The Problem with Solar Energy in Africa

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Commenti 9 051
rage4dorder Mese fa
150 million * 592 is a bit more than 8.9 billion $
Erik Snijders
Erik Snijders 2 giorni fa
@Real Engineering Why would that be the minimum though? Couldn't you use a lot of the infrastructure built for a single line for subsequent lines as well?
jpdemer5 2 giorni fa
@Dennis Doherty What of it? There's no continental government - nor is there a continental electric grid. Power only goes to where it can be delivered. Egypt might be able to tap in, but if, say, Nigeria or Kenya want some of the energy, they'll have to invest in a grid to deliver it. (Half of the electricity in Nigeria is generated onsite by users, because the national grid is that crappy.)
J4Zonian 3 giorni fa
@going home Point one out.
Robert Parker
Robert Parker 4 giorni fa
Pcoket Change The US DOD budget is around 800 Bill a year,
Dennis Doherty
Dennis Doherty 4 giorni fa
@jpdemer5 ok,but what of the rest of the continent?
Benjamin Lewis
Why would it need to reach Europe? How much would it cost if it powered Africa?
Tomiwa Brown
Tomiwa Brown 6 ore fa
Slightly strange that this whole video was centered around how the Sahara desert can power Europe and the western world and not... you know... African nations?
Francisco Prado
Francisco Prado 14 ore fa
Just one correction. Chile also has a CSP that works with the same technology as the third plant. It name is Cerro Dominador.
Josh H
Josh H 17 ore fa
"Dessertification" sounds delicious
Yahya EL Ganayni
Why the f Africa will give power to uorab
PJ Guer-Coe
PJ Guer-Coe Giorno fa
it's not necessary to speak so fast.
Dark Mist
Dark Mist Giorno fa
Only if Tesla was alive we would have been fully wireless by now
vidj007 Giorno fa
Someone show this to daddy musk
Jean-Pierre De Vent
They could reserve these plants solely for the purpose of energy storage. Plenty of salts could be melted and stored by day to deliver power during at night when the output of normal solar pv panels falls away. I wonder about that storage of molten salt. It's easy to say "like a thermos bottle" but this is a whole different scale and temperature.
max yu
max yu Giorno fa
Africa has not yet been able to solve its own power problems. If solar panels are so good, why not solve the power shortage in Africa first?
kwai wah ooi
kwai wah ooi 2 giorni fa
Use these power to generate hydrogen and export them global to power hydrogen vehicles
reem asraf
reem asraf 2 giorni fa
"historically impoverished nations" A:false some of this nations were at a pretty good place at the medieval times B: they are impoverished now because Europe conquered and pretty much tapped them from all their resource in the past and when they left they haven't left a centered core as the ruling core
J Coker
J Coker 2 giorni fa
The Irish decided to send a manned expedition to the sun, they were going to sent it at night when it was cooler.
PASCHALIS RAK 2 giorni fa
This is how whole humanity pays the bill because some guys disappear Tesla 's patent about transferring Entergy without wires. Who are these guys?
DesignBam 2 giorni fa
There is a simple solution. Make hydrogen with the electricity and then transport hudrogen to any port you need!
Leconte 2 giorni fa
This is so sad. It goes to show you Europe is all about Europe. No grid plans towards sub-Shara. Africans wake up.
2000000 33
2000000 33 2 giorni fa
We need Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors
Haroon Nezami
Haroon Nezami 3 giorni fa
And America Wasted 2 TRILLION Dollars!! (2000 Billion) and 20 years in Afghanistan just to lose in the end
Carlos Paez
Carlos Paez 3 giorni fa
to produce cheap energy to europe you need: political stability high solar radiation (or other no conventional energies) water capacity to transport that energy that why germany for example invest in Chilean green hydrogen. the driest desert in the world, with the highest solar radiation, just near the coast of the pacific ocean and the biggest reserves in electromobility key materials. chile can eventualy produce 80 times their actual consumption just with solar power, but also have best wind, geothermal, hydropower, etc
Michael Maniscalco
Michael Maniscalco 3 giorni fa
Who is going to clean them? Or dig them out when buried from a sand storm
Monte VanNortwick
Monte VanNortwick 3 giorni fa
You need to convert the solar energy into hydrogen and then transport with pipes and burn where needed to power electrical turbines.
nick auger
nick auger 3 giorni fa
It did not spain already bying energy from morocco and this year crazy gaz prices lead both england and germany to do so or they will have to double prices for consumer
anil pimpale
anil pimpale 3 giorni fa
H2 is future
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 3 giorni fa
How is the electricity to charge the batteries produced? To produce the electricity, don't they burn coal, natural gas, and liquid fuels mostly? Why must the solution include 2 cars in every human's garage? What happened to mass transportation? Wasted all our money on war and pavement to every home? Why does China have 13 bullet trains and we have zero? ZERO?
