Tiwa Savage Ft Duncan Mighty - Lova Lova ( Official Music Video )

Tiwa Savage
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Tiwa Savage Ft Duncan Mighty - Lova Lova ( Official Music Video ).
Available on all streaming platforms at fanlink.to/Lovalova

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8 ago 2018

tiwa savageduncan mightylova lova#lovalovalovalova




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Commenti 3 588
Minai Rose Blog
Minai Rose Blog 10 ore fa
I am right now In the USA 🇺🇸 listening. Who else is on line playing this song 12/16/2018
Stanley blacker
Stanley blacker 12 ore fa
Straight love from Indonesia to my man wene mighty.. Your voice has no chapter two my bros.
Julia  Okomo
Julia Okomo Giorno fa
Yes tiwa!!!!
oshaya Giorno fa
Im in love with that song i find it romantic and mysterious in the same time 😍😍
Albert Robertson
Best of the best ...Tiwa
Belle Kala
Belle Kala Giorno fa
i love this song, From Madagascar
Sa Majesté la natiion1er
Africa bad girl 💪
B4BESS 2 giorni fa
children should not be allowed into clubs, those kids should not be portrying the lifestyle that it's okay to be in the club at such tender age..
90s bad girl chicka
Tiwa can sing but damn Duncan damn 🙀he is so talented...the raspyness in his voice, this guy voice sweet and can sing
Bryant mathew oliver
Duncan mighty the greatest African lyricist killing it like D.I.E
Bryant mathew oliver
How many times do i have to watch and listen to this song
Jaden Fillius
Jaden Fillius 3 giorni fa
I have this on repeat everyday ❤️💯💯💯
Wited Steward
Wited Steward 4 giorni fa
My sister big up from Tanzania ilike your song if ur love Tiwa like there
Malay Malay
Malay Malay 4 giorni fa
Valery M
Valery M 4 giorni fa
Jasmine Bill
Jasmine Bill 5 giorni fa
I have been waiting for Duncan mighty thank God he is back. love u Tiwa ......dope
Civic Forum on Human Development
tiwa mad love for you
Charles Tosh
Charles Tosh 6 giorni fa
This na be my drug...love from Kenya !
Samuel Nnamani
Samuel Nnamani 6 giorni fa
Lovely guys. :)
john freeman
john freeman 6 giorni fa
My heart belong some were no matter still to the Queen nice one
yemi lade
yemi lade 6 giorni fa
Duncan owned this song.....like fake love
Alexandra Sash
Alexandra Sash 7 giorni fa
This is more than a hit.....this song is so lovin. Courage
Eddie Adrian
Eddie Adrian 8 giorni fa
1:39 Tiwa............
Mary Lou
Mary Lou 8 giorni fa
You are the best ever
Pean Ecom
Pean Ecom 8 giorni fa
Tanzanians I don't see your shout out to these 2 beautiful guys Tiwa Savage and Duncan. Hit your likes if you know good music, +255 Hakuna Matata!
Morakinyo Ayomoposi
One love
Morakinyo Ayomoposi
Mr Nigeria
Mr Nigeria 9 giorni fa
Woww if they put hand na paraliz oh! Ar u with duncan mighty
aba unique
aba unique 9 giorni fa
wwweewuuuu ni nomaaaaa
Mouhamand Diallo
Mouhamand Diallo 9 giorni fa
Mouhamand Diallo
Mouhamand Diallo 9 giorni fa
Buang Motsepe
Buang Motsepe 9 giorni fa
Tiwa like me is slim thick
Young Wealth🔥🔥🔥
Victor Ibe
Victor Ibe 10 giorni fa
Ofada rice in Duncan Mighty's voice
Fatima joof
Fatima joof 10 giorni fa
waw I love the song so much
Michael Nkiti
Michael Nkiti 10 giorni fa
This is the love of my life not song 😍😍😍
Will duncan sing and not put food inside....nne you sweet like a yam portage
Mercy Osaro
Mercy Osaro 10 giorni fa
Much love for Duncan mighty😍😍
John Oke
John Oke 11 giorni fa
Africa and Nigeria as a country is a storehouse of Talents. I miss motherland and I am proud to be African.
