The hitters figured out when he was throwing his curveball, a breakdown 

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8 apr 2023




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Kaz Canning
Kaz Canning 5 mesi fa
The absolute perfection pitchers have to maintain between all of their pitch setups is mindblowing.
DudeTotally1000 5 mesi fa
Apparently Randy Johnson tipped his pitches his entire career and people still couldn't hit him. So either don't tip or be Randy Johnson 😂
nofreehooks 5 mesi fa
@DudeTotally1000THE BIG UNIT!
JD Shellnut
JD Shellnut 5 mesi fa
They'll be okay... the average pitchers make 20 mil a year
NateStorm12 5 mesi fa
@JD Shellnut what? they’re not gonna be making $20m if they tip their pitches all the time. and nobody was feeling bad for them, just impressed. you sound jealous
A Voice Calling
A Voice Calling 5 mesi fa
​@JD Shellnut well, not the average ones... But the good ones make that on average 😂
Michael Eineke
Michael Eineke 5 mesi fa
Imagine this pitcher finds out he’s tipping pitches from a jomboy video and not his coaching staff
yogurtsniffer86 5 mesi fa
It’s the Chicago White Sox. I wouldn’t doubt it.
Wolf 5 mesi fa
that actually happened to the Tigers pitcher who would look to third every time he would throw the fastball to the Yankees last year. He admitted to the press the next day that he watched the breakdown and saw what he was doing wrong
Sam H
Sam H 5 mesi fa
He had a great outing today vs Pirates so obviously they fixed it. White Sox have a capable pitching coach.
yogurtsniffer86 5 mesi fa
@Sam H the Sox are 28th in the league in ERA rn
Bladewing Ten
Bladewing Ten 5 mesi fa
These tipped pitches videos are insane. Jimmy is the absolute GOAT at in-depth baseball breakdowns. Thank you for this video!
tweezerjam 5 mesi fa
As if he’s scouring every game in slow-mo trying to find this stuff. 😂 You’re giving him too much credit- he even mentioned Plouffe sent him this info. Most of his video topics are based on submissions, tips and advice. I like him too but get real.
ZachM2020 5 mesi fa
​@tweezerjamHe breaks it down in an entertaining way that non baseball fans can understand. Who cares where he got it from
tweezerjam 5 mesi fa
@ZachM2020 i do not care and agree. I do care about accuracy though. Weird, I know.
Adam Moreira
Adam Moreira 5 mesi fa
In this case, he gave the credit to Trevor Plouffe, a former major leaguer who is part of the staff.
tweezerjam 5 mesi fa
@Adam Moreira that’s right I forgot about that. So yeah, they do scoure footage but again, Jimmy didn’t find this.
Abdullah iPad
Abdullah iPad 5 mesi fa
Must have been devastating for the pitcher. 4 homers in one inning must not be very fun. Just standing there alone on the mound…
TheBatugan77 5 mesi fa
Heh heh heh heh... HEH HEH HEHEHE HEH!
Sneersh 5 mesi fa
Reminds me of the Phillies in the WS last year against McCullers. Shows how big of an advantage it is to know what pitch is coming.
Brian Ferber
Brian Ferber 5 mesi fa
Oh I was at the game and the White Sox fans were not happy with this opening day and we’re letting Kopech know about it! I felt badly for him.
Stats101 5 mesi fa
when the giants come to town it goes bye bye baby
Jack Lempke
Jack Lempke 5 mesi fa
This is why we watch you Jomboy. Love this stuff.
BatBat 5 mesi fa
This puts a whole new perspective on that Japanese pitcher who uses his extra large jersey to hide his glove on wind-up. ⚾🤯
Ted Bundy
Ted Bundy 5 mesi fa
I was thinking that also 😮
Fonzie 5 mesi fa
damn you on to sumn
Aukele Wainit
Aukele Wainit 5 mesi fa
I just scrolled past that short again. You on to something boy.
