The Greek Freak's 27 Best Plays Of All-Time | Giannis Antetokounmpo 27th Birthday Edition

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We're celebrating Giannis Antetokounmpo's 27th birthday with his 27 best plays of all-time (so far). Enjoy!

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5 dic 2021




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tgan24 11 mesi fa
When you cannot decide whether you are more impressed by the offensive or the defensive highlights, you know you are in the presence of greatness.
Andrew 26 giorni fa
@Kevin Durant Champion this aged like a fine wine
Cabeza De Pan
Cabeza De Pan 4 mesi fa
You sure right
IRISH GREEN_2AM 4 mesi fa
@Kevin Durant Champion but didn’t we eliminate yous ?and didn’t the Celtics sweep yous ?
Charlie Kav
Charlie Kav 7 mesi fa
For real
Daniel Marcano
Daniel Marcano 7 mesi fa
@YoungBae 518 kobe
Philipp Bernhard
HOF resume at age 27. Sky really is the limit for Giannis
Preston greenbay
@MM02 yea I agree it's a long shot but he still is one of the few players that even has a long shot...because of how good mj and Bron are
MM02 Mese fa
@Preston greenbay well 7 rings is an absolute long shot, and I just think that his first like 3-4 years in the league and the fact that he’ll eventually slow down towards the end of his career will bring him down a bit. LeBron and Jordan have been elite since day 1 and still were up until they retired (LeBron still going crazy) but I think he can finish top 5
Preston greenbay
@MM02 what if he wins like 7 rings then he still wouldn't be in the conversation? He got a good shot at the goat
Ukitaki 5 mesi fa
he will be all time top 10 end of his career
Hairline Lawyer
Hairline Lawyer 7 mesi fa
@MM02 lol magic had a better first ten years than ANY SPORTS CAREER. He made it to 8 finals in an era everyone was in the paint and NO SPACING. MAGIC DIDNT FINISH HIS CAREER AND JORDAN AND LEBRON COULDNT MAKE A FASTBREAK LOOK AS ENJOYABLE WITH ANOTHER TEAMMATE
nickpr. Anno fa
#1 is hands down the best defensive recovery in NBA history!
B T 6 mesi fa
@World of Soccer lmao you smoking crack
Rufgaudas 7 mesi fa
@Hairline Lawyer no one is saying that this was a bad block, but saying it is the greatest of all time is a bit bold statement :) and ignorant a bit as well, pretending like NBA started from 2010 :)
Hairline Lawyer
Hairline Lawyer 7 mesi fa
@Rufgaudas how many hof doing what giannis did. for any one giannis height to react fast enough to catch and airborne seven footer on a bum leg is miraculous
theo sas
theo sas 7 mesi fa
@Rufgaudas well is like D,Robinson than hakeem the dream...he no have the mind and maturity of hakeem...sometimes gianis is like his mind is no on the game when def and when attack go and make silly ofencive fouls...he is a beast sure but his mind cant follow sometimes...he need good coach to teach him post game and finaly learn to shoot free throws like normal players :)...his not carl malone he was over 80% ft if i am no wrong ....anw i wonder when gianis loose in years his explosivnes how he will play
theo sas
theo sas 7 mesi fa
@Rufgaudas u said it all well ..nobody have ever reach the grace of a prime MJ....(ur trash talk referance also is what make the boys mans)....so no point compare the golden era 1980 1995-6-7-8 with today...now all r great athlets and jump and run but players like bird we no have much... maybe doncic and joker can still play without be great athlet also...back then sawn kemp make us watch with open mouth or dominik and some few others when they dunk or block cause was more athletic than the others...also the game was much more contact with no easy calls for the defender like today were the def can easy take a charge offencive foull...sry for bad english to whom read it all :)
Koukos volonté
Χρόνια πολλα Γιάνναρε με υγεια και ευτυχία στην οικογένεια σου!
