The Last Minute of the Last 28 NBA Finals (1995-2022) 

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Check out the final minute of the last 28 NBA Finals from 1995 till 2022!
By @GDsHighlights
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Hakeem Did it, MJ did it, Timmy did it, Shaq did it, Kobe did it, Wade did it, LeBron did it, Kawhi did it, Curry did it, KD did it. Everyone did it and Lead their Team in their own way. Appreciate GREATNESS.
Kd did what?
@@georgenyanplu9082 win back to back FMVPs
@@DonkeyKong5479 oh
@zeroxyzzz Anno fa
@@georgenyanplu9082 KD cant win without joining a team that beat him
@FrxstyProdz Anno fa
@@zeroxyzzz he still was the best player on that warriors team
@xTurboATL Anno fa
Watching kobe and his daughter after his 4th chip really does hurt to watch man. RIP Kobe
Crying in the club rn
@Tren10x Anno fa
Def choked up on seeing that. Breaks my heart man.
Bro was a killer on the court. Rip to the mamba
@Charles4326 Anno fa
Jordan cried after winning his 4th ring so does Curry. Kobe finally won his 1st FMVP after winning his 4th ring so does Curry. They all won those titles with their the same team… and won their fourth after years of break from winning.. the 4th ring indeed is so sweet it’s their comeback winssss
Anything after 4 rings is something CRAZY like damn you a winner winner Lol
Very different…. Curry didn’t lose his dad between ring 3 and 4 and the final game wasn’t played on a Father’s Day.
@Beery He brought up them crying, and I pointed out why MJ was crying… Not deep at all, and also very relevant.
@@skylaryoung3819 it was never said that their stories were IDENTICAL.. I’m sure he’s just pointing out the similarities
@@drethegiant6176 I never claimed that someone said they were “identical.” OP shared similarities and I shared a difference. Not that big of a deal
Phil Jackson is a monster at coaching. This man has seen so many rings in his life.
And he won 2 rings as a player
@jimjnxd8115 Anno fa
He saw Jordan and Kobe's potential.
Phil Jackson is the real Goat 💯
Steve kerr is in Bulls, Spurs and Warriors championship
Maybe Kerr would surpass Jackson in winning titles
Man, the 2021 NBA finals was always special for me because it was the last finals I watched with my pops before he passed away. We always watched the finals together ever since the one where Lebron won it in Miami, but i never expected this one to be the last. RIP dad
That game 6 was amazing, where Giannis scored 50 points.
@goatzy_run Anno fa
One of the best finals ive seen even im not a huge fan of both teams.
@treservinnn Anno fa
Nobody cares nicca
@@treservinnn bro….
I feel that bro. Always watched the finals with my pops. Sorry for your lost✊🏾. You and your son will share the same experience
@avaaaaaaa5057 10 mesi fa
0:00 magic vs Rockets 0:44 bulls vs Sonics 1:38 Bulls vs Jazz 2:30 Bulls vs Jazz 3:42 Spurs vs Knicks 4:36 Pacers vs Lakers 5:30 76ers vs Lakers 6:10 Nets vs Lakers 6:54 Nets vs Spurs 8:04 Pistons vs Lakers 9:18 Pistons vs Spurs 10:29 Heat vs Mavericks 12:35 Spurs vs Cavs 13:00 Lakers vs Celtics 15:03 Lakers vs Magic 16:19 Lakers vs Celtics 17:00 Heat vs Mavericks 18:00 Heat vs Thunder 18:59 Heat vs Spurs 21:20 Heat vs Spurs 23:46 Warriors vs Cavaliers 25:15 Warriors vs Cavaliers 27:51 Warriors vs Cavaliers 29:10 Warriors vs Cavaliers 31:03 Warriors vs Raptors 33:30 Heat vs Lakers 36:00 Bucks vs Suns 39:27 Warriors vs Celtics hope this helps!
@1031gem 8 mesi fa
@rafiforfun789 5 mesi fa
Lmao warriors vs cavs 4 years in a row (go cavs!)
