Thiago Tactics - Why the Spain International is so Valuable to Bayern

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Thiago Alcantara is the heart of Bayern’s play.
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When you hear his name, you think of great assists, but the Spaniard’s game is about much more than that. Right now he’s a critical part of Bayern’s defensive plan. Or as Pep Guardiola once said, “Thiago or nothing!” Winning the ball back and starting attacks, he’s an expert in transition. We analyse the silky midfielder in our Thiago Tactics. Which part of Thiago’s game impresses you most? Let us know in the comments!
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8 mar 2019




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Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat Giorno fa
Best midfielder in the world right now along with kdb
Олжас Сейтказин
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Mohammad Arabian
Mohammad Arabian 8 giorni fa
Hassan Mo
Hassan Mo 12 giorni fa
This video is crazy 🤯🤯🤯
Gaurav Shrestha
Gaurav Shrestha 19 giorni fa
so valuable that he was sold out to Liverpool lol 😂
Md Miraz Ul Alam
Md Miraz Ul Alam 7 giorni fa
Idiot, he's got just a year left in his Bayern contract.If they hadn't sold him this season,they would've lost him for nothing next season what they couldn't have let happen for their most valuable footballer.So they kept Thiago's wish to let him go as they would lose him either way after Thiago turned down sitting for contract renew talks.
Luan Dias
Luan Dias 19 giorni fa
Simplesmente um gênio!!
Eavy Eavy
Eavy Eavy 21 giorno fa
Breaking EPL record of passes during 1st half.
Thane Krios
Thane Krios 17 giorni fa
...even though he didn't even come on until the 2nd. He's THAT good that he doesn't even need to be on the pitch!
Longjohnson Shagwell
*gets injured*
GhostVaperYT 25 giorni fa
rename it please - Thiago Tactics - Why the Spain International is so Valuable to LIVERPOOL
Kaustav Garg
Kaustav Garg 25 giorni fa
branchyapple 25 giorni fa
... Aaaaaaandddd its Gone
i t
i t 25 giorni fa
Klopp after watching this video... Yes
Nik 2546
Nik 2546 26 giorni fa
Now we know
Robi Hartanto
Robi Hartanto 26 giorni fa
He is insane 😎
damion baker
damion baker 26 giorni fa
Am a beginner trying to build a ITvid channel for anyone wood like to help me out share an subscribe watch and like videos to help me to grow channel please and thanks this is the link itvid.net/show-UCV0XgU0IlLfOZ39DcJQGKew
Ismail Roslan
Ismail Roslan 26 giorni fa
iniesta + xavi
nori 27 giorni fa
Shy Avda
Shy Avda 27 giorni fa
Tactics revealed
I hold a theory, that Messi saw Thiago as a huge threat to his career at Barca, hence Thiago had to leave Barca and also could never return. Messi's adapted most of Thiago's style of play, key passes, showing up in defence. Check out Thiago's videos from his time at Barca, take note of Messi in the background(never impressed). Thiago would've been the next best thing. Barca's stage is bigger than Bayern, if Thiago had stayd at Barca, Messi would've been playing in his shadow and most likely have left Barca. Messi's first born, named... guilt?
Sir Carloz
Sir Carloz 27 giorni fa
No disrespect to Hendo but that’s pretty much the end of his career in Liverpool
Jame's 27 giorni fa
Gold mine for Liverpool,
SUBU NEPALI 27 giorni fa
Glad he signed for us True midfield maestro Thiago Alcantara
ROFLDOPER 28 giorni fa
N P 28 giorni fa
He is literally THE player that Liverpool actually need to be even better than they are now. And Liverpool bought him for less than 30M...
bianca 28 giorni fa
Respect from malaysia liverpool fan..
