The VERY Best Of Lakers 2019-20 Season

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Best of the West. Best of the Lakers.

Take a trip down memory lane and relive some of the best moments from the Western Conference champion Lakers' 2019-20 season! What's your favorite play?

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26 set 2020




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Commenti 918
Bye Jinx
Bye Jinx 9 mesi fa
Such a perfectly built team... they had elite defense, elite playmaking, good shooting, good spacing, good chemistry, and they were deep. I miss this team so much
IssaWinner44 Giorno fa
@FromUpNorth yeah but we got an idiotic front office
FromUpNorth 2 giorni fa
@kriptorious They’re beating every team till this day with the way the standings are with that roster.
Rico Love
Rico Love 4 mesi fa
they was bad shooting only good offensive and rebounding defensive thats why win championship and lebron was younger they had javale mccge and howard reboundgs machine
kriptorious 4 mesi fa
they could probably beat every team if they still had this exact team
NAB Anno fa
Man I miss the 2019-2020 Laker team. They were like a family and had such great chemistry together. We had so many great players on the team and future hall of famers (Lebron James, AD, Dwight Howard, Javale McGee, Rondo, Cousins, and so many more.) Rather choose the 2020 team vs the current one with Westbrook. This is the best chemistry of all time IMO.
Ty Ty Star Gaming
Ty Ty Star Gaming 18 giorni fa
@George Gomez grandpa Dudley
George Gomez
George Gomez 18 giorni fa
You forgot Jared Dudley 😭
Ty Ty Star Gaming
@Bonzo the best 💛💜
dave umbrella
dave umbrella 2 mesi fa
Javale isn't going to a hof foh 😂
MK Mngmpt
MK Mngmpt 3 mesi fa
Some of them got paid that's why they left tanga
CJ 2 anni fa
Among all the teams that LeBron has been with, this Lakers team has the most chemistry.
Blake Pratt
Blake Pratt Mese fa
@Jetspull kinda like the team now?
Elijah Crozier
Elijah Crozier 4 mesi fa
That 15-17 cavs team had mad chemistry
Napoleon 5 mesi fa
True also the fact that if the role players were off on offense they’ll be able to contribute in many other ways especially on defense. idk why blew this team up but they could’ve had a good team this year if they traded Russ for shooters and I am by no means calling Russ a bad player it’s just no matter what lakers do Russ won’t fit.
Jetspull 7 mesi fa
@COMICS E 2 stars with bunch of roleplayers who actually play good and know their own roles 🥶🥶🥶
COMICS E 10 mesi fa
Yeah, I think because they had really smart players
RenCas Vlog TV
I miss this Laker year man! Full of chemistry..and their defense was so lit..🔥
Paolo Guerrero
Who else went here to relive the 2019-2020 Lakers moments since the 2021-2022 team is doing so bad?
Ivan Quezada
Ivan Quezada 18 giorni fa
Tum S
Tum S 10 mesi fa
@bayo daman laughing with tears
bayo daman
bayo daman 10 mesi fa
Me right now
Zayzay1023 Anno fa
Man I miss this team! No one was able to beat us, I want this team to be back next season
friendsnfolks 11 mesi fa
Agree with you
Legalize Ranch
Legalize Ranch 11 mesi fa
Well, it ain’t happening lol
Steve James
Steve James 2 anni fa
I like how they did the games in order that they played.
DOV 2 anni fa
@Steve James thanks bro!! :)
Nikolas Diallo
This is was such an underrated squad. We were stacked, and playing in sync. Damn I miss this team.
COMICS E 10 mesi fa
Yeah, amazing defense, really smart players with outstanding offense, they really showed to the league that a team can be dominant without a lot 3pt shooting… AD WAS IN THE MVP TALK! A lot of chemistry, really though team to beat. Shame it was only that year 😭
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner 2 anni fa
Lakers can definitely win and should win then a championship. Perfect tribute to kobe.
Kyle Kuzma
Kyle Kuzma Anno fa
I’m back watching highlights lmao
Tyree Powell
Tyree Powell Anno fa
@Jorge Delgado He'll Never Be Forgotten
Tyree Powell
Tyree Powell Anno fa
@Jorge Delgado Man I Miss Kobe Bryant!
Jacob 2 anni fa
@Alextheguy thumbs up ! i love pop and the spurs, best wc rivals
Nick Bozonelos
Nick Bozonelos 2 anni fa
You got your wish my guy👑👑
Hyun 2 anni fa
Look at their bench reaction. They really did enjoy the games.
