The Very Best Of The Los Angeles Lakers | 2019-20 Season 🏆

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Damian Aranda
watching this is making me cry with how good we were compared to now
Dennis Hill
Dennis Hill 2 mesi fa
I want this roster back
Schmitke Originals
In this vid WestBRICK gets "baited" into missing a 3 which leads to lakers fastbreak, blocked hard at the rim by LBJ, backcut by Caruso on a Bron no looker... shall I go on? Why did we go get this guy!?!
I0nknownun 6 mesi fa
Yea yall had squad cant cap
Rafi M.
Rafi M. 9 mesi fa
Jared Dudley and Jr. Smith is the key
Connor Miller
I miss this team so much. I never wanted Green, McGee, KCP, Caruso, or Howard to be traded yet “fans” wanted it. This lakers team was one of the greatest teams ever put together in franchise history. Winning it all for Kobe made it the best title in my opinion.
Andrew Carrillo
Danny green and mcgee haven’t been that great since leaving, Howard is out of the league. KCP and Caruso are the only ones missed. Stop it brother
Kenn Sarmiento
Kenn Sarmiento 2 mesi fa
Missin’ this team. Bubble or not, no team is stopping them that year. Their chemistry is amazing. Perfectly balanced team
Bonzo Anno fa
This season of the Lakers was probably the best. Perfect chemistry leads to a great championship!
Bálor Club
Bálor Club 2 anni fa
I'm gonna miss this roster :((
Jesus Trujillo
So perfectly constructed 😔
chilldaonly 1
This roster was golden
Elijah Jirah
Elijah Jirah Anno fa
Me to
Tree Cosmos
Tree Cosmos Anno fa
Real talk💯💪🏾
freshlybaked Anno fa
I miss em too, but our current roster is looking good too :)
LazerC4 2 anni fa
This Lakers 2020 team was fun to watch. They had great chemistry and talent too, one of my fav Lebron 3's was 9:21
poojiith 23
poojiith 23 Anno fa
@shawnkeith2414 😂
A d save LeBron career
rice frog
rice frog 2 anni fa
So glad Dwight got a ring, he deserved it
GiannisFan3030 6 mesi fa
Dwight carried the magic to the finals in 2009 he definitely deserves it
imskyhigh Anno fa
He put in work that year and I could tell that ring means more to him then anybody who has one fr...he was on his way out but redeemed hisself was great on the bench and even better on the floor...looked almost like 2008 Dwight...
Niranjan Kumar
@DuckDuckGlowie he's back :)
EditzCeeg Anno fa
run it back!
John Anno fa
Afi Teye Nathaniel
Lakers playing a game without LeBron James and Anthony Davis , is something bitter for we the fans.
Arbet Benjamin Kwashi
20:47 is probably the best solo play EVER! the block, the transition, the finish. 👑 🐐 things
I miss this team! I miss the team's chemistry in this season. Wish they didn't break up the team after winning the title. :(
Bärtïër 5 mesi fa
The only real fuck up was waiving mcgee
Tanner Coffee
Tanner Coffee 8 mesi fa
I don’t even understand why they did other than cap space and money, but if they really wanted to go back to back, they should’ve had those guys sign a 1 year deal at a minimum. They traded the whole bench…. Just blows my mind.
