The Game HEAT Big 3 SHOCKED The Entire Boston With AMAZING Performance 🔥 2011 NBA Playoffs

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LeBron James 35 points, Wade 28 points, Bosh 20 points - Full Game Highlights | Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics | Game 4 - 2011 NBA Playoffs
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12 mag 2021




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Commenti 328
TJ Leaf
TJ Leaf Anno fa
This was IMO the most exciting time in basketball history. #6 Lebron was like when Spider-Man put on the black suit 😂🔥
Aaron Roibeard
@P4L you’re right he’s more Superman
P4L Mese fa
Don't compare lebron to spider-man
Aaron Roibeard
Aaron Roibeard 2 mesi fa
Johnny Blaze
Johnny Blaze 2 mesi fa
stifler 50
stifler 50 3 mesi fa
@J S Tell them Mr pro baller..say it with your chest. You know wht it takes in the pros🤐🤐🤐
Xavier Simmons
2011 heat is so underrated and overlooked obviously because of the finals, but everything prior they looked absolutely unstoppable in the playoffs.
Ometecuhtli 2 mesi fa
Bulls had a great team back then and seemed determined to spoil the Heat's plans as it was a team better suited to defeating Boston than them, and the Mavs were a runaway favorite for winning the chip as they had a consistent base and the most stacked roster in the league, Butler's injury made things a bit more interesting otherwise they'd have won 68-69 games
@YourPage *1995
Javonah Henderson
That heat team even with their Big 3 imo was more super on paper I wasn't a LeBron fan until he went back to Cleveland but they didn't dominate they way I thought they would even with the 2 rings there were moments when they did look unstoppable Wade or bosh really couldn't stay healthy after yr 2 together they jus really never looked unbeatable like the warriors did with kd the team that really scared me during that time was the thunder with kd Westbrook and harden I thought they would dominate for years to come
grim 6 mesi fa
@Chris channel he said everything was over looked because of the final, what of that you didn't hear correctly
Dayo Fayanju
Dayo Fayanju 7 mesi fa
which made LBJ's weirdness in the finals that year so perplexing- they'd just beaten better teams
Lamar 0305
Lamar 0305 10 mesi fa
The way Wade and Bron used to play the passing lanes was beautiful, just when KG thought he had it DWade came out of no where.
YvngGoat 8 mesi fa
6:07 That silencer was so deadly 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Bronny James
Bronny James Mese fa
One of my favorite shot from lebron 🔥
GoldBanks60 3 mesi fa
Watch Pierce on the shot. His soul was snatched. He did not have a prayer on guarding Lebron.
Vincent Earl
Vincent Earl 8 mesi fa
This was the very first NBA game I watched live. I wasn't a fan of any team by then, but as I watched this game, I knew which team I'll support from now on. I became a Heat fan since then and a huge fan of Dwyane Wade. I was 10 years old back then, and now I'm a Heat fan for 11 years now.
Juan Vasquez
Juan Vasquez 7 mesi fa
@Luis Moreno I became a heat fan back in 2003 when I went to my first basketball game. Watching D-Wade play even as a rookie I knew he was different. It seemed like he was way better than everyone else. Became a Heat fan ever since.
Luis Moreno
Luis Moreno 7 mesi fa
He’s an absolute dawg. Love the way he played. I became a Heat fan in 2006 bc of him and been a Heat fan ever since.
Plus Sign
Plus Sign 8 mesi fa
crazy to see Lebron on a team of capable hitters, and refreshing that there's no flopping going on in this video
Jon Lehning
Jon Lehning 6 mesi fa
Back when basketball wasn’t all about the 3 ball and players actually played defense. I miss these days
Benoît Lefebvre
I am with you. I am tired of so many 3-points. I really don’t like Curry. He started this trend and it won’t go away.
GC33 Anno fa
I was a freshman in high school when lebron signed with Miami. I graduated in 2014 when my spurs got revenge and sent him back home. Miss those days💯
Young Brevy (Youngbrevy)
The Heatles were fun to watch and amazing at times.