Knicks only one guest appearance I would say Rockets too but they won 1994 too
​@@mrmillennium2697The Knicks are faced against the Rockets in 1994 but they lose it the 1994 NBA Finals
@brvdyy Anno fa
Seeing Kobe so happy with his kids is bittersweet
I know man I couldn’t even watch
@cazu2479 Anno fa
Which one was the one that died?
@WyWid Anno fa
@@XaviRonaldo0 woah you typed that
@WyWid Anno fa
Kobe was a regular dad just like everyone else’s. He didn’t do anything special. hop off his 13 inch meat
17:40 Dirk was so emotional, one of the most meaningful rings ever.
and thats against the big three in miami.. what a win by dirk and the mavs..
That whole run was insane. The Mavs were destined in 2011. Swept the Lakers in the second round and beat the Thunder with Westbrook Harden and Durant and then beat the Heat with James Wade and Bosh. That run was one of the greatest runs of all time
one of the best hard earned ring for me
@ChampHere Anno fa
To me Dirk Giannis and kawhi(Toronto) was the best and hardest rings
Even though the Spurs haven’t won since 2014 it’s still nice to see and hear that we have 5 championship’s, Timmy D best PF to ever play the game of basketball
🐂☝️🤠🇨🇱💍💍💍💍💍 go spurs go
Would have 6 if Timmy ain’t botch that point blank lay up. Kawhi and Ginobili also missed free throws in the clutch.
@codg3484 Anno fa
@@_HunnidProof I always think bout that, but would the Spurs have been as motivated if they won the 13 Finals? Maybe they woulda lost 2014 if they didn't have that winning drive from losing the previous year.
@26MECH Anno fa
@@codg3484 facts tho great insight
@@_HunnidProof the 2014 NBA season for me still the 2nd best finals ever.
@val-uh8oh Anno fa
0:03 - 0:33 Orlando Magic vs Houston Rockets (1995) ended 4-0 (sweep) 0:34 - 1:27 Chicago Bulls vs Seattle SuperSonics (1996) ended 4-2 1:28 - 2:23 Chicago Bulls vs Utah Jazz (1997) ended 4-2 2:24 - 3:29 Chicago Bulls vs Utah Jazz (1998) ended 4-2 3:30 - 4:34 San Antonio Spurs vs New York Knicks (1999) ended 4-1 4:35 - 5:31 Los Angeles Lakers vs Indiana Pacers (2000) ended 4-2 5:32 - 6:09 Los Angeles Lakers vs Philadelphia 76ers (2001) ended 4-1 6:10 - 6:48 Los Angeles Lakers vs New Jersey Nets (2002) ended 4-0 (sweep) 6:49 - 8:02 San Antonio Spurs vs New Jersey Nets (2003) ended 4-2 8:03 - 9:16 Detroit Pistons vs Los Angeles Lakers (2004) ended 4-1 9:17 - 10:27 San Antonio Spurs vs Detroit Pistons (2005) ended 4-3 including Game 7 10:28 - 12:30 Miami Heat vs Dallas Mavericks (2006) ended 4-2 12:31 - 13:04 San Antonio Spurs vs Cleveland Cavaliers (2007) ended 4-0 (sweep) 13:05 - 15:05 Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers (2008) ended 4-2 15:06 - 16:20 Los Angeles Lakers vs Orlando Magic (2009) ended 4-1 16:21 - 17:05 Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics (2010) ended 4-3 including Game 7 17:06 - 18:04 Dallas Mavericks vs Miami Heat (2011) ended 4-2 18:05 - 18:58 Miami Heat vs Oklahoma City Thunder (2012) ended 4-1 18:59 - 21:21 Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs (2013) ended 4-3 including Game 7 21:22 - 23:45 San Antonio Spurs vs Miami Heat (2014) ended 4-1 The Golden Dimension: 23:46 - 25:15 Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers (2015) ended 4-2 25:16 - 27:47 Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors (2016) ended 4-3 including Game 7 27:48 - 29:15 Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers (2017) ended 4-1 29:16 - 31:01 Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers (2018) ended 4-0 (sweep) 31:02 - 33:29 Toronto Raptors vs Golden State Warriors (2019) ended 4-2 33:30 - 35:59 Los Angeles Lakers vs Miami Heat (2020) ended 4-2 36:00 - 39:26 Milwaukee Bucks vs Phoenix Suns (2021) ended 4-2 39:27 - 43:30 Golden State Warriors vs Boston Celtics (2022) ended 4-2
@MKIVD Anno fa
U the real MVP
@ProCy Anno fa
"the golden dimension" bruh the meat riding is crazy
@@ProCy prob just meant when golden state started dominating the leauge.
