This 'Wednesday' Star Went To Werewolf BOOTCAMP... And It Was WEIRD | Superlatives | Seventeen 

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The cast of the long-awaited Netflix show, 'Wednesday', joined Seventeen for a game of Superlatives 🥇 and they could NOT stop laughing!! It's clear this cast got SUPER close while filming because they know ALL each other secrets, including who LIVES on set 🛌🎬 , the WORST dancer 😂🕺, and the Instagram queen 👑. Find more Superlatives from Seventeen HERE: Superlatives Challenge: • Hero Fiennes-Tiffin an...
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Angie M
Angie M 9 mesi fa
I love the energy of a Gen z cast that all have such good chemistry. Like joy and hunter were so funny together and all of their humor was so relatable
Jenn Ladines
Jenn Ladines 9 mesi fa
Joy and Hunter are both millennials 🫢
sox 9 mesi fa
@Jenn Ladines I LOVE millennials 😊😊😊
cherry 9 mesi fa
You complimented genz then you went ahead and mention 2 millennials hahaha well i think chemistry has nothing to do with generations
Angie M
Angie M 9 mesi fa
@cherry girl I am so sorry I was very high and their looks/ comments at each other kept making me giggle but I loved Percy and Emma’s Humor too. And what I meant by that was mostly cause I noticed in most interviews Percy, Emma, and Jenna seemed very dry but like that’s what my friends and people I know from school are like when we talk to each other. Not necessarily a Gen z thing but something I noticed mainly with Gen z
1sa amor
1sa amor 9 mesi fa
you mean young adults
Hailee R
Hailee R 10 mesi fa
I love how Percy just talks like we’re his friends and he’s telling us his stories
jordan chapman
jordan chapman 10 mesi fa
i would love to be friends with him
Abby Akano
Abby Akano 10 mesi fa
fr to be his friend I think would be the best thing
Romina MJ
Romina MJ 9 mesi fa
omg right????? he is the best
Shane 9 mesi fa
well hes Canadian after all! from Newfoundland
Diana 9 mesi fa
Salma 10 mesi fa
Joy and hunter just looking at each other and laughing throughout is so cute and hilarious 😭
Junnnebug 10 mesi fa
Probably because they are the oldest.
yun 10 mesi fa
@Junnnebug​did you delete your reply? i got a notification, but it’s not showing up here. anyway, i’m sick and tired and thought the original comment said joy and percy. not trying to be mean, but you could have said it more nicely.
Lesley X Esty
Lesley X Esty 9 mesi fa
Was about to comment this too
Leighton Dunigan
Yes but, Hunter has a husband!
TrashTalker101 6 mesi fa
probably they had a lot inside jokes that happen here..
ohyechlo 9 mesi fa
they’re like a friend group who decided to film a show together
La' Onna
La' Onna 8 mesi fa
I got that vibe too💯
Sianna Plays
Sianna Plays 8 mesi fa
Why is there lots of likes but barely any comments?
ViXen 10 mesi fa
Emma first time seeing Jenna: *Jenna gives her a hug* Enid giving Wednesday a hug at any chance: *Wednesday rejects her hugs everytime, not until the last ep* 💀😹
Rayne Michelle
Rayne Michelle 10 mesi fa
Spoilers geeze
star!! 🌟
star!! 🌟 10 mesi fa
@Rayne Michelle shouldn’t watch interviews till ur finished, gonna be spoilers.
Rayne Michelle
Rayne Michelle 10 mesi fa
@star!! 🌟 oh I already finished it. I was kind of joking because it's just a hug, not a major plot point, like so many people are also talking about.
