The Final 3 Minutes of the 2022 NBA Finals Game 6

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15 giu 2022




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Nobleman Pangga
Nobleman Pangga 5 mesi fa
I can rest easy now that Steph's finally won Finals MVP. I'm satisfied to see him secure the trophy and now, I could care less knowing he doesn't really have to prove anyhting anymore as one of the greatest players to have ever played this game. Such a great journey. Congratulations Warriors!
Toshiro Akage
Toshiro Akage 2 giorni fa
my goat PG not Magic
Liam 11 giorni fa
*couldn’t care less
PlutoR231 21 giorno fa
@A L don’t care
PlutoR231 21 giorno fa
@Joni Janssen ok dummy
A L 24 giorni fa
I’m not satisfied until he gets 3x mvp finals
Dk 5 mesi fa
As far as I’m concerned, anything else Steph accomplishes is icing on the cake. This man’s legacy is solidified.
MRVLOGS 5 giorni fa
@Hilmy Vaza 6/2
MRVLOGS 5 giorni fa
@Toni_Sushi 6/2
MRVLOGS 5 giorni fa
@S1lverspike 6/2
Sherby Clarke
@Hilmy Vaza Ik. I said that someone else said he's 6'4
Hilmy Vaza
Hilmy Vaza Mese fa
@Sherby Clarke what? No. He is 6'3 with shoes.
Orchestrator 5 mesi fa
I think the reason we saw Steph break down like that is because this is the first time he truly felt the feeling of winning it all. We never saw him break down like that during the early dynasty years because they were always favored. We remember these guys destroying teams by 3 quarters for YEARS. They were always the better team and they knew that. Even when they came back to win in 2017 with KD, they knew deep down that no one posed a true threat to them. But they were underdogs going into the season. They had missed the playoffs for two years. They didn’t know if Klay would ever come back, and they admitted this after beating dallas when Klay said “he couldn’t believe” they were back. There was a lot of people who believed that Boston could’ve taken them down. And then we watched Steph tear them to pieces. I think he cried because he knew this is his career defining moment. He’s been at the bottom of the league. The Dubs are aging. He now knows there’s no guarantee they’ll get another. And that’s why he’s a true champion.
Mr.Cheese 2 giorni fa
You gripping way too hard my boy
Chao 22 giorni fa
J C Mese fa
@AfricanKid nah, but i bet you talk like that to your africanmother, why do niggas always include the mamas in the convo, are you dumb?
AfricanKid Mese fa
@J C i bet you talk to your mother like that everyday too right? JC mother, are you stupid? YES SON
J C Mese fa
@AfricanKid are you stupid? yes
Railen Herman
Railen Herman 7 ore fa
Glad that Steph finally won FMVP. Of all the chips the Warriors won, this is the greatest one by far.
Shemzinho 5 mesi fa
''As Curry puts on the finishing touches on yet another Finals masterpiece'' well said Mike Breen
Mrcrashdummy 3 mesi fa
@D Block u know this was currys best clutch szn yet including playoffs
Samuel Barnett Jr.
Mike Bree said the dumbest thing when he said he was was with this team was on talented this team is talented
Dant3_Rodant3 4 mesi fa
@D Block curry has a fucking 15 minute compilation of CLUTCH PLAYOFFS ( that’s the key word playoffs) SHOTS, and that doesn’t include the ones he hit these playoffs, in which he was really clutch there was only one game I va remember in which he just couldn’t make a shot down the stretch in which he legit choked and that’s game 1 vs memphis that’s the one from this year. So stop it, did you not see these playoffs ? Or the 19 playoffs ? Or the 18 playoffs ? Or the 17 playoffs ? Have you watched the warriors play ?
Wesley Walker
Wesley Walker 5 mesi fa
@D Block it’s a nitpick stat that’s why. Steph curry has hit shots to tie playoff games after being down, and sent them to overtime in the final 20 seconds. Not clutch? He has also hit go ahead shots in the final 1-2 minutes of close games in the playoffs. He also has the record for most points in a playoff overtime and the record for most 4th quarter points in a finals series for crying out loud. That nitpick stat only accounts for go ahead shots in the final 20 seconds, so it excludes all those other great clutch shots he has hit.
VULA 5 mesi fa
Stew Pidasso
Stew Pidasso 5 mesi fa
I'm very happy for Steph, I'm not a warriors fan but he deserves his respect and due credit. Best shooter of all time hands down and top 10 (maybe top 5) offensive player of all time. Put some Respek on his name!