Aaron Posey
Aaron Posey 9 mesi fa
Lebron was so aggressive 😌 he never been my favorite but I respect him. The game will change once he’s gone
Rome santana
Rome santana 4 mesi fa
@Aaron Posey I really do hope so Ja Morant is fun to watch. I just hope Zion finally can take the league by storm
Aaron Posey
Aaron Posey 4 mesi fa
@Rome santana nah I can’t stop watching 😂 but I feel where you coming from. The league got a lot of good players coming and active
Rome santana
Rome santana 4 mesi fa
That real on that day I will be sad forever watching basketball. I might even stop watching hell Labron is the goat 🐐. I will definitely miss him once he’s retired.
Gavin Yu
Gavin Yu 2 mesi fa
That strength, that collision, is ten times more aggressive than nowadays.
Admiral JV
Admiral JV Mese fa
Right? I really felt the intense physicality here lol
Billz Glo
Billz Glo 9 mesi fa
When basketball had no flaws.
godsandmonstars 4 mesi fa
Michael Oruga
Michael Oruga 3 mesi fa
Time when players doesn’t rely on 3’s. 😊
James Daniel
James Daniel 4 mesi fa
I miss this era. There is no much 3 pointers. Unlike in todays game
Gerardo Ramos
Gerardo Ramos 8 mesi fa
Man how the game has changed now everyone just shoots threes 😅
On god if I was Chris Bosh I would’ve got that last basket 😂💯
Magdiel Lagos
Magdiel Lagos 8 mesi fa
Unbelievable how Paul Pierce went on tv and said they "broke LeBron" when he got cooked the most in this video
Ometecuhtli 2 mesi fa
Just words and nothing more
JC Abram
JC Abram 5 mesi fa
Seeing Shaq trying to stop Lebron is kinda cool and hilarious at the same time 😄
2Rawww4TVKd 2 mesi fa
The BiG 2 I only remember is D wade & Bosh showing up in 2011 finals lebron was actually a ROLE PLAYER in that series when it mattered the most 💯
bill bangz
bill bangz 8 mesi fa
R. Allen said the hell with this I'm taking my talents to South Beach 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Johnny Blaze
Johnny Blaze 2 mesi fa
@Liao Ssin yea,just like when he hit that 3,he was in the bench,.
just thisguy
just thisguy 3 mesi fa
They were washed
Liao Ssin
Liao Ssin 8 mesi fa
South bench
Abe McGee
Abe McGee 6 mesi fa
huge drop off that season, wade was playing at 75% health at this time
just thisguy
just thisguy 3 mesi fa
So was Boston
young savage98
If only we won that year 😔
just thisguy
just thisguy 3 mesi fa
Lebron choked
Windddz Lue
Windddz Lue Anno fa
damn, this game was so physical
Rooting for Jhun TV
Oh man, this was classic, boston has a big three on their own. KG, Pierce, Allen were top players too. They also have Rondo and a couple of good role players. Its just unfortunate Bron almost didn't play in the Finals
Javonah Henderson
@just thisguy I didn't become LeBron fan until he went back to Cleveland I hated that Miami team but that Dallas team was better than people give them credit for but I agree Miami should've won that series
just thisguy
just thisguy 2 mesi fa
@Javonah Henderson they did underachieve the first one was lebrons fault the last one was on Wade and his declining health
Javonah Henderson
@just thisguy but they still made the finals 2 yrs in row I hear what ur saying but the reality is they still were better on the floor than were on paper and Miami wasn't that big 3 had moments where they looked unstoppable but even with the 2 rings I still feel they underachieved but mostly due to injury
just thisguy
just thisguy 2 mesi fa
@Javonah Henderson because Duncan ginobli and Parker were all old they were like 40
Akis Kailidis
i like how much more physical the game was back then..
Michael Raniel
Johnny Blaze
Johnny Blaze 2 mesi fa
L3G3ND 8 mesi fa
You notice how much softer the league has become watching this
Ometecuhtli 2 mesi fa
There was a reason though, 2000-2003 were the slowest and teams relied heavily on defense, I believe the 2003 finals had the fewest viewers in 2 decades or something like that, so things had to be changed.
