THRILLING Taylor Fritz vs Jannik Sinner Quarter-Final | Indian Wells 2023 Highlights 

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15 mar 2023




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robin kalousek
robin kalousek 6 mesi fa
People sometimes forget how good Sinner is, considering the fact, he started taking tennis seriously at the age of 13. And you do not simply overpower Sinner, an amount of pace Sinner is able to generate from both wings is just ridiculous
redi xhemalaj
redi xhemalaj 6 mesi fa
Only god knows how he would have been at this stage if he started like everyone else
Loiseau 6 mesi fa
@redi xhemalaj a djokovic's clone x)
sireesha bandi
sireesha bandi 6 mesi fa
Yeah it would be cool if we got a rematch of the uso qf 2022 alcaraz sinner
zed 6 mesi fa
Yup I agree. One of the many challenge their team said is that he is still growing up to this date. A few more inches taller will affect his agility and prone to injuries. Very difficult to maintain weight and diet.
sireesha bandi
sireesha bandi 6 mesi fa
can we give some time to appreciate fritz?if he played any where average the match would have been over in 1hr
Shourjyadipta Sen
Sinner has the potential to win everything on every surface....he is so complete and I love his behaviour on court 💕💕❤️❤️
Kaleb Ball
Kaleb Ball 6 mesi fa
Literally the same style, strokes, and strategy as Novak. Definitely a future #1. He is so game theory optimal, it's scary.
STRAWYB 6 mesi fa
@Shoyrjyadipta Sinner is a nice humble guy. Love his style of play.
mel ord
mel ord 6 mesi fa
After Djoko retires Sinner will be my favorite 🤩
Steve Fowler
Steve Fowler 6 mesi fa
Really? Which people FORGET? You must be in touch with everybody on the planet to have this knowledge.
Es. El.
Es. El. 6 mesi fa
Sinner out of the gate ripping forehands across the pacific. this wasn’t tennis, this was rocketry.
puremaze 6 mesi fa
He really bulked up during the interseason! His upper body and legs look impressive now, especially for his size. He is developing into a scary player but I also find Carlitos very dialed into this tournament and better on hard court than clay.
15Love 6 mesi fa
@puremaze true but also because the Indian wells courts are almost like clay courts with how slow they are lol perfect for Carlos.
6 mesi fa
​@15Love carlitos isn't clay court only though, and last year's us open wasn't really slow...
Edgar Garcia Barzanallana Bosch
Rocketry… love the term!
krosser40 Carnevali
Sinner on fire !!! Sinner is a Bomber !!!
Adam Newell
Adam Newell 6 mesi fa
I love Fritz’s improvement in attitude over past months
Blancos 6 mesi fa
Not helping on the pitch
Chris Chance
Chris Chance 6 mesi fa
​@Blancos yes quarter finals of a masters is just failing at life, right?
Adam Newell
Adam Newell 6 mesi fa
@Blancos It seems to me that he has had closer losses by avoiding getting angry with himself or with tennis in general like he used to do
Blancos 6 mesi fa
@Chris Chance who said failing, Fritz said it himself he is not happy with the result, not ME. To be number 1 having talent is not enough
Tan Nicolás
Tan Nicolás 6 mesi fa
Jannik striking is something else, his tennis is so clean and fluid
Mr. Anderson
Mr. Anderson 6 mesi fa
Great match from both, happy for Sinner, this tournament could be a major breakthrough for him
TheHexagram1976 6 mesi fa
I hope you are right. He's in great form and is really playing at a very high level !
Ben TheKeeshond
Ben TheKeeshond 6 mesi fa
Without Novak, that is possible. But I think Medvedev is going to win this thing.
Tre Artis
Tre Artis 6 mesi fa
The ball striking from Sinner was super impressive.
Cla_Disney 6 mesi fa
Sinner played an incredible match vs Fritz, if only he managed to increase the percentage of his 1st serves in he'd win matches more comfortably without struggling so much. Hopefully we'll have another semifinal Sinner vs Alcaraz, I love their rivalry ♥
黃日恆 6 mesi fa
Sinner is just amazing. Have been my favorite young player along with Alcaraz, always rooting for him for the big titles since the beginning. Hopefully we have another titanic match, their US open encounter was the best match I have ever seen without one of the big 3.