Salai William
Salai William 28 giorni fa
the magician for Liverpool
Ismail Amer
Ismail Amer 28 giorni fa
Who’s her after Thiago debut won chelsea
ajil mohammed
ajil mohammed 29 giorni fa
Welcome to liverpool, the maestro ❤️
Burner Boy
Burner Boy 29 giorni fa
Thiago looks ARAB AF
Marcell Panyi
Marcell Panyi 29 giorni fa
FOUZI ABDI ALI 29 giorni fa
#YNWA Proud to have Thiago
Nizam Mahomed
Nizam Mahomed 29 giorni fa
thiago top player.now dont need .wilharden
Alex McCallum
Alex McCallum 29 giorni fa
still can't believe that we've got him. he's a class above I was already getting excited about Keita finally producing consistently good performances and looking like the play we'd though we'd get and now this we have a bona fide midfield genius I can't believe this deal actually went through. Never in my years as a Liverpool Fan (dating back to 99) have we got our hands one someone who was already a superstar (most of our players became superstars while at Liverpool and moved on). It just shows that the stature of our club has increased massively under Klopp. Must say though Bayern were awesome to watch last year I think I'll be following them again this year along with Dortmund; of whom I will always be grateful for in that they are responsible for Jurgen Klopps ascent to greatness.
Abadi E
Abadi E 29 giorni fa
He is one of kind. One of genius midfielder in the world. I know, I think he learn from Iniesta at Barca. He play so simple but deadly :D
Swagatam Debnath
Spain = home of midfield maestros
F Mese fa
my favorite in bayern so sad they let him go
Naga Manu Production
Welcome home Thiago to Liverpool
Who is here after chalsea
Utsav Rocks
Utsav Rocks Mese fa
Thiago or Nothing
kennedy wambua
I can't imagne all this quality is now added to Liverpool
COYS Mese fa
Congrats to Liverpool. Complete team. Great signing
Vaibhav Beck
Vaibhav Beck Mese fa
Congrats on signing bale 🔥
Abha Choudhury
Fun fact: Thiago has not only changed his club but also ITvid channel. Now, he will be a regular customer of premiere league. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Marko San
Marko San Mese fa
perfect player to unlock stubborn defense that liverpool are known to struggle with
zacky Trisy
zacky Trisy Mese fa
Here 4rm Africa 4 liverpool
yseo Mese fa
Tiago is world class. He will lead Liverpool to Champion
Dan Cooney
Dan Cooney 25 giorni fa
yseo Liverpools are champions right now
aldirmdn Mese fa
How lucky Liverpool got this Complete Midfielder
john connor
john connor Mese fa
It’s nothing then cuz you can’t catch him
Y 19
Y 19 Mese fa
Says who lol he's just a great player not a player bayern can't do without many players can play his role and better
Thales Cordeiro
Thiago é foda. Mas o que mais me surpreendeu nesse vídeo foi ver um gol do Rafinha
Harry Dwinduono
Amazing Skill n Technical Passing Ball.👍👍
Kim Jong-il
Kim Jong-il Mese fa
Imagine selling him to liverpool
Thanos Mese fa
“I really rate him, fantastic character. He’s almost as good as Joe Allen.” ~Brendan Rodgers 2015
Ace School of Music
Beautiful human being
Hope Banda
Hope Banda Mese fa
Congratulations Zebra Utd on signing him
Alpha Duo Gaming
Liverpool signed him after watching this😁😁😁😁😁
Llewellyn Hoogbaard
Dis small men are unbelievable 👌👌🏐🏐💪💪❤️❤️
Yifan Wu
Yifan Wu Mese fa
Welp, it’s nothing now
Arya Thorat
Arya Thorat Mese fa
Fun Fact: Bayern"s manager himself was shocked after watching this video knowing that Thiago is such a skillful player
Serge GOALnabry
So are you talking me their coach does not watch them play
Zack Vine
Zack Vine Mese fa
Looks like a rat so I guess he’ll set in at Liverpool fine
Zack Vine
Zack Vine Mese fa
@Marko San ahahaha best comment
Marko San
Marko San Mese fa
@Zack Vine thats even worst and your face looks like a lesbian
Zack Vine
Zack Vine Mese fa
@Marko SanClose but I'm a mancity fan
Marko San
Marko San Mese fa
oh look someones jealous, easy to guess youre a manu fan hows Sancho doing?
