“The Prodigy" on an Acoustic Guitar - Luca Stricagnoli

Luca Stricagnoli
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“The Prodigy” was shot in Dornstadt, Germany, at the DUSS container depot. It wasn’t easy to record the whole video without any cut because the temperature was really cold. Furthermore, the location is a working area where 41 tons container are constantly moved, and for safety reasons we had to use the rare moments where no containers were being carried over our heads. The track includes three pieces by the English band “The Prodigy”: Invades Must Die, Omen, Voodoo People (credits below).
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Meg Pfeiffer: facebook.com/megpfeiffer
Joe Ehrhardt / a2k-media & music
Proton Studio protonstudio.de/
Davide Serracini (Serracini Guitars): www.serracini.it
Juergen Karl - DUSS GmbH
Beate Schneider - Deutsche Bahn Public Relations
Patrick Schmitz - Manager Terminal Ulm
Richard Gulde - Stellv. Leiter Terminal Ulm
Invaders Must Die
Composer: Liam Howlett, Nick Halkes
BMG Consortium Music Publishing Germany Edition
Incentive Music Ltd
Bucks Music Group Ltd
Platz Musikverlage GmbH
Composer: Liam Howlett, Tim Hutton, Keith Palmer
BMG VM Music Limited
BMG Consortium Music Publishing Germany Edition
Just Isnt Music Limited
Rueckband Musikverlag Mark Chung EK
Perfect Songs Ltd
BMG Rights Management (UK) Limited
BMG Rights Management GmbH
Voodoo People
Composer: Liam Howlett, Gylan Kain
EMI Virgin Music Ltd
BMG Consortium Music Publishing Germany Edition


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Commenti 5 540
Confused bat
Confused bat 2 ore fa
Can you post more?
James Wright
James Wright 3 ore fa
Keith would've smiled.
nikey nive
nikey nive Giorno fa
Sounds wonder
Chach Cadi
Chach Cadi 2 giorni fa
Stephen Lee
Stephen Lee 2 giorni fa
Dude your the greatest man I love all of your songs and abilities, who cares what anyone else says I love ya bro
Alex Goroff
Alex Goroff 3 giorni fa
Это вообще законно??? 😳
M W 4 giorni fa
Totally bad ass job. Playing two guitars at once was the over the top moment on this song. And not slapping the guitar head off the cargo containers definitely took some skill.
ExodusPaddy 4 giorni fa
You see Frank Sabotka around those shipping containers?
Nathan D
Nathan D 4 giorni fa
is this in drop d?
Anton Pavlov
Anton Pavlov 4 giorni fa
Крутяк, красава
толік леонід
могет мужик)
Parallel 56
Parallel 56 5 giorni fa
Выше читал что тут материться нельзя. Но это... О
Lester Suggs
Lester Suggs 5 giorni fa
I can't get over the fingernails on this vampire.
Nefy 5 giorni fa
Lmao, this is insanely good.
Karen Susan
Karen Susan 5 giorni fa
So talented and Amazing!
Tim Filippov
Tim Filippov 5 giorni fa
Impressive as...
Миха Баляевский
Жаль два раза лайк не ставиться 👍👏👏👏
Angry Ted
Angry Ted 5 giorni fa
WHAT IS IN THE CRATES?!?! Casually comes across extra instruments....
Josh Clinton
Josh Clinton 5 giorni fa
Luca Srticagnoli I paied for your tabs, can I get them now? I am already waiting 3 days
Ruben Rabaçal
Ruben Rabaçal 5 giorni fa
the fuck is this??? super human
Alehandro Wan Der Yar
Это круто, я танцую!)
John Hakobian
John Hakobian 6 giorni fa
Mas mas mas!
hoborock007 6 giorni fa
...pretty good
James Dyer
James Dyer 6 giorni fa
Enjoyed the video but I was scared he was going to hit the sea container with that 8,000 guitar yikes
ВД-44 6 giorni fa
Чё за тип... 🤘👍
Jeff Dyashuk
Jeff Dyashuk 6 giorni fa
Hope he didn’t fall off the ship with containers cause it was some long walk
Bernie Duane
Bernie Duane 7 giorni fa
Go you good thing👍👍👍
Al Garcia
Al Garcia 7 giorni fa
About the only thing I can play is the MP3 player. I will never aspire to anything more now that I seen this guy play.
yosi1653 7 giorni fa
74R45 7 giorni fa
Yeah, he did do a really great performance on some wonderful Prodigy tracks, but the most amazing thing to me is that he did that all in one go. Just how?