Alan Castellon
Alan Castellon 6 mesi fa
Sinner I can totally see winning multiple major open titles. Great great player. I feel him and Alcaraz are to have many many battles in finals.
Kal 6 mesi fa
Sinner is a class act with an unreal forehand, future #1 is possible 🎾
marcgrondin65 6 mesi fa
That was quite the match - too bad not all of us could be there in person : Fritz almost took it, but a last surge from Sinner did him in. Never tire of seeing that kind of handshake and positive encouragement at the end.
Ace 6 mesi fa
Great win for Jann. Could not have been easy playing against Taylor in IW. Kept his composure and played his game. Forza 🦊
satyagraha a
satyagraha a 6 mesi fa
Sinner has a great demeanor on the court. Great tennis and a lot of class.
Mónica Uribe
Mónica Uribe 6 mesi fa
Jannik is playing each more better, I love this Italian young man, he is a horseman in addition to his good tennis, he has personality, which is good for today's tennis.
Bobby Fischerman
A horseman? LOL. You mean a gentleman?
PLUTUS 6 mesi fa
Do you mean he is an equestrian ? I didn't know that 😅
Francesco Saverio Rotondi
​@Bobby Fischerman ahahahahahahah yes she probably meant that. That is because in Italian the word Knight (or horseman) also means gentleman. She must have put it into google translate and then she must have pasted it here.
Massimo Riserbo
Massimo Riserbo 6 mesi fa
@Francesco Saverio Rotondi or maybe she thinks he has a big appendage
Bobby Fischerman
@Francesco Saverio Rotondi I know…
m kader
m kader 6 mesi fa
Well done Sinner. It really looked as though he could mentally-crumble in the 2nd and 3rd sets with those tentative drop shots etc but glad to see he has worked on the psychological side of the game. So happy for him!
Backstreet Cric8
Carlos Vs Jannik is gonna be another blockbuster. He almost won their last meeting. Hope the crowd will not cheer sinner missing first serves this time around
Bobby Fischerman
The crowd in Indian Wells is not the same as in NY, so no.
Cole's Calisthenics
I forgot how clean Sinner's forehand and backhand are!!
Mónica Uribe
Mónica Uribe 6 mesi fa
Jannik sta giocando sempre meglio, adoro questo giovane italiano, è un cavaliere oltre al suo buon tennis, ha personalità, il che è positivo per il tennis di oggi.
Lupo Ellison
Lupo Ellison 6 mesi fa
Molti lo criticavano quando Sinner ha lasciato coach Piatti, ma ora quella scelta comincia a pagare. Jannik ha un gioco più vario ed è migliorato tanto a rete e nel servizio. E poi ha un bello stile da gentleman nello stare in campo, sempre corretto e positivo.
francesco_jsb 6 mesi fa
@Lupo Ellison Ha avuto il coraggio di lasciare suo "padre tennistico" per diventare adulto, cosa che al momento non hanno avuto il coraggio di fare nè Musetti e nè Berrettini. Secondo me la scelta giusta è quella di Sinner, ma vedremo il futuro.
Lupo Ellison
Lupo Ellison 6 mesi fa
@francesco_jsb Anche Camila Giorgi, se si fosse affrancata dal padre tennistico, che è anche il vero padre, per passare ad un altro coach che tra l'altro non desse in escandescenze dalla tribuna, avrebbe avuto un'altra carriera. Senza contare che con quel suo garbo nel porsi in campo, se invece di indossare gli abitini creati da sua madre si fosse trovata un main sponsor come Nike per Sinner, avrebbe incassato un sacco di soldi.