Demunking 3 mesi fa
Poli orea
Kapoios Kapopoulos
That iconic Block on Ayton reflects his whole imprint in the game: tremendous athleticism, incomparable defensive iq, hunger to win, clutch gene.
T Mac
T Mac 10 mesi fa
I’m still trying to figure out how he defended the pick and roll at the same time
Fred the Fish
Fred the Fish 10 mesi fa
It looks even more improbable in slow motion.
ON. 11 mesi fa
not incomparable but yes
Bohan Xu
Bohan Xu 11 mesi fa
@JasTheKariol I think typically throwing it high is harder to defend if the roller is good. If you have a very athletics big (like prime Dwight Howard or Blake), you are supposed to lob it high, because your big can catch it high while your opponent big can't. Just guessing though... never played basketball in a high level where I need to think about such thing.
JasTheKariol 11 mesi fa
@Ezra Kilpatrick The timing was perfect also due to the fact that Booker threw it too high, making Ayton lose time before descending to throw it down. And Giannis was there for the opportunity.
Kellz K
Kellz K Anno fa
My fav Giannis Moments are from Early in his carrer. When us all as fans only had hope… Seeing glimpses of what Giannis would become. Gives me goosebumps.
aLeXx1314 3 mesi fa
Greetings from Greece, I know what you mean, his future trademark plays were encapsulated in that 2:17 moment! Deny you at the rim and proceed to destroy you in transition.
Natural Angie
Natural Angie 11 mesi fa
Fr...and now we looking at the Giannis that became...#Champs
christar1ful Anno fa
Didnt realise Giannis owns the Knicks
Jon Snow
Jon Snow 7 mesi fa
Celtics too apparently
Drunkest Hour
Drunkest Hour 8 mesi fa
Every time he plays at MSG he does something wild.
Kab Driver
Kab Driver 9 mesi fa
As a Knicks fan since birth in 1998, he does 😂
George Varonos
George Varonos 10 mesi fa
After Kobe retired, some1 had to. He passed the torch to him
Malak 11 mesi fa
One of the most prolific owners in NBA history
Antonis Kalakonas
Χρόνια πολλά Γιάννη! Πάντα γερός, σιδερένιος και οτι επιθυμείς για εσένα και την οικογένεια σου! Thank you for all the joy and happiness you bring to our lives!
Adam Mouzenidis
I had not realised (until this video) how many games he has already judged by overturning the score in the last seconds of the match! Giannis is the real MVP!! MVP of our hearts!!!
aLeXx1314 3 mesi fa
He also lead 4th quarter scoring this year.
sophia mac
sophia mac 4 mesi fa
@Alex Raileanu Absolutely nailed it with your comment 💯
Alex Raileanu
Alex Raileanu 7 mesi fa
@Suzette Wilkie the media is sour that Gianis isn't an american made player. He came from Greece and schooled everyone in the NBA, so they hate on that fact. He deserves to be called the best in the league for like 3 years now, yet they keep saying crap like "he's close to the top 10". Bruh.
Adam Mouzenidis
Adam Mouzenidis 11 mesi fa
@Suzette Wilkie That’s the way media works. But Giannis always responds with actions on the basketball court and the history he has written so far!
Suzette Wilkie
Suzette Wilkie 11 mesi fa
But the media keep saying he can't close smh
The last play against the suns in game 6 still gives me goosebumps every time I watch it
mattdotts 9 mesi fa
That stare though......
Keith Johnson
Many thanks to the Milwaukee Bucks video team for putting this together. The first person commentary on some of the plays adds more dimension. That coupled with the cinematography and editing builds on the foundation that was pioneered by NFL Films. Of course Giannis makes a very compelling subject. It was probably harder to figure out what to exclude than what include. Happy 27th birthday to Giannis. It's amazing that he has EARNED the title of future Hall of Famer at such a young age and still just entering the prime of his career.
“That’s gotta be top ten all time” Actually Khris this dude is so nuts it’s only No. 15 😂
Carson Ballentine
he means layup moves in general not shot, stop etc.
