The E-Boy Invasion 2

Kurtis Conner
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The E-Boys have gotten worse. I thought my first video would’ve been enough, but sadly, it wasn’t. Come along as we see what E-Boys have been up to, and also take a look at their attempt at Magcon 2...The Lights Out Tour.
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comment "huggy more like yucky” if ur reading this

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Commenti 80
Ashley Min
Ashley Min 32 minuti fa
the hugging thing was kinda awkward HAHAHA
Ashley Min
Ashley Min 37 minuti fa
what are they talents??? Lip syncing???????? THE FUCK THAT’S NOT A FUCKING TALENT FOR GOD’S SAKE
Ashley Min
Ashley Min 41 minuto fa
i swear tiktok is the worst🤮
demons 2 ore fa
“thanos of discrimination”
Sean Shoobridge
Bro, Kyler is a genius. He's getting so much clowt cloat ot however the fuck you spell it. He's branching out man. Getting so many people with this shit.
Adelia Febi
Adelia Febi 5 ore fa
But jaden actually make shit bro like no other guy
Random Commenter
I use separate comments on these videos, but Kurtis is the eboy that broke the system.
-KJA- 6 ore fa
Honestly I need to educate myself in all the gender stuff like I don’t even know anything 😭
ラ ば め ら ヂR o T e a
As a Christian, I can confirm that we think Kyler Sucks.
Sakinayawar Ali
he wasnt lying when he said we're fucked
simon rouillard
simon rouillard 11 ore fa
Can we all agree that Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World was the first ever E-boy?
simon rouillard
simon rouillard 11 ore fa
Can we all agree that Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World was the first ever E-boy?
Alexandra Hutton
I got So much joy watching this
Kanya Gift
Kanya Gift 16 ore fa
The knocking on the door sound freaked me out i thought someone actually knocked on my door and I’m watching this at night 😂
WilGum Zeep
WilGum Zeep 19 ore fa
This’ll be a doozie, the biggest doozie you’ll ever doo see!
Wolfie Draws
Wolfie Draws 21 ora fa
You know damn well he'd go to 21 convention
Wolfie Draws
Wolfie Draws 21 ora fa
Kyler, nobody gives a sshhhit if you love jesus
Wolfie Draws
Wolfie Draws 21 ora fa
Why does me pooping make me feel more uncomfortable watching this
Brisus Christ
Brisus Christ Giorno fa
OMG tony hawks pro life is the best ps2 game 😱✨🧄🧚🏽‍♀️
Noah Chang
Noah Chang Giorno fa
you see... tiktok is a cult and you must be in the cult to understand what goes on
Elizabeth McKay
Elizabeth McKay Giorno fa
you got to come catch me lmao
Yuri Plisetsky
Yuri Plisetsky Giorno fa
Lmao I was wearing earbuds when the door knock came and I jumped 🤣
Yuri Plisetsky
Yuri Plisetsky 17 ore fa
Your Neighbor, Totoro! Ye at 4:01
Your Neighbor, Totoro!
That was in the video..?
Ella Nina Mazzucco
5:43 omg he described 2020!
Ella Nina Mazzucco
4:40 how I feel about 2020
Slippery Noodles
lol buddy also said the n word ✨
Maddy Mae
Maddy Mae Giorno fa
Kurtis is the willy wonka of calling out gross weird people
Astromations Giorno fa
He should leave a link to unsee juice
Dr. Oxi-Clean
Dr. Oxi-Clean Giorno fa
huggy, more like yucky
culture of the dead
Yeet and greet needs to be established. Like today.
alexandra michele
your an e-boy.
Katylyn Williams
E-Boys are not me-boys 😂 I’m not laughing because I think it’s funny I’m laughing because I think it’s stupid
Taylor Snider
Taylor Snider Giorno fa
1:31 me when making a bad decision
Sarah Souser
Sarah Souser Giorno fa
you know i had forgotten about nash grier
Ayy kurtis fuck you, you are so fucking opinionated. Don’t act like it’s a fact or that your fans have to be on your side.
Lol I apologise for this comment I was pretty pissed off that day, please don’t take this the wrong way.
Sumedha V
Sumedha V 22 ore fa
Ayy macarena, you can fuck off too
ItsRosezLuv Giorno fa
@justaguytrynabecool your username fits your personality well 😌
Auri Fackrell
Auri Fackrell Giorno fa
im sorry
Lillan Freeman
Lillan Freeman Giorno fa
everyone named kyler is an e-boy and an ass and a half my old drummer was named kyler and while we were working and writing songs he would complain that we weren't telling him what was going on and what he had to do and this and that so we kicked him out lmao
Marak Morita
Marak Morita Giorno fa
Plz don’t disrespect hot topic workers like this >:(
Olivia Kitts
Olivia Kitts Giorno fa
You look like a line cook on his smoke break
Dead Slushie Walkin'
18:24 Me (a Broadway Nerd): Oh God no. I would be immensly disappointed in humanity if this actually becomes a reality.
Dead Slushie Walkin'
Kurtis...What's that comment notification at 11:28 ?
