The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off | Adam Ruins Everything

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Commenti 100
Banana Bot
Banana Bot 42 minuti fa
Adam ruins my life
Stoudy2 14 ore fa
Hotels always change their mattresses every year. You can get one for super cheap now that makes me wonder about how many "old" mattresses pile up in the trash over the years.
MayTheGamer 12
MayTheGamer 12 19 ore fa
I learned the purple mattress company has this powder stuff that’s possibly poisonous to people. I say possibly cuz when the guy asked about it all he got was a threat to get sued.
Darnell Gill
Darnell Gill 20 ore fa
That ending...creepy asf
Ben Swanson
Ben Swanson Giorno fa
That was more than 30 seconds
Well, isn’t this FANCY
Just get a big bit of ply wood and randomly place rusty nails sticking out and you’ve got a perfect matress for real cheap
Forrest Patterson
Forrest Patterson 2 giorni fa
Just sleep in a car
PandasHateGrizzlies ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
I bought mine used at a garage sale :/
LazyBones 3 giorni fa
edgar allan frog
edgar allan frog 4 giorni fa
Come to my granma, she can find you a brand new mattress for $200
Product Review Girl
I just posted a video on unboxing of bed in a box mattress and noticed that they only give you one side!!! So cheap they don't even sell two-sided mattresses anymore
Jay DailyDay
Jay DailyDay 6 giorni fa
Now I feel like I got a even great deal i got a wooden bedframe and mattress (bamboo brand) for 300$ (:
TheMrAlexander 7 giorni fa
Caspar are full of crap. I tried one in a mall once and for three times the price of my Ikea mattress it was absolute garbage.
SATAN 8 giorni fa
She is still hot
Hasan Sami
Hasan Sami 8 giorni fa
u can make ur own
celestial love
celestial love 10 giorni fa
Also,companies hire their employees to write positive reports
7Cuber 10 giorni fa
Doctor: madA isn’t real madA: 5:29
jimbelter2 12 giorni fa
The one thing I've noticed when shopping for a mattress is that they are tailored to a specific store so you can't comparison shop. And they do that by changing one item in the manufacturing process. That way you won't be able to negotiate for a better price because it's not the exact mattress at another store. I've seen this happen for quite a few years and this practice makes it nearly impossible to negotiate for a better deal
bib jihbz
bib jihbz 13 giorni fa
go check out Adam's appearance on Joe Rogan's podcast... it's enlightening to see how hilariously dumb & sad he is in real life
GhostMerc86 14 giorni fa
Jay Smith
Jay Smith 15 giorni fa
Companies want customers to buy their product? SCAM!!!
Tucher97 15 giorni fa
Of course mattresses are a rip off, it is really based on if you can tolerate the bedding, affordable and a case of "Pick your poison" but here is the kicker, the government is the reason why a lot of products are the way they are today so as a deli clerk I can not sell you meat that has been opened and loosely wrapped that has been sitting around for an entire month because would you want to eat roast beef that hasn't been touched for an entire month? Plus Purple the mattress company gotten fingers pointed at them for a mysterious powder that was found on their mattresses which the purple company simply sue anyone that mentions it, of course these lawsuits are quickly dropped because if it was taken to court then the judge would ask "wait, what is this powder?" and depending on the judge Purple can get legal investigations now of course purple much like some small time game developers block and delete negative reviews
pcosta816 15 giorni fa
I’m willing to bet Adam sleeps on a mattress. Hypocrite!
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah 15 giorni fa
2:52 “Industry incest”
CaptainHero 18 giorni fa
Step one cruise around untill you find a nasty old infested.mattress in the alley step two literally soak in bleach allow two weeks to dry repeat step two as needed.wallah you've just saved a grand for the exact same sleep experience as an in store mattress.
inSherlock 18 giorni fa
*Hassan has entered the chat.*
Shannnon White
Shannnon White 19 giorni fa
Crazy how monopoly s are illegal but almost everything is one. Hmm # government doesnt care about anything but money
Kittykondo Deutschmann
Purple: hello... WE DONT SCAM YOU AND MAKE IT Actually comfortable
JoE 20 giorni fa
S M 21 giorno fa
Ha! Jokes on you, nothing was ruined for me. I sleep on the floor like most middle class Americans.
