The Manliest Song Ever Made 

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Move over, Mulan.
Dax - To Be a Man: • Dax - "To Be A Man" (O...
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26 apr 2023




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Khalid Hassaan
Khalid Hassaan 5 mesi fa
Wow, such a powerful song. No twerking needed. No sagging pants. No bla- uh scary people. Real powerful message for real American men around the world. We are not collectively responsible for the way the world is. Thats just how it is. I love my wife and her boyfriend.
Huracan360 5 mesi fa
Wait isn't Dax- nvm
elpurp 5 mesi fa
@Huracan360 he's not black, he's a youtube rapper.
Huracan360 5 mesi fa
@elpurp Right.. 💀
John Ramos
John Ramos 5 mesi fa
True and brave
Monipulator3216 5 mesi fa
What in the Will Smith!?
fatnose 5 mesi fa
"Life sucks cus you cant show emotions, cus if you do your son will think its okay to show emotions" Thanks Dax
swenpai 5 mesi fa
Truly one of the messages of all time.
Khalewren 5 mesi fa
God that is just. So bad.
Cliffeny Prize
Cliffeny Prize 5 mesi fa
Really sad
C 5 mesi fa
Just keeping the cycle going and not seeing the irony smh
Puramity 5 mesi fa
Dax: "soceity tells men are they arent allowed to cry this is so sad" Dax in the same song: "you cant show that youre hurt in front of your kids cause they'll adopt the same trait and start a generational curse" hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
onions 5 mesi fa
I love the idea that crying in front of your kids curses them. Man, my dad crying only made more more empathetic and kind - although I suppose that's what Dax thinks a curse is lol
HighTechPioneer 5 mesi fa
@onions "Ya but what if that empathy and kindness gets directed towards people I don't like?!?!?!? Betcha didn't think of that, did ya?"
Mars 5 mesi fa
​@HighTechPioneer what?
don eladio gaming
​@Mars he's attempting to represent the underlying nonsense that drives people who think expressing emotions and having empathy is somehow a bad thing
safwaan hassan
safwaan hassan 5 mesi fa
​@Dollface isn't he rapping against not crying of front of your kids. Like, that's the curse.
@DJB02 5 mesi fa
No drugs, No swearing, No naked women, Just 100% song
Persuasive Barrier
“Song” you almost spelled ‘wrong’ correctly.
Mark Shortall
Mark Shortall 5 mesi fa
@Persuasive Barrier lame comment
kidfazer 5 mesi fa
This is literally the top comment on that video currently.
Persuasive Barrier
@Mark Shortall im replying to a copy/paste from the actual music vid. That* is incredibly lame.
Jo Shiesty
Jo Shiesty 5 mesi fa
Orkan 5 mesi fa
Legit forgot about Dax's existence until now
halle uwu
halle uwu 5 mesi fa
Itsgingervitis 5 mesi fa
​@halle uwu I think Jax from Mortal Kombat.
Brandon Ayong
Brandon Ayong 5 mesi fa
"I'm from the school of notorious. Puba. Cube and the poor righteous teachers. I tutored my students. Showed them the blueprint and formula but the more they study my music the more they remind me of eyeballs I'm watching my pupils get cornier" Truest eminem lines of his career
Polo Pena
Polo Pena 5 mesi fa
Lmao facts
Abhinav NB
Abhinav NB 5 mesi fa
Haven't heard a word about this guy for the past 4 years
taigawoods 5 mesi fa
Being a man means hating yourself and also women, this song is 📠📠📠📠📠📠📠📠. Are you even a man if you aren't emotionally stunted, materialistic and bitter?
taigawoods 5 mesi fa
Jokes aside, men's issues are real, but this is the opposite of how you adress them in a productive manner. This is wallowing in filth.
taigawoods 5 mesi fa
This whole "I can't show weakness, I can't ask for help, I must provide on my own, I am entitled to my family bc of all that" attitude is self-destructive. It's just picking the worst script for yourself and believing that this is how life is, nothing gets better. Pridefully ruining your brain and your relationships bc you HAVE TO be a stoic manly man in charge. Really sad.
Maison K
Maison K 5 mesi fa
Bro spittin 📠
taigawoods 5 mesi fa
@Maison K Anthony spat here, so I felt inspired.
Immanuel 5 mesi fa
​@taigawoods yeah the second part where he starts talking about what men should do about it is dumb af. Like the complaints he showed, and how society largely still doesn't really care about men's issues are true. However, his approach is WHY society does not care. "Don't show emotion to your sons or anyone" is why no one can fully understand your issues. Clinging onto an impossible role is, frankly bad for you.
