The Lumineers - The Ballad Of Cleopatra

The Lumineers
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Cleopatra is the brand new album from The Lumineers
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Music video by The Lumineers performing The Ballad Of Cleopatra. (C) 2017 The Lumineers, under exclusive licence to Decca, a division of Universal Music Operations Ltd


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27 apr 2017




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Commenti 6 942
Abdullah Al Noman
So peaceful
Yêu thương Thế giới
love this
William Li
William Li 13 ore fa
This really is a fucking masterpiece
Anton Pershin
Anton Pershin 17 ore fa
Brilliant art piece.
Anvita Giorno fa
no, you don't understand. the beauty of this ballad, the power it holds. the small details, the scar, the name of the hotel, the showcasing of all of her four lifestages in the end...this is a masterpeice.
jacyntho salviano
ouço essa musica sempre... me traz coisa boa...
De kombi é mais legal
muito bom é uma música que me passa muita coisa boa... dá vontade de sair viajando de kombi
Anatomia de uma fé
Dionne Dorner
Dionne Dorner 2 giorni fa
The efficacious knee coincidentally promise because melody intringuingly work abaft a grubby gruesome donkey. sour, lethal distribution
Arsen Gharagyozyan
Arsen Gharagyozyan 2 giorni fa
22:43 does this melody have a specific name?
Daniel Oliveira
Daniel Oliveira 2 giorni fa
Essa música Cleopatra é simplesmente a personificação da palavra BELO. Ela quebra qualquer ser.
Maria Errani
Maria Errani 2 giorni fa
Yeah but... This Is not Cleopatra. This song Is Ophelia
Cyrille Burtin
Cyrille Burtin 2 giorni fa
Luke Davies
Luke Davies 3 giorni fa
jeremy serenge
jeremy serenge 3 giorni fa
This is beautiful and amazing and I love the Lumineers
Sol Favre
Sol Favre 4 giorni fa
Una obra de arte
Im_gaee4u 4 giorni fa
For the last four years, how come I did not know this masterpiece?
Daniel Hernández
Daniel Hernández 4 giorni fa
Dionne Dorner
Dionne Dorner 5 giorni fa
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Sempre Textos
Sempre Textos 5 giorni fa
Better than most Hollywood movies.
Simone Griguol
Simone Griguol 5 giorni fa
Darth Attenborough
Darth Attenborough 5 giorni fa
This deserves an Oscar
Rychell Jade Castañeda
wow. just wow.
Rose Santos
Rose Santos 5 giorni fa
Lindo demais!!!! 💖
kaag iszwak
kaag iszwak 6 giorni fa
This song is better without a video
John Tennant
John Tennant 6 giorni fa
swo this what Gabby and Brian were so suppose to experience
Jesús Leví Sentíes Méndez
Here's my interpretation of this "Ballad": (You better get your popcorn, since it's going to get really long) The first song "Ophelia", it's just a way to show us what the other videos/clips are going to be about; the "What if" of the life of Cleopatra. I don't get any true meaning (related to the life of Cleopatra) from this song, but the dance, the "Raining from the sky" (or something like that), makes us believe that he sets free when he is not on stage, and that's what one should do Then, we meet the taxi with Cleopatra, with the singer leaving in a Hotel, which can be seen in the "Angela" Videoclip Now, we get to the life of Cleopatra with the first song "Cleopatra", which tells us her story showing us how she remembers when she was young with all the people in the backseat (the guy putting something in the trunk, remembering her of that time that she could've gotten a different life by leaving her father's funeral with the love of her life at the moment, the mom and her daughter remembering her when she was pregnant with his son and finally the doctor makes her think about what is going to happen to her when she gets older) The lyrics tell us about what happened in the moment that made her life what it is now, and also tells us that she remembers her life before with the "strangers in the backseat" (which I already explained) Then, we go into "Sleep on the floor", which shows us the moment that could've changed her life, and that's when she was at her father's funeral, and the love of her life "asked for her hand" and asked her to leave with him and to start a new life. The Videoclip shows what could've happened if she accepted and left instead of staying in that funeral. It shows the obstacles that they could've went together, until getting into a party with their friends, when they "Get married" and lived a "Happily ever after" The lyrics tells us about what she would've done by going with the love of her life Then, it shows us a Cleopatra, driving a car, which gives us a clue about the next Videoclip "Angela", shows us a video about an adult Cleopatra that decided to stay in the funeral and had another husband, now pregnant She wonders: "What if; I leave?" and takes us to a trip showing us about her journey to her "Home", which is alone, raising her child by herself, getting to the motel that we saw in the beginning (the name of the motel makes me think that that's her favourite place, or, the place that she'll always remembers, since the name of the motel is "The four ladies", but that's something else) which ends up with her getting a divorce. Then, we can see her getting into her life being a Taxi Driver, where she leaves the motel and gets to a Taxi (same taxi we see in the beginning of "Cleopatra"). The lyrics tells us about her getting "Home at last" Last, but not least, is the Videoclip of "My eyes", shows us about her, reminding herself about her whole life, and what she did, maybe even telling her doctor about the "What if"'s that we can see in the other videoclips Finally, there's that last "What if?", Being: "What if; I get up and leave?" And it shows us what could happen/could've happened if she just got/gets up, with the final scene, where we can see all the lights going out, which tells us, she, is about to go out... I kinda want to think the lyrics are about her thinking: "What did you do to me Lord? What did you do to my eyes full of light? What happened to my only child?" But I don't know about that If you've read this far, I hope you liked my interpretation, I know it may not be exactly this, but being the art it is, is about what you get, more than what it is, so yeah, hope you liked it, and I am more than happy to hear, well, read, about your interpretation of the song Thanks, have a great day
sabrina castillo
sabrina castillo 7 giorni fa
que video tan depre! esta para el suicidio XD
Raymond Choong Ci Kien
This is so amazing! Immediately addicted when I first time listen! This is how a music and music video should be!!!
