 3 giorni fa
Alright I'm gonna sound absolutely insane but I've watched this video a few times before and I'm watching it right now and I have no memory of the "how to smile" part being included in the video... Like it's the first time I'm seeing it... Wtf
DJ Jazz
DJ Jazz 4 giorni fa
You say that no one would ever search these things, and yet you're not the only reaction channel. Like, DUDE!!
Kennedy Moffitt
Kennedy Moffitt 4 giorni fa
Haha he needs to review onion.com articles or ClickHole hahaha that’d be hilarious
KoiKoi FishBoi
KoiKoi FishBoi 4 giorni fa
Wikihow was probably made by the same people as Troom troom
Joshua Benedict
Joshua Benedict 4 giorni fa
I think mark zuckenburg used the how to smile one
ãngïe 4 giorni fa
Great info thanks Danny!
Alex X77
Alex X77 4 giorni fa
Next WikiHow be like: *How to Breathe* or *How to Beat Your Heart*
Brianna Crespin
Brianna Crespin 3 giorni fa
How to beat your heart: Step 1:Rip your your heart out of your chest Step 2:Move it up and down Step three:Squeeze it gently and let go repeat alot of time Step 4:Die Step 5:Thætß ït
Rakey_ popper
Rakey_ popper 4 giorni fa
SOOOOOOO I looked up the fastest growing army on youtube (GREG popped up) and then I saw one of those question thingys that you click on to get an answer (I feel like im not making sense) so I clicked on it and here is what popped up: (BTW I copied and pasted this) What's the fastest growing youtube channel? Here are the top 5 fastest growing ITvid channel: Pewdiepew - 54.1 million subscribers. German Garmendia(HolaSoyGerman) - 31.2 million subscribers. ElRubiusOMG - 23.5 million subscribers. Smosh - 22.6 million subscribers. VanossGaming - 20.2 million subscribers PEWDIEPEW?!?!?!?!
Honey Comb Studios
Honey Comb Studios 4 giorni fa
Sorry Susan, but today I have to grade the homework of inanimate objects. I'm slowly losing my sanity. I need help.
Sofia Andersson
Sofia Andersson 4 giorni fa
Ok wiki how is actually occasionally useful. I used it a lot at the start of my transition.
Kaela Ward
Kaela Ward 4 giorni fa
Okay but tbh if I try to smile its really awkward and I look uncomfortable so I would definitly look up how to smile 🤣
Willow Welsh
Willow Welsh 4 giorni fa
The first and last time I went on to WikiHow was to try and et over a crush...
dat one_softboyo
dat one_softboyo 4 giorni fa
I'm in this marriage right, and it's built on lies yah see, and I got this kid that i don't care about... Ok so my parents?
Mrytle Romilly
Mrytle Romilly 4 giorni fa
4:43 yeah okay but why aren't the captions following what Danny is saying? Captions are for displaying what the person on the screen is saying(ex. for someone who is hard of hearing or deaf), not for putting in random comments inside the captions or putting your captions in instead of what the person is saying. Can someone who can hear well and actually knows how to do captions please fix these? It can make it kinda hard to follow what he's saying and makes the video less enjoyable as a whole. If you really want to add in your own comments, can you please put their commentary in the comments for future use? It would really help more then completely deviating from what he's saying in the video unless absolutely necessary.
BearBear 6645
BearBear 6645 4 giorni fa
Wiki how: How to pretend to be dead Step 1: Stop breathing Me: OMG WIKI HOW IS MADE UP SCYCOS!!!
Leah Kate
Leah Kate 4 giorni fa
Lol when I was young, I couldn’t smile
blackhole king of sense
when the captions are better then the commentery
Mrytle Romilly
Mrytle Romilly 4 giorni fa
I kinda think they would've worked better as actual comments, though? I'm hard of hearing and I didn't really appreciate that the person who did the captions decided to go off on their own tangent in the captions instead of putting them in the comments. It just kinda feels like a shit move because it's like they either didn't realize or didn't care that people actually use captions to understand what's going on and just decided to pull a big old "fuck you" on them.
TheC0untrial 4 giorni fa
Oh. So I don't have ADHD im just crazy... Understandable
noo noo
noo noo 4 giorni fa
Does anyone know how to homeschool build a bears
ratty mc fatty
ratty mc fatty 4 giorni fa
ever thought that people with mental disorders wouldn't know how to smile? such as Asperger's, some people don't know how to express emotion properly.
Kieragr1 Is better than u
Wikihow: hOw tO bReAtH
Corbin 4 giorni fa
1:57 laughing on the outside, crying on the inside
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