ViXen 10 mesi fa
@Rayne Michelle I kind of assume that in every friend story arc like this, they will end up hugging since that will be the sign of progresss in their relationship, it's a cliché that always work in my book ✨
Angélina Ruby
Angélina Ruby 10 mesi fa
Exactly what i first thought
SwaggyLeeMiller 10 mesi fa
Emma seems like the sweetest human to walk this earth
Lana 10 mesi fa
Fr, her character fits her so well
So true shes just such a honey person
DoubleCup 8 mesi fa
Yeah, after Jenna
Ufara 8 mesi fa
@DoubleCup for me Emma is kinder but that’s just my opinion
Books 7 mesi fa
cyran 10 mesi fa
9:16 Percy just smoothly Rick rolled us all, with this alone we can safely say he earned his reputation as a prankster
Noa Zoe Levin
Noa Zoe Levin 10 mesi fa
Natalie Star
Natalie Star 10 mesi fa
wrel skywalker
wrel skywalker 10 mesi fa
LordGrimix 10 mesi fa
I didn't even notice lol
eheheheeeE 9 mesi fa
i literally just said to myself *"why does that sound familiar"* AND I JUST REALIZED 💀
Nikki S
Nikki S 10 mesi fa
It’s so nice to see Joy without the weird contacts haha she’s so stunning ❤
Luqmaan Jama
Luqmaan Jama 9 mesi fa
Wait wha I never knew she wore contacts
Kylie K.
Kylie K. 9 mesi fa
@Luqmaan Jama in the series??
RW 9 mesi fa
@Luqmaan Jama because she's a siren they have very attractive eyes to hypnotize people.
MaudeKalinin 8 mesi fa
Yes, she’s mesmerising
Florrie Bellerose
Joy and Hunter giggling away together, they’re amazing I love them. Percy is hilarious without even trying. Emma is so adorable. Love this cast, great chemistry, wish we had more interviews and more content with the rest of the cast too though.
Riventrix 10 mesi fa
Emma is just so nice, you can't not love her🤗
Jada W
Jada W 9 mesi fa
Percy casually quoting never gonna give you up lyrics though 😭😭
Huh when?
DIMMIE 9 mesi fa
@DADDY CHAD💪🏻 9:17
Brent 9 mesi fa
You can even see him gearing up on 9:08 😂
Carolina Black†Magdalene
I saw that too xd lol
brooklyn 9 mesi fa
tell my why I'm just now noticing that lmaooo
nate 10 mesi fa
I love Joy and Hunter’s dynamic 😂 especially at 7:49 that whole part was so funny. I love the subtle read. “specific”. and the way the both laughed at it 😭😭😭😭
Bella C
Bella C 9 mesi fa
It makes me so happy that they all seem to have a genuine on-set friendship. You can really see that chemistry come through in the show. :')
Julia Linhares
Julia Linhares 10 mesi fa
Joy is just so beautiful, I can watch her speak all day. everything about her just radiates pure sunshine. I hope we get to see more of her story if they do a season 2
Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik 9 mesi fa
With that one lady saying Bianca might be royalty I want her back in season 2 too 😁
Ana Laura
Ana Laura 9 mesi fa
Percy is so sweet in his comments about the cast, is really nice and refreshing to see someone that is not scared of praising people for being who they are. This cast is really sweet to each other, is nice to see they get along so well❤
florixx 10 mesi fa
I love Percy so much, I feel like he has a lot to say and share, I'd love to see more of him, oh and also Emma, she seems so bubbly and sweet. I love this casting so much, it seems like everyone complements each other so well, glad to know they get along !!! ❣️
Out Of Pocket
Out Of Pocket 10 mesi fa
Their personalities seem so warm and vibrant! They're all friend-shaped
n 9 mesi fa
love how giggly emma is like she just seems like a genuinely nice person its cute
Yesica Banegas
Yesica Banegas 10 mesi fa
Joy Sunday’s voice is so beautiful it sounds like a raise of sunshine ☀️ she would be excellent if she did a voice over book reading
Junnnebug 10 mesi fa
Yeah it's beautiful but it threw me off when we were introduced to her character in Wednesday because she sounded so grown and I was right... She's 27.
Isbah loves dinos
@Junnnebug wait she is 😮
witch, please
witch, please 10 mesi fa
Junnnebug 10 mesi fa
@witch, please she sounds too grown to be playing a teenager. Tf you mad for?
Junnnebug 10 mesi fa
BbyKiera doesn't change my opinion does it? I don't see them as teenagers so it takes me out of the story when Joy and Hunter pop on the screen. That's how I feel y'all don't gotta be sensitive about it.