Graham Oldfield
Graham Oldfield 3 giorni fa
REAL ENGINEERING ????? Numbers matter 1 square meter of a panel is approximately 150 watts so as sunlight is strongest when 90 degrees to the panel ,thats the maximum power 150 watts . Maximum power is in the middle of the day so say you get an average 7 hours of total power ( 7 x 150 = 1,050 Kw ) . So please explain mathematically how you get 5 to 7 Kwh ????? thats 5 - 7 times BULL SH.T . Excess heat actually reduces panel ability to generate power and drastically shortens its life span . Then you have dust or should I say, fine sand particles which will cover the panel and reduce capacity unless removed constantly . Of coarse you have considered that in a high wind the sand acts as a sandblaster on both the top and underside of the panel also reducing effective life a panel can be destroyed in one sand storm .
Robert Parker
Robert Parker 4 giorni fa
Batteries ? You still have to store the energy so it can be used at night and When there is no sun , Your video doesn't go into any deeps of that . What would the cost be ? Were would you need storage? Each Nation? These battery's are no simple car battery's or phone battery's? There are Huge and require certain elements like Li-on and Cobalt , How much other land usage would be required for the Battery's ?
FDS 4 giorni fa
storage on the required level is simply impossible. The best lithium - ion batteries store 0.2 kWh per kilogram. However, a country like Germany uses about 2 billion kWh every day. If you want to buffer the solar generation you would need at the very least 2 billion kWh of storage (2 TWh) which means 10 MILLION TONS of lithium ion batteries!! Other batteries have significantly less energy density. Thus, the whole concept of powering us with the sun is not going to happen, you cannot buffer the energy.
Ben 4 giorni fa
Instead of connecting it to europe where they already have stable energy, they should connect it with other Africans country
lmw lmw
lmw lmw 4 giorni fa
Earth's barren deserts, were once green and they will be green again.....that's just one of the perks with climate change cycles...!!!
Chuck LeeClerk
Chuck LeeClerk 4 giorni fa
Molten salt (thorium) nuclear is the real global solution, solar makes some sense in ~30° latitude and lower. But not those huge industrial plants (sand storms) but in city - either roofs or windows - easy to clean or repair Solar is nice extra but not the cornerstone and wind is total BS. Water is def the best renewable
The Amazing Adventures of Miles
You know, giant copper rods right through the core of the planet would give a good source of heat for spinning turbines. Not quite sure how you'd install them though. but still, would be a good energy source.
Im_Quartz 5 giorni fa
Thank you for this! I am Moroccan and these things are NEVER discussed here, so these vids make me love my country and the big guy ruling! And obviously it educates a lot of people as well, solar energy is so fascinating, and it has that utopian connotation, the next big thing in human history... But it needs a LOT of maintainance and a LOT of valuable resources -water being the most important one-. So we still need lots of time to make it manageable and serviceable to the majority of countries!
Ben 4 giorni fa
It also raises issues of europe taking advantage of African countries, while they already have stable energy while African countries don't and are not even included in these type of plans
John Doh
John Doh 5 giorni fa
Just curious. Instead of this big megastructure that spans N. Africa, and I know you alluded to this, why not just get rid of the complexity of these Moroccan installations and just go straight solar panel? As was mentioned, the cost of solar panels is very cheap now. On top of that you get a bit better power output than even 6 years ago. A 400W panel is typical. Panels with 500W during peak hours are already produced. So, if you toss out most of this and just stick with Morocco and sending power to Spain, where if power isn't consumed or transmitted to say France, then it could be stored in grid storage such as ESS redux flow storage which is environmentally friendly, then even though you only get power coming into Spain, since it could be transmitted out of Spain it would still be beneficial. And now, security is much easier. Partners can ensure this benefits Morocco too so there's local buy in for all this. This sounds much easier and simpler than these systems in use right now in Morocco. Simple and easy typically wins if the cost is low. If panels didn't have a long life I could see this being an issue, but today's panels are so good you can expect them generating for a good 3 - 4 decades and EASILY give ROI. Yes, cabling is an issue, but isn't there some newer cabling technology that boosts efficiency or allows transmission of more power? But since it's only making that short run, relative, seems like it wouldn't be hard to do. Maybe EU companies could move some of their manufacturing out of China and into Spain with power coming out of Morocco, OR manufacture in Morocco. I mean talk about a change in economics. Now goods don't have to make that long journey and it benefits the economies you hope it would, your own.
