The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - Mr. Aonuma Gameplay Demonstration 

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Get an introduction to Link’s new abilities in this gameplay demonstration of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom presented by series producer, Eiji Aonuma.
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27 mar 2023




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Quadraxis 2 mesi fa
I love that the fusion hand ability basically tells us that they saw players making flying machines with boxes and minekarts and went "Write that down! WRITE THAT DOWN!!"
myballs Paul
myballs Paul 2 mesi fa
good developers look at how people have fun with their game, and embrace it. while Nintendo is usually deaf to this philosophy, there are exceptions, the legend of Zelda development team seems to get the idea perfectly.
Guilherme Feyh
Guilherme Feyh 2 mesi fa
@myballs Paul you are 100% right, dear myballs
Xander Gaming
Xander Gaming 2 mesi fa
@Guilherme Feyh 🤨🤨🤨
Schumerus 2 mesi fa
That’s the reason you should let players experiment haha
Cats Nekos
Cats Nekos 2 mesi fa
Yeah I think people got very creative with the little ressources they had (in terms of being able to assemble different pieces together) and Nintendo just went with that lol.
Girthquake Mese fa
The last 6 years have been an absolute Zelda renaissance and I'm loving every second of it, I hope we get some good old fashioned temples someday though, that's one thing I really miss!
Falcon2 Mese fa
Well, we might get them in this game. You never know!
Lyle 84'
Lyle 84' Mese fa
I missed the bosses the most. The Skyward Sword bosses are all sooo good and creative, while the BotW bosses are so forgettable. I dont even remember them other than the fact that they all looked the same, black/glowy texture mess
Ramon Andrajo
@Falcon2 I can't wait to pirate this game and play it on an emulator in 1080p at 60 fps; it's going to be great.
Ramon Andrajo
@Lyle 84' Agreed.
Memphisballs Mese fa
Give me
SYLM Mese fa
I can't even imagine how speed runs are going to look now. These new abilities are insane
The sad truth about speedruns is that abilities stop being relevant once they find one or two good tricks that just make them obsolete.
Corey on Demand
attaching wood to a log (any %)
​@7PlayingWithFire7 That's kind of the idea. To make as much of the game obsolete as you can in order to beat it as fast as possible. It isn't a "sad truth" it's just the nature of speedrunning. Also, this isn't even inherently true. 100% runs often have to make use of every item/ability. Look at Ocarina of Time, nearly every item is important.
Ramon Andrajo
Piracy is the way. ;)
Ramon Andrajo
@7PlayingWithFire7 Piracy is the way. ;)
James Maner
James Maner Mese fa
The last game had runes that had very wide applications in the world of the game. Like stasis was for puzzles but it could also be used for combat, etc. I'm excited to see what ridiculous uses we find for all these new tools too.
King Kaiju gaming
Me making a spear with a wooden crate 🥸
John R
John R Mese fa
Runes were challenging, but blandly looked the same. Temples are a missing peice that should return.
Stinkyremy Mese fa
That is actually the strange thing, there has to be more abilities because apart from recall, non of this really sounds directly useful in combat. Though I do assume ultrahand will work just like magnesis but on any item so we can chop down a tree and dump it on enemies instead of only using metal grates or bolls. I assume there will be some sort of bomb ability other than the weapon show.
​@Stinkyremy who knows? They are still hiding tons after the final trailer! So maybe we could have more abilities..
chris sanchez
Fuse a cookoo to a shield the meme is now real
Recall 1:50 Fuse 3:45 Ultrahand 7:35 Ascend 9:50
ChillKill Mese fa
Thank you bro. We need more people like you in this cruel, cruel world
@ChillKill im just helping people who just want to see a specific ability's gameplay
Harry Chandra
I love the way they don't change the gameplay too much in compare with botw. 6 years ago they created the best handheld open world RPG game and no one have ever close to match it even until 6 years later. Don't change if it's not broken, but enhance it.
That part
Chris Andreas
Elden Ring
Imature Gamer
@Chris Andreas "handheld"
Chris Andreas
@Imature Gamer they created best open world in 2017 all the way till 2022* Handheld not needed.
