Tiwa Savage Ft Duncan Mighty - Lova Lova ( Official Music Video )

Tiwa Savage
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Tiwa Savage Ft Duncan Mighty - Lova Lova ( Official Music Video ).
Available on all streaming platforms at fanlink.to/Lovalova

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8 ago 2018

tiwa savageduncan mightylova lova#lovalovalovalova




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Commenti 3 976
amine boy
amine boy 19 ore fa
Best Nigerian music I have heread it ❤️ شكوبيستاني 🇩🇿
chizzy Tv
chizzy Tv Giorno fa
Who is here May 2019
Gil Caculo
Gil Caculo 2 giorni fa
God song
Gérard Amen
Gérard Amen 3 giorni fa
denis gideon
denis gideon 3 giorni fa
bongo land Tanzanian hem tieni like hapa 2019
mary nyambura
mary nyambura 4 giorni fa
Nice one
Odette Ebong
Odette Ebong 6 giorni fa
Loving you all the way from Cameroon 🇨🇲
Osman Kamara
Osman Kamara 6 giorni fa
I think i just saw Africa T.Pain lol
Mwafrika Mkenya
Mwafrika Mkenya 7 giorni fa
Tiwa Savage has a sexy voice and body fine too. What a sexy milf
Official Boss-iceman
Favour Yinbirikeye
Favour Yinbirikeye 8 giorni fa
I’ve be crushing Tiwa savage forever 😭❤️
Besingi Welisane
Besingi Welisane 8 giorni fa
No be say after I wine am well ooh make you no go leave your girl inside well ooh 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lilian Kabue
Lilian Kabue 8 giorni fa
All her videos are dull, songs are so dope though....
Silver Ekhator
Silver Ekhator 9 giorni fa
Still watching in 2019 😊😊❤❤
Natasha Ojone
Natasha Ojone 9 giorni fa
Repeat bottom gather here ooooo
Natasha Ojone
Natasha Ojone 9 giorni fa
Mr lova lova Duncan mighty I love ur sweet unique voice
George Innis
George Innis 9 giorni fa
This music is so cute and great I'm from Liberia....
Carolle Guehoue
Carolle Guehoue 12 giorni fa
Lova lova yes follow me
Ayesha Islam
Ayesha Islam 13 giorni fa
Tiwa Savage 💅🏾💅🏾💅🏾💅🏾💅🏾💅🏾
Ayesha Islam
Ayesha Islam 13 giorni fa
This shit str8 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mesido Opufou
Mesido Opufou 13 giorni fa
Amazing song!👍🏽
Cnn Mitfol
Cnn Mitfol 15 giorni fa
I listen to Tiwa daily and today is this tune's turn
ADEYEMI OMOLADE 15 giorni fa
"No be say if I don wine am well, you go leave your girl inside well oo..."...Tiwa Savage is my boo, all day, everyday
Pretty Joh8
Pretty Joh8 18 giorni fa
Nice music
Raymond Phiri
Raymond Phiri 21 giorno fa
Tiwa congratulations on your new record deal!, my advice is this: 'Let's keep it African while going global!!'.
Cisse Tahirou
Cisse Tahirou 22 giorni fa
Oh ma NW
Nuradeen Atiku
Nuradeen Atiku 22 giorni fa
I am so happy because of u tiwa savage 💖👄
Blackwidow BONGANI
Blackwidow BONGANI 22 giorni fa
cathy happy
cathy happy 5 giorni fa
I play it repeatedly.... I love their voices🇰🇪
Playaas Culture
Playaas Culture 23 giorni fa
Guys breaking boundary, Tiwa and Dunan two lion combined. Hit like if you love this comment
Okafor Mario
Okafor Mario 23 giorni fa
Put your hands up seven For them,much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Pence Dominico's
Pence Dominico's 23 giorni fa
Tiwa's music is so vibing
Pence Dominico's
Pence Dominico's 23 giorni fa
I 😍😍😍😍😍 u so much
sonai cruz
sonai cruz 24 giorni fa
Tiwa's pretty cool same with mighty they brougt it out classically
Precious Rose
Precious Rose 24 giorni fa
Jamming to this from USA in the New York n New Jersey area! Love me some Tiwa Savage!!
ross meroe
ross meroe 20 giorni fa
Yep..she lit
Hellen Muwowo
Hellen Muwowo 24 giorni fa
Im inlove with song
Caroline Gasva
Caroline Gasva 25 giorni fa
shafton connell
shafton connell 26 giorni fa
Leh We Tok TV
Leh We Tok TV 26 giorni fa
Sierra Leone 🇸🇱😍🇸🇱💃🏽🙌🏼
Ik ondebeatz
Ik ondebeatz 26 giorni fa
itvid.net/video/video-C1D7HCb1mJo.html i couldn't sleep well until i had to remake this beat.. check it out
Вероника Лепихина
we love Duncan M from Cameroon
everestus oghuvwu
everestus oghuvwu 26 giorni fa
I listen to this creative piece at least once a day.
Wewe Wowo
Wewe Wowo 27 giorni fa
Inside welooooo weyew weyew
Official Boss-iceman
Are you crazy for this hit jam????? Men I'm crazy
Rihanna ahmed
Rihanna ahmed 29 giorni fa
My favourite song
Ola Martins
Ola Martins 29 giorni fa
This guy is my favourite Nigerian musician
Rahman Abubakari
Rahman Abubakari 29 giorni fa
I love this song wooooow😘
Medina Nangui
J’écoute pas les paroles mes j’aime la chanson 👌👌👌❤️💓
Official Boss-iceman
I'm waiting for more
Praise Okani
Praise Okani Mese fa
Rudeboy needs to do a song with duncan mighty
Hayca Abby
Hayca Abby Mese fa
