Things about Relationships I wish someone told me about

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people are weird sometimes

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Commenti 80
Echo_enby 2 ore fa
7:22 is that *toga*
Britt Sijm
Britt Sijm 2 ore fa
the anumations in this video are really good and really funny too :)
M Mjdjei
M Mjdjei 3 ore fa
7:22 himiko-
Cottonsocks Watson
I am like in a hurtful relationship where the person forces me to be there friend but bully's me half of the time T-T
D E R E 5 ore fa
*I really hate myself*
Kira Tastic
Kira Tastic 5 ore fa
I remember silently breaking off with someone who was a toxic friend. I’m really proud of them now though, because they went and got help. I gave them a second chance but didn’t really let them in until I saw for myself they fixed their issues. They still have some problems, but aren’t toxic anymore. On the other hand, I’ve had relationships I never looked back on, because I needed those people out of my life. If someone tries to come back, don’t just openly accept that they’ve changed, stay weary until they confirm it, and even after that.
Your Face
Your Face 6 ore fa
0:38 it... it's really butter?
Evan Penaloza
Evan Penaloza 6 ore fa
Nobody respects me
Shruthi sa
Shruthi sa 6 ore fa
7:20 lmao Toga waking up like "Hm i think i'll torture Deku today"
Scribbles! :3
Scribbles! :3 8 ore fa
I’m barely a minute in the vid and I’m like: HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS WHY IS ITvid SO RELATABLE?!
TateKateKatie 8 ore fa
How do I walk away from a toxic parent?
D E R E 5 ore fa
Be yourself Dont answer them with loud voice ...
lord topaz
lord topaz 10 ore fa
Bronwyn Brantley
I just wanted to say that this video really made me think about my relationship with someone who was manipulative. I really liked what you said about caring for your own ecosystem and not carrying the weight of others' on your back. Thank you so much for your creative way of giving great advice. 😊🙏
Kim Dodson
Kim Dodson 13 ore fa
Thanks for this advice
Zacharie Peardon
My ex had big depression issues and when I tried to leave them they said they’d kill themself if I did. Wasn’t easy to leave after that but I knew I couldn’t just be miserable with them anymore and that it wasn’t my responsibility (advice I’d given friends of mine many times before). I gave them the suicide hotline and asked them to call it if they ever thought they couldn’t help but hurt themself, and left. I hope this video helps anyone that doesn’t know they don’t have the responsibility to take care of someone against their own well being.
Savanna Fisher
Savanna Fisher 17 ore fa
Did anyone notice that one of the people has a haircut like toga from mY Hero Academia....no just me? Oh- okay
kapuche man
kapuche man 18 ore fa
I like your vidéo jaiden
Thunder Storm765
5:27 Is that SKYBLOCK!!!!!!!!
D E R E 5 ore fa
Minecraft fans be like
Rosea Beary
Rosea Beary 20 ore fa
Sorry that this is not gonna go with this video but does anyone know what that cute slug spikey thing jaiden watched on some of her animation
Zachary young
Zachary young 20 ore fa
ari flys to peoples mouth like a base speaker at full volume? what
Kiek the Creator person
I've sent this to my friends a bunch when they're dealing with a friend situation it's super helpful!
