Tiwa Savage Ft Duncan Mighty - Lova Lova ( Official Music Video )

Tiwa Savage
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Tiwa Savage Ft Duncan Mighty - Lova Lova ( Official Music Video ).
Available on all streaming platforms at fanlink.to/Lovalova

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8 ago 2018

tiwa savageduncan mightylova lova#lovalovalovalova




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Commenti 2 263
Truly Fave
Truly Fave 2 ore fa
PH City we dey! 🇳🇬
*Ehh madame Tiwa* 😍🔥 🎵My Baby, My Baby Jeje My Lover, My Lover, I Love You Jeje See Our Loving No Be Ten Ten Cos When I Dey With You My Baby No Regrets Yeah Bring Your Body, Put It All On Me Boy It’s All I Want To See We No Need No Referee All We Need Is Privacy🎵
Leslie onyeani Lekwuwa
This song is super super super the best song in the world. Check out the slow tune and drive. Duncan mighty, the mighty man you got extreme talent.Tiwa the super talented young lady. Great combo..My Nigeria is keeping Africa afloat..Don't stop.
fred Fred
fred Fred 4 ore fa
Ya my Dear U are a very wonderful woman I always pray to get married to a wonderful woman like U Amen I Luv U (MamaT) I Luv Mr D M T More Grace Broda Man.
Marc'squeen 5 ore fa
I can’t believe I haven’t heard Duncan mighty before this song and I am Nigerian 😳😳 the guy is lit🔥🔥🔥❤️
young omenyi
young omenyi 5 ore fa
Tonye Obene
Tonye Obene 6 ore fa
Lova Lova on repeat. Great stuff Tiwa Savage & Duncan Mighty! This song too sweet like ofada rice...
edobor bright
edobor bright 4 ore fa
Tonye Obene ufara rice mean Christmas rice
alex ishymishy
"we don't need no referee o...all we need is privacy" 02:14
Appearance 1
Appearance 1 7 ore fa
Oh! Duncan your voice na melody🗣🗣🎤 my tiwa❤❤❤
Humble Nwenne mighty your backup issa bomb..
Nozzy Dony
Nozzy Dony 10 ore fa
Boss na u fish work here All hala Duncan Boss
Chioma Uzoma
Chioma Uzoma 11 ore fa
If you agree with me that Tiwa is the best africa female singer.pls let's gather here.
Simon Eluemelem
Simon Eluemelem 13 ore fa
dunca mighty i love you from Germany boss
Monteiro carlos carlos
From Mozambiquethis sound takes me to far
Simon Kalu
Simon Kalu 14 ore fa
Nwenne Mighty. Smash the like if you love portharcourt first son
King Solomon
King Solomon 14 ore fa
This is a piece of hard work put together. As an instrumentalist I must say this is a good song + beat and whoever added the strings and background bass is a legend. Music stopped me from hurting myself a few times and I will be forever grateful to almighty God. Thank you Tiwa and Duncan mighty
Michael Nwobu
Michael Nwobu 14 ore fa
Wene Mighty o!
Mutebi Mahad
Mutebi Mahad 15 ore fa
Dunca mighty fine boss
Hi Crown
Hi Crown 15 ore fa
If you know, you truly love Tiwa Savage please hit like..this music is dope
Morgans Professional
*Tiwa to the Savage* ✔
Osagie Etiosa
Osagie Etiosa 17 ore fa
Franklin Lucky
Franklin Lucky 17 ore fa
Dunkan all the way love from Germany
Ken Talk
Ken Talk 18 ore fa
I studied this your love from freedome College
Ijeoma Helen
Ijeoma Helen 19 ore fa
Ever in love with Duncan
Chardly Michael
Chardly Michael 22 ore fa
beautiful piece so much love for Mighty
Ndubuisi Chidiebere
duncan mighty wlcome back
Freeborn Young
Freeborn Young Giorno fa
Freeborn Young
Freeborn Young Giorno fa
Her tattoo at 0:17 says Jamil?
blazinghot99 23 ore fa
Freeborn Young Yes, that's her son's name.
bonilado ebi
bonilado ebi Giorno fa
duncan finish work,rep phc boy,Port Harcourt has lots of tight mcs,the industry has to focus on likes of korkormikor,tropical breed,heat,ijaw boyz ent,busta pop,etc
Grace Love
Grace Love Giorno fa
Nice one sweet
Michael Ojiako
Michael Ojiako Giorno fa
Tiwa, I love you forever. Yoruba women, extremely hardworking/entrepreneurial.
