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A hands-on with the whole glyph interface in lights on the back of this phone. Will that be enough to differentiate it?

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20 giu 2022




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Dubsido 5 giorni fa
imagine adjusting all of your phone contacts to ring differently and then still get no calls just like before
Himalayan Old monks
🤣 🤣 🤣
Kinaram Singh
Kinaram Singh 19 ore fa
@Simon Vutov hahaha
BackRooms V1nce
BackRooms V1nce 21 ora fa
@Simon Vutov there is going to be a phone case that's transparent so you can see the lights underneath transparent phone cases aren't that uncommon as well btw
LATOM 22 ore fa
That's sad. 😆
Brett Morris
Brett Morris Giorno fa
Depending on price, I definitely would switch. I love the custom lights on back. Can't wait to find out the price. I would definitely rock it.
AvS 9 ore fa
@Akash naah buddy, it will be under 40k for sure and even could be very close to 30k as the processor is 778G+ not the 7Gen1.
Akash 13 ore fa
This phone comes around btw 40 to 50k inr
Felik Kusuma Wardana
Gotta say, IMO this is the coolest phone in 2022, i always love the shape of the new iPhone form factor (12 and 13) but I'm not a big fan of iOS (i prefer andro 😁) don't like big ass notch either, and also lightning connector (usbc ftw 🙌) so this phone is like a crossover I've always wanted
Brenden O'Sullivan
Brenden O'Sullivan 2 giorni fa
As someone who became a OnePlus fanatic when my Galaxy S6 broke and I was convinced by the value prospect of moving to the OP 5 and just fell in love with Oxygen OS, the alert slider, customization options, and just making the right choices on where to skimp to make a cheaper flagship that didn't feel like you were missing out on a single thing... I am SO excited to see where Nothing goes with this. Still rocking the OP 7 Pro, the only downside of which is the lack of 5G compatibility, but it was also the first phone I ever bought because I was just so excited about the generational leap that it represented with higher refresh rates, that curved screen glass pebble feel, incredible haptic feedback improvements, etc., rather than buying one because my last had broken in some way. Still holding on to my old OP 5 as a backup in case of whatever... But since being swallowed by Oppo, OP has lost its individuality and become just another flagship phone with little to differentiate itself from Samsung, Google, LG, whoever. Sure they're good phones, and the 10 Pro certainly is top of the line and offers just about anything you could want in a flagship, while still trying to make use of that Hasselblad colab to catch up in the camera/photo processing sphere. However, OxygenOS is quickly morphing into the Oppo ColorOS, the price tag no longer gives it the ultra-competitive appeal it once had, and there's even been word of them moving away from the alert slider, which would be one of the dumber moves a phone maker could make. More phones should be trying to adopt that, not less. While Nothing will need more than one attempt to really hit the nail on the head, I'm desperately hoping Carl Pei gets a real chance to break into the market for a second time. And the super customizable backlighting, with actual functionality rather than just being purely a gimmick, is the first big shakeup the smartphone market has seen in some time, which may just give Nothing the solid footing it needs to build into something great, and special, and a place for the enthusiasts to look beyond the handful of options geared towards the masses. Of course details on the specs, pricing, and availability are still needed to really imagine it's path forward, but it took OnePlus a number of phones to really find it's niche in the market and become something special as well. I think I was lucky to happen to become in need of a new phone right as the OP 5 came out to be able to experience what may be one of the only true flagship killers in the smartphone market since it's inception. The OnePlus 7 Pro I believe still fell into that category, though the price gap had become less noticeable, and it was only a generation away from falling into line and grasping a generating more mass appeal by emulating competitor stylings, giving into the IP rating certification demands, and emulating competitor camera software while trying to ride on the shoulders of known camera makers rather than finding it's own new path for innovation going forward. Anyways, rant over. Fingers crossed. Hoping shopping for a new phone will become truly exciting once again in the near future. As it stands, I honestly may end up being swayed over to the iOS ecosystem which would be a first for me, and unthinkable until maybe the introduction of the M1 across devices. Still would like an iPad Pro with an M1 whether I end up deciding to make the big change in ecosystems fully or not. Please Android, even if you can never truly compete in that specific tablet market, please save me from being pulled all the way into the dark side.