Dinetion 3 mesi fa
@catroarrr definitely* in the future
Palidinxzy 4 mesi fa
@Gearswitch819 he may have went 0-9 in game five but every other playoff game in his career he scored at least 1 three
Neco TV
Neco TV 4 mesi fa
Maybe? It’s no maybe about it lol steph is easily top 3 offensive player of all time
PlutoR231 4 mesi fa
@wise gramps ironic
PlutoR231 4 mesi fa
@xXx_ROtFD_XIII_XII :3 cared enough to comment you bum lmaooo stay mad
Brian Tsai
Brian Tsai 5 mesi fa
The whole team is celebrating while Dray is paying respect to the opponent. This is not just entertainment. Life lesson for sure. Congrats warriors congrats Draymond Green
KouAni Mese fa
@Raizen Cannine LMAO this didnt age well
bop 2
bop 2 Mese fa
bro beats up his own teammates
Matt Moreno
Matt Moreno 2 mesi fa
@manoob987 Replacing one of the best defenders of this generation for a defensive liability wouldn’t make the warriors invincible. Offensively they would be a nightmare but defensively they would be much worse
iwa 2 mesi fa
@Adam Davis boohoo go cry Nigga
Eurobeat 2 mesi fa
It's surprising how he came from kicking someone from the nuts to this.
Killer KevP
Killer KevP 5 mesi fa
Brought me to tears man seeing what their team has been through with all the injuries
Ridge Christian Gibo
@Momcilo Jabucilo YEAH MURRAY
VULA 5 mesi fa
Momcilo Jabucilo
@Mark nuggets winning next year with Murray and mpj back
Mark 5 mesi fa
Jaleon Smith
Jaleon Smith 5 mesi fa
I’ve never really seen curry cry like that before. Him and The warriors definitely deserve the trophy
MRVLOGS 5 giorni fa
@LynnyTanny excuses
MRVLOGS 5 giorni fa
@D Block stay hating
LynnyTanny 2 mesi fa
I like steph curry but im kinda getting sick of the warriors always getting to the finals like every other team has no chance
john thonig
john thonig 3 mesi fa
Dominance Submission Dub Nation
Jexusli 4 mesi fa
@Marven Michel I mean they were right about Klay not being the same. And he wasn't expected to be
Sleepless DY
Sleepless DY 5 mesi fa
It is my honor to live this era with Curry. Congratulation, Curry. You deserve this!
KevShamgod 5 mesi fa
Not just what a series this was, but what a season this was, these last 2 NBA seasons were crazy and now we’re here, the Warriors ARE BACK and THEY’RE CHAMPIONS
john thonig
john thonig 3 mesi fa
Dub Nation
Bärtïër 4 mesi fa
PlutoR231 4 mesi fa
@Abraham Sanchez ok Mexican
VULA 5 mesi fa
demul rarat
demul rarat 5 mesi fa
itvid.net/video/video-Ow-Le5EAq2k.html is done here ..,
Kike Sixto Reséndiz
So glad to see two super teams built from the Draft in the Finals, as everything should be
Casey Watson
Casey Watson Mese fa
Absolutely! These big teams that build around Lebron and others like him piss me off. This is why I've always liked what is done in Boston, San Antonio, Golden State, Dallas and Memphis. They never bought what they have. They built it right.
Wyatt Mese fa
@Isaiah Alvarez Yea that is the craziest part. Whenever someone is like "WeLl thEY a sUpER TEam" Its like youre really complaining that they DRAFTED and BUILT a better team? Thats literally the game.
Wobba Fett
Wobba Fett 2 mesi fa
@Terrence Burnette say it louder, bud
Terrence Burnette
Those ain't superteams..just great system teams who knows how to play together..nobody was calling them a superteam when the warriors had injuries and wasnt favor to win the finals..now they a superteam..no!..stop cappin
Wobba Fett
Wobba Fett 4 mesi fa
@Isaiah Alvarez I laugh st anyone who used to say why tf did they get andrew wiggins then today says wiggins was always a vital cog and carried steph, the former I agree but the latter just another closeted bronette
T Dub
T Dub 5 mesi fa
This was by far the most satisfying and relief filled moment for me as a Warriors fan. We knew it was over. But this is where it was solidified. After all the noise, all the doubt, all the hate, and all the ugliness from the Boston crowd throughout, the Warriors earned this Championship in a big way. Well done Warriors!
Saif Abdullah
Saif Abdullah 5 mesi fa
An average old team wins it all, I don't think that they were average, they are a superteam and they made themselves a superteam .... Great efforts from the players , Kerr is a genius he found a great harmony between the bench players and the 1st line team , he used the players properly , controlled the pace of the game, and Curry was a true leader on the court, took over the games, great shooter, DG good double double in the finale ...
Ton Bong
Ton Bong Giorno fa
@Toxicsars OMG Warriors are also rather bad this season!
Toxicsars Giorno fa
@Ton Bong hell no warriors could disrespect mavs any day and show them who’s boss bro warriors don’t play that if they are going to lose after talking smack they go down with a bang and the other team is exhausted
Will Seelinger
Will Seelinger 2 mesi fa
I think Your spot on with everything you said, however I think your missing the point of the term “superteam”. I believe people most commonly associate that term with current when current stars in the league join the team. Not when they are built.