Big Brother TW
Big Brother TW 5 mesi fa
these guys will get so so close to criticising capitalism but then just blame the wamens instead
breadpilled 5 mesi fa
This shit right here
F 5 mesi fa
yah that’s pretty much it, wait til you encounter the Brocialists tho
quetzalcueyatl 4 mesi fa
And it's all because some nerd gots us like this lol
Jul tDi
Jul tDi 4 mesi fa
@F brocialists? Please elaborate?
MC Ride
MC Ride 5 mesi fa
i think its funny that in 2019 quadeca and dax collaborated and in the time since then, quadeca has become a fully fledged experimental artist, dropping one of the most interesting folktronica albums of all time and dax still makes the same song over and over
Blunt808 5 mesi fa
Funny haha or funny queer?
HotStrange 5 mesi fa
I didn’t even realize they collaborated. Quadeca is amazing though
Fr quadeca makes new sounds
Bebeebeebo 5 mesi fa
I dont like quadeca that much but I appreciate him for bringing up and showing something different every time. Dax is just fucking awful
Dev! 5 mesi fa
Guys who relate to this song never take their lunch breaks and think that shows good "work ethic"
binglebop 5 mesi fa
At my old job there was a guy that didn't take his lunch breaks and I was like bro just take the 30 you'll enjoy it lol
Yunki 5 mesi fa
HELP- 😭 They literally think they’re doing something by not taking a lunch break, pissing, or even drinking a sip of water for 8hrs straight then flex about being productive.
mrlevinielsen 5 mesi fa
I don’t eat 😎💪
Randolpher 5 mesi fa
but if he wasn't complaining about not taking lunch then who cares? as long as he felt good with himself and his work at the end of the night that's all that matters lol
Yunki 5 mesi fa
@Randolpher You felt called out huh Randy?
Chef Jeff
Chef Jeff 5 mesi fa
🔥I played Dax in front of my girl, now i'm sitting in the cuck chair crying about how hard it is being a man! 🔥 Dax speaks for us 💯
Moken 5 mesi fa
ozymandias ___
ozymandias ___ 5 mesi fa
man boy
man boy 4 mesi fa
i played this to my girlfriend and their boyfriend, they didn't like it. now i have to sleep in the dog cage :(
Dorian Hinkle
Dorian Hinkle 4 mesi fa
Sneako's alt, we're glad you're here.
Hellbounds Newscast
​@man boy at least you respect its pronouns
APBRadial 5 mesi fa
"We can't show emotion because society wants us to keep quiet and be strong." "HEY IF YOUR SON CRIES TELL HIM TO SHUT UP AND BE STRONG!"
Da Miten
Da Miten 5 mesi fa
No if you really want him to stop you smack him you don't want to start him on a road to a generational cures of showing emotions;)
King.elden.88 5 mesi fa
lol wtf!!! I’m having so much fun with these high end comments, bro so good!!!
Kevin Delor
Kevin Delor 4 mesi fa
@Da Miten hell yeah brother 💪😎 Real men should only start generational curses based around violence. Starting one based around sadness is some real p-word behavior fr fr no cap!!! 🧢 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💪😎
Derick Garland
Derick Garland 5 mesi fa
Did you guys know Dax was a janitor? I know, I know, it is a well kept secret.
Philogamer 5 mesi fa
Waow I didn't know that. Is it true? He's never mentioned that before
Almost as hidden as logic being biracial
John Christie
John Christie 5 mesi fa
​@OrganicFishPastewait logic is biracial? No way
z 5 mesi fa
wow after knowing this new found information my admiration towards his journey as an artist just went up by 69%
Adrian 5 mesi fa
Bro why would you leak that
Jodd Purrz
Jodd Purrz 5 mesi fa
Its officially okay for men to cry. The legislation passed the house and now, we too may cry. Thanks Dax for being brave enough to be the first man to ever to have feelings. I personally cant wait to feel emotions, but im worried my son will have them too :( its so hard to be a man.
Dax 5 mesi fa
Appreciate the commentary my man and thank you for taking the time. I genuinely enjoyed listening to this🙏🏾
Mindworm 5 mesi fa
Dark triad music
The legend himself
Sedem Abla
Sedem Abla 5 mesi fa
CharlieSAV 5 mesi fa
You tried to copy Jasiah and got called out for it.
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 5 mesi fa
No but seriously you have to make a video about those artist whose audience falls under the “I don’t listen to rap, but THIS?! This is REAAAL music” trope. I feel like no one talks about how cringe it all is
St. Lotus
St. Lotus 5 mesi fa
Sooo.... Tom macdonald fandom?
Mocap Cow
Mocap Cow 5 mesi fa
@St. Lotus 🤓☝️ Actually, Tom MacDonald is very lyrical and smart, you just aren’t very smart, but as a liberal, I wouldn’t have expected anything of value from you. Erm, if you aren’t a man, just say it!
