The Weeknd - Reminder (Official Video)

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Reminder (Official Video)
Taken from the album Starboy
XO Official Store: theweeknd.co/MR001YD
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Directed by Kid Studio
Produced by Vince Tran & Ryan Hahn
Music video by The Weeknd performing Reminder. © 2017 The Weeknd XO, Inc., Manufactured and Marketed by Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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16 feb 2017




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Commenti 100
TJ SN 4 ore fa
You know me.. BAH BAH! You know me..
The Artist
The Artist 5 ore fa
I remind you
Mario Rodriguez
A$AP Rocky (0:55) Drake (1:12) YG (1:27) NAV (1:43) 88 Camino (1:48) Bryson Tiller (1:51) Belly (1:56) Hawk Marley (2:02) La Mar C Taylor (2:03) French Montana (2:16) Cash (2:16) Travis Scott (2:46) Quincy Nanatakyi (2:50) Derek Wise (2:50) Metro Boomin (2:51)
Valeria Ruchka
Fucking hell, I've been searching for this songs for years...
Hollywood Land
Hollywood Land 14 ore fa
Mxnxbx Dkfnbf
Mxnxbx Dkfnbf 15 ore fa
Yang milih allah like 40000 ya
Kerolous Maher
Kerolous Maher 16 ore fa
so many artists in here
Bree's Advice
Bree's Advice 20 ore fa
Came back to this to be reminded of how simple life was before the madness brought about in 2020 💃🏽😔
Zayn Kamran Khan
weeknd is best
neil 22 ore fa
backup dancers? nah *backup stars?* oh yea boi
xo fans
xo fans 23 ore fa
Just listen to the lyrics
Help me 100k subscribers without video Challenge
Fun fact: this wasn't in your recommended... you searched for this
Addy Macy
Addy Macy Giorno fa
Hey, if you listen to The Weeknd. I love you
Izzy S
Izzy S 6 ore fa
I love you too
Tharun E
Tharun E Giorno fa
Aame onn
Aame onn Giorno fa
Loving beats after long back. Really This guy have good sens of music as like Micheal Jackson (◔‿◔)
Dark Giorno fa
I think Weekend has the best voice out there
Skizzld_ Giorno fa
Never gets old.
The trash
The trash Giorno fa
This song makes me wanna flex my imaginary lambo
Zoey Spicer
Zoey Spicer Giorno fa
i think the weeknd is probably my fav artist
Shane Floyd
Shane Floyd Giorno fa
Imagine a robbery with this song
Muhammad Talha
Muhammad Talha Giorno fa
han bhai kia bna
Kelli Joy
Kelli Joy Giorno fa
Kalid Jama
Kalid Jama Giorno fa
maaan I completely forgot about this song and how fire it is, who else is listening in 2020?
abhishek mandaviya
i wish this hit 1b for real!! love this one ❤️
Erick Salvador Villa Esparza
Deashia Leonard
Deashia Leonard 2 giorni fa
Bruh im still here
Сергей Марро
Orlando Aguilar
Orlando Aguilar 2 giorni fa
Que buena rola🔥👌😎
walid benbatta
walid benbatta 2 giorni fa
Un kilo looll sesese I Pe ki
Mj Mose
Mj Mose 2 giorni fa
Who else came from TikTok
Sai Prashanth
Sai Prashanth 2 giorni fa
Kenny Randolph
Kenny Randolph 2 giorni fa
Dope vid
Kahled M
Kahled M 2 giorni fa
2020 🤘🏼💊
Олег Нагорный
2020 ?
Prakash Bhardwaj
Prakash Bhardwaj 2 giorni fa
Who’s listening in sep2020??
Natalie Ramirez
Natalie Ramirez 2 giorni fa
I can’t believe I exist the same time he exists
Darshan sankar
Darshan sankar 2 giorni fa
harris jayaraj got robbed
Mia Rodriguez
Mia Rodriguez 2 giorni fa
XO forever
Xylmmuz 2 giorni fa
Me in the exam finals: *trying to answer as best I can* Brain: *EVERY TIME YOU TRY TO FORGOT WHO I AM, I’LL BE RIGHT THERE TO REMIND YOU AGAIN* Me: *AAAAAAAAAAAAA*
Hugo Giorno fa
a k
a k 3 giorni fa
King of the Fall 2.0, especially with the video! xo
Universpro 3 giorni fa
Travis Scott?
Ted Evans
Ted Evans 3 giorni fa
3 years and this still bit hitting so cold❄️❄️ #Reminder
Jojo_ raphy_nona
Jojo_ raphy_nona 3 giorni fa
♥️hi 😱😱😱 itvid.net/video/video-wzRzZj9D23U.html
Oma 3 giorni fa
It’s the POW POW for me🤩🤩
WeirdozChannel 3 giorni fa
This is the biggest flex song of the decade
R_ P
R_ P 3 giorni fa
Listen to this first thing in the morning.
M18 3 giorni fa
Big Daddy
Big Daddy 3 giorni fa
This is his best video
Kamran Shayk
Kamran Shayk 4 giorni fa
okay so basically he’s got the entire music industry in one video
Young King
Young King 4 giorni fa
Ye to very nice bund he
Alvin Aco
Alvin Aco 4 giorni fa
lo mein
Alfie Faulkner
Alfie Faulkner 4 giorni fa
I keep thinking when is travis Scott gonna drop cos of the thumbnail haha
trevaunae Allen
trevaunae Allen 4 giorni fa
i know this is a bit weird but i would just looove to squish abel's face
WNM 4 giorni fa
This song and “Clover Cage - On My Mind” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better....
