tik toks i watched after raiding area 51 👽

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Commenti 615
Fly Like A Dragon
Fly Like A Dragon 6 giorni fa
12:34 my guy just BODYED her
Rayne Cameron
Rayne Cameron 6 giorni fa
12:10 I have a phobia for certain noises and cracking knuckles is one and EWWWWWNDKWMF
Sonny Davidson FNC
Sonny Davidson FNC 10 giorni fa
Why do all american houses look the same
C:\users\ SoftRock.wav\
What is the third song
Kaitlyn Foreman
Kaitlyn Foreman 17 giorni fa
6:05 her: *does this* her parents: why are there footprints on the ceiling
Riley VSCO
Riley VSCO 18 giorni fa
8:29 Now I Really want to throw a party-
Wolf Lover
Wolf Lover 20 giorni fa
She was gone😂😂😂😂12:30
duhhh. its Lori
duhhh. its Lori 20 giorni fa
She went 🤸🏻‍♀️ at 12:34
Poppy Stewart
Poppy Stewart 20 giorni fa
3:25 da heck
BELLA.5 21 giorno fa
holy shit talatis in there I went to highschool with that dude
kaivion crawford
kaivion crawford 21 giorno fa
1:01 what is that meme
Keira and Phoenix vlogs
what's the song at 3:08 ??
Flight or Fight
Flight or Fight 22 giorni fa
Keira and Phoenix vlogs Lil Peep - Falling Down
Finn Bean
Finn Bean 22 giorni fa
You cant teach a Tesla to dance they already danc to any mjusic if you tell them to. 3:55
die_cannoli 22 giorni fa
hey peeps, i have a bit of a problem!! ya see, i can’t find this tiktok that was posted on this channel from march-july?? it’s rrly killing me!! it involves a blonde girl?? in a lifeguard bathing suit and gyro zeppeli(for those of you who dont know who that is please look him up!!) i forgot the audio :( that tiktok was rrly funny to me and i really want to find the acc who made it, so could u guys help me find it? i will be putting this message on various newer videos on this acc so if u see it pls comment if you find the tiktok i’m talking about!! thank you!!
Nino ღ
Nino ღ 22 giorni fa
Song at 1:23 ? :D
Nino ღ
Nino ღ 21 giorno fa
Flight or Fight thank uuuu
Flight or Fight
Flight or Fight 22 giorni fa
Nino ღ 10k.Caash - Kerwin Frost Scratch That
Emilio Alvarez
Emilio Alvarez 22 giorni fa
Whats the song name at 5:29
Flight or Fight
Flight or Fight 22 giorni fa
Emilio Alvarez Sage the Gemini - Red Nose
Kathy Heller
Kathy Heller 23 giorni fa
Mini Me
Mini Me 23 giorni fa
Chair man is my man
Try Eliron
Try Eliron 23 giorni fa
what's the song at 5:05
Flight or Fight
Flight or Fight 23 giorni fa
Eliron Dog - El Dembow Del Perro
Ricin 23 giorni fa
what is the song thats at 0:20 ?
Flight or Fight
Flight or Fight 23 giorni fa
Ricin Yo Gotti - Down In The DM (Jersey Club Remix)
Gacha Artemis
Gacha Artemis 23 giorni fa
7:34 the boys locker room meme came to life
Hi I'm Sam
Hi I'm Sam 23 giorni fa
The first song similar to another song but Idk what song? Can someone like let me know if it is just me or does it sound like another song and let me know which song
g Amer
g Amer 23 giorni fa
0:21 - 0:31 pls song name
g Amer
g Amer 23 giorni fa
@Flight or Fight thx
Flight or Fight
Flight or Fight 23 giorni fa
Mihály Zsuzsa Yo Gotti - Down In The DM (Jersey Club Remix)
NuhChez 24 giorni fa
Go to 4:11 to see a loser 😂😂
le monke
le monke 24 giorni fa
Can I be friends with the person at 19:28?
NATEY SMOOTH 24 giorni fa
Check my Tik tok compilations out 🤩🤩
Moved channels [sparrow_cola666]
7:51 now this is pure beauty except the part when they got kicked out
Lia K
Lia K 24 giorni fa
11:33 Why am I such a theatre kid. Just wanted to say that’s from legally blonde the musical lol I was in that play twice. Just wanted to let you know.