mo kar
mo kar Mese fa
Love to see if he can bring this to the premier League which is much tighter the higher you get up the pitch
MD Tafshir Uddin
I'm here after he signed for Liverpool FC 🥰... Another premier League title for Liverpool 🥰
Mo Saad
Mo Saad Mese fa
Welcome to Liverpool
Eric king
Eric king Mese fa
Guru-Ghantaal Gaming
ITvid recommend me after he signs for Liverpool ❤️❤️
Love guru
Love guru Mese fa
Why Bayern sold Thiago? Aged ? Lack of defensive skill? Lazy player ? Comment
DePeaceHunter 25 giorni fa
Bayern offered him new contract but he refused it as he wants new chalange in a new league. Bayern had no option but to sell him now or he'll leave as free agent in january
1 yer untill end of his contract
It was thiago's choice
Bujar Demaj
Bujar Demaj Mese fa
We will miss you ❤️Mia San Mia forever
Alystic Mese fa
Liverpool has entered the chat
Charlie Kelly
Wow, So excited to see him in our midfield 😍
DJ Equinox B
DJ Equinox B Mese fa
anyone else come here thinking this was a beat Grylls video? lol... that narrator is bear surely?
John Stephen
John Stephen Mese fa
His really what we needed against ATM nice to be here T alcantara
Ethan M
Ethan M Mese fa
Bro wtf this came in suggested list after went to Liverpool
Crisc78 Mese fa
Now he will never walk alone
Fadil Jo
Fadil Jo Mese fa
So excited to see Thiago in the Premier League under Klopp at Liverpool.
Sisoko-22 Momo
Who’s Here wen he Finally Came To the current Best World football club In The World N Also ENGLISH Champions YNWA L.F.C Trust Me Lads We Gonna Defend the League N Also Win The Champions League This Was The Final Puzzle Solved Genius (Jurgen Klopp) Heavy Mental
gelyn64 Mese fa
thiago or nothing baby
Ryan Thomson
Ryan Thomson Mese fa
Welcome to Liverpool - YNWA
Arabinda Das
Arabinda Das Mese fa
I am here TODAY!
Izo Emm
Izo Emm Mese fa
Liverpool joined the chat 😆
Mohamad Amirul
Welcome to Liverpool
Ansat Jamalbayev
Welcome to Liverpool
Khoby Mike
Khoby Mike Mese fa
I wish EPL do this same tactical analysis on their players
The Ukulele Guy
Anyone Liverpool fan just here?
Taufeeq Ahmad
like Now a liverpool player
kaiserHD Booi
What do you expect from a guy that is half Spanish and half Brazilian, like come on now
Stellar North
Welcome to LFC 🔥
Sumaiyya Qazi
Who is here after Liverpool signed him
zuhairie arifin
Welcome to liverpool
shay malik
shay malik Mese fa
Who’s her after Thiago signed for Liverpool
Chinastickman 28 giorni fa
Why did we become females
Bart Chmura
Bart Chmura 29 giorni fa
Me. YNWA peace
kaiserHD Booi
I did not change my pronouns after he signed, Im still using "he, him & his"
Mohammad Tawfiq
Azeez Olamiposi
Guwari Dieu
Guwari Dieu Mese fa
i can't wait to see him at anfield
Arnab Bhattacharyya
welcome to liverpool!
Ashish Giri
Ashish Giri Mese fa
And yes Finally liverpool agreed. ! Welcome to @Liverpoolfc. #YNWA
parth bhatt
parth bhatt Mese fa
Myke Bamgboye
Who else is here after his arrival at Anfield
Welcome to Liverpool..YNWA!!
Joel William
Joel William Mese fa
Can't believe we gott himmm mate!!! Liverpool on fire this season!! 🔥🔥🔥🔴🔴🔴
Hasbi Yahya
Hasbi Yahya Mese fa
양. Mese fa
He is now a Liverpool player! WELCOME YNWA!!!
RedEx Mese fa
Welcome to Liverpool king
Achira S.
Achira S. Mese fa
Welcome to Liverpool
Ultraexe Mese fa
Who's here after liverpool announced thiago?
Darius Hancheș
What a signing for Liverpool!
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