The Queen visits the Duchess of Cambridge’s garden at the Chelsea Flower Show

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The Queen has visited the Chelsea Flower Show to see the garden designed by the Duchess of Cambridge.
Wearing a light green coat, the monarch inspected other gardens at the flower show before heading towards the one created by Kate.
Report by Matt Blair.
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20 mag 2019




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Commenti 1 358
luis betancourt
luis betancourt 11 ore fa
menos mal no habia matas de marihuana o la abuela se las lleva a casa
Ginger Menjivar
Ginger Menjivar 12 ore fa
She is a killer. She had Princess Diana killed
Giorno fa
Che bello, sembra una semplice nonna che rende onore al lavoro della nipote. Solo che questa nonna è the QUEEN.
zain rajput
zain rajput 3 giorni fa
#i am from india#queen rocks
Labis & Laafyo
Labis & Laafyo 10 giorni fa
She’s old and still walks
Annod Anagram
Annod Anagram 13 giorni fa
4:02 notice the dragon at the top, the other animals appear to be running from it. Truth in plain sight. That must be Kate's...The Queen must have been most pleased with that display!
Sami Cuthbert
Sami Cuthbert 14 giorni fa
I love the laura ashley 70's style dress.
Alice Copsey
Alice Copsey 18 giorni fa
Kate middleton is wearing hair extensions
Aleena Khan
Aleena Khan 19 giorni fa
Are you guys postponed PAKISTAN visit?
Paul Clynch
Paul Clynch 22 giorni fa
My wife was talking on the train to another lady about our Queen. She said she was a workaholic ! Yes she said and we'd all die for her. She made a promise to her father and to the nation, always to do her duty for God.
Doan Ngo
Doan Ngo 29 giorni fa
shreya dubey
shreya dubey Mese fa
Queen looks like my great grandmother
Red Pill
Red Pill Mese fa
Kate is a class act. Megan cannot and will not relate.
Ezekielezra Transcendent
Ezekielezra Transcendent
ملکه از مردم معمولی بیشتر عمر از الله میتونه بگیره
Ezekielezra Transcendent
کلسیم پلیز
Haritha Telugu
🍃💕Queen looks Gorgeous..Beautiful and cute Garden..God Bless Royal Family Forever..🌻🍃💞🌷💕☘🌲🌳🍀🌺🌴🌻
Maria C
Maria C Mese fa
Queste non sono niente,non hanno nemmeno un po' di sangue blu e diventano delle future regine,abbasso la monarchia!
Tim Chen
Tim Chen Mese fa
Wow HM Queen at her age still dutifully serving her country ! Huge Respect!
wang mary
wang mary Mese fa
May God bless those responsible for their families, their job and their country!
Patricia Burns
How come the conversations are for the most part muted?
Joshua X
Joshua X Mese fa
I ment Kate over does it, not ordinary
Guto Mese fa
Остра Гремада
Wonderful Kate.Dominated by her abilities.
Ednai Marques
A lucidez da rainha e de tirar o chapéu, parabéns.
dimon dimon
dimon dimon Mese fa
Стоит молодой человек у машины, когда Королёва выходит из неё. И руку не подал, не поддержал. Или так надо по этикету?!
Aizada Abildayeva
Ginger Mx
Ginger Mx 2 mesi fa
Very classy ppl, very rare nowadays. God bless the Queen
Deborah Rose
Deborah Rose 2 mesi fa
Why did not Kate help families whilst children were being snatched through forced adoption. she just keeps smiling. well such people should be brought to justice - God certainly will repay the wicked.
Gary Vahl
Gary Vahl 2 mesi fa
Kate is class
binod bhatta
binod bhatta 2 mesi fa
Garden kinda bushes
Елена Соболева
Дааа, ходит она уже еле-еле!!! Молодец, что вообще ходит!
Ashu Pataudi
Ashu Pataudi 2 mesi fa
Love Everyone 🌷
Sherri Moyer
Sherri Moyer 2 mesi fa
Kaung Thu
Kaung Thu 2 mesi fa
I wonder what’s in her purse 👛 lol
Gino Genaro
Gino Genaro 2 mesi fa
Antrax in the flowers please for the mrs windsor......2019 now.
Purple Cow Movement
Queen and her pimpin' coloured outfits 👍❤❤
t k
t k 2 mesi fa
Kate has no hips ......and she is the most boring girl of the class.
Geneva8181 2 mesi fa
Being involved is what keeps the Queen young....she is amazing !
Drew's Adventures
0:25 is that Princess Eugenie to the left ?
Ian Robertson
Ian Robertson 2 mesi fa
@Drew's Adventures your welcome :>)))
Drew's Adventures
@Ian Robertson thank you 😀
Ian Robertson
Ian Robertson 2 mesi fa
Yes it is
Marek Matějec
Marek Matějec 2 mesi fa
Mě se líbí Kate
kyunghee Oh
kyunghee Oh 2 mesi fa
So wonderful! Thank you so much Jesus Christ today again specially! Thank you so much for sharing! God bless! God bless all!
Tome XVIII 2 mesi fa
My honest respect to this amazing Queen ;* ;*
Patti Chambley
Patti Chambley 2 mesi fa
HEr garden is lovely their clothes are so pretty
T. J.
T. J. 2 mesi fa
This was very sweet. I loved seeing Kate talk to her. I felt like everyone wanted the Queen to smile or laugh. Trying to brighten her day or entertain her. It was sweet.
Sordo Roberto
Sordo Roberto 2 mesi fa
First the English
الصقر الجارح
Hans Rülicke
Hans Rülicke 2 mesi fa
... die Mumie, schlürft Kinderblut ... !!! ££ !!
Tracy Dee
Tracy Dee 2 mesi fa
Please read the queen's visit to Kamloops, BC in September, 1964. 10 children from the Residential School went missing. Please google and read that story.
Sokie Ernest
Sokie Ernest 2 mesi fa
Queen look great t!! Duke and Dutchess Cambridge are so wonderful!! future in good your majesty!!! 🥀🌹🌺⚘🌷🌼🌻☘🍀☘
Shairbaz of FARFA
All the strange people have forgotton the protocol for Royals
Haritha Telugu
Haritha Telugu 2 mesi fa
Love you Royal Family😊God bless you all👍Colourful gardening🌹
GABÍ 2 mesi fa
Raya Mohamed
Raya Mohamed 2 mesi fa
Duchess Catherine is absolutely gorgeous i love her so much😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Edson Romeu
Edson Romeu 2 mesi fa
Rainha Elizabeth é a expressão viva da palavra "carisma"! Senhora Maravilhosa! Um Encanto!
Fischmac Johann
Fischmac Johann 2 mesi fa
She only looked at the Flowers... LOL
realmakebelieve 2 mesi fa
There nothing like a lovely English Garden_they just have *that magic* of Mother Nature.
aman gupta
aman gupta 2 mesi fa
Hahaaha slaves of royal family even in 2019...... If thats development, I would rather choose democracy
tc tc
tc tc 2 mesi fa
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