The top 10 best bicycle kicks 2010-2020 

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19 feb 2023




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Goalkeeper bicycle left the chat
@@ethanking6113 Messi Ronaldo and Kane said they liked the goal
its a good bycicle kick considering it was by the goalkeeper but is it really top 10
@Pablo-hf4be Anno fa
I think the goalkeeper bicycle kick deserves a place in this top 10
Agreed 👍
@Xavier-jj6tx 10 mesi fa
@@Aaron7x123abc. hell nah bale’s was the same as Ronaldo but in ucl final so even bale’s was better. Ibra’s was insane there is no way cr7 did a better one then that. It should be 4. CR7 3. Bale 2. Goalkeeper 1. Ibra
​@@Xavier-jj6tx fax
@MethAddict21 10 mesi fa
​@@Aaron7x123abc. cr7 bicycle compared to some of these is dogshit
@patrickgaman283 10 mesi fa
@rd7s839 11 mesi fa
Not gonna lie that free kick in the beginning by rashford was fire 🔥
@blaap8211 Anno fa
my favourite editor back again😊
Even he is my fav editor I discovered him yesterday and already seen most of the edit
@Tueslleyzin Anno fa
@therock1386 Anno fa
@sibelgedik9311 11 mesi fa
| real
@SaulGodman69 11 mesi fa
Here after Garnacho, his goal should definitely be on the list if a updated version coming out
if you read the title you will understand why he is not here
@animated8662 2 mesi fa
If you read his comment you will understand what he is saying
Ah yes, that goal scored in 2023 would go on a list for 2010-2020
@StillMossi Mese fa
@@tomspreadbury2915 read comment properly
@shubh30694 Mese fa
​@@tomspreadbury2915if an updated version😑
@zakikhan568 Anno fa
The goalkeeper one was mad deserves a spot on this
Yes, he was robbed of the Puskas
@jaserinc. 5 mesi fa
​@@Kartoffelgratin_63great goal but giroud goal was definitely harder to pull off and looked better
​@@jaserinc.No noob
@jaserinc. Mese fa
@@joeysalangsang yes it was plus there was a counter attack leading up to it
@@jaserinc. No noob
@MForty1 Anno fa
Underated editor! Your edits are amazing
@iShowGeography 11 mesi fa
Underated with 56K subs? Really?
@HAWKS4238 11 mesi fa
See mine also I have good edits too
@luizdev209 9 mesi fa
​@@iShowGeography yes
@CH25SPORTS 11 mesi fa
The placement on Shaqiri's is perfect👌
@BallerEditz8 11 mesi fa
Zlatan dosen’t do bicycle kicks, bicycle kicks does Zlatan 🦁
@TIGSEPEZZ7885 3 mesi fa
Bruv you stole my comment
@tofoo72 Anno fa
Ibrahimovich's bicycle kick might be one of the best goals I'll ever whitness in my life.
Zlatan's bicycle kick and Messi's "Ankara Messi" goal are some of the best goals in the history of football.
@tofoo72 11 mesi fa
@@gothicmitama0372 couldn't have said it better.
@asciadiferro 11 mesi fa
​@@gothicmitama0372 Maradona's goal Is better than Ankara Messi, but Ibrahimovic bicycle trick Is the best
​@GothicMitama037 Maradona did the same goal but in world cup semi-finals against England not against getafe
@plucker5810 10 mesi fa
@@gothicmitama0372 I mean nobody knows that you probably weren’t around to see goals in 1800s or the mid 1900s😅
@shankaryagnic18 11 mesi fa
Zlatan should try it from 40 metres 👽🔥
@YoloKs 5 mesi fa
In my opinion the goalie masuluke and Wendell lira's bicycle kicks should be up there.
Finally semeone who puts Zlatan Ibrahimovic Bycicle Kick in 1st place, and btw Nice edit.
@snake7893 Anno fa
Auto correct:someone
its not deserved. no goalie
@snake7893 11 mesi fa
@@astafarakerebi6521 true
@ambikagogoi 11 mesi fa
​@@astafarakerebi6521 Yup Gareth Bale deserved the first place
@adnanassaf350 11 mesi fa
​@@astafarakerebi6521what? I would love to see any footballer player of they can hit an overhead with that velocity and giving the defender no hope of clearing it from thay distance, noone can
@blyatiful4719 2 mesi fa
Shaqiri and Mexes Bicycle kick is a more classic and authentic Bicycle kick than the others.