Ian McGeehan
Ian McGeehan 5 giorni fa
Only a very narrow part of the light spectrum can be turned into energy by photovoltaic panels, and those panels take a lot of coal to manufacture.
112313 5 giorni fa
if china can string together 2000 miles power transmission lines from 12 power stations.....these would be easy.
Guy Pehaim
Guy Pehaim 5 giorni fa
You showed the advantage that DC has over AC with lower line losses. Photoelectric(solar) cells produce DC, not AC so, there is no need for the"expensive" converters and transformers.
numobudo 5 giorni fa
This video focused on what the benefits are to Europe and the Mid East but not the bulk of people who live on the continent. Europe stealing resources from Africa once again.
Kurt Cooper
Kurt Cooper 5 giorni fa
Sounds like government managed tax payers money too me.....lol Anyway we could hire Hunter to Supervise this operation?
Paul Omane
Paul Omane 5 giorni fa
Not to the rest of Africa,but Europe and middle east. Meanwhile, it's on the Africa continent, the land for Africans. You take everything from Africa leaving her with nothing. Don't be selfish. Think about the land owners and extend some to their benefit and use.
Troy Levi
Troy Levi 5 giorni fa
People talk global warming then want to cover a hot desert with a million solar panels. How much heat will be given off by that. You can get free power from any river and do no harm but your not allowed. Free clean power
Vardek Petrovic
Vardek Petrovic 5 giorni fa
Due to the low lifespan (especially in deserts) and the disastrous effect on the environment the manufacture of solar cells has today, it is in the short term better to bet on nuclear power.
tanga biang
tanga biang 6 giorni fa
A better idea or suggestion, instead: the Sahara desert should become the world plant, and a green one, which will give way to building world major industrial cities (green ones) and universities on the spot. Europe might stop or reduce its industrial capacity and transfer it to the Sahara and Mediterranean region. So Africa has got a competitive advantage for next or future industrialization processes. Can it be built not at the level of the ground, but very high,1 or 2 kilometers higher? To capture more heat and create shade under the facilities where you can grow little forests in the desert?
Omni Zen
Omni Zen 6 giorni fa
Not a physicist or engineer, but I find it hard to imagine that 500-degree Celsius heat can be efficiently turned into harnessable steam. Steam is very powerful at temperatures barely exceeding the boiling point, as in old time locomotives. The turbines must be massive or else turn at super high speeds to use 500-degree Celsius steam, either way requiring highly specialized alloy bearings and intense lubrication. If the electric output is also massive, the receiving conductors carrying the current must be super-hot and prone to breakdown. It seems to me the whole concentrator concept would work better at lower temperatures, requiring fewer controlling algorithms, and requiring less maintenance. Why not build smaller fields with more focal points? Also surprised that there is no mention of sand storms. Surely there must be occasional high winds in the desert, which would pulverize and pit the surfaces of the glass mirrors, destroying their reflectivity, and requiring replacement vs simple "cleaning." Bulldozers would be routinely required to move the drifts of sand before the whole installation were to get buried.
Bryan N.
Bryan N. 6 giorni fa
With that much money why not give every house it's own solar power???????
HappyDays123 6 giorni fa
FYI - Sahara actually means 'Desert' so to say the Sahara Desert is like saying 'Desert Desert; It is Europe so please use EURO not USD - thanks
Solo Renegade
Solo Renegade 6 giorni fa
SMR nuclear is just so much easier and simpler.
John Hamilton
John Hamilton 6 giorni fa
Every one of those panels will fail every 8 to 15 years. You will NEVER break even.
Jake Purches
Jake Purches 6 giorni fa
If they can transport gas from Russia to the UK I am sure they can do it with cables especially megavolt DC lines.