SmooveTV718 4 mesi fa
People was saying that then, and 10 years from now theyll say that today lol
Alain Lamour
Alain Lamour 6 mesi fa
This series was especially gritty and physical. Bodies clashing every play
Karthikeyan Loganathan
LeBron didn't give a fuck about the physicality of the Celtics 😂😂😂
Reasonable Netizen
The only big 3 in the NBA that gelled and made sense
skullhead beats
skullhead beats 4 mesi fa
Looking back at it this was real Bball so entertaining to watch regular fouls wasn’t flagrants the way the played n hustled I love this shit and it was beautiful
The year Wade would've gotten his second FMVP...
just thisguy
just thisguy 3 mesi fa
@SSA INVINCIBLEx nope that was the corpse of Duncan
@just thisguy Duncan was on the 2014 team
just thisguy
just thisguy 3 mesi fa
@SSA INVINCIBLEx Duncan was retired when Kawhi won his finals mvp dude was 100 years old
Emman M
Emman M 8 mesi fa
What are you talking about? The Mavs are the champs in '11. LMAO
FiloPino-90s Anno fa
Heat Big 3 🔥🔥🔥
Johnny Blaze
Johnny Blaze 2 mesi fa
all i needed was a bottle of water
GFAS : Anno fa
Loved this big 3
Massive Conn
Massive Conn Anno fa
Villain LeBron at its finest💯
Johnny Blaze
Johnny Blaze 2 mesi fa
yea right
Dk 8 mesi fa
Wade healthy the heat win all 4 years . They win 2011 finals if he was the one to take over , Bron wasn’t ready yet respectfully
just thisguy
just thisguy 3 mesi fa
Heat would have won 3 if lebron didn’t choke
Fire Angel Luffo
Lol but in 2011 he was the one leading them in the finals. His impact just wasn’t the same as if Bron was the one to.
Antbeast23 8 mesi fa
It was San Antonio year in 2014 but lebron grew and stepped out wade started to wear down with injuries. Lebron became the leader and go to guy
marlon cabrera
marlon cabrera 8 mesi fa
Wade was already proven to carry a team on his back just like in 2006 when the heat defeated the leading in standings mavs
Talk Stocks with B
Watching this now vs back then I don’t know if it’s because how quick fouls are called now but damn the heat got fouled a lot and their were alot of no calls that should have been called. Shows you how great wade James and Bosh was . Bosh got back ever play by Garnett lol
Talk Stocks with B
Bosh got hack*
Jay Kisuke
Jay Kisuke 3 mesi fa
Miami and Chicago was a real problem back then.
Fire Angel Luffo
Lol when you watch the entire 2011 playoffs you really do wonder what happen to Bron in the finals. It’s almost like he was paid to seek the game. Lol I know Dallas exploited weakness in his game but still he wasn’t doing some of the simplest things.🤣🤣
Fire Angel Luffo
@Royshad Curry Everyhting in that finals was strange when you look at it all
Royshad Curry
Royshad Curry 8 mesi fa
Yeah Jason Terry getting the trophy tattooed before the season , it’s like you haven’t even been in a finals yet and then you do this..and the way dirk walked off the court to the back was weird always to me
Fire Angel Luffo
@David Riedy We definitely got some elite level hooping those years
David Riedy
David Riedy 8 mesi fa
@Fire Angel Luffo yeah, I got some memories from 2012 and 2013 regarding the Heat, so it's a trade off
Fire Angel Luffo
@David Riedy Yeah we all wished it for real but you know it helped made him much better.
jjg 2 mesi fa
Physical games old school defense.. I miss this kind of games...
Fox 1
Fox 1 Anno fa
Its so sad to see Delonte West playing here and playing so well.
Travis Dull
Travis Dull Mese fa
KG no doubt top 10 PF but Bosh was cooking him in this game
King Dami
King Dami Anno fa
We should’ve won 3 titles but you know what happened
Miguel Ranches
Miguel Ranches 8 mesi fa
whole team only scored 15 those 3 got 83 together 🤯🤯🤯
thereal DG
thereal DG Mese fa
“Lebron couldnt play in the older era too soft” this was juss a GLIMPSE too big , too strong, too fast, too skilled
Henry Anno fa
dam I totally forgot shaq was on that 2011 Celtics team
MasterHepburns 3 mesi fa
It’s crazy to think that lebron is the only player here that is active now
Jeuz 9 mesi fa
Bosh ✨🔥✨
G 8 mesi fa
smh bron losing it in the finals ruins a crazy 2011 run. He put everything together this run up until the end
Christian Roy Lammawin
Lebron no. 6 with headband and on black jersey is just on different vibes. He's like a villain..