Andrew Andrew
Andrew Andrew 21 giorno fa
Can you do a video on Adam Ruins Everything?
Zach Johnson
Zach Johnson 22 giorni fa
I think mattress shopping and cheap circumcisions both have something in common, total rip-offs
bogdan swider
bogdan swider 22 giorni fa
Sim Hall
Sim Hall 23 giorni fa
Casper beds are stuffed with 99.9% poly foam its just cheap junk
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump 24 giorni fa
Very good!
Rockomoly 24 giorni fa
Doesn’t Casper have a return policy no questions asked
SpartaGames 24 giorni fa
casper lets you try the mattress, and if you dont like it, you send it back with a full refund, if you like it, you keep it
AG CookieStudios
AG CookieStudios 25 giorni fa
" Cheap and easy, like my ex's first date "
JM PLAYZ YT 26 giorni fa
No scams here in the Philippines 🇵🇭 lol
Róbert Gerendás
Róbert Gerendás 26 giorni fa
Can you do a video on psychiatrists?
Surfy Player
Surfy Player 26 giorni fa
There's a conspiracy that mattress stores are used for money laundering, thats why there are so many of them with no customers in them 90% of the time.
TheMrAlexander 7 giorni fa
This is accurate for my home town. Two mattress shops existed in a small town that never had any visitors. They were both shut down for being money laundering and smuggling fronts.
whatever04 27 giorni fa
Excellent job. It's amazing how many such monopolistic industries exist in the west. Mattress, eyeglasses.. What else?
NEB On The Web
NEB On The Web 27 giorni fa
My family owns a mattress company... *I feel attacked*
TheRealBamboonga 27 giorni fa
Amateur detective with real peoples' lives...who could THAT be?!!?!? **cough** **cough** CasperCodeonJoeRogan'sBullshit
Majesticman23 28 giorni fa
“Naughty mattress industry incest”
Ele Finnick
Ele Finnick 28 giorni fa
I sleep on a purple mattress and my god it is the best. I don't see the point of this.
uni unicorn
uni unicorn 28 giorni fa
But the purple matress tho
DerpsTheKitten 28 giorni fa
0:34 turn on the captions
Eric Lerma
Eric Lerma 29 giorni fa
This is basically like with new cars and their dealerships, only you have less choices in the matter
Marie Q
Marie Q Mese fa
omg this doesnt even go into the real problem like mattrESSES ARE JUST FOAM AND SPRINGS AND SHIT. IT SHOULDN'T COST THE SAME AS A USED CAR
Erwin Rommel
Erwin Rommel Mese fa
Try a different nation
LionsForces Mese fa
nobody is gonna talk about the ending????
Friday Dove
Friday Dove Mese fa
You....could always buy a koala mattress
Coconutkat uwu
That costume made me scream laughing at 12 pm XD
Matthew West
Matthew West Mese fa
That ladies voice reminds me of Harley Quinn in Injustice
King Abe
King Abe Mese fa
Watching on my bed
Wendy Bright
Wendy Bright Mese fa
Suttle diss on the podcast cereal
elle rose
elle rose Mese fa
also, mattress stores are fucking creepy. they’re always empty and there never seems to be anyone working there, and they’re EVERYWHERE. i once saw 3 mattress stores in the first 15 minutes of leaving my house.
Thatguyspud Mese fa
4:06 - “I love it”
Matt Martineau
Have had a lot LESS back problems when I was sleeping on about a dozen blankets on the floor, vs the current mattress.. Coils collapsed within 2 weeks. 10 year warranty, and, 4 months, waiting for replacement..
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson Mese fa
So mattress stores mark their inventory up? What? How else will they pay rent, utilities, salaries, commissions, insurance, and pay for more inventory? Want a ripoff? Go get a fountain soda. $.06 for actual cost yet you pay up to $3.00. Bark up another tree you fuckstick.
Anonymous [26490]
Make your own mattress. Problem Solved
Fedora5 Mese fa
Just find the cheapest mattress let your dog sleep on it then sleep on the dogs mat What dogs mats are way more comfortable
Spongebob Squarepants
I only buy mattresses from IKEA cause the other mattress stores doesn’t have swedish meatballs
GenericMemer 25 giorni fa
Spongebob Squarepants well said brother
Frigid Samurai
The only mattress company I can think of that probably isn't being controlled by those two companies is purple. Their mattresses are completely different
Samantha Wildrick
Are those purple mattresses good
XqWertZ Y
XqWertZ Y Mese fa
Finally. A good Karen.