Snofey1 Mese fa
That’s the exact reason why Nintendo is so succesful. They know when it’s time to create something new and when it’s better to keep things as they are. That’s why we still get new traditional style Mario games. Why fix something that isn’t broken?
Domain of Science
Who saw the Zelda franchise turning into the best physics simulator game? Not me, but I'm into it
luis a
luis a 2 mesi fa
I don't understand quantum physics
Far Offspring
haha best physics simulator... Link dives into a stream from the heavens and plops down gently like a pebble 11:44 don't get me wrong, looks fun tho
Erick reyes
Erick reyes Mese fa
​​@Far Offspring but you gotta admit those water animations are TOP TIER... I never have seen a game that is more detailed than that...
Far Offspring
​@Erick reyes yeah it looks/feels nice, especially for the hardware it's on.
Topblokehere Mese fa
The physics system in the original game was good but felt underutilized. The new game is using it in ways I couldn't even imagine!
11:48 the water droplets getting splashed so high up in the air since the fall was so high is just such a cool detail to show the amazing physics of this game…I mean realistically Link would be dead but I don’t mind
Beans 27 giorni fa
my guy, link can pull the paraglider one millisecond before he hits the ground lmao.
Albert Wesker
It’s nice to see a game that focuses on physics and interaction with the world.
Pixel 23 giorni fa
am I going to need to have played Breath of the Wild to understand this game?
Albert Wesker
Albert Wesker 23 giorni fa
@Pixel I think Nintendo just released a recap if you don’t wanna play the first game.
Laura 16 giorni fa
@Pixel I think it would be better to play Breath of the Wild first so you're already familiar with the story, characters, world etc. You might miss quite a bit of background information, but idk how they've handled it.
girtas 11 giorni fa
Yeah, because flying islands is physics 100%
Kyrsar86 Mese fa
NOOOOOOOOOO! I need it now. There are infinite possibilities. I will never stop playing this. I'm full of excitement like a 3-year-old getting candy for the first time. I cannot wait for TotK to be released. THANK YOU NINTENDO!
AMFK Mese fa
Just like every other release. Zelda always makes me feel this way. Oot when I was 8. Twilight princess when I was a teen. And my favorite attp where it began for me. Every launch has me excited and I find myself reading posts in anticipation exactly the same way a did 20 years ago. Man Nintendo knows how to do it right. Games my be behind others but the quality is un matched. There is no doubt a main Nintendo release will be a banger. That's why we stay so true to our roots. Thank you nintendo
xxnekonekox Mese fa
You should play Banjo Kazooie nuts and bolts if you havent already! all of the building stuff you can do in that game too and its so fun
Vergil 23 giorni fa
The best thing about video games it can have infinite possibilities. And this game looks and feels amazing and loved breath of the wild.
Anas Shahid 224
Anas Shahid 224 16 giorni fa
@Vergil perfectly said man 👏👏👏
Anarchy Mese fa
I'm astounded at how they've managed to take the foundation of botw and elevate the potential of creativity and curiosity. The amount of love and effort in this title is so clear I'm so excited to see how I can use these abilities!!!
JCBjr15 Mese fa
Coming back to this after the final trailer yesterday. I really like fuse and ultrahand as a mechanic. I feel like it's their answer to more tedious and grindy crafting systems in other games. Essentially crafting and making weapons and structures is more on the fly and hands on rather than grinding for materials and sitting in a menu for 30 minutes making what you need. Overall it's really creative and I'm so hyped to try everything I can I'm this game.
Overly Sarcastic Productions
I can hear every other open-world game dev crying bitter tears about how hard it's gonna be to steal that fusion mechanic -R
R.Q.R. 2 mesi fa
"How do we fuse guns with other guns!?"
just_that_girl 2 mesi fa
Red and blue play through of tok 👀
Kay 2 mesi fa
Nobody is copying Nintendo lmao, these games are very basic. Edit: Should clarify, Nintendo games aren’t as innovative and revolutionary as they used to be. This game is going to look and play almost exactly as the first did, it’s a barebones sequel that should’ve been left as a DLC. Nintendo fans get excited over the bare minimum and it’s hilarious.
Green Apple
Green Apple 2 mesi fa
Hey Red.
FErgersonn THE GREAT
@Kay PEOPLE were copying Nintendo lmfao.
