"The Wrong Rock" by Michael Cawood @ HEROmation Award Winning CGI Animated Short Film

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Official Website: TheWrongRock.com
TOP TEN BEST FILMS 2019 - Film Shortage
AWARD WINNER - Best Animated Short Film - Burbank Film Festival
AWARD WINNER - Best Short Animation - Davis Film Festival
AWARD WINNER - Audience Choice Award (2nd Place Professional) - ICONA Festival
Honorable Mention - Prague Indie Film Festival

Martin the mushroom was born on the wrong rock. Martin overcomes enormous challenges to travel to a far away rock where he hopes to be accepted. This is a story about equality and putting aside our differences for the greater good.

"Before we can save the world, we must put aside our differences. We're all on the same Rock!" - Michael Cawood, Animated Filmmaker

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This is a fantastic tale of the pure of heart overcoming bigotry. Anyone who's experienced, sexism, racism, ageism, political or religious persecution will relate to this story. A character who's passion is unlike the people who he grew up around, discovers a place he can be himself, but faces enormous obstacles to get there. Along the way he exposes the futility of the other character's bigotry and bias and puts it all in perspective so that they can finally deal with the bigger issues in life.

This universal tale symbolizes the true unity of the human race. Despite racism, sexism, and every other form of bigotry, we are all on this rock together. The current political and social climate makes this the perfect time for this story to strike a chord with viewers, push them to take stock of their worldview, and take positive action.

The Wrong Rock won Best Animated Short at Burbank \u0026 Davis International Film Festivals in 2019 Director, Michael Cawood, is now a two-time winner of the Burbank International Film Festival in the Animated Short Category.

The Wrong Rock is an indie film made entirely through the virtual studio model (work from home). Hundreds of artists from all over the world worked from home collaborating online with the Artella platform. Lead by Michael Cawood, the team created the 3D CGI animation in Maya and rendered it with Redshift. Some of Cawood’s previous credits include Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Pete’s Dragon, Bumblebee, The Lego Ninjago Movie, and Happy Feet. Cawood’s other short film, Devils, Angels \u0026 Dating, has garnered Millions of views on ITvid views.

The soundtrack includes an original song created by the band, The Mrs., and a score by BAFTA award-nominated composer Grant Kirkhope, whose credits include iconic video games such as Donkey Kong Country, Golden Eye, Banjo Kazooie, and Mario-Rabbids. The Soundtrack is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and Bandcamp.
Score on iTunes: music.apple.com/us/album/the-...
Song on iTunes: music.apple.com/us/album/the-...
Spotify: open.spotify.com/album/0l4s5V...
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Bandcamp: grantkirkhope.bandcamp.com/al...

“Coordinating artists from all over the world working from home is a fun challenge, and it was incredible to see how passionate the team was about the film’s themes. Being on a video call with animators from Spain, Canada, Iran and beyond was really exciting,” recalls producer Julie Pifher.

Copyright © of HEROmation 2016 - 2019

HEROmation is an independent animation company specializing in story and visual development for television, film, and commercials. Based in Los Angeles, HEROmation often utilizes the virtual studio model (work from home) to benefit from a global talent pool. The company owns the IP of several science fiction books, and has a robust slate of current film and TV pitches.
Official website: heromation.com