St. Lotus
St. Lotus 5 mesi fa
@Mocap Cow (ik this is a joke comment, but for response to people who are serious) I already know what Tom macdonald is saying, but he is a trash artist, someone like Cole or kendrick can get the same message across and make actually good music
Remy Havoc
Remy Havoc 4 mesi fa
Bro, Brad Taste in Music is literally who you're talking about 💀 He did not suffer through Demondice's entire discography just for you to say that hahaha
Chief Blanko
Chief Blanko 4 mesi fa
@Remy Havoc Brad gang
Taylor Harper
Taylor Harper 5 mesi fa
Earlier this week i was next to a guy in traffic blaring this song with his window down and when it ended, he played it again. I thought to myself "this dude just found out what emotions are". I had no idea it was Dax until watching this video and had a flashback to being stuck in traffic.
St. Lotus
St. Lotus 5 mesi fa
You should of blared something else in return
joel johnson
joel johnson 2 mesi fa
​@St. Lotusshould have*
Mallow Jim
Mallow Jim 5 mesi fa
As a young male I agree with Anthony. We live in a world where men like Andrew Tate who support and share ideas like that it's hard seeing other men in my age following these ideologies and opinions. It's really toxic, dump and it just doesn't have to be that thing. Men don't have to weight the world on their shoulders and they don't have to feel obligated that they have to solve and control everything. If you are a man and you have strong emotions just cry, it's cathartic and when tou bottle your emotions inside you and keep them in your head only you're slowly destroying yourself
Hedgelocked 5 mesi fa
very based take
Evan Schaefering
You were fortunate that you weren't raised surrounded by toxic masculinity. For a ton of men they are so stuck in that toxicity that telling them to "just cry" is like telling a depressed person to "just be happy". They shouldn't have to feel this way but they have been born and raised being told that they should and it's a nasty thing to escape.
Dj Deity
Dj Deity 5 mesi fa
It’s crazy to me how blind people are to the shit the men get on a daily basis😂
Hedgelocked 5 mesi fa
@Dj Deity are you serious
Dj Deity
Dj Deity 5 mesi fa
@Hedgelocked dead ass serious .🙂
shu !
shu ! 5 mesi fa
what a lyrical genius, he's so manly he made my testosterone ooze out the moment I saw his face
warestrokado 5 mesi fa
big fish
Alex Skorbjaschenskij
Goose Goddess
Goose Goddess 5 mesi fa
@Alex Skorbjaschenskij i was literally gonna say that 💀
OzzyStar 5 mesi fa
Lmao “lyrical genius”
comfykeegs 5 mesi fa
Where did it ooze from?
mathew maccenzie
Fantano is doing much more at this point than just reviewing music. Talking about the toxicity of the constructed roles we embrace unconsciously in society and the expectations we think others have of us is very important imo and not easy to notice. Making music about these roles and promoting them is recycling this oppression all over
Tay Tay
Tay Tay 5 mesi fa
The way Fantano approaches expressing feminist and otherwise progressive ideas is so accessible and hard to disagree with for people who are looking in from the outside. It's never preachy, it's light hearted and fun while still treating the subject with the seriousness and respect it needs. We need more people like Melon on the online left, we as a community can often come off as offputting and gatekeepey, I hate seeing so many potential comrades pushed away.
Tabetha Aurochs
Tabetha Aurochs 5 mesi fa
​@Tay Tay I mean - just SO well-said. Thank you.
professional foreskin stealer
I want to talk about something today. I just got back from listening to how to disappear completely by Radiohead, one of the greatest songs of all time (in my opinion). I was crying while listening to it, I was grieving some stuff I don’t really want to mention. How to Disappear Completely is one of the most emotionally impactful songs ever and it really is presented amazingly over time and is one of the songs that presents the most in the least amount of lyrics, it provides a hauntingly beautiful melody filled with violins. It has genuinely been so impactful to me. Now, I’m going to present a song EVEN BETTER, How to Disappear Completely does NOT compare AT ALL to this song, I present… Dax’s to be a man, I MEAN THE LYRICS ARE AMAZING I OOVED THE PART WHERE HE SAID: I watched ma granpa say penis… I MEAN WOW
St. Lotus
St. Lotus 5 mesi fa
Genuinely is that radio head song that good?
gabs 5 mesi fa
​@St. Lotus YES
Jamie Switzer
Jamie Switzer 5 mesi fa
I expected Fantano to start saying "Young man, there's no need to feel down, I said, young man. Get yourself up off the ground."
Jamie Switzer
Jamie Switzer 5 mesi fa
Fantano: "There's another way.." "So just go there, to the YMCA, I'm sure they can help you today"
franklingoodwin 4 mesi fa
The janitor wasn't one of the band unfortunately. They don't get on with motorcycle cops and Native Americans (janitors are very racist 😉)
2gravez. 5 mesi fa
dax truly is one of the artists of all time. keeps making.. uhm.. songs.. that are, truly songs.