Trevor Hoffmann
never been more excited for a game. this trailer was so well done
Julio Lopez
Julio Lopez Mese fa
Thank you for Ocarina of Time and all the other Zelda games you made possible. Years of awesome memories
Very smart of them to lean into the stylistic sandbox elements of botw. A great team for sure.
Darcie Clements
Darcie Clements 16 giorni fa
Everyone said it was a shame they didn't have time to lean into the full physics power during development of the first game. It's awesome to see they took it to the limits this time.
Zethron 117
Zethron 117 Mese fa
I'm so excited. I'm playing through BOTW again. This team is so well put together and reputable. They have been awesome through the years. I'm DEFINITELY getting the collectors edition. ❤️ 🥳
Chergus Mese fa
my whole life i have been a fan of zelda, now finally i can play another one of nintendos masterpieces, thank you Mr Aonuma.
I really like how the fuse ability make monster parts a lot more useful than mass selling to Beedle
144Heartx 2 mesi fa
Enderking3031 2 mesi fa
So true…
KL Productions
KL Productions 2 mesi fa
Or Kilton
Mr. Orb
Mr. Orb 2 mesi fa
Legowyn24 2 mesi fa
I would mention elixirs, but let's be honest, I haven't made a single one, the only elixirs I used were fire elixirs to reach the peak of death mountain
Ruxy Plays
Ruxy Plays Mese fa
Words cannot describes how excited I am for this game
Fake Name
Fake Name Mese fa
Convinced you guys are bots. Not a single negative comment until you dig into the replies
IDKWhoIam Mese fa
​@Fake Name Bro's calling people bots just cause they're excited for the game lol. In fact, maybe you're the bot instead. I wonder why...
Fake Name
Fake Name Mese fa
@IDKWhoIam a lot of comments are the same thing said in slightly different ways
Justin Jacobs
@Fake Name what does it matter if people are excited? BoTW was praised by fans and critics, this game is going to be great :)
Cloud Monkey
Cloud Monkey Mese fa
Ah yes. The demonstration that made us all want to play the game immediately. I legit am so excited. This is going to be great!
Royal Pudding
As Link falls from the sky island, we get a real good look at the landscape. I didn't notice a single shrine entrance. Could we be getting larger, more traditional dungeons?
moth 29 giorni fa
I was also wondering that.
Baby_Yoda_Fan2311 21 giorno fa
I’ve heard that we are
Bored Flandre
Bored Flandre 18 giorni fa
Hope so
tolu619 5 giorni fa
I'm 50 hours in and I've cleared 28 shrines
Josh Mese fa
For me the best part of BotW was just wandering around Hyrule. The movement systems combined with all the ways the game rewarded you for thinking "I wonder what's over there" made it one of (if not the) best games I've ever played for exploration, and it looks like TotK kept all of that and then enhanced it.
Stinkyremy Mese fa
I agree. I am a life long zelda fan so there is that as i would be biased but I have also liked open world games since I was you and have played crap loads. This was one of the most thought out open worlds I have ever played. All the environmental story telling and points of interest that just peaked my interest to explore, I was exploring the world for over a month in no rush to complete the game. Only issue is in retrospective, all there really was to find was a korok or a trash weapon etc. TotK my interest in exploring is going to be more about returning to the places I know and seeing what has changed.
huehuehue 29 giorni fa
but it's the same map with tiny new floating blobs added, you can't really explore anymore since much of it is the same or slightly changed
KyleGK 19 giorni fa
​​@huehuehue bruh it is still worth it, and even if you don't like exploring the over world there is still the underground
M Cephas
M Cephas 14 giorni fa
To me that was the worst part. I don't enjoy walking around grassy fields for hours. I enjoy exploration of the world up to a point, but it just got tedious after a while.
KyleGK 14 giorni fa
@M Cephas lmao
ethai1 Mese fa
I feel like the recall ability is a game changer. The fact that you can have only certain objects to go back in time instead of the entire game like in Prince Of Persia sands of time. Imagine a game inspired by movies like Tenet where you can move backwards and interact with objects in different time streams. I feel like the recall ability in this game is a step towards that.
ZackScottGames 2 mesi fa
It doesn't feel real that this game is only a a month and a half away!
