The land you haven't heard about! (Iraq, Kurdistan vlog)- Erbil, Rawanduz, Gali Ali Bag waterfall

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#kurdistan #iraq #erbil
Our guide/travel partner in Iraqi Kurdistan:
Karwan Wahed

Iraq- for most of the people, synonym with Saddam, ISIS, war, and terror.
Still, there is a region of this country which is not only very safe but also a paradise for tourists.
Iraqi Kurdistan- the land you haven't heard about...
In this first episode, we will be exploring the capital city o, Erbil, the Rawanduz gorge, Gali Ali Bag, and some other waterfalls and we will taste some delicious Kurdish dishes.
In the next episode, we will be talking about the atrocities of the Islamic state ISIS,
about the sad history of the Kurds under Saddam Hussein
and we will dive into the spirituality of the region- we will be visiting ancient Assyrian and Chaldean monasteries
and Lalish- the holy place of the Yazidis- the worshipers of the 7 angels.
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paparazi 2 giorni fa
Chanel .m
Chanel .m 5 giorni fa
i have been there
EveryDay HoliDay
EveryDay HoliDay 4 giorni fa
So cool!
beri harky
beri harky 5 giorni fa
So proud I fought for the freedom of Kurdistan when I was at uni in 80s..great video guys. Lots of love from a Kurdish woman 😊😉😘🙏
EveryDay HoliDay
EveryDay HoliDay 5 giorni fa
Berat A.
Berat A. 8 giorni fa
Beautiful country from Turkey 🇹🇷
KURDISTAN IS 1 15 giorni fa
long live kurdistan
Hıʌɐɐ † _彡メϟ
Kosova Albania
Kosova Albania 22 giorni fa
Greetings from 🇽🇰Kosovo And 🇦🇱Albania
EveryDay HoliDay
EveryDay HoliDay 22 giorni fa
Helloooooo, Kosovo & Albania!
banditoz dope
banditoz dope 25 giorni fa
are you sure i havent heard about it even tho i was born in kurdistan
EveryDay HoliDay
EveryDay HoliDay 25 giorni fa
😉 you already know the answer. Thank you 😊
akdağ 26 giorni fa
James Ramirez
James Ramirez 28 giorni fa
You wanna change place ? Coz I hate to begin a kurd
EveryDay HoliDay
EveryDay HoliDay 3 giorni fa
Rania Saad
Rania Saad Mese fa
Kes nebe kurd dimirin kurd jin dibin
Rania Saad
Rania Saad Mese fa
Long live kurdistan from basra🇮🇶
Sidad Siary
Sidad Siary Mese fa
Kurdistan ❤️💛💚
KURDISTAN i love you
şerWan AMED
şerWan AMED Mese fa
Welcome you KURDISTAN
Pasha & Sara Official
Wow awesome video. We're from Kurdistan, Iraq part. Happy to see you there. We're vloggers now in the United States. ♥ 🌸
Yosuf Îke
Yosuf Îke Mese fa
KÜRDİSTAN KÜRDİSTAN 🇹🇯🇹🇯🇹🇯🇹🇯❤️🇳🇪🇳🇪🇳🇪
Kurdish Travel
The first Kurdish Tourism Channel یەکەمین کەناڵی گەشتیاری کوردی لە یوتوب ، سەبسکرایمان بکە و هاوڕیمان بە لە گەڕانەکانمان بە جیهاندا
Hina Likes To Gacha
were You in the City Sulaymania? (shorted as Slemani or Soly)
Hina Likes To Gacha
awww i am in soly :( i just thought you were there because i went to that water fall before
EveryDay HoliDay
NO :(
Hina Likes To Gacha
a Hello From a kurdish kid,Hello!
scott don
scott don Mese fa
these people need full independence. its due time
German Trainer
Turks and Kurds schould travel back to Asia. This region belongs to its People. Syrian, Greeks, georgian, etc...
Kurdi Rasan
Kurdi Rasan Mese fa
Read a bit history to know the Kurd and their origin, but you are right Turks are originally Mongols
isos273 pi18
isos273 pi18 Mese fa
Turks not Kurds there is difference because turks belongs to central asia while Kurds to Zagros mountains
Omar Kochar
Omar Kochar Mese fa
Thes is not iraq just kurdistan
Павел Морев
Love kurdistan from tajikistan♥️🇹🇯🇹🇯♥️
Kurdistan Freedom
Kurdistan and Erbil one of the oldest city and originally name was Urbil . 5 oldest cities that human lived in 3 of them in Kurdistan Urbil , Urfa , Urmia other 2 cities are Ur its in south Iraq and Urshalim
short film
short film 2 mesi fa
Paul's Health & Fitness
They aren't arabic that's why its safe lol
karmand yasin
karmand yasin 2 mesi fa
welcome bro
Kurdistan Net Channel KNC
KNC TV Berlin Germany
Siraj Akreyi
Siraj Akreyi 2 mesi fa
Kurdistan✌️ 🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥 ⬜️⬜️⬜️☀️⬜️⬜️⬜️ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
MUHAMAD Ali 2 mesi fa
KURDISTAN very nice 😉 welvme bro ❤
Zaid Darmawan
Zaid Darmawan 2 mesi fa
Amazing Video Greating from Indonesia 🇮🇩
EveryDay HoliDay
Hello! We love Indonesia!
