The Most Viewed NBA Moment Each Year! (Last 30 Years)

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Views are based off of ITvid solely, this is the most viewed NBA play for each year! This video has game winners, dunks, fights, and amazing games.

Absolutely no copyright infringement is intended, all audio and video clips are the sole property of their respective owners. THIS IS ONLY CLIPPED FOR ENTERTAINMENT.

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CoshReport Anno fa
I made a mistake with Kawhi’s Game winner, it was in 2019 and it got a total of 14.2 million views.
Jacob Judkins
Jacob Judkins 2 mesi fa
Yeah it’s pretty obvious bud
Enoque Jr
Enoque Jr 2 mesi fa
Es Oimi⛸🏎⌚️
Ulises Niño
Ulises Niño 2 mesi fa
Jordanlover page!!!
Harmony Forever
Harmony Forever 2 mesi fa
No ITvid during MJ years. This isn't fair platform for Black Jesus🙏
Frederick Balderas
@CoshReport qq ddx
Jaeden Sports
The Tracy McGrady comeback is incredible
Vincent Hammons
@Syx rockets were good his year was that year that they choked against the maveriks
Christopher Thomas
@aaa neither did you but oh well shrug
aaa 2 mesi fa
@Tenzin Alexander And how many times did he make it past the first round of the playoffs during his years in Orlando? That's right, zero times.
Tenzin Alexander
@aaa You must have never seen him during his Magic years.
MoeT02 2 mesi fa
@Fuhoua Vang mine as well man in 2013 I was so bummed the Spurs couldn’t close it out to at least get TMac a ring
Edu BVB Anno fa
I think the most impressive here is Rodamn holding Shaq to 0 points. Prime Shaq.
ryan jake estorion
@MWM. Ji prime Shaq only stop him rodman watch ducommentary
karlT Mese fa
@haziq thizz
karlT Mese fa
bro it ain’t prime shaq bruh
@MWM. Ji no. We don’t say a player is in his prime when he has one 40 point performance in an otherwise lackluster season. We’d say it’s a “new high/peak” for him. Like the peak of a mountain is the highest point you can reach on the mountain. However, if the player than began to average 30 ppg over three seasons, we’d refer back to that as his “prime” and if one of those seasons was decidedly better and he’d won MVP, we’d say that was his peak. Peak happens in the prime, but prime and peak aren’t the same thing.
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan 2 mesi fa
Shaq was only 23 at the time. Not his prime yet.
Falcon Paladin
Tracy over the Spurs is STILL the most amazing performance I've seen in my life. Never fails to amaze me.
PaperGrape Mese fa
​@Mark dude I forgot about that game... unbelievable
PaperGrape Mese fa
Borderline impossible fr
Mark Mese fa
Lebron Game 1 vs GSW Superteam is the best ! 2018
Janarl Cartwright
Tell me about it that was crazy 😳
Boris Sibor
Boris Sibor 2 mesi fa
That Spurs team was a dynasty
Adam May
Adam May Anno fa
Love how shaq and Barkley are friends now
Sonofagoku Mese fa
@ExoticLuke they def friends bro
ExoticLuke Mese fa
“Friends” is a little generous 😂😂
MrPoetistic85 2 mesi fa
​@YT jacobRGC Shaq called him his big bro. I think that covers it
JamesBurton. 9 mesi fa
And chuck and MJ ain't friends no more
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Anno fa
Ah yes, I remember when Kawhi hit that game winner in the final minutes of the All-Star game.
Daniel Anno fa
@007ELmO That’s the last chance the 76ers had a real chance at a championship, so it’s understandable
007ELmO Anno fa
@rsxbulma embid crying
rsxbulma Anno fa
How it bounce for what it seem forever Kawhi squatting Embid seeing go down
Ikr. I had to rewind it to see if I read it right.
Reb Gonzales
Reb Gonzales Anno fa
lmao 🤣
Joni Spaha
Joni Spaha Anno fa
I thought I was watching Chicago Bulls highlights in the 90s for a moment
dudeOVER9000 9 mesi fa
@I Gave Lia HIV true I just am just saying
I Gave Lia HIV
I Gave Lia HIV 9 mesi fa
@dudeOVER9000 LMAO who cares about dominating in the 60s when there were like 8 teams and no one was as tall as russel
Ubaldo Valenzuela
pensé lo mismo, definitivamente jordan el mas llamativo de la historia de la nba.
dudeOVER9000 Anno fa
@ONI I know that bill russell had to deal with those white Celtics fan
ONI Anno fa
@dudeOVER9000 aaah yes who could forget the 60's racists with Trump as their headcoach. It was so amazing watching a bunch of players who could barely jump and then there was Russell's big a*s
Brian Holman
Brian Holman Anno fa
Tmac had one of the most incredible single person comebacks of all time
Auríz 4 mesi fa
He was injured ?