Mert Nural
Mert Nural 2 mesi fa
I am looking forward to your gameplay!
Antninja13 2 mesi fa
michaeł Zell
michaeł Zell 2 mesi fa
And yet it feels like a year. @ZackScottGames I watched your original BOTW playlist back in the day.
TAB299 2 mesi fa
Hello Zack! I'm a big fan of your content!!
MasterGamer 2 mesi fa
I love your vids!❤️
william ruhmshottel
What great original ideas I love how fresh Zelda games feel whenever they come out
Nin10do Central
Nin10do Central 24 giorni fa
I'm not even a Zelda fan, but this game looks so fun.
Nihilistic Nerd
This is easily one of the coolest games I've been hyped for. This just made it a must have.
Daxon Moore
Daxon Moore 21 giorno fa
I'm glad they stuck with the minimal music. A lot of people complained about BotW not having a constant overworld theme, but I think the lack of music really sold the empty post-apocolyptic world, and made the towns feel much more likely because of their music. Since the world is starting to recover, I expect more music, but it sounds like the same small piano cues which I'm completely fine with
Shirakori Mio 白狐狸水緒
Gold star move. Nintendo saw people janking BOTW with flying machines and levitating boxes and instead of cracking down on their glitchy nonsense, they applied their physics engine to make that kind of creativity a main gameplay mechanic. Absolutely stellar stuff.
Glaycier 2 mesi fa
I love it when companies roll with stuff like that. Rather than seeing it as an insult they build off of it. Feels like they enjoy playing it and the community. Like Valorant making jokes when a player portrait glitched and got stretched, they didn’t patch it they memed with it. Just makes it feel like the devs actually are part of the community and not some ambiguous people typing code.
The game is for babies grow up. No where nearly as good as the dark souls games.
Iron Crown
Iron Crown 2 mesi fa
Magnesis metal ball in a minecart as a gameplay mechanic? Yes please!
Wackaz 2 mesi fa
Wow, so genius bro. Nintendo literally found a way to make fanboys fanboy even more - that "don't complain about there not being much to do, because if you do, the fanboys will come at you with the "you have a bad imagination bro" excuse in return, and we commend them for it!" was a classy way to end the video. Just like Cyberpunk 2077, only a few of us saw the cracks before the game's release. Seems it's the exact same now, but let me guess, I'm not allowed to be skeptical, I just need to... use my imagination?
Julieska Morales
I’m gonna cry with how excited I am. I’ve played through BotW 6 times and twice in 100%. That’s how much I loved it. I can’t wait to do the same with this one!!
Tibbz 20 giorni fa
They have seriously outdone themselves.. again. So much love to this title
RGA Mese fa
The level of creativity in this game is nuts, once again Nintendo makes every other developer look like like nothing
Torie Doyle
Torie Doyle 23 giorni fa
I love that you can be more creative with how you interact with the world! It gives you even more freedom to problem solve!! So excited for this game in one week!!!
Tim Senna
Tim Senna Mese fa
Nintendo's gameplay innovations really are peerless. I love how they pave the way
Marion J.
Marion J. Mese fa
This looks like so much fun! Can't wait to explore 😄
GotA2319 Mese fa
They saw all the "flying vehicles" people were managing to make by glitching guardians or the physics mechanics and just said "hey wait a minute, that's a good idea!" They 100% leaned in to how people were actually playing the game and it looks like they have given us mechanics that will play into that. Well done!
Jim NFL 7
Jim NFL 7 Mese fa
looks like the same set up as Breath of the Wild. 2:02 lift up is new. 5:01 still collect food.
Kenju Mese fa
@Jim NFL 7 no way you still have to eat? I never could’ve ever guessed… Also fuse is new, upwarp (can’t remember the name), dodongos and cheese all that new stuff
Logan Hollis
Logan Hollis Mese fa
This is why they have made a fortune making games. Game design 101
Egg Lord 👑🥚
Can’t wait to fight that dragon thing I’m assuming there are gonna be enemy team ups
andre Mese fa
yeah they also addressed the complains about weapon durability with fusion
ImNexusss 18 giorni fa
A video game that actually finshes production before releasing it. 10/10 just for that
Kelvynhoo Mese fa
que obra de arte melhor jogo 2023 estou aguardando
G3NOLLA - Mese fa
This game looks so great, I can't wait to play it.
syncVince Mese fa
Wow, this is insane. Can't wait to play it.