@Vakator-29 Anno fa
@@ProCy lol cry curry the finals mvp
@daweeb1797 Anno fa
@@ProCy cry about it. Steph our goat.
That Michael game winning crossover + ankle breaker hits really hard,wasn't only a physical damage,but a brutal emotional damage as well to the fallen player
Byron Russell did alright for himself
It was a push off
@@daniilanisimov77 it was fasho a push off
@anon2414 Anno fa
Byron Russell's ass is still hurting. The Jordan cult and worshipers will say Jordan never touched Russell 💀🤡
@youngaj Anno fa
All the LeBron fans talm bout Push off that man Byron Russell just went dancin n slidin
This was nice to watch. Thank you for the great editing. So much emotion. I remember every single one. Winning the finals is a difficult accomplishment.
I’ve seen all these finals endings. Such a honor to see so many great teams play.
Yep. Me too honored to rewatch all those last minutes of NBA Playoffs.
same except 2020 Disney world tournament.
@@ultrawidemods5175 we dont count that trash
@WebMentorCR 8 mesi fa
I've seen them all as well. Been watching the NBA since 1992, since MJ's first half INSANE performance on game 1 against the Blazers...
@caleb3257 Anno fa
Kawhi and mj were heartbreaking to watch. But Kobe Bryant holding Gigi after the championship hit me hard
@558thugga5 Anno fa
Dirk lost that first match up against wade and had to get it back against the big 3 that’s probably the most beautiful out of them all tbh
The big 3 bitches?
Mike Breen has covered the NBA Finals from 2006 up until present (2022). A legendary voice that has come a long way.
@lilsancho6760 9 mesi fa
Frfr💯 Basketball version of jim ross 😂🤘🏼💯
As a Golden State Warriors fan, this is still touching even 6 months after the title and through all the struggles we have experienced this season so far.
@Unlocked985 4 mesi fa
It means so mcuh
@kemaluan22 3 mesi fa
@@Unlocked985hope we back next year🎉🎉
@toogoat9293 Anno fa
That last minute in the 98 Finals is about as iconic as it gets...
@joeku2004 Anno fa
It feels so good to witness so many NBA finals
@Grievous_ Anno fa
@Grievous_ Anno fa
The Jordan ones are so iconic
@zeroxyzzz Anno fa
@@zeroxyzzz yep getting touched totally equal a pushoff
2010 was the first finals I watched. I was only 9 and I saw Kobe do it. 2015 is special i was going into high school and the first time I really wanted a team to win. Thank you Steph. 2016 hurts still this day. 2021 was probably one of my favorites too because I met my family in Phoenix finally that year. And as the biggest Steph fan, 2022 will always be up there
@HaadWick Anno fa
I miss Kobe, I miss his knowledge, his competitiveness, and I miss his enjoyment of acknowledging great players like Lebron and Kawhi. I was born in 94, didn’t get see MJ in his prime but I know he’s a top 3 great. Football was my No.1 sport but this type of skill always impressed me. I’m so lucky to witness 3 generations of amazing athletes. To see the Warriors make the Finals seem like a invitation almost is amazing to me. I now sit with Steph Curry and them taking the torch. You gotta love sports man
@skyh2394 Anno fa
A top 3 great? Hes the best player to ever play the game buddy
Top 3... Obviously you're a football first guy. Don't tell me you'll place a perennial loser to that mythical figure?
@HaadWick Anno fa
@@skyh2394 I left it open for subjection. Why you so rattled about MY opinion
@HaadWick Anno fa
@@lamefart8831 I didn’t name a single person of than him in the top 3. Like who you like
It's pretty consensus in the NBA community that MJ is the greatest, but these repliers didn't have to be condescending lmao
@wrex32 Anno fa
If you pause at 16:10 you will notice that 5 people in the front all passed away. RIP Kobe, Gigi, Bill Russell, Stuart Scott and David Stern.