Max Olsén
Max Olsén 3 giorni fa
The reason I loved the Oneplus One was that it delivered such great hardware for a very low price. They did this for marketing, making little to no profit on their first phone made people buy it because of the great value and love it for that reason, and they went in with the same mentality on newer phones even if they didnt follow the same strategy. So for me, that is the key thing that will flip me into buying this phone or not. Do i get a great phone for a great value, or not. Price will be the deciding faction for Nothing phone (1)
Max Olsén
Max Olsén Giorno fa
@_HMCB_ of course it isn't sustainable in the long run, anyone with half a brain knows that. But it is a great marketing tool. It will add a reputation of great value, making people interested in it, and then they can slowly increase the profit part of the price. OnePlus did just this and very successfully, they issue is that they went too far, the greed of bbk showed.
Alessandro Zanardi
@Yusef isn't the poco lineup doing the same thing? Look at what the F1 did and what the F3 delivers today...
_HMCB_ Giorno fa
@NITIN RANA that pricing isn’t sustainable. Just watch. R&D isn’t inexpensive; especially if they want to bring leading software & design to differentiate themselves from Apple. With small margins, investors will get inpatient and they won’t have enough __net__ revenue from sales to sustain that pricing model. Not with other budget-phone companies vying for the same market.
NITIN RANA Giorno fa
Price will be between $350-$450 , but as of now, it's available only on invitation !
Yusef Giorno fa
Good news for you, the founder of oneplus left the company to start nothing
MrUnknown 6 giorni fa
I just wanna remind people that Nothing is a startup company. We're witnessing their first steps into a huge market with extreme competition. What they mean by "taking on apple" and such are their future vision so give them a few tries and a little time and then everything will be clear how Nothing will turn out.. keep your expectations at a fair level so you won't be disappointed, nor cricticism will burn em to the ground when they actually deliver :)
d n
d n 9 ore fa
Dude, this company will have the same fate as oneplus
Krisztián Volentér
@Levy Roth what? No. The keyboard is the worst i ever had. And i use the keyboard the most.
@Mohammad Usman lol
Slitherkittle 23 ore fa
bro, it's literally the founder of OnePlus, I am pretty sure they know the ways around the rope.
Boring stuff
Boring stuff Giorno fa
True, but many people involved in the company are from other companies. So there shouldn't take as much time to get up to speed and iron out all the glitches if at all.
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar 2 giorni fa
The LED lights customisation has took it to whole new level.
Tacitus Kilgore
Tacitus Kilgore 2 giorni fa
I wanna see what the case solutions will be. I love the LED effects but I'll never go caseless. Also I'll probably wait a few iterations before I jump the shark. Not a big fan of iPhone designs so hopefully their later ones move away from that shape as they establish themselves
LH 14 ore fa
BTW that's not what 'jump the shark' means. It's not about someone taking a massive step (a leap of faith) from one thing to another drastically different thing. It's about something, usually a TV series, resorting to a desperate and fanciful plotline in order to try to remain interesting, and typically regarded as the point at which such shows began their inevitable decline. The term originates from the TV series Happy Days where one of the characters literally jumped over a shark on his motorcycle 😀
Tacitus Kilgore
Tacitus Kilgore 20 ore fa
@GoGoErrek If you hate cases that's fine. I'd honestly love to go caseless too but just can't be bothered to deal with constant repairs or replacements due to dropping it. Scuffing messes up trade in value, but that's honestly the least of my worries. I'm more worried about cracked/ broken screens and components being damaged. Phones nowadays are far too expensive for them not to be protected imo. But hats off to you for going commando with your phones.
Tacitus Kilgore
Tacitus Kilgore 20 ore fa
@Professor X I think it'd be cool if the case had clear material only over the outline of the glyph with the rest of the back being (colored) rubber or plastic, or whatever the hell these cases are made out of these days lol
GoGoErrek Giorno fa
Meanwhile I hate cases. Phones are meant to be used, so what if it gets a little scuffed?
Professor X
Professor X Giorno fa
i think a 100% transparent case would be ideal .
Rykkr 2 giorni fa
I really like the design and the ringtone/light thing that they're doing. If it was loaded with features I'd probably get one but it's gotta meet something like the s22u for me to change devices
AKA ETA 20 ore fa
It's pretty interesting how companies are slowly bringing back the concept of "fun/cool" cellphones design. Like the flip phones back on the 00s-10s.