Jake Purches
Jake Purches 6 giorni fa
8.9 billion dollars - easy for Jeff Bazos
Jiyukan 6 giorni fa
At minute 3:00 - you say the interconnect will cost 8.9 billion dollars. Just as if that was a lot of money. It is not. It is peanuts. Care to look up how much a new JFK carrier costs? Oh ... and that is without any equipment or fighters. No idea why you want to make a movie attempting to point out the "impossible" while we are working on building it. Perhaps you should try to convert your money numbers into typical things, e.g. 150 million dollars is roughly 120 million Euros, that is roughly 250 Lamborghini cars - oops. Peanuts.
Jiyukan 6 giorni fa
at 0:30, you forgot to add: "over the course of a year" - and even then I doubt the factor of three, not even a factor of two is plausible.
Rosemary Howe
Rosemary Howe 6 giorni fa
Why are you not discussing undergrounding HV lines across Europe?
vondahe 6 giorni fa
Three things: Imagine how the Russians and China would want to be able to destroy such pipelines as a strategic capability. The region’s religious maniacs would likely not be able to ruin enough to cause a real problem for Europe. There is zero need to draw cables to countries on the Arabian peninsula which has the same capabilities and wouldn’t want to depend on others to supply what they can already produce. Problem solved - you’re welcome. Israel wouldn’t want to depend on energy delivery from the Muslim countries and they wouldn’t want to deliver it to their arch enemy. That region would definitely not be a good route for anything that can be broken, anyway.
Cornelius van der Westhuizen
More sun does not equal more energy when it comes to solar panels , and make them less efficient in extreme temperatures. The obvious also missed, what do you do at night?
Keith 6 giorni fa
make everything white or reflective how many roofs tops or roads r black just absorbing the heat think about it
Keith 6 giorni fa
in reality u would take floating solar panels in human made reservoirs not only does they make power but the water makes them more effective
Aksel 6 giorni fa
Why are you telling people to go and waste their money on Brilliant! they are tons of resources online to learn computer science for free, stop misleading people for your own profit
Aksel 6 giorni fa
did you just compare Algeria to Morocco, dude come on, Morocco is waaaaaaaay better than algeria
Leul Georgis
Leul Georgis 6 giorni fa
If i was to offer advice, I would urge these countries not to connect with Europe. The countries who supply key commodities from Africa have not done well to say the least. They will destroy your country and Rob u blind. It's better to trade with African countries instead
Dennis Harrison
Dennis Harrison 6 giorni fa
Let's Go Brandon
Elhanafy Monir
Elhanafy Monir 6 giorni fa
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orchoose 6 giorni fa
in 50 years Africa will need all the energy it can get and transporting energy into europe will be minimal. There is no problem with solar in africa the problem is the unnecessery and wastefull transport to Europe , classic clickbait.
Carl-Henrik Kristoffersen
10:18 Did he just say "...storage for voto-pholtaics" ?
Ak El
Ak El 6 giorni fa
IF your job is to teach and educate us how come you completely ignore the unfolding bull market in URANIUM and URANIUM MINING STOCKS?????? the fundamentals are great the risk to reward is fantastic NUCLEAR POWER is the only thing that can supply baseload power with zero emissions - so you are missing out here big time!!! and so is your audience!!!
Hansjörg Kunde
Hansjörg Kunde 6 giorni fa
You could transform the electric energy into Hydrogen....and do a pipeline to Europe...
Pavel Lupu
Pavel Lupu 6 giorni fa
Solution is simple: moving all major cities in the desert and let the forests to recover their original places in the temperate zone.
Lost Gleam Media
Lost Gleam Media 7 giorni fa
Solar power investment should be in Hot places first, for those countries. Yes houses covered in Germany. But to offset the development of Africa, these are the places that need the investment to save the whole planet. Western resources need to be used everyehere to save this planet.
Lost Gleam Media
Lost Gleam Media 6 giorni fa
@single life form? yes we need to solve those problems too.. but right now climate change is the most pressing.
single life form?
single life form? 6 giorni fa
Save the planet? Who placed this idea in your head that you are greater than nature? What are going to do when one of those super volcanoes wake up? How about one of the 100k asteroids out there that can destroy this planet?
David Jackowski
David Jackowski 7 giorni fa
1:48 BTC has solved the trapped energy issue
Watchman 7 giorni fa
5:56 That looks awfully like the nuclear missile launch silos CNN accuses China possess.