@GoatedRain Anno fa
They only had 4 secs of Lak vs Bos in 2010 smh. That game 7 was a classic
I cried when I watched Giannis get hurt in the Conf. Finals and I thought that they're done for the season, I was clearly wrong. I was nervous when they went down 0-2 versus the SUNS in the Finals, so watching them won it all in 2021 is something special to me.
@_tim. Mese fa
Man i love seeing giannis so happy brings a smile to my face
Legends at their best right here !..R.I.P to some of the greats !
Born in 02, for many years I had a favorite team and hated certain teams but man over time just looking at the greatness of the game is amazing, from seeing Kobe win back to back, Dirk over the heat, Bron dominating the heat, to curry rising in 15, Bron having the greatest comeback ever, to Kd and curry one of the greatest duos I’ve ever seen, Kawhi do it, Bron n Ad doing it in the west, Giannis proving his greatness and now the warriors continue their legacy, man I just love basketball the 20s decade will hold some great memories
@LoveSkyLost Anno fa
Football used to be the best. Looking over the years... This might be the best man... the past decade was instrumental for this sport.
dwade 3 years into his career got a chip and had an all-time finals performance is not talked about enough
DWade was great but dig deeper... Watch the whole series. Check out the calls and ft discrepancy.
Should’ve went back to back in 05 and 06 if it weren’t for his ribs.
@A-ROD-oe8wl Anno fa
Heard he got as many fouls just Wade than an entire Mavs team
@@A-ROD-oe8wl what chu mean u heard? Did u actually watch the series?
@Dead-xk1lk Anno fa
All free throws.....
People don’t give enough credit to the SPURS but they were one of the most dominating dynasties!!! Going against great defensive teams and always staying on top for more than a decade!! You had to go through them to become a champion…what a GREAT DYNASTY!!!!
@TW0man4RMY Anno fa
Its because all of the Finals series they were a part of were extremely boring.
@pharaoh4866 10 mesi fa
@@TW0man4RMY They just weren’t as flashy as some of the others. Still kicked ass just the same.
@aaanawaleh 10 mesi fa
​@@TW0man4RMY 2013 wasn't boring.
@angryralphs2516 10 mesi fa
Because their real finals rivalry is Lakers. Which is in their own Western Conference. The other sides are too weak for both teams most of the time.
Damn Jordan really was that man, makes the shot, makes the steal, makes the game winning shot
@toogoat9293 Anno fa
Nearly singlehandedly clinched the title for the Bulls in that last minute. 🐐
@26MECH Anno fa
Nothing better than the images and voices of old 90s basketball man..takes me right back to my living room as a kid man I could drop a mf tear right now
Sad thing seeing Kobe with his daughters in the 2009 finals
16:00 probably one of the happiest yet saddest moments man i miss kobe. R.I.P Kobe and his daughter
@polawski 10 mesi fa
NBA gave us so many joyfull moments, seeing this video I realize how much I LOVE THIS GAME, how much can I gate in memories, how a player who "i hated" can turn with time in someone who got me in tears by the emotion, or the respect that I have for them. These memories can take me through the years, and I can clearly see what was going on in my life at that time. The moments in which I was happiest also stand out, and those that I enjoyed the most... And like Kobe said, I’ll always love you for it.
RIP to Mr Bill Russell. I was too young to watch you play but what an ambassador for this game. Always class and we’ll respected by everyone that has played. Fly high sir and thank you.
The 08 Boston celebration is still my favorite to date!!!!! Seeing Paul Pierce and kG get their titles was amazing!!!! To all who pointed out my typo, thank you!!!
@renorden88 Anno fa
2007 spurs 2008 boston
@xS0l47 Anno fa
thats 08 in 07 boston was the second worst team in the league
@RDowney3 Anno fa
Lucky title. A healthy Bynum and Ariza, Lakers win that series.
@@Maggot-ml3vz no dude. Boston straight outplayed LA and there is no denying that. Give respect where it's due.
Today's kids and new generations don't know how good Utah Jazz team from '90s was. They pushed Bulls 2 times to the limits and actually to play to the last second. I was supporting Bulls, but that Jazz team deserves more respect than some Championship teams from this era.