Rebecca Franck
Rebecca Franck 10 mesi fa
my favorite cast! so happy to see Christina in Wednesday cause the played the original character!
F H 10 mesi fa
Actually... no she did not. The original Wednesday was the TV version from the 1960s. Miss Ortega is the best Wednesday ... Imho. She was excellent.
Yaz 9 mesi fa
Hunters and Joys friendship is sooooo cute I’m crying 😭😭
podknot 9 mesi fa
7:36 joy and hunter are so hilarious i seriously can't stop laughing
Nick Nelson
Nick Nelson 9 mesi fa
she said specific, like what comes to my mind was he is specific with size u know
Janimatics 7 mesi fa
They are so funny together lmaooo they need to do them together more 😭😂
kezy_b 9 mesi fa
this has gotta be one of my favourite cast interviews from wednesday, was hilarious to watch and they all looked like they were having a fun time, was nice to get an insight into their time filming and meeting each other :)
•𝖮𝖶!• 9 mesi fa
First time I seen Percy in a role was the Wednesday serial and I absolutely loved him. He is very good actor and very talented person for me. He is absolutely best “soul of the cast” I think. I love that
Delevingne 9 mesi fa
Check out "The Gifted" he’s a main character in that show.
Tiona L.
Tiona L. 9 mesi fa
@Delevingnet was so funny because I kept staring at him like I know this guy but I’m not sure from what and then I was like omgggggg the gifted!!!
weylersworld 8 mesi fa
Delevingne 8 mesi fa
@weylersworld he innocent you 🤡
weylersworld 8 mesi fa
@Delevingne calm down, I haven't said that he is not innocent. We don't know nothing until him will say something. Anyway this comment makes me laugh compared to the actual situation.
Noa Zoe Levin
Noa Zoe Levin 10 mesi fa
the way percy straightened back with fear when emma said "blackmail"
radtwelve 10 mesi fa
They’re so natural. Even by the looks they dont look any different from the characters in the series
Ele 10 mesi fa
Percy is such little charmer huh?! Complimenting them in a very sweet way. Lot of hearbreaker potential there
Marie Antoinette
I love how Oliver's character only had 0.05 second of screen time, and still they talked about him half an interview
ella 9 mesi fa
percy just casually indirectly rickrolling everyone with "emma would never ____" im crying
SLS TheWriter
SLS TheWriter 9 mesi fa
Honestly so much of the show's enjoyment stems from the chemistry. They're all so fun together. Lol
Leviosa 9 mesi fa
Emma's never gonna give you up Emma's never gonna let you down She's never gonna turn around and desert you
cindy 8 mesi fa
Percy lighting up every time Jenna’s name is brought up is the sweetest thing
Seventeen 10 mesi fa
Not a bad idea 😂
Kyle Huntsman
Kyle Huntsman 10 mesi fa
One of my crushes at school last year stole one of those staff golf carts
A_Winged_Rat 10 mesi fa
@Kyle Huntsman Lmao
Hamza khan
Hamza khan 9 mesi fa
Toffee Brain
Toffee Brain 9 mesi fa
Percy casually rick rolling Emma is my fave about this
GreenHourse does gaming
BRO, I Love Emma sm she is so funny, I love her energy lol “Me and a bunch of other guys crawling around on the floor growling at each other, that was weird I’ll never forget that” I died laughing 😂
Nola Monahan
Nola Monahan 9 mesi fa
Love how much fun they have together. You all are a great bunch of actors and did an amazing job. Thank you to each and everyone of you . Hope to see you all soon in season 2
sofii 10 mesi fa
watched the whole show in one day, loved it
OhBoyHereWeGo 9 mesi fa
The friendship between Joy and Hunter is so wholesome and awesome to watch, where do I get one?