Christopher susan
This song is bad listening from France need Some like
Iso Igbins
Iso Igbins Giorno fa
Late still listening 12,23am vacation in paris
Stone Blade
Stone Blade Giorno fa
Nice song
leanda mitchell
leanda mitchell Giorno fa
loooooooove tiwas music. can listen allday and everyday. shes so talented
Iykereal Elvis
Iykereal Elvis Giorno fa
Mighty you too much.
K Madu
K Madu Giorno fa
can i just say... Love Tiwa but I have a special place in my heart for Duncan Mighty!! I LOVE HIM!! lol...
Anigjigji Giorno fa
I‘m from switzerland and I hear this song on instagram and I love it😍😍
Mazin Ahmed
Mazin Ahmed Giorno fa
Woooooooooooooo 😍😍😍😍😘
ILVYZZ francis
ILVYZZ francis Giorno fa
Tuuuuuune for😆😆🤗🤗 days,#onrepeatalldayeveryday
E.T AMPOFO Giorno fa
Duncan Mighty be super talented!...love from Ghana
alero fregene
alero fregene Giorno fa
'' U know baby'' Duncan killed it. Tiwa I am so loving dis music
Frank Wawian
Frank Wawian Giorno fa
Abeg who’s that guy with scarf and beard like Tpain?...he could be the next big thing.
Frank Wawian
Frank Wawian 19 ore fa
Thanks dear, I’ve got to follow him on Instagram right away 😀
blazinghot99 23 ore fa
Frank Wawian Ceeza Milli. He's signed to Starboy.
mrsjfood Ernest
mrsjfood Ernest Giorno fa
Tiwa always winning love u my woman
Akpomie Efetobo
Akpomie Efetobo Giorno fa
Nice one
Richmond Kwateng
Duncan Mighty, lyrically too good
MBM B Giorno fa
Olivia Eze
Olivia Eze Giorno fa
Francis Chokpeleh
am a Sierra Leonean but I luv this Ducan night u killed it
Francis Chokpeleh
am a Sierra Leonean but I luv this Ducan night u killed it
Tabe Mbi
Tabe Mbi Giorno fa
Cool and touching... hala duncatiwa
Manny wells
Manny wells Giorno fa
Ok, i hv been playing this music for two days now.duncan sound bomb🎶🎶🎵✔️
Mathieu Chabi mais c'est genial
Tiwa Sawage je t'assure que j'aime tes song.tu incarnes vraiment musique Nigérianne .c'est très cool et je kif grave.Dieu t'aide davantage.l like this song my sister .From Benin.
Mathieu Chabi mais c'est genial
Tiwa Sawage je t'assure que j'aime tes song.tu incarnes vraiment musique Nigérianne .c'est très cool et je kif grave.Dieu t'aide davantage.l like this song my sister .From Benin.
Wowo boys like us na grace and favour deh rudh us..
nkongho cynthia orok
What shall it profit a man to gain the world and looses his soul???
gary miller
gary miller Giorno fa
Very bad jam! Duncan Mighty is an untapped gold mine!
Peter Ojoche
Peter Ojoche Giorno fa
my data go finish for this song alone. you guys are the best.
Raskidon VEVO
Raskidon VEVO Giorno fa
If I brake your heart nah oil spillage I study your love for freedom college Your love sweet like yam porridge Onono Wene-mighty and Tiwa Savage
Mozis Togo
Mozis Togo Giorno fa
Adel Dunaway
Adel Dunaway Giorno fa
If I break your heart na oil spillage.I study this your love from freedom college...- Duncan Mighty killed this song
Evelyn Kasiya
Evelyn Kasiya Giorno fa
nice jam who's here for Tiwa😍
Edsa Victoria
Edsa Victoria Giorno fa
Azariah S. Korntoe
What a nice music 🎶 🎶 🎶 and pretty Tiwa and handsome Duncan.