They were good but never pushed a game 7
@ja4309 Anno fa
Sadly that's what happens when you didn't win the championship: Only seen as the team that the champions had to trample on
@@ja4309 especially against a dynasty team like the Bulls. It's like 20 years from now most people will only remember the cavaliers because of Lebron and not the fact they went to the finals 4 times straight against the warriors dynasty
You know the kids don’t know anything if they call the players “plumbers”. Such disrespect.
Malone and stockton deserves a chip
@MPzzy26 Anno fa
I’m not about to watch 43 mins just of teams celebrating…27 mins in and I’m like mmmaannnn this is dope!!!✊🏾🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
lmaoo felt the same way
@KingK2205 Anno fa
it feels good and bad. I feel good and apart of the winning team but I feel so bad for the losing team
@lorraine5337 9 mesi fa
Kobe with Gigi in that championship really got me feeling some way and it still feels unreal too that they're no longer here ):
NBA Commentator: After a half century, the Milwaukee Bucks are NBA Champions once again Devin Booker: Damn 😓
@A10R10 8 mesi fa
17:39 Dirk walking to the locker room in disbelief after all the years of criticism he faced will always be my favorite NBA Finals moment, especially after that BS officiating in 06 10:33
@DlGNITY 7 mesi fa
Dirk man ❤
Young Kawhi in 2014
@jessealias5416 4 mesi fa
Nah, that was sure a blocking foul no doubt
@mbryanf Mese fa
I just ranked my top 10 moments from this video, and Dirk is my number 1
That Jordan game 6 game winner iconic
@lexeiy1730 8 mesi fa
@House of Highlights - Thank you for this exceptional 👏🏿 video!. Classic, full of legendary moments w/ basketball icons.....Reminds me of how much I enjoyed Boston w/ Doc Rivers as their Coach, Kevin, Paul - Spurs w/ Manu, Duncan, Leonard as the MVP- Chicago Bulls winning multiple championships, Toronto winning a championship the Lakers w/ Kobe, Shaq, etc. The list goes on and on....Fantastic Video!
Honestly the most saddest win has to be the MJ winning after his father passed away
Or Kawhi playing on Father's Day after his dad was murdered
@KByrd80 Anno fa
It was on Father’s Day
After mj got his dad murdered 😢
@logan1751 Anno fa
@@ryanhillier107 seek help
@@logan1751 mj should've been seeking gamblers anonymous. 50k meant more to him than his father did
@Damari90 Anno fa
This is dope because I remember as a kid watching the 96-97 finals then telling my mom and grandparents I need them jordan 12s and had Rodman’s converse all star 91s 🔥 then the lakers 3 peat I wanted a shaq and kobe, and A.I jersey 🔥
Steph Curry Finally Won His First NBA Finals MVP I'm So Happy For This Great Guy He Earn It.
@ThePanther18 10 mesi fa
Lo más increíble y emocionante es ver como Cleveland y Golden State se disputaron 4 finales consecutivas, fue una gran era para esos dos equipos una gran rivalidad
Seeing Curry finally winning Finals MVP is makes me happy
Almost took him 2 whole decades to finally win one he was 2nd fiddle in so many finals😭💀
@dnzyilmaz7 Anno fa
@@leultrainstinct406 oh here ure again :D
@kbuckets Anno fa
@@leultrainstinct406 how long did take Lebron clown like your chatting jus appreciate greatness bum
@@leultrainstinct406 Lotta second fiddles average 28 in the finals. I guess Kobe should be brought down a peg for going to 4 finals and not winning an FMVP? 🤣😂😅
@@christophershaffer3921 why bring Kobe into 🤡 a dead man lives rent free forget avg Kobe never had lebron take his lunch like he did curry
@mh1977mh 8 mesi fa
I still get chills watching 2021 highlights. I was in the building and the energy was like none other! FEAR THE DEER🦌
@mavlaw Anno fa
15:57 RIP Kobe and Gigi
When Devin Booker just goes Damn at the end. Really hits hard
Honestly it does as a Suns fan. Might be the closest we will ever get to winning a title.