@CR7XMESSI_EditZ 4 giorni fa
As a Ronaldo fan, I can truly said Mexes goal was lit 🔥
"Zlatan didn't score the ball" "The ball scores Zlatan" Edit: Thanks for the 100 Likes:)
What u mean by that?
It's a zlatan meme
The ball scores the ball doesn't make sense bro
@Darkoes Anno fa
​@@riangamingyt8694BRO ITS CUZ ITS A MEME
​@@Darkoes when ppl usually does the Meme it makes Zlatan look high but this comment makes Zlatan look like an idiot 💀
Ibra it's the best❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🤩🔥🔥
@reddevils_cc 11 mesi fa
Zlatan showing levels 🥶
There wasn’t a goalkeeper
@xivert5894 Anno fa
Mandzukic was something diffrent.. He was such a underrated player.
@adnanassaf350 11 mesi fa
He wasnt, he was always putting in good preformances, whether it was juve or bayern munich, he always scores in these big games
@giovanji7883 8 mesi fa
​@@adnanassaf350 that's why he is underrated, but maybe you meant that he wasn't because juve and bayern fans knew his value, if that's what you meant i agree
@InayaMurad 24 giorni fa
fire edit 🔥
@cedric-su3ws 2 mesi fa
Zlatan Ibrahimovic bicycle kick in LA Galaxy deserves a spot in this place.
@aydyeditz Anno fa
W EDIT AGAIN U ARE INSANE keep up the good work lovely videos amazing editing bale Bicycle kick is insane in my opinion so anyway hope u have a great day and bye
где то на Земле жил человек, разочаровавшийся в людях, но увидев этот шортс, в котором гол Бэйла оценен выше, чем Роналду, он увидел маленькую надежду на спасение человечества❤❤
@suakap 12 giorni fa
Me in the corner trying to do a bicycle kick with a balloon
@RexEditz47 Anno fa
Earned a sub great ideas 🔥
@JustMusaTM Anno fa
Hi twin 💜💞
Shaqiri and can is/was underrated so much
@skgoku681 10 mesi fa
Torres and mandzukic's goals were just overhead kicks
They are basically the same thing
@YesNoMaybecvc 2 mesi fa
​@@ninjatdogmapping7633technically no, since with a bicycle kick, your whole body needs to be aerial, while Torres' and Mandzukic's leg are still touching the ground. So, in a way, it's not a bicycle kick. It's like saying a sidevolley = scissor kick
The benteke one was insane
@kiarahxxx 9 mesi fa
On his debut for Liverpool as well
@kiftdmc 4 mesi fa
For me it’s top 3
@Gods_real11 12 giorni fa
@Sandajj 10 mesi fa
bro that free kick was amazing
@AsamoilaFake 6 mesi fa
Lewandovski bicycle is one of the Best ones!
Liverpool 🤝 bicycle kicks Shaqiri & Emre Can & Christian Benteke
@PrankSpuffy Anno fa
Don't forget Peter Crouch 😉
Also liverpool 🤝 conceding bicycle kicks Cr7 bale
@PrankSpuffy Anno fa
@@adelgardien4731 CR7 never scored a bike against us
@@PrankSpuffy yeah sorry I meant Juan mata
@PrankSpuffy Anno fa
@@adelgardien4731 you give some, gotta able to take some eh? lol
Zlatans goal is quite literally the best goal I have ever seen and nobody talks about it anymore
@fc_terek Anno fa
Football it is Beatiful sport🔥🔥
The edit and song is very fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
@osborneogwo7608 11 mesi fa
You just earned a subscribe 🎉❤
That Shaqiri bicycle was Fire🔥
@AnhadDeo 10 mesi fa
goalkeeper left the chat
@lu-ay1 5 mesi fa
Its Masuluke
@drxu3u 9 mesi fa
Zlatan doesn't need a bicycle kick, bicycle kick needs Zlatan
@AORI_OFF 7 mesi fa
Thanks for mentionning Shaqiri 🇨🇭🇨🇭
Shaqhiri is the goat in my heart
@fireflyer_77 11 mesi fa
The best Albanian but plays for Switzerland
@sunner69 11 mesi fa
Torres at the beginning be like: "Should I do a Bicycle kick?, Nah"
@dalizprahy 11 mesi fa
You are right
The moment I started watching this, I thought to myself, if Zlatan’s not No1 something ain’t right! Whilst ALL were brilliant, his was seriously out of this world… justice prevailed!😂..👏👏
@Vxl0city_ 11 mesi fa
Zlatan doesnt play football Football plays Zlatan
@7sevenine 3 mesi fa
Bro your edit's so cool ✊🇺🇿
@IH_Clipz 10 mesi fa
Benteke’s was a rocket 🚀
Moussa Sow left the chat … Moussa Sow come back to chat with 6 biycyle kicks 🔥🔥🔥🔥
@Swaggy315 10 mesi fa
As a Man Utd fan the Rooney bicycle kick was outstanding especially that it was in Manchester Derby
I dont like rooney 😢
@D3dSh0t_05 6 mesi fa
Bicycle kick's Zlatan is one of the best Zlatans I have ever seen.
