The Mysterious Death of George Reeves

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Make sure to leave your questions for our Post Mortem episode down below!
Ella Martell
Ella Martell 5 giorni fa
were reeves’s fingerprints on the gun? because if the gun was oiled and no fingerprints were on the gun, suicide seems rather unlikely
Griffin Heeg
Griffin Heeg Mese fa
What do you think that boy felt when George Reeves got shot?
Adil Rahman
Adil Rahman Mese fa
hotdaga when.
Comrad Mese fa
Kate Juri Castañeda
I kinda believe that it's an orge gone wrong. So my question is if they were able to check for any sexual fluids?
Noah 7 ore fa
The Petition to Keep Buzzfeed Unsolved Going is here: chng.it/nrVHFqPJwm
salsajar 8 ore fa
Reeves is depressed, but not depressed enough to kill himself; Having just had an emotionally- charged moment with the neighbors, he heads upstairs and goes through a suicide ideation ritual: taking out the gun by his bed and holding it to his temple, with no intention of going further than that. By pure accident, his finger slips.
Ancient1nder 8 ore fa
... when life give you Lemmons
Keirstyn Karolyi
Mannix: "You can f*** my wife, but don't f*** with my wife."
TJ 10 ore fa
The Final Season :(
High on Vida
High on Vida 10 ore fa
final season??? #bummer
C B 11 ore fa
Do the Villisca Iowa Ax murders!!! And a season 6. Call it the “Lost episodes.”
Amparo Guzman
Amparo Guzman 12 ore fa
All of them are so suspicious, was the fiancé ever abusive to him? Could explain the bruises and her tantrums and the joking of suicide before he committed suicide?
chloe irving
chloe irving 12 ore fa
I like how they put the suicide hotline at the start before Shane starts up and I wheezed
Miss Lawless
Miss Lawless 14 ore fa
Lemon comments are so weird
Twisty Sunshine
Twisty Sunshine 16 ore fa
Her name was Leonore Lemmon? She even had a comic book name
Londons_legacy 20 ore fa
“At 1am on a Tuesday” made me chuckle for some reason 😂
El Astro Rey
El Astro Rey 22 ore fa
No way, guys, you cannot leave us like that. You are my favorite crime and paranormal investigators. You are at the peak of your popularity, what with COVID-19 raging outside. We need you. I hope you will continue this series or a similar format on another channel
micro hackers
micro hackers 22 ore fa
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Vasil Zahariev
Vasil Zahariev Giorno fa
He could have leaned like that to shoot himself, I just pretended to do it with my hand and if I lean like that my hand is just above my crotch, which means, that the handgun could fall between my feet, after I pull the imaginary trigger. I don't have an explanation for the bullet casing, though, your animators didn't do a good job portraying the Luger, because the Luger is a magazine fed pistol and not a revolver and as we know revolvers usually don't eject casings when shot. Maybe it could have hit the wall and bounced off of it to fly under him just before he fell to the bed. Why would anyone shoot themselves in a such a leaned position? I have no idea, maybe he pointed the gun to the front of his face and then decided to face away from it or he just did it like that for no reason, he just acted on impulse, but I don't exclude the possibility he could have been "suicided" by someone else.
toastedmatriX Giorno fa
Ryan & Shane were literally the only reason I watched the disastrous channel that Buzzfeed is, I'm gonna miss this show. Guess who's binge watching these episodes again?
Brianna M. Wilson
Accio1173 Giorno fa
Still sad that George Reeves had to go at a young age. And he was clearly depressed too, at some point. I wish he could be saved from the alcoholism and the pressure of being in Hollywood.
Juan Djajadi
Juan Djajadi Giorno fa
Believe or not he got killed with cryptonyte
BlursedVark Giorno fa
Seems like SUPERMAN wasn’t bulletproof. Interesting…
Kim Lambert
Kim Lambert Giorno fa
He was murdered!!!
Ágata Lunier
Ágata Lunier Giorno fa
Katie Arthur
Katie Arthur Giorno fa
...final...season...? *cries*
Dick VanDyke
Dick VanDyke Giorno fa
I still don't understand why George Reeves was naked
mike Giorno fa
george reeves’ toxic polycule
Jada Lichtenwalner
I can't stop laughing at Shane's "GET OUT OF MY HOME! GOOO!" 😂
Gi_jen Giorno fa
Came here for the story instead Got annoyed
Gigi is a Weirdo
Everytime they say last season I get scared
AlphaSevenPlays Giorno fa
you guys are the only good buzzfeed branch. 'preciate yall
Ablaaza A
Ablaaza A Giorno fa
missed it, but why is this the last season?