The Groovy Guitar Dude
The LED idea and design is way cool, but I don't trust myself enough to not have a case on my phone lol
Urahara Giorno fa
and also how much battery it is gonna suck?
anonymous 2 giorni fa
Do you think anyone will cover that phone back..non transparent cover, Transparent case exist bro 🥱
Cyan-ida 3 giorni fa
@Aman S 🤓
Joel Alex
Joel Alex 4 giorni fa
There will surely be a case which will have tiny cut out for the led light
Brian J.T
Brian J.T 4 giorni fa
@Aman S chill also you can probably turn those off like how you'd silence your phone anyway lol,
Nobody Giorno fa
It's quite unique concept ..will definitely consider it after some reviews... because at the end all you interact with is software
AcerDerp Giorno fa
One of the few companies to actualy produce thing before it was sold, looks amazing and it's functional too. propably gonna buy 2nd gen
M3CKA Giorno fa
I wish we would have been able to see more of the interface. How smooth it is.
Abhik 2 giorni fa
I don't know if it would be a hit or a flop but certainly it feels very different as compared to others phones
ChippyGaming 6 giorni fa
I feel so mixed on Nothing, the Ear 1's were pretty good and the transparent phone looks great but their hype marketing puts me off a little
son van
son van 2 giorni fa
Maverick Dewitt
Maverick Dewitt 2 giorni fa
The real question: Can it run Terrraria Mobile welll?
VoidFace 4 giorni fa
@ChippyGaming they don’t sound good, even for the price. Stick to the videos you’re good at, dude, since you clearly know nothing about tech or sound quality lmao.
Zero One
Zero One 4 giorni fa
@ChippyGaming Well thats good I suppose, but also kinda the problem. If you choose to market using hype and get everyone excited for your "cool stylish new airpod competitor for a fraction of the price" ... but they dont stack up to the hype.. it can make them seem worse than they are. Even if they end up being good for the price.
VICTORY BOY 😉 3 giorni fa
As I saw nothing phone 1 will not take over a market of India because of the specifications if it's price over than 25k
utubedano Giorno fa
This is just dope! Feels awesome... Can't wait for what they bring out next!
Dan ii
Dan ii Giorno fa
When you can see all the notifications, reminders, incoming calls, alerts, etc on always on amoled screen on the front, a simple single led notification light is enough... Rather can appreciate only for the unique back design...
xKyrum 18 ore fa
im not going to lie its definetly caught my attention and ive become very interested in it I just wish I heard more on the software and what makes it different in there as well because it does look a lot like an iphone I just wonder what they are going to do to stand out from the rest (other than the back of the phone having flashing lights for notifacations)
Condor 6 giorni fa
Shout out to all of the One Plus owners that felt that ending. I'm certainly interested in this new phone because it is different. Now I just need to know that it is an overall good phone when the reviews start coming out.
Naitik Jain
Naitik Jain Giorno fa
@Toni Ivanov My 8T died suddenly a few weeks back, take care of yours.
Buff_De_Panda 4 giorni fa
@Toni Ivanov 5T and 6 were definitely its peak, 8T it's still alright but anything after that...... lol
515miker515 4 giorni fa
Interesting that this happened to One Plus. My 6T has been the Honda Civic of phones still running strong and smooth. Considered going Xperia 1 iv but getting worried with the heating issues... Android selection has been disappointing, I might have to go back to iPhone depending on how much longer the 6T will hold up.
José Vitor Lobo
José Vitor Lobo 5 giorni fa
​@C.D.J that's pretty much what I want to do, but can't really afford it from Brazil...
José Vitor Lobo
José Vitor Lobo 5 giorni fa
​@BRUCE WAYNE man, the battery... 🥲
Tshegofatso Kgoroba
It's a good idea in concept, but the novelty of this design will wear off pretty quickly.
DeathReaper Giorno fa
Well they aspire to stand out from the rest of the android market and so far i think they are. Now all of it boils down how the hardware performs and what price it will be offered at
Black GOD
Black GOD Giorno fa
I’m waiting on the specs and pricing. The transparent back cover and the new features have me super interested. I’m a Samsung/Android nut btw.
