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The Nordics are home to some of the world's most beautiful places. Enjoy this 4K relaxation film across the Europe's northern countries. From the fjords of Norway to the dramatic cliffs of the Faroe Islands, the Nordics have so much to offer.
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el fabriknte
el fabriknte 15 ore fa
Krne Potrait
Krne Potrait 6 giorni fa
6:42 where is this? What is the name of this city?
NLR Groups
NLR Groups 11 giorni fa
Attractive. Best wishes from my channel
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 11 giorni fa
Thanks mate!
Hamelin Channel
Hamelin Channel 12 giorni fa
This video is a poem. Thank you for sharing. Have a great night everyone!
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 12 giorni fa
Thanks mate! Nature is the best poet
John Doe
John Doe 13 giorni fa
This is white culture... Complete opposite of non-white culture. White is beautiful and needs to be protected!
أريد وطن
أريد وطن 13 giorni fa
Beautiful and picturesque views 😍
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 13 giorni fa
Thank you very much!
Meditating Bluebird
Meditating Bluebird 14 giorni fa
It's a music that clears up the complex mind while you sleep and gives you peace. Thank you :)
Daniel Justin
Daniel Justin 16 giorni fa
I can travel the world right from home ..... how cool is that these videos are fantastic
Daniel Justin
Daniel Justin 15 giorni fa
@Scenic Relaxation How about South America Chile
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 16 giorni fa
Thanks Daniel! My goal is to show all places around the world. Where should I do next?
Konstantin Stolyarov
My eyes become wet! Thank you very much for this video! P.S. Hello from Russia!
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 18 giorni fa
That makes me so happy to hear! Nature is the true healer :)
DCo 19 giorni fa
Why do they always put music on these?
Андрей Кувшинов
8:30 which place is it?
Mf Khan
Mf Khan 24 giorni fa
Андрей Юрьевич
Автору канала огромное спасибо! Дай Бог здоровья вам! Великолепные видео, неимоверные красоты и приятная музыка. Успехов вам!
Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Hello dear beloved, 😍 InShaAllah 🇦🇪 sheikhhamdanbinmohammed.view@gmail.com
Piano Deep Sleeping
wow. so beautiful
Scenic Relaxation
Thank you! 😊
Алексей Шавров
Это что за страна?
the name of the place whatever ??? thanks you @from INDONESIA ]
Setromper TERRIEN
관광객을 끌어들일려고 하는 목적으로 영상을 찍는다면 반드시 사람을 넣어서 찍어야한다.
Belkys Mese fa
LOOK 👀 , ( CAREFULLY) .!!!!! . HOW , OUR ( SCIENTISTS 🥼 ) , TRY TO ( HIDE THE TRUE ] , SHAPE OF THE WORLD 🗺 .!!!!! . U DO NOT NEED , A ROCKET 🚀 . , FROM , NASA , [ TO SEE , THE TRUTH ] 😳.!!!!! . THANKS 🙏🏾 ( GOD ) ,FOR , DROMS , OR , HELICOPTERS 🚁 . !!!!!! . ITS , YOUR , RESPONSIBILITY TO , SEEK , FURTHER 😎😳😎👍💖.!!!!! WHAT A LOVELY , PLACE 💖🙏🏾.!!!! . ...THEY ARE , TRULY , BLESSED 👍.!!!!! .....
how yourself
how yourself Mese fa
the incredible reflection of the heaven beauty
Scenic Relaxation
Beautiful right!
Hey you. Yes you random person that i will never meet.I truly hope that you will find happiness in life. Today is going to be a great day
Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Hello dear beloved, 😍 InShaAllah 🇦🇪 sheikhhamdanbinmohammed.view@gmail.com
random things on my mind
thanks 🙂
Jmack 4275
Jmack 4275 Mese fa
Anyone else watch these high? Greatest thing ever
Ali khan
Ali khan Mese fa
Secrets of The Enlightened Mind
If you are reading this, I hope you know you are special and capable of creating amazing things. Wish you lots of health, love & peace 💗
jabeauty27 Mese fa
So Beautiful ❤️
Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Hello dear beloved, 😍 InShaAllah 🇦🇪 sheikhhamdanbinmohammed.view@gmail.com
Scenic Relaxation
Thank you! 😊
Tropical Living
I wanna quit my job and explore this magnificent country from top to bottom...it is simply out of this world, heaven on earth
Ho Lii Fuk
Ho Lii Fuk Mese fa
Mountain regions are from Norway and the massive forests and lakes are likely from Finland.
Vincent Villa
only 4k I just saw a video that was 8k and it was beautiful but 4k ain't that bad
Scenic Relaxation
I'll have to start making films in 8k
Christian Neveu
Ashish Sharma
Ashish Sharma 2 mesi fa
I can't go on this place in my whole life..as i dont have money ao i enjoyed this on mobile ❤️
KHealer Instinct
Every frame is wallpaper-ready.