Vas Tsakalos
Vas Tsakalos Giorno fa
My theory is that the bloke that had no reason to be in the house on a Tuesday night was having an affair with Lemmon. The neighbours were there only there as an alibi and were distracted when Mannix fled the house. In theory the Mannixs and Lemmon would need to be colluding to kill the victim. Perhaps one of the Vesuvian tantrums that the soon to be wife threw was because she found out about the affair he was having with Mannix’s wife months ago and she didn’t like it. I also reckon that Reeves was going to sleep or perhaps take a shower, that’s why he was undressed. What do you guys think?
mashhad 2 giorni fa
Why final season man
Tony D
Tony D 2 giorni fa
As odd as it seems for him to kill him self in such a weird position, isn’t it MORE odd for someone to murder him in that position??
Harrison Lowe
Harrison Lowe 2 giorni fa
What happened to y'all's hair
Nimbvs Alex
Nimbvs Alex 2 giorni fa
Now we have Keanu
Shanna D.
Shanna D. 2 giorni fa
As much as I love this show, it doesn't feel right anymore. I'll be on the Watcher channel with "Too Many Spirits," "Dish Granted," "Puppet History," and more quality content from Shane, Ryan and Steven.
JM 2 giorni fa
Buzzfeed please hire a guy that's not from California to do your animations regarding guns and ammo because that was atrocious.
Maryam Alkhameesi
Maryam Alkhameesi 2 giorni fa
Who the flip decided it was okay to kill Superman? I guess they didn’t want someone to save people. They wanted attention.
lucy M.
lucy M. 2 giorni fa
Can you guys do a episode on watcher of you going to get tap dance lessons. It could be part of weird wonderful world
Archangel Host
Archangel Host 2 giorni fa
am only back cause of Ryan and Shane lol I already unsubbed
Kenzie Elizabeth
Kenzie Elizabeth 2 giorni fa
wait wait wait… final season ?
Jami Grace
Jami Grace 2 giorni fa
“What it feels like? Is that all that’s been holding you back? You might be a murderer” *shane proceeds to defend himself by describing a scenario in which he’d roll an old lady into a pool and leave*
Scott_e 2 giorni fa
I’d love a buzzfeed unsolved on sonny liston bc it’s even more interesting than this. Obviously unlikely but it would be so cool since almost any story is compelling as the death of sonny liston
Harsh Murarka
Harsh Murarka 2 giorni fa
Theory :- Aliens came to Earth around the time Reeves was cast as Superman. Somehow, they stumbled upon a television which had Superman on. Being Aliens, they couldn't understand what was going on and how a human could be so powerful. Immediately, they wished to eliminate their arch-nemesis on Earth who was the only human who could pose a threat to them.
Karylle Bernard
Karylle Bernard 3 giorni fa
they let the woman get away with murder
Karylle Bernard
Karylle Bernard 3 giorni fa
they let the woman get away with murder
Smilte _zzz_
Smilte _zzz_ 3 giorni fa
Thé final season no
Willie Woodall
Willie Woodall 3 giorni fa
I love the "outta shape-in shape" actors back in the day. We are in so much better shape nowadays. There is nothing super about ol' George, he looked like my dad!
Hunter T
Hunter T 3 giorni fa
Scuze me? Final season? Does it feel good to finally start getting the weight of buzzfeed off your backs? I don't want this to be the last season :( you been carrying buzzfeed this whole time guys 🖤
FifT2 3 giorni fa
Ivy Hoss
Ivy Hoss 3 giorni fa
George Reeves plays Superman then 21 years later a guy named Christopher Reeve also plays Superman?! Coincindence? I. THINK. NOT!!!!
Sebastian Williams
Sebastian Williams 3 giorni fa
omg, Shane is blonde now! I left for a year and came back to this! I'm so surprised and proud at how much the channel has grown!
Phantom Pheonix
Phantom Pheonix 3 giorni fa
Lemmon has the death note..... ITS REAL
Linkon Abe
Linkon Abe 3 giorni fa
Wait is this their last episode? No more unsolved mysteries with these guys?!?
Charlie Bone
Charlie Bone 3 giorni fa
That strikes me as odd. If you hear a gun shot from upstairs in your house, then wouldn’t everyone run upstairs.Why did only Bliss run upstairs to check?. They thought he shot himself. Wouldn’t everyone run up to see?.
Spidey 3 giorni fa
Thank you for giving Cap, Nat, and Tony a lil feature in this (Yes I know it's Chris, Scarlett, and Robert but Cap Nat and Tony is more iconic lmao) I've been waiting for at least a lil Marvel reference in your series ahahah
missholywater 3 giorni fa
Why is these so good
charlie johnson
charlie johnson 3 giorni fa
3:41 *misha collins sweating in the distance*
Dr Rohith M
Dr Rohith M 3 giorni fa
Please stop inserting yourself, your jokes, your teleprompter conversations in the middle of the video. Please for the love of god.
MOBiz187 3 giorni fa
I wonder who bodied him, was it anyone here?