Sbeebs141 5 mesi fa
Hol up…let him cook
StartCodonUST 5 mesi fa
Just a brutal showing in the Sox home opener. I was there and we were just stunned by that inning. Didn't seem possible for the Giants to be getting that kind of consistent power on a cold, drizzly day in April, but there ya go: they were just cranking into pitches they saw coming a mile away. Finally some catharsis to actually see this bizarre inning explained.
TBird 5 mesi fa
At least it’s an easy fix and he doesn’t have the yips or something.
Blank Name
Blank Name 5 mesi fa
Yup I remember watching a Whitesox post game show where the guys hosting it were trying to say that the giants lineup is just that good. No they are not they have not had a 30+ homer guy since Barry bonds retired as far as I know
StartCodonUST 5 mesi fa
@TBird Yeah he even seemed to settle down after getting out of a jam in the 2nd. And he needed to settle down and find his pitch. The series in Houston just torched the arms in the bullpen, so no early relief help was coming.
LROD NYC 5 mesi fa
Giants were here in NY playing the Yankees last weekend to open the season and got shutout twice in a 3 game series...all of a sudden they turned into power hitters in Chicago...this explains alot and now we know why...good job as always Jomboy
Jonathan 5 mesi fa
​@Blank Namemainly because of the ballpark they play in.
Deondre Clark
Deondre Clark 5 mesi fa
The vision it takes to be a professional baseball player is fucking wild!
Peter Sedesse
Peter Sedesse 5 mesi fa
To be fair, they are getting paid millions and the reality is there is probably a person on the staff whose sole job it is to watch for this type of stuff.
Pdragy 5 mesi fa
@Peter Sedesse well, a few of them are paid millions anyway xD
binsolomon 5 mesi fa
​@Peter Sedesse most baseball players have 20/13 vision or better.
Fromulus 5 mesi fa
It's just repetition man.
Deondre Clark
Deondre Clark 5 mesi fa
@Fromulus oh is that all it takes to be PROFESSIONAL baseball player..... come on bro
puckplayer219 5 mesi fa
Man, your videos have made me a much bigger baseball fan. I never knew or understood all the intricate details of the game like this until I started watching your breakdowns. Just excellent stuff, and it's cool getting an MLBer's perspective from Trevor as well.
TheycallmeTC 5 mesi fa
what trevor is he texting?
Monkey Kong
Monkey Kong 5 mesi fa
@TheycallmeTC Trevor Plouffe, former major league player who’s now part of the Jomboy team, he’s in a lot of their videos or podcasts
Chris 5 mesi fa
The game is so complex and deep. So many subtle things occurring all the time
David Walter
David Walter 5 mesi fa
The buzz in the Giants dugout must have been electric once they spotted the tell. And knowing they could actually see it from 60' 6" in so short a time, and be able to react in an instant shows how much of a higher level this game is played in the majors. It really separates the men from the boys.
Allain Angcao
Allain Angcao 5 mesi fa
Chris Archer had a similar problem in Tampa Bay but it was a little different. He did not hide his throwing arm during the separation in his windup and thus his grip was open for the batter to see.
Matt 5 mesi fa
Seeing what hitters can do when they know what’s coming puts the 2017 Astros into perspective
ThiefLack 5 mesi fa
Imagine the pitcher watching this break down and finally figuring it out
The Cheshire Cat
Imaging being a pitching coach and never noticing he does this after watching Him For years
IDAWG 5 mesi fa
Imagine the batters on every other team watching this and now the whole league knows what to look for
Adam Moreira
Adam Moreira 5 mesi fa
I wouldn't be surprised if he learned of the tipping from the breakdown.
Steve Babiak
Steve Babiak 5 mesi fa
The pitcher still has to fix it if he wants the slugging to stop.