Kama kuna kitu ninanifanya napata mood nzuri ni hii nyimbo Mr lova lova tiwa love moree baby
Tracy Nyarko
Tracy Nyarko Mese fa
I'm here for Duncan mighty ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Ditoh_ Mese fa
Who else noticed mother Teresa's potrait... 😑😑
winnies world wide
I am in love with tiwa is she single?
Chelsea aderze
Love this song cuz of the language so nice my Nigerian bro and sis
Derick HairForce
Sweet song🍬🍭🍡👌🏿💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰
Matiku Peter
Matiku Peter Mese fa
I love this song too much from +255 Tanzania
anais alexis
anais alexis Mese fa
Yana Aladdin
Yana Aladdin Mese fa
one love
Rashyna Gore
Rashyna Gore Mese fa
I'm Jamaican mi love dis🔥🔥💪😏👑🙌 kill dem
kerry A
kerry A Mese fa
African Queen Legend much love Tiwa♥️
Sara Sara
Sara Sara Mese fa
Please translate what does it mean "samanke"
BungaloHippo Mese fa
wow until i saw this video i thought that little interlude was wizkid! and i just came from watching a video about all the people who sound like wiz and Ceeza was one of them!
Cynthia Wanjiru
lova lova tiwa savage
ross meroe
ross meroe Mese fa
This definitely qualifies as an Afrobeats classic. Well done Tiwa and Mighty.
Chief M'Baku
Chief M'Baku Mese fa
The Savage family returned from captivity and settled in Nigeria. When slavery was abolished, many Africans were returned. They founded freetown and many came from there to Nigeria in search of their families. They still bear English and Portuguese surnames with African first names.
Lexus Lexus
Lexus Lexus Mese fa
Savage is like De Souza, Da Silva and others portuguaise name in Togo and Bénin Rep.
Marcio Azevedo
This song is on another level ... Love from Angola
Abdulla Mohd
Abdulla Mohd Mese fa
Tanzanian 🇹🇿 watching in April 2019 in Germany 🇩🇪
Yao Marcel Koffi
super son.
Charles Onyeka
Duncan's flavor...
Who is still into this beautiful jam !!!!! Mister Lova Lova
Sokhouna Kene
Tiwa 2
Sokhouna Kene
Aicha KEITA Mese fa
Super musique
ududua evi
ududua evi Mese fa
I love tiwa savage voice
Phina Nuga
Phina Nuga Mese fa
Each time I listen to this song I miss Port Harcourt city more
Nathaniel Daniels
Accolades should be given to Millie Ceeza ,the 3rd guy in the video that wrote this beautiful song.
emma gatwiri
emma gatwiri Mese fa
Number one the African bad gal. Love from Kenya ❤❤❤
Food family
Food family Mese fa
I love you Tiwa. This is what most men do, how most guys are really taken advantage of lady's after sex and all. no be say after I don wina well make u no go leave your girl for inside well" this part really torch me, 69
Paul Oloo
Paul Oloo Mese fa
This song just makes me happy. One of the best afrobeat songs ever. Afrobeat forever! Lo
Chelsea Daniel
Natasha Nelson
Tiwa......Gal Ur everything 😍 From Uganda👌
mol1036 Mese fa
Nigeria music has taken over... Tiwa and Duncan killed it on this one.
Alina Immaculate
Wat ever u all say I love all African countries post and am proud to be an African all the way from Uganda
Alina Immaculate
Sounds lovely watching from Uganda
Tony Jones
Tony Jones Mese fa
I love this music🌸.tiwa my girl..big up👍
Ange VAMI 2 mesi fa
I'm from Côte d'ivoire . I'm addicted for real
Mali Walcott
Mali Walcott 2 mesi fa
This song is still fantastic in March 2019 and forever!!!!!
Jimmy Peremene Gidion
Tiwa voice can make me come a lot
Tom Sawyer
Tom Sawyer 2 mesi fa
Tiwa Savage is the Rihanna of Africa
okuomose okuns
You Naija first lady..
Kayla Yonce
Kayla Yonce 2 mesi fa
2019 I’m still here 🇳🇬❤️
Enzo Araújo
Enzo Araújo 2 mesi fa
Love from Luanda, Angola 🇦🇴
karen kouassi
karen kouassi 2 mesi fa
i hear Wizkid voice's in the background so crazy
Miss King
Miss King 2 mesi fa
ceeza milli the original owner of the song yet no one knew
Moses Kaseke
Moses Kaseke 2 mesi fa
Marc 2019 we still here... ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ousmane Diop
Ousmane Diop 2 mesi fa
Very nice song u are my lova tiwa god bless u savage💞💞
Elite2015 elite
Elite2015 elite 2 mesi fa
What a lovely song from Our brother Duncan Mighty and our sister Tiwa savage the 2 best singer of the year. i love you much more keep on winning.
Uwem Kelvin
Uwem Kelvin 2 mesi fa
I love this line. If i break ur heart na oil spillage, I study this your love for freedom college
Dahlia Rita
Dahlia Rita 2 mesi fa
I loveeeeee this song !!!! But gurl this makeup is a no
khadija djuma
khadija djuma 2 mesi fa
Tiwa savage ❤❤😘😘
Sebit Garasiano
Sebit Garasiano 2 mesi fa
okuomose okuns
okuomose okuns 2 mesi fa
This tune deserves justice with over 50 million views.
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