Juliet Samuel
Juliet Samuel 12 giorni fa
my naija for life😙😙😙😙😙
Yaw Agbey-Lawson
Yaw Agbey-Lawson 12 giorni fa
There is something unique about Duncan Mighty's voice. Oh my Goodness..!!! Pure talent...A core fan from Ghana. 👌✌👊👍
Ade Faith
Ade Faith 12 giorni fa
i love both of them nice job Duncan you so much my sweet tiwa forward to you dear sister
Joao Muchanga
Joao Muchanga 13 giorni fa
tiwa you'r the best
inoe guette Tazaud
inoe guette Tazaud 13 giorni fa
belle chanson tiwa je l'adore
Charlse Musina
Charlse Musina 13 giorni fa
Nuff respect tiwa savage.. Love all the way from Kenya 🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍
Charline Ndinelao
Charline Ndinelao 13 giorni fa
Tiwa u made it girl
Rukie Morris
Rukie Morris 13 giorni fa
Abeg who's the boy singing the backup tone? I love the way he's playing in the song...lit🔥🔥🔥 big ups to Tiwa and Duncan👍👍👏 meh u guys did a very great job here❤ #still watching repeatedly
Rukie Morris
Rukie Morris 13 giorni fa
Gyasi Pedrosa
Gyasi Pedrosa 13 giorni fa
I really like Duncan mighty's voice
Isata Tarawalli
Isata Tarawalli 15 giorni fa
Sexy mama
Nelson Nwokoma
Nelson Nwokoma 15 giorni fa
Duncan mighty my brother , as a proud Ogba man ehhhhh, I duff my hat for you, wetin Sef, you wan faint people? Keep our flag flying wenne badu!
Uchiha Hikaku
Uchiha Hikaku 15 giorni fa
I'm late to the party Africa but i love Afrobeats music. I've been listening for a few months now. Love it. Kiaora (Hello) from Aotearoa! (New Zealand).
Uchiha Hikaku
Uchiha Hikaku 14 giorni fa
You the realist! Thank you brother/sister!
TheRealist 15 giorni fa
Uchiha Hikaku since you are new to the Afrobeats game, feel free to check out: “Fall”, “If”, “Fia” and “Assurance” by Davido; “Pana” and “Diana” by Tekno; “Malo” by Tiwa Savage (or “Broken Nko” by Tiwa Savage, which was re-fixed by Ciara); “Soco” and “Manya” by Wizkid (see also Wizkid’s “Ojuelegba” and “Come Closer” ft Drake); “Ye” and “Rock Your Body” by Burna Boy, “Mad Over You” and “For Life” by Runtown; “Mama” and “Che Che” by Mayorkun. Throw in “Ada” by DJ Ecool (ft Davido); “Diet” by DJ Enimoney & Slimcase (ft Tiwa Savage); or “Oga”, “Nagode” and “Johnny” by Yemi Alade, and you are ready to just about get STARTED! Happy Dancing! 💃💃💃
Kofi Ahinful
Kofi Ahinful 15 giorni fa
Duncan mighty has dope voice and good flow in music .
Jumoke Awosanya
Jumoke Awosanya 15 giorni fa
That's not fair
TheRealist 15 giorni fa
Jumoke Awosanya 😂😂😂
Jumoke Awosanya
Jumoke Awosanya 15 giorni fa
Tiwa Savege lova lova ft Duncan mighty
I want a jobTuray Ekmatu
Who else love tiwa?