Johnny Blaze
Johnny Blaze 2 mesi fa
i was the villain
ALMIGHTY 3 mesi fa
Na he’s not a villain he’s a guy who’s really good at basketball
NiranjanM Mese fa
Back then when Miami and Celtics played each other it was like Finals Game 7 every time. Everyone's all in. Nowadays basketball is all about drawing fouls and shooting 3s
A B 9 mesi fa
Seeing the celtics loose to lebron was satisfying
Johnny Blaze
Johnny Blaze 2 mesi fa
very satisfying
WIN ONE 4 mesi fa
times, when the rings are look soo stress for dunks :)
johnny kim
johnny kim 7 mesi fa
When there was a position called Center, players played defense, plays were executed flawlessly. wtf has this basketball come to nowadays.
Twomps 2 mesi fa
Embiid, jokic and giannis are the best players in the league. Kd too, he just doesn't play like he's 7 foot. Its just different today. That's how the game works over time
Twomps 2 mesi fa
Teams competing for championships play good defense. Last years celtics were outstanding defensively. Warriors are usually very good too. The scores will be higher because of more 3's. Its harder to guard when the floor is spaced out like it is nowadays. Teams literally have to guard from the logo. Thats a huge era to cover.
So 6 mesi fa
D wade ❤❤❤❤
Life is a Gamble TV
man dwade was a problem.... that man stayed in the lane and it didn't matter who was there he tried to dunk on KG lol
Ometecuhtli 2 mesi fa
The flash era was Wade's best era
Twomps 2 mesi fa
I had him neck and neck with kobe for a minute. Different styles but they were the second and third greatest 2's that ive seen.
Sivi Vivu
Sivi Vivu Anno fa
I like Ray Allen and Paul pierce and Kevin Garrett but Miami playing good
BLUE Anno fa
J.O had a chance winning the title
千葉整 6 mesi fa
I love Wade
Benjvmin 2 mesi fa
When the nba was actually not painful to watch
Dom Jones
Dom Jones Mese fa
Boston really had KG, Jermaine Oneal, SHAQ and Big Baby Davis and were still giving up points in the paint to Bron and Wade bro. LET THAT SINK IN!!!!
Cyberdemon Anno fa
Yo that Wade swish at 0:17 sounded so crisp dawg
DSTREET45 8 mesi fa
@Jalen Daniels That shot still gives me chills.
Jalen Daniels
Jalen Daniels 10 mesi fa
More crisp than the one at 7:28 dawg?
Luka Calov
Luka Calov 8 mesi fa
Wade was the best player in the world at the time Robbed for MVP
Jtbuckets Shorts
Dawg Shaq looked awful I can’t believe Doc Rivers had him out there against prime DWade and LeBron 😭😭😭
Jtbuckets Shorts
@Carl Clemens yeah but he wasn’t going against an offensive titan in Jimmy butler 😭 . Bron or DWade bound to give you 40 in 2011
Carl Clemens
Carl Clemens 8 mesi fa
Doc Rivers played DeAndre Jordan in the second Round this Year
Irving Gonzalez
Irving Gonzalez 8 mesi fa
Bro it was bad… the way he was barely able to move made me cringe
Alan ricado
Alan ricado Mese fa
how the hell did dirk win this trio???
MrAjscott03 Mese fa
Boston had unskilled goons except for Rashon and Ray. Everyone else tried to intimidate the Heat. That worked just fine😂
Kkk Jjj
Kkk Jjj 8 mesi fa
Less three point shot. This is the game of basketball
Travis Dull
Travis Dull Mese fa
Bron in Miami was Tom Brady in a well protected pocket. Sit back and watch the general work!
Duskofnight 2 mesi fa
chi slamma jamma! that strength of the jamma!
Benoît Lefebvre
LeBron was sooo fast for a SF ! Ridiculously fast. He was at his peak from 2010-2014. 2013 was the best LeBron version ever. He was a serious threat on both sides. Edit: this Miami trio in all black were intimidating af. But my favorite was the bright red they wore one time. My favorite game because of the clothes lol
Izzy 3:16
Izzy 3:16 7 mesi fa
Lechoked ruined Miami’s 2011 NBA FINALS! Wade would have been finals MVP, had the Heat won.
Victor Sosa
Victor Sosa Anno fa
Great Times
ALMIGHTY 3 mesi fa
When the game was fun to watch now these clowns run around like tellatubbys and shoot 3s all day
Batman Turbo Washington III
Celtics played physical , looked like 80-90s defense when center didnt know how to stop drive to the basket so only option is hard foul. Just look at hard fouls by jermaine oneal.