Dan Geiger
Dan Geiger 5 mesi fa
That Rocket City-Chattanooga game yesterday screams for a Jomboy breakdown
The Dude
The Dude 5 mesi fa
no hits seven runs scored
Gio Colalillo
Gio Colalillo 5 mesi fa
@The Dudewhattt I need a breakdown
patmody 5 mesi fa
@The Dude ?????????
The Dude
The Dude 5 mesi fa
@patmody seven runs scored no hits tallied
Pdragy 5 mesi fa
dam those trash pandas!
Bradley Goodell
Bradley Goodell 5 mesi fa
It’s crazy how much just knowing one pitch is coming helps out. Imagine knowing what majority of pitches are coming for a whole year could do. Some team should look into that.
Alex Schwalbach
Alex Schwalbach 5 mesi fa
Man, that's rough. It's one thing to get shelled because you're having an off day, but he seemed to have pretty good command, hitting his spots and getting a good mix on speed and locations. The "what is going on?" really said it all.
a a
a a 5 mesi fa
Really is insane how good pitchers and hitters are. I've tried to hit off a kid (in school) who was throwing 90+ and it was impossible. He was nice about it but almost every time he was like, "WAY behind it." And then we started laughing hard because he would get ready to throw and I'd just swing out of desperation and he was like, "Bro, the ball hasn't even left my hand LOL". Granted I had hardly any baseball experience...
Noah Smykowski
Noah Smykowski 5 mesi fa
These videos are a main reason I got back into watching baseball. Cool, in-depth stuff like this, that I would never even think to look for!
pudge boyardee
pudge boyardee 5 mesi fa
I always watched the pitching wrist. I was a catcher so I knew what movements corresponded to which grip. I don't remember ever being coached on that it just turned out dealing with pitchers on offense and defense helps you notice little things happening on the mound. Great breakdown, didn't know most people checked the glove. Neat.
You ever consider coaching?
SFMC 98 5 mesi fa
It's always surprised me that catchers as a whole aren't better batters. I mean considering their experience, they should be the experts at reading pitchers. Obviously there are some great slugging catchers like Realmuto but they mostly get paid for defense.
pudge boyardee
pudge boyardee 5 mesi fa
@SFMC 98 I tended to be a .330+ hitter but I never managed any homers. I hit the ball plenty hard I just never bothered trying to lift it, I just put it where it was in the zone. If it's to the right then swing inside-out and slash the ball somewhere into right field. To the left, wrap it up and look to go 2 if the ball gets past the left fielder. I was a good, reliable hitter that got tons of rbis but I just didn't flash enough to really get noticed. I got one year of play in college and I was fine with that. I saw the skill ceiling and knew where I was in relation to it. Now I may be partial but I enjoyed watching yadi get better at hitting and catching through his career. He never was the best hitter but he got really good at using his catcher's eye in the batters box and his defensive play and pitch strategy also seemed to mature alongside that. I've assumed for a long time now that two skills were synergistic and created sort of a feedback loop of comparative experience that great catchers seem to quietly rely on. To be fair I'm a cards fan and even played legion ball with Jose oquendos son. My aunt was al and dee hraboskys personal secretary, so I might be a little biased about yadi. I'm in deep with the Cardinals lore man.
Jordan Grupe Horror
The gentle high fives crack me up! I swear I saw Vlad Jr. give a gentle high five to a teammate the other day and was wondering if you were gonna do a breakdown of it 🤣
Douglas Hall
Douglas Hall 5 mesi fa
Excellent evaluation. That was tough to pick up to start with but when you pointed it out I saw it. And a professional would know that a lot faster than I would and see it as well. So you're absolutely correct. Thanks again for another entertaining, and educating video. 👌⚾️
1981bevo 5 mesi fa
i'm amazed that people are able to identify and pick apart a pitcher's tell so quickly. and also amazed that this doesn't happen all the time.
nicholas d
nicholas d 5 mesi fa
Been waiting for this one. Tough day as a White Sox fan. He looked better today but of course Sox put up 0. Hope to see them start putting the pieces together
Patrick Lawrence
Yeah, I'm a Royals fan, but not having Eloy on the lineup isn't helping. He's so good, I hope to see him healthy.