Natália Laurovová
Can we just talk about how Percy is the funniest person in the world😭😭🤣
Bailey Harris
Bailey Harris 10 mesi fa
Hunter is so pure and I can't handle it 😭
EtJewlery 10 mesi fa
I love how the cast are so fun, wholesome and nice to be around.
stingrayy 10 mesi fa
I love how Percy was stopping himself from Never gonna give you up 😭
Not Elise
Not Elise 3 mesi fa
joy and hunter laughing and giggling is so adorable 🤣
E the Explorer
E the Explorer 6 mesi fa
Joy has such a loud cute happy laugh it makes me automatically smile
itzzchocolatemimi g
love this cast their chemistry is everything
Anthony GUERIN
Anthony GUERIN 10 mesi fa
Joy and Hunter really seems to get along from interviews I've seen plus this one. Love that
Jela 9 mesi fa
Hunter's laugh is contagious asf 😭💟🤣
Jela 9 mesi fa
Can we appreciate Hunter's flawless face skin. Im dying to know his skincare 😍
HASNA HENNA 9 mesi fa
Sameee...he is beautiful
Sofia Saldana
Sofia Saldana 5 mesi fa
Percy really said " Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna tell a lie, or hurt you" and no one got the refference
Cassandra Licalzi
Love this series and the whole cast! 🥰
ama 10 mesi fa
“yes okay? me and my homie making private noises together” LMAOO PERCY
Sweet Corn
Sweet Corn 8 mesi fa
I've been Jenna's fan since her role as the eldest sister in "Yes Day". I really love Jenna's acting and so her voice and the own way she demonstrate the character's personality. Being a long-time fan, I'm so proud of her that now she can have this huge amount of international fans. Congratulations, Jenna
rhianell ashley apilado
What did that have to do with this(just saying)
Hadiyyah Nauzeer
I'm OBSESSED with all these videos of the cast on still watching Netflix. I really want to see them re enact their favourite scenes they had with each other!!
cyn 10 mesi fa
I love Emma she’s such a sweetie
witch, please
witch, please 10 mesi fa
Joy is GORGEOUS with her natural eyes
Joujou Bac
Joujou Bac 10 mesi fa
I love her skin
Lyd 9 mesi fa
They are all so talented but there’s just something about Joy that’s just so radiant & gravitational.
Javiera Salgado Reyes
2:53 ,”who forgets their lines? “ and Hunter has the most weirdest laugh I’ve ever heard in my life
LifeIsConfusing 9 mesi fa
That was Joy-
Javiera Salgado Reyes
@LifeIsConfusing I was looking at Hunter and he covered his mouth to laugh so I thought it was him
Winblam 9 mesi fa
Percy is the cutest awkward funny person let's be real
hazelx 9 mesi fa
I love joy's laughter lol
“secret dance parties, private noises” always cracks me up😂 i love hunter doohan
WhoKnows? 10 mesi fa
I’m still stuck on the part they made emma go to wolfcamp and she didn’t even get to use her idk, new “wolf skills”🤣
They are all so different yet complement each other so well.
Impact gamers
Impact gamers 9 mesi fa
I love the cast of Wednesday so much 🤩
Olya V
Olya V 9 mesi fa
Omg, Percy is such a nice guy, a really good person 🥰
S0V13TT 9 mesi fa
I love Joy, she slays.
Cristina Fernández Moreno
THE ROOMIE PART OMG Percy just keeps saying things and making it worse 😭
Cristina Fernández Moreno
@A.P. so the question was "who's the loudest and then percy said he was "making private noises with his roomie (georgie) and they made fun of how it sounded
Adelina Lillis
Adelina Lillis 9 mesi fa
I would’ve love to have work with these amazing young women and men! They seem so down to earth, funny and supportive of each other. I just love how they got each other. This honestly made my day!❤ Also why do I feel like if you put Percy, Oliver and Georgie in a room together and leave for an hour and then come back that all the furniture will be screwed to the ceiling?😂
Bluebear0912 6 mesi fa
I love how Percy and George stole a golf cart😂😂😂😂😂 but the way they all explane it😂😂
ali boubes
ali boubes 9 mesi fa
I love the amount of awkwardness in here it is unbelievably funny
Kayla LeBaron
Kayla LeBaron 8 mesi fa
Hunters laugh just gets me every time!