francesco_jsb 6 mesi fa
@Lupo Ellison certo, quello è un caso ancora peggiore, in quanto, con tutto rispetto per Sergio, lui rimane comunque un coach di tennis improvvisato, neanche da paragonare a Tartarini e Santopadre che sono comunque ottimi proferssionisti
Master Plumbob
Master Plumbob 6 mesi fa
👨‍🚀 Sinner Is the perfect example of you DON'T have to be huge or moan like a dying werewolf to generate power. He's A Rocketman! 🚀 Lol
delbroox 6 mesi fa
Exactly! Well said
Udi Shomer
Udi Shomer 6 mesi fa
Sinner is so elegant, a joy to watch
Creees 6 mesi fa
Great work tennis tv. The team at tennis tv have been amazing this year. So happy theres no spoilers in the thumbnail and also the app which i have been a customer for years i am loving. It works on consoles now and have loved the highlights and the fact the app has spoiler saver on the timeline is a fantastic idea, thats a real tennis person who decided that bravo. For this reason i kept the app during this sunshine double which isylest favourite time of the year due to 2 masters tournaments being stretched over an entire month where they could be done 2 weeks or 3 weeks max
NotSoHandyTim 6 mesi fa
Good matchup. I think most fans knew this one could go either way. 🎾
cabforward OOO
cabforward OOO 6 mesi fa
They have very similar styles. Both have terrific backcourt games.
tucker3601 6 mesi fa
Sinner such a gangly looking fellow, somehow looks lankier than Fritz despite being a couple inches shorter. Yet he generates enormous power of his groundstrokes. Great technique.
Stefan Hell
Stefan Hell 6 mesi fa
Great sportsmanship from both at the handshake
Ange Dominique
Ange Dominique 6 mesi fa
Superbe match, Sinner est très fort
manohar man
manohar man 6 mesi fa
Medvedev in 2021 or 2020 ATP predictions video ,he said about sinner that he will have breakout year and he said that he is practising with sinner a lot and he has incredible talent
Eduardo Cherñajovsky
Im sad for Taylor but he ll come back stronger. He could have benefitted from Wimbledon giving points. Im happy for Sinner, as I feel he lost some of the momentum gained last year. Hopefully he ll peak later this year, if not now.
Sean Binder
Sean Binder 6 mesi fa
Sad to see Fritz lose but Sinner has a great game and attitude so can't be too upset.
Creees 6 mesi fa
Amazing fight from Fritz i thought Sinner would win more comfortably.
Kurt Wild
Kurt Wild 6 mesi fa
Sinner is one of the most loyal, respectful and in my opinion best tennis player And absolutely my favourite Andiamo Jannik ,prenditi questo titolo 🇮🇹
Andrius Andry
Andrius Andry 6 mesi fa
Jannik! Orgoglio Italiano ❤🇮🇹
Simon Lowrie
Simon Lowrie 6 mesi fa
two non-grunters playing superbly - so nice to have a match I can actually watch
M Pa
M Pa 6 mesi fa
Its just great to see that tennis is in good hands when all said and done for Rafa and Djokovic and of course Federer gone already.
Luca Martin
Luca Martin 6 mesi fa
His new haircut (Marines style) is giving him a lot of power😊 FORZA Jannik!🎉
ashish chavan
ashish chavan 6 mesi fa
Sinner is complete all court player. Hope he could go in deep run in slams.
philbofetti archive
If he manages to hold his nerve at high pressure points consistently, sinner is going to reel a ton of titles over the next few years.
Federico Town
Federico Town 6 mesi fa
Grande Jannik ! Continua a farci sognare campione
speed0380 6 mesi fa
Been trying to find weaknesses in Sinner’s game. And I don’t see many. I can’t figure out why he isn’t winning big tournaments and slams already. Only thing I can think of is that when he’s defending he’s giving some easy balls to opponents. Novak never does that.
Massimo Galeotti
Time to time
francesco_jsb 6 mesi fa
He had, indeed is having, a slower physical growth than others and his tennis career was often interrupted by injuries, then tennis is a strange sport, often a hair passes between victory and defeat (see last year his match against Alcaraz at the US Open, both deserved to win and both had a chance to win, if Sinner won he would probably already have a slam in his palmares)
HermanWaldorf 6 mesi fa
Sinner is a top ten player. No more doubts about it.
Grahzee 6 mesi fa
Sinner will be the next Number 1 for a long time!
Vinícius 6 mesi fa
What a banger of a match.
Marc 6 mesi fa
Glückwunsch Jannik. Super gespielt!
ljhokk 6 mesi fa
2nd best match of the tournament so far.Only Medvedev and Zverev played better quality match than these two.Both played quality tennis and Sinner just continue his great start of the season.That fotrehand from Sinner was on fire in this match.From Fritz I like the fighting spirit that he had in this match but also in some other matches in this tournament and I feel like this is most improved part of the game and one of the reasons why he is top 5 now.