Cristiano Ronaldo's was the most beautiful I've ever seen he executed the movement perfectly zlatan's bike was the longest but it's not prettier than cristiano's.
@krooziee Anno fa
cry brother cry
🦁s >bale> penalty🐐
@jen8427 Anno fa
It’s not about how pretty it is, it’s about how hard it is
Bale’s goal was better than Cristiano’s
@ItzEndy11 11 mesi fa
Griezmann deserves to be on this list
@Luca-fb6tl 3 mesi fa
Mexes would be 2nd for me. 🙌🔥 Unbelievable beautiful, outside of the box and he's just a defender. Crazy bicycle.
The perfection of Ronaldo's bicycle kick can not be matched❤️🥵
It can
@Leftyy. Anno fa
He should try it from 40 meters
​@@Leftyy. Nobody would do that in a serious match bro
@Leftyy. Anno fa
@@raymolina7914 Have you heard of a guy named Zlatan Ibrahimović?
@@Leftyy. Bro Zlatan's goal was in a friendly game.
@Marks0verhere 2 mesi fa
Zlatans is goated
Jimenez bicycle kick has left the chat
@jackmalen7118 10 mesi fa
Bale over Ronaldo is a crime
@dragontxz5905 2 mesi fa
It really isnt
@Gods_real11 12 giorni fa
Bro be Happy Ronald is in 3rd bc 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 all that was better than Ronaldo
@afckingwizard6628 7 giorni fa
Look at ronaldo's slow a** goal compared to benteke's fast 17 yard goal
@@afckingwizard6628 foreal, Buffon just stood there and watch it go in
@adellrb 7 mesi fa
Zlatan the best legend
@sprnva5307 3 mesi fa
I really love these videos
@carrots6249 7 mesi fa
9 was hella explosive
@J.Dboy_2009 5 mesi fa
That knuckle ball 👌
@adm75 Anno fa
No way you ranked Ronaldo’s above Rooney’s lmao
Lmao no
Exactly ronaldos delivery literally came at like 5 mph unlike Roomeys which was so fast and harder to time
@Tom18251 11 mesi fa
​@@novakdjokovic826 yes but Buffon against ronaldo
@ambikagogoi 11 mesi fa
​@@Tom18251 Yeah a finished buffon
@adnanassaf350 11 mesi fa
​@@Tom18251yeah, a fourty year old buffon....
I love your videos keep up the Contant
@bozo5875 5 mesi fa
No way, Torres’ one wasn’t even a bicycle. I think the goalkeeper one deserves a spot
If u ever played football u would know that ronaldos bycycle kick was PERFECTION.
@Readitboi Anno fa
We know it was perfect. But we can go better than perfect
@kl300s Anno fa
​@@Readitboi Like Zlatan Bycicle kick
@whoflore Anno fa
We know it is overrated af
@adnanassaf350 11 mesi fa
It wasnt, so overrated, so many goals are way bettrr
@Readitboi 11 mesi fa
It's so overrated. Messi's Ankara Messi is 10× better
@ReallyTom Anno fa
Couldn't agree with your pick more 😃
@flawlie8251 Mese fa
Masuluke bro? Hello? The goal keeper? That was insane
@kolizer Anno fa
Ronaldo 2 bro
@78aspectt Anno fa
Ronaldo should be at like 5th or 6th
@@78aspectt why? Just because you hate him?