Jorrit Jip de Jong
Jorrit Jip de Jong 7 giorni fa
whats maisie wiliams doing here?
Yuri Kovalyov
Yuri Kovalyov 7 giorni fa
В этом жизнь? Потреблять, щёлкать е..ом и многозначительно смотртеть друг на друга как экзальтированные дурачки? Не верю. Это что-то про наркоманов.
Made Pemrog
Made Pemrog 7 giorni fa
she looks like Jamie lee Curtiz
Jesús Leví Sentíes Méndez
Letra/Lyrics: ["Ophelia" 00:01 - 03:12]: Ah, ah, when I was younger I, I, should have known better And I can't feel no remorse And you don't feel nothing back I, I, got a new girlfriend She feels like she's on top And I don't feel no remorse And you can't see past my blinders (Coro/Chorus) Oh, Ophelia You've been on my mind girl since the flood Oh, Ophelia Heaven help a fool who falls in love I, I, got a little paycheck You got big plans and you gotta move And I don't feel nothing at all And you can't feel nothing small "Honey I love you", that's all she wrote (Coro/Chorus) Oh, Ophelia You've been on my mind girl like a drug Oh, Ophelia Heaven help a fool who falls in love (Coro/Chorus) Oh, Ophelia You've been on my mind girl since the flood Oh, Ophelia Heaven help a fool who falls in love (Coro/Chorus) Oh, Ophelia You've been on my mind girl like a drug Oh, Ophelia Heaven help a fool who falls in love ["Cleopatra" 04:40 - 8:00]: I was Cle-opatra, I was young and an actress When you knelt by my mattress, and asked for my hand But I was sad you asked it, as I laid in a black dress With my father in a casket, I had no plans... yeah And I left the footprints, the mud stain on the carpet And it hardened like my heart did when you left town But I must admit it, that I would marry you in an instant Damn your wife, I'd be your mistress just to have you around (Coro/Chorus) But I was late for this, late for that, late for the love of my life And when I die alone, when I die alone, die I'll be on time, ah, yeah While the church discouraged, any lust that burned within me Yes my flesh, it was my currency, but I held true So I drive a taxi, and the traffic distracts me From the strangers in my backseat, they remind me of you (Coro/Chorus) But I was late for this, late for that, late for the love of my life And when I die alone, when I die alone, when I die I'll be on time (Puente/Bridge) And the only gifts from my Lord were a birth and a divorce But I've read this script and the costume fits, so I'll play my part I was Cle-opatra, I was taller than the rafters But that's all in the past love, gone with the wind Now a nurse in white shoes leads me back to my guestroom It's a bed and a bathroom And a place for the end (Coro/Chorus) I won't be late for this, late for that, late for the love of my life And when I die alone, when I die alone, die I'll be on time (ah) ["Sleep on the floor" 08:55 - 12:47]: Pack yourself a toothbrush, dear Pack yourself a favorite blouse Take a withdrawal slip Take all of your savings out 'Cause if we don't leave this town We might never make it out I was not born to drown Baby come on Forget what Father Brennan said We were not born in sin Leave a note on your bed Let your mother know you're safe And by the time she wakes We'll have driven through the state We'll have driven through the night Baby come on (Coro/Chorus) If the sun don't shine on me today And if the subways flood and the bridges break Will you lay yourself down and dig your grave Or will you rail against your dying day And when we looked outside Couldn't even see the sky How do you pay the rent Is it your parents Or is it hard work dear Holding the atmosphere I don't wanna live like that, yeah (Coro/Chorus) If the sun don't shine on me today If the subways flood and the bridges break Jesus Christ can't save me tonight Put on your dress, yes wear something nice Decide on me, yea decide on us Oh, oh, oh, Illinois, Illinois Pack yourself a toothbrush dear Pack yourself a favorite blouse Take a withdrawal slip Take all of your savings out 'Cause if we don't leave this town We might never make it out ["Angela" 13:24 - 16:35]: When you left this town, with your windows down And the wilderness inside Let the exits pass, all the tar and glass 'Til the road and sky align The strangers in this town They raise you up just to cut you