Alex Peterson
Alex Peterson 11 mesi fa
Giannis just has too many disgustingly good plays. And of course the dunks are always gonna be higher up, because they're flashier.
Jonathan Alvarez
Jonathan Alvarez 11 mesi fa
He legit knows how to use every inch of his height and wingspan,he's the best shot blocker since mutumbo his blocks are demoralizing you can see the soul leave their bodies
Kurt 11 mesi fa
That block on zubac. He won’t ever be jumping with giannis again haha
Aadithya Kumaran
Aadithya Kumaran 11 mesi fa
I wish I could relive the finals. Man, Greek God for a reason!
Jonathan Alvarez
Jonathan Alvarez 11 mesi fa
They say it was luck,but you could feel the magic in that NBA FINALS,Giannis grew up/graduated in front of our eyes.....the irony of having the best came of your career in the biggest game of your career is just nuts,the 50 year drought with 50/14/5 in a closeout game 6 going 17-19 from the line 👏 that's legendary
Remi Perdriau
The most dominant superstar since shaq. The pure monster and diamond
Knocked away and stolen by Holiday. Phoenix has to foul and Giannis throws it down. And a foul! Giannis on the alley-oop. What a turnaroud! The best sequence of plays that I've watched in the NBA. Legendary! Happy birthday Greek Freak! 😤
Giannis.clips95 4 mesi fa
It was antekounmpo throws it down not Giannis
Terrance Handy
Terrance Handy 9 mesi fa
Nice 😁👍🏾
Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar 11 mesi fa
waking up at 6 am to watch it was worth it. I was screaming in the morning alone.
AB 11 mesi fa
Mike Breen tried to use the magic "x has a timeout. Decides not to use it" card but didn't work out
YEN 11 mesi fa
@Rudy It's like the league has to balance the game so they don't call that many fouls on Giannis.
Dimitris Salepis
Dimitris Salepis 11 mesi fa
When you see that half the highlight reel are defensive stops and recoveries, then you realise that you re seeing a different kind of player. Also at age 27 Giannis can fill up hours and hours of highlights in video. Not only scoring and blocking though. He has learned how to play basketball in Greece, Europe. So he reads the court like a guard. He laser assists like LeBron. He creates space like no other. I mean bless him to stay healthy cause if he does, he will evolve to the best player ever, cause he has Kobe s and MJ s work ethic. Happy birthday Champ!
Paul Atreides
Happy Birthday Greatest Player of All Time.
Kiara Gamble
Kiara Gamble Anno fa
Happy 27th Birthday to you Giannis 🤍🎂
Jacob Tienor
Jacob Tienor Anno fa
Man I miss the Bradley center, happy birthday to the man who keeps basketball entertaining
Giannis.clips95 4 mesi fa
Michael Hession
Michael Hession 11 mesi fa
The fact that he has accomplished what he has at age 27 considering where he started is insane, and he is only in the beginning of his prime, as long as he stays healthy this could be a dynasty. #GREEKFREAK
Apostolos Toumpaniaris
Χρόνια πολλά Γιάννη!🇬🇷🏀 You are our idol.
Ese Anno fa
Happy Birthday Giannis 🇳🇬 🇬🇷 🇺🇸
Dennis Liu
Dennis Liu Anno fa
No matter how many times, still feel incredible to see him did it again and again. The Winner.
Danny Skywalker
Danny Skywalker 11 mesi fa
#3 after he dunks and looks into the crowd will always be my favorite moment in Milwaukee bucks history!
When The Mask Falls
@Jared Too bad you missed Super Bowl LI.
Jared 11 mesi fa
Might be my favorite sports moment I've ever witnessed!
Big T
Big T 11 mesi fa
I'm a little surprised that Giannis' floater over kevin durant in game 7 didn't make the list. Happy Birthday Giannis. You a legend.