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3:19 Long live the King!
MrShadow679 3 giorni fa
Wow 🤩 Really coolest animation in my life. So cool! I love it. Thanks for creating it!
Baburam Garai
Baburam Garai 3 giorni fa
Wow . What a thinking... art💖💖💖
Khalid 3 giorni fa
Lol Wut
Veronica Conway
Veronica Conway 4 giorni fa
brilliant, loved it
Student Autumn Stone
if you can tell an emotinial story with a mushroom then thats crazy!!!! I love this story!
Mood 6 giorni fa
I don't want much, i just want the person who is reading this to be healthy, happy, and loved. Wishing you a good day my friends
maria denise
maria denise 7 giorni fa
Luna Official
Luna Official 7 giorni fa
GeeklingNo1 7 giorni fa
How dare you make me love a mushroom so much
Belinda Butcher
Belinda Butcher 8 giorni fa
We could learn a lot from these cute lil mushrooms!!!! This was so magical and the colors were so vibrate..lady bug was too cute!!!!Absolutely loved it, great job!!!!
Like my comment
Like my comment 10 giorni fa
It's a masterpiece 😀 Also, I like how you correctly described the ladybug's flight, most people think it flies using those red "wings". Details show that you worked hard and carefully on the animation.👍
Birgit Gunia
Birgit Gunia 10 giorni fa
Wonderful ❤️ Never give Up! So sweet and lovely.
Jun cyrus Mariano
Jun cyrus Mariano 10 giorni fa
I really appreciate this short movie.Best compared to Disney and Pixar. It deserves a bigger screen.Overall fantastic.Thumbs up from Philippines
Rootbeerfloat Productions
You know what I appreciate? They didn't give the mushroom faces. And even without eyeballs, a mouth or eyebrows, you understood what the mushrooms were feeling and what they were conveying. A+ film
Jannah Perkins
Jannah Perkins 11 giorni fa
Dang that damn ugly brown mushroom 🍄 kick the blue mushroom 🍄 that’s me getting rejected from the world 🌎 sad 😔 I got abandoned when I was a child now getting rejected from the universe 😔
DanteRockman 11 giorni fa
Hongo y Honga se fueron al río...
Armando García
Armando García 12 giorni fa
Petit_pois 14 giorni fa
Life of an (illegal) immigrant.
Byju John
Byju John 14 giorni fa
∆NURAG 14 giorni fa
Hey Can Anyone tell me the song at 11:20
HEROmation 13 giorni fa
The Same Rock by The Mrs
Elmien Liebenberg
Elmien Liebenberg 15 giorni fa
This was an awesome animation! Loved it! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
ReginaVirtual 16 giorni fa
I literally didn't research this and found it very cute 😍
sherry chanay
sherry chanay 17 giorni fa
紅月玲 18 giorni fa
epic mushrooms
Atiya Rahman
Atiya Rahman 19 giorni fa
I wasn't expecting the song in the last it was so good😍♥️
Fluffy 19 giorni fa
Maulana Ismail
Maulana Ismail 19 giorni fa
Wow so wonderfull, i love it very much. Seriously
Sherri Taylor
Sherri Taylor 19 giorni fa
that was good
pan da
pan da 19 giorni fa
What video that makes you cry Me : *Its complicated*
Chinku Dilip
Chinku Dilip 19 giorni fa
the way they make us understand the feelings of mushroom without making any voice by mushroom .........masterpiece
Anna Agpalsa
Anna Agpalsa 19 giorni fa
This is brilliant, you've got my emotions ❤️👏
OMAR GARCIA 20 giorni fa
al final todos vivimos en la misma roca... Saludos desde Acheral Tucuman
Ashika Dhimal
Ashika Dhimal 21 giorno fa
Perfect message!
nowvoyagerNE 23 giorni fa
Sweet story, beautiful animation, but the song at the end spoiled it for me.
Amrith Gopinathan
Amrith Gopinathan 24 giorni fa
Orange mushrooms looks delicious
Winnie 24 giorni fa
接納性別與自己一樣 但外表不一樣的人👫 接納與自己不同種族的🧍🏻‍♂️🧍🏽‍♂️🧍🏿‍♂️🧍🏻‍♀️🧍🏽‍♀️🧍🏿‍♀️ 接納與自己不同的所有人👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👧👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 我們都生活在地球🌍
Jennifer Limbaugh
Jennifer Limbaugh 25 giorni fa
I was sitting on the edge of my seat! I laughed and cried. Well done!!!
Saheed Lawal
Saheed Lawal 26 giorni fa
Pls where can I download this directly to my phone? 🤔
Saheed Lawal
Saheed Lawal 25 giorni fa
Okay thanks 👌🏾
HEROmation 25 giorni fa
Amazon Prime
Saheed Lawal
Saheed Lawal 26 giorni fa
😂 Wow! 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Rajat Mishra
Rajat Mishra 27 giorni fa
They are more better than human beings.. They all live on the same rock finally🍄... So heart toching story... And it is called art...mindblowing, awesome...☺
Вера Загайнова
Супер! Мы все живем на одной Земле! Мы все должны дружить!
Joe 29 giorni fa
Ohhh you know that mushroom wants to spread it's spores
Moumita Sengupta
So the mushroom turned into a super saiyan
Manuel Cyrus Gonzalez