Gavin Denny
Gavin Denny 24 giorni fa
Roxy Hunt
Roxy Hunt 24 giorni fa
Is it just me or does the spongebob one sound kinda like jake Paul wtheck
Paige Stoudmire
Paige Stoudmire 24 giorni fa
Does anyone know succculents outro song and video?!
just waiting for a prince. Pma
13:41 kill. It.
Cole Wofford
Cole Wofford 24 giorni fa
That one we’re they are bull riding is at our high school
Saskia Diamond
Saskia Diamond 24 giorni fa
13:02 ha I'm NZ class of '24 (we all cool kids)
xXx_cOoKiE_gIrL_xXx 24 giorni fa
At 2:46 he only fixed the cold situation ;-;
cherry_skiies *
cherry_skiies * 24 giorni fa
the ants 🐜😡
French Boi
French Boi 24 giorni fa
0:22 anyone know what song thia is from?
Flight or Fight
Flight or Fight 24 giorni fa
French Boi Yo Gotti - Down In The DM (Jersey Club Remix)
Viggobuus123 24 giorni fa
Mypropicisnotjimin lookleft
Whats the audio on 1:01
Mypropicisnotjimin lookleft
@Flight or Fight graciasss💜💜💜
Flight or Fight
Flight or Fight 24 giorni fa
Mypropicisnotjimin lookleft Dog - El Dembow Del Perro
dad 24 giorni fa
what did 14:04 say
ElDiablo DeCorridos
ElDiablo DeCorridos 24 giorni fa
I played. 1:09 to my dog lol
Dacal LP
Dacal LP 24 giorni fa
*The girl at **5:52** legit can dance better like me ON THE CEILING*
WB Comment
WB Comment 24 giorni fa
1:03 background song?
Flight or Fight
Flight or Fight 24 giorni fa
WB Comment Dog - El Dembow Del Perro
Mey 25 giorni fa
“I could walk out of school rn” No I can’t. I wanna but the guard doesn’t let anyone through the gates and the only way I can escape this hellhole is by jumping over the fence which I did once in lunch hour and our crazy psychopath of a headteacher was standing there behind the tree with a fucking hat and sunglasses to put everyone in detention.
YapJap 66
YapJap 66 25 giorni fa
its illegal to kick someone out of a mall because they are wearing woman;s clothes thats gender discrimination
hot sauce
hot sauce 25 giorni fa
Creeper (pls keep it going)
This Person Does Not Exist
Braden Mansfield
Braden Mansfield 25 giorni fa
I legit cant fucking comprehend how girls can get that pretty, like wtf how did you mf do that?
Colin Hare
Colin Hare 25 giorni fa
13:40 das a centipeed
Colin Hare
Colin Hare 25 giorni fa
Can I get the REAL outro song pretty please?
Colin Hare
Colin Hare 25 giorni fa
nvmd got it. ark by ship wrek and zookeepers: itvid.net/video/video-8xlDwukxjnA.html
UwU Pastel Galaxy Cat UwU
Reagan Larrabee
Reagan Larrabee 25 giorni fa
the last one though lol
anextrapancakepls 25 giorni fa
Is anybody else’s saved videos from tiktok getting deleted?
Jason T
Jason T 25 giorni fa
3:24 is so disturbing 🤣
the gay michelangelo
Why did they get kicked out for wearing dresses?????
low on oxygen
low on oxygen 25 giorni fa
tik toks that make me forgot about my F
Isaiah Curry
Isaiah Curry 25 giorni fa
Can we get a like for Hobo Johnson
-Frogie Chan-
-Frogie Chan- 25 giorni fa
12:12 this dood got arthritis...... Like why
Avoid Electro
Avoid Electro 25 giorni fa
1:01 song plssss
Flight or Fight
Flight or Fight 25 giorni fa
SLG Electro Dog - El Dembow Del Perro
lenorm 25 giorni fa
the screeching distorted ones got me like
ya boi
ya boi 25 giorni fa
19:05 that's my Spanish teacher😂😂
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