Ometecuhtli 2 mesi fa
2 things: enforcers and yes, he would've beaten most 90s teams easily as they couldn't play zone against him the way San Antonio and Dallas did in the finals.
Carter Bilbro
LeBron wouldn’t survive the 90s though
Ricardo TheSoloist Boereau
Miami LeBron will go down as the greatest LeBron ever ✊🏾💯
Charles Charles
Charles Charles 8 mesi fa
And another thing that LeBron always say when he gets so arrogant each other people that he can't be stopped really LeBron James you can't be stopped, if that was so then you will win every game so don't ever say you can't be stopped cuz every time you lose the game somebody stopped you you didn't win did you so don't say you can't be stopped you been stopped the many plenty of time. Keep that one on top of your storm what I mean bad at in your mind I played that can't be stopped is always winning. If you didn't make it to the playoffs definitely guess what you have been stopped so keep that clear.
Charles Charles
Charles Charles 8 mesi fa
And another thing you can't say you went to Miami to play with Dwyane Wade because or they say Dwayne Wade lost he wasn't himself don't believe that believe me if Dwayne Wade was a shell of his self you wouldn't want to titles that was b******* Dwyane Wade was just as strong as his self when you came there and Bosch was as strong as when you got there so don't say Dwyane Wade was a shell of himself cuz no one going to believe that because you can't win unless Dwyane Wade will play at the top of his game. Only thing the only thing Dwyane Wade was missing with another piece or he could have done it himself you LeBron James what's the peace that Dwyane Wade needed.
johnny kim
johnny kim 7 mesi fa
Ray Allen was in a Miami uniform the year after....
Ometecuhtli 2 mesi fa
Boston was done
David Snyder
David Snyder 9 mesi fa
Good old LeBron James. Missing the shot to push the lead to 5 with 25 sec left in OT... tip in by Bosh. Settled for a horrible shot. Looks goofy and robotic.
DSTREET45 8 mesi fa
@PrimeLeBron Say it louder for the people in the back!
Borat Wilson
Borat Wilson 8 mesi fa
@Chris Ross don't explain nothing he wants likes like the rest of the haters. where ever lebron go rings follow. haters too. now his gm skills need work but he'd be a better GM than mjs Bobcats 😆
Chris Ross
Chris Ross 8 mesi fa
Lol brooo if you want more clutch shooting from him look at his 2018 run more clutch that year than your favorite player
Borat Wilson
Borat Wilson 8 mesi fa
@PrimeLeBron tell him again. God go on undisputed with skip snd shannon and help unc out. thumbs up deserved
PrimeLeBron 9 mesi fa
Good old LeBron James. Dropping 35/14 on the road in a hostile TD Garden against the Big 3 C's to give his team a 3-1 lead, leading the team in scoring, rebounding, steals. Playing 50 mins, scoring 11 of the teams 17 in the 4th. Hitting the game tying 3P shot at 84-84 with 2 mins left, hitting the shot to give them the lead 86-84 with under 50 seconds. But yeah dude, go ahead and nit pick like you guys always do. LeBron haters are a deranged species.
Em Je
Em Je 5 mesi fa
W8. I see Shaq in this game. Jerry west too.
The dream
The dream Anno fa
It’s hard to respect lebron rings when he had to jump from superteams to superteams to get em
Ometecuhtli 2 mesi fa
@Jay Farley Of course Jordan could win without Pippen. 1 playoff game.
Jay Farley
Jay Farley 6 mesi fa
@The dream mj ain’t winning without pippen😂😭
The dream
The dream 8 mesi fa
@MyNoseisDirty bulls ain’t winning championships without Jordan 😂😂😂 that comment is straight comedy 😂😂
Brandon bates
Brandon bates 8 mesi fa
When did he jump superteam to superteam??? Without him?? Are those teams still super???
Weneed him
Weneed him Anno fa
@MyNoseisDirty jordan has won chips without rodman though
DISS TRACK 6 mesi fa
lebron broke celtics 😍
Car Mania
Car Mania 5 mesi fa
So they don't shoot THREES back then.. 😏
張明杰 9 mesi fa
總冠軍賽 熱火隊最後還是打輸2011年小牛隊
Marco Sorian
Marco Sorian 4 mesi fa
Pierce sta ancora rosicando :D
john thonig
john thonig 9 mesi fa
Two are retired and one over da hill
André Sena
André Sena 4 mesi fa
This was the year that wade hurt Rondo to win the series??