Oh NO! I said my Opinion!?!
Can you do an old fashion breakdown of Randy Johnson tipping his pitches?
Jim Werther
Jim Werther 5 mesi fa
That story is a myth
Dave 5 mesi fa
I see he gave up 2 hits in his next outing which was a 1-0 Pittsburg win. He is a pretty good pitcher so hope this was a learning experience for him. Did he see this video ?
AJ Santiago
AJ Santiago 5 mesi fa
Last time someone gave up this many home runs, it was found that the pitcher was tipping pitches (Lance McCullers in the WS Game 3). The amount of detail you have to look into to get every inch of an advantage.
Hector Castle
Hector Castle 5 mesi fa
It blows my mind that once a batter knows what’s coming, they can absolutely rip it.
John E
John E 5 mesi fa
Now imagine knowing what pitch was coming all year like the 2017 Astros. Insane advantage.
Tyler Willis
Tyler Willis 5 mesi fa
not only are the breakdowns next level, but the way you work your sponsors into your dialogue is seamlessly hilarious. love watching every bit of these videos
Remara CS
Remara CS 5 mesi fa
Jomboy always has the best breakdowns. Thank you!
Yet again our pitching coach is the last person to pick up on one of our pitcher's tipping. This has happened MULTIPLE times. There has never been a more overrated coach in sports history than Ethan Katz.
Sam H
Sam H 5 mesi fa
Dylan Cease's career begs to differ. It's common to find pessimistic, hyperbolic, & jaded White Sox fans. Katz is not perfect by any means, but he definitely doesn't deserve to be called the most overrated coach in sports history.
​@Sam H Cease was a top 25 prospect in all of baseball. Quit acting like Katz made something out of nothing. What about Gioltio, Katz's pet project, regressing hard under Katz? What about Lynn, a former perennial Cy Young candidate, regressing under Katz? What about Kopech massively underperforming under Katz? What about the rest of the White Sox pitching massively underperforming under Katz? Dylan Cease and Johnny Cueto accounted for 9.9 of the White Sox pitching staff's 16.7 WAR in 2022. Replace those two with average starters(2 WAR) and the pitching staff would have had 10.8 WAR. That would have put them at 20th in pitching staff WAR. Katz's mound visits never do any good. Our pitchers perform worse the first time facing a batter than they do the second and third time around. It's literally the opposite of what it should be. Those two things are huge red flags and speak to a massive lack of preparation as well as a massive lack in knowing how the major league game works. Fact of the matter is, Katz has had perfect scapegoats in Tony LaRussa and Frank Menechino that allowed him to skate by the last few years without the average fan like you noticing how poor he is at his job. Well now those two guys are gone and he can't hide how much he sucks at his job but clearly you haven't caught up yet. What I don't get is why so many of you find it so outrageous and impossible that he sucks. He had zero prior experience as a pitching coach in the major leagues before getting the job with the Sox. He was hired because he was Lucas Giolito's manager in high school. He has never proven himself at a major league level anywhere else.
Sam H
Sam H 5 mesi fa
@therevolvingmonk Cueto was awesome to watch last year. Your points are well taken. Katz was an assistant pitching coach with the Giants, a credential you omitted. I’m not sure why he got grandfathered in with Grifol if you are correct & he is in fact this inept. Giolito’s regression is mainly physical. His change-up hasn’t had any bite in 2 years and he hasn’t had that late zip on his fastball that made him a Cy Young candidate. Still monk, it was hyperbolic of you to call him the most overrated coach of all time.
The True One
The True One 5 mesi fa
As a pitcher I would constantly stare at the opposing pitcher and look for little signs like this. Amazing to see it at the big league level and how much they attack
Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries
Sometimes you just have a rough outing. Learning to adapt to this stuff is important and he'll be great if he can make that adjustment. All the greats had to learn this stuff to be consistent.