@@FanThemePark ...sure about that? wink wink haha
Yeah after all that trash he talks he should be saying damn.
​@@FanThemePark 1993
@TheLusaso Anno fa
The 04 Pistons are my all-time favorite team. Those Fav 5 did the impossible. 💪🏼
@cekay6008 Anno fa
i love simple but not long videos like this
@skipe3361 Anno fa
Watching Andre Igouadala winning a fmvp is outrageous
@TheLongWind Anno fa
Not if you watched his impact that series.
@skipe3361 Anno fa
@@TheLongWind what impact he was playing defence on LeBron and LeBron avareged 35 8 6 and his offence wasnt sth crazy it's one of the biggest robs of nba
@@skipe3361 tf are u saying, even the crowd of their homecourt were shouting mvp while iggy having his ft's stop bullshitting dude
@@johnnysins8279 tf that gotta do with anything
@emiveridico Anno fa
@@skipe3361 rewatch that part, you don't even have to watch the whole series, people was chanting MVP at Andre IN CLEVELAND
Wow Bryant’s 4th when he hands his oldest daughter the trophy and her smile just brought tears to my eyes.😢
@stevengrvp Anno fa
I like how it gets updated r.i.p to all the legends
As a Warriors fan 2016 hurts me until this day, but 2019 was also so difficult to watch, see the oportunity to Three-peat went to the hell
@SelevanRsC 6 mesi fa
Needed more superstars perhaps
The Sacramento Kings were supposed to play The Nets in 2002, not the Lakers. The Sacramento Kings were screwed vs the Lakers on Tim Donaghy's fixed games.
Yeah and same goes for the Bucks in 01
Yeah the Kings just seemed like the better team and played better. I wish the wolves could have beat the lakers!
@rec6856 Anno fa
@renczxc5842 10 mesi fa
Lol 😂.
The Warriors and Cavs rivalry is still one of the most iconic rivalry in NBA I miss it.
@SportzNFL Anno fa
34:36 Dwight really pulled up like that 😂🤣
Tim Duncan and the spurs are very underrated.
Imagine the feeling that you won a ring.
@t3v.t3v Anno fa
That’s a great feeling that’s makes me wanna cry 🥹🔥
Or sign a 200+ million $ deal.
@iiTzGwa Anno fa
Sooooooooooo many historic event in the 2016 season One of the Best Season Ive seen
Agree. Kobe last season, warriors 73-9 and cavs comeback 3-1
@@johnlewis9630 how much better does it get? It really can’t lol
My first every finals I remember watching was 2018 and I was 13, time goes by fast and it doesn't even feel like it's been that long
@2015BLOXXER Anno fa
Really? I remember the 2012 nba final and I’m the same age as you
@@2015BLOXXER I know he says he “remembers” watching, but that doesn’t mean he watched all of the finals before that and forgot. I think he means he only really started caring in 2018
@KingK2205 Anno fa
I was 13 in 2018 and the first finals I remember was 2013!
​@@bobserling4812 I'm 6 months late but yea, I'm from the bay so my family did watch the 2015-2017 finals but I wasn't really too into it at the time. My first ever season was 2017-18 but I do remember previous seasons but not as much
@bobserling4812 9 mesi fa
@@AngelGarcia-rx6ld damn I forgot about this comment
@Wintersports00 9 mesi fa
This video was a perfect blend of entertainment and inspiration, it left me feeling motivated
@hrich245 7 mesi fa
'09 was heartbreaking to watch 😢 Miss you, Kobe 😢😢
Damn, you gotta think how dominant Jordan was, man had 2 three peats in one decade facing different teams in all of them but 1. Truly the most dominant player to touch a basketball and my goat 💯😤
The last minute of every NBA Final of my life 🔥
@Ceddy2418 Anno fa
When you see players cry when they win a championship, it reminds us that they are human
Weirdly, NBA Finals has tricking us teasing a game 7 last 4 years but always ends in 6.
@jusjstn Anno fa
Though I feel like I missed out on so much, the 2022 was special because it was the year that my bond with basketball really took off. I was interested the year before but after catching the games of the finals my love of the sport grew. Going for the warriors was a good decision because I didn't go though the disappointment of having my team lose. I'm glad that I'm now learning way more and catching all the games so far of the 2022-23 season.