down (Coro/Chorus) Oh Angela it's a long time coming And your Volvo lights lit up green and white With the cities on the signs But you held your course to some distant war In the corners of your mind From the second time around The only love I ever found (Coro/Chorus) Oh Angela it's a long time coming Home at last Were you safe and warm in your coat of arms With your fingers in a fist Did you hear the notes, all those static codes In the radio abyss? Strangers in this town They raise you up just to cut you down (Coro/Chorus) Oh Angela it's a long time coming in (Coro/Chorus) Oh Angela spent your whole life running away Home at last Home at last Vacancy, hotel room, lost in me, lost in you Angela, on my knees, I belong, I believe Home at last Home at last Home at last Home at last Home at last ["My eyes" 18:38 - 22:22]: Oh... the devil's inside You opened the door You gave him a ride Too young to know, too old to admit That you couldn't see how it ends (Coro/Chorus) What did you do to my eyes? What did you sing to that lonely child? Promised it all but you lied You better slow down baby soon It's all or nothing to you The glow of Hollywood signs They sold you a bridge They fed you the lines You always confused, your servants for friends But you couldn't see how it ends (Coro/Chorus) (It's all or nothing to you) What did you do to my eyes? What did you say to my only child? Promised your love but you lied You better slow down, baby, soon It's all or nothing to you (Coro/Chorus) What did you do to my eyes? What did you sing to that lonely child? Promised it all but you lied You better slow down baby soon Fin.
Tim Ferracci
Tim Ferracci 8 giorni fa
The Lumineers are awesome
Andrea Luca Bossi
Andrea Luca Bossi 8 giorni fa
Una nuova frontiera della narrazione. Forza ragazzi, non mollate mai.
Jann Pial
Jann Pial 8 giorni fa
I'm not crying. You are.
MANAN BOHRA 8 giorni fa
he said pack yourself a toothbrush dear even then she didn't
zaptsmaize 8 giorni fa
overthinking at its finest
Jarebel Ramo
Jarebel Ramo 9 giorni fa
This song is a masterpiece but after long months of listening to this for almost everyday, my anxiety attacks and i've been thinking things. Not good things.
Manual 9 giorni fa
Definition of "it's all connected"
Mailson Fonteles
Mailson Fonteles 10 giorni fa
Com a legenda em português seria ainda mais perfeito!
nguyen thu ha
nguyen thu ha 10 giorni fa
what is the name the first song ?
Paula S
Paula S 8 giorni fa
stressed n spicy
stressed n spicy 10 giorni fa
how did they find 4 women that look exactly like each other in different periods of their life oh my god this is amazing
lisa 11 giorni fa
Such powerful music.
Bee Vee
Bee Vee 11 giorni fa
Has an iPhone, but no toothbrush.
Hector Sandoval
Hector Sandoval 11 giorni fa
Marcin Smoliński
Marcin Smoliński 11 giorni fa
What has he said in her ear on the beginning?
Gerardo Gustavo Tuj Chiyal
when i listened to it, i went to go out and cry
mark soukup
mark soukup 11 giorni fa
-kick *You better sloooooow down real eassssssssssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaay! ty
GatoDeChinelo 11 giorni fa
MattieG1968 12 giorni fa
This story is amazing. I look forward to your new album. The first single is amazing. Keep up the great work!
Armin Engel
Armin Engel 12 giorni fa
made my day.... so beautiful
Bruna Souza
Bruna Souza 12 giorni fa
Cada detalhe desse vídeo é uma memória guardada dentro de mim que nem sequer sei da onde é …. Tantas emoções
IgoorWR 13 giorni fa
Qual a primeira musica ?
Mausi Aleyda Rosales Melchor
Te amo Cinthya
Cowboy Nation
Cowboy Nation 13 giorni fa
Don't trip just have a blast
ShivTheDev 14 giorni fa
Each song is unstoppable !!! You can try but you will not be able to skip it once you start listening !!
Adi Tri Laksono
Adi Tri Laksono 14 giorni fa
The order of the songs: Ophelia, Cleopatra, Sleep on the Floor, Angela, My Eyes
Victor Acosta
Victor Acosta 14 giorni fa
quien del poderosisimo mexico!!!!. arriba el poderosisimo toluca
louise carrier
louise carrier 15 giorni fa
Lauren Christie
Lauren Christie 15 giorni fa
Such a work of art
breathe for life
breathe for life 15 giorni fa
i love you, until the end and beyond. and i promise i’ll always bring you flowers; to your grave.