Inferno 5 mesi fa
I hear the sounds coming out his mouth🔥they make me.. and then… truly the one song of time
YoungHeem 5 mesi fa
Dax is a modern day Kendrick. His music brinks a tear to my eyes.
Im_Z_4747 5 mesi fa
Made my tip creamy fr . Tip moist . Tip sticky .
Naman Kasliwal
Naman Kasliwal 5 mesi fa
if Beethoven comes back to life the only artist hes cosigning is dax 💯💯💯
Kowalski 5 mesi fa
@Im_Z_4747 huh 😰
HipHop2U 5 mesi fa
Bro chill.
Vincient S
Vincient S 5 mesi fa
Anytime someone says "I dont usually like hip-hop" or "well im not normally a fan of rap" I cant help but audibly groan .
St. Lotus
St. Lotus 5 mesi fa
It's annoying and there's a good chance that artist is ridiculed in the community
Dreadlord126 2 mesi fa
Worst form of praise ever
Tom Pruyn
Tom Pruyn 5 mesi fa
Anthony with all the Andrew Tates in the world, I genuinely think of you as a positive online voice/role model for young men. You’re very grounded and I am always interested in hearing your opinion on societal issues. Thanks for helping me out over the years ❤
persona 5 mesi fa
@persona no u
volumizer 5 mesi fa
How is telling men their problems don't matter and aren't real a "positive force"?
Youssef 5 mesi fa
@volumizer That's not what he's saying at all. He's saying (and specifically said at 11:37) that the feelings are valid, but accepting that reality as fact and wallowing in it instead of breaking this generational curse of isolated and repressed masculinity is bad. Accept the reality: many men have unfair expectations thrust upon them by other people. Create change: don't define your life as this and think it makes you a man. Do you want your kids to grow up feeling like shit, being emotionally shut off and viewing themselves as a tool to bring in money for people because that's the only way they think they will find a place in society? If your answer is yes, you're part of the problem. If your answer is no, maybe you should take a hard look at what you can do to better your own life and perspective so they don't continue to hurt men in the future. Your problems matter, men's problems matter, but continuing this cycle only perpetuates yours and so many other men's problems. We need to learn that emotions are okay, and if someone thinks they're not being "you're a man", tell them to get fucked and surround yourself with people who don't make your life worse.
Moose is in the House
I grew in a half Jamaican household that was very traditional when it comes to men. "Men are strong, emotionless providers that can't have feelings and feelings are for weak and gay men", all that awful crap. I learned in spite of that, its perfectly normal to have a healthy relationship with your emotions. Its okay to cry, laugh, say your depressed and the rest. More people relate to you when you're genuine about your emotions and not this weird monolithic toxic dude who is too badass for feelings. In fact, most dudes I know who bottle up their feelings later on down the line have some sort of massive emotional explosion that does way more damage to everyone around them than being open about it would have ever done (getting into fights, becoming overly aggressive or worse). But alas, a lot of people missed the point of The Sopranos.
Josiah Hofer
Josiah Hofer 5 mesi fa
I'm 136 years old and I usually don't listen to this kinda music but this is REAL music, unlike all that Ariana Gomez or Miley Spears crap. Since I'm old that means my opinion holds more weight
Gold, Jerry! Gold!
Unironically awesome video Anthony, you speak on this issue with a degree of confidence and sensibility that leaves little room for “alpha males” to attack and belittle you. I usually don’t make sincere comments like this on videos especially Fantano but this was a good one
Melodic_Minor 5 mesi fa
This song was so manly that it untransed my gender. All the estrogen left through my pores and I instantly grew a two foot long unkempt beard.
Mocap Cow
Mocap Cow 5 mesi fa
Made me grow 6 inches ngl. It manned me up. Edit; I am talking about height!
persona 5 mesi fa
@Mocap Cow cringe
Brendan Pappas
Brendan Pappas 5 mesi fa
The only thing you ever need to know about Dax is that when he came on the scene, his ego was already so big that he expected Eminem to text him just because he attached his name to his number publicly, then acted surprised when Em never did 😂
C 5 mesi fa
Lmaoooo 💀💀💀
@globeatin 5 mesi fa
It's actually kinda amazing that this song has 100% the complete opposite intended affect. Listening to it genuinely makes me want to unalive myself.
Saki 5 mesi fa
I think the problem is generalization. For most simpletons like Dax, it is easier to make assumptions about people based on societal norms or stereotypes, rather than taking the time to see them as complex individuals with their own stories. For example, it is not accurate to assume that all men share the same tendencies when it comes to expressing emotions in front of others. It is tragic that in 2023, we still can't move beyond simplistic archetypes and see people as the unique individuals they are.
John's Universe
John's Universe 5 mesi fa
Berserk fan talking facts.