No it’s even worse you pick the warriors at least pick a team that always doesn’t win I could tell your 9
@anthonypena336 8 mesi fa
​@@nbaedits9118 gottem
0:51 Brown tryna take the game ball like he did something 🤣🤣🤣
incredible how the video quality keeps getting better as the video keep going
@itsgjk237 Anno fa
Kobe, curry, lebron, mj, and duncan the best players...all of them leading their teams to become dynasties
@Someone Shaq made it a dynasty, but Kobe kept it alive 'til the end.
@kdot7162 9 mesi fa
I grew up in Compton, CA, so '00, '01, 02, and '09 were nice to see. 2010 was definitely special because it was the last Lakers title I watched with my father, who passed in 2012. He loved Kobe (and Shaq) and was a life long Laker fan, as well as all L.A.region sports (Dodgers/ USC Trojans Football/ UCLA Bruin Basketball/ LA/Oakland Raiders). also, I was born in 1988, the year both the Dodgers and Lakers won championshipsssss.
We miss you Kobe❤💛💜
@jaygee7779 Anno fa
Love my spurs man... I remember every single moment. The nostalgia...
19:32 underrated Lebron moment imo
People talk so much about the Ray Allen shot that some casual think it was in game 7 lol, Lebron scored 37 and hit a very clutch shot in game 7 with also 1 freethrow to end the game but most people only remember the Ray Allen shot it’s sad.
@lorddj9910 Anno fa
@@Anthonydu01630 you’re right…but if Ray doesn’t hit that shot Lebron is going home with another finals loss it’s really hard not to bring up that shot Lebron is top 5 all time but let’s not act like that shot didn’t save him
@@lorddj9910 that shot wont matter if there was no lebron
@lorddj9910 Anno fa
@@trainpushingtutorials2822 lol and let’s be honest the only reason that is a narrative is because Ray hit the shot you honestly think anybody would’ve cared about Lebron scoring that many points to come back just to lose?
@@lorddj9910 I don't get what ur tryna say brother. Ray Allen's shot did save Lebron who denying that? I said what that shot would've done if Lebron didn't scored 32pts/11ast/10rb? It seems silly to me talking about individuals for what a team made possible and everybody in it. But the thing is one guy contributed the major part of it and that was Lebron James.
@mikamand7 Anno fa
I can only have tears in my eyes when I see that MJ and Kobe have both won the final 3 years in a row 👏🏽😭😭😭😭
Shaq not kobe lol kobe IS only in thé package
@4747da Anno fa
you mean mj and shaq right? who won finals MVP?
@@4747da Stop. Without Kobe and Pippen, neither get to the Finals. Finals MVP is only for a series, not an entire season.
@pharaoh4866 10 mesi fa
@@4747da Oh yeah just like Iguodala in 2015 right?
@pharaoh4866 10 mesi fa
@@jaffarkrismakavel4878 They both needed eachother just like Jordan couldn’t have done it without Pippen.
@hezzi3283 Anno fa
Lebron to 8 straight is simply amazing
Eh lol
And losing 5. Yeap that's impressive, but in bad way. Either he's greatest chocker or greatest disappointment.
@hezzi3283 Anno fa
@@MarioCindric I don't believe that is so, I realize everyone sees things differently based on a player they support, but for 8 straight years various players won yes but they all faced lebron in the finals, mj is the GOAT fine kobe is my guy but that is an amazing accomplishment
@@hezzi3283 It was weakest era of basketball since 70s. And yet they all needed to form Superteams to win the titles. And winning 3 titles from 8 finals as "best" player of that era is not one of the greatest accomplishments, people did far far far more tougher and greater things in basketball. LBJ formed 2 Superteams with just one purpose, to win as much as possible titles. He failed so badly that he couldn't build a Dynasty from neither of those teams.