Oz 15 giorni fa
Does anyone know if piano melody which starts at 8:28 is taken from somewhere? It sounds so familiar but I can’t remember where do I know it from 😥
Kalindy Bolivar
Kalindy Bolivar 15 giorni fa
simple reflexion, cuidado que mellito.
Cass'is 15 giorni fa
I've never heard such a beautiful song like this one, thank you so much, it makes me feel nostalgic of good memories.
이승윤 16 giorni fa
Egg 16 giorni fa
Storytellers at their finest, up there with Shakespeare and stuff
Lucho C
Lucho C 16 giorni fa
Increible video, la musica, los actores, realmente una maravilla The Lumineers son un grupo increible, de lo mejor de los ultimos tiempos. Llegan al corazon en serio. Genios. Abrazo grande desde Argentina.
Christian Arguello
Christian Arguello 17 giorni fa
This was amazing!!!!!
Jana Diaz
Jana Diaz 17 giorni fa
Deryl Sagawinit
Deryl Sagawinit 17 giorni fa
Bruna Michelin
Bruna Michelin 17 giorni fa
five years and still gives me feelings I can't even describe
Nawres Jalel
Nawres Jalel 18 giorni fa
Why is this so good!🤗
Khanh Ha Ngoc Hoa
Khanh Ha Ngoc Hoa 18 giorni fa
The disgusting hydrogen conspicuously describe because instrument exceptionally reign with a victorious velvet. troubled, eager deal
S Lang
S Lang 18 giorni fa
I love that they put Theda Bara on the album cover instead of Elizabeth Taylor 🙂
Andres felipe
Andres felipe 19 giorni fa
Ju Tub
Ju Tub 19 giorni fa
13mpty 20 giorni fa
didnt know this was an actual "movie" and now I'm lost... i need an explanation of this video
DNA DUO Beats 20 giorni fa
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Just Wonder
Just Wonder 21 giorno fa
Here again because I like my heart broken to tiny pieces, thank you very much.
jacques fracchia
jacques fracchia 21 giorno fa
Jesus this hit me in the feels. Just when it was needed.
Collectively Stalked CA
...all civilizations crumble...
Plastic Cup
Plastic Cup 22 giorni fa
All I see is hipsters justifying marriage ends in divorce. Change my mind
Mor 22 giorni fa
Esto es la vida..........
Débora Oliveira
Débora Oliveira 22 giorni fa
Vou tatuar esse album, toda vez que escuto sinto coisas diferentes...
SXXI Lima 23 giorni fa
Outubro ❤🇧🇷
MM 23 giorni fa
this is my favourite album of all time ....it helps me deal with the big sad:)
Adhil Mohammed PR
Adhil Mohammed PR 23 giorni fa
malayalikal ivide comon
Dora Ayala
Dora Ayala 23 giorni fa
#ADA horses are the most popular operating system #Bonded #DoubleUp #Simply #Serve #Some ...to FINALLY Have The First-Ever Evidence of Cosmic Superaccelerators in Our Galaxy and the only way.
Huong Hoa Muc
Huong Hoa Muc 24 giorni fa
The sore deal socioeconomically explain because parade numerically lick round a slow magician. remarkable, gifted dresser
Callum Vaughan
Callum Vaughan 24 giorni fa
Whats the song played at the credits on piano at the end?
Parv Dahiya
Parv Dahiya 25 giorni fa
The only time i feel sane during the whole day is when i am listening to this, thank you for this
Isha Marie Tan
Isha Marie Tan 25 giorni fa
i can play this my whole damn life
Fanny Maquera
Fanny Maquera 25 giorni fa
Estoy sentimental. Le extraño...
Lisa Bell
Lisa Bell 26 giorni fa
I love the story, the tunes and everything else about this and often watch it. Today I watched a conference given by the parents of Gabby Petito, They had all had tattoos in memory of Gabby. One of the tattoos is the same as Cleopatra gets on her arm, the single wave. I can only assume Gabby was inspired by this video. RIP sweet Gabby
Elizbeth Durant
Elizbeth Durant 26 giorni fa
The innate comb neatly choke because zipper immunocytochemically pretend versus a groovy lumber. unarmed, attractive stop
Kshitij Rajpoot
Kshitij Rajpoot 26 giorni fa
Oh waow.
checkster 26 giorni fa
This is beautiful
Faizal R
Faizal R 26 giorni fa
the ending pianist is so calmly and feels like it's all over
Александр Бахтин
new kind of beaty
Mr. Gonzalez
Mr. Gonzalez 27 giorni fa
The story of how a woman ruins her life with impulsive choices... The only good song is Ophelia.
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