Krystal Ingram
Krystal Ingram 23 giorni fa
This looks AMAZING!!! Absolutely awesome. I’m so excited for this game to come out! It’s been WELL worth the wait judging only by this play through! Thank you Nintendo for taking your time to create such a wonderful and exciting fun looking new game! 💚
Enrique Salazar-Turner
Nintendo saw that people were flying around by using multiple objects together, so they decided to embrace the idea and add the Fuse ability. Absolutely incredible. The sheer amount of crazy inventions we'll see from that ability is going to be nuts.
Kurokoro 2 mesi fa
Actually they had this ideas before cause a lot of what you see in TotK has been taken from the unused concepts from the development of BoTW, they knew what players would do with Links abilities and the physics of the game and decided to make it part of the mechanics for this sequel which is amazing.
nankinka 2 mesi fa
​@Kurokoro after all, the devs also play games and do funky stuff like everyone else! It's just a matter of if it's doable in x period of time, and launching these features in BotW wouldnt be achievable
Daniel Morris
Daniel Morris 2 mesi fa
@Kurokoro There are interviews where Aonuma and co. recall watching people do crazy ridiculous things with Magnesis and such (like the flying double-minecar they had to literally patch out) and just having their minds blown. Sure some of these concepts were pre-BotW, but don't try and tell me that the players' own ingenuity wasn't the spark that became the flames.
Kurokoro 2 mesi fa
@Daniel Morris Of course the players exploited this mechanics in awesome ways and the developers where surprised how they used them but the basic concepts for a lot of this was already there, I mean imagine when the sequel comes out and players do the same again, obviously they will impress the developers even more. Just like you said they gave us the fire and we used it in many ways unthinkable.
Kinda wished that the combat was more advanced and interesting. But other than that I was blown away, this game looks insane!
Manuel Manzo
Manuel Manzo Mese fa
he esperado mucho tiempo para esto y por fin veo su gameplay, definitivamente se llevara el GOTY
the cheesehand
This is gonna be the best game ever! So many new features I can’t wait!
nam3s Mese fa
The world looks like it's more dense and filled with things compared to BOTW. I also LOVE the fusion strategies. I was hoping they didn't keep the basic weapon breaking system but they added a whole new layer of depth on top of it. I'm excited to see all the ridiculous things fans decide to do with it lol
Fia 2 mesi fa
I love how they saw players using thinks like octobaloons, boats, mine carts, stasis, and the general physics engine (as well as other materials and abilities) to make weird machines and mechanisms and just went “yeah, let’s put that in the game” It looks incredible and I’m so excited to make the weirdest mechanisms imaginable!
LEGOMaster25 2 mesi fa
I hope we get an in-lore reason as to why these contraptions exist.
space blanket
space blanket 2 mesi fa
@LEGOMaster25 zonai. the constructs drop zonai cores and there were similar looking npcs.
junie two knees
junie two knees 2 mesi fa
Have you seen a clip of someone stasis launching a yellow chuchu jelly then bullet time shooting it to kill 15 birds mid flight? BOTW was insane and im excited to see what other things there are to mess around with
Rotojakku 2 mesi fa
@LEGOMaster25 did you even play botw? The lore reason is an ancient civilization that made all the literal robots was taken over by Ganon. They literally dug robots out of a mountain and activated them. Link was chosen to use that technology alongside magic to stop the evil. At this point he's just had more time to learn that technology.
space blanket
space blanket 2 mesi fa
@Rotojakku that was the sheikah, these aren’t the same contraptions and are most likely zonai.
Mauss The Man
I’m still completing breath of the Wild, I can’t wait to play this game!
DinoroxYT 29 giorni fa
oh man then you are not prepared for this game yet boy
Georgia Grindon
I can’t put into words how excited I am for this game. All you nay sayers just because of the graphics! I play multiple games on multiple platforms and no graphics are not the best but the Zelda games will always be one of my favourite games regardless. Genuinely so excited for it to release, I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas counting down the days until this comes out 😅
Draxacon Mese fa
👏 What a pleasent surprise of awesome new features! Can't wait to play this 😁
EZboy Mese fa
This looks soooo awesome I can't wait to get it!!!!