Craig Mills
Craig Mills 6 mesi fa
I cannot wait for the semis against the famous Carlos Alcaraz. Let’s go Jannik
YouTube Geek
YouTube Geek 6 mesi fa
He deserves the title.
Lotus 6 mesi fa
Alcaraz vs Sinner is going to be another hell of a battle
Actorclown 6 mesi fa
Yeah their matches have been great competitively. Nice we have these Greta young players as the legends start to retire or drop off.
Rafael Lorenzo
Rafael Lorenzo 6 mesi fa
Another one of the games of the year. Who was going to say it. FRITZ VS SINNER 😮😮😮
Grahzee 6 mesi fa
Jannik will be devastating once his power will improve ( he is only 21)
Terence Wong
Terence Wong 6 mesi fa
I love both Sinner and Alcaraz. But I hope Sinner will beat Alcaraz in the semi.
Alberto 6 mesi fa
❤che giocatore!!!!! Bravo Jannik!!!!!!🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹❤️
Diego Martínez Montoro
Leonardo Fallerini
Grandissimo! Puoi battere tutti, stai migliorando ogni giorno.
Simon 234
Simon 234 6 mesi fa
Sinner is awsome 🔥
Hendrik 6 mesi fa
Sinner finally maturing, doesn't look quite like a 14 year old boy anymore
francesco_jsb 6 mesi fa
Creees 6 mesi fa
Sinner has unbelievably extree grip on his forehand. I would love to know what tension he uses
Simone Mazza
Simone Mazza 6 mesi fa
I heard somewhere that it was 28 kg (like 62 lbs)
Creees 6 mesi fa
@Simone Mazza i think its 28lbs. No way a flimsy extreme grip can do that even if the guy is six foot 2
Creees 6 mesi fa
@Simone Mazza my friend strings for the Australian Open. Ill see him next week to confirm
Simone Mazza
Simone Mazza 6 mesi fa
@Creees yeah that makes a lot more sense ahahahah
francesco_jsb 6 mesi fa
@Creees No, I confirm, they are just 28 kg, among the most taut of all players, His stringbed is with 39 points of dynamic tension. He said this in 2019 however, I don't know if at the moment he has made any changes
shanifer 6 mesi fa
Dang if only they show all highlights in the court-level view like at 3:04!
Lung Chan
Lung Chan 6 mesi fa
Since Wu's match against Fritz, I always try to see if fritz is going to hug or not. He is really not a hugger, every hug he gives is weird.
Peter Phil Stacey
Omg, not as weird as your comments
Lung Chan
Lung Chan 6 mesi fa
@Peter Phil Stacey seriously watch him. Always hesitant. Yes my fixation is weird. But seriously look
NotSoHandyTim 6 mesi fa
@Lung Chan: No.
Tony Miller
Tony Miller 6 mesi fa
VERY OBSERVANT OF YOU. YOU ARE 100% correct. Fritz is definitely NOT a hugger. Could he be homophobic, maybe? Who knows?
Reticent Psfer
Reticent Psfer 6 mesi fa
agreed he is weird with touching
Mashizzung99 6 mesi fa
Great match. Too bad there can only be one winner
Ro Sar
Ro Sar 6 mesi fa
Sinner has an amazing game, the pace is unreal, his motion is so relaxed , and his attitude is always great. If only he didn't fist pump every point he'd be my personal fav
francesco_jsb 6 mesi fa
eh eh ... I don't like that gesture either, but it has become commonly used (and abused) by most players, I suspect that this thing is linked to the advent of mental coaches, which did not exist years ago, that perhaps they suggest it to players as a means to focus and self-motivate
Ro Sar
Ro Sar 6 mesi fa
​@francesco_jsb yes definitely, it's a physical routine that is automated in order to stay focused, like Nadal for whom every single mouvement on a court between points is a routine that allows him to block any negative thoughts. But man it's so unpleasant to watch, it's dehumanising
francesco_jsb 6 mesi fa
@Ro Sar The great old tennis player Adriano Panatta said more or less the same, he hates the fist gesture too
pippadog 6 mesi fa
When Sinner first came on the tour he never fist pumped and was criticized for not showing emotion. After a loss to Tiafoe in I forget what tournament, I think he was coached to display more positive body attitude which resulted in this fist pump routine. I wish I could write to him and tell him to stop. He doesn't need it.