Toupac 5 mesi fa
My team let me know I had this problem in the 90's. Its eye opening.
Noah Ballou
Noah Ballou 5 mesi fa
not as open as the eyes can be when you have the SHADYRAY eye protection experience!
Did they let you know in the 90’s or make you wait?
Craig Kanning
Craig Kanning 5 mesi fa
The mental game between the pitcher, catcher, and batter is why I love baseball.
Noah Rudy
Noah Rudy 5 mesi fa
I played baseball since tee ball through high school, I was never able to pick up on stuff like this, at least this small it’s crazy how they pick up on these things
Dan P
Dan P 5 mesi fa
Michael is my favourite player in MLB so was devastated for him on his first outing. As a relative newcomer to baseball this video is a real learning experience in to understanding what was happening on that day, and I was very happy to see him bounce back yesterday with an outstanding pitching display. Looking forward to September when I will fly out to Chicago to see the Sox play at home five times in one week, best of luck to MK and the rest of the roster for the season ahead... ✌
Erick Gonzalez
Erick Gonzalez 5 mesi fa
Would it be your first time in Chicago? It’s not as dangerous up here as the media makes you think. Curious though-as a “relative newcomer to baseball,” why is Kopech your favorite player?
Dan P
Dan P 4 mesi fa
@Erick Gonzalez Second time, we came last year from London for a week too and went to multiple games at Comiskey. Really loved it in Chicago, especially down on the south side. MK is my favourite player because of the way he pitches; the quickness, the style and the attitude, not to mention walking in to Johnny Cash - gives me the chills.
Tavius Lewis
Tavius Lewis 5 mesi fa
I could always see pitchers changing grips inside the glove while getting set but to recognize the glove slightly flare out in real time during the delivery is absolutely crazy. Pro hitting is avenger level activity lol
Jack Meyer
Jack Meyer 5 mesi fa
So sick. Insights like this make baseball awesome
Joseph DiStefano
Great stuff Jomboy. Thank you again for explaining the minutiae in baseball. It is a very difficult game! Moneyball starts with a quote from Mickey Mantle: "It's unbelievable how much you don't know about the game you've been playing all your life." Sabermetrics started to influence baseball around 1998-99. Mantle died in 1995. Anyone who loves baseball and has not seen this movie you are missing out!
kingcns 5 mesi fa
It's like professional poker players that can spot tells at the tables. This is why these guys are professional athletes.
Pedales Mexicali
The funny thing is that this breakdown will actually help the pitcher, because unless he’s stupid, he will not be tipping his pitches like that ever again.
James Martin
James Martin 5 mesi fa
Great job Jomboy. It stills seems very difficult to catch the difference from the batters perspective. I though I noticed the height he raises his glove right before the pitch was more of a tell. Regardless, I'm guessing Katz found this out as Kopech had a near perfect day the next game he pitched. As a long suffering Sox fan, it has been hard to watch Kopech continue to fall far short of his enormous potential.
ME Jones
ME Jones 5 mesi fa
Would like to see the batter's view. Wonder if they can see the separation or something else
RustCole01 5 mesi fa
Ya, like maybe in reality, the pitcher starts blinking like a schizo every time he throws a curve ball but we think it's because of a 1 inch difference in his glove? Lol, that'd be pretty funny.
Chris Stachulak
Chris Stachulak 5 mesi fa
Maybe do a followup on what Kopech fixed against the Pirates as he had a great bounce-back game.
Al Atkinson
Al Atkinson 5 mesi fa
If ya wanna show folks what a Jomboy breakdown can be, this is a great example of picking up on staff and calling out what broadcasts often miss
snakedoctor 5 mesi fa
I was watching this live and wandered if Jomboy would do a breakdown. There was another weird incident today with the pitch clock in SF that I'd like to see Jomboy talk about. I think there's some games teams are learning they can play to avoid the pitch clock and force a strike called on the batters.