Ci Jay
Ci Jay 7 giorni fa
Это лучшее что я видел когда либо
Robocop mobydick
Robocop mobydick 7 giorni fa
Alex Pisarevsky
Alex Pisarevsky 8 giorni fa
!!!! лайк!!! )))
Arindam Das
Arindam Das 8 giorni fa
fenrar36 9 giorni fa
[Achievement Unlocked]: Rock the Casbah. System: Four new songs have been added to your Inventory.
prasad sanjeewa
prasad sanjeewa 9 giorni fa
Hugo Vasconcelos
Hugo Vasconcelos 9 giorni fa
Павел Лемешкин
Андрей Бабич
God guitar
Irfayas Seyf
Irfayas Seyf 10 giorni fa
Absolute genius
der superfetch
der superfetch 10 giorni fa
Questo e infernale bene !
Sabath Franklin
Sabath Franklin 10 giorni fa
Never thought I'd see a man make an acoustic guitar sound more metal than an electric one.
Aleksander Dolgy
Aleksander Dolgy 10 giorni fa
wow! awesome
Goutham Veerabathula
This is just great!! I so wanna hear you play Rolling in the Deep by Adele. Just a request :D
G Angelov
G Angelov 11 giorni fa
Delightful and impressive
Sergey Zelenkov
Sergey Zelenkov 11 giorni fa
Это восхитительно! :) Спасибо, Лука. Thank you, Luca, for this wonderful music.
Critstix Darkspear
Critstix Darkspear 11 giorni fa
Fkn outstanding.
Руслан Ангел
Задрочил, браво!
Raffaele Seiello
Raffaele Seiello 12 giorni fa
i was wondering how 2057 people "dislike" this video?
Brian Piccolo
Brian Piccolo 12 giorni fa
that was dope af
Sergio Lopes
Sergio Lopes 12 giorni fa
I just can say: W O W ! ! !
Twimscroll Twinscroll
Да ясен-красен, с таким-то уровнем... Молодец! Ben fatto! saluti dalla Russia!
tom bradey
tom bradey 13 giorni fa
My wife is a really incredible guitarist and can memorize pieces on the instrument very quickly... So once, when we were teens, I had had a particularly bad day and couldn't sleep that night. So, knowing how much I love classical music, she learned this piece and sat next to my bed playing it all night until I fell asleep. I can't listen to it without getting a little teary-eyed now.
mike welkings
mike welkings Giorno fa
imagine being so delusional you think electronic music is classical lol
mike welkings
mike welkings Giorno fa
lmao is this tom bradey guy still going???? i swear every post he makes gets more and more delusional 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
tom bradey
tom bradey 3 giorni fa
@mike welkings keep your mouth closed when grown people are talking thank you very much
tom bradey
tom bradey 3 giorni fa
@LongNBui tldr but yeah deny the truth all you want you will never take away this magic moment my wife and i had
LongNBui 3 giorni fa
There's no way to reason with you thick skull, isn't there? I've told you time and time again that the answer to why your whole story is made up is in the video description. You know what? Fine. I'll leave. I've got nothing to gain from this. In the end, it'll be you who loses. Your desperate attention grabbing attitude will be your downfall. Your false stories will be unraveled one by one. Those who trusted you will find that they can no longer trust a liar, a deceiver, a pathetic man. A man who has to resort to going on videos and making up sob stories so that his empty shell of a soul can feel something. A man who has to beg for attention, beg recognition, beg for importance so that he feels as if his life is worth something. I doubt you have a wife. If you do, she doesn't deserve you. She doesn't deserve a liar. She doesn't deserve a deceiver. You know what she deserves? She deserves a man. You are but a facade of a man, a mere image of a person. A ghost, a shadow, a pathetic being. The only way you can make yourself feel alive and human is through deception. When your stories crumble, the world will forever forget you. Your friends will leave you. Your mother and father won't remember they had a son. At least, a worthwhile one. One worth the pain of labor and childbirth and care and love. You will suffer two deaths. The first death will be the most painful, as it is where everyone you know forgets about you. It is a death of the soul, the death of your existence. The world will forget you ever existed by then, and you might as well be actually dead. So go on. Keep on making up your stories about classical music and whatnot. Keep on commenting on videos about you and your wife and your lovely marriage. It's the only way you'll retain at least a little bit of an effect on this world. And when your time is up, I'll be there. I'll be in the back of your mind. The one who warned you of your mistakes and was giving you a chance to step back and recant your story. You have chosen the wrong path. Now you must walk it. Goodbye.
Stanley Muselepete
Stanley Muselepete 13 giorni fa
Role model.
JW 13 giorni fa
You sir are a fire starter
Ruple Thaker
Ruple Thaker 14 giorni fa
Sublime. Classic 1.
Viv 14 giorni fa
HOLY SHIT !!!!!! that was insane !!!
Wael Ali
Wael Ali 14 giorni fa
Brilliant mind that made clip idea
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