@@MarioCindric saying that these generation is the weakest since the 70's is truly, and i mean truly the absolute dumbest argument to hate on lebron i've ever ever seen, considering the game of basketball as all the other sports is evolving and the players today are quite clearly without the shadow of a doubt the best they've ever been. (on average, so shut up about mj, magic etc). if u can tell me an era where there's been more spread talent than the modern one, i'll be impressed
spo in the background of that heat-mavs finals back in 06 is insane
That 2011-12 transition hits different. Bron missing out in a big way, the finally capturing that elusive title the following year. I loved Miami Bron, some of the best hoops ever. Over 10 years later and the GOAT is still contending for titles. God bless him.
@diegoolivarez1 9 mesi fa
Definitely the King of Flop.
@Meerkat2112 8 mesi fa
GOAT is debatable.
@pjdaking432 Anno fa
Man i from Detroit so when they won in 2004 the city erupted 😮🔥🔥
I really appreciate this video thank you for making it.
E de 2011-2020 das 10 finais de NBA ele esteve em 9. Surreal, lendário e histórico.
@Grievous_ Anno fa
The 5 most impactful players of the last 3 decades have been Michael Jordan, Kobe, Tim Duncan, Lebron and Steph Curry because they have lead their teams to dynasties and have won the majority of the finals of the last 3 decades. Soak it in because we will never witness another era of basketball like this again. They’re all absolute legends.
@reim1 Anno fa
kawhi ending 2 dynasties
@joseckiko1 Anno fa
David Robinson #50 TO! Old school and on the first dream team.
How can you disregard Shaq?
@riquetc0060 Anno fa
Shaq not being mentioned here is astounding.
@trugee5848 Anno fa
get lebron tf outta here!!!! shittin me
I was born in 1995 (December 24th), but didn't get to see the Houston Rockets win their second-straight title, in time. My first time seeing a Finals game was my team, the Chicago Bulls, win their record-breaking (at the time) Championship season, the following season, and it was one to remember. My dad was there for all the championship seasons and it was the only decade where you were proud to be a Bulls fan. Sadly, those days are gone, but they will forever be a part of history, when it comes to the team's organization.
@dwade833 Anno fa
Jordan in 98 Finals is soo LEGENDARY to the best ever and GOAT! Just Untouchable!
This whole clip was🔥🔥
@rey023 Anno fa
Thaanks for this awesome video 👍👍👍
More than 90% of this video is either the Spurs winning or losing, Lakers winning or losing, LeBron winning or losing and Curry winning or losing.
Interesting thing with the Lakers Threepeat is that you can see as the years go on there's less of a reaction to them winning.
@MB-ec9zz Anno fa
Ya cuz they knew they didn’t deserve the last one
@gvgvhk.jg.4579 9 mesi fa
They were too strong. Shaq was an unstoppable monster, Kobe was a growing superstar. Eastern Conference was very weak after MJ era. 2 finals for NJ Nets are the proof of that. The real NBA Finals back then were Western Conference Finals with Spurs, Kings and Trail Blazers.
@SM-fl7lo Anno fa
This video made me realise how great JORDAN is, Everyone got to the finals multiple times but no one could seal the deal like HIM!!!
Look like Kerr seal the deal on one lol and scottie seal the deal on steal
@SM-fl7lo Anno fa
@@1ndependenceday1 Your right I should say the 90s Bulls
@japango1 9 mesi fa
It's crazy watching how the crowd evolves in these and seeing more and more cell phones pop up.
Man Kobe with his kids just hit hard. RIP Mamba
Imagine winning the NBA championship on Father’s Day, 6 years after your father is murdered. I respect Kawhi so much. I don’t know how he keeps it together
@bibo1 Anno fa
Fr though 😔
weirdly it was the same thing for MJ his dad had died like 2 years before and he was distraught about it even after the game blew off , kawhi deserves his chip tho man's a beast
@@jonnstewart2023 MJ the goat
@datdude2002 Anno fa
@@makaveli6873 no he’s not
@@datdude2002 then who is?
This is so inspirational ❤
@FranB1995 Anno fa
Ginobili, Duncan, Parker. Greatness
@gabsss2116 5 mesi fa
dope vid, just one question. where da fuq does that ball land when they throw it in the air on the last second????? it just disappeard bruh
Man hearing Marv Albert brings back memories as a kid,teenager...made me tear up 🤧😬
@krispy0480 Anno fa
thank you for this!
HoH finally postin highlights
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