raine giroy
raine giroy 22 ore fa
its true
Chloe Paewhenua
Chloe Paewhenua 23 ore fa
"not personally responsible for anyone's mental illnesses" "not responcable" That hot home, advice I need to here man thx
Xeon 23 ore fa
Is it just me havingost of these problems with my biological dad? I cant like remove him from my eco system cuz im just 12 and i got nowhere to go also i cant tell him about it cuz he has anger issues and would get hella mad and beat the crap out of me
Sam Koppenhol
Sam Koppenhol 23 ore fa
i have had 6:43 to 6:55 myself for 5 years and it only stopped being a problem when i went to middle school He was very toxic to me and was keeping me down the whole time
Melissa Puckett
Melissa Puckett Giorno fa
She keeps slipping bnha characters innn
Be Rad
Be Rad Giorno fa
This was such a helpful and funny video
mason Redski
mason Redski Giorno fa
Anyone else notice how she drew Himiko toga waking up
henly gozum
henly gozum Giorno fa
my friends left they cut me i love them but MY CLASS MATE FIGHT MY FRIEND AND HE MADE HIM MAD AND HE BECOME MAD AND LEFT ME THE other one was going to korea to visit his mom snd the last one is jm he rlly stay here for a long time and he will go to different school😭
Mary Renneker
Mary Renneker Giorno fa
I have a friend who’s always been rude, jealous, and she once made me hate an other friend like the Sally one and when u said u might say in ur mind oh but their a good person, I say that and not only does she emotionally hurt me but she also likes to kick me off her bed, wrestle me, and when she doesn’t feel like hurting me she’ll get defensive about everything, she’ll purposely make me mad, have a fight, then say ok this isn’t worth a fight over like she didn’t start it, she also tells my crush and stalks me, my sister, our other friend, and literally everyone!!!!Im pretty sure she knows what she’s doing bc she’ll always joke about it and when she hurts me so bad that I cry she’ll bring it up later and say “why’d u cry” I’ll say “bc it hurt” and she’ll say “well we were wrestling” and I want to say “no U were wrestling” but I don’t bc she lives next door so I can’t get rid of her and we even share a yard! She knows she fiscally hurts us to bc she told me she has dreams of killing me, and everyone!! She also talked bad about my REAL BFF and I started viewing her bad and after that she said we were BFFS!!!! She even said the girl talked behind my back, which now she was doing and she (the mean one) talks bad about everyone behind their back and tries to make me think the lies she says, I’ve even been told that she talks bad about me behind my back!!! But I have to deal with her😡
Mary Renneker
Mary Renneker Giorno fa
It was a yes to 6 of the questions
Kiibo Giorno fa
Almost all of my friends have been toxic friends. There’s only one friend that hasn’t.
Memes Never Die
Memes Never Die Giorno fa
0:23 I'm sorry you had to animate this xD
Kye Media
Kye Media Giorno fa
Thats something I had to learn.... i was in an emotional and mentally abusive friendship and didn't realize for over 10 years and now I am slowly trying to fix my mind after the many years of torment
HollowCraft Gaming
3:23 I'm dying xD
Penguin pet
Penguin pet Giorno fa
Bruh I need to be 💯pro cent real like being 💯 pro cent real is great
RMS Studios
RMS Studios Giorno fa
Um.. I have guess I have some friends like that. We had a fight and the wanted to be friends again and when I said no they kept on bugging me until I said yes. Is that a red flag?😥
Dire Wolf
Dire Wolf Giorno fa
I’ve probably watch this more than I should but it really helps keep toxic people out of my life and reminds me that if someone’s treating me badly and I’ve done all I can then it’s okay to kick them out “it’s not selfish to want the best for yourself”
Supreme bros Art
Jaiden you just have social problems
Camden Page
Camden Page Giorno fa
You’re not responsible for anyone’s happiness Wut about Ari🐦😕
Funtime The Wolf
What about relatives that make my eco system fail?
Michelle Escutia
When your “support system” is on the manipulative persons side
Cecille Militante
I am impressed and surprised that nobody has talked about Jameden.
Cecille Militante
0:27 When she talked about red flags,my mind instantly came to the flag of the USSR. It is a red flag,so I'm not wrong.
Hanna The Weirdo
I was in a toxic relationship and it was awful. I knew she talked about me behind my back because my friend told me all of the things she said. The friendship ended after she tried to say I was too sensitive after she made fun of my sister and I told her to stop.
Valarie Fandel
Valarie Fandel Giorno fa
Sometimes i loose my temper too
Claudia Cardona
Claudia Cardona Giorno fa
7:21 is dat toga
Rustam Saidkulov
Hitting someone in football? Red flag
The Flying Nut
The Flying Nut Giorno fa
7:21 did anyone notice the boku no hero academia reference?
Hello YouTube
Hello YouTube Giorno fa
That ecosystem thing was a very good analogy. It IS really important to not let your life fall apart just to help someone else’s.