Brian Holman
Brian Holman 6 mesi fa
I could be exaggerating on the "most" part but it was still highly incredible for the time that he did it in
Dodong Castillo
Dodong Castillo 6 mesi fa
Uzay Karadağ
the most*
Lemini4K Anno fa
I remember watching that T-Mac game in college live, broke as hell just paid bills etc... Never did sports betting ever on anything as far as games go but put last $20 bucks into the pot. Most of people in the dorm were die hard Spurs fans and I saw T-Mac go off vs. Gilbert Arenas when he was on the Magic and felt like something wild was going to happen, like it was over due. When he stole the rock and hit that last pull up to win the game I lost my mind. I also made $1500 bucks that night. Thanks T-Mac! Lol
michael scoggins
Was just about to post how in 9th grade I bet $5 on that game and turned the tv off with 50 something seconds left and my friend on the phone describing the events and me just saying “bro stop lying” And the person I bet paid up with the biggest smile bc he was a rockets fan but just didn’t believe over the spurs that night
Lemini4K 9 mesi fa
@Vergil Montiero I haven't won anything since accept $500 bucks on a scratch off Lol. I'm sticking to my day job.
Vergil Montiero
Vergil Montiero 9 mesi fa
That's sounds like a legendary story
Lemini4K Anno fa
$20 bucks into the pot as in we all put money on our coffee table in the dorm room.
Vladirack Pubama
jabari1x Anno fa
No one will ever do what Tracy did it was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen
That commentator dude
I like how almost all the 90’s are the Bulls
Chris Dodges
Chris Dodges 24 giorni fa
The bulls WERE the 90s
Alexander Anno fa
Cuz they awesome 😤
Mando Ball
Mando Ball 2 mesi fa
That McGrady moment still gives me chills. It will never be replicated.
Mayo Alli
Mayo Alli Anno fa
Lebron seen that play in 2009 and knew that he wanted Wade 😂
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith Anno fa
Thats exactly what i thought
Dany Yap
Dany Yap Anno fa
Young Limz🇭🇹
I was finna comment det🤣😭
Richard Akinnenin
YoDaekz Anno fa
Ryan T
Ryan T Anno fa
I feel so bad for Derrick Rose watching some of his highlights makes me feel so bad, he was good enough for the hall of Fame before he tore his ACL, especially without a ring to show for it, man some people are really unlucky.
Michael Ore
Michael Ore 29 giorni fa
@Ryan T No he had a run of dominance with Miami Heat's and Cleveland Cavaliers
What is it with the Bulls and collecting "what if" PGs over the last 20 years. What if Jay Williams didn't get into that motorcycle accident? What if Derrick Rose's knees held up? What if Lonzo Ball wore actual shoes?
Zz qp
Zz qp Anno fa
I don't know who could stop prime rose in NBA history...
Zz qp
Zz qp Anno fa
@Midgur exactly, imagine he topped prime lebron and wade and considered the MVP at that time.
Thomas Tam
Thomas Tam Anno fa
Same applies to Grant Hill and Penny Hardaway...
Ishan Basu
Ishan Basu Anno fa
I was born in 97 so I didn’t get to see 90’s b-ball but watching this archived footage make it seem like the best decade of the sport
G Griffyn
G Griffyn 25 giorni fa
@Ishan Basu well... you win best story of the day 😅👍
Ishan Basu
Ishan Basu 25 giorni fa
@G Griffyn my dad not English but he lived in England for like 5 years in the early 90’s before he met my mom or was my dad and that where he fell in love with the sport cus Jordan had made it a world wide sport
G Griffyn
G Griffyn 25 giorni fa
I was born 91 in England and yea he was talked about like a superhero here so America must have been some atmosphere
Michael Bread
Michael Bread 29 giorni fa
The LeBron era is to boring.