Leau_thegold 15 ore fa
These are gonna become collectors items once the phone goes through their life cycle..pretty genius
Chigz Tech Reviews
Chigz Tech Reviews 6 giorni fa
Wow. Love the multiple LED design. The Ringtones with the LED effects look so good. Even the charging effect looks good. Can’t wait to get hands-on with this.
Raven Giorno fa
What if I told you there’s millions of LEDs in the front part of your phone 😝😝
Pecoliky 6 giorni fa
all of this is cool....but one question... WHY ARENT THE BEZELS UNIFORM
Sandeep Vemana
Sandeep Vemana 6 giorni fa
@Shellyman Studios That would have been so sick right!!!
Doge 6 giorni fa
@Shellyman Studios i think they wanted to keep it minimalistic
Worst Teammate
Worst Teammate 6 giorni fa
Right? Now i wonder how useful that is lmao or just bigger gimmick ever
RAMR 3 giorni fa
This reminds me of the physical computer interface that you'd see in the original alien movie. Pretty cool, but kinda gimmicky.
thejpkotor Giorno fa
I think what it would really take me to switch would be an alternative OS based on it’s own development; like some kind of fresh take on a smooth interface with an underlying UNIX/Linux based phone or very different take on the interface and app offering. Basically, something to rival iOS that isn’t just another repackaged Android setup. Android seems sad, generic, and really stale most of the time. The best execution of it I’ve seen is actually from Google, in the Pixel phones. All other implementations seem broken or not unified enough in the experience their design offers. At the end of the day, hardware features are interesting, but it’s the actual system that most users gravitate towards, and that’s the most compelling thing for me. Something entirely new like this would be very risky and take a lot of work, which is probably why we wont see anything like it anytime soon.
Dezon 2 giorni fa
Imagine engineering all that design and LED stuff just to put back cover on it.
Ankur Moulik
Ankur Moulik 2 giorni fa
After using Nothing Ear 1 buds. I've become their fan. I've got a notification to buy the same here in India. Can't wait. I've huge expectations from Nothing.
Alex DeAvila
Alex DeAvila 6 giorni fa
At first glance, this phone looks amazing and functionality of those leds is a really cool concept. If I wasn't so invested in apple's ios, this would definitely be in my pocket when it comes out.
ScarletSkies 6 giorni fa
iOS is mid
Gorigui Monke Ch.
As a long time iPhone user, I'd be tempted by this one. The look and design is great and in the era of boring phones, anything out of the box catches my attention immediately.
3:48 - Every Sony Ericsson owner knew this feature before, if you are using IMY or EMY ringtone files. These files contain, besides of the actual ringtone, light effects and vibration patterns.
Daniel Winter
Daniel Winter Giorno fa
I really like the "what people thought the future would look like" style, but indeed I'd not stick to the brand if the following iterations degenerated into a generic mid/high-range.
Jay Does Emails
Jay Does Emails 11 ore fa
If the price is reasonable - I mean not in the close $1000 range - I'd happily buy it ! Love the form factor of this device, and the fact that it's a full screen is appealing to me even more (i have a Redmi Pro 9T with no hole on the screen or notch). Can't wait to see how it's going to be priced :) Thanks for that Intro and I love what you said at the end ... Kinda made me think of OP 🙄
walkin mn
walkin mn 6 giorni fa
I had the original OnePlus One (which was an amazing phone) an none of the other models because they ended up disappointing In many ways. In some ways I think Carl Pei has the right spirit about his Nothing brand but tbh I think he's all talk no action. The Phone (1) back cover is pretty good and interesting, I love the boxy iPhone-like look of the bezel but a phone is much more than that, most of it is about the software and in case of Android Phones, the amount of time they bring updates and (security updates) is very important, in fact, it's the most important thing for me. So we'll see what happens, but I don't expect too much from nothing.
Pedro 6 giorni fa
It's not like you could expect a lot from nothing... *ba dum tsss*
MGArt DZN Giorno fa
If it has same hardware and software experience as my current Samsung and the price being fairly the same, I would probably give it a go.