Imar Santos
Imar Santos Mese fa
I was thinking about this
Ryan Hazer
Ryan Hazer 2 mesi fa
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Jamie Taglang
Jamie Taglang 2 mesi fa
where is 1:38? Place is dope
D27Rugen 2 mesi fa
Kiên Nguyễn trung
you make video to viet nam, please !
吉澤幸男 2 mesi fa
DragonFalcon 2 mesi fa
This is SO absolutely PERFECT!
Scenic Relaxation
Thanks mate!
훈딴딴 2 mesi fa
I am a korean. i am definitely going to norway.
Priyanjana Bagga
Wowwww, thankyou so much for sharing and hats off to all your efforts of creating such an amazing video #Scenic Relaxation, Thanks again.
Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Hello dear beloved, 😍 InShaAllah 🇦🇪 sheikhhamdanbinmohammed.view@gmail.com
Relaxing Scenes
Relaxing Scenes 2 mesi fa
Don't know if someone is reading this, but if you are you are amazing and beautiful. I believe in you
Ivan Ruiz
Ivan Ruiz 2 mesi fa
기쁨친구 2 mesi fa
Could you share the names of these amazing places? I REALLY want to go there...
Evernewt 2 mesi fa
is someone have the name of this beautiful music at 42:55 ? Have a good day !
paman saturnus
paman saturnus 2 mesi fa
i can't believe.. this is earth
deShaun W
deShaun W 2 mesi fa
This just makes me more and more hate this urban life, small house, traffic and stuffs
Scenic Relaxation
Its so nice to get out of the city!
Brandon Malcolm
Brandon Malcolm 2 mesi fa
The aboriginal trout formerly tumble because lathe july crash qua a known spider. deafening, snobbish size
Maciej Tomaszewski
Dewi Elang
Dewi Elang 2 mesi fa
Im wanting to travel so badly😭
Scenic Relaxation
I hope you can go soon!
Jose Manuel Del Rio Rebollo
Honestly, I can't wait to visit this country, everything is so pure❤️
Göyçək Hüseynova
Junaid Mir
Junaid Mir 2 mesi fa
Stunningly beautiful is our planet , thanks for making this master piece god bless
Scenic Relaxation
Of course friend :) where are you from?
Shabbir Ahmad
Shabbir Ahmad 2 mesi fa
Wao keya khubsurat jagh hai!
Kadek Wijayanta
Kadek Wijayanta 2 mesi fa
Like seeing barbie the movie
Scenic Relaxation
Haha I haven't seen that yet.
Sahab Shraddha
Sahab Shraddha 2 mesi fa
Amazing!!!!!!! picture ♥️ perfect 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯⭐⭐❤️
Scenic Relaxation
Thanks Sahab!
A Friendly Dolphin
Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Thank you for putting this together. Well done!
Scenic Relaxation
Of course!
Knowledge Born
Knowledge Born 2 mesi fa
All huge trees
khampasong inthisane
It’s breathtaking beautiful, I wish to visit this place in future
Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Hello dear beloved, 😍 InShaAllah 🇦🇪 sheikhhamdanbinmohammed.view@gmail.com
Scenic Relaxation
Thanks friend! I can't wait for you to visit!
Lukas Tino
Lukas Tino 2 mesi fa
Wau 🌍Magic open world 🍇🐕 thanks
Scenic Relaxation
Thanks Lukas!
Rene Delgadillo
Rene Delgadillo 2 mesi fa
*Excelente bellísimo Noruega, the Vikings filme*
Angel Blaz
Angel Blaz 3 mesi fa
The chemical language dolly please because cello intradurally thaw towards a busy sugar. simplistic, big hygienic
Netherlands91 3 mesi fa
Scenic Relaxation
Thanks mate1
John Bennett
John Bennett 3 mesi fa
Location information please!
LF Music
LF Music 3 mesi fa
This channel is perfect: studying for university exams has never been so enjoyable! Thank you from Italy!
Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Hello dear beloved, 😍 InShaAllah 🇦🇪 sheikhhamdanbinmohammed.view@gmail.com
Scenic Relaxation
Thanks mate!! Aye that makes me stoked to hear! That’s awesome your going to college in Italy, I recently graduated school here in the us
PLAY MUSIC FDA 3 mesi fa
tom muito top !!!!
김창현 3 mesi fa
The winds sounds effect is a little loud. So it’s rather disturbing to focus on
Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Hello dear beloved, 😍 InShaAllah 🇦🇪 sheikhhamdanbinmohammed.view@gmail.com.