Moorish Brooklyn
Good match. Sinner tennis is special.
Bác sĩ Đôn
Bác sĩ Đôn 6 mesi fa
Love both two players
Escorpio123PS 6 mesi fa
He's playing great.
weili6112 6 mesi fa
Fritz always behaves awkward when opponent tries to hug him.
Bobby Fischerman
That started when Tiafoe hugged him once.
Markus E
Markus E 6 mesi fa
At 1:51-1:53 I can't see how they don't realize how much better they look if they age gracefully, naturally. She looks horrible (she looks wonderful if it was done due to some serious burns or other serious skin conditions, which is doubtful). Such a great match. I wanted Taylor to win, but anyway congrats to Jannik.
Mamoona Rashid
Mamoona Rashid 6 mesi fa
Outstanding stuff from sinner
kigga13 6 mesi fa
this highlights doesnt show any of awesome shots. it was a high quality tennis from both of them
David Min
David Min 6 mesi fa
It's interesting to watch the men vs. the women at the end of these matches: nearly all of the men's matches have warm exchanges, and at least half of the women's matches involve a perfunctory handshake.
Alexander The Great
Jannik future World No. 1....
Goodee44 6 mesi fa
sinner has everything.i have no doubt sinner will win some slams
Steve Just Saying
Sinner went in for the hug but got rejected.
Paky Linuss
Paky Linuss 6 mesi fa
Fritz have a problem with hugs...
Steve Just Saying
@Paky Linuss haha, especially after losing. Can't say I blame him.
Paky Linuss
Paky Linuss 6 mesi fa
@Steve Just Saying 😂
ReformedWretch 6 mesi fa
Sinner is so much more pleasant to watch than Alcaraz. No unnecessary grunts, no pandering to the crowd, no display of arrogance and grandeur. Just a great guy, and his hitting is far better than Alcaraz. So much pace and elasticity. I really hope he wins.
PLUTUS 6 mesi fa
True. Well said. Alcaraz is a brilliant tennis player, also humble and gracious when he loses. But with unnecessary theatrics. And those delayed grunts are extremely annoying.
Erika Guadarrama
sickeroner 6 mesi fa
Phani Kiran
Phani Kiran Mese fa
I agree. But different personalities, Alcaraz loves attention. Sinner and Medvedev do it like a 9-5 job which is pleasant to me.
@Phani Kiran I prefer the latter. Attention seekers and crowd pleasers are annoying.
Antonio Chianese
Grande jannik 🇮🇹
P B 6 mesi fa
That was the most awkward hug in the history of hugs! Frtiz doesn’t like getting hugs at all.
Paul Batol
Paul Batol 6 mesi fa
He only gives it to his girlfriend.
Robinson Cruise
Robinson Cruise 6 mesi fa
He has given far more awkward ones
BayernMan12 6 mesi fa
@Paul Batol can’t blame him 😂
อัครชัย พุ่มรัตนา
You are the next idol ,Mr.Sinner,you are gentle and perfection in court,love Thailand Bangkok Akcarachai. Pum,fc from Asia Thailand
mariastella congiata
Mike 6 mesi fa
surprised fritz got a set from sinner but good job! go sinner!
Mark 6 mesi fa
Nothing surprising about it. Fritz is a great player on his own right
striker15 6 mesi fa
fritz is number 5 in the world...
Milivoj Petrovic
@striker15 he'll be tenth next week
Sandeep Patil
Sandeep Patil 6 mesi fa
Sinner reminds me of del potro. Both are not having identical in playing style . He is hard hitting as like del potro specially on forehand wing.
TLOMe 6 mesi fa
If Fritz got his long rally numbers up just a little bit he would have won. Although I feel in the end it was a slight fitness issue.
Marco 6 mesi fa
His fitness was perfect, Sinner was just better. He’s ramping up on another level.
TLOMe 6 mesi fa
​@Marco At the end Fritz looked gassed. He had that 3 setter with Fucsovics. It's not like he bageled or breadsticked Fritz. It was close.
Tony Miller
Tony Miller 6 mesi fa
Is he homophobic? Check in here.