jnkl mdr
jnkl mdr 2 mesi fa
“I know they’re the Lakers but damn.” 😂
hayooo 2 anni fa
I miss this roster what a great time!! 💜💛
BigDigAbbdog 3 mesi fa
Watching this, making me so happy with the '20 championship. I miss that bench squad and the characters we had on that team! #GoLakers
To me this was the greatest lakers team ever 💯🔥the perfect synchronisation of chemistry talent and determination 🙌🏾
king_has_no_cloths kul
Steven Rigby
Steven Rigby 2 anni fa
The Los Angeles Lakers is the greatest team of all time. Better than Boston
WxmWrld 7 mesi fa
@Jose Garcia still won it a championship is a championship no matter how long ago it was
Ronnie Albino
Luka 77 Magic
@Tanmay Jha itvid.net/video/video-ydOUbQqYb30.html
Jordan. Town
Jordan. Town Anno fa
That true
yh videos
yh videos Anno fa
Boston is the best tean
gggyy710 2 anni fa
Imagine getting Dennis, Harrell and Wesley for Danny Red, Dwight and Cook. Get that man Pelinka in the Hall Of Fame Edit: This aged horribly 🤣
@LEEZUS as a spurs fan, bless yaw😮‍💨
LEEZUS 10 mesi fa
@Huh as a fellow Laker fan, same shit 🤦‍♂️
Huh 10 mesi fa
@LEEZUS i dont wanna talk about it man.. 😭
LEEZUS 10 mesi fa
@Huh This didn’t age well either 💀💀
Jamez 11 mesi fa
it worked out but due to injury they played terrible
Tanner Coffee
Tanner Coffee 8 mesi fa
I still can’t believe they traded Caruso, KCP, Howard, McGee, Morris, rondo, & Danny Green over the last 2 seasons for this. Despite getting Howard back and Rondo back earlier in the 21-22 season… they won a chip with that squad. Like why not try to run it back? They traded a bunch of players and then they try to revolve their terrible bench players around LeBron, AD, & Westbrook. Just blows my mind. 2019-20 Lakers was special, and they did it for Kobe. ❤️ I just hate to see all that time and potential wasted. Lakers forever. 🙌🏻
Cristian Mancin
What an incredible Season😍 This Lakers was amazing💛💜
BENNYtheballerONE YT
Congratulations lakers on winning the championship they deserve it for Kobe
Andrew Atwood
And look at McGee,s long three to beat the clock.
Andrew Atwood
Congrats my favorite team the Lakers!!!!
BENNYtheballerONE YT
@Niko Bellic yeah they deserved it
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic Anno fa
Even if he didn’t die and there was no pandemic, Lakers were still gonna win it💯💯🟡🟣
Boomer72O Anno fa
If you watch LeBron, he let's everybody do thier thing. He really trusted these guys at times.
basit amoo
basit amoo 10 mesi fa
I come here to reminisce, but also to cry sometimes😭. We're so shit we missed the playoffs, but we will be back. We will be champions again.
Sean Mattew Parcon
this team had one of the greatest chemistry
OriginalXzo 2 anni fa
this team was magical! defiantly going down as one of the best laker teams
Marc Mañosa
Marc Mañosa 4 mesi fa
The championship team that broke up too soon. I miss this team!
Samyak H P
Samyak H P Anno fa
8:18 LeBron makes iconic passes. I have never seen someone who passes the ball like him, he does it well, and he does it often.
constance wise
king_has_no_cloths kul
Jayson Salubayba
They have a really great chemistry. Its so sad that their 5 players is not on the team anymore
Jericho Rodelas
Jericho Rodelas 3 mesi fa
This Team tho🔥 I miss 2020 Lakers 💜💛
Jeeboy TV
Jeeboy TV 2 anni fa
This team gonna be back to back CHAMPS! 🏆🏆
LDRঊৣʀ҉ѧ҉ɴ҉Ԁ҉ᴏᴍSM JCR
@Scorpio Injuries
Aden Aldrete
Aden Aldrete Anno fa
That aged well
Tyree Powell
Tyree Powell Anno fa
@LeThickBooty Same Here King
Scorpio Anno fa
Nope Bucks won
Your comment aged like milk. XD
Long420circles 2 anni fa
Respect for Dwight Howard he wasn’t supposed to be on the roster but the Lakers gave him another chance and he showed that he changed 💯
Skor9o 6 mesi fa
People like to diminish this team because of the bubble, but imo they were the best team the WHOLE season. There wasn’t another team in the league that season that could beat the Lakers in a 7 game series, home court advantage or not. Truly a magical season 💜💛24
Andi Junaedi
Andi Junaedi 2 anni fa
oh man, I love this team so much.
CVG5 2 anni fa
This team is up there with the 2001 and 2009 squad as my favorite Laker teams.
N Y 13 ore fa
Its sad we dont talk much about this team, how really good they were. They had everything Offence, Defense, athleticism, deep bench, chemistry, decent shooting, great shotblockers, lenght & sizes.
EJ Miller
EJ Miller Anno fa
So glad Dwights coming back 😀
somesay somesay
That chase down block by Lebron is 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Aykut İcoz
Aykut İcoz 6 mesi fa
18:05 I really love Lebron when he plays like this
Kapatid Na Arlene Burner
5:29 one of the most magic-esque thing bron has done this season such an underrated dish
knight 2 anni fa
that looked so smooth and and satisfying i know bron must felt good about that
Justin Jefferson
I miss this roster ❤️
Samuel Santos Moreira
Uma grande temporada 🥇🏅🎖🏆🏀😄.