Liviu Lvu
Liviu Lvu 3 giorni fa
In everyday use, I don't think the leds on the back are useful when you have a big screen and maybe always on display feature too. And you will need a transparent case to protect the phone and to still see the leds. Idk, but for me, this phone is just a test subject, to see what people think about it, so they can come with more improvements.
Pixelsplasher 15 ore fa
It has to be a gimmick. The old bedazzle trick. The front screen can very well do what the back lights can except lighting up the room.
angel medina
angel medina Giorno fa
Indefinitely buying it just for those lights in the back 🤩🤩 plus the square locking it looks great
Naga Praveen
Naga Praveen 3 giorni fa
This reminds me a Nokia phone from many years back where it lights up to the ringtones. Good to see this feature again in smartphone generation.
Apineappleguy 6 giorni fa
My first impressions were that it has the general shape and back look of an iPhone, but the front display and selfie camera of a oneplus or something. Interesting design, and I like how it ties into that transparent aesthetic.
Muchi Appalaraju
Muchi Appalaraju 4 giorni fa
@Romeo ThePLUG oo o
Mr. Redhz
Mr. Redhz 4 giorni fa
does sound familiar, one plus one equals two...
SoltColt 4 giorni fa
NOTHING special
Gary Burgin Jr
Gary Burgin Jr 4 giorni fa
Hey you're a pineapple guy! Hello
silverisss Giorno fa
The shape of the phone really appeals to me personally, and the LED's look really cool, i really miss those. However, my one question is..who the hell keeps their phone screen down on the table at all times? Kind of loses all its magic. And i assume the price will be at least $800, which for me personally seems too steep for a gimmick. After switching from flagships to multiple budget (up to $400) phones, i concluded that its not worth spending that much for a phone, no matter magic it offers
Cesar elizondo
Cesar elizondo Giorno fa
Damn I want something like that but with color leds , that seems so futuristic
Charles Giorno fa
It looks neat. But I have the notifications in my settings locked down so much that I just don't need another avenue to see them. They're few and far between so I know an app based off of the sound. The software is what I am interested in, especially since the company is a startup by one of the former OnePlus creators. But I will always be disappointed by yet another phone launching without a headphone jack.
xitoR 2 giorni fa
I could actually see myself using that phone, the big issue for me is the price per performance. I would not buy a new phone with old hardware just for the look.
Dave2D 6 giorni fa
daaammm. I love the look on this thing
Leonard 2 giorni fa
It's Nothing
ACE112ACE112 5 giorni fa
I wonder if Dave2d got an early copy, too.
///M 5 giorni fa
Don’t hype it. It's just another iPhone clone with some minor changes.
Sid B
Sid B 6 giorni fa
wtf why you like this iPhone clone?
themedleb 6 giorni fa
But those lights aren't teal colored!
SurfinDunkey 3 giorni fa
Great Review MKBHD..love the shots fired at the end...hehe definitely sounds familiar, and hope they can break the loop and give back to the community wht was promised to Never Settle. Seems like Carl left cos of how the company was becoming mainstream, forgetting that they became huge cos of how they "Never Settle"d. Hope Carl can do this with Nothing and More. Kudos to him and the Team and you for the honest review. What im really looking forward to is the operating system, and if its similar to the revolutionising oxygenos of ye old days. wht u think?
Thomas Martin
Thomas Martin 2 giorni fa
I would love for a smaller lower reso screen on the back of a phone for selfies and get rid of the camera on the screen. not sure if it would work out but would be different.
Vihit Dalal
Vihit Dalal Giorno fa
My nubia z11....The notification ring still makes me keep it. 5.5 years on 6/64gb sd820. Works like a charm still. I see Nothing serves my purpose of standing out 👍🏼
Charles Junior
Charles Junior 2 giorni fa
I love the design of the phone all round. But I think the light is a bit much for notifications. Those lights is only good for night photography
gilang putra
gilang putra 6 giorni fa
I think led notifications is one of important feature on a smartphone, but many manufactures missed it.
Comfortable_East 6 giorni fa
@DEATHSTROKE I don't think it is right to call barely 50% of smartphones as “most smartphones”.
DEATHSTROKE 6 giorni fa
i think they can easily implement this back with software since most smartphones are OLED. and they can simply light up a small part of the display to mimic the front notifications led
Matthew Rowley
Matthew Rowley 6 giorni fa
I miss it on my samsung S10
herefobeer 2 giorni fa
Actually with a clear hard case it will look even closer to their design language of the buds.
