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Words of a father to his son "Don't let your wife take your dignity away. Always take your stand but love her unconditionally". Everything we do in this world has it's reward. When you do good, you reap good, when you do bad, you reap bad. But Had I known comes at last. Explore this explosive movie before it explodes.
STARRING: Mercy Johnson Okojie, Stephen Odimgbe, Vitalis Ndubuisi, Chizzy Alichi, Ozioma Maurice.
PRODUCER: Obi Cajethan Obunike.
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Obi Cajethan Obunike, Obi Henrietta Ifeyinwa.
DIRECTOR: Nonso Uzozie.
COMPANY: Cobic Productions Ltd.
YEAR: 2018
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6 dic 2018

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Commenti 2 808
Ofor Joseph
Ofor Joseph Giorno fa
U came back empty, means u are an empty vessle
Anastasia Kel
Anastasia Kel 4 giorni fa
Great reward await all kind humans... Karma is bae Thanks for uploading
Fanele Mnyamande
Fanele Mnyamande 4 giorni fa
Thank u guyz thank u Mercy and chief, Collins see yr life.
You are welcome dear, do share with friends.
Rose Black
Rose Black 6 giorni fa
Wow Wat an educative movie... A chance comes in life
Corlisdownes downes
Very wonderful movie
Zenab Sidibe
Zenab Sidibe 9 giorni fa
The way they treated this man in the movie🤔 i can't treat my gateman like that don't abuse your power over people like that😕 in our culture your in laws deserve as much Respect as your own parents or even more
so lovely
I watch the clip on facebook now on ITvid just like I should continue watching so interesting Don't misuse little opportunities cuz tables turns.
True dear.
Kamala Thornton
Kamala Thornton 10 giorni fa
I love The Humble Servent
Hawa Fornah
Hawa Fornah 10 giorni fa
Is just the best movies ever, I don't know why am now watching it, This movie is so educated.
Nollywoodpicturestv 10 giorni fa
Thanks for watching dear, we appreciate. Have a nice day.
Lucinda Lucy
Lucinda Lucy 10 giorni fa
I wish uncle obi was my real uncle.... I swear there will be nothing like sadness
Shiqueta Martin
Shiqueta Martin 11 giorni fa
Listening to he’s friend and wife now you have nothing
Shiqueta Martin
Shiqueta Martin 11 giorni fa
Love this movie , never treat people bad because you can or think you can
Joyce Osagie
Joyce Osagie 12 giorni fa
😁😁😁😁😁😊😊😊😊😁😁😁😁😁😁another uncle 😀😀😉😀😉😀😀 insult upon injury with a bucket of water
Kizzy jackson
Kizzy jackson 12 giorni fa
Facebook feed me here now that stuck in my head
Joyce Osagie
Joyce Osagie 12 giorni fa
Not everyone that laugh, eat or dine with you are your friends
Joyce Osagie
Joyce Osagie 12 giorni fa
Bad friend enemy of progress
Joyce Osagie
Joyce Osagie 12 giorni fa
😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 clap for these boys they are num 1
Irene reuben
Irene reuben 12 giorni fa
I love the part they send out the so called Lizzy, the wicked woman locked the chief inside the kitchen
simply humble Godisgood
Great lessons
JONAS ARNOLD QUAO 13 giorni fa
The best Nollywood movie I've ever watched, this man is really wise and I love him. Pride kills more than Aids. Be humble be kind and loving no matter who you are.
Nollywoodpicturestv 13 giorni fa
Thanks for watching dear and do share with friends. Have a blessed week.
JaneYthera Nganga
JaneYthera Nganga 14 giorni fa
Who noted the point where this guy said I am taking my wife to the salon every Saturday???? And the play has ended with her having same hair do????
Frances Ebosetale
Frances Ebosetale 11 giorni fa
He takes her there to Wash the hair
rafajulo 11 giorni fa
Miss purple
Miss purple 14 giorni fa
What a bad friend he used to advice him so badly now he is strunded he cant even help huhh what a lesson
R 15 giorni fa
Jubilee Matthew
Jubilee Matthew 15 giorni fa
Oh my gosh this is the best Nollywood movie I have ever watched and I have watched a lot according to my husband I have a small collection to open a store this movie whoever wrote this you are a great writer most Nollywood movie the way It ends the people that is doing all the wickedness never suffer they just die but this movie the evil doers met their matchI love it love it love it.