Terrence Burnette
This team is not a superteam..i don't call role players beening elite players..for some players this their first chip..its all about playing your role right..so stop with the superteam bs..we didn't have kd..this team had to get it together before playoffs injuries etc...
Terrence Burnette
@Ton Bong i doubt it..warriors don't insult..they handle business..mavs won't beat them either way...too much offense to handle..and defense
Moonix 5 mesi fa
What a season this has been for Steph and the Golden State Warriors! After 2 seasons of struggling they managed to win the finals. The dynasty is still going, and hope we see them as good as this year, next season. The trio is getting older, but they still have power in them. Wardell Stephen Curry is now officially in my top 10 of all time easily! Edit: Holy I didn't expect this comment to blow up so quickly!
WrangWrang is me
@Baldski shaq was in your top 10?
Baldski 5 mesi fa
He 9th on mine kicking shaq out of top 10
The real shit ❤🔥🙏🏻 itvid.net/video/video-Jo3WB__6bOI.html
Matt Irwin
Matt Irwin 7 giorni fa
you can't understate what this finals was. Curry just beautiful to watch. my kids gonna grow up and I'll be able to say that I saw Curry play. Man is an inspiration on and off the court. What a guy.
Andre the Giant
Andre the Giant 5 mesi fa
You can tell how much this one meant to Curry. What a great player.
Curry 2022
Curry 2022 5 ore fa
Curry Deserve The Champion 🏆!
Greg Holman
Greg Holman 5 mesi fa
The Warriors' management/executives did a terrific job in stocking-up considerable talent, over the past few seasons, during and following the Warriors' couple of sub-optimal seasons of recent times.
Ifle 5 mesi fa
Finally, I can root on other teams in the NBA finals except for GSW now that Curry got his Finals MVP HAHAH. That's all I ever wanted for him, to get that missing piece that would strengthen his legacy in NBA history. Nevertheless, the Greatest Shooter of All Time!!!
VULA 5 mesi fa
cyclically 5 mesi fa
@johnnycage stay mad
Edwin Poon
Edwin Poon 5 mesi fa
@johnnycage doesn't mean a thing to me. I'm not american or from the west. Haha, now u r a useless silly little Poontang boi.
johnnycage 5 mesi fa
@Edwin Poon little Poontang boi lol
johnnycage 5 mesi fa
@MitchyBoi history will always be there nigga
C.J. Bates
C.J. Bates 5 mesi fa
I literally cried . I’m so happy for my Warriors!
Jari$ 5 mesi fa
Greatness, and I'm glad we got to witness every moment of it.
Uzi Umar
Uzi Umar 5 mesi fa
Congrats from a Knicks fan. Its been a pleasure watching this teams journey doing everything the right way... enjoy boys.
Mark bryan Pangan
7:13 goosebumps. Still got me every time.
Jawon Luck
Jawon Luck 22 giorni fa
@hans hansen yeah tell him we got 4 rings he has no bitches
hans hansen
hans hansen 5 mesi fa
@johnnycage And so what? 4 rings in 8 years is a ring every second year. Stay bitter.
VULA 5 mesi fa
johnnycage 5 mesi fa
My favourite is the time he blew a 3-1 lead in the finals 😈😂
Jaleon Smith
Jaleon Smith 5 mesi fa
-- 5 mesi fa
In the last possession of GSW you will see that Igoudala told green to give the ball to Steph, and he took the ball from Grant Williams to give it to Steph, I mean, what a great teammate he is
Daryl Kinder
Daryl Kinder 3 mesi fa
One of the gutsiest finals performances I’ve ever witnessed! You gotta love this guy’s heart and his will to win.
Terrell Noodles
Terrell Noodles 5 mesi fa
Look at curry man he definitely deserves hall of Fame for that perfect performance he put on. I don't think we'll ever see this side of curry man we all need to take time to appreciate what the franchise did for us as fans we got to see 3yrs of hard work for this moment right here let's go DUB NATION🤣.
Steph Boyarthree
What? Steph has already been a first ballot hall of fame lock since like 2016 at least lmaoooo
Evan Venegas
Evan Venegas 5 mesi fa
I felt like curry knew he was gonna be fmvp, well deserved for him. his emotions show how much it meant to him
Michael Malabed
Michael Malabed 5 mesi fa
The fact that the Warriors did this with aging stars while having young upcoming talent to eventually replace the guard means this Warriors organization is set for the next 10 years. They aren’t going away anytime soon, and this won’t be the last.
TookHerToTheO 5 mesi fa
The way this warriors team looked done 2-3 years ago and how they’ve come back for another run is what separates them from most other franchises!!
J Alcanites
J Alcanites 5 mesi fa
I remember a couple of years ago, I was in SF for a business trip. I was staying in a 3 star hotel near the airport. Warriors was playing in a championship game. Instead of me watching the game in my room, I watched it downstairs together with the hotel staff. Much more fun.
pedemonte67 4 mesi fa
That was awesome. Congrats to Boston for reaching the finals. But I am a diehard Warriors fan for life.
