Things about Relationships I wish someone told me about

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people are weird sometimes

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The Kiddos Playground
I should show this to my friends. I don’t think that they realize that they are pushing their problems onto my pile, because of this, my mental state is not the best. I have a significant other now so this is a little thing that helped my mental health. Thank you all for reading this
Ginko Sensei
Ginko Sensei 12 ore fa
New thing that’s not ________ - 2019 REd FLaG
Phoenix Eclipse
Phoenix Eclipse 13 ore fa
What is someone is going to hurt you if you don’t be friends with them
Rosie 114
Rosie 114 16 ore fa
TLDR TLDR: my friend hates my brother TLDR: my guy friend was friends with my brothers friend andshe cut herself and blamed it on my brother so he cut her off and my friend and i got into an argument about it Ok so see, i have this friend. He is really cool and i enjoy his company. Not a lot of people like him due to his opinionated tendancies, and my parents don't like him due to some trouble we've had in the past. But come on! We were 13 who doesn't have problems then. I honestly don't think he is toxic and he jas valid points. I did shit talk my brother once though... but there was a reason behind it, basically my brother in highschool was really popular, people just seemed to like him. He was best friends with a girl who was in my opinion very manipulative. My brother and this girl would get into fights about the dumbest things anpd afterwards she would cut herself and tell people it was his fault. This really upsetted him and he ended up just not talking to her. But she still cut herself because of him. My friend was really good friends with this girl and he really hated my brother because of it, he thought my brother was hurting her so bad that she started to cut herself. So when he started talking shit about him. I couldn't sit by. The argument didn't go well. We ended up getting in trouble by a teacher for being too loud. This was almost 1 year ago. He still hates my brother. And i still haven't told him the truth. Im too afraid to. Its probably not my business and my brother is half way done with college, me soon following. :p. Lifes hard man.
mateus007 gamer
mateus007 gamer 17 ore fa
very inspiring, great video!
Christos Mourikis
Jaiden thank this video made me see the truth about my friend and now I am happy thanks to you (keep the good work)
Vlogs Reactions Football  and stuff
Yesterday I was playing a game with my friend who wanted to eat us (as a joke) because he thought that we were chocolate and I was the darkest in the group and one of my friends said “Eat him since he’s brown he has more chocolate in him” and it really hurt my feelings so I would really want some support 🙏
THeEMERALD 19 ore fa
Drugs are fun don't let anyone tell you their not good for you.
Tottaly France
Tottaly France 19 ore fa
Jilandrel 21 ora fa
My friend is really nice and we don’t manipulate and if someone is being manipulated we would help them
Messy Legend
Messy Legend 23 ore fa
I’m go to yes
Levy Acabo
Levy Acabo 23 ore fa
My Childhood best friend might be a manipulater cause all the things to make sure that he/she is a manipulater it's all check..
Johnny Mill
Johnny Mill Giorno fa
Jaiden...if you think that the majority of people are overly passive...you really need to talk to more guys about how they react to another guy being fussy.
aaron playz
aaron playz Giorno fa
Who just thought of Jameden
Michelle Ling
Michelle Ling Giorno fa
Holy crap is that Toga-
Naomi Sedore
Naomi Sedore Giorno fa
Thank you! You helped me.😁
Pyurie AJ
Pyurie AJ Giorno fa
wtf is that toga himiko at 7:22
Catalina Ayala
Catalina Ayala Giorno fa
So hey, I really need some help here cause I have a group of friends and the ones that I’m closest to and I are starting to think that one is a really toxic girl and she gives out a lot of red flags, but when we tried to ignore her and let her do her thing she threatened us that if we ignore her or anything she would kill herself and knowing her she would do it. Can anyone here give me some advice??
MOLLY 4069957
MOLLY 4069957 Giorno fa
This video really helped. I am in a toxic relationship with a friend right now, and I realized that I needed to kick them off my ecosystem. I felt bad at first, but I knew that I had to do it.
Neko Chan
Neko Chan Giorno fa
One of my friend's friend called me a female dog (aka the B word) and was mad at me because I wasn't perfectly kind to a frig'n 14 year old that was dating an 8 year old at the time
Ayden Le
Ayden Le Giorno fa
This actually helped my life
Keanu Morris
Keanu Morris Giorno fa
7 :24 minutes in is that toga from mha
Soup Giorno fa
Due to my stage 500 daddy issues mixed with therapy, it’s so easy for me to recognize manipulative and abusive behavior and I don’t put up with that shit. After being manipulated so much and being put through so much (an example of the situation I’m in, is my emotionally abusive father saying, “I’d kill myself if you left my life”), I have absolutely no issue calling people out or cutting them out of my life (it’s hard to cut out your father tho since you’re underage and a legal document says I have to spend time with him)
This is probably the best thing and most needed advice I needed in a while. I just want to thank Jaden for this, because she always gives good advice and she deserves the best
Zoey The Unicorn
My "friend" Chloe,ismean to me,but sometimes nicetome.