Looking at viewerships you're right. Most views ever back then especially late 90s
Honoré de Balzac
You got the most incredible highlights of nearly 30 years one after another... Then comes the Hennygod.
Harvey Brenord
lex 9 mesi fa
Imagine 84M people watching you for not flinching. That’s when you know you’re a legend. RIP MAMBA!
Saksham Anno fa
*I can only imagine what Derrick Rose could have been* 🌹 He was just sensational
NotNando Anno fa
He is alive, what do you mean?
Roberto Reynolds
Without a doubt the best raw talent I've ever seen
anthony mason
Derricks 3rd dunk always gives me Goosebumps. What a Year
Leongxchx Anno fa
Derrick rose ?
Tim Tsai
Tim Tsai Anno fa
I love how VC heads the start of year 2000. His kind of athleticism really defines today’s nba
​​@Safe Kind Jordan is the GOAT scorer, GOAT middy, who's more dominant than Jordan? The most athletic and best dunkers in NBA history- Carter, Dr.J, Drexler, Wilkins, LeBron, Jordan and Kobe. Jordan is that dude.
Luka Martinko
Luka Martinko 7 mesi fa
@Kim Dokja 😂😂
Luka Martinko
Luka Martinko 7 mesi fa
@Kyle Erway 😂😂
Kyle Erway
Kyle Erway 7 mesi fa
@Luka Martinkoa lot of players in the current league lmal
Kim Dokja
Kim Dokja 11 mesi fa
@Luka Martinko curry
Joseph Jensen
That Scottie Pippen dunk on Ewing is the most disrespectful dunk ever imaginable. Scottie was a SAVAGE! MJ and Scottie were the BEST duo of all time. Period.
random person
MJ shooting 6 3s which use to be the all time record: oh that pretty. MJ closing his eyes: somebody record this man the whole world needs to see this this is legendary
Emre D
Emre D 11 mesi fa
@Chad Fleck so that’s why you see players doing it all the time?
2323 Montages
@Chad Fleck the funniest thing is when lebron tried it and missed
Chad Fleck
Chad Fleck Anno fa
It was hilarious that he did it. But shooting free throws with your eyes closed is not a big deal for a basketball player with experience.
jacob swiney
jacob swiney 2 mesi fa
It's a shame we didn't get to see 10 + years of a prime derrick rose what a amazing talent
Jims 143
Jims 143 Anno fa
The fact that the Spurs was able to score 4 points in that comeback is actually expressive… that determination right there was in different level 5:00
Raymond Arsedale
Damn that Jordan flu game in the finals is stuff pf legends. When it comes down to the wite, nobody plays as clutch and deadlier than mj! Truly the greatest player of all time!! Nobody comes close for now.
johns hogskins
johns hogskins 9 mesi fa
He had a hangover
KayDot 11 mesi fa
LeBron is the greatest player of all time.
Patrick Harrison
Watching the whole clip of the 1998 scene shows how much a genius MJ was. He watched Malone do that backdown move time and time again and timed it perfectly and swiped it when it mattered. He set him up.
Legit Electronics
What’s even crazier is Phil Jackson told him it was goin to happen and to look for it.
Asa Asahina
Asa Asahina 2 mesi fa
Love how the crowd cheered when Shaq and Barkley fought
J S Anno fa
not only does MJ have a lot of entries but most of them are playoff/finals. biggest stage, biggest performances.
DeciPher Twenty three
@Caleb Fernandez He barely touched Russell.
Caleb Fernandez
Caleb Fernandez 4 mesi fa
By the way after not watching MJs highlights in years! I realized that his crossover jump shot was a push off 😂 and should have been called a foul
Trenton Pearson
It's crazy to imagine where guys like Derrick rose and Tracy MGrady would be all time if injuries didn't happen. they were so good.
Jason Calvert
Jason Calvert 2 mesi fa
It's crazy how under appreciated Tmac is from people. The man was a animal. Even in today's nba he would be a top 3 player
Leo Nvya
Leo Nvya Anno fa
Imagine had T-Mac and Kobe actually teamed up like they wanted to. If the league was like how it is today, where players have more control, I’m sure the two would’ve gotten their wish and the league would’ve been in trouble lol.
sabishiihito 9 mesi fa
Bruh. I didn't even know that was on the table. That would have been NUTS.