Sean Vincent
Sean Vincent 5 mesi fa
I think the easiest thing for the batters to see is the distance between between the top of the glove and his number. He starts his motion with the glove higher on off speed pitches and he has a shorter overall motion because of it
pwnmasteh 5 mesi fa
Love hearing about batters picking up the slightest things when a pitcher is tipping. Such an interesting thing to see and hear about.
【Chucklebutt】 ʘ‿ʘ
Just to add onto this, it's not always the players that notice first, oftentimes it can be the first or third base coaches looking for stuff like that.
jmevb60 5 mesi fa
I didn't know the batters studied so hard but it makes sense. I used to be able to steal 2nd base by seeing either the sole, or the top of the pitcher's front shoe. Top of shoe was a pick off attempt.
dashrirprock 5 mesi fa
I had a student who used to play professionally, though never made it to the bigs. He was just exploited in the minors. He once pitched to Mike Trout. He said not tipping pitches was the main focus of his training. Smart dude; he got an A in my class.
jhagestad 5 mesi fa
I was watching this game and said the same thing (that he must be tipping his pitches - I had no idea how tho). There were simply too many long balls given up by Kopech, who’s not exactly known to be a pushover. Just terrific baseball IQ by SF.
RinfortheWin 5 mesi fa
How can you not be romantic about baseball? I’m really digging these recent videos breaking down the inside baseball nuances. Keep them ‘em coming, Jimmy!
Jewel Rodriguez
Jewel Rodriguez 5 mesi fa
Great breakdown as always. It's amazing how they honed in on this so quickly and with such success
Captain Trechabomb
The level these guys play at is mind boggling. I used to tip pitches on purpose and then mix in a false tip in a key moment, but that's just goofy shit you can get away with against amateurs.
Benjamin Jaskoski
I definitely feel bad for Kopech here. Aside from them being tipped, those pitches were excellent and it looked like he was locating them just fine. But oh well, lesson learned.
Merry Wissemes Hockey
Man, that’s gotta be tough having every tiny nuance of your game analyzed like this.
MRP 5 mesi fa
Love your tipping pitches breakdowns. If you are able to, could you please show from the batters pov, just so we can see what they see. In this case, I don't see how the batter would see the glove off his skin. Thanks. Great work.
Corvus 2
Corvus 2 5 mesi fa
Hmmm that’s so interesting.... I actually find baseball to be painfully dull but these types of mind game/strategy breakdowns are really fun....
Tim McCulty
Tim McCulty 5 mesi fa
If you ever needed a refresher as to how good MLB hitters are, If they simply know whether it's a fastball or breaking ball, they're making solid contact and sending it into the seats at a crazy clip.
Louis Emery
Louis Emery 5 mesi fa
Like you said, I'm impressed that 4 batters out of 5 can hit a home run if they know what's coming. I'm sure that when the pitcher refines his delivery, he'll be back on top of his game. Game of inches.
Luke Shaffer
Luke Shaffer 5 mesi fa
Hitters realizing this in real time before a ball gets to them in 0.5 seconds is genuinely incredible
Ben Schlesier
Ben Schlesier 5 mesi fa
This is why we love baseball. The tiny intricate details most don’t even know exist can be the difference in a game
manifestgtr 5 mesi fa
How unbelievably *brutal* must it be to pitch nowadays? Not only do you have these superhuman mechanics to perform within milliseconds of eachother, you have to be able to poker face your entire body down to the last inch. Also, you should be able to pinpoint a mid-90s fastball with deception along with several other pitches. Makes me wanna re-examine the whole pitch count/complete game thing I’ve been lamenting for the last decade or so…fuck…
middleclassic 5 mesi fa
Nobody, and I mean NOBODY breaks it down like Jomboy. And the lip reading is ridiculously on point too!