Resident Slxxper
This video was about bullying Percy. At the end of the day, he rickrolled us all. Who laughs last laughs best 😁
Idk if I like the personality of the characters from Wednesday or the actors better because both are just so amazing!
Kaitlyn’s Channel 54
The people Tyler picked as the ones who gave best advice were (on screen) his therapist and his dad 😂
Ananya Goswami
Ananya Goswami 8 mesi fa
I loved how I got rick rolled by Percy!! 🤣 and yeah Joy and Hunter get along so well.
Yaz 9 mesi fa
Haley Kleckner
Haley Kleckner 9 mesi fa
Pretty sure that was Joy, but yes, very funny 😂
Yaz 9 mesi fa
@drawing with char☆*. HE REALLY ISSSS
i think that was Joy 💀
Mirrorball 9 mesi fa
Is it Joy or Hunter?
JVV 8 mesi fa
Emma is so nervous. MUST PROTECT!🥺
Laila Vadakkel
Laila Vadakkel 9 mesi fa
Their laugh makes me happy❤️
Jeremy Sears
Jeremy Sears 9 mesi fa
Joy and Emma are becoming huge stars
Mykaila Williams
lol this was clearly a media day. Joy Sunday you rock!
em0shorty 10 mesi fa
their bond is incredible
AaliyahMarie 9 mesi fa
i love percy’s laugh
ChrisCharisma 9 mesi fa
Hunters laugh is infectious
Patricia Yépez
Patricia Yépez 9 mesi fa
Percy rickrolling us quoting Never Gonna Give You Up answering Emma would never... Give you up, let you down, tell a lie, hurt you HAHAHA
rhyza ..
rhyza .. 9 mesi fa
"Hunter is so _" when percy said beautiful, my heart 😭💕
jennybinkley 8 mesi fa
“Oh my god the banana bread” Had me laughing so hard
1:49 Percy is just sitting there in silence smiling 💀
I🫶🏼you 9 mesi fa
Escalated after that💀😭
Feksander 8 mesi fa
he was thinking about the private noises
Jess Evans
Jess Evans 9 mesi fa
I can’t believe Emma’s 20 years old I literally thought she was either 16 or 17 😂
The Merritthon
The Merritthon 9 mesi fa
4:03 Emma also said "And they were roomates."
riley haworth
riley haworth 9 mesi fa
i adore percy so much. you can tell he has so much say about his experience on this show and i’d like to hear more
Meh 10 mesi fa
Thanks for Rick rolling all of us Percy 😂
BlueBeary 9 mesi fa
As a figure skater, I *need* to see Emma skating 😂
Marissa Heart
Marissa Heart 10 mesi fa
The "why is that, what do you mean?" is killing me! 🤣
Chelsi B.
Chelsi B. 9 mesi fa
Joy is breathtaking 🥺
Alexandra Ami
Alexandra Ami 10 mesi fa
9:16 the way percy rick rolled us😭
Laura Ramirez
Laura Ramirez 10 mesi fa
I’m confused what did he do by that 😅😭
Alexandra Ami
Alexandra Ami 10 mesi fa
@Laura Ramirez never gonna give u up lyrics, people usually send the link of the song to troll “rick roll”, he did it by singing it ig. english aint my first language hope this is clear lol
florixx 10 mesi fa
OMG I DIDNT EVEN NOTICE😭😭 did I just get rickrolled without even noticing and knowing-
Laura Ramirez
Laura Ramirez 10 mesi fa
@Alexandra Ami ahhhh okay thank you love😂❤
hooray 8 mesi fa
they sound so awkward but wholesome at the same time
Schyler Guy
Schyler Guy 2 mesi fa
They are so sweet and kind to each other
Tocaraca 10 mesi fa
Why are they all so cool 😭
sweet dreams
sweet dreams 10 mesi fa
emma is so wholesome and cuute
Joshua 8 mesi fa
That is one big happy family, that's what I see.🤘🏼😂🖤
Jordan Throws
Jordan Throws 9 mesi fa
This cast is so good looking … like just all of them 🤌
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