MushroomKing Giorno fa
By the sound of their heads hitting the table I could safely say they would break there nose so they cant snort coke meaning technically they aren't doing drugs
Carol Of The Bells BIG Fan
Me: 2019 2019! 2020 Will be better.. 2020: Fish Frick
happycakesgaming uwu
jaiden thank you so much for putting my fav my hero academia character in this vid yaaaaaaa
Cora Sweetheart
Cora Sweetheart Giorno fa
This video has been very helpful for me by getting out of a very unhealthy relationship. I used to think of my self worth as nothing, until Jaiden posted this and discussed and gave examples for red flags. Slowly over time I built enough courage to communicate with he/she and even though the outcome wasn’t the greatest, it helped me. I still struggle with anxiety and depression, but I want to improve. So thank you Jaiden. -Cora
Eisha Laywerr
Eisha Laywerr Giorno fa
She didn’t say @$$hole she said ah hole
tiger123 savage
tiger123 savage Giorno fa
I watch this video randomly a few times a week to help me not go back to a person that this video desribes
Jet'aime I'm Fun เฌอแตม ไอ'ม ฟัน
And *O H M Y G O D I T S S A T A N*
mythirdchannel Giorno fa
Very well put together video! also awesome that you worked with Kati :D she puts out great content too.
Galaxy_ Evee
Galaxy_ Evee Giorno fa
Jaiden: You are not responsible for their happiness Me: i say that to my freinds everyday when they care about me apart if i get hurt or hit
V _ebay
V _ebay Giorno fa
dude : are my other friends gonna do it? his friends : yay *smashes head on the food*
Loli pop
Loli pop Giorno fa
I watch this so much and i just realised this happend to ms thx Jaiden
Pumpkin Pie Gacha Videos
*listens to the signs of toxicity* Alright bye mom
OhannaRain Hewwo
OhannaRain Hewwo 2 giorni fa
Doesn’t wash hands after using the bathroom RED FLAG!!!
gixi_cuevas 2 giorni fa
Nog Is trash
Nog Is trash 2 giorni fa
Confirmation that jaiden watches my hero acedamia
Linda Lange
Linda Lange 2 giorni fa
Jaiden: *Yeets the cheese (or whatever it is) away* Me: omg the red flag is POWERFUL Me again: *throws cheese across the room* Me again AGAIN: i need the red flag.
TopspeedPlayzYT 2 giorni fa
Practice positive self talk: Kanye: I am a god Ok not that positive
SkyKitty 2 giorni fa
she should teach about this stuff to a class!
BearsLikeToast 2 giorni fa
I had a toxic relationship once. Her name was Sarah. Idk what else to say.
Singing Sweethearts
Who else saw that toga reference?!??!!!
Faith King
Faith King 2 giorni fa
I really appreciate this video. I got out a pretty abusive relationship a few months ago. It’s something that should definitely be talked about (:
Britta Swanson
Britta Swanson 2 giorni fa
Why is this video disliked?!?!
Something Stories
Something Stories 2 giorni fa
Redharvest10 2 giorni fa
More videos like this! I love this!
Vixxiie -
Vixxiie - 2 giorni fa
Phoenix Flames
Phoenix Flames 2 giorni fa
Maybe one of the most important things to learn in life is to be able to live with oneself. Everything else is - as you aptly put it - sprinkles on top.
Angelina Benavidez
Angelina Benavidez 2 giorni fa
3:23 when you are done with school
Emma Potato
Emma Potato 2 giorni fa
I have a friend who has always been nice to me, but my best friend talks about how she would sometimes belittle her and say rude things about her. But my best friend also never pays me back and is sometimes rude too. I'm not sure what to do, because I don't want to lose either of them and I'd lose another friend in the process because we're a group of four and its scary to think that I could have basically no friends.
WeegeepieFan 3 giorni fa
1:38 now you've done it chad
Cody Abreu
Cody Abreu 3 giorni fa
I like how it showed Toga from My Hero Academia for the "I'm gonna wake up and be manipulative today!" scene.
Gogofan240 3 giorni fa
Legit just used parts of this video’s script in a talk to try and help a friend see that he’s not personally responsible for anyone’s happiness and that he needs to take care of his own ecosystem.
patatokitty 3 giorni fa
what if im a therapist?
Internal Screaming
Internal Screaming 3 giorni fa
5:13 I'm going to hell for laughing at this.
Leslie Mac
Leslie Mac 3 giorni fa
7:21 is that toga from the league of villains?
Pie God
Pie God 3 giorni fa
I just got outa a really bad relationship and I gotta say, It's hard. They'd convinced me we were gonna be together forever and used that to coax me into a lot of situations I wouldn't have otherwise dared getting into. They'd get mad and threatening if I didn't do certain things. At one point they'd threatened to mutilate their body if I didn't take off my shirt for them. But despite how emotionally draining and toxic it was, I still felt immense loss and longing when it'd finally ended because strangely enough, I still loved and cared about them. In fact, I'm still trying to get over it now. When you hear bout this stuff it sounds so simple and like, you feel like you'd be able to make the right decision and "gee why do people stay in toxic relationships? Just leave! It's so easy!" but it's really more complicated than that. I figured that out through experience. Although it can be hard.... like, really, really, reallly, incredibly hard... toxic relationships will never work out anyways. They always come to some ultimatum and you're going to have to eventually let them go. I swear it to you. So before you make many mistakes that you will later regret, get away from that shit early on. Again, I know it's not that simple. But that's my word of advice, from experience.
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