Doose Abege
Doose Abege Giorno fa
Ayyee. a jam 🔥😍
High Maintenance Minimalist
Tiwa is pretty, but her makeup does not look good in this video.
Edema Omoniyi
Edema Omoniyi Giorno fa
nice jam , place it on repeat it like my anthem..lol love the dread guy part so much , can anyone help with his name?
doris shutaiyui
doris shutaiyui Giorno fa
Go girl Tiwa you rock .This is good everyone here sings great
chris nwajiaku
chris nwajiaku 2 giorni fa
Nsikak Uhie
Nsikak Uhie 2 giorni fa
My jam!
joy okoronkwo
joy okoronkwo 2 giorni fa
Talented people
KIKUU EXPRESS 2 giorni fa
jude edohen
jude edohen 2 giorni fa
my Ducan mighty is on fire ..LUv this song like my joint ..lol..hit me if you like wene mighty like ur joint .....
Adesumbo Alabi
Adesumbo Alabi 2 giorni fa
.,tf .
Wo yo not quit yet keep trying tho
Angela Kanyangi
Angela Kanyangi 2 giorni fa
My Nigerian boyfriend has this song on repeat, no matter how many times it plays you cant get tired of it.
Charles Tyler
Charles Tyler 2 giorni fa
thought it was wizkid behind
Nez Esen
Nez Esen 2 giorni fa
Chai! DUNCAN MIGHTY.... I trip skata
John Famous
John Famous 2 giorni fa
Who is watching with me
Bestie Chidimma
Bestie Chidimma 2 giorni fa
I so much love dis muzik
Gift Uluocha
Gift Uluocha 2 giorni fa
I’m proud of my country 💯🇳🇬
Latifa Chukwuka
Latifa Chukwuka 2 giorni fa
Duncan mighty with the voice😍😍😍😍 nice jam
jennifer Monday
jennifer Monday 2 giorni fa
Nice music tiwa savage I love you mama
Monday Soft
Monday Soft 2 giorni fa
Monday Soft
Monday Soft 2 giorni fa
Shiver sure
Bennie Lateef
Bennie Lateef 2 giorni fa
Ph City finest now representing. Tell them word make them hear #DuncanMighty
shan George
shan George 2 giorni fa
Lov lov🔥🔥🔥
Ruth Kerry
Ruth Kerry 2 giorni fa
On repeat...
Tee Jay
Tee Jay 2 giorni fa
Davido won't allow a girl to be great though. This video is supposed to be the number one trending video
Sugar White
Sugar White 2 giorni fa
Wow I love this music
Devin ortis
Devin ortis 2 giorni fa
I swear naija songs have overthrown dancehall music in kenyan clubs, hit like if you agree. Am from Nairobi ,kenya🇰🇪
Devin ortis
Devin ortis 2 giorni fa
Another hit. My landlord keeps warning me to reduce the volume. i wont. Big up tiwa from Kenya🇰🇪🇰🇪
eddy bond
eddy bond 2 giorni fa
Brown Grafix Int.
Brown Grafix Int. 2 giorni fa
BbkZ Ceesay
BbkZ Ceesay 2 giorni fa
This song is very nice
Remmie Dyce
Remmie Dyce 2 giorni fa
things song is lit
Fulton Bullock
Fulton Bullock 2 giorni fa
Hit Like if you think Duncan Mighty studied this is his music style from freedom college in Port Harcourt.
King Tita
King Tita 2 giorni fa
TIWA, Unnea you too sweet like yam porage . I will always love and protect my African Queen.
skin paul
skin paul 2 giorni fa
Duncan mighty too good dem steal him obianuju song take sing Vervloekt for Dutch ..
Urban Beauty
Urban Beauty 2 giorni fa
Dunca's unique voice is mad♥ His verse still on repeat
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