Alexa HUbbert
Alexa HUbbert Giorno fa
This video was weirdly therapeutic for me😐
D. Soko
D. Soko Giorno fa
Jaiden: Don't let them forcefully shove they're junk on you. My dad laughed at that.
Miles Welch
Miles Welch Giorno fa
I have a friend that happened to fall for it
Jaiden Rodriguez
My friend is like she’s controlling me alo talked behind my back
Deven Garcia
Deven Garcia Giorno fa
I like how toga from my hero academia
fun lifestyle vlogs
Darkraifan678 Giorno fa
Legit just noticed that one of the characters looked like toga from my hero academia.
CS LEO Giorno fa
Anyone else sent this video to a friend because you feel like they need help with their own relationships? Well I did
izuku midoriya
izuku midoriya Giorno fa
omg i saw toga in a christmas hat
Layeek Ultimateum
03:56 that's happening to me actually, my friend keep talking to me like "I'll get your location if u just do (example)" I'm freaking out, I don't know what to do actually... Edit: I know I'll see someone saying: "If YoU kNoW aBoUt It, StOp TaLkInG tO hIm", but I don't know what to do to make our friendship healthy
Muhammad Uzair
Muhammad Uzair Giorno fa
This video is extremely helpful
Luisa Serban
Luisa Serban Giorno fa
My friend's ignore me ;_; I dunno I think people just use me to draw them and to draw more thing's ;_;
JuniorLoganB Giorno fa
This is why I only have two friends
Matthew Nguyen
Matthew Nguyen Giorno fa
Chads a manipulator! *police is comes everyone
Riley Sigler
Riley Sigler Giorno fa
Bruh that guy was dumping waste into my ecosystem
the entire state of america
toga's not manipulative shes just kinda insane lol
Sakura Giorno fa
"But I'm Santa Claus" "Alright grey area there"
Guendouz AFO
Guendouz AFO Giorno fa
Jaiden: "you're not responsible for anybody's happiness" Me:*brain.exe is loading Me:F*** EVERYONE
ali Giorno fa
I can totally relate to the Sally and Chad example :'D
Terrabrine Giorno fa
I was purposefully manipulated my brothers once. They were teaming on smash bros cuz I kept winning (cuz I'm better than them) and then I asked one of them "Do you really think this is equal? Are you really sure ###`s not just using you? I mean, he does win usually when you guys team up on me." Then they started arguing and eventually there alliance broke. I could win again. I felt super bad tho and apologized
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl Giorno fa
OMG I'm going to tell my friend that she is toxic
7:20 gasp its toga
Megan Joyce Galvez
Jaiden: nOt ReSpOnSiPlE fOr ThEiR hApPiNeSs Ari: WHAT ABOUT ME?!!!
Derpow 6 ore fa
ok gray area
Awkward Artsi Potato
Me: Wait there are such things as butter tubs? I thought they only came in sticks! how do you know how much butter you are using on your toast if you don't have it labeled on the side? Other people: You measure how much butter you use on your toast? Me:... Jaiden: RED FLAG!!!!!
pikachu ketchum
pikachu ketchum Giorno fa
this video doesn't deserve any dislikes and if you are a hater then just don't watch her videos just to dislike them. jaiden's animation is so good and the topics are also good she is more like a motivational speaker that that makes our life happier and more joyful and stuff I love her videos and I also have a toxic relationship I can't say relationship it was a friendship and I still have it but you have motivated me enough to break it thank you jaiden🙃
XxMidnight PlayxX
I have so many friends.But I trust absolutely none;-;
Ellamae 2 giorni fa
I’ve often shared this with friends who are having tough relationship issues. You word it so much better than I ever could
Genderless_ Noodle
Genderless_ Noodle 2 giorni fa
This really helped thank you Jaiden
Rie_Gacha 2 giorni fa
I had a toxic relationship my "BFF" that ended up with me having no friends and technically a enemy and... I still have no irl friends
Vivian Keefe
Vivian Keefe 2 giorni fa
No one: Not a single soul: Jaiden: *ONE HUNDO PERCENT*
Daniel Dawit
Daniel Dawit 2 giorni fa
I am guilty of the butter
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