Tiwa Savage Ft Duncan Mighty - Lova Lova ( Official Music Video )

Tiwa Savage
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Tiwa Savage Ft Duncan Mighty - Lova Lova ( Official Music Video ).
Available on all streaming platforms at fanlink.to/Lovalova

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Commenti 4 193
Ilona Q
Ilona Q 3 giorni fa
Fukin love her hair color and just ughhhhh Tiwaaaaaaaaaa
Jg Ph
Jg Ph 4 giorni fa
Dunca na baba
KAMER237 OBOSSO 4 giorni fa
The intro to this song is SICK !!!
Positive Wave
Positive Wave 9 giorni fa
I feel it 😍
Saeed Alshehhi
Saeed Alshehhi 9 giorni fa
Elisha Usiosefe
Elisha Usiosefe 9 giorni fa
Fire jam
betinho chival
betinho chival 9 giorni fa
2019 december anybody else !
Ricky football world
December 1st I'm still here
Owoeye Bisi Kayode
Owoeye Bisi Kayode 16 giorni fa
Militant boy say if I break your heart na oil spillage ooo
Gladys allogo
Gladys allogo 16 giorni fa
j'aime trop la chanson la
Bella Mellon
Bella Mellon 18 giorni fa
Nice song
Jigar7rathwa Rathwa
Jigar7rathwa Rathwa 21 giorno fa
2019 still ✨💥
samadu mohammed
samadu mohammed 23 giorni fa
Tiwaaaaaaa,is one of all,for me after god,I love you from Tanzania tiwa is fire fire fire
torjan horse
torjan horse 24 giorni fa
such great music pure african tiwa savage music
Abdoulaye Sène
Abdoulaye Sène 24 giorni fa
I am Senegalese and I love my culture and music but honestly I think nigerian music is the best these moments they have lift the level high power Nija🇳🇬🇳🇬
Ceeman Entertainment
Listening from UAE
Sarky Jorsel8
Sarky Jorsel8 29 giorni fa
Sarky Jorsel8
Sarky Jorsel8 29 giorni fa
Isaya Doglass
Isaya Doglass 29 giorni fa
Alvis mum Karanja
2019 were here till end...
B4BESS Mese fa
This song is too sweet!
Gabriel Ugochukwu
Naija for life
Slim Daddy
Slim Daddy Mese fa
good music
BENY PROD. Mese fa
love you tiwa
Uwimana Nadia
Chriss Venom
Chriss Venom Mese fa
What a fantastic performance here itvid.net/video/video-ZBJ4DQTfViA.html
Sihkum Challote
2019 is still dope
Laria Sule
Laria Sule Mese fa
i love the song too much
everestus oghuvwu
This is lit
Johanne Desir
This song is too sweet like a yam perrige
odia david
odia david Mese fa
Big ups Duncan Mighty...You Killed it
William Rousselin
1:08 the best part ;)
Mr Harmless
Mr Harmless Mese fa
Is that not Ceeza Milli
Abdala Almas
Abdala Almas Mese fa
I like this this song from Tanzania
Lulu Mese fa
No wonder this song sounds so good, it's Duncan Mighty
Marlee Nanuses
2019,Namibia 🇳🇦👌🏿
Jean Richard Mbeury
Number one tiwa i like song
mustabshira abdul
where are my ghanaians please
Matthews Chonza
tiwa my lova
nnabuchi mmaduka
Y'all needs to put some respek on Duncan mighty name, this lyrics is legendary
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