Rod 5 mesi fa
Anybody else noticed at 7:31, 1.3 on the clock and Draymond was asking the dude for the ball before the match ended. Iggy came by the back and told him to stop that and wait until it ended (at least that's what it looks like). Iggy is a key piece to a winning team.
Anonymous L
Anonymous L 4 mesi fa
Draymond thinks he deserved the finals mvp. He is delusional
Lucia Miller
Lucia Miller 4 mesi fa
Iggy is my MAN. Love him
Jaleon Smith
Jaleon Smith 5 mesi fa
Rod 5 mesi fa
@moshesee True! Also saw that as well 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
moshesee 5 mesi fa
Not only... He wanted to make sure the ball goes to steph immediately, watch what he do after
Sreeni Rajan
Sreeni Rajan 5 mesi fa
You can't help but to admire Steph! Legend🙌🏻
GTA SoLow 2 mesi fa
@johnnycage i cant help but to laugh knowing the refs won that for lebron and his fans thinks it was a legendary win.
Dant3_Rodant3 4 mesi fa
@johnnycage shit you know what, curry’s record against your lebron is 3-1, if it wasn’t for Wardell bron would be 6-4 wouldn’t he ?
osazuwa ogbeide
osazuwa ogbeide 5 mesi fa
@johnnycage i laughted when lewept lost to spurs 4-0 and warriors 4-0 that a record cna never be the goat
Zaire Myers
Zaire Myers 5 mesi fa
@johnnycage and still y’all be being up the past lol like go sit down
A 5 mesi fa
@johnnycage LeBron overrated
James Harrison
James Harrison 5 mesi fa
The emotion of the game I used to watch every game died in the 2000s for most players/teams. Kobe kept it alive for me. Steph, has brought it back as well. I’m not going to say Curry is a better player than Bron, because I feel one on one Bron would get him. But I respect Curry’s game way more than Bron. He’s stuck it out with GS. Bron didn’t. Bron chased rings. Curry stayed and let talent come to him. This guy is amazing to watch. Who’s have thought this skinny kid from Davidson would become what he’s become today?
NoelSpedy 2 mesi fa
To win an nba finals without super stars I will pick Curry ova bron,
NoelSpedy 2 mesi fa
Curry vs born 1on1, I will pick Curry for his 3pt efficiencies. Bron will out muscle Curry to hit any shots
Wobba Fett
Wobba Fett 2 mesi fa
@James Harrison you're not enhancing the team at all if you don't WIN, you only enhance your numbers to skirt blame because u COULD NOT CLOSE THE DEAL, basing your argument on tangible assist numbers show your ignorance especially if you're just kiccking it out to shooters, passing inward is harder and requires creativity not dribbling to oblivion and waiting for someone to get open
PraiseThaDon 2 mesi fa
@Wobba Fett Facts!
Wobba Fett
Wobba Fett 4 mesi fa
@2good 4u bronettes always bring up stats and defense selections as if steph didn't make an effort to be a good team defender while lebron watched his man score because he wants to 'conserve'
Matthew's Couch
Matthew's Couch 5 mesi fa
And this is why I still believe the Grizzlies are the most dangerous opponent for the dubs. They posed more threatening games and even though they still fell in game 6, the games won by the dubs on that series was more closer than this one (except that one blowout).
Wyhan Candelaria
Since we're talking about if's... IF Ja was healthy for 5 games and IF GP2 was not injured... then I believe the Warriors win in 5. Last 3 games not even close, like the last 3 games vs Boston.
Tarun Ganesg
Tarun Ganesg 5 mesi fa
@Dan Raiders Warriors Sharks Giants they managed to slow them down a bit in games 1 and 2, but a lot of it was fouling. Really the nuggets are probably the worst team for them to face healthy, but I am skeptical on how good MPJ or murray are gonna be back.
Dan Raiders Warriors Sharks Giants
Den dominated inside with Boogie and Joker. The Warriors really had no answer for that but the Den coach did not focus his offense on that.
@Augustine Ramos Podcast not here yet
Augustine Ramos Podcast
But where they at????? Dubs baby
D@nte09 5 mesi fa
When Iggy grab the ball (at the end of clock) then ran with it and gave it to Steph that’s the type of person you want in your team and this is coming from a Celtics fan
Tappita Wade
Tappita Wade 5 mesi fa
堀川越 5 mesi fa
If someone asks me how strong Curry is? I'd say: "He made Thompson do what he did best and what he loved the most his entire life, made Green, Wiggins the best version of himself, made Poole a player who could take over his own banner. The league, even changing the way basketball is played everywhere.” [Championship][Championship][Championship][Championship]​
VULA 5 mesi fa
The Forwarder
The Forwarder 5 mesi fa
Love it
苏立伟CHN 5 mesi fa
David sswt
David sswt 5 mesi fa
what a great moment watching how iggy protects steph legacy at all costs, couching young talents and given all those precious moments to steph
taesang 5 mesi fa
forever grateful for being born in the generation that witnessed the greatness of stephen curry as it happened
killua 4 mesi fa
I'm soo happy for curry. I was really focus and praying for their victory.