Aden Morin
Aden Morin 2 giorni fa
I hate people like kyler they make religious people sound like jerks
Matthew Bartlett
Matthew Bartlett 2 giorni fa
Any bag is a barf bag if you want it to be -Kurtis Conner
bJͣeͩwj ͤwdyke
bJͣeͩwj ͤwdyke 2 giorni fa
If you ever see someone with Christian or jesus in their username and their actual name isn’t Christian or Jesús you can expect this kind of shit.
bJͣeͩwj ͤwdyke
bJͣeͩwj ͤwdyke 2 giorni fa
They are doing the ahegao face
adah lindquist
adah lindquist 2 giorni fa
E-Bois are basically just online peeps on TicTok
Nevermind Use your Illusion
No gonna lie and I'm sorry for how Random this is but, Brian Bell on the weezers blue album cover (the one on the far right) looks like an e- boy
Mercedes Kettenring
That moment when you realize that Kurtis predicted the mess we call 2020 5:43
Avery K
Avery K 2 giorni fa
Now all the eboys live in a house together. The sway house. Also 2 of them got arrested 💀
tomas echeverria arias
Sumedha V
Sumedha V 22 ore fa
ah yes, thou art a simpleton indeed
Dead Slushie Walkin'
@I'm bored idk either XD
I'm bored
I'm bored Giorno fa
What does this have to do with the whole video...? Im confused
that damn clown movie
12:50 mike and will: 👁️👄👁️
Angel Santiago
Angel Santiago 2 giorni fa
Delmy Villanueva
Delmy Villanueva 2 giorni fa
Not misgendering. If Sid was a female she is a FEMALE 2 genders. He has all the right to have his opinion.
Sumedha V
Sumedha V 22 ore fa
gender =/ sex he has the right to an opinion, we have the right to call him a transphobic and homophobi pile of stinky trash just... read once in a while, aight?
Go Blow Your Dad You Mullet Wearing Asshole
A BAD CRISS ANGEL IMPRESSION AJDJSJDHJJS do NOT and I tell you DO NOT compare Criss to ANY of those TikTokers😭
Go Blow Your Dad You Mullet Wearing Asshole
My question: Do they even know the rest of the lyrics to the songs they lip sync to or-
The psychopath
The psychopath 2 giorni fa
Omg. U have 6.9k thumb downs. The SWAT team legit went after you.
The psychopath
The psychopath 2 giorni fa
I love how nobody in the comments called him an e-boy.
The psychopath
The psychopath 2 giorni fa
Wait no... Colon boy
The psychopath
The psychopath 2 giorni fa
He's a c-boy. Curtis boy
The psychopath
The psychopath 2 giorni fa
Young Jesus
Young Jesus 3 giorni fa
I genuinely dont blame this dude for some of this because he was probably raised in a very religious household. I go to a catholic high school and in freshman year they literally made us go through a whole presentation about how abortion is murder and put pictures of aborted fetus’ on the screen. Its bullshit but the church really does push homophobia and pro-life very very heavily. Not to mention trans people and women.
Victoria Cerdas
Victoria Cerdas 3 giorni fa
huggy more like yucky
larissa ledesma
larissa ledesma 3 giorni fa
I thought he was gonna say shawn mendes
dumbass 3 giorni fa
huggy more like yucky
Sara Fetic
Sara Fetic 3 giorni fa
*go live with std*
man boy
man boy 3 giorni fa
hey, they called it the bible, not the cis-ble. you can buy my poems on amazon for 4 bucks a pop.
it’s me eve
it’s me eve 3 giorni fa
kurtis is literally my favorite person ever (he and harry styles are part of an elite group of males)
Sumedha V
Sumedha V 22 ore fa
along with John Mulaney too protecc them @ all costs
T-RexXD225 3 giorni fa
The thing about all these bible pricks that use that as an excuse is that tbh if Jesus was commenting he would be like “not cool” because Jesus was just like... Not for that
Maryann G.
Maryann G. 3 giorni fa
I was with you until kyler... You knew from the beginning he was Christian so what did you expect? You want him to be pro-abortion when Christians believe the soul is formed after conception. If they really believed this and they weren't pro-life, wouldn't that make them garbage people? I really dislike when people are quick to call someone "_____ phobic" if they don't agree with something. As long as you're not hateful or rude it's okay to disagree. Some might even call it healthy. I'm over the post-truth era..it's annoying can we move on now?
Sumedha V
Sumedha V 22 ore fa
nah, he's still homophobic, transphobic and misogynistic. you are free to leave and move on tho :-)
mina 3 giorni fa
This video is really funny to watch especially since my brother’s name is, in fact, Kyler.
Aanya Srivastava
Aanya Srivastava 3 giorni fa
i was feeling like shit for the past couple of days and he made me feel sm better
Izzypopps The ravenclaw
11:29 uhh Kurtis what was that comment???
Knock Knock On The Gates of Hell
Lindsey Keating
Lindsey Keating 4 giorni fa
straight tiktok will never NOT scare me. like every time i go on there it actually terrifies me i don’t like it. and that’s on being on the superior side of tiktok😌💅🏻
Loose leaf papers
Loose leaf papers 4 giorni fa
Me barfing in my mom’s Valentino white bag be like:
Jack Childs
Jack Childs 4 giorni fa
mid pandemic, dude in the first tik tok w the face mask did not seem out of place at all
Jack Pangos
Jack Pangos 4 giorni fa
Huggy more like yucky.
Peyt 4 giorni fa
okay okay i’m sorry. but i just imagined kurtis only hating on e-boys because he couldn’t do the eye roll thing 😂 (obviously not true. i don’t think. love ya kurtis :)
Mackenzie McClara
Mackenzie McClara 4 giorni fa
Kurtis in August 2019: its a scary time Us in 2020: 👁👄👁
Allison Helgers
Allison Helgers 4 giorni fa
Kurtis you're basically an E-bpy you're just making fun of yourself.
Mia Woollens
Mia Woollens 4 giorni fa
“Huggy more like yucky”- Kurtis Conner- Mia👌
Scarlee 4 giorni fa
He should have been aborted
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