Crown V
Crown V 3 giorni fa
I'm sorry, FINAL SEASON!? What have I missed!? 😭
Barry moo
Barry moo 4 giorni fa
I guess the boy with the gun got his answer
Hoodie Dema
Hoodie Dema 4 giorni fa
Bob Marley
Emily Wolak
Emily Wolak 4 giorni fa
7:28 guess you could say ignorance is a bliss…or not
kay baysinger
kay baysinger 4 giorni fa
i also think he was murdered
Ya Man
Ya Man 4 giorni fa
I guess he wasn’t bulletproof afterall
Sam Rubinstein
Sam Rubinstein 4 giorni fa
The disastrous porch univariably whisper because format extracellularly damage worth a annoyed break. stingy, callous beauty
Katie G
Katie G 4 giorni fa
He conquered death, fear, and the devil so we don’t have to✝️❤️Don’t be scared of what they will say, worry about him saying “depart from me”❤️❤️❤️
Angela Tonnu Conghuyen
definitely think the mob/murder theory is more likely. they’ve probably threatened the guests/witnesses to go along with the story which explains why lemmon left california & why the gunpowder was washed from the body.
Jess 4 giorni fa
oouf shane proving not everyone looks good blonde, yikes.
Leo Basketcase
Leo Basketcase 4 giorni fa
Wait, final season? I almost don’t want to watch it; I’ll miss the ghouligans 😭
Viciouz 4 giorni fa
wait why is it ending
Steven Garcia
Steven Garcia 4 giorni fa
I didn’t know y’all were doing another season! Great!
TheJeannag 5 giorni fa
Regarding Lemon predicting the suicide: it's possible he'd maybe threatened to do just that when he was distressed at earlier occasions, which could be why she also didn't feel the need to follow him up when he was visibly upset. Bliss being the most responsive would also make sense, since if he hadn't interacted with Reeves before, he would have no reason to think the man was "faking" anything and was truly in danger.
LeBrennan Z
LeBrennan Z 5 giorni fa
RIP buzzfeed 💯 Everybody will follow the boys.
aaa bbb
aaa bbb 5 giorni fa
The distinct effect distally jail because property pathophysiologically drag a a important card. ritzy, ashamed dust
Abbycat666 5 giorni fa
Why would you say final season?? You just broke my heart.
Mason Compton
Mason Compton 5 giorni fa
The private ice conversely scatter because front complementarily slow pace a jaded gorilla. aberrant, creepy point
Jacob Estright
Jacob Estright 5 giorni fa
Final season?! Y’all better be going independent or something
Dylan Barnes
Dylan Barnes 5 giorni fa
Wonder if he hunts ghosts?
blanca cagigas
blanca cagigas 5 giorni fa
I love you guys!!! :D
Moist MuMkey
Moist MuMkey 5 giorni fa
Why is buzz fedd unsolved stopping
Julia M
Julia M 5 giorni fa
Marilyn Monroe's death and relation to the kennedy's
MontrelleTv 5 giorni fa
Tucson Christian Ministries
There is nothing special or revealing on this show. Every video they have made has been done better by someone else. The hosts are very annoying and not the least bit funny.
Sophiesticated 5 giorni fa
hey, Ryan, cute hair!
David Rothberg
David Rothberg 5 giorni fa
I'm sure that Shaq is so relieved.
Hate It Here
Hate It Here 5 giorni fa
Lemmon a little sus. She was a woman in the back days. I’m one… and I hate to admit it but nobody would believe a woman did it. She’d get away with it
Hate It Here
Hate It Here 5 giorni fa
Imagine- If someone wanted to kill him for being Superman. They thought the suit thing was real so they took his clothes off to make sure that the bullet would penetrate him.
Zander Newson
Zander Newson 5 giorni fa
Why is are stopping Buzzfeed Unsolved
Patricia Fierro
Patricia Fierro 6 giorni fa
Noooo Don’t leave me 😭😢🥺 I love you guys
Sallay Caulker
Sallay Caulker 6 giorni fa
It's funny how two different actors who played superman had the same surname Reeves, this guy George Reeves and Christopher Reeves
Yesmar 94
Yesmar 94 6 giorni fa
BuzzFeed shane how was your girlfriend okay with that hair colour man i have to look at you and i cant 🤣 please go back so i can keep watching buzzfeed
Marianne playing Uno
People say that Superman is invincible, but as this story proves, all it takes is a gunshot I'm sorry for this awful joke
Anna Stoetzner
Anna Stoetzner 6 giorni fa
"Well I wanna be a tap dancer but you wont wanna go to those classes with me" Best sentence I ever heard! 😂 Come in ryan make his dream come true
WLK 6 giorni fa
THIS CANT BE THE FINAL SEASON!!!!!!!!!!! I love this show SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!
Solar 6 giorni fa
If only the detectives or coraner checked if his hand had gunpowder stains on it.
Sneha Nair
Sneha Nair 6 giorni fa
Hey please please do make Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural season 7 and Season 8 please...i love those episodes specifically...i know its a pandemic..maybe after situation is under control..people can safely teavel and shoot on site..maybe you guys wld consider doing those.
DannyonSaturn 6 giorni fa
made the mistake of taking a drink before the "hey jan, someone told me its your birthday" and i chOKED
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