Jim gjmn-mpbccollins
Love watching him play!!! He's awesome!!!
scopex 5 mesi fa
steph was right, he said "u dont wanna see us next year" cold line🥶
KOzZz 5 mesi fa
That should be Iconic Statements for Goat Steph 🔥🔥🔥🔥
John Doe
John Doe 5 mesi fa
steph the living LEGEND! the world respects and loves you man.
VULA 5 mesi fa
pinkmutal 5 mesi fa
It was a great series, but I don't know how i feel about this whole trend of giving up when there's a minute left with 10 points difference... there are numerous cases where that has flipped in the past. Michael Jordan would have NEVER gave up. Kobe, Larry Bird would have never gave up. TMac has proved that you could turn things around in 30 seconds. I know the chances are extremely low, but isn't that how it's supposed to be at least at the finals??
selorm amegee
selorm amegee 4 mesi fa
T’mac did it in a regular season game . Plus no team has ever done that in a playoff game … down 13 with a minute and half left … best free thrower in nba history …well , they knew They were also tired from closing the plus 20 point deficit earlier
Jaleon Smith
Jaleon Smith 5 mesi fa
Jean Xza
Jean Xza 5 mesi fa
@Stew Pidasso ya'll boomers really think ya'lll had the hard life back when you could feed a family of 4 and put a mortgage as a career janitor 😭
Liu Triston
Liu Triston 5 mesi fa
Celtics knew that the chance of winning the game was low, and they might not want to risk key players in possibility of injury.
pinkmutal 5 mesi fa
@화이팅 Yes, very very unlikely, but not "impossible"... and hopes for those unlikely miracles are what fans die for. Even with that 0.1% chance, MJ, Kobe, Reggie would have squeezed the last drop of soul out of them, despite the outcome. I'm talking about the culture, since there are so many games like this now. I just didn't expect to see it even at the last game of the season.
siyaneliswa shozi
Klay didn't travel that was a whole journey 🤣 But well done to Golden State Warriors the Dubs Did it again!!
Steven Haff
Steven Haff 5 mesi fa
Great moment for those players and staff, plus for all the Golden State Warriors fans! They did all the work and we could vicariously enjoy their success.
KOzZz 5 mesi fa
Best Comeback Ever for Klay steph and Dray and Iggy and Loons Congrats Warriors Wiggins ,GPll, Poole,Otto ,Play Harder to be at the TOP again Dynasty still Alive Lets Go Warriors 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Richard werkNprog Hall
If you're a #DubNation fan, this 3 minutes of footage will NEVER get old...yessir!!!
Warrior J
Warrior J 5 mesi fa
Everybody said the Warriors were done and couldn’t win without Durant. They said Curry couldn’t lead a team. All the injuries. Curry carried all that and the emotion came pouring out. He deserves this moment.
I thought everyone said that Steph and the Warriors needed KD 😇 keep on rolling Steph, the league done been yours for a good while now… 🏁
Jfams forever
Jfams forever 9 giorni fa
to all curry haters, please accept the fact thaf curry dont need any superstar to win a ring, unlike lebron, that 2016 loss to the cavs is due to injury, and the reason they get KD is not because of lebron, it is because the WEST is full of talent, but without KD in those 2years the gsw will easily beat the cavs.
VULA 5 mesi fa
Santana Clinton
Santana Clinton 5 mesi fa
@Michael Rossi liar shuttup
Michael Rossi
Michael Rossi 5 mesi fa
@I Hit Women Sexually No I wouldn’t have been ecstatic. Those two championships with Durant were weak, and I would’ve felt the same way if I was a fan. It’s not about it being “unfair”, it’s that it takes the competition away. Don’t add Durant to that team (already a championship team) you’ve got possibly two championships for the Warriors- two for the Cavs. Which would’ve been more entertaining for the fans than just watching the loaded Warriors dominate.
I Hit Women Sexually
@Michael Rossi you are telling me if you are a team whose sole reason for existence is to win chips had an opportunity to add KD they shouldn’t cause it’s unfair. Lmao get real, if it were your team you’d be ecstatic to get KD. And also let’s compare real quick the warriors drafted 3 of the stars acquire 1. Cavs drafted Kyrie, LeBron hopped on as well Love. That’s how basketball is and you can blame LeBron and his “im taking my talents to south beach”
Erebor 4 Nierdzewny
I think it was amazing expirience for the Warriors... get back Klay, Wiggins playing great from his first day puting Warriors uniform, Warriors have great young players with alredy champions expirience... what a great franchice... I always think the best team for win it all was Spurs with Duncan... But that Curry team is amazing 8 yrs in NBA and 5 title runs with four win... Amazing and respect... sorry for my speling i am drunk as f....