Kingkd69 2 anni fa
Literally the most fun team to watch. U can’t watch this and think any other team had better highlights
COMICS E 10 mesi fa
IK! They were amazing, a lot of chemistry and… I think they showed us how a team can be dominant without a lot of 3pt shots
ctrlaltcreate 2 anni fa
7:05 “I know they the Lakers but DAMN”😂😂
T.Y. Reese
T.Y. Reese 9 mesi fa
D.Rose was mad af 😂😂
firefly playz
Blueface 2 anni fa
@Carcal *Makes it even better
Michael Bryant
Michael Bryant 2 anni fa
@Carcal bruh 😂😂😂😂😂
GrimKiLLz Gaming
@Rio The Hitman same bro xD
I miss this team so much 😢 hopefully we get back to this one day ❤
TheRealJ Anno fa
Cant believe Pelinka blew this whole team apart within 2 years
K. Angeleno
K. Angeleno 9 mesi fa
I will never forgive him.
kevin vo
kevin vo Anno fa
This was sucha fun season 💯💪🏾
Harry Heart
Harry Heart 2 anni fa
Anyone else noticing the chemistry between Lebron and Caruso? Amazing stuff!
norvinzor 2 anni fa
We really witnessed one of the GOAT Lakers teams ever!
Al f
Al f 2 anni fa
This season has been so much fun. I’m so grateful I witnessed it. LETS FINISH THE JOB LAKER NATION!
Benson Leung
Benson Leung 2 anni fa
I absolutely LOVE how lebron starts walking back to defense even before his teammate takes the shot. Definition of trusting your teammates 💯
Highlights Real
Highlights Real 2 anni fa
What I love about this lakers team is that they’re always having fun
pelejo rayn
pelejo rayn 24 giorni fa
This was a unexpected build team and it fits and worked very well.
Arike Joja
Arike Joja Mese fa
This was such a great team that was built in the 2019 off-season I really miss this team 😭. I wish they just ran it back 😭
WastedBubbles 4 mesi fa
I miss this team 💔
ebrahim shirmohammadi
Watching this after 20 games into the russ trade season boy am I getting nostalgic
Lim Keke
Lim Keke 2 anni fa
Caruso and his team are pretty good 🔥
jondoe1980 2 anni fa
Caruso is a straight up underrated hustler!
Mike Tank Brown ll
I miss hearing crowd reactions...😭
kelly phan
kelly phan 2 anni fa
I like how they did the games in order that they played.
Gab Buenaflor
Gab Buenaflor 2 anni fa
@Mandy Rodgers that's why the lakers called lakeshow
Mandy Rodgers
Mandy Rodgers 2 anni fa
What I love about this lakers team is that they’re always having fun
UKL Savage
UKL Savage 2 anni fa
El tercer cinéfilo
I love Lakers this Is true Showtime !! 💪
Jarrold James Casilagan
The most hyped laker roster.. #LakeShow 🔥🔥💪
FV 8 mesi fa
The chemistry was unmatched with this team 🤌🏽🤧
Paul John
Paul John 2 anni fa
I love the bench players here in lakers especially smith and cook they give energy to the team!
Alex Bedard
Alex Bedard 2 mesi fa
This team was a thrill to watch. The lakeshow !!
aiman 11 mesi fa
Caldwell pope caruso rondo i miss these players so much at lakers
A R 2 anni fa
Such a fun season. I'm glad we got to finish it. Now one more job in the Finals #LakeShow
AVN JNBA Anno fa
I miss this laker team so much i wish they were like this till to this day
Md Ubi
Md Ubi 11 mesi fa
Only been 2 seasons and I already miss this team
Aidin Hariri
Aidin Hariri Anno fa
This lakers team is way better than the current lakers today.
Sid Racho
Sid Racho 4 mesi fa
Miss this team 🥺
ZenithX Mese fa
Looking back on this Lakers roster, we can really say they are stacked. Really underrated roster.
datguy pop
datguy pop 2 anni fa
The Lakers never have an away game. They got fans everywhere💯
Jan Karlo
Jan Karlo Anno fa
How we go from having the biggest front line in LeBron, AD, Javale, Dwight and Kuzma to starting LeBron at the 5 in just 2 seasons boggles me man. I'm sick.
Carcal 2 anni fa
You just can’t hate on lebron game. Winning skillset
Just a kid below eighteen
Ask Jordan fans
Chris Draper
Chris Draper Anno fa
2:53/2:59 Danny Green best dunk ever. I knew that we were champions that year when that happened. #LakersNation #SHOWTIMETHEREMIXBAEBY
Vince Ryan Mangaya-ay
This is greatness... So much effort by the Lakers. Glad that its the finals now. Job not finished.