Rell Walker
Rell Walker 10 mesi fa
They would of won 2 or 3 rings together
Isaias Anno fa
I remember watching the rebroadcast of Kobe’s 81 point game on NBATV. It must’ve been the 10 year anniversary at the time. Kobe was tweeting live as the game was being shown. I remember a tweet where he said, “I scored 81 this game.?” 😂 Cuz the whole first half, in his opinion, he was pretty mediocre. Once that 2nd half started though, history was made. 💯 R.I.P. Kobe Bryant. 🤲🏼🌹💜🐍💛🌹🤲🏼
J DoT V Anno fa
That Lin shot gave me chills!!!
Barry McCockiner
@d1gBR thank you!
d1gBR Anno fa
@Barry McCockiner wow what a comeback !
J DoT V Anno fa
@d1gBR Kawhi up in the skybox with the AC cranked gave him chills 🥶
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson 4 mesi fa
Klay's 37 in a quarter is just unreal.
I stopped watching MJ videos because every time I watch his highlights in the 80s and 90s, I'm always amazed. He makes a ridiculous move that no one else can do. He's so great he can do something that only he can perform.
National Enquirer
Linsanity was great fun to watch- briefly made basketball fun again. Lin’s confidence was all time high during that game winner. Then they traded him and Hardin couldn’t share the stage.
King Zeldris
King Zeldris Anno fa
T-MaC went deep into the zone with his eyes flashing red lights during that comeback. That's some anime shit right there
txc Nexus
txc Nexus Anno fa
wow, jordan is being defended so well even behind the three point line and can still make shots
Simon Philavong
I saw that McGrady comeback as a kid, 18 years later I still remember it vividly.
Nick Joseph
Nick Joseph Anno fa
A highlight of Kobe doing absolutely nothing 84 mil views 😂😂 all jokes aside, it’s one of my all time fave highlights lol
Show Content
Show Content Anno fa
Same I did in the subway in a fight, where's my 2 millions likes? 😂
ironically this comment has 84 likes
Zane Greene
Zane Greene Mese fa
Drose in his prime was different 🔥 will always be my favorite athlete of all time , as a bulls fan I miss those days so much
FREAKY16 Anno fa
Tell me the bulls were good in the 90s without telling me they were good in the 90s
Tom Cruz
Tom Cruz Anno fa
Space Jam come back
Air 23
Air 23 Anno fa
@Raymond Arsedale Shaq vs Rodman head to head: Shaq 26.8 points, 12.8 rebounds, 0.8 steals and 2.0 blocks Rodman 7.5 points, 16.8 rebounds, 0.8 steals and 0.6 blocks Yes, Rodman have 13 wins to 3 for Shaq, but Rodman clearly was in the better team. Tell me again, “night after night, after night” bullshit please, lol!
Raymond Arsedale
@Luis Texoco 6 chips in 8 yrs with those 2 yrs beig retired from basketball and playing semi pro baseball.
Raymond Arsedale
@Air 23 this was referring to one game where rodman held shaq to 0 points in the 2nd half and got the W with a comeback. Stop hatin fool. Nobody can stop shaq night after night after night but at that one moment someone stopped the behemoth that is shaq!
Steven Walker
That t Mac shit is the most incredible basketball sequence ever! It’s like reggies times 3. Unreal
NYvarsity Sports
The Kawhi one was the one I watched 15 times. Easily the most exciting.
Rex Luther
Rex Luther Anno fa
Kawhi Leonard's buzzer beater Is The Most Iconic Shot Of The Decade
R4ym1n Anno fa
I'll never forget watching that Rockets game on TV. T-Mac was unbelievably clutch !!!
Keith Thomas
Keith Thomas 6 mesi fa
That Tracy McGrady scoring sequence was one of the best I’ve ever seen.
Christopher Bone
Growing up a Chicago Bulls fan Unbelievable Watching Jordan become a total legend 💯
Brian Atkinson
I like the tmac comeback. It was epic but I can't believe the malice at the palace wasn't 2004
o divan kanepe
o divan kanepe 7 mesi fa
I think this shows how influential bulls and mj were in the 90's
Nivla Gatdula
MJ has the most beautiful shooting form that is why is so accurate when shooting especially his patented jump shot and fade away shot..