Scenic Relaxation
Ah this film I messed up the sound! I'll improve in my future ones! Thanks for the advice :)
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Olavo GCN
Olavo GCN 3 mesi fa
Amazing. Greetings from Brazil.
Guillermo 3 mesi fa
De la nada descubri este canal, en las noches para dormir pongo el video, y es tan relajante, duermo muy bien, me despeja la mente.
박근호 3 mesi fa
너무 좋는 영상 감사해요 ㅎㅎ
Adam Braithwaite
Like the song in 32:05
Adam Braithwaite
@Scenic Relaxation Do you happen to know the name of it?
Scenic Relaxation
Me too, its so magical :)
Hamid Tenouri
Hamid Tenouri 3 mesi fa
Frédéric Wisniewski
Is this possible to be unhappy when you live in these places ? Fabulous video.
BigHead Mateiro
BigHead Mateiro 3 mesi fa
Scenic Relaxation
Thanks mate!
It's heartwarming and wonderful music. If everyone likes music, it's a like Thank you ❤️❤️❤️
Alif islamic group
Sir, can we put your video in our video For that we have to do something Plz Ripley
Bryan Loke
Bryan Loke 3 mesi fa
The quaint composer immunohistochemically cause because law holly guard under a evanescent hamburger. special, aboriginal note
Music Relaxation
Vagabond Pakistan
WoW Just B.E.A Utiful. For travel blogs and beautiful photography around the globe do visit my channel as well. ​itvid.net/show-UCe0yqjIzunPJPfcamA4l7wA​
lian 3 mesi fa
Is some of this iceland
Scenic Relaxation
Yes, there's some shots from there :)
Stephan Teuscher
Great video. Only the cars are driving on the left side. They don't do this in northern Europe. Mirrored?
Scenic Relaxation
Great catch, yes I mirrored a few images to make it flow better!
Bruno Machado
Bruno Machado 3 mesi fa
Awesome video! is this the city of Bergen? if not, what is the city with the soccer field?
Rolf Sauer
Rolf Sauer 3 mesi fa
its in lofoten not bergen
gjacquet2 3 mesi fa
Beatiful!! where is the 4 minute lake?
Nicho Santori
Nicho Santori 3 mesi fa
Clean and clear.
Scenic Relaxation
Thanks Nicho!
M F 3 mesi fa
your videos are by far the best of all the channels. the quality, the angles, the music, the sound effects, the footage, everything. i love your videos. thank you for posting and taking me to places i will never ever get to visit.
Scenic Relaxation
Thanks so much friend for your kind words! More videos to come :)
b s
b s 3 mesi fa
The tedious slash taxonomically cover because rifle spontaneously arrest amidst a ultra mexico. numerous, divergent wedge
Sounds of The Soul
Great channel! This video is wonderful, it is so relaxing!
Scenic Relaxation
Thanks friend :)
Visions Above Media
vivek Agarwal
vivek Agarwal 3 mesi fa
Is it real
Scenic Relaxation
It’s more than real :)
Rolf Sauer
Rolf Sauer 3 mesi fa
some vids were from Sweden
Beatiful Music , Thanks u
Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Hello dear beloved, 😍 InShaAllah 🇦🇪 sheikhhamdanbinmohammed.view@gmail.com
Scenic Relaxation
Thanks friend!
Sweety YUMMY
Sweety YUMMY 3 mesi fa
We will see my friends
Gamma Omega
Gamma Omega 3 mesi fa
Gamma Omega
Gamma Omega 3 mesi fa
@Scenic Relaxation Your videos are awe inspiring! Keep it up, you brighten our world in these days of no travels!
Scenic Relaxation
Thanks friend! I hope you can visit very soon :)
Rialdi Arlis
Rialdi Arlis 3 mesi fa
very nice view. thanks for the video.
Rialdi Arlis
Rialdi Arlis 3 mesi fa
@Scenic Relaxation Aamiin.
Scenic Relaxation
I hope you can visit very soon :)
Dennis Scott
Dennis Scott 3 mesi fa
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K. K.
K. K. 3 mesi fa
Vielen Dank für die Schönen Bilder.
Meher Baba is God in human form
Scenic Relaxation
Thanks friend!
NinaLeoPiano 3 mesi fa
This is beautifully constructed. Who composed the first piece?
Natural 298
Natural 298 3 mesi fa
So beautiful 💘.To everyone enjoying the music. Have a nice Day 😘.
Scenic Relaxation
Thanks friend! I hope you can visit one day! :)
nature around the world
Beautiful video keep moving 👌🏼
Bastian Heine
Bastian Heine 3 mesi fa
Prism 26
Prism 26 3 mesi fa
Much like Alaska, but more prettier. Beautiful
Scenic Relaxation
Amen to that! It's hard to beat the beauty of the Nordics
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