Lorentzen Montoya
Damn, the last still makes me cry. I'm glad I was fortunate enough to able to watch almost all these highlights live. Happy birthday Giannis, hope you can defend the title this season! Thats all us, Bucks fans, want for you and the organization. Go Bucks!
Robert Levy
Robert Levy 11 mesi fa
I was born the year after the first Bucks Championship. I didn't think it would ever happen again. Thank you Giannis
Damaged X
Damaged X Anno fa
Giannis is one if the most smartest players in NBA
Dammy Murphy
Dammy Murphy Anno fa
Happy birthday Giannis. God bless you and your family and give you long life and good health
Ignacio Rodríguez
I could watch this the entire day. Happy birthday giannis
Just Drey
Just Drey 11 mesi fa
Watching this video, I realized what a amazing journey it was for Giannis to achieve his status as a basketball legend. Very inspirational and great respect. Happy birthday to my favourite player, Giannis! I wish you health and more big achievements!
DEKHO 11 mesi fa
I love the video. I love him. He is an amazing player. I hope he is going down as a forever Legend at the end of his career. My first jersey that I ever bought in my life was his , one year before he won the first ring (because I belive its not going to be his only ring). I knew something,... he has an aura of greatness.
David de Guzman
David de Guzman 11 mesi fa
Best block in the Finals ever. He made D Book gave the ball up by his help defense and then to have the energy to recover and make that timely block on a dunk. Man, that's freaking legendary.
Obiefuna Chukwuebuka
Happy Birthday Giannis Sina Ugo Adetokunbo. More years to celebrate. Expecting you in Nigeria soon. 🇳🇬
Remi Perdriau
Happy birthday giannis. You are the best superstar in the NBA and the future face of the NBA. You will be the greatest
Mickel Taylor
Mickel Taylor 11 mesi fa
It’s crazy on how he can move in the air with his size and and how much ground he can cover on fast break 😮‍💨
국천호 11 mesi fa
It's meaningful that the best play of his career is defense
ForDrops Escanor
That defensive iq and precision so satisfying to watch
Jonathan Alvarez
Jonathan Alvarez 11 mesi fa
Very savvy on the weakside,chase downs, and straight up ALL-TIME recovery ability
Κωνσταντίνος Σαραντόπουλος
We are proud of you here in Greece🙏
balogun ramon
Happy Birthday to the Greek Freak. Keep making us proud. We love you bro🇳🇬🇬🇷🇺🇸
george xanth
george xanth 11 mesi fa
Χρόνια σου πολλά Γιάννη με υγεία και Ευτυχία σε όλη σου την ζωή...σε ευχαριστούμε πολύ για όλα!!!
Future • 1,000 years ago
Didn't know that Giannis' bday was after my bday, happy bday to the Greek Freak
Brother Steven Uche
He's first a Nigerian okay!
Silver Sapphire
Silver Sapphire 11 mesi fa
Happy Birthday to you!!
Djibson DaSilva
Your name is awesome💯👌
Damaged X
Damaged X Anno fa
12:37 That alley oop dunk was my favorite alley oop finish I've seen from giannis
Jack Winter
Jack Winter 11 mesi fa
It’ll be in the finals reel forever now
D’art Brider
I like what Giannis does some times when he jumps for a dunk, looking like the jordan jump man logo :)
Marvin King Jr
Man top 5 of all time. So inspirational 🙌.
Leon 11 mesi fa
It's amazing that at the age of 27 giannis is already an HOF and what amazes me the most is giannis wasn't like MJ,Bron,Kobe all gifted and skilled at the start giannis worked his ass to be what he is now
Jordan Price
Jordan Price 11 mesi fa
A lot of people forget that the block Giannis got on Ayton was off the leg he hyperextended like 10 days prior. Truly is a freak!