MuddyCatfish 5 mesi fa
It seems there's a lot of rap artists out there making songs with these cheesy, unnecessarily-dramatic, preach-y lyrics/themes. It's tragic, hip-hop and rap isn't about being a "peace and love, we are one" virtue-signaler. These guys have potential but instead they burn it away by being disingenuous and, at times, borderline fraudulent. Tom MacDonald is a disgrace, there's my two cents.
Mcgavin Clapping
@MuddyCatfish logic Dax tom McDonald and Joyner Lucas all go in the I think my musics good cus I have a message box. But they still produce hot dog shit
EXPLODYZ 5 mesi fa
@Mcgavin Clapping Tom McDonald's is the type to watch Christianity debunked videos on youtube
iplayCoDandBF 5 mesi fa
I am failing so hard to see where you guys get the idea he is saying men *SHOULD* feel this way. It seems like he's saying men *DO* feel this way, to me. Maybe he's not offering any solutions, but I don't think there's a solution that can be offered in a song or in a video analyzing the song for that matter. Leaving aside the "don't cry in front of your kids" part. That's stupid.
Ouch my nuckin futz
trying to do everything yourself is a losers mentality and men should already know this. i play an mmo and for 10 years played solo because i have crushing anxiety. recently got on medication for it and actually joined a group for the first time and learned more about the video game in 3 hours than i did in the 10 year leading up to that point.
John's Universe
John's Universe 5 mesi fa
Good job bro. What MMO?
onions 5 mesi fa
Thats so sick to read, hell yeah dude. I'm trying to get that point one day too with mmos!
billhicks8 5 mesi fa
hahaha okay this is the same thing i guess
Malum 5 mesi fa
same thing happened to me years back, only i didn't play with others cuz i was being an angsty brat of a teenager. funnily enough, the game series ".hack//gu" is literally about an edgy doomer loner that solo'd his way to max level getting depowered and being forced to rely on others and subsequently wind up not only orders of magnitude stronger but also realizing he never knew the game he played had a damn arena mode that's like super popular. bro went through the game for like years or some shit never knowing that the equivalent to raids existed in the game. and he stopped being an edgy dipshit too!
synthfreak 5 mesi fa
from playing an mmo to taking pills🤔
josié 5 mesi fa
the music video's comment section has some real "he's one of the good ones" vibes
Junebug 5 mesi fa
Brichi 5 mesi fa
Sadly when it comes to music exploration, you'll get those people
regularspecial1 5 mesi fa
Then I will make sure to be one of the bad ones
Zack Zallie
Zack Zallie 4 mesi fa
"I'm a 64 year old dad and I don't like hip-hop, but this is one of the realest songs ever made. Thanks, Dax"
Heisenberg 5 mesi fa
Dax is truly the poetic philisopher we didnt deserve, but needed
XMIXS 5 mesi fa
I thought you were dead bro
Evan Kashinsky
Evan Kashinsky 5 mesi fa
*deserved, but didn't need.
Patrick Stone
Patrick Stone 5 mesi fa
No drugs, no drinking, no twerking, no sex, just workin country men and 100% DAX
cel ✨
cel ✨ 5 mesi fa
i genuinely have a lot of empathy for men who are stuck in this frame of reference, i feel like it’s not acknowledged enough how much patriarchal gender roles often make men miserable too
Christian Mejia
Christian Mejia 5 mesi fa
I do relate to some of the things he’s saying but not because society molded me like that or because of my peers, for me it comes from how I was raised. My dad was a very traditional and conservative person, he never let me cry or share my feelings or anything like that, he said it was feminine. Growing up that had a real impact on my social life and how I interacted and treated other men and women. It wasn’t until my early twenties did I really realize how toxic that was and try to break out of that shell, but still I find myself not talking about my feelings or feeling guilty when I cry and shit like that. After so many years it just becomes embedded in your brain that that’s how you should and shouldn’t act as a man. It honestly really is something that bothers me almost every day, going through high school I had undiagnosed depression and anxiety and it wasn’t until just a couple months ago did I get the courage to go to the doctor and actually talk about these things. Even still I have a hard time telling people I’m on anxiety meds just due to the fact that I don’t want them to judge me even tho I know now that they won’t
Persuasive Barrier
“And give her your last name” i love how this still means something. Something you had no control over, but it’s ‘muh heritage.’ It’s also used as if it’s some weird ass gift to the woman he marries, nothing of substance, just another link in the family chain.
George Molina
George Molina 5 mesi fa
Freals lmao
Stoyan Stoykov
Stoyan Stoykov 5 mesi fa
I think it's a homophobic dog-whistle. Same-sex couples can get married too, but they rarely change their last names. It's intentionally excluding gay men from the song.