Gift Quality
Gift Quality 16 giorni fa
Sometime God let people stay poor just for to control the extent of their wicked nature... look at this eliza family very reached waitimg for were to unleash their evil xter, indeed this movie deserve reward that collins uncle is a good actor he should be acting more
Gift Quality
Gift Quality 16 giorni fa
Hahahah Anna stand up. No sir let me kneel down sir hahahaha mercy ...oooo
Gift Quality
Gift Quality 16 giorni fa
Hahahah please who else enjoy the fight between Eliza amd her mother
Gift Quality
Gift Quality 16 giorni fa
Who else love the action of collins uncle in the village hit like
Boniface Mankone
Boniface Mankone 16 giorni fa
When Liz is apologetic she is very beautiful 😁😁
Franchesca Asamoah
Franchesca Asamoah 17 giorni fa
Awwwwwwww Mercy looking sooo beautiful at d end. Lovely movie that soothe my soul. Thanks b unto God
Nollywoodpicturestv 16 giorni fa
Amen. Thanks for watching and do share with friends. Happy weekend.
Franchesca Asamoah
Franchesca Asamoah 17 giorni fa
So inlaw is now written on my forehead 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I cracked
Franchesca Asamoah
Franchesca Asamoah 17 giorni fa
This is what we call a Frenemy smh. God punish d devil
Franchesca Asamoah
Franchesca Asamoah 17 giorni fa
Stupid fren. Just a demon dat Collins d idiot didn't realise. Even if it was yr true father must u heed to such foolish advise. Life ha smh
Esther Mike
Esther Mike 17 giorni fa
Just see fine Boy 😊
Ayoyinka Olayinka
Ayoyinka Olayinka 17 giorni fa
Wooow.. I love dis movie like crazy... So interesting and educating... Everything u do in dis world has it's own reward... It is gud to be gud... Kudos to all the crew 😍 👏 👏 especially the humble and patient servant.. Mercy Johnson.. 😘 😘 💞 💞... Victory at last... She deserves to be rewarded...
Nollywoodpicturestv 17 giorni fa
You are welcome dear. Thanks for watching and do share with friends.
Marcia Samuels
Marcia Samuels 18 giorni fa
I love love love this movie, it's not as predictable as the many I have watched. Don't allow people to do you bad and then when its doesn't work in their favor they want forgiveness..forgive yes but from a distance don't give the opportunity to do it again.
Franchesca Asamoah
Franchesca Asamoah 17 giorni fa
Kendra Peters
Kendra Peters 18 giorni fa
Part 7 plzz make collins cum bk lol🤔🙏
DELPHINE JULIET 18 giorni fa
You better die. Woman wrapper
Davell Hernandez
Davell Hernandez 20 giorni fa
great movie best yet
Anne Vincent
Anne Vincent 20 giorni fa
Oya go take your wife to the saloon naah😂😂😂
Salima Kamara
Salima Kamara 21 giorno fa
SharryBaby13 21 giorno fa
I actually cried at the end... humility always wins!!! The son, his wife and his mother all got their well deserved deserts on all sides!! The son was not deserving of a second chance. His dad could have died and he just wanted to ship him away like a used rag after he allowed him and his troublesome wife live in his house when they were married and should have moved to their own place!!! Anna- you deserve every good thing in life because you were faithful!!! But let’s talk about Chief - his patience was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! He gave them a long rope of 4 seasons to hang themselves. When he paid them back in their own coin, he paid it back WELLA!!!! U don’t know who is who and that’s why it’s always good to do right by people and be nice to whoever you come across!!! The cast, scriptwriter and directors all need a huge kudos for a great movie!!!! 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 This movie needs to win multi awards!!!
Obiageli Arisa
Obiageli Arisa 21 giorno fa
It pays to be good. In due time, you will reap the reward. Learnt a lot.