RAIZEN 8 mesi fa
26 year old lebron james
M LC 4 mesi fa
Ricky El Diablo
Ricky El Diablo 8 mesi fa
Shaq: I got 4 rings Chuck How he got his rings:
Alain Lamour
Alain Lamour 6 mesi fa
Nah don’t disrespect a top 10 goat. Them rings all legit. Even the 06 back pack year he still did his part in the majority of the playoffs
R.M Haych
R.M Haych Anno fa
This could be ad bron and Russ
Darahn Quinn
Darahn Quinn 9 mesi fa
The heatles
Dekz Digz
Dekz Digz 4 mesi fa
This is the reason why Paul Pierce always said that LEBRON JAMES is not a top 5 NBA Player of All Time!!😅🤣😂
1986 Anno fa
2011.... The year Dirk OWNED ALL 3 , LeCHOKE , D FADE , and Christina Bosh.. 😂 😂
Johnny Blaze
Johnny Blaze 2 mesi fa
@Dee Zabstadaaaa
Dee Zabs
Dee Zabs 8 mesi fa
@BobbyDick22785 oh really? IF you say that because the mavs were the favorites that year, we can also say that 2011 was also rigged cuz Heat were the favorites
@Weneed him EVERY TIME he INTENTIONALLY caused a contact, he drew a foul. Dirk was absolutely neglected in that series. So was Josh Howard. The Dwyane Wade rule should have been introduced way earlier!
Weneed him
Weneed him Anno fa
@BobbyDick22785 no, enough with the excuses
@Weneed him That one was rigged
Tobat's Channel
Tobat's Channel 8 mesi fa
too bad they were stopped by Solo Dirk, and Jason Terry and JJ Barrea
Kwasi Kumah
Kwasi Kumah 8 mesi fa
This game was a war
Pk Thunder whoa!
I was there! I remembered !
Dela Peña, David S.G.
D wade.
tupang na manok
tupang na manok 6 mesi fa
Shaq last game?
maruz dumucruz
maruz dumucruz 5 mesi fa
lebron is different b4
Mike Jones
Mike Jones Anno fa
Only if the Celtics big 3 was in there prime too. They were old lol
Arda Akdeniz
Arda Akdeniz Anno fa
@ahmet burak öneş Barea olayı kötüydü de LeBron'u zorlanmasının asıl sebebi pota altında Chandler'ın ve perimeter'da Kidd'in ve ek olarak Marion'un defansı. Ama evet post up yapamadı o finalde LeBron sonra Hakeem ile çalıştı dediğin gibi.
Arda Akdeniz
Arda Akdeniz Anno fa
@ahmet burak öneş Amare'nin gelmesinin sebebi Phoenix'in Amare'yi vermek istememesiydi. Cleveland'in yapabileceği birşey yoktu orada. Ama evet Cleveland yeterli oyuncuları sağlayamadı. Bir ara Joe Johnson veya Ray Allen'i almayı düşünüp alamadıklarına dair birşey gördüm internette örneğin. ( Sonra Larry Hughes gelmişti galiba veya Mo Williams )
Antonio-974 Anno fa
Old like Lebron, CP3, KD or Curry ? They werent 40 man, KG was like 34 and ray allen 36, if Lebron or Cp3 lose they will not say they are old, because age doesn’t matter, if you are a starting player in a championship team its because you are as good as any other player in their prime.
E Appleby
E Appleby 8 mesi fa
Soft era? Alot of physical play
marlon cabrera
marlon cabrera 2 mesi fa
@E Appleby so tranferring to another stronger teams just to win a championshiop is a great thing for you?? 😆 😆 If jordan went to orlando to play with shaq and penny is that a great thing too??
marlon cabrera
marlon cabrera 2 mesi fa
@E Appleby lebron with 5 top 75 players of alltime...
Johnny Blaze
Johnny Blaze 2 mesi fa
@marlon cabrera like me?
E Appleby
E Appleby 8 mesi fa
@marlon cabrera he didn't play with a top 50 player or one of the greatest coaches for more than 10 years like Jordan Magic Bird etc he just gets new teammates and Coaches and win everywhere he plays
marlon cabrera
marlon cabrera 8 mesi fa
And they said lebron played with bums...he played with superstars
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