Jill Poe
Jill Poe 5 mesi fa
I am so glad I got to see Steph play. Thrill of a lifetime.
Tyrone Brown
Tyrone Brown 5 mesi fa
I legit cried when Steph cried my favorite player of all time first ever Magic Johnson conference finals mvp 4th nba championship ring along with his first nba finals mvp congrats Steph I’m so glad I’ve never missed the whole entire playoffs go warriors y’all deserve it after what y’all been through 🤿🤿🤿🍾🍾🍾
Joel Craig
Joel Craig 5 mesi fa
Congrats to the champs easy to go kerr and curry I'm happy for wiggins for the team he should of been on
Dado Samac
Dado Samac 5 mesi fa
Steph is the MAN. He makes it look so easy. Unbelievable player. He proved , you can dunk, do some fancy moves all that dosen't matter if you lose a game. Best shooter ever,such cool guy. KD will never win NBA ring without Warriors .
Dado Samac
Dado Samac 5 mesi fa
@johnnycage Hahaha,true that. That was embarrassing lol
johnnycage 5 mesi fa
They will also never ever forget losing that 3-1 lead to Lebron 🥲😂
Robbery 5 mesi fa
Kraft Dinner
Randy Montenegro
His determination pulled the team thru. I never gave them the thought to get thru WCF!
h s
h s 5 mesi fa
Iguodala making sure Steph gets that ball at the end 💯
Steph Boyarthree
@Edgar Santiago if he did, which is hard to tell from this video, then Smart deserved it for diving on his ankle months prior.
Sky 4 mesi fa
@Edgar Santiago Obvious flop lmao 😂
Edgar Santiago
Edgar Santiago 5 mesi fa
Wait we’re not going to talk about how curry punched smarts balls 0:01
VULA 5 mesi fa
Chris Lee
Chris Lee 5 mesi fa
100% RESPECT !!! i hate gsw since cleveland cavs days im a bron fan, many said boston in 5 boston in 6 ,... HAHAHA. damn everybody thought that steph and the gsw is over when KD LEFT them.... GSW didnt build superteam nor superstar they build by themselves... congrats GSW and stephen curry..draymond and klay,,,
Dan Raiders Warriors Sharks Giants
Cavs fans enjoy their fake WWE NBA title where the refs won it for you. Actual Proof the 2016 NBA Finals are Fixed ! Watch that if you dont believe me.
Kevin James Martin
The really bad comments were "Celtics in 5" after game 2
Deonte Swing
Deonte Swing 5 mesi fa
Hell Yeah 💪😁
Heath Guillory
Heath Guillory 5 mesi fa
As a native of San fran I have witnessed 3 dynasties, the 5 super bowls🏈 in 14 yrs 49ERS in the 80s and early 90s,the 3 in 6 ⚾️ S.F Giants of the 2000s and last but not least this warrior squad 6 finals in 8 yrs with 4 ships.im the luckiest fanatic along with the rest of the BAY. TITLETOWN U.S.A....WHATS SCARY THIS DUB SQUAD ISNT DONE,steph ,clay and draymonds dub dynasty gna get more than just 1 b4 its in the books when steph clay and dray are done.Parade on Monday,come rep the bay and say what up to the splash bros steph and clay.il be there in every1s way to receive another ship for THE BAY.
Koh Smoger
Koh Smoger 3 mesi fa
Koh Smoger
Koh Smoger 3 mesi fa
The warriors represent both Oakland San Fran and San Jose and the entire Bay Area but the dubs will always have a home and Oakland and be tied to the city forever. I hope being as an Oakland fan my dubs will win and so will the A's
Julyssa Lopez
Julyssa Lopez 5 mesi fa
Bro when I saw Curry cry I cried too even when I rewatch the clip I still cry but I'm so happy those tears are tears of joy!!
I love Jeff Hardy
Golden State Warriors “a house of memories” 💙💛🥹🫶🏻 Thank you for entertaining us for a decade.
Deborah Pierce
Deborah Pierce 4 mesi fa
Look at Curry crying man, so emotionally inspirational 🥲 👏🏾
S1lverspike 3 mesi fa
Dude needed a finals mvp more than he ever needed anything else to be legitimate.
Shelbee Pollino
Shelbee Pollino 5 mesi fa
I remember when the Warriors mascot would come to my elementary school for assemblies and do tumbling and tricks and stunts, it was my favorite assembly we had every year. As a Bay Area girl born and raised (who now lives an hour north of Boston 😅) it’s been amazing to watch my team go off the way they have these past seven years. And they won me $20 for winning the finals!! Love you Dubs!! 💙💛🏀⚡️🏆
VULA 5 mesi fa
Hugo N
Hugo N 5 mesi fa
Should've bet your life savings.