Liyosi Collins
Liyosi Collins 15 giorni fa
Goose bumps
Osemudiamen Okosun
Osemudiamen Okosun 16 giorni fa
One love Duncan Mighty....Portharcourt first son
Truthbythruth Simba
Truthbythruth Simba 16 giorni fa
I can't get enough this shittt...damnn
Patoo Kiangi
Patoo Kiangi 16 giorni fa
I love it😘😘
Djsani Tz
Djsani Tz 17 giorni fa
Amazing song much appreciation to you
Joshi Brown
Joshi Brown 17 giorni fa
ah my girl is active again ducan the oga i am in pressed
Jackson Lyamuya
Jackson Lyamuya 17 giorni fa
WALEED ABDALLAH 17 giorni fa
l love Nigerian music so much Nigeria makes African proud
La Toya
La Toya 17 giorni fa
OMG...I love this song and I’m from Ghana...my booboo is a Nigerian I’m so into Nigerian music as I dey here 😍❤️
Lewis Kpoto
Lewis Kpoto 17 giorni fa
Tiwa Savage is at her best my dear.
Miyalou balgy
Miyalou balgy 18 giorni fa
Prince adam
Prince adam 19 giorni fa
Zapa premier🇧🇯
Chidi Ibeh
Chidi Ibeh 20 giorni fa
Obinna Anosike
Obinna Anosike 20 giorni fa
Kuku like's this song, Believe me!!!
Naddy Ninja
Naddy Ninja 20 giorni fa
Obinna Anosike please leave kuku out of your shenanigans!
Jiofu Makem
Jiofu Makem 21 giorno fa
i wanna marry u tiwa coz u re xo beutiful as ur nice songs are leave that guy wiz come to me gal I'm urs fan from bongo tz
biola balogun
biola balogun 21 giorno fa
love ya..this is fantastic
Adeyinka Adedoyin
Adeyinka Adedoyin 21 giorno fa
I like all three parts Tiwa, Duncan, n Dreadlocks
John Mario
John Mario 22 giorni fa
I bet you that you are going to love it...😍😍😍
Luck Benny Toussaint
LOL TIWA can u make me dance
Odiase Jeff
Odiase Jeff 23 giorni fa
God knows I love Tiwa, every time I play ur songs makes me love you more , This Hit is ringing in my head 🎶🎼
sheila lolila
sheila lolila 23 giorni fa
nice song
mchakie maria
mchakie maria 23 giorni fa
Her voice is everything... If you agree hit like
AHmed Somporn
AHmed Somporn 23 giorni fa
Capin Capin no full basket ball
AHmed Somporn
AHmed Somporn 23 giorni fa
Need geep use and the want coffee shop
AHmed Somporn
AHmed Somporn 23 giorni fa
4140177667 ktb Somporn seanyen mama tar heels for a while ago that
Elvis stam krawdoven
I like this song
sheila lolila
sheila lolila 24 giorni fa
it is really awesome
martins obi
martins obi 24 giorni fa
I so much like Duncan because his voice is unique
Amanda Ibhanesebhor
Amanda Ibhanesebhor 24 giorni fa
My best song
Beatrice Kelvin
Beatrice Kelvin 24 giorni fa
My tiwa savage my woman,the #best Nigerian female singer😍♥️♥️,lots of love,,you fab😍
Belle Kala
Belle Kala 25 giorni fa
this is my song, so much love from Madagascar :)
Mike King
Mike King 25 giorni fa
yes it really awesome, that i like tiwa savage more than you
sara leka
sara leka 25 giorni fa
So sweet melodi... 😘
Khodija Anuoluwa
Khodija Anuoluwa 26 giorni fa
2018 Who is 😊 ✌✌✌✌💛💛💛💛😂😇😉
Yar Mabor
Yar Mabor 26 giorni fa
Hit like if you believe she’s the most talented Female artist in africa 😁
toni 26 giorni fa
Can't get enough of this 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Chierno sow
Chierno sow 26 giorni fa
Pauline Isichi
Pauline Isichi 26 giorni fa
This Duncan dude has a super unique voice...love the collabo 😍😘👌🏾
Rafiu Hammed
Rafiu Hammed 27 giorni fa
Nash Oliver Reloaded
Too much love Tiwa!
arnold shitta
arnold shitta 27 giorni fa
All the way from Tanzania 255🇹🇿🇹🇿 gonga like for such an amaizing talents here
Richard Gindo
Richard Gindo 27 giorni fa
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔨+255 Tanzania
Adelitus Denis
Adelitus Denis 28 giorni fa
Prossimi video