Anne Bell
Anne Bell 21 giorno fa
This movie was the best I’ve seen. Mercy Johnson is so gifted and talented. There is a very wise lesson that speaks of this movie. Whatever you do comes back to you. That’s biblical . Do not be deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Thanks mercy Johnson .
Kange Christy
Kange Christy 22 giorni fa
Mama u make me to be stubborn u are stubborn and am stubborn in fact we are stubborn people if u are here for mercy hit the like button
Dampha musa
Dampha musa 22 giorni fa
Very nice movie 💪
Rebecca Augustine
Rebecca Augustine 22 giorni fa
Best movie
Jackie Mbogga na
Jackie Mbogga na 23 giorni fa
This was a very good lesson it deserved you,,,,1000 times foolish stupid evil woman go to hell
Apazambey Angela
Apazambey Angela 23 giorni fa
Is true that when you throw a ball at the wall it bounce back to you. I have learn a lesson from there. Thanks guys well done
A Moment With Mel
A Moment With Mel 25 giorni fa
I think this movie is exceptional and it covers a whole variety about life, behaviour and friends. Most people are angry and don't like the movie however, I think its truly an exceptional movie. So many lessons to be learnt even to be patient enough to watch the movie to the end. Thumbs up to the directors and casts. You all were perfect. Thank you!
Nollywoodpicturestv 24 giorni fa
Thanks for watching honey, we appreciate. Do share with friends.
Blessing Umukoro
Blessing Umukoro 25 giorni fa
The chief is a genius How I wish I have this kind of attitude to endure some persons in my life Because of this movie I fell in love with Nigeria movies
Ruky Arowolo
Ruky Arowolo 25 giorni fa
Nice movie
nakungu joan
nakungu joan 25 giorni fa
Babies you are the best ones
Grace Norman
Grace Norman 26 giorni fa
This might be a movie but to be honest things like these are happening in real life ladies and gentlemen we should learn a big lesson from this .
Adiepena Pinky
Adiepena Pinky 27 giorni fa
One of the best
susan mso
susan mso 27 giorni fa
Awesome and very educative movie
Nollywoodpicturestv 26 giorni fa
Thanks for watching dear, We are glad you learnt from our movie. Do share with friends. Have a blessed day.
Forrest Henderson
Forrest Henderson 27 giorni fa
Loved all 6 seasons, can we straighten the lamp shades?
Thanks Johnson
Faith Awele
Faith Awele 27 giorni fa
I wish d guy was given a second chance though
shamie shenz
shamie shenz 28 giorni fa
The way i enjoyed this movie made me speak igbo yet am a Ugandan 🤣🤣🤣🤣but otherwise thanks for such an educative movie
Nollywoodpicturestv 27 giorni fa
Thanks for watching dear, we are glad you learnt from our movie. Happy new week👌
pauline andre
pauline andre 28 giorni fa
Mothers mothers like mother like daughter
Winnie Namaganda
Winnie Namaganda 28 giorni fa
You reap what you sow 🤗🤗
Nollywoodpicturestv 27 giorni fa
True dear. Thanks for watching, we appreciate. Happy new week👌
F Df
F Df 28 giorni fa
What goes around surely comes around so be careful with people who u disrespect
Dorah Debrah
Dorah Debrah 28 giorni fa
The truth is dat mercy johnson must be grew up in awell desplined family
Dorah Debrah
Dorah Debrah 28 giorni fa
All thanks to nollywood picture tv for such afantastic leason😙😙 wow.....
Nollywoodpicturestv 27 giorni fa
Thanks for watching dear and do share with friends. Happy new week.
resign makovore
resign makovore 28 giorni fa
I loved the part where eliza and her mother were fighting. I laughed my lungs out.
Wow. Great Movie .. Don’t Mistreat People Who Could Have Been A Blessing To You !
Marie Leogene
Marie Leogene 29 giorni fa
Lollllllll,i really don't know what to say about this movie, lollllllll.
Wambo Kamosh
Wambo Kamosh 29 giorni fa
Soo educative I love it alot 💞
Khadija Hussen
Khadija Hussen 29 giorni fa
Thanks for a good lesson
natalia kambinda
natalia kambinda 29 giorni fa
Who hit replay season 6. What a best movie. I really learned a lot.