Logjam 5 mesi fa
Trevor ALWAYS catches stuff like this. Incredible baseball mind
nacoran 5 mesi fa
I wonder how often pitchers figure out what batters are looking for and then mess with the hitters. Probably don't stay in the game if it's one of their go to pitches, but if something is off on one of their pitches farther down the depth chart you could actually have some fun with it, almost like a changeup. I once saw Nolan Ryan grunt on a changeup. I've never seen a hitter so far out in front. I tried that the next time I was struggling in a backyard game. Worked a charm.
Mike Warejko
Mike Warejko 5 mesi fa
How in the world are batters able to see that slight movement of his thumb on his glove?? That is amazing that these pros are able to pick up on stuff like that.
Did you ever mention Kopech throws the Football Slider? Back in 2018 I got Musgrove, Glasnow, Taillon to throw it in Pitt and now over 500 guys throw it, inside the lines it's the Roger Beshens influenced football slider, Musgrove and Clevinger talk about it all the time. My cue to throw it to them is throw it like a football, stiff wrist, on center grip. By the way I taught Flaherty, Giolito, and Fried it in 2018 also. None of them could avg over a k an inning before my football slider. There would be no Ethan Katz or Matt Blake in MLB if it weren't for me telling them about it in 2018, they got hired a year later. Dylan Cease throws the Roger Beshens influenced football slider. degrom throws it also, deGrom before the RB Football slider was 88.
Slimshady123 5 mesi fa
I never understood how people could read if someone is tipping pitches. Like in this example it’s the tiniest little flare of the glove how tf can you see that while he is his windup to pitch, and then to readjust your eyes to the ball and still hit it going 90+ or a nasty breaking ball. Impressive
Sok です Yes
Sok です Yes 5 mesi fa
Baseball gets that much more in depth when I watch these videos. Pretty awesome.
naswipp 5 mesi fa
Couldn't happen to a better team. Go Cubbies!!!
MrRuss50 5 mesi fa
seeing it from the centefield cam is one thing because you can see both hand and glove but the giants all seeing it without being able to see the hand is damn impressive
ToadKart64 5 mesi fa
Astros fans: Knowing what pitch is coming doesn't matter Giants:
Matt Lee
Matt Lee 5 mesi fa
Would have been nice to have a behind the plate view of some of these. IDK that this was exactly the tip that SF hitters saw.
Connor Borchers
Connor Borchers 5 mesi fa
Looking at the placement where is glove is prior to the pitch is a good tell also.. you see the offspeed pitch is higher to his chest close to the #34.
Wolf 5 mesi fa
The game within the game breakdowns are always good ones. Like the Tigers pitcher tipping his pitches to the Yankees last year
dr05guitar 5 mesi fa
It'd be interesting to know if Kopech and the team figure out the tell after watching film...most likely yes I would think?
Wataru T
Wataru T 5 mesi fa
You should do a video of Ohtani finding out Suarez was tipping pitches until the 3rd inning against OAK! Shohei figured it out in 3rd inning and Suarez fixed it by bringing up his glove at the start of his pitching motion from 4th inning. Here is a Japanese fan recording the process FYI. Pretty amazing to see. itvid.net/video/video-RovGu5934RA.html
Smick 5 mesi fa
It's hard not to feel bad for the guy. He's so flustered!
MaGarthur 5 mesi fa
Can you look into if Jose Berrios is tipping his pitches? His drop off since signing with the Jays is almost hard to believe.
TexasRed 5 mesi fa
That second HR is just pure hitting. Scoping out a slider that hung a little is pure show stuff.
Alex 5 mesi fa
This is hilarious and educational! How much attention to detail that pros are trying to get every little edge! I'm amazed how these batters can see what the pitcher's tiny moment of the glove and figure out the throw!
Dan Wyben
Dan Wyben 5 mesi fa
Its probably experience. Lots of practice, plus good coaching as well. Most of these guys have been playing ball since they were 6 or 7 years old!
strafeson 5 mesi fa
I've heard it said that hitting a ball thrown by a pro pitcher is one of the most difficult things to do in sports, but it can't be *that* hard if one tiny flare of the glove is enough to render them useless.