Izzy O
Izzy O 5 mesi fa
Love how Iggy gave Steph the game ball right
VULA 5 mesi fa
johnnycage 5 mesi fa
I love how the digits 3 and 1 will always be embedded in their skull whenever they see of hear about Lebron 🥲😂😂
Jaleon Smith
Jaleon Smith 5 mesi fa
legatto stacatto
What time?
Ali Mohamed
Ali Mohamed 5 mesi fa
Na he previously said he regretted throwing away the 2015 finals ball as he had it in his hands at the end of the game but chucked it in the air to start the celebrations.
Lizi Zhu
Lizi Zhu 5 mesi fa
This series has put Curry in the goat conversation. He is one of the great alongside MJ, Lebron and Bird...
Sader💀 5 mesi fa
I was emotional and happy for him congrats steph👑
Michael Cupples
Michael Cupples 5 mesi fa
sadly, i was at work and didn't have the chance to see the final three minutes. thank you buzzer beater for this clip. growing up a warriors fan ...i've seen the best and worst. but i also grew up enjoying the celtics. this was a memorable finals showcase for sure. is golden state becoming a dynasty? perhaps. is curry better than lebron? a lot will discredit curry, but the answer is ...yes. is he as good as jordan? let's see when curry retires. you can say curry and jordan are alike because of the fact that they have had some great talent with them. it's great to see wiggins finally getting some cred which he has so deserved. i do wish that they had stayed in oaktown, but it's still the bay area. congrats.
teto85 4 mesi fa
The Victory Parade was so good. Next year's will be just as much fun.
Brandon Nicholas
Being the greatest shooter of all time was enough for curry to be in the top 10 of all time, top 2 point guard of all time hands down, this ring should put him up for debate of top 5 of all time no discussion 🐐
Chance Mese fa
As a LeBron fan steph earned my respect this finals. Congrats well deserved
ٴٴٴٴٴٴ Mese fa
damn u were this late?
AegisReflector 5 mesi fa
NBA fans all around the world don’t wanna admit that this team is gonna do everything to run it back with wisemen
Nick Horn
Nick Horn 5 mesi fa
So proud of these boys. Steph Curry is the best athlete in Bay Area history. Thank you for everything
Melbert Rindon
Melbert Rindon 5 mesi fa
7:13 seeing Curry with a Tears of Joy is super Priceless 🥺
Arti Nath
Arti Nath 4 mesi fa
Dude steph really deserves this he put his heart out there and that time great job 😭😍🥰🤩🤩🤩🤩
Rosalie De guzman
I knew and pray for Warriors to beat the BOS at 6 and they did. A lot of doubters but I knew since Steph was so locked in they will get it. He deserves the FMVP. Hunting now for more championships and trophies is what he gonna do.
N Wilt
N Wilt 5 mesi fa
Curry did great and deserved MVP, but his greatness didn't shine much more than the next few good players on the team. The team even bailed out Steph game 5 when he played awful, winning without much from Steph. Point is, GS is stacked and Curry ain't doing it alone. We saw how good GS was when their bench wasn't deep and didn't have Klay (injured) nor good pickups (like Wiggins, Poole, Otto Porter Jr.). Like Steve Kerr said, Bob Meyers (President/GM of GSW) deserves a lot more credit for putting this squad and the original squad together.
Miguel Silva
Miguel Silva 5 mesi fa
Ok? He was awful offensively in Game 5 but he wasn't bailed out he made plays that still led to easy buckets because they were faceguarding him the whole game. Make no mistake, Curry was leagues above everyone else this series, the closest to him was Wiggins. That game 4 off an injured ankle is the stuff of legends.
Oh Tikki
Oh Tikki 5 mesi fa
Bruh to all the people that say he needed kd the only little help he had was jp curry won this chip by his self
VULA 5 mesi fa
Wayne Chan
Wayne Chan 5 mesi fa
Kd u wud hv added another
epi pi
epi pi 5 mesi fa
Mmmm, did he played by hinself?
Virkon 5 mesi fa
@JL-XrtaMayoNoCheese they won a chip before KD came and a chip after KD left. “Never would’ve won anything” lmfao
Virkon 5 mesi fa
@HollowArt tf lmao? Curry is not better than Bron All time. Bron is top 3, #2
Seraphoftheend Yt14
Bro I have so much respect for draymond congratulating the other team the second it’s finished before celebrating .
532.5 BAY AREA
532.5 BAY AREA 5 mesi fa
Starting at the 01:42 mark that whole sequence to me showed that the Warriors broke the Celtics will to win. I know the game was already in hand, but this was icing on the Championship Cake. Like watching Cam Newton not go for that fumble in Super Bowl 50.