Ben Omerovic
Ben Omerovic 2 anni fa
I loved this lakers team and it was always a block and lob party every game.
Keepit100 2 anni fa
Idk why but the Dudley pull up 3 at the buzzer against his former nets got me the most hype 😤🤣🤣
Marion Plays Roblox
I loved the 2019-2020 Lakers team. The chemistry was incredible. LeBron at the point was the perfect fit, as he put up 10.2 assists per game. The big men Anthony Davis and Dwight were always there for offensive boards, they were always making amazing defensive plays as well, and were always there to catch a thrown lob. Danny Green amazing 3 and D player. And whether it was KCP or Kuzma they would always score buckets.
Hostility 10 mesi fa
We were so dominant it was unfair. Blowout out the bad teams and clutching up on the good teams. I miss this
Mario Antonio Roque
Damn I miss this laker squad
Cire Adina
Cire Adina Anno fa
Me to bro 2022 lakers has no chemistry and defence
Ramon Alfred Matira
Caruso always filling the lanes well for the others to find him 👌
Bo Mamba
Bo Mamba 2 anni fa
LBJ's Contact and Poster Dunks (Year 17): Bjelika 2:10 Paul 3:11 Bertans 3:32 Dieng 4:30 Hart 12:46 Lopez 14:48 McGee 14:58 Westbrook 17:33, 18:47 Murray 19:19
Genus Tinca
Genus Tinca 2 anni fa
Plus the monster blocks. Just insane what he is still capable of.
Don 2 anni fa
It’s amazing to watch Thanks man
Johnny V
Johnny V 2 anni fa
Damn this makes me miss the fans erupting so much!!!! The Lakers entire organization is laser focused on winning this championship for Kobe. Definantly gonna be fighting back tears when they win it all!!!!!
Xyra Claire Saludares
James-Caruso-Davis- theunbeatable trio
7:26 Absolutely MY Number 1 play IMHO #CaruSHOW with Dwight and Bron channeling their energy in tune with their teammate's highlight dunk!!! 💜🖤💛
Proud iliganon
I miss this roster
Dame 2 anni fa
LeBron Hail Mary passes have been fun all year. One of my top 5 favorite Lakers seasons especially if we're lucky enough to win it all
GamerMode Twenty-Three
i know the lakers was going to the finals when they sign anthony davis and got extra help for this historic run with great teammates this season lakers winning this for kobe and his family to make him and his family proud and also his legacy is within them mamba forever this is a memorable way to honor him to win a championship for him and gigi
EZZ ROK 2 anni fa
Man, use a comma.
DeonRenell Glass
Arohi worde
Arohi worde Anno fa
props to MCGEE had some amazing blocks and dunks
REP96 2 anni fa
I remember watching Laker highlights a dear years ago and the score would always show the Lakers would be losing and would lead to a loss. Now I get to watch these highlights and know that we won the vast majority of our games.
Roberto Fernandez
I miss the crowds reactions and how good the 2020 Lakers played 😌👍🏼
Embiid of Joel
Embiid of Joel 8 mesi fa
They shoulda ran it back with this squad they were fun to watch
Michæl 8 mesi fa
Hope the lakers can have this kind of chemistry again
Meta 3 mesi fa
They never will without caruso and green
Jaydon 0054
Jaydon 0054 2 anni fa
Lebron’s face when he dunked on his hometown team tho
Dimitris Belaoras
The memories hit me🥲
LOWIE NUCUM 2 anni fa
Can't wait to watch this team again on december!
Mudasir Ali
Mudasir Ali 2 anni fa
This isn’t the best of the Lakers 2019-20, this is just a top highlights of Lebron 😂
Dark Knight
Dark Knight 2 anni fa
@DOV that was 🔥 bruh
luckyadstrafer 2 anni fa
And Anthony davis
Captain Sakamoshi
My favorite part of any play this/last year was that VETERAN MOVE from Supa-man at :50. Just a subtle hold....more like a strong slow down of Curry on the Green close out. (Puts all fingertips together, kisses them to the sky)
Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access
7:33 I like how LBJ and Dwight celebrated Caruso's slam in mid air.