Anas Shahid 224
Anas Shahid 224 16 giorni fa
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom looks amazing! So many endless gameplay possibilities 👏👏👏👏😊
Eduardo Andrés Ramos Pérez
Satoru Iwata va a estar orgulloso de ver que su dedicación está dando resultados, fue el pionero de que los juegos tengan esa excelente calidad!
M64bros Mese fa
He would be very proud of this masterpiece!
First name Last name
One thing that struck me with the first game was just how unbelievably creative the fans were. Between electric flying minecarts and sneaking on enemy's heads to jump, people were able to come up with a super incredible range of ideas that I never would've thought of. I'm so glad this game seems to be catering to and encouraging that out of the box thinking.
AberrantBunny 2 mesi fa
No I did all of those things first, it was just me
Magolord 2 mesi fa
I'm pretty sure they got the fusing abilty idea from those devices that players created!
Shodan Cat
Shodan Cat 2 mesi fa
@Magolord no doubt, and i'm sure once Tears is out for a few weeks, its developers will be stunned with creations they never thought of during the entire development process
Lucifronz 2 mesi fa
The engine's capability of doing all these weird things is part of what made Breath of the Wild so incredible, so it is definitely nice to see they not only noticed this, but catered to those fans.
Bordann 2 mesi fa
Shiro Lee
Shiro Lee 13 giorni fa
Thank you so much Aonuma-san for giving us such an amazing game!!!
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Mese fa
engine to make that kind of creativity a main gameplay mechanic. Absolutely stellar stuff.
Axl-arts Mese fa
Anybody else rewatching this because they can’t wait for the game to release 😭😭
Aleem Shakoor
Omg this is everything I wanted for a new Zelda game! Love the new abilities Can’t wait for may man! WOOO 🎉
Moolayen Studios
Moolayen Studios 5 giorni fa
I love these new mechanics, the freedom and creativity of it!
Geedly 2 mesi fa
The new abilities are going to make speedruns of this hilarious - can’t wait to see what people come up with
chiffmonkey 2 mesi fa
Link rolls up on Ganondorf in a tank.
xnɹɔ 2 mesi fa
When the video showed Link teleporting through a ceiling I thought "oh speedrunners are gonna love this one"
Richard Mahn
Richard Mahn 2 mesi fa
I already finished it by putting 200 rakes together and reaching Ganondorf before you!!!
mushy 2 mesi fa
I crafted a button attached to a Deku Nuke 👉🔘
Just A Microwave
I can’t wait to see what crazy vehicles and combos people do with these new mechanics! It’s going to be absolutely insane!
Z e o r e a d e r
Z e o r e a d e r 28 giorni fa
Wow this is such a masterpiece!!
Christopher Reed
I’m so excited I can’t wait I thought the last game was good but this takes it to a whole new level
Tawfeek Hassan
I'm obsessed with the new tinkering powers And the whole new open world. Can't wait till it comes out
Hayleo Liz
Hayleo Liz Mese fa
I AM SOOOOO HYPED FOR THIS GAME.When I fuigured out this was a thing(the gameplay demonstration)I almost screamed I was so hyped
Seavsta 2 mesi fa
With the Ascend ability, imagine a completely sealed secret cavern: You’re in a cave, you want to go to the mountaintop, so you use Ascend. But instead of popping up at the top, you pop up in a secret sealed cavern that you didn’t know was above you the whole time. Imagine a dungeon or quest with puzzles that gives you clues to where these secret caverns are located.
Temporal72 2 mesi fa
I was thinking about that! 😱
Ice 2 mesi fa
Bro, you're gonna make me ascend through every inch of every ceiling looking for a secret cavern now when the game comes out💀
Patrick shaw
Patrick shaw 2 mesi fa
I am imagining an entire dungeon with this mechanic in mind, maybe the map or clues help you figure out when a path is above you. I'm really hoping they have that in the game!