Ben There
Ben There 7 giorni fa
Gen IV nuclear reactors would be so much easier.
MrGollum27 7 giorni fa
Something Jeff Bezos could fund by himself
John Duff-Tytler
John Duff-Tytler 7 giorni fa
The Voice is Soooo clear .Please keep it going …..
Maia 7 giorni fa
what about the rest of Africa.. Hasent Europe taken enough of Africa's resources?
single life form?
single life form? 6 giorni fa
Europe? The fact that the holy scriptures even made it to Southern Africa is a miracle itself. The white man got stuck in south Africa because he couldn't outmatch the wickedness of the original enslavers. Africa's only curse, is that the holy scriptures weren't translated in Arabic fast enough. A psychopath slavemaster took that chance to write a curse of conquest and enslavement. That's the truth behind Islam, a racist politics that expanded empires on the back of slavery. look up, boko haram black widow and you'll see why I call it a curse, and the biggest challenge this would face.
andrew fox
andrew fox 7 giorni fa
The problem I have with this kind of thing and solar power is that the sun is supposed to strike the surface of the earth to warm our environment if you are going to put solar panels where the sun should strike on the planets surface you are surely going to cool the planet down the same principle as more ice on the North and South pole reflects the sunlight a solar panel will absorb heat and solar radiation and so on it is going to be an accident waiting to happen
single life form?
single life form? 6 giorni fa
A thinker, you're rare. Hello there traveler. How do you think we made it this far? We played our role as another form of energy and tried our luck and evolved with it. The lesson being taught is that things change and must adapt to that change because that is the rules set on us from tiniest things to the enormous things. Don't let go of that curiosity, creativity is a beautiful thing. Sometimes I wonder what is the universe running away from that it must expand continously, what error is it trying to hide from us?
djkazaz 7 giorni fa
This is all dependent on completely theoretical economics. If you consider the economic impact of climate change, the amounts involved and operating expense may not be nearly as expensive as they seem here.
Mac Mcleod
Mac Mcleod 7 giorni fa
The political risks of putting power generation outside of your own National borders is enormous. I wouldn't rely for more than 10% of power from outside unless I was such a weak country that it didn't matter anyway.
Brandon Wilson
Brandon Wilson 7 giorni fa
The batteries needed to store used for energy, raw materials to create new photovoltaic cells, and what to do with the waste product after the solar panels life expectancy has passed are all great environmental concerns that I guess we're just going to pass on to the next Generation? It seems like the progress that we're making today is falling into the same pitfalls that the wonderful brand-spanking-new energy source of oil did a century ago. I'm not in any way advocating against solar, what I am saying accept the reality is the answer. There must be more than just wind and solar. Thorium and liquid sodium reactors, Hydro where appropriate, geothermal where appropriate, carbon capture advancements and tax incentives to install in every current plant. Pluralism, not monocultures. Diversity is our strength.
Shepherd 20:28
Shepherd 20:28 7 giorni fa
Why Euro-centric? Why not simultaneously advance the regions’ subterranean resources while transfer stations grid eastward toward Egypt and then transmit - along with the additional resource of NG and oil along the same transmission route? Population centers exist in all of the countries of NA.
Kox Sharbuza
Kox Sharbuza 7 giorni fa
I still wonder : why bother? Nuclear!
Lord Chamberlain
Lord Chamberlain 7 giorni fa
The easiest way to increase viability of large, renewable energy infrastructure projects is to reduce energy consumption. If less energy is needed, less needs to be generated, as any five-year-old could tell us. I can barely suspend my disbelief as to why this is never, EVER, mentioned. Perhaps because reduction has been framed in terms of austerity for the sake of energy giants' profitability, rather than an absurdly simple endeavor that combines low social impact with high rate of success. That wouldn't do to say, I suppose.
Solo Renegade
Solo Renegade 6 giorni fa
This is what I teach people. First reduce consumption, then you wont need as big a solar system for your home. Same for the grid. Better yet, SMR nuclear.
Adrenaline Sloth
Adrenaline Sloth 7 giorni fa
African countries should be using their electricity and heat to manufacture or recycle products for Europe. Sending electricity seems silly, sending high value products makes a lot more sense.
Youcef moulla
Youcef moulla 7 giorni fa
Fun fact : Sahara mean desert in Arabic
molly cruz
molly cruz 7 giorni fa
How about batteries being the mobile element?| A fixed transport cycle could be established.....