zeena muhannad
zeena muhannad 2 mesi fa
Iraq so beautiful
isos273 pi18
isos273 pi18 2 mesi fa
Galan z j
Galan z j 2 mesi fa
These are old houses at sakran mountains in Kurdistan itvid.net/video/video-hGkCwIkGZ8Q.html
gholam Yousefi
gholam Yousefi 2 mesi fa
iraq is beautiful
Abdurahman Muhamad
I’m kurdish 💙👍🏻
الرجل الحر
اهلا بكم في العراق
Part Gaming V
Part Gaming V 2 mesi fa
I m from kurdistan🙋‍♂️
EveryDay HoliDay
KURDISH hacker
KURDISH hacker 3 mesi fa
سعید امینی
Kurdistan is a country💪✌❤💛💚
سعید امینی
Kurdistan is not iraq
weaam star light
Kashif Marwat
Kashif Marwat 3 mesi fa
We love muslims iraqi from Pakistan
Nawzad Zakho
Nawzad Zakho 3 mesi fa
One day we will take all our lands it’s GREAT KURDISTAN❤️
Maria g Benavides
Que belleza es tu país amigo mío ojalá que muy pronto tengan su libertad ☀️💛💚❤😍🦅✌🤝🙏🤲♾
Maria g Benavides
Daidiot Dafool
Daidiot Dafool 3 mesi fa
Jale Senaee
Jale Senaee 3 mesi fa
As a Kurdish person I will thanks all your good comments. This beautiful nature as good as Its peaceful and beautiful people with the 60 million population unfortunately have no independent country yet. I am sure one day our dream will come true. when good politics people running the world.
ღ كــوردســتـانـي ღ
Long Live 𝐊𝐮𝐫𝐝𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐧 🇹🇯💞👑✌🏻
asmat ullah
asmat ullah 3 mesi fa
کردستان کرد آنی وطن و سرزمین انت. سلامت باتے کردستان.
Prusha Marouf
Prusha Marouf 3 mesi fa
I miss Kurdistan I’m from there
Kurdish foot ❤ masallah love it
Roj Can
Roj Can 3 mesi fa
Sory, hier ist kurdistan, Not Irak,
BUNNYW__ Gt 3 mesi fa
This is galy
Oreo the kitten
Oreo the kitten 3 mesi fa
I have heard about it cause I live there
ZAZA KURDİSH 3 mesi fa
S T 3 mesi fa
Ma shaa Allah Kurdistan is beautiful and kurdish muslims are very friendly and welcome everyone
Arvin Graphics
Arvin Graphics 3 mesi fa
Kurds is only Kurd, not Persian and iranian and Iraqi and Arabic, Kurds only Kurds🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
A S 3 mesi fa
1:58 wrong
exe REYZN 3 mesi fa
resa • 60 years ago
thank you so much for doing this. I couldn‘t go there this summer because of corona and I miss it so much.
Elazığlı Zaza Kürdüyüm
Emin Gasimzadeh
Emin Gasimzadeh 4 mesi fa
2:00 This map is wrong, if in the future Kurdistan becomes an independent state, its territory may be the territory of the current Kurdistan Autonomy.
Salman kawa i
Salman kawa i 4 mesi fa
Which Software you edited this video?
EveryDay HoliDay
We hope too, Salman. We loved Kurdistan.
Salman kawa i
Salman kawa i 4 mesi fa
I'm from Erbil, I hoping you visit again.
Salman kawa i
Salman kawa i 4 mesi fa
I like editing so much, And i like (Adobe Priemer pro and Adobe After Effect), bothe of them are the most powerful software to edit videos♥️.
EveryDay HoliDay
Yes, I worked a lot on them. Used all kind of plug-ins and transitions. Thank you. 😊
Salman kawa i
Salman kawa i 4 mesi fa
Or Fast Transition effect, I don't know what names actually😅
salah namrot
salah namrot 4 mesi fa
this is all Assyrians city's
rozh marf
rozh marf 4 mesi fa
Free tour guide in Iraq-Kurdistan🏞🌍 If you want to come to Kurdistan region of Iraq just contact me on WhatsApp📱📲 00964770 815 8831
ulas ozen
ulas ozen 4 mesi fa
Kurdistan does not exist, Kurds are Indian Iranian people, Kurds are immigrant in Iraq in Syria and in Turkey
Patrick Sweeney
Patrick Sweeney 4 mesi fa
I lived and worked in Kurdistan for over two years. I'd happily settle there except that that's not feasible.