Firer Benoit
Firer Benoit 5 mesi fa
@Stoyan Stoykov I don't think Dax would know that, considering he's singing from the perspective of an heterosexual name of course he's not gonna talk much about gay men
Hollo Hullu
Hollo Hullu 5 mesi fa
@Stoyan Stoykov are you joking? 💀
JHM 5 mesi fa
I always found it super interesting how in Korea, married women don't take the husband's last name, but Eastern Asian culture is way more conservative and patriarchal in comparison to Western counterparts.
Weebinem 5 mesi fa
Living around people who have believed this kind of "be a man" lifestyle and forced it on me, I can't completely disagree with Dax because there are still so many people who believe that Men are only worth what they make in a paycheck or what their skillset is and that emotions are weak, but he also completely forgets that we as a society CAN and HAVE been breaking away from that idea because it's ultimately built on nothing and means nothing. I hate that I had to go through that and I hate that so many other men still live by this code and believe this crap because its all so stupid
Elliot Evans
Elliot Evans 4 mesi fa
guys who make fun of guys for being “soft” or “feminine” and make fun of guys that are in touch with their emotions and not afraid to express themselves in any way are honestly just insecure with themselves and i hate people like that so much. just be a nice person and let people be how they want to be
azalago 5 mesi fa
"No one cares what we have to say," said the man with a record deal.
TheMBE2003 5 mesi fa
Fantano just spitting non-stop facts the whole video, I loved it. Thank you
i eat rocks (its fun)
melon man should make a self help tape for men honestly i think a lot of the kinds of guys in dax's audience need it
KingJayded 5 mesi fa
Dax is the gift that keeps on giving. Treasure trove of memes
POV 5 mesi fa
Dax is just a country gal at heart
Andrew 5 mesi fa
Dude if you don’t show emotion in front of your children, or if you make emotions seem like a bad thing, that’s how they’ll view emotions for the rest of their life. Like they shouldn’t exist, and that can cause a whole host of issues. Guys who identify with shit like this are actually creating generational curses but according to this dude it’s the opposite
Delusion 5 mesi fa
I live in the south and I resonate with the idea of women also reinforcing toxic masculinity: it's a cultural thing that people just accidentally defend by ignorantly opening their mouth to play devil's advocate which is basically the practical science of reactionary thinking.
A. Slade
A. Slade 4 mesi fa
God I love this. And by this I mean Fanthony's rendition of this glorious song (you did it better than that Dax guy).
Inwill admit that some of his music can fall flat. But his song about beating addiction really helped me get clean. Thank you for the honest opinion choom. I wish nothing but the best for you and dax.
JSTYLZ! 4 mesi fa
Note that this is coming from a know-it-all that isnt a father or a provider yet. Dont speak on what u dont know fr smh. If you dont know what its like to be a father or the head of a household 24/7, dont speak on it. Music is supposed to generate feeling into sounds and lyrics. There wasnt anyway Dax could make this song any better because it came from his heart. This was himself pouring his emotions into the mic and put it out for all the men that deserves to not feel alone. Everyone's a critic these days i swear smh.
Randolpher 5 mesi fa
honestly I usually don't listen to country music but this song is different. ..sick of all these country singers flexing/talking about women and drugs! This is that real shit from the dirt roads that needs to be on the radio! but... they wouldn't understand.
abdoonyt 5 mesi fa
This is so manly, i felt the man coming inside of me.
Shane McNelis
Shane McNelis 5 mesi fa
Imagine being so down bad that you feel like Dax is speaking for you.
adscrypt 5 mesi fa
your empathy is staggering lol
New Flesh
New Flesh 5 mesi fa
nobody has it harder than men, outside of everyone else
Blav 5 mesi fa
Who is everyone else? Women?
Persuasive Barrier
@Blav do you think this video represents all men or a certain ilk? This is basically a kid rock video.
DA Porter
DA Porter 5 mesi fa
@Blav dogs children and women and maybe cats
Elektra 5 mesi fa
​@Blav baby turtles have it pretty rough. They born and they are already in a battle Royale match
Ed Leszczynski
Ed Leszczynski 5 mesi fa
This song moved me, but I didn't cry! I wish I was a dog so hard! Then they'll love me for who I am not just for my money.
Madhu Mita
Madhu Mita 4 mesi fa
I can feel Dax's lyrics coming inside me.
Cealix 4 mesi fa
Those syllabus are hitting the prostate huh
seneca998 5 mesi fa
Played this song for my wife hoping for some connection to how I am feeling. Her response “Talks about drinking away the weight of responsibility “ “That’s not my life, not my reality” So glad we could share this connection 😢😡
Apallo 4 mesi fa
this video is so incomprehensibly based. men love to complain about how society wants them to be cold emotionless breadwinners but never stop to think hey am i perpetuating the very narrative thats keeping me down? is the way im talking about this making it easier for other men to break the stigma? there's always acknowledgement that there's a problem with how men are treated but never any self awareness that they might be part of the problem
fclp67 5 mesi fa
Some people need to figure out that you don't have to undermine someone else's suffering in order to feel your own.