Alex Manley-Ryan
I'm pretty sure that was actually detailed in the patent that was released for it a fair while back. There was a drawing of a little sealed cavern otherwise unaccessible
Misha 2 mesi fa
@Patrick shaw they would probably make ceilings that prevent you from using it except in specific spots.
Abdulla Azzam
As a zelda breath of the wild player I can tell that this game will have more useful mechanics than any other open world game.
Abdalla Albassam
Even though I didn't buy BOTW, I'm happy this took a lot of things and made it easier for those who want to try this game. I got excited while watching this trailer yo 😍
Elijah Shelton
Botw is one of my favorite games so I’m really excited for the sequel
The Elysian
The Elysian Mese fa
That fusion mechanic is going to be so fun. So many ideas.
rroonnii Mese fa
Wanna try this out already, giving us more options and showing ud how vast the game is. 💚
Gavin Montgomery
I can't imagine how difficult something like the fuse ability would be to program, considering how many options the game gives the player. It's impressive even from a purely technical standpoint, they've clearly done a lot of work on their engine. I was impressed by the very stable-looking performance as well, looked like a pretty fluid 30 fps
sonicgalaxy27 2 mesi fa
Right? There are many opportunities the player can do for crafting materials by fusing any type of objects around them. I find that fusion mechanic is really well improved for the franchise. Not really a fan of Zelda but I'm only getting this game because of the open world formula and the weapon selection. That's why honestly.
LTS 2 mesi fa
I love it
Scooter NaotoFan
That's why it took so long!
danyx850 2 mesi fa
Also the seamless exploration between the surface and the sky, this game is looking to be a technical masterpiece. Just like BotW showed what the switch was capable at launch, TotK will squeeze every drop of the hardware at the end of it's lifespan, I'm excited!
Eddy9871 2 mesi fa
I really need to know the limit Like how many logs can I stick together Could I build a bridge with them? Hope it's not a limit like only 10 things stuck together at a time and let's people go crazy Wanna see people build things like a log cabin or tower
Ogreatgames _com
I'm loving every second of it
Kristi Mese fa
this looks pretty awesome, i can't wait!
Darius W.
Darius W. Mese fa
Man this game looks absolutely bananas. Extremely impressed 😳🔥🔥🔥
ハナハナ Mese fa
おむつ 26 giorni fa
Eddie C
Eddie C 2 mesi fa
That fuse ability is even crazier than I originally imagined. We are going to be seeing videos years after the game comes out of people finding the best fuse combination or combining things that are across the map.
kakyoin donut321
bad piggies
safsaf asfafssa
safsaf asfafssa 2 mesi fa
@kakyoin donut321 yeah
Ian Favel
Ian Favel 2 mesi fa
No more buying a house. Build houses that fly.
I need to piss
I need to piss 2 mesi fa
Engineer of the wild
clydefrosch 2 mesi fa
It's kinda ridiculous swinging a rock on a brittle branch like it weighs nothing...
Christopher Samuels
Even though the blade is gone, the hilt inspires action... very deep.
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie Mese fa
April Mese fa
I'm a 43 year old mom of 4. I've been playing Zelda since I was a kid. Loved BOTW. I'm not sure where I'll have the time to play this, but I'll find it somewhere! 😀 Looks awesome!
Anderson Angeles
Teoría definitiva: Cuando ganondorf (momia) se levanta y lanza la malicia al cielo y se eleva el castillo, la malicia choca con el cielo como si estuviera colisionando con una barrera. Puede ser que la malicia sea tan fuerte que haya roto las puertas del reino sagrado, y haga que esté de cierta forma se fusione con hyrule y eso haga que aparezcan las islas. Creo que por eso pusieron esa escena en el trailer. Y creo que otra cosa es que en el reino sagrado de el presente de BOTW los sabios se sacrificaron todos para poder sellar a Ganondorf y rauru quedó condensado en su mano, la misma que se fusionó con link. por lo mismo, Zelda está en el pasado con el rauru de ese entonces. Y creo que van a buscar la manera de que link sea el que con la espada destructora del mal acabe con ganondorf en el pasado porque al parecer el echo de no contar con link en ese entonces provocó que para detenerlo tuvieran que sacrificarse ellos. Y desembocar en toda una línea de reencarnaciones de la malicia juntándose y volviendo a surgir ganon cada cierto tiempo de debajo del castillo. ¿Tiene sentido?