CSP is way too complicated to be profitable in the long term, you're better off with solid state PV systems.
Pete Cannon
Pete Cannon 7 giorni fa
Local. Local.
Aldwyn Robinson
Aldwyn Robinson 7 giorni fa
How does Africa benefit from this and not Europe? This has the feeling of your next door neighbor coming to your house and stealing your cable.
Z-MAN 7 giorni fa
North African war lords like this...
Balding Grey
Balding Grey 7 giorni fa
I sometimes play a game in my head where I try to guess where exactly the transition to the sponsored segment starts. It's usually at some point when the narration starts rattling on about knowledge in general. I miss the time before sponsors where so deeply integrated into the video itself.
Palash Verma
Palash Verma 5 giorni fa
Thanks for the idea, I'll try this too!
Michael Law
Michael Law 8 giorni fa
Computer jocks and carbon dioxide alarmists over the bit player to the post little ice age temperature rise because of human added CO2. Firstly, get the Physics right and then take a long drive in a 1968 gasoline-guzzling muscle car and still be a conservationist compared to the elites tooling into COP 26 to heat the air with BS on climate change with drama and hysteria. Our know-nothing pampered elite leaders with private jets or government-provided jets to talk about how they can make life much for costly and brutal for the planet going broke with materials intense low energy unreliable energy in solar dilute form. Much better to fund energy research giving the physicists that new futuristic energy research pie. The greenhouse effect, a summary of the article by Happer and Van Wijngaarden By Andy May Figure 1. The calculated outgoing radiation flux spectrum from the Earth, with a temperature of 288.7K. The red, green and black curves represent the radiation emitted as modified by CO2 (in various concentrations) and H2O, O3, CH4, and N2O, the main GHGs, at their current concentrations. The blue curve is the flux without GHGs in the atmosphere. The black curve represents the flow at 400 ppm CO2, current concentration. Green has no CO2 at all and red has doubled CO2 (800 ppm). The x-axis is the frequency in wavenumber units and the flux is in (mW cm) / m2. The additional forcing caused by the doubling of CO2 is the integrated area of ​​the distance between the black line and the red line, major differences are highlighted in yellow. The rest of the figure is explained in the text. The data used is from HITRAN and the figure is very similar to Figure 4 of (Wijngaarden & Happer, 2020). clintel.org/the-greenhouse-effect-summary-of-the-happer-and-van-wijngaarden-paper/
Rifki Drsmn
Rifki Drsmn 8 giorni fa
If theres is no nation, just world, we can use sahara for electricity. and people can live wherever we can
AK 8 giorni fa
But solar plants generate DC current. If DC is the preferable way to transmit power over long distances, why convert it to AC in the first place?
kiwifelo 8 giorni fa
How much energy is required to manufacture a solar panel? I keep seeing conflicting information, some stating that the energy required to buy a solar panel is more than the energy created over its lifetime. The end result is consumers purchase clean energy created by dirty energy - still the same amount of dirty energy being used, no improvement to CO2 & climate change.
My Pet Crow
My Pet Crow 8 giorni fa
More pie in the sky. The panels have a very short life and have to be replaced constantly. There will still be the need for large amounts of fossil fuel. The amount of pollution and heat generated by the industrial manufacturing of all the components needed will be disastrous, not to mention the FACT that we are running out of many of the resources needed to simply produce all these components.
David Buderim
David Buderim 8 giorni fa
Rolls royce are developing a 470MW small nuclear reactor. A smallish building producing more power than the four Noor plants combined.
Chad Merkley
Chad Merkley 8 giorni fa
How much do wars cost? Let's put billions into this instead of the war machine.
FreedomWarrior 8 giorni fa
A Tesla tower would erase the problem of distributing electricity that that's 1 less problem.
Adil Hakam
Adil Hakam 8 giorni fa
Who are you talking about, the impoverished states are Europe check your history of North Africa never poor some times looted by Europe but never poor
Marcus Lang
Marcus Lang 8 giorni fa
I do not think the criticism of "exploiting" north africa with such projects is a fair claim. This could have been a win-win project (and maybe it will, in the future). But of course, similar projects funded by local countries themselves will get better acceptance.
Danny WLM
Danny WLM 8 giorni fa
Or we could just use coal ,gas and oil and not believe the global warming crap
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