Boo Kaufman
Boo Kaufman 5 mesi fa
Over the last month I've seen quite a bit of people forecasting what the Warriors will be able to do with their lineup next year. I guess that because of finances they have to get rid of either Poole or Wiggins which is a choice I'm hoping if they don't have to make. With Moody and Kuminga getting another training camp under their belt along with James Wiseman this team is going to be really really good again. This season feels like they reached a level that they probably shouldn't have been able to reach a year or two ahead of schedule and now guys like Jordan Poole and Gary Payton Jr have both contributed in huge playoff games which is only going to make them better. Hopefully the Warriors don't lose anybody and if that's the case they're going to be very, very hard to beat next year.
Steph Boyarthree
@J A does a guy like Payton Jr. deserve what he got from Portland, though, or did him being on the Warriors make him look like a much better individual and valuable player than he actually is? Hard to imagine after literal years and years of being a G-League retread, he suddenly transformed into who he looked like on the Warriors. But hey, stay tuned. All I know is that Quinn Cook isn’t even in the league anymore. Wiggins just had the best season of his career by a country mile, and Poole was a late first rounder who wasn’t on anyone’s radar. Funny how these guys keep coming to GSW and look like otherworldly talents playing with Steph/Klay/Dray, but then they leave and come crashing down. By the way, anyone heard from Jordan Bell lately?
J A 5 mesi fa
@Boo Kaufman If they all make sacrifices, that woule be amazing especially that they want to come back to Golden State. That being said, I wouldn't fault them for leaving as well. They deserve a raise and that would be hard if they stayed.
Boo Kaufman
Boo Kaufman 5 mesi fa
@J A I would hope that they'd be able to keep Looney and Payton but that center role is probably something that they think James Wiseman might fill. Hope to fill I should say. They've already got the highest payroll in the NBA so there might need to be some cuts.
J A 5 mesi fa
Looney, Porter, Bijelica, and Payton are free agents this offseason. Looney has been living off a 4 year, 17.5 million contract and he's definitely getting a raise. The rest will also be on demand so we'll see how the Warriors do this
astrallite67 5 mesi fa
Warriors make 4x what the average team makes in revenue a year. They can bankroll this team and pay the luxury tax for Steph Curry's final 2-3 years of contention before needing to reset.
Yin to the Yang
Yin to the Yang 4 mesi fa
I absolutely appreciate that he put Iggy on towards the end so he could be part of the 4th win while on court !! 🙂
Kick off Ass
Kick off Ass 5 mesi fa
Iguodala really great man, he always on the back of Curry 😎, and it's touching when grab 🏀 for Curry. History
VULA 5 mesi fa
idk asd
idk asd 5 mesi fa
So proud of steph curry. probably the only undersized player thats in the top 10.
Awes0meB0y 4 mesi fa
I started crying when igualdola was subbed in crazy how time flew with this core winning those titles
Confessions Of A Movie Freak
Look at Curry man so inspirational
VULA 5 mesi fa
etc 5 mesi fa
One thing shows clearly. Curry is not a whiner. He gets hurt, he comes back up. He loses, he come back a winner. He does not switch teams and does not cry and make bs claims. I love the loyalty to the warrios and that he is not opportunistic like so many other cry baby "ballers" complaining all the time. Talking bs all the time. Switching teams instead of working on themselves. He is a champ, without a doubt and it is very refreshing to see a high profile player show this level of commitment and consistency.
Nena Ne
Nena Ne 5 mesi fa
Congrats to the warriors and a special congratulations and great accomplishment for Steph Curry to win another ring and graduate college within the same Month💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
Chan 3 mesi fa
7:42 "The Dubs' dynasty, is still very much alive." *Yes, Mike Breen. It still is.*
M.D. Sharpe
M.D. Sharpe 2 mesi fa
I never thought a team giving up in the final minutes of an NBA finals would be tolerated, let alone normalized lol wtf
Ques the goat
Ques the goat 4 giorni fa
So proud of my boys 💚🐐
Nari 5 mesi fa
" And that'll do it, its over " what an iconic phrase to end the finals
Kookies enkrem
Kookies enkrem 4 mesi fa
Andre Iguodala asking for the ball and giving it to the MVP. 👏
Andrew J
Andrew J 5 mesi fa
These last 3 minutes demonstrate how demoralised the Celtics were. The warriors just had more drive to get it done.
Kelly Murray
Kelly Murray 2 mesi fa
Steph Curry is already the greatest Golden State Warriors point guard and a true NBA hall of famer already. Now nobody can lie on him anymore and say that he needs KD to win a NBA title.
Wolves Revenge
Wolves Revenge 5 mesi fa
Look I wanted tatum to get a ring but finals experience is still valuable for Jason Tatum and the Celtics at this point in time. As for curry well that man has been long overdue for a finals MVP. Golden state is so good at producing young good players nowadays
Koks G MotoSic
appreciate Iggy getting the used basketball and giving it to Steph. Also his presence acknowledging Wiggins on that exit.
Andrew Cruz
Andrew Cruz 5 mesi fa
Poole almost sold the bag whenever he had the ball in his hands in the 3rd quarter 🤣
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