Top 10 Best Horror Movie Villain Costumes Ever

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They may haunt your nightmares, but man, their wardrobes are kick ass. For this list, we’re looking at the most popular, culturally-significant and often imitated costumes worn by horror movie villains. Our countdown includes costumes worn by villains like Samara Morgan, Jason Voorhees, Pinhead and more! Which horror movie villain costume is YOUR favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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Commenti 80
Pennywise 2017 has a best costume and GhostFace has a best costume.
JayClare 2 mesi fa
I'm dying from the way the Tethereds talk. Sounds like someone speaking with their dying breath.
The Tethered Jumpsuits were really something, I was really hoping they were from a parallel universe, but clones are good too.
Damon Moles
Damon Moles 3 mesi fa
i dont like wes kravens new nightmares new glove it dont work and yes i do
Albert Noriega
Albert Noriega 3 mesi fa
Jason Vorhees for the win...IMO 💯
emrah şimşek
emrah şimşek 3 mesi fa
do a top 10 most powerful horror characters in fiction
Rocki Ramirror
Rocki Ramirror 3 mesi fa
Freddy Krugger Gets It, I'm Just Pretending The Sequels Never Existed.
ms nicole
ms nicole 3 mesi fa
Jeepers Creepers should have been on this list
Nightslayer 3 mesi fa
Samara very terrifying especially her face
Courtney Gibson Jr
The predator should be in the top 10
Jake Gering
Jake Gering 3 mesi fa
No love for the Creeper in Jeepers Creepers
Steph Triplett
Steph Triplett 3 mesi fa
Rebecca! How you just going to say Beetlejuice four times then tell us not to say it?!
Jose Contreras
Jose Contreras 3 mesi fa
Spongebob: Alright Pinhead your time is up Patrick: Who do you calling a Pinhead
RB Top Ten And More
Chucky as to be one of my favourites
Andrew Gamble
Andrew Gamble 3 mesi fa
So ghostface didn’t make the list but the red jumpsuits from Us did? You guys loooove to kiss Jordan Peele’s butt don’t you? What even is the metric for this list? Half of these aren’t even costumes.
Justin Dampier
Justin Dampier 3 mesi fa
Chucky scared me as a kid. I like Freddy and Scary Terry. I should dress up as him and just say bitch and I'll be both lol.
Tim Sacks
Tim Sacks 3 mesi fa
What about Bela Lugosi's Dracula? The tux, the cape, the medallion, the ring - it's like he stepped out of a Franz Lehar operetta! Karloff's Frankenstein's Monster may have been a brain damaged reanimated mishmash of previously dead tissue, but he still managed to put on a blazer when he went out! Even a 3,000 year-old Mummy still has the decency to get cleaned up before leaving the sarcophagus! I tell ya, the Universal Monsters had class!
Corey Hill
Corey Hill 3 mesi fa
Your what awesome costumes, watch Goosebumps and Are you afraid of the Dark, you don't need to kill to be scary, trust me
personita s v
personita s v 3 mesi fa
Pinhead and cenobites... should be in the first ones.
Chris Buchaniec
Chris Buchaniec 3 mesi fa
The Tall Man from Phantasm!
David Jackson
David Jackson 3 mesi fa
The long dark cloak of Dracula? .
Marnijah Jefferson
How in the hell is Jeepers Creepers NOT on this list at all??🤦🏾‍♀️
Siyana Velichokova
Where is Annabelle
Gary Hatmaker
Gary Hatmaker 3 mesi fa
Jason's costume in 7 was better than 3.
Jormangundr S
Jormangundr S 3 mesi fa
Captain Kirk mask?
Alex Townley
Alex Townley 3 mesi fa
Bettlejuice seriously? 😂 Such a great film, but most definitely not a horror movie!
Josef Schwartz
Josef Schwartz 3 mesi fa
Can't believe Ghostface from Scream didn't make the cut. That is the BEST Horror Movie costume ever!
Sergey Semendyaev
Freddie was the first thing I thought of when I saw the topic of this video.
Steve Brown
Steve Brown 3 mesi fa
Maybe Alien as a costume as a whole, did I miss the fact that it is a costume or even a horror film..
ZeldaSam1 3 mesi fa
11:21 "Bring it on, Testicle Head."
Richard Peraza
Richard Peraza 3 mesi fa
Without guessing Freddy Kruger
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 3 mesi fa
Ghostface should’ve been #1 and Chucky at #2
oof spoof the king of oof
Beatle juice Beatle juice Beatle juice 😈
diego mejia
diego mejia 3 mesi fa
leatherface only got an honorable mention?, seriusly?!!!!.......................well at least he's on the video
Sad Ken
Sad Ken 3 mesi fa
In what way is Beetlejuice a horror?
Deaunte McCombs
Deaunte McCombs 3 mesi fa
I don’t know what it is but I love your voice😁
Mark Lynn
Mark Lynn 3 mesi fa
Valentine Cupid Killer
Random TV
Random TV 3 mesi fa
As soon as you said 1984 I knew Freddy Kruger was number 1.
Santiago Flores
Santiago Flores 3 mesi fa
Leather face only a mention?
Crocoshark 3 mesi fa
I knew #1 would be Freddy when he didn't show up by the #2 spot.