OverTimeAngel 11 mesi fa
The most savage thing giannis has done in his career was disrespect the entire sixers fanbase by sitting like that, hitting two daggers, and Ordering a Phili Cheese during his post game interview 😂
Bag Holder
Bag Holder 8 mesi fa
When the last clip came I got goosebumps.. such an amazing player!
Iveer 11 mesi fa
"And I saw Capela coming one of the great blockers" That's respect right there 🔥
ladiblue03 11 mesi fa
Happy Birthday Giannis Giannis Antetokounmpo ❤
Marios 11 mesi fa
Enjoy every game that this legend is involved in people! This is future history. Tonight in Miami as well. Happy birthday Giannare
Incredi-o-games 11 mesi fa
I just love how Giannis gets the ball and is the god of the court and just slams the buckets on the other team and rejects their shots and just being so amazing.
Aku Reiku
Aku Reiku 11 mesi fa
It's wild how people seem to forget how clutch and big time Giannis has always been when the game Is on the line!💯
Chriss Castillo
Chriss Castillo 11 mesi fa
Feliz cumpleaños Giannis 🇵🇷🐐🇬🇷
Apollo Creed
Apollo Creed Anno fa
Happy Birthday and God bless you Giannis!!!!! 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂💚!!!! Milwaukee Bucks champions 2021 only with help of God!!!! History made only with help of God!!!! We gonna do it again only with help of God in 2022!!!!! Praised be Jesus Christ!!!!!
Evan Haigh
Evan Haigh 11 mesi fa
@Greek Veteran no, just hate when people make excuses for what someone has achieved by stating god helped them. It’s simply delusional and tbf kinda disrespectful, I know if I achieved something I wouldnt be happy with people saying that it was because of God and only with his help.
Greek Veteran
Greek Veteran 11 mesi fa
@Evan Haigh How do you know? How can be so sure? Are you God yourself?
V.U Pablo Vuyo
V.U Pablo Vuyo 11 mesi fa
Evan Haigh
Evan Haigh Anno fa
Had nothing to do with God man
Daryl Delos Santos
Happy Birthday The Greek Freak..Im always waiting for every updates from this channel..And man I'm loving every piece of it ..
André Filipe
André Filipe 11 mesi fa
Παναγιωτης Κουκελλης
Χρόνια πολλά Γιάννη,να είσαι γερός και δυνατός σου εύχομαι...
Sergio K
Sergio K 7 mesi fa
We're just witnessing history and i'm loving it.
Ioannis Mitsis
Ioannis Mitsis 11 mesi fa
Χρόνια πολλά Γιάννη με υγεία,οικογενειακή ευτυχία και αθλητική ανέλιξη.Συνέχισε να είσαι πάντα σεμνός,παράδειγμα προς μίμηση.
Severin Hilt
Severin Hilt 10 mesi fa
Man, I remember back very early in Giannis’ career and my stepdad said Giannis was gonna be one of the greatest of all time and he was gonna win MVP. He was right. And the scary thing is that Giannis still can get a lot better
Michael Radford
Michael Radford 11 mesi fa
absolutely amazing player who will be in the hall of fame without a doubt
MVG da GOAT 11 mesi fa
My favorite player right now.I hope he wins more champs and other individual titles
Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy
The Beauty of Giannis's greatness is that he would probably be great in whatever NBA era you put him on. What a beast.
Thus Spake
Thus Spake 9 mesi fa
Giannis is an artist.. Thank you, Giannis, for the superb beauty of your game and the beauty of your character !
Keng Vang
Keng Vang Anno fa
Happy birthday, Giannis! You're a freak of a different breed. Enjoy brother!
Sconnie 11 mesi fa
at 27 my guy is an NBA finals MVP, Champion, back to back mvp,defensive poy, most improved player. Numerous career highlights already unreal numbers for his career, and not to mention a great dude off the court, funny and likable gotta love Gianni’s
B-Ballstore 8 mesi fa
You can already see that he is the most dominant and skilled pf of all time he just need some chips and points
Emil Borissov
Jimbob Cornbread
This man is the closest thing we will experience to what everyone in the 60s felt seeing Wilt Chamberlain play.