Eclisse Mese fa
I have the utmost respect for this man.
DUHRIZEO 2 mesi fa
I love how the fuse ability opens your ENTIRE inventory up to creative possibilities. What was previously reserved for cooking now also creates a homing missile?! That's so fun!
MDLuffy1234 2 mesi fa
Meat Arrow.
John Fulcher
John Fulcher 2 mesi fa
​@MDLuffy1234 Meat Missile?
MDLuffy1234 2 mesi fa
@John Fulcher maybe.
Dat damn Kez
Dat damn Kez 2 mesi fa
Mmmmm cooked meat arrow
Jon Niebauer
Jon Niebauer 2 mesi fa
For real. I love botw, but there were many MANY useless items in it.
Jaime Jimenez
Jaime Jimenez 24 giorni fa
🤩Awesome can't wait to play it for myself! 😁
Drathicus Rex
This looks absolutely amazing
The Sinister Scoundrel
I can't hardly wait to grab my copy of this!
kurlykaitlyn Giorno fa
I remember watching my older brother play on the Nintendo 64 back in the 90s. Zelda is legend
Nightcore Fan
OMG!!! Those new abilities are totally amazing. This literally is the first Zelda game you can craft on.
Aleem Shakoor
I wanted to craft for so long!!!! Can’t believe they finally added it! Time to add 1000 hours to this game 😂
You can craft outfits in tri force heroes
Karuna Satori ASMR
I have never wanted to play something so badly in my life. I need May to get here NOW.
HotSauce300 2 mesi fa
This will be my birthday present from me to me 😊
Mary Gouge
Mary Gouge 2 mesi fa
@HotSauce300 same 😂
Jason Corbett
Jason Corbett 2 mesi fa
indeed !
Krishna McKay
Krishna McKay 2 mesi fa
Only 1 more month! But yes this looks exhilarating. Aonuma made it seem like this is just the tip of the iceberg
Chauncey 2 mesi fa
Silk song will be just as good for half the price
Soren Mese fa
I can see definite inspiration from gmod and I am all for it. So excited to have an open world sandbox
A Large Farva
This is going to be one of the games of all time
Katherine Emaas
Dang, fuse and ascend is so gooood! I kept using stamina to climb anywhere and picked weapons from enemies for me to use sometimes if my weapons break. 😂
Trillian Mese fa
I kept saying ‘no way’, this is how you know this will be epic
Anmol Kumar
Anmol Kumar Mese fa
Very good even better than the previous game.
Draelan 2 mesi fa
It's clear that the vehicle building mechanic was inspired by people using balloons in the first game to make things fly, and I love that they ran with it. I can't wait to see all the crazy things people build! Also, the weapon fusing is wacky and very cool!
Takeru Minamoto
Takeru Minamoto 2 mesi fa
don't forget the trick of stacking 2 minecarts and lifting the lower one with magnesis to achieve infinite flight
Mech3000 2 mesi fa
Or the good old fashioned guardian on a boat go brrr
Ron Hertzberg
Ron Hertzberg 2 mesi fa
Lol they designed it with thar intention
3nd3rman04 The Blue-Fire Enderman
The fuse ability is almost like an answer to all those who hated on the weapon durability system so much because when he fused the boulder to the highly damaged stick, it was no longer highly damaged... gotta love the link shrinkray mechanic to fit that boulder on his back! The moment I saw the weapon fuse ability I immediately thought of the smuggle and blss glitches
Cayatfaish 2 mesi fa
Reminds me of Scrap Mechanic’s building system, it just gives the same energy.
Kenkashi Haneki
I love the fact he's swinging a literal boulder with one hand 😂 can't wait to make weird stuff and possibly beat ganondorf with a soup ladle again
Kyle Stewart
Kyle Stewart Mese fa
I'm predicting that there will be some hilarious combat scenarios and traversal methods that people figure out soon after the game is released
specter Mese fa
I keep coming back to this.....I am so hyped for this game..!
The Coach
The Coach Mese fa
This is going to be the best game ever 😱
Blockwearingman 29 giorni fa
i am happy too see the weapons getting tweaked, this will give me some more challenge run opertunities
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