Yi Kim
Yi Kim 3 giorni fa
Fun fact: the founder of this startup company was actually one of the original holders of OnePlus, and you can definitely feel some OnePlus vibes in this phone.
S T Giorno fa
Beautifully explained... Nice phone specially built quality. Keep it up.
iammike 6 giorni fa
From a design aspect, this is the first Android phone that has impressed me in a long time. Just slapping some different colors on a phone (the 3 examples in the video) just isn't enough anymore. This super clean clear back with all white internals and the creative use of LEDs really speaks to me.
мт 5 giorni fa
Believe in Jesus Christ
iammike 5 giorni fa
@Cyber_Photography No, I just don't get where you're coming from. Everything has been so boring for so long now unless you have a think for folding phones...and I don't because I don't like the delicate screens and the slight distortion you feel with your finger in the bend when using them annoys me. There used to be more experimentation in the Android world but for years now it just seems to be similar designs with the occasional color difference. So yes, you're all worked up over nothing and assuming I meant iPhones were any different just because I didn't specifically criticize them in a video about an Android phone. At least that's best I can figure out what you're on about.
Cyber_Photography 5 giorni fa
@iammike yes I was replying to you and no I wasn't "worked up" Literally the only argument you ever here from anyone these days being criticised is "your worked up" "your pissed" etc etc Those words leaving your mouth are enough for me to know my point was valid and you don't have a counter. Enjoy
dbjungle 5 giorni fa
@Daniel Kaschel IDK looks pretty ugly to me. The new Pixel phones are ugly too. Different doesn't make it good. The Nothing phone itself looks good except for those LEDs on the back. That arrangement is super ugly. Polarizing may make it recognizable, but it'll also make the appearance a hard deal breaker for some as well.
Peter Ping
Peter Ping 5 giorni fa
LED notification on the back of the phone is kinda weird design choice since most people put the phone on surface with screen facing up to prevent the screen scratced.
Afrizal 3 giorni fa
well, its not gimmick if they have functionality. really looking forward for this one, hope the specs wont let me down.
Dan Guerrero
Dan Guerrero 3 giorni fa
I disagree with the making a new phone that appeals to a broader market, I feel nothing's road to success would be to become the giant in the niche markets (camera, hi-fi, gaming, etc) .
Jonathon Ho
Jonathon Ho 2 giorni fa
He makes a good point. It looks different for gen 1, then years later they will the company will make their phones just like any other company.
Zunair Sid
Zunair Sid Giorno fa
Impressive. However, how many people are actually going to be keeping their phones upside down that often rather than keeping the screen up and getting the same notifications if not more clearly differentiable than one another, cool idea but not enough for anyone to actually switch.
Danny Winget
Danny Winget 6 giorni fa
I am really digging the design.
Photonic Pizza
Photonic Pizza 6 giorni fa
Same here, Mirror’s Edge vibes. Love the white cyberpunk look.
THE SIMP POLICE 6 giorni fa
I feel like It's Nothing special
A unusually large cat
You already know apple is tryng to copy this phone and make it damn sure that it will be hard to repair and will cost an ungodly amount.
Doctor Nemmo
Doctor Nemmo 6 giorni fa
So does Apple.
Okrim Trebuhcs
Okrim Trebuhcs Giorno fa
I will definitely order one! I prefer the box design over the current rounded shape every single phone has! Love the huge dig at oneplus, correct to call them out! They have lost their identity completely.
Olec/sander 2 giorni fa
love the new see through iPhone 12 ^^ jokes aside the LED feature is super sweet
Erik Butler
Erik Butler 2 giorni fa
I feel like the camera inevitably won’t compete with the best phones out there sadly, but man I want this if it can.
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui Giorno fa
The phone looks like how people would've imagined smartphones before they were invented
Arslan Tariq
Arslan Tariq 6 giorni fa
I always missed led feature on the front when this no bezel smartphone era begin. But seems like this is the most perfect alternative to that.
Matas Kart
Matas Kart 6 giorni fa
Problem with this one I see is that *hopefully* nobody puts their phone down on it's screen without a case as that'd make the screen full of scratches in no time, but a case would also cover the cool back...