Marie 4 mesi fa
🇭🇺🤝🇮🇶 love
OMAR KURDI 5 mesi fa
بەخێر بێن ☀️👋
Kurd 1
Kurd 1 5 mesi fa
kurdxx 17
kurdxx 17 5 mesi fa
Kurds are always victims
Prashant Dalal
Prashant Dalal 5 mesi fa
Great couple 👌👌👍 from🇮🇳🇮🇳
EveryDay HoliDay
Diplomás Kommunista
Very interesting to see the Hungarian flag everywhere in Kurdistan with the Sun in middle.
Tamm bal
Tamm bal 4 mesi fa
Btw we like ur flag to cuz of the colors 😁
EveryDay HoliDay
larina work xd
larina work xd 5 mesi fa
Hi I'm from kurdistan but who said that Kurdistan is not safe , even the opposite Kurdistan is the safest place ever cause every people in Kurdistan have a big heart and they are ready for helping every minute ,every second and every hour, and we are not Iraqi we are Kurdish people we needed to be a country but Iraq, Turkey and Irans don't let us to be country because their eyes on our land ,they want to destroy us, if you go and read the historys about Kurdistan you will change your mind. Thanks for showing people Kurdistan.
kurd kurdistan
kurd kurdistan 5 mesi fa
kurdistan is not iraq Biji kurdistan welcome kurdisan 😍❤
frawldog 5 mesi fa
Ricky Ray
Ricky Ray 5 mesi fa
Hello to Kurdistan from USA, would love to visit someday.
Leah Usif
Leah Usif 5 mesi fa
I have heard about it kurdistan is we’re I live
Hoshyar surchy
Hoshyar surchy 5 mesi fa
It’s not Iraq please it’s Kurdistan 😍
BTS Kurdish
BTS Kurdish 6 mesi fa
I'm from kurdistan 💗
Chi Media
Chi Media 6 mesi fa
The comment section here is just as interesting as watching the actual video... I may have spent more time reading the comments after I watched the video! Thank you for this amazing video!
EveryDay HoliDay
Haha, you are right! 😄 Thank you!
Spon Agel
Spon Agel 6 mesi fa
كێ وەکو من کوردە وە کومێنتەکان ئەخوێنێتەوە با لایک بکات😂
Awin elly
Awin elly 6 mesi fa
You're very welcome to my country ! Loves from kurdistan 🖤
EveryDay HoliDay
Thank you! 😃
Mashallah Kurdish
Well done 🔥♥️🌹
Forever Kurdish
Forever Kurdish 6 mesi fa
I am from Erbil kurdistan iraq (;
EveryDay HoliDay
P fff
P fff 6 mesi fa
Wait u said kurdistan isn't safe but ur wrong it's the safest land it's not like iraq and u will feel very very safe there
rawan mziry
rawan mziry 6 mesi fa
Heris Susanto
Heris Susanto 6 mesi fa
Dolls country, by USA,,, pray for saddam
Nawzad Zakho
Nawzad Zakho 6 mesi fa
From Kurdistan❤️👋
Maria g Benavides
EveryDay HoliDay
KURDIS TNAY 6 mesi fa
IRAQ arbal 🇮🇶❤️❤️زور زور خوشى
Rêkani 3 mesi fa
Kurdistan not iraq
straight forward
You havent heard about it because its not kurdistan its the land of the assyrians
TORIVAR༆ 6 mesi fa
@straight forward The country doesn't determine the history of the people's existence despite the presence of many old maps and archives that mention the Kurdistan region but according to your principle there was never "Turkey" so how u explain that
straight forward
@TORIVAR༆ man please go look up history it was never kurdistan so the title of this video is wrong that was my main point.
TORIVAR༆ 6 mesi fa
so you are ignorant of a lot because you only hear
TORIVAR༆ 6 mesi fa
@straight forward yes, as it happens in Turkey
straight forward
@TORIVAR༆ and im not assyrian
Hassan Mosa
Hassan Mosa 6 mesi fa
'The land you havent heard about Kurdistan' im from Kurdistan!
EveryDay HoliDay
Feyzullah oz
Feyzullah oz 6 mesi fa
Cok guzel bir yer kürdistan bağımsız olacaktır yakında
المهندس محمد العراقي
Welcome of all people in kudistan
Itz_Coochie Manシ
I hate Kurdistan
Faruk Kalyoncu
Faruk Kalyoncu 7 mesi fa
2:00 you disrispect Turkey border.
Renas Abdullah
Renas Abdullah 7 mesi fa
Biji Kurdistan ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Aland Safeen
Aland Safeen 7 mesi fa
Bunny J
Bunny J 7 mesi fa
I Love Iraq ❤️ I'm From India 🐰
Bunny J
Bunny J 3 mesi fa
@سعید امینی among in Iraq
سعید امینی
This kurdistan not iraq
ferid Unver
ferid Unver 7 mesi fa
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