I’ll never take a mushroom for granted again. Tough and persevering little guys... inspirational.
На что намёк 🙄 лично я грибы не пробовала 😬
Sonali Patil
Sonali Patil Mese fa
So Beautiful.... What a fantastic work!
Amanda Bell
Amanda Bell Mese fa
Awe, this was so cool! great job!!
melon akash
melon akash Mese fa
Very sad
Kiran Gurung
Kiran Gurung Mese fa
11marylena Mese fa
That poor little blue mushroom was born enlightened and took a leap of faith to join his kind on the other side, but got kicked back because the rest of the blue mushrooms were not on board with the enlightened mushrooms. Finally the blue mushroom caps started following his lead and the other colored caps accepted them in, except they failed to save him/her that saved them in the first place. When the waters receded, they finally realized they were all on the same rock. The polarity was there in the beginning but they bridged the gap when they started dancing to the same 🥁 drum, so to speak, or rhythm. Side note: Lady bugs and mushrooms are so important for our environment
Oriki houtarou
Thx 😊
😊 most cute plant on earth
teetee tee
teetee tee Mese fa
So that's how mushrooms became light bulbs.
SHip SHip
SHip SHip Mese fa
Galing po ako sa tiktok❤️
siroumaru Mese fa
Mr McnoobYT
Mr McnoobYT Mese fa
How the heck did they make a mushroom make me cry!?
Alexic FFA
Alexic FFA Mese fa
Martin is so cute!
Alexic FFA
Alexic FFA Mese fa
It doesn’t even need to tell me his name and I know it! 🤗🤗
Anne Slabinski
I just came across this little movie. It's great!
Sailor_Stine Mese fa
I like that ladybird.
prajeesh kakkarath
What's moral?? Like what is it's metaphor?
Navodya Pramodi
It's amazing ❤️‍🔥
Cynthia Kila’
So they ladybug is the mastermind “ after all . 😋
Cynthia Kila’
Who says we need facial expressions to thoroughly express our emotions . This was nice .
sajjad hossein zadeh
this is the story of golden teacher mushroom...
Miguel Angel Martinez
Conclusión: A los honguitos les gusta saltar :v
instant smile
Great message through a small movie and it is true too😀
Sakura Flower
Auni Mirza
Auni Mirza Mese fa
This animation is really great! Btw the mushrooms look cute🥺♥️
Daxa Kadchha
Daxa Kadchha Mese fa
A Best Store 💖
Los Central
Los Central Mese fa
Crypts n bloods live on the same rock (planet earth) we all live n eat da same
B3N6IA Mese fa
Was getting lots of downs in My Life😔..This got Me stronger ❤️❤️ Thank You🤗😌🤗
Daniel Miller
He just wanted to get to the other rock because they were more…Fungis Fun guys? Sorry, someone had to say it.
Dhruv Mese fa
It is the truth of life
G M K Mese fa
Huh. Lots of wildly various interpretations here in the comments.
The true moral of the story. Don’t f with mushrooms
അഞ്ജന കൂട്ടം
വളരെ മനോഹരമായ അവതരണം,ഹൃദയം തൊട്ട് കടന്നുപോയ കഥാപാത്രം
I’ll never look at a Mario game the same..
Shashini Mese fa
The song in last was very heart touching It gave me goosebumps Was that song special made for the short film? Pls keep on creating these kind of stories 💌💌💌💞💞💞❤❤❤
Shashini Mese fa
@HEROmation ok thnx
HEROmation Mese fa
Yes it was written for the film
Amy Upchurch
Amy Upchurch Mese fa
What happens when graphic design meets drugs
Jack Cottrell
Where can I find the song?? At the end I mean
Jack Cottrell
@HEROmation okay thanks!
HEROmation Mese fa
Google The Same Rock by The Mrs
Abigail Boring
sad ;-;
aleena Mese fa
Eve Squirrelette Pearch
I never thought I would cry over a mushroom before. Very cute and sad at the same time. Best thing I've seen about mushrooms. Very well done to all who made this.
Blue Butterfly Wellness
I already don't eat meat, so why do I now suddenly feel bad about eating mushrooms?? 😢
nctzen 2906
nctzen 2906 Mese fa
Ohmyyy this is so gooodd 😭😭😭 you make me want cry good short-film 👍👍👍
Jp showtyme
Jp showtyme Mese fa
That good guy animation
Lori Carbonaro
I love it..."we all live on the same rock in the air" is my new mantra!! awesome...sharing with any and all I know...
Google Play-ка
why was he pushed by another mushroom?
Anushka Sarkar
Wow! Great film!!!
Lorena Fagioli
Un cartone per spiegare cos'è un bodhisattwa.
Yashwant Wakle
As long as I watch it I get more emotional attachment to this 😍 Beautiful ,epic illustration of unity ✨❤
Tushar Basumatary
Ending song name??
HEROmation Mese fa
The Same Rock by The Mrs
E. L.
E. L. Mese fa
Qué tostón. Minuto 10 y sigo preguntándome de qué va este bodrio.
Si An
Si An 2 mesi fa
Film yg menyentuh
Angelica Buenrostro
This got me all the way messed up 🥺
beena kanik
beena kanik 2 mesi fa
Allison Marek
Allison Marek 2 mesi fa
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