Chesco 11 mesi fa
Incredibly incredible Giannis 💪🏾
Brandon Gette
Brandon Gette 10 mesi fa
He is such a great I feel special to see to see such greatness from even better person. Thank You Giannis for never leaving and winning the first championship in 50 years. Giannis is the definition of hard work.
Greek Dreamer
Greek Dreamer 11 mesi fa
Seems that the Knicks and the Suns are fighting each other for the "Giannis's Best Client Award". Its a tough game, but I'd say the Suns deserve it more.
100 Days
100 Days 7 mesi fa
bro everytime I’m watching Giannis highlights, my mind is blown
Jonathan 11 mesi fa
The shear amount of athleticism in this play from both 2:46 WOW 5:55
KojiGG 11 mesi fa
Mark my words, at the end of his career he’ll be top 3 all time.
mcmkrall70 7 mesi fa
i remember when he hit that buzzer beater on the knicks i was thinking to my self. This dude is going to win a MVP in the next 5 years. in those 5 years hes won 2 MVPs and a championship. dude is a beast!
dany keys
dany keys Anno fa
happy birthday greek freak god bless you my man
Petros Petros
Petros Petros 11 mesi fa
Χρονια πολλα Γιανναρε παικτουρα!!
Gilho Ahn
Gilho Ahn 11 mesi fa
Any hall of famer big man would be delighted to have half of these highlights in his career and Giannis has them before turning 27. Definitely the best European player ever and by the end of his career he might be the best big man ever. Χρόνια πολλά Γιάνναρε!!
FC Guam
FC Guam 11 mesi fa
He is the NEW KING of the DECADE!!!
CaptainDongo 11 mesi fa
Da Sherif
Da Sherif 7 mesi fa
Without a doubt, the current best player in the NBA.
Rom Sawyer
Rom Sawyer Anno fa
1 IN A BILLION.. unfortunately.. predetermined
Age is just a number.This guy is 26 and he's one of the best players I've ever seen.He found his God given talent and he's improving.If he can keep improving he may be true greatest ever status by 29/30.
rodprops 7 mesi fa
That dunk he did on THJ, if that was me getting humiliated, I would've left the NBA.... IMMEDIATELY!! 😂😂
Antonis Keris
Antonis Keris 11 mesi fa
That block still gives me chills!
roytine 11 mesi fa
Γιάννη είσαι ΓΙΓΑΝΤΑΣ!!!!! Σε ευχαριστουμε!!!!!!!!
Lautaro Quiroga
Lautaro Quiroga 10 mesi fa
"AND THE REJECTION BY GIANNIS!!" is the best commentator line on the NBA 2k games by a mile. I wish I could get that as a notification ringtone.
Loofah 7 mesi fa
This dude is just legendary
Yo Yo
Yo Yo 11 mesi fa
I love watching the crowd in slow motion on that block. DRA-MA
Siddhanth Keeryott
Happy birthday to my guy🧁🍰🎂!! Giannis Antetokounmpo! have a great day man!! You r the 🐐 of the NBA
Aus 11 mesi fa
2 of his best 3 in the finals... clutch.
Sun eve
Sun eve 11 mesi fa
The Greatest player in the league right now and the years to come!
Subhashis Mandal
Happy Birthday legend!!!
KSeng Anno fa
Happy bday to the Greek Freak !!
Daniel Anno fa
Do difficult to pic his best because there are thousands of them. Thanks for the moments
Θεοφιλος Μουμτσιδης
Χρόνια σου πολλά MVP !
HELLAS59 11 mesi fa
Xronia Polla Gianni! Amazing Highlights from an Amazing Player, still so early in his Young Career!
Maxwell Ritchie
Maxwell Ritchie 11 mesi fa
Watching Giannis' block on Ayton in slowmo... it truly looked like he wasnt going to get there. Greek FREAK!
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