Marco 6 mesi fa
@TLOMe if you wanna be a top 5 you got deal with it I,’m sorry. Sinner had to deal with that “setter” of Fucsivics at AO before facing Tsitsipas. The Hungarian was in a way better shape then than now but that didn’t affect Sinner’s fitness. Fritz played well, it’s been tight in the 2 set because Sinner dropped with the service and Fritz increased it. 3 set like the first one. I don’t buy the wind excuse, I don’t think Sinner was playing in a bubble.
BayernMan12 6 mesi fa
@TLOMe to be honest both Sinner and Fritz looked gassed.
Lucius Vorenus
Lucius Vorenus 6 mesi fa
I need to come around. For some reason I haven’t liked him, but I appreciate his respectful and sporting demeanor a lot.
Nenno 6 mesi fa
Sinner ❤💪🇮🇹
Blancos 6 mesi fa
Thank you sinner for the 270€ I won, love you Sinner. The best!
Harry Wild
Harry Wild 6 mesi fa
The two big tennis head cases playing a match!😊
Paolo Imperiale
Paolo Imperiale 6 mesi fa
Matteo Jimenez
Matteo Jimenez 6 mesi fa
The prove that when 2 servebots (Fritz and Aliassime) face 2 real tennis players (that can do something more than serve and forehand) they loose and can’t do nothing about it
Matilda Mattioli
Vamos sinner ❤❤😊😊
Expat Properties Mumbai
Jannik: "My game can trouble the best, defending champion included"
Erika Guadarrama
The best!!! Sinner
Phil Moore
Phil Moore 6 mesi fa
Great match! Two aesome guys! NIKE has hit rock bottom with the 2023 clothes, yuck.
Ameel Dezi
Ameel Dezi 6 mesi fa
Sinner is too good for Fritz but not for Alcaraz..........Anyways well played
King Nole 👑
King Nole 👑 6 mesi fa
Forza Sinner 👏
Ad_ Zark
Ad_ Zark 6 mesi fa
Relieved Fritz was beaten. The American sweetheart often got an easy draw when playing at home, including last year when he was the champion. Congrats Sinner.
MarSer 6 mesi fa
Sinner wants to hug everyone 🤗
Kingsley Onyekwere
Costly dropped shots from both when it matters...
Weston Meyer
Weston Meyer 6 mesi fa
As impressive as this win was, Alcaraz pretty much destroyed FAA and that was even more impressive. I don’t think Sinner can handle Alcaraz right now.
길녘 6 mesi fa
Vamos!! Jannik!!
Neil Tow
Neil Tow 6 mesi fa
Why did Fritz keep trying the same drop shot? Sinner always ran it down.
Leonardo Braynen
Probably cuz he cant dropshot.
NotSoHandyTim 6 mesi fa
@Leonardo Braynen: 😂 What better time to practice...I guess.
BayernMan12 6 mesi fa
That’s why you don’t try drop shots when you’re down wind.😂
Leonardo Braynen
@NotSoHandyTim lol
Elfriede Urthaler
Grande Jannik
H 6 mesi fa
Awkward half-hug at the net. I’m sure Fritz was not happy. In terms of mentality and on-court manner, I think Sinner is comparable to Nadal. I don’t believe I have seen Sinner throwing his racquet in frustration yet. Correct me if I’m wrong.
Coffe andbagels
Coffe andbagels 6 mesi fa
He is probably one of the most, if not the most well behaved player in the next gen. His court manners are always on point, never rude, always graceful even after tough losses. You gotta love Sinner, he is a great and simple guy, who loves tennis.
PLUTUS 6 mesi fa
People are hyping the young guns Alcaraz and Sinner. But the crafty Russian, Medvedev is sitting in the sidelines and plotting his victory like a chess grandmaster 😅
Luis Lizard
Luis Lizard 6 mesi fa
Im Italian but I love medvedev guy takes no shit .. ace and funny as F
francesco_jsb 6 mesi fa
Medvedev is currently in great shape and in confidence (unfortunately), I also believe that the winner between Sinner and Alcaraz will then be underdog against him
Udi Shomer
Udi Shomer 6 mesi fa
Didn't age well. Medvedev was crashed by Alcaraz in the finals.
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