YO MAMA Anno fa
them bulls dominated the nba and these highlights
wnukafhdhs Anno fa
No shit
Lee Castillo
Lee Castillo Anno fa
@Harvest Zhang oh lol
Harvest Zhang
@Lee Castillo it was a joke cuz I know the dude that commented
Lee Castillo
Lee Castillo Anno fa
@Harvest Zhang what
34stzoo Anno fa
FACTS and here's the truth about the Bull's second 3-peat. They were never favored to win the NBA Championships.
DØN KiŁØ 4 mesi fa
Derrick roses speed was absolutely unmatched💯💯💯
calamorta Anno fa
This video in a nutshell: - Jordan - Kobe - D Rose - Curry
Cristian Estrada
@Unknown that's fine. The Lakers will just take the championship...you know, that thing that every NBA players actually wants hahahaha
Unknown Anno fa
@TheKos2Kos Best Step Over:ALLEN IVERSON vs The Lakers
Joe Bryan
Joe Bryan Anno fa
@TheKos2Kos Lol idk that Scottie pippen dunk was hilarious 😂
TheKos2Kos Anno fa
D wade still got the best dunk and the best step over on this list. Also was the first game he had after signing with jordan and jordan was at the game to support
wherewolf Anno fa
jeremy lin feels like a glitch in the simulation 😭
Carl is Sus
Carl is Sus 6 mesi fa
Mc Grady's handles,shooting form,and the way he moves was kinda similar to how Iverson,Jordan,and Bryant holds and shoots the ball.Man really has that huuuugge potential if only it wasn't deprived by his injuries
I was an Orlando fan back then, he had some mental game issues too, but the injuries definately also contributed to that. Orlando also had some kind of curse after Shaq left. Tmac's time with the team pretty much mirrored Penny Hardaway's, although tmac was a bit better. Then there was the sad story of Grant Hill...
Sky 2 mesi fa
Lebron walking away and looking back at his teammate for not passing the ball in the attempt to win kinda made me crack up lmao. He turned a good 180 at him and stared through his soul and left
Peaceful Vegan Warrior
The Cavs vs Warriors video was edited great. Lebrons block on Iggy, Kyrie's shot on Curry and Love's defense on Curry.
Phillip Simmons
12:04 probably the BEST shot in All-Star history!
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones 2 mesi fa
I remember watching the Tmac comeback live. That timeframe was peak basketball imo
Kyle L
Kyle L Anno fa
Wow, to think that 91 was 30 years ago is just astonishing
Kyle L
Kyle L Anno fa
@Pink Freud .. haha yeah true
Pink Freud ..
@Kyle L Bro, my rationale was based in pure logic. Because Amazon use to only sell books, and my thinking was "People Don't read anymore".
Pink Freud ..
@Kyle L don't feel bad, millions didn't.
Kyle L
Kyle L Anno fa
@Pink Freud .. yeah I remember when Twitter was only a couple cents… my friend told me to buy it but I didn’t 😔 he didn’t either tho lmao
Pink Freud ..
Yeah, to think I was 16 then and could have brought Amazon stock for between 16-30 bucks Is depressing... 😂
MayoMonsters Anno fa
That kawhii shot man I always have to rewind it to see all the different reactions
Tom Cat
Tom Cat Anno fa
That Dwyane Wade Dunk is soooooo Legendary!!!
Logan Kandel
Logan Kandel 6 mesi fa
I can't believe that Rose clip is the most viewed of 2008. I don't think I've ever seen that clip in my life
Jking 605
Jking 605 4 mesi fa
It’s comedy gold, I believe it
Leandro Hilario
Jordan jogava demais.esse bulls e inesquecivel
Eric Lester
Eric Lester Anno fa
I was 14 watching that T-Mac game I was literally in my room by myself thinking it's over Rocket lost then the miracle happen... 3pts🏀🔥🔥🔥
TOOhigh2QuiT Anno fa
There are some great moments, to me, Young D rose is on his own level. I can not name another player more electrifying than prime D Rose. Carter, Westbrick, Curry, MJ, all included.
Tyrone Valdéz-Krüger
Jordan doesn't belong in this electrifying list coz he was electrifying-petrifying
Bounty Rogue Cinemax
Reggie Miller in today's NBA would be a monster. Same with nash. Good shooters but they played their role to the times game was played. Imagine their usage and points. Especially Nash just dribbling down and splashing a 3. He even said himself he wishes he played today he said he woulda been more agressive and shot more 3s. Back then the guards role was get the team involved. Now if you're a good player you need to be shooting.