@whoflore 10 mesi fa
overrated af
@78aspectt 10 mesi fa
@@sehrajsinghgothra no I don't hate ronaldo
@I3O3l 7 mesi fa
@@sehrajsinghgothra its overrated af
Zlatan Doesn't Compare Too 🥶
@nooxar2631 7 mesi fa
Emre can’s bicycle kick is so underrated
Love your videos man but i think Ronnie's bicycle is better than Bale's just my opinion but love your edits man keep it up!
@grnt242 Anno fa
Ronaldo was a better goal but bales one was in the ucl final and secured Madrid the game. I think Ronaldos was a Better goal by far but bales was in the perfect time
@grnt242 Anno fa
@@azmarakjan7542 I personally like bale’s better because he put it perfect top bins
@@grnt242 yeah it was perfect I watched it live on tv
Bale's is better
@emrussell-un4vk 10 mesi fa
Ibra is built different ❤❤🦁🦁
this song haunts me
@wenas2012 Anno fa
Zlatan no busca el balón el balón busca a Zlatan ☠️
@TolgatEdits 5 mesi fa
sow goal underrated
@MohidZ 10 mesi fa
That rashford free kick tho 😮
@sans7236 Anno fa
Ronaldo's one >>> Bale's one
@GGMU_GJW9 Anno fa
bale bicycle kick was harder and it was in a champions league final
@sans7236 Anno fa
@@GGMU_GJW9 it wasn't harder, and then? A goal is beautiful even if it is in a friendly
@GGMU_GJW9 Anno fa
@@sans7236 it was harder , Ronaldo's bicycle kick was perfectly aligned that's why
@GGMU_GJW9 Anno fa
@@sans7236 i know it's still beautiful but it has more importance and value
@sans7236 Anno fa
@مانشستر يونايتد ♥️💛 the f? It was more what? You are just a Ronaldo hater, Marcelo's cross was perfect, while Carvajal's one wasn't that good, also Ronaldo kicked at a high of 2meters or even more
@Stax2616 7 mesi fa
I remember this match when Shaqiri scored a goal against Poland, but we won anyway and were in the quarter-finals
@sereminente 2 mesi fa
And now Garnacho scores one ☝🏼
Griezmann has to be on the list🐐🇫🇷
The freekick at the beginning 😱😱
@Shokehed 10 mesi fa
Ibra was so GOOD
@szczucz8523 10 mesi fa
Mandžukić’s goal is so underrated
nah the goalkeeper has to get at least a mention he is a legend in football 😂
@noahvelez2765 7 mesi fa
Mexes goal is crazy 🔥🔥🔥
Maduluke deserves to be here even though he is a gk
@Nico.YTZ. 9 mesi fa
The freekick in the start is better than all the bicycle kicks at once😂
@KevinNumber710 2 mesi fa
9th one was kinda clean tho
You wanna find out if someone knows ball, just ask him if Ronaldos or Bales bicycle was better. If he says Ronaldo, he does know.
Then he doesn't actually
when bale hit that it look very smooth
@Spekelbozo 8 mesi fa
Maybe cab deserved a bit higher but good list finally someone who put Zlatan at first and bales over Ronaldos
Zlatan doesn't kick the ball, the ball kicks Zlatan
@Haza.1 11 mesi fa
W edit
8th place guy's name:Can Me: He "Can" do a bicycle kick
Philippe Mexes bicycle goal is lit 🔥
the title:top 10 bycicpe kicks the footage:free kick 💀
@Archiv3sofpa1n 2 mesi fa
Now garnacho’s is 2nd best of all time
@Kimmichyeager 9 mesi fa
Goalkeeper and lewangoalski left the chat
@mensityo 5 mesi fa
tittle:top 10 best bicycle kick shows:free kick
@infinyz7131 4 mesi fa
‘’Top 10 bicycle kicks’’ proceeds to show a free kick
Ronaldo should be out of five shaqiri and nexes 🔥
@Gods_real11 12 giorni fa
@andrewfc17 4 mesi fa
I think you should’ve put Oleksy’s bicycle especially because he had 1 leg, Overall great list.