Crocoshark 3 mesi fa
I see Chucky in the thumbnail, I click
Obvious 3 mesi fa
6:40 True serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bendy, John Wayne Gacy, Aileen Wuornos, Dennis Rader, etc. did not wear the cliché cloak and mask we see in horror films. They looked like everyone else hiding in plain sight. Derailing the iconic “Stranger Danger” we warped our kids around, making them and us completely vulnerable to everything and everyone else that’s out there
matthew warren
matthew warren 3 mesi fa
shame that theres no mention of the classics such as dracula, frankenstein, the wolfman and the mummy.
Dragon Soul
Dragon Soul 3 mesi fa
What about the Jangly Man or Harold from Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark?
Brian Fleming
Brian Fleming 3 mesi fa
Yea Pinhead...
Sarah Bussanmas
Sarah Bussanmas 3 mesi fa
I feel for Jason how would you feel if kids kept sneaking onto your property to have sex
VORTEC OMAR 3 mesi fa
Szkorpion 3 mesi fa
Jason should be higher
Ransom D'Orazio
Ransom D'Orazio 3 mesi fa
Check out shots by hive
kirby march barcena
I am still amazed on how the puppeteers were able to make Chucky move so flawlessly
JonnySuite13 3 mesi fa
So, this is your thing, now? Admiring their clothes?! Really? Really? Really?
The Jason 6
The Jason 6 3 mesi fa
Keaton did an amazing job as Beetlejuice but I just don’t see it as a Horror movie. It’s to much of a comedy and I was never really scared of it.
Maria Reynolds
Maria Reynolds 3 mesi fa
Freddy Kruger scared me so bad as a child i still won't take a bath and im 36!!!
Josiah Harper
Josiah Harper 3 mesi fa
I was the Joker for Halloween everybody thought i was Beetlejuice
Berry Trudeau
Berry Trudeau 3 mesi fa
betel juice kind of looks like the joker, or is it the other way around?
James Morris
James Morris 3 mesi fa
My two problems with this list: 1. They include a lot of non-costume elements. “Looks” or “Designs” would have made more sense in the title, instead of “costumes”. 2. A lot of these looks are pretty basic, and are only considered as great as they are because they’re so famous. The title should have had “most iconic” instead of “best”, since a list of “best horror movie villain costumes” would feature characters like Leatherface, Pennywise and Beetlejuice alongside lesser-known ones like Sam from Trick’r’Treat and Harry Warden from My Bloody Valentine
Potrimpo 3 mesi fa
7:17 - DON'T say his name a third time!!!
Guitars & Ghouls
I’m a big Beetlejuice fan but to me, Beetlejuice is not horror, it’s a dark comedy
Fae Laura
Fae Laura 3 mesi fa
Ghostface should be number 2, I don’t remember a time where I didn’t see people dressing up as ghost face on Halloween including myself
olympiacos fan
olympiacos fan 3 mesi fa
So we know that michel keaton could easily be the joker.....
AJ Mainiac
AJ Mainiac 3 mesi fa
“Where talking about the whole costume not just the mask.” Rebecca: #10 US All I want to talk about is the masks.
Marge Garland
Marge Garland 3 mesi fa
How did Annabelle not get a mention? That old fashion white dress with the red ribbon is pretty creepy
Manuela Costa Lima
Dolls with bulging eyes and clowns with broad smiles give me nightmares. Thanks, horror movies!
3Rings DurrantuLA
First thing that came to mind when watching this video: If Fred Kruger isn't at least in the top five I'm giving up on humanity
MncDssctn 3 mesi fa
Leatherface should’ve been No. 1 and not just an honorable mention. His mask is made of human skin for crying out loud.
Axel Nilsson
Axel Nilsson 3 mesi fa
They focused on more than the masks
No Name
No Name 3 mesi fa
Valak is supposed to be at least in top 3, it's such a creative and creepy villain.
Apostolis Koutromanos
Do a top 10 best movie fandoms please !!!!
MTNT 3 mesi fa
The moment she said 1984 I was like “Come to Freddy”
Kit Andrei Maniquis
What about the xenomorphs. Yea I guess nowadays they ain't exactly a costume but come on! I believe them to be the perfect horror alien.
Neshaoinspo Polk
ITvid keeps unsubscribing me 😫
Frankie Francisco
chucky is da best!
That one Japanese kid
Eat your cereal Eat your cereal Eat your cereal
Shondar Powless jr
Put Crypto 137
What if I break my tv when samara is halfway through the screen 😂😂😂
Axel Nilsson yeah to busy falling apart to actually kill me😂😂
Axel Nilsson
Axel Nilsson 3 mesi fa
She’ll be in half
Harry FleuTV
Harry FleuTV 3 mesi fa
Pinhead sounds like Thanos
Axel Nilsson
Axel Nilsson 3 mesi fa
Not really
Adam S
Adam S 3 mesi fa
The Tethered, Mr Babadook, Samara and Billy the puppet all make the list and yet Ghostface and Leatherface only get honerable mentions!! What?!
Axel Nilsson
Axel Nilsson 3 mesi fa
Babadook didn’t make to the list
That One Devotchka
I'm honestly surprised Dracula didn't make the cut, that has to be the most iconic horror movie costume of all time.
Bruzo Dragonius
Bruzo Dragonius 3 mesi fa
What do you mean horror movie costumes. In the movies? Because behind the scenes, Chucky and Billy the puppet are animatronic puppets and not really costumes. Or it’s it costumes to cosplay in? Because I think cosplaying as any senobyte from Hellraiser and Freddy Kruger would be heaps impressive as long as you put in like actual prosthetic make up.
Gemini 3 mesi fa
Who else thought Friday the 13th should have been #1.
Axel Nilsson
Axel Nilsson 3 mesi fa
She had ordinary clothes
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