Preacher - Man
Preacher - Man 5 mesi fa
Thanks for the great content brother. I enjoy your videos.
Michael Vigorito
I really feel for young starting pitchers early in the season, a start like this is the difference between starting every 5 days and being in the bullpen for 5 years, and it could've just been because of a lil glove bulge 😭
Denton Young
Denton Young 5 mesi fa
Still mighty good hitting by the Giants even though they knew what was coming. I remember the days of Curt Schilling being dominant. I'm pretty sure the only pitch in his repertoire was a fastball. The catcher didn't need any signs, he could just yell out "fastball" and not tell the hitter anything he didn't already know. But because he could spot it on (or off) the corners at will, you still couldn't hit the dawggone thing.
R M 5 mesi fa
i gotta say as a white sox fan i’m lovin the abundance of sox videos right now. everytime i’ve been watching a game and think “jomboy is gonna break this down” so far ive been right. if he drops one on the cruz plate collision it’s gonna feel like a sox themed channel.
El Diablo
El Diablo 5 mesi fa
As a white sox fan, now I know what i'm going to be looking at for the rest of the season when Kopech pitches. ⚾️🐢
Justin Trammell
Justin Trammell 5 mesi fa
I'd love to see it from the batters PoV
William Skrinner
The margin of error in the majors just got smaller ! Mind blowing !
Town Fool
Town Fool 5 mesi fa
This kind of stuff needs to be in the video games.
Chaplin 5 mesi fa
You should do a follow up next time he pitches. No way this video didn't get back to him
Dan Wyben
Dan Wyben 5 mesi fa
I guess he pitched Sunday, according to other commenters here.
Tater Avila
Tater Avila 5 mesi fa
I'm pretty sure a bunch of Astro fans are going to jump all over what you said at 4:40 "You know what pitch is coming it doesn't guarantee a homerun."😂
Denton Young
Denton Young 5 mesi fa
Heck, Curt Schilling went his whole career throwing nothing but fastballs. Because he could spot them on (or just off) the corner at will, you still couldn't hit 'em.
Blank Name
Blank Name 5 mesi fa
It definitely helps you know to wait back on the pitch cuz it’s not coming in at 96 mph +
TheHopperUK 5 mesi fa
What cracks me up about that is that 'we could have won without cheating' doesn't make it better! It makes it worse!!
Dan Wyben
Dan Wyben 5 mesi fa
@TheHopperUK You probably could have (I mean the Astros could have)! But now you get to be the laughingstock of the league until you guys become average again!
j.oz 5 mesi fa
Let them. It still gives a measurable advantage which matters over the course of a season, and the way they got their information broke the rules.
Captain Cruloc
Captain Cruloc 5 mesi fa
I remember playing in Babe Ruth league, I think I was 14, pitching against 17 year olds......gave up 3 HR's in 3 pitches. I know exactly how it feels.
めいじ 5 mesi fa
What kind of league makes 14 year olds face 17 year olds??
Shibity 5 mesi fa
Isn't it crazy how just knowing the pitch completely changes the odds of the entire at bat. You go from 25% chance (roughly) to ASTROnomical precents with the knowledge.
Mac of All Trades
About 30 years ago, the ChiSox had a prospect named Scott Ruffcorn who was a first round pick, quickly advanced to the majors, and was washed up before he turned 25 with a lifetime ERA well north of 10.00. Wonder if this kind of thing got him, too.
Alex 5 mesi fa
Thank's for the amazing breakdowns jomboy
Jexxa D'syn
Jexxa D'syn 5 mesi fa
Not sure if you saw it or not, but there was a fun appeal to home play in the Padres v. Braves game on 4/8/23. I think it would make for a nice rules breakdown.
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson 5 mesi fa
Love this analysis from Jomboy! Many thanks and keep up the great work.
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