Garbo777 11 mesi fa
Tmac’s 13 points in 35 seconds was the coolest sequence I’ve ever seen
Good'Jounkie Aquatics
Linsanity gave a different kind of love to non basketball enthusiasts.
Caïs Benkemoun
5:29 i love how he automaticly run for the win
Sean Emerson
Sean Emerson Anno fa
Tmac game was amazing that’s like when you losing in 2k vs the cpu and gotta change the sliders to make a comeback…except he did it in real life
ULTIMATE 7 Anno fa
Crazy how Rodman defense prevented Shaqs shots
Kimberly Welch
Kimberly Welch 2 mesi fa
3:06 I could never ever think of doing that to Shaq out of anyone who has ever existed. Barkley's got no fear!
BIG POPPA 9 mesi fa
Alright let’s all admit it, “Kobe doesn’t flinch” was the best one R.I.P. Kobe and his daughter
Insertor Anno fa
Kobe is the only one that reached the highest views with his 81 poont game. Rip Mamba I don't understand howcome Kobe's last game with 60 point isn't on the list.
John Palmer
John Palmer Anno fa
Because Kobe's 60-point final game was in 2016, same year as Lebron's chasedown block in Game 7 of the Finals and then Kyrie's go-ahead 3. As awesome of a moment Kobe's was, that sequence for the Cavs to beat that 73-win Warriors team is one of the greatest in NBA history (arguably the greatest block ever followed by one of the most clutch shots ever). It makes sense to me that would get more views.
Louis Stiles
Louis Stiles Anno fa
This was a great compilation so many great moments.
givi pavliashvili
Brian Anthony
The 🐐 still had it in Washington. 🔥
love seeing the nba go thru it’s eras from mj-shaq-kobe-lebron-curry
NetsFan 2 mesi fa
“And the facial” is one of the best calls of all time.
AimWrld Anno fa
Tmac the GOAT 🐐. Why’d he have to get injured 😢😢😢
Don Anno fa
McGrady comeback so highly viewed makes sense since people wanted to see it again at that time in 2004-05 but needed an internet platform to view it on... That and the Janet Jackson super bowl incident.
Wow McGrady shots were critical to see but he made it..
Locoche Anno fa
I remember it was included in NBA Live. Some crazy shit
Doe B
Doe B Anno fa
That transition to the Raycon add was smooth.
Yuxuan Chen
Yuxuan Chen Anno fa
The speed and power of prime Rose tho
Endure until the end
Damn mccgrady 13 points was epic
Ed Anno fa
The most interesting moment was the Michael Jordan's time because he got a lot of views in spite of back at the time there wasn't social networking.
Frank Harper
Frank Harper 2 mesi fa
The fact that the camera quality gets lower occasionally as the years go on is astonishing
PaperGrape Mese fa
With so many seats empty, I don't think I've ever heard a crowd go more ballistic than that last TMac shot.. electric.
954Germ Anno fa
Every time I watch the tmac comeback clip I get chills, everyyytimee😂😂😂
Chase Corbett
8:17 is when Bron knew he should join the heat
Kenny Brown
Kenny Brown Anno fa
desmond coke
desmond coke 6 mesi fa
MJ have alot on this clip. He was so Dominant
Brandon Joseph
3:05 lmfaoooooo knowing how much they love each other it’s hilarious seeing Shaq/Barkley go at it!! 😂😂 like two brothers that got into it
Alexander 8 mesi fa
Rodman holding Bigman Shaq 👍🏻 And TMac comeback 👍🏻
Hareesh Ravindran
Tmac's moment must have been the least watched moment live as fans had left the stadium. People at home had switched off their TV. And just like that history happened.
James Liao
James Liao Anno fa
Fun fact: Shaq and Barkley are now having fun together as NBA commentators
YAND3R3 Anno fa
Just imagine the tension when Kawhi shot the game winner
Jeremy Ellis
Jeremy Ellis Anno fa
I remember in 2012 when Heat were about to win in the Finals and the Thunder gave up, down by a similar amount thinking, "Do you not remember TMac? And do you not have KD and this really good 6th man Harden?"
mr. Fogg
mr. Fogg Anno fa
That contest at MJ's three before the shrug is a flagrant today
Q.Corleone -Topic
I miss the days when Vince and Tracy played together 🔥
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