Doge 6 giorni fa
true it was satisfying to know many details even when screen is off
Alien112 3 giorni fa
I'm an iPhone user since 2010 and this is probably the 2nd android phone after the Essential Phone PH-1 that appeals to me design wise and could make me switch to android Great Job
MotionEpicFX 2 giorni fa
I will cover the phone with the case regardless. Hmmm. It will be interesting to see a case made for this phone. If it covers the chassis then it will be useless and if it doesn't...well then what's the point of calling it a case.
Zeno Sama
Zeno Sama Giorno fa
Hope future versions will have RGB lights for customisation 😅
Jake H
Jake H 20 ore fa
...and even more generally appealing, and then you become OnePlus by releasing a bland offering that offers nothing unique. Coming from a long time OP user, I really hope this brings back some of what made OP great when Carl was a part of it.
Justin Adams
Justin Adams 6 giorni fa
I like the "teardown" look. It's vaguely technical, but still clean thanks to the use of all whites. And the notification light + back display of battery life is smart and neat.
bouldr 5 giorni fa
Boo. They promised a completely transparent back and that's what we got. Expected it to look more like the Ear 1.
Ritupan Hazarika
Reminds me of old sony xperia u. It had a lot better lighting system but the problem was it drained a lot of battery
ShadowSinz 3 giorni fa
If the specs are similar to that of the top phones + has features such as NFC + On-Screen Fingerprint Sensor I would definitely switch over
Леонид Ли 9-Ж
The matte case will look very cool and there will be no handprints on it
Ricey 2 giorni fa
if they collabed with apple and made this an iphone with all the special lights on the back i'd 100% buy it
OPEN MIND 6 giorni fa
Great design
Backroad Runners
Backroad Runners 6 giorni fa
@Authentic it’s not a bot. It’s a German ITvidr.
Tcfy 6 giorni fa
Too much Gras
L. G.
L. G. 6 giorni fa
Du hier?
Authentic 6 giorni fa
2 uninspiring bot comments
sharanoth 6 giorni fa
@Mishan 🅥 no
Vignesh Nambiar
Vignesh Nambiar Giorno fa
First look is absolutely futuristic 🔥🔥
Kaushal Panchal
Kaushal Panchal 2 giorni fa
Reminds me of my Xperia SP days. Gosh i love those LEDs coming back in action.
Max 12 ore fa
"so you know who is calling just by looking at it when it's muted" yeah, but if you turn it around it just says the name on mine for the past 10 years at least 😂. The thing with different sounds was, that you know who calls when it's in your pocket.
THE ANON ༺༒༻ 2 giorni fa
I'm curious about the system specs, and also who is this, or who are they working with? Thanks
TimeBucks 5 giorni fa
The ringtone feature is so cool
Юлия Свиридова
very very
Blue 47 gaming
Blue 47 gaming 4 giorni fa
Юлия Свиридова
voice acting is good, everything is clear, very interesting
PainAndMurphy 5 giorni fa
@jtp jin but in some conditions where some of us work \ reside in - would cut well through the ambiance \ noise. those who know know
jtp jin
jtp jin 5 giorni fa
The ringtones themselves doesn't sound good
elmoso1 3 giorni fa
I'm always willing to give a new toy a try. I like to see the specs first before making the switch though. I wonder if the phone has good success. Would they put color LEDs in a future release?
Nakib Sayyed
Nakib Sayyed 14 ore fa
The last bit...every current OnePlus owner felt that.
Manzoor Ahmed
Manzoor Ahmed Giorno fa
It will be amazing if they give RGB LED's.
Eugene Chipendo
Eugene Chipendo Giorno fa
Does look and sound sick😺....I just wonder if their battery quality will be good with all those lights. And the software of course, what's it gonna be?😅
Aidan Shorts
Aidan Shorts 6 giorni fa
Love the design for sure, if it comes from the guy who worked on OnePlus and their first model was crazy good... Then this could be a great buy. We'll have to see.
æ 6 giorni fa
@Sunil Nathani yes.. I am calling you a kid.
æ 6 giorni fa
@Bacon Wizard the "Nothing" joke is so overrated to the point that it makes kids dumb
æ 6 giorni fa
@Bacon Wizard Agreed
the saint
the saint 6 giorni fa
its basically an iphone without a notch ...