Kristin 2 anni fa
I love the 2020 Lakers as much as I love the 2010 Lakers. Gonna miss this team but looking forward to what the 2021 Lakers got in store for us. Also, that DG dunk at 3:31 will always hype me up. Gotta replay that dunk at least 5 times until I can continue on with the video.
Lamarr Lanham
Lamarr Lanham 2 anni fa
We gon miss that rim protection this year Dwight McHoward all day!
8040 2 anni fa
this whole season was a movie, one of the few good things to happen this year..
Giaconi Middel
Giaconi Middel 3 mesi fa
I’ll never forgive management for breaking up this team .
Manuel Salvi
Manuel Salvi 10 mesi fa
I miss this team 😭😭😭
David Sebastian
David Sebastian 2 anni fa
Adding Dennis made them even more dangerous. Lakers repeating💪🏽💛💜
Tom Cat
Tom Cat Anno fa
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson 2 anni fa
@meh he left
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson 2 anni fa
@Max H They left
Kike 2 anni fa
Harrell and wezley mattewd
Mupu Pupu
Mupu Pupu 2 anni fa
kosmique 2 anni fa
thanx lakers for one of the best seasons i have watched. gonna miss all the players who wont be back... really tough after such a joyful yr
Man we should’ve kept this team together minus Jared Dudley. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it..
Jon R.
Jon R. 2 anni fa
Love my Lakers!!
Eclipse 999
Eclipse 999 11 mesi fa
Caruso did not just get good on the bulls he been doin this
Cesar Mangubat Jr.
this lakers team was unstoppable,, number 1 seed on that season
Alshawn Brown
This exact team could've went back to back!
scarletneedle kraken
Happy to have Harrel and Gasol, but damn, we will miss those Athletic plays from Mcgee and Howard
Geraldu 2 anni fa
0:55 last lob we’ll ever see from bron to howard, been a good run Dwight
Geraldu Anno fa
@Daniel G. for that season that is
Daniel G.
Daniel G. Anno fa
No it’s not.
Datu Arif Manulon
Damn, i will miss this team
YB Kronos
YB Kronos Anno fa
After the 2020-2021 Season… Man I miss this Lakers
Tyrell Brown
Tyrell Brown 10 mesi fa
Man I miss this team 😢
Vikrant Tomar
Vikrant Tomar 8 mesi fa
Stephen Anthony
Stephen Anthony 7 mesi fa
Crazy how this roster went like 12 deep. That’s winning basketball right there getting everyone involved. Yes it was on the backs of Bron and AD but everyone else contributed KCP, Caruso, Dwight, Kuzma, Javale, Keef, Rondo, D Green, JR, AB, and even THT
Kaleeb Blake
Kaleeb Blake 2 anni fa
“OHHHHH DANNNY GREEEN THROOW THAT BABY DOWWNN” My favorite quote of this season😂😂😂
Rossana Glasgow
Rossana Glasgow 2 anni fa
Le Bron the best 'decoy' in the game. Bron loves the game and puts HIS ALL on the court
PowerPlay PH
PowerPlay PH 2 anni fa
Got LBJ covered! is he the greatest player of all time? whos agree?
ww Anno fa
you never know how good something is until it's gone
Emil John Tandoc
This was perfectly constructed lakers team
Geralt Awake
Geralt Awake 6 mesi fa
Awesome, I miss this season
N7 Chano
N7 Chano 2 anni fa
The James to Howard combo was by far my fav , love to see those guys who used to go at it in the East play well together .
Sammy the great
Sammy the great 2 anni fa
We goin back to back!! Lakers Nation!!
A C2
A C2 Anno fa
9:11 the way lebron draws the defense...all 5 were in there trynna stop and disrupt bron ....jae crowder was even telling everyone to get closer💀
Daniel Tatum
Daniel Tatum Anno fa
3:57 is so underrated! Javel banking in step back threes
Yogi Valentino Simaremare
I love to see Dwight's energy 😤😤😤
victor Cauã
victor Cauã 2 anni fa
Eu amo a nba meu sonho
MrClebophd 5 mesi fa
I miss this iteration of Lakers' defense. It led to so many fast breaks. Also, AD is so strong, talented, skilled and big. If only he had the longevity, stamina and devotion of LeBron James... I mean, he should compete with Giannis and KD in terms of being the best player in the NBA. Giannis is much less talented and skilled, but he has the drive...