델 로사리오Roy
This kind of chemistry of lakers won't back anymore. Miss this lakers team. 2019-2020 season. ☹️
Noobmaster69 11 mesi fa
Glad this team broke so you bandwagons of Lebum can go to sleep
JJsCsn 9 mesi fa
missed everything bout this 2019-2020 LAKERSZ ROSTER everyone contribute from starter to bench to 3rd string..mann! this dude really ballin every single night🥲🔥🔥🔥
Jo Lab
Jo Lab 2 anni fa
Every time they've completed the LOVE pass, acrobatic moves, buzzer beatr etc. One word to described them is HAPPINESS! LEZ GO!! MAMBA MENTALITY IS RIGHT THERE 🔥🏆
Lorenzo Anderson
Lorenzo Anderson 11 mesi fa
Miss this squad fam 💜 💛
shaunmc01 2 anni fa
That first Dallas, New Orleans, Miami and Atlanta Hawks game were my favorites. Plus the Houston series.
rain dares
rain dares Anno fa
wow that really was an epic season.
gino dico
gino dico 7 mesi fa
Never forget this TEAM !!!!
norvinzor 2 anni fa
I wished they played in staples center yesterday, Those shots LBJ were making, the crowd reaction would be similar to Game 7 WCF 2000, That feeling of a 10 year drought and coming back to the nba finals.
Chris Draper
Chris Draper Anno fa
4:11/4:16 that's the A.D we need this year to win another championship. He will have to get finals MVP, especially with giannis doing what he did
Jack 2 anni fa
The hardest part on a Lakers fastbreak is thinking of how you'll gonna lob it to LeBron 😂
Hello Dankness My Old Friend
Wherever LBJ goes, it's always his homecourt.
Chris Ray
Chris Ray Mese fa
Bro look at how lean Lebron and AD were 😭😭. Good times
Nnamdi Achebe
I miss this Lakers
Hashirama Senju
Eric Tan
Eric Tan Anno fa
@Josue Farias yes 😭
Josue Farias
Josue Farias Anno fa
I miss them even more now, we’re so trash now 😢
Ralph susuki
Ralph susuki 3 mesi fa
We all know that we have Shaq and Kobe before. But now, I think it's gonna be LeBron and A.Davis 💪 they are making HISTORY ♥️
Steve James
Steve James 2 anni fa
I like how they show dwight javale and dudley make threes as the best of the lakers.
Steve James
Steve James 2 anni fa
@DOV fire
57prTV the sports geek
The legacy of lakers showtime era, wait.... This is Lakers SHOWTIME V2.0
ᜃ᜔ Mese fa
I do miss this crew♥️
Ty Ty Star Gaming
This was the best roster in Lakers history for the honor of Kobe and Gianna Bryant 💛💜8️⃣
shaunmc01 2 anni fa
They’re the most exciting team in the league hands down..
Black Panth Magic10n
Caruso so freaking underrated
Daloy 2 anni fa
What a great season my boys. Way to be consistent. Lebron my guy. You a legend Forever!!!!
JoKe ToNg
JoKe ToNg 2 anni fa
2:10 LBJ's most violent dunk as a Laker...
Livee Sunflower
Livee Sunflower 2 anni fa
Aww I like Caruso, that dunk at 1:24 was great and got the crowd hype
Javian Johnson
Javian Johnson 9 mesi fa
This team was pretty damn good
J L 2 anni fa
I’ll never forget that Saturday night watching Lebron pass Kobe bean and waking up the next morning to Kobe’s gone. Still can’t believe it
Casey Kohn
Casey Kohn 7 mesi fa
The only team that stayed consistent in or out of a bubble... and this team delt with the tragic loss of one of their own..., RIP Kobe 🐍
Francis Anno fa
we need this Lakers bro 😭😭
PAC 2 anni fa
Lakers are going to win the NBA Championship and that would be a perfect tribute for KB24🙏🙏.
Msingathi Ngwenze
They just did bro, LBJ, AD and those boys did that💛💜
Omar Yaujar
Omar Yaujar 2 anni fa
KB24?? this ain't soccer dude its KOBEEE!!!
Polo Jay
Polo Jay 2 anni fa
Jacob Hillis
Jacob Hillis 2 anni fa
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner 2 anni fa
Yes it would be 🙏🏽
This was a very fun team to watch! Very deep also! They both have defense and offense! I don't understand why the Lakers organization blew this team up?! In my opinion, I think this team is better than Lakers 2009! This team was well balanced!
Jonathan Personified
The clip showing Lebron passing Kobe on the all time scoring list is pretty daunting. Listening to the broadcast and not even knowing that Kobe was gonna die the very next morning makes it so much more sad.
I.am.Chavez 2 anni fa
Legendary season for the lakers 🟣🟡
Mark Kenneth Ferrer
We all gonna miss this hype squad.
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