Jade Coates
Jade Coates 29 giorni fa
them fix Elizabeth business
Rev Isaac B Brobbey
Rev Isaac B Brobbey 29 giorni fa
Look at this boy oo you are talking about second chance here never and it will never happen, you are a Man now so go out there and struggle for yourself next time you go respect your second chance father, handsome without wisdom foolish boy you disrespect your father because of a woman. This movie is very big lesson to everyone thanks.
Mamie Moore
Mamie Moore 29 giorni fa
Wow can't stop laughing love the gate man
Haj Lade
Haj Lade Mese fa
Bay bay 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
itz Efi easy
itz Efi easy Mese fa
Nice guys
Gloria Akinremi
Loving it joor 😘the gate man and the driver spoke yoruba by force karma is real.
ryan egberebo
This movie so deserve an award. And I wonder why movies like this are in cinemas
Davian always up to di time a Gaza mi sha. Edwards
Still love u mercy and Chezzy .
Davian always up to di time a Gaza mi sha. Edwards
What goes around come around be careful how you treat people. Always be humble it works.
Onyeoma_ipp Mese fa
The last slip caught me rolling 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆
Natasha Evelyne
Imagine which kinds of friend we make they love u in yo brighter moments and disappear in yo darkest hour. Fake fake fake fake fake fake fake friends
Natasha Evelyne
I like the way Elizabeth is begging on her knees forgiveness chaiiii what goes around surely comes around be careful how u behave
Natalie McLeod
this movie was the best the gate man and driver was the best and funniest. how the mother and daughter was thrown out was also epic. best i have seen for 2018
Rynaa Abdullh
Where is part 7 and 8 please 🤔🤔🤔❤❤❤
Pamela Robinson
I love that this movie wasn't like so many others, when people can do so much evil to other and At the end of the movie they'll ask for forgiveness then become friends again. Like nothing never happen PLEASE! This has the best best ending. Let them feel some discomfort in their life and do it with class.
Thanks for watching dear and do share with friends.
Pheona Greaves
Although they have done so many wrong .......I feel so so sorry for them
Eli Nyab
Eli Nyab 18 giorni fa
Eli Nyab
Eli Nyab 18 giorni fa
Same here
Do Pi for life
No one needs to tell me that I married the best woman on earth and you my dear wife my prayers is that God will always gives you wisdom and understand to handle my family especially my father and my mother and I will as well be the best to your family
Amen. Thanks for watching and do share with friends.
Tusiimukye Daniel
wat goes.around comes around
Smith Aitufe
Smith Aitufe Mese fa
In any case, the father should have forgiven them. They realized their mistakes. In that way he would have imitated God who forgives in a large way. Remember to forgive when your offenders repent at last.
Helen Ojo
Helen Ojo Mese fa
If he forgives them, they will kill him next and take all his wealth, they got exactly wat they deserve!
stellastar63 Mese fa
Lizzy was out to get rich, let her walk. Perhaps the Dad should have forgiven his son....his crying touched me . Am sure he was regretting his actions !
Alhagie Kebbeh
Thanks for watching dear, do share with friends and have a blessed day.
Christina andrews
Uncle ob nah run joke I'm serious bad a such mi like people web nuh put up aid slick ness
Christina andrews
Uncle is right I agree
Christina andrews
Uncle is right I agree
Hawa Faridah
Hawa Faridah Mese fa
This is it wat goes around comes around remember how u treated de servant hihihihi look for ur husband and start from zero best way to go am loving these uncle pwahahahaha
Hawa Faridah
Hawa Faridah Mese fa
Duties of a wife and husbands is to create more love happiness and peace in a home not dispute and disrespect love ur in laws and respect them never break de ties coz u don't know how it was built women, mother's wives out their same to men never allow a woman to rule u always respect ur fathers and mothers choose ur friends wisely, imagine de friend who was misguiding u can't even give u a hand haaa that's y I say my husband kids are my best friend my family is it all
patience janhi
The guards kkkk
patience janhi
It pays to be good
patience janhi
Best treatment ever,Lizzy can kneel down
Moromoke Ajokeade Lawal
May Almighty God continue bless all actors and actresses of this movie, so interesting and cause award. Mercy Johnson you are the best.
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