FLAUglyBoy 5 mesi fa
Most people forget how scummy of a person Dax actually was and still is, bro fully stole entire songs off people
Mr. Sauce Alot
Mr. Sauce Alot 5 mesi fa
so deep, 3 years later and this song still hits me somewhere in my heart close to home😢
Tank Byers
Tank Byers 4 mesi fa
very great understanding of the way the world is right now anthony tremendous amounts of compassion shown this is how you win people over
Asher Thompson
Asher Thompson 4 mesi fa
Thank you for this video, it’s an important message and hopefully will reach the ears of those who need it
Giuliano Gisotti
Truly one of the men of all times
Shrubs 5 mesi fa
Dax is the type of dude who pretends to be “woke” but perpetuates stereotypes of the very minstrel show he claims to be against
Mokoi F4F
Mokoi F4F 5 mesi fa
I miss when Dax was just going to school dressed like Superman on the wrong day.
Dirge Media
Dirge Media 5 mesi fa
Another superb dissertation, humorously delivered. Love the Vedder impersonation....
joanie jackson
joanie jackson 5 mesi fa
The first time I heard this song, some of the lyrics were immediately problematic. Thanks for breaking it down so concisely here.
EJ 5 mesi fa
most of them aren’t. Literally isn’t a bad song
Erik Syrnyk
Erik Syrnyk 4 mesi fa
Always remember the key elements of being a manly ass man are to always refuse help to show how big and strong you are, and to discredit any contributions or significance of the people around you to show how not big and strong they are. Personality is a sign of weakness and should also be ignored. Be big, be strong, be money, thats all you need.
samusa_420 4 mesi fa
There are lines i do genuinely relate to in this song, but i also agree with Anthony when Dax could've recognized the problem. He also contradicts himself a lot
Olzz 5 mesi fa
It’s just hilarious to me with all these Dax memes because ik somewhere out there, some poor kid doesn’t know it’s a joke.
Persuasive Barrier
Same for kids today dealing with patrick bateman memes. he’s not normal or deep, bro! 😂
Kat 5 mesi fa
Idk which man needs to hear this (Dax) but it’s okay to cry and need comfort from other people. Asking for help is manly and cool
Isaiah Senku Gaming
i get what Anthony's tryna say but it doesn't really seem like he's even trying to understand where Dax is coming from. Just because people aren't vocal about "be a man" and "don't show emotions" doesn't mean that the sentiment isn't there. a lot of men, whether they admit it or not, understand that we are the backbone of our families, whether or not we're the breadwinners. it's not about women vs men, it's just the truth cuz gender roles are a thing for a reason.
Husseinberg 5 mesi fa
Sounds like a Bo burnham song but it’s actually serious instead of joking
Marcus Sterling
Marcus Sterling 5 mesi fa
Ya know, it's about time this world is run by men and we stop listening to women and start listening to what the men of this world have to say. Thank you, Dax.
Unironically, a lot of points hit me personally, as a young adult male with a complicated life
911 help pls
911 help pls 5 mesi fa
Anthony Baldtano, I gave ChatGPT the audio transcript of this video. Here's what it thinks of your review: The reviewer notes that Dax is known for his bangers and meaningful cuts, but this new track is a bit of a departure as it is more of a country ballad. The song is entitled "To Be a Man" and offers a viewpoint on what it's like to be a man. The reviewer criticizes the song for being weird, demented, twisted, and presenting an unhealthy viewpoint of manhood. The lyrics contain themes of loneliness and isolation, and the reviewer questions why manhood is associated with these negative connotations. The reviewer also criticizes the lyrics for perpetuating the stereotype that men are only providers and not seeing themselves as anything else other than someone who provides something. The reviewer encourages men to view themselves as more than just providers and to have other qualities that make them likable and significant.
St. Lotus
St. Lotus 5 mesi fa
When chatgpt can explain issues better then dax
hello_alpine 5 mesi fa
Tbh that's a good response but it doesn't really understand the point Anthony addressed, which is that the song seems like it's about the problems with being a man but doesn't offer any solutions or new perspectives
Brion Aiota
Brion Aiota 4 mesi fa
Sick now do Angelic 2 The Core
No1 5 mesi fa
Thank you for being a good role model and talking this out.
narru 5 mesi fa
idk I get what fantano's saying, but he's also ignoring the reality that subtle societal expectations and pressures do exist for both genders. Like just bc you feel comfortable crying on camera (amazing for you!), there are plenty of dudes who would be belittled (behind their back or to their face) for expressing insecurities/emotions and dismissed as 'you're being a little b**ch'. Men's mental health is definitely an overlooked issue.