Kayssna Mese fa
jesse jacob melendres
What about purple?
mango96100 Mese fa
This is like a 5 minute take on Lenin's "Imperialism: The Highest Stage Of Capitalism" except instead of German oil production and French infrastructure statistics from the 1880s it's about mattresses.
Miguel Moran
Miguel Moran Mese fa
Hey Adam what about Purple?
Ryleigh DeMarse
I’m binge watching these episodes. I love this show
charming95 Mese fa
We bought a queen memory foam matress online from Zinus for $300. It's super comfortable! We've had it for a few months now and I love it just as much as I loved my old tempurpedic.
Current State
4:50 I think I spotted a faked pyramid scheme, or not.
The mattress seller looks a lot like Freddie Mercury
Olivier Grodz
That Adam ruins everything’s theme is one of my favorites
Noah Sheppard
And that’s why you get koala mattresses (pretty sure that they are in Australia only) Plz prove me wrong if you can
Mr. Mountaindew
ouji Mese fa
the ending actually scared me jesus christ
Robb Blak
Robb Blak Mese fa
Just go to IKEA like any sensible person would. Cue up "Adam ruins IKEA" in 3...2...1...
Torfindra Mese fa
5:28 - Not cool, Adam. Not cool, College Humor.
Pat W
Pat W Mese fa
Adam ruins everything is a banger
The Human Reaper
Sheesh that ending wasn’t creepy at all, especially when walking alone in a empty business because it is closed.....
Savannah Rambow
Taylor Stoudemire
5:28 um Adam theres something wrong
Missi Sheen
Missi Sheen Mese fa
I bought a mattress at Walmart for less than $200 and it’s as comfortable if not more, then the mattress my friend has that she paid a few thousand dollars for.
I bought a couple of memory foam mattress toppers in boxes (4 inches thick each) along with a frame and box spring. The total cost was $500. It is soooooo comfortable.
Chiyu LEE [08N07M]
0:18 is that Regina Sinclair from insatiable?????
Nate Burnside
Sort of related to mattresses I recommend the mypillow it really is comfy gotten to a point where I just cannot sleep on any other pillow it feels good at the end of the day to just come home and flip on one of these things I want to try a purple mattress have to let y’all know on that one
ashley s
ashley s Mese fa
That ending was creepy I was about to go to sleep but not anymore looks like I'll be up all night watching videos
jon roemer
jon roemer Mese fa
ya can buy a hammock and stand for cheap
Michael Salese
They stopped the name changing part. It's illegal now. Also, all the mattresses owned by Tempur Sealy are price locked and cant be discounted. That's why tempurpedic pulled out of mattress firm, they were discounting tempurpedics.
Elgin wood
Elgin wood Mese fa
I use purple cus what the say is true and I’ve done the egg test myself it’s true also
Gopher Cheese
I have a memory foam mattress. might be 10in or more in thickness. never checked. also don't know the firmness as it was given to me. I had back surgery a few years ago, and my back would always bother in the morning and sometimes for days. I love my memory foam mattress. After this one I'm buying another one. I literally have the best night sleep almost every night. I'd say 80% of the time I have the best night sleep in my life. Its that good. The only thing I would change would be to get something a little more firmer next time. Yes its firm, but I still think something a little more firmer would be better. It used to be harder but I guess from sleeping on it it's become just a little bit soft. And yes this is a real review. After sleeping on it for over a year now, I rarely wake up with back pain. Sometimes I still do but I do have a slipped disk and did have surgery so I can't blame the bed. Just my two cents.
Adam Buesser
Adam Buesser Mese fa
What about Purple products? The material in the mattress is like no other on the market.
Brett Lee
Brett Lee 2 mesi fa
does this just apply in the US ?
Katie Thomas
Katie Thomas 2 mesi fa
My sister got a memory foam mattress and the bottom has some mildew spots. She and my mom have no excess moister in the condo and my sister isn’t a heavy sweater. Any one else have this issue?
Tia Shekelle
Tia Shekelle 2 mesi fa
my mattress is from ikea :o
just fun videos
just fun videos 2 mesi fa
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