Charsept 3 giorni fa
For the segment of the market that this is for, it's probably pretty hype.
iblackfeathers Giorno fa
a case defeats much of the purpose unless it is a clear case. but even then, a clear case does not provide much protection from drops.
Alex Wilson-Razzell
Maybe they should have just created an interesting flagship with a headphone jack, IR remote, expandable storage and removable battery. All the Nothing Phone has is some fancy LEDs in an iPhone body.
Joby Sam Jacob
Joby Sam Jacob 13 ore fa
Headphone jack? YES! What’s the point of removable batteries when you have power banks that can charge the phone 2 to 3 times?
kumar nujeti
kumar nujeti 3 giorni fa
I have a question first of all mobile looks awesome! Everytime when an Led's ligts glow it will drain the battery right? Is thats a challange right, then how the nothing mobile makers would overcome????
Telugu Superhumans
Telugu Superhumans 6 giorni fa
I think this phone will discourage people to put on a phone case. The chance of breaking phone goes up if they don’t put it. But it looks cool though 😁
sendoh7x 6 giorni fa
@Corktail yeah I know what you mean. The case are not nice to touch and hold
Matas Kart
Matas Kart 6 giorni fa
@Daniel Mondéjar Clear cases are expensive as you need to buy many of them at once- they all go yellow and piss colored after a few months/years from the oils in your hands.
Doge 6 giorni fa
@GHMR one more thing is if the phone is slippery you can consider a case else no point to use case(This nothing phone has solid grip so no point here)
Doge 6 giorni fa
@GHMR this is right even technically its not good for battery since heat gets trapped in case
GHMR 6 giorni fa
@Unknown Egghead I'm not arguing with anyone. I stated my experience. Most of the people I know don't use cases. They're still thought of as something that boomers use. But that's obviously anecdotal.
Rjonn Perez
Rjonn Perez 2 giorni fa
Until now, I'm still using the Oneplus One phone which I acquired thru invite system dated August 2014... Almost 8 years now and it's still working well. Let's see what this Nothing phone has to offer! Can't wait July 12!
ertan babacan
ertan babacan Giorno fa
It looks quite promising from an android user’s perspective however for an iPhone user it doesn’t give much… why would an apple user switch to this? Back LED? Apple can make a case and call it Lightning Case…
Dhiraj 2 giorni fa
It's Android based so don't expect much changes in the system, I think only some extra customization will be there. The back side lighting is awesome, I hope camera and performance is good
dark matter
dark matter 2 giorni fa
Android, as opposed to what?! What other good phone operating system is there, that's still around, aside from iOS?
Atique Melic
Atique Melic 3 giorni fa
this looks the closest to what I call "a futuristic look" when I think about future tech, I think about neons, rgb and stuff
armstrongdarius1 6 giorni fa
Price point , features , and how well it operates is going to be EVERYTHING!!! .. interested though
Vishal Kureel
Vishal Kureel 6 giorni fa
@lilmoris1 only on the s21 and s22 series unlike apple giving 6 years od os updates since iphone 6s
lilmoris1 6 giorni fa
@L. G. Samsung offering 4 years now? Man that's is great, last time I checked you were lucky to even get support after a year. Crapdroid phones are catching up finally
L. G.
L. G. 6 giorni fa
@Ghost 4 years of Android updates, 5 years security updates
Ghost 6 giorni fa
@L. G. Samsung gives 4 years not 5
nokori 20 ore fa
I like this Stil, of simply nothing. And the light with the clean transparent back looks futuristic
Jair Bolivar
Jair Bolivar 3 giorni fa
Wow, this is a cool idea, I will definitely have to think about it before changing to it, but to be honest, I have a Pixel 6, it is still in the case, I have not use much of the Camera cool features, and if I can have something that stands out like that nothing phone hmm definitely something would like to check out in person. Thank you Marques!
uchiha sasoritachi
uchiha sasoritachi 2 giorni fa
I can imagine the case has holes that it will not cover the LED lighting, I can imagine how creative will be this phone in the future in terms of design and personalization.
HASH TECH I هآشم تك
Imagine being marques and having the chance to try every single new piece of tech .. just imagine
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