St. Lotus
St. Lotus 5 mesi fa
It is, and dax didn't do a good job explaining it
Cat1803 5 mesi fa
So, I’m a trans man, and I was closeted until I was 25. You know what stage of my life my emotions and complaints weren’t taken seriously? When people perceived me as a woman! My thoughts, opinions, and emotions are taken so much more seriously now that I pass as a man. When I was seen as a woman, every word that came out of my mouth was viewed as hysteric. I literally don’t know where this stereotype of “men can’t show emotions” comes from, because people actually want to help me when I express anger and sadness now. Having “lived as both”, in this specific instance (as well as most other facets of life), I really do believe men have it easier because of my own experience. If you think you can’t cry or express emotions as a man, that’s on you.
Evan Schaefering
To be fair, you weren't subject to the same aspects of toxic masculinity that a lot of men were when growing up. People might take emotional issues and complaints in general from men more seriously than they do women but the idea of actually asking for help has such negative connotations for a lot of men because of the way they were raised. This leads to the nasty spiral that starts with songs like this, and generally ends up in differing levels of misogyny.
Cat1803 5 mesi fa
@Evan Schaefering I also dealt with the expectation to not ask for help for fear of being seen as crazy and hysterical, as well as other personal family reasons. This is one of those cases where the expectations for men and women are similar, even if they come from seemingly different places. Like I said though my opinion is based on my own experience.
fuego 5 mesi fa
@Cat1803 you will never be a man
Calibarn 5 mesi fa
@fuego nah bro, he’s always been a man.
big ol'
big ol' 5 mesi fa
That's most likely because you're around people who are willing to reinforce the idea that you are a man in the first place. Obviously they're going to validate whatever your feelings are.
dackattac 5 mesi fa
this song is like the friend that constantly complains how heavy the bag they're carrying is despite rigorously refusing everyone else's offers to help them carry it.
Chris C
Chris C 5 mesi fa
Ah yes the hiphop sub genre of "cringe rap" hopsins legacy continues
Evan Schaefering
The cringe rap genre is 100% the product of Eminem.
T A 5 mesi fa
I can’t believe JB Smoove made an autotune country ballad
Jeremy Carswell
Jeremy Carswell 4 mesi fa
hell yeah i give this review a solid 10. I had a genuine hearty laugh.
HisHighness 5 mesi fa
Hearing fantanos country voice for the first time, and damnn hes had his fair share of country music lol
There seems to be a lot of people in this world who don't know the difference between 'not getting it' and 'getting it but not liking it'.
K_Red Sugar
K_Red Sugar 5 mesi fa
04:28 felt that, melon. I had two kids by 23 and the pressure to provide (from fam esp) has been the hardest part of being a dad. No matter what I do it never feels like enough. Lyrics like that fuck me up even though they shouldn't
Jackson Furlong
Jackson Furlong 4 mesi fa
Dax accurately calls out how our capitalist culture turns men into commodities and how patriarchy is actually hurting men but he fails to point out the actual causes within the culture.
Zev B
Zev B 5 mesi fa
Melon, thanks for giving us this pep talk in an Adidas sweatshirt. You're a real (life) coach.
Devon Lamrock
Devon Lamrock 4 mesi fa
I think the song is actually trying to say the things you think it should be. This sounds more like a list of bad things men have to deal with, and less of a “that’s the way things are” type sentiment
advikg 4 mesi fa
As a certified man, I can confirm that this is exactly what it is like to “be a man”.
Pvt. Puplovski
Pvt. Puplovski 5 mesi fa
After a minute, the lyrics seem less like a “description of society at large” and more like a strange incantation to create a world solely based around oppressing Dax, and Dax is the one wishing it upon himself. So strange.
i remember watching anthony cry on the mac miller single release a few years back was like, wow that’s touching, but once the memes started coming around hehehehe
Joseph Latina
Joseph Latina 4 mesi fa
How can he talk about being a man and not mention the most important rule, being as mysterious as the dark side of the moon
A Man of Many Words
I feel like bell hooks would have dropped a fire response to this song
volumizer 5 mesi fa
Lmao she'd just call him a fascist or something, if her "violence is boyhood socialization" shit is any indication
Brent Nichols
Brent Nichols 5 mesi fa
Dax is the type of dude who says men should be allowed to cry, but then calls you a soy boy if you actually do.
Boba_Tourette 5 mesi fa
I love how in the comments section of that music video, someone commented about how it also applies to women and Dax replied saying “Facts”. So if these problems apply to both men and women, why are you making a song about being a man like it only applies to them 😂 Dax is goofy
Sanatorium Nugget
0% drugs 0% naked women 0% thuggish themes 100% talent
4d5 5 mesi fa
Dax is a conscious rapper that can never rap to relate to the masses. every song sounds like a cloutchase of random groups of people. never metaphorically layering his lines to apply to everyone like a Mos def (conscious rapper) or a earl sweatshirt, mf doom, andre 3000, even vince staples. its always a song speaking for a surface level opinion of a group of people.
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