Yodi Rinaldi
Yodi Rinaldi 4 giorni fa
Here 1:00 the "Hit the gas so hard make it rotate" button for like
KLOOTCHAK 4 giorni fa
If you see this i love you
시우시우 4 giorni fa
진짜 노래 다 좋다요 요즘 매일 매일 들어요 행복해요 직접 보고 싶어요.... ❤
Jã Čøb
Jã Čøb 4 giorni fa
why the fuck am i listenin to this for the 1st time
Jhosmer Cristian Elias Risco
XO 🔥🔥
emma 4 giorni fa
if you still come back to this music vid lets be friends frrr
Gogeta UL Ultimately strong character
Very nice video I loved the video
Sid Smith
Sid Smith 5 giorni fa
Black girls??? In a weeknd music video? 0_o finally
Smoke mp4
Smoke mp4 2 giorni fa
Not black girls video
Amrit Jyoti
Amrit Jyoti 5 giorni fa
I am still listening every damn song of fking weeknd man. Nigga thats high. We are brothers 💙😁❤️ man.
Brittany Dimond
Brittany Dimond 5 giorni fa
Abelllllllll!! 😘😘😘👅👅👅
Jaero Dick
Jaero Dick 5 giorni fa
After seeing this video many times I have noticed that it is pretty similar to King of the Fall.
kunal khargharia
kunal khargharia 5 giorni fa
The ending though.,., reminder that I am there 😈 and don't ask who's listening in 2020? We never stopped listening ✌
WNM 5 giorni fa
This song and “Clover Cage - On My Mind” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better
LunaMac Cures
LunaMac Cures 5 giorni fa
All the dislikes are from people that he reminded
kushagra kumar
kushagra kumar 5 giorni fa
Drake just vibing at @2:49 😂😂🤙🤙
Union PunjaBi
Union PunjaBi 5 giorni fa
India wale karo like 👇❣
Paul Cantu
Paul Cantu 5 giorni fa
Call me I had a car wash on big status pero jales pasan but can't handle ppl like that but promise I can delivere on pay day
Paul Cantu
Paul Cantu 5 giorni fa
Love from weslaco txs
Fatima Alameemi
Fatima Alameemi 5 giorni fa
my awkward ass be like 1:58 (the guy in the driver seat)
Chilled Dude
Chilled Dude 5 giorni fa
2:57 Me and the boys vibing in the car:
Trexi_iz_here _
Trexi_iz_here _ 6 giorni fa
This song heavy underated
AidenHype 6 giorni fa
If it ain't XO then it gotta go
Wahqeen Willemse
Wahqeen Willemse 6 giorni fa
If your listing to this in 2020 your a goat 🐐 😅🤣
Unity 4 giorni fa
Gabbonwski _
Gabbonwski _ 6 giorni fa
All Days.
Khalid Hriga
Khalid Hriga 6 giorni fa
Who thought it was a miniature feat travis scott
Young Sky
Young Sky 6 giorni fa
100% cars 100% planes 100% celebrities 1000% talent Love the weeknd ❤
Ashik Ibadullah
Ashik Ibadullah 6 giorni fa
In this video,I feel I'm in GTA San Andreas. 😄
seysBRO 6 giorni fa
My friend who says that this isn't the best song , is now the loneliest person on earth .
John-Anthony Soriano
With all them damm cameos he summoned the avengers of rap
Decipher Dignity
Decipher Dignity 6 giorni fa
Armin Hosseini
Armin Hosseini 6 giorni fa
karthi 7 giorni fa
Yes I'm a drug addict and Weeknd is my drug🔥
WNM 7 giorni fa
This song and “Clover Cage - On My Mind” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better......
Yama Man
Yama Man 7 giorni fa
Slap it✊😶👍
MK Cars
MK Cars 7 giorni fa
coolest music video I've ever seen
Unforgettable TK
Unforgettable TK 7 giorni fa
Fifty years from now this will be legend
HARRY BANGER 7 giorni fa
Cheers up who r listening in sep2020
pretty boy
pretty boy 7 giorni fa
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips 7 giorni fa
who else still listening to REMINDER and LOW LIFE in 2021? and I know LL a Future piece but he let Weeknd hit it with that _Starboy_ vibe
Saint Agent
Saint Agent 7 giorni fa
Best WD-40 commercial ever.
BatGames 8 giorni fa
the avengers of the music industry
Kevin Wolf
Kevin Wolf 8 giorni fa
Never saw rocky n laflame in one video
Ayush Verma
Ayush Verma 8 giorni fa
I still don't know why girls from his town like him , dammmn hi s good
Lucas 8 giorni fa
Virat Prashar
Virat Prashar 8 giorni fa
This song tell me to stay as i am But this fukin society is harsh
Keshav Kaushik
Keshav Kaushik 8 giorni fa
I fw with this song on another level shit!🥶
Odio Tutti
Odio Tutti 8 giorni fa
One of the best songs in the last decade 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Jonathan Rodriquez
Jonathan Rodriquez 8 giorni fa
Me and Abel share the same birthday 🤣
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