Horace M
Horace M 10 mesi fa
We should never let Caruso go......
Nikko Andrei C. Gepayo
3:40 look at kuzma's reaction.... 😂
Jose 2 anni fa
I'm gonna miss Rondo :(
Pierre Labriel
Pierre Labriel 2 anni fa
5:29 one of the most magic-esque thing bron has done this season such an underrated dish
sojujoje Anno fa
im totally miss this #LakeShow a lot :')
Jorge Salazar
Jorge Salazar 7 mesi fa
This 2019-2020 season means so much to me. So many life events happened from losing a family member to my father suffering a stroke, and Kobe passing. This team winning it all at the end is so special to me.
Francesco Zane
Francesco Zane 2 anni fa
Michael needed Pippen, Gasol's Kobe and Davis' Lebron to win. No champion no matter how strong he can win alone.
What Da Zeitgeist
They should have ran it back with this squad in this rotation with Lebron at PG.
Eric Park
Eric Park Anno fa
i miss this team so much, one of my fav laker squads of all time
Miighty Duck23
Miighty Duck23 2 anni fa
Got chills when AD hit that last shot in game 2 & said KOBE!
Keith Andrew Sese
Yeah! The connection among players is too tight. That made them quite dangerous and fascinating to watch. Truly, a real champion! 💛💜🔥 #Lakeshow
KDA 2 anni fa
Team chemistry
Mr clapz
Mr clapz 11 mesi fa
This team is one of the best teams ever
Ntibashoboye Serein-Khoren
Can we just apraciate how great Lebron is at basketball even out of is prime cause when he will be gone we will all remember how special he was🦍👑
Christian Kalonda
Lebron really got half the league a ring in the last 10 years 😂
I Missed The Joke dummy
@Rito Rudra when you mean goat you mean going on another team rt? 😂
I Missed The Joke dummy
@Rito Rudra lefraud is the tall man with the receding hairline you get on your knees for
Rito Rudra
Rito Rudra Anno fa
@I Missed The Joke dummy I don't know who LeFraud is, I know who LeBron is. He's the GOAT. And you're literally a troll account user, a loser who sucks on his parent's finances and does nothing but spend hours hating on someone while being locked up in their basement. I'm not gonna argue with worms, so I'll take my leave. Grow up, and learn to appreciate others without hate.
I Missed The Joke dummy
@Rito Rudra then who is? Sure as hell ain’t lefraud
Rito Rudra
Rito Rudra Anno fa
@I Missed The Joke dummy you win some, you lose some. And no, Jordan's not the GOAT.
John Vincent Bueza
man... i miss this roster
Darren Doyle
Darren Doyle 7 mesi fa
We dealt with so much losing Kobe, a pandemic
Nino Bless
Nino Bless 2 anni fa
They had so much fun the whole year
Carlos Martir
Carlos Martir 2 anni fa
2020 was awful but thank god for this Lakers' season :D
Long420circles 2 anni fa
Lakers have got to have the best chemistry in the nba I mean if you looks through these clips they all so happy
VIctor Inting
Damn i wish kuzma was like this every game ,i hope his happy with wizards now
Aamir Razak
Aamir Razak 2 anni fa
Happy the lakers won the chip for Kobe, I am excited to see if they can repeat
Elite LakeShow
Elite LakeShow 10 mesi fa
Things I do to have this same roster now
krlm2280 2 mesi fa
19:04 was dope and lbj passed kobe on the scoring list. But hrs tragic would soon come to the franchise 🙏🏿
Tyree Powell
Tyree Powell Anno fa
The Lakers Are The Greatest Team Of All Time In NBA History. 17 NBA Championships Dynasty Lives On!
Vittorio Trivisonno
These Lakers were different, I miss them
Lara Crawford
Lara Crawford 2 anni fa
“OHHHHH DANNNY GREEEN THROOW THAT BABY DOWWNN” My favorite quote of this season😂😂😂
Grizzlysk824 26 giorni fa
Miss this team so much 😪
BasketTape videos
"I know they the Lakers but damn"
Gerald Wilson
AS better than lebron James
No One
No One Anno fa
the timing
ROSCOEMOSS 2 anni fa
Saad Sarwar
Saad Sarwar 2 anni fa
fwcotton 2 anni fa
Deane Karlo Tabasa
I'm gonna miss this team.
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