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@nickquiles5189 2 mesi fa
We not gonna talk about #5 with that beautiful pass ??? Man got skills
@steezzyxt3065 2 mesi fa
Hof Dimer
@JioDaCapri 2 mesi fa
nah the guy wearing #1 had an elite pass
Anything to not give credit to whitey
@mrwells6220 2 mesi fa
Oh yeah had go back an watch it the iq level tht play from both players was hella
@Apat815 2 mesi fa
#3 was absolutely insane. With less than a couple seconds, the perfect steal, juggle, and somehow had the power to shoot a 3 midair… incredible
Truth. Bro was brutally challenged in a short time and he actually turned his body midair
@BobbyBigallo 2 mesi fa
Yeah 3 was really number 1
@Aanteatur Mese fa
Bro got that Spider-Man concentration🥶🥶🥶
@tat3998 Mese fa
It’s almost unbelievable. Without this video footage, nobody would ever believe this story.
It was 52-55 before he made that so I wonder who ended up with the dub
@billmurray4071 2 mesi fa
I was in the crowd for #1. It was nuts
@joey6528 Mese fa
Ofcourse u were Mr.BillMurray
@adawgisit 2 mesi fa
No way #8 got his shot off in time
@sirf4ce456 2 mesi fa
Without question late. The red light is on and he’s still got the ball in his hands.
@jamespark3448 2 mesi fa
Did u notice he was actually wearing #14…?? Lol and yeah buzzer went off before he released it!
@Kingkai365 2 mesi fa
​@@jamespark3448#8 out of the list
​@@jamespark3448he meant #8 on the countdown. 😂😂
I was thinking the same thing
@DJKBK88 2 mesi fa
#9 and #7 were unreal... that angle on 9 was damn near impossible and the length on 7 wow
The guy in #9 is actually playing for Princeton now and was on the team for the March madness run they had.
@fluxsol1058 2 mesi fa
Having the court rush you after you make a spot like that has got to be one of the greatest feelings
Too bad the video never let us see that on ANY of those shots
@philly5164 3 mesi fa
They were all great! The excitement was priceless and they will be told for ages to come
@bennette.7033 2 mesi fa
Jesus loves you. !
@nenoz4764 2 mesi fa
@freshstart8540 2 mesi fa
These young men are all legends!
@LERNERKEV 2 mesi fa
This video would’ve been better if you let us see the reaction of the crowd longer
@Lionn_siimbaa 2 mesi fa
the fact that the crowd was singing ‘heeeeyyheeyyyheeyyyy goodbye’ and got humbled seconds after is just amazing
Unfortunately it only tied the game but hell yeah
@bretth9887 2 mesi fa
Totally 😂
I love that even enemy team cheering
@juliefahey4691 2 mesi fa
Kids doing things I could never dream of being able to do! I’ve got to respect their talent!
@aarongdukey 2 mesi fa
#2s release and follow thru was CRAZY 😭
@SickMy_Duck 2 mesi fa
There’s a guy from the other team did a baseball safe gesture made me laugh
@tevin1185 2 mesi fa
He followed throw like it was a regular shot😂😂
Bro was shook 😂
@bryanwells4063 2 mesi fa
Damn I didn't realize the follow thru 😂😂😂
Nice camera angle too
@cryptonic799 21 giorno fa
Love when the ref throws his hands up in excitement lmao
@zacrostar1920 2 mesi fa
The best part is the screams of the croud lol
@flyguyry1 Mese fa
Crowd too
@MrYuckForever 2 mesi fa
#2 with that underhand throw was insane. They're all pretty solid tbh 👌
He was an 8th grader too
@danhartigan9529 4 giorni fa
I loved every single one thankyou for taking the time to out this together
@6scar911 Mese fa
These are so insane. The amount of confidence you gotta have at that moment when so much pressure is on you. Insane and amazing 👏
@darpress9086 2 mesi fa
#7 is my fav. Crowd singing na na na goodbye... full court shot made by Jake Ramsey! Bang
@keeganduncan5289 19 giorni fa
Unfortunately for Jake Ramsey, his team lost in overtime and their season ended that game.
@OwlDago. 2 mesi fa
One of my favorite things in life buzzer beaters 💥🏀
We’ll never forget buzzer beaters. Back when I was in 8th grade, we would hoop in our gym after tutorials. Mr. Serrano was cool with the coaches, so they would let us ball. We’d get full court matches with the scoreboard running and everything. I hit a game winner from half court, and it was so hype. Always a pleasure seeing moments like these happening.
No. 2 definitely had no business going in in-game like that😂😂
@GMADB3 24 giorni fa
Omm 💀💀💀💀💀💀
@jimwebb3593 5 giorni fa
@lemini4k 7 giorni fa
The best one is the crowd chanting goodbye then the opposing team hits the full court shot 😂
Bro #3's midair-spin-to-shot is underrated, gotta have next level athleticism
@lowsensloser 3 mesi fa
#5 with that’s perfect assist pass ,man is an athlete
@_________. 2 mesi fa
That was a really bad pass.
@shierawesome 2 mesi fa
@@_________.how tf else would he have done it
@_________. 2 mesi fa
@@shierawesome by throwing it to him and not 5 feet out of bounds
@nateethecamel 7 giorni fa
@@_________.it got tipped that was an actual good pass for his situation, not to mention the time and him about to fall out of bounds
We had one from one of the local highschools that made ESPN's top ten. It happened during the state playoffs a few years ago.
The feeling of hitting this and the day after in school must feel amazing
@NonstopTrey_15 2 mesi fa
The day they went back to school after the weekend was probably the best day of their lives 😂
@riot9504 2 mesi fa
imagine coming back to school as the one that scored
@timwhite4885 2 mesi fa
Talk about some talented young men !!! KEEP ROCKING GUYS YOU’RE AWESOME !!!! 🔥 🔥💯💯🔥🔥
I love how the winning team was singing nanana nana and then got the buzzer beater hit on them haha priceless
@manealst7249 2 mesi fa
Actually, the winning team wasn’t. It was the winning team’s supporters signings that. *Slides glasses up*. *Sniff*
@@manealst7249 huh?
@darpress9086 2 mesi fa
#7 my fav! Should be #1
@robg8203 2 mesi fa
@@manealst7249that shot tied it up so we don't know who won, unless you know somethin we don't
@onungodwin2629 2 mesi fa
It keeps getting better and better ❤
Legend has it each of these dudes got a girlfriend the next day at school
@kyleharvey6391 2 mesi fa
No way #8 counted, There were 1 or 2 more questionable as well, and #2 was just insane
@Ripdizzle01 2 mesi fa
@ytv1234567 2 mesi fa
Thats what I said too about number 8, but you know high school refs
Just number 8 i feel if that team was on the road it wouldnt of counted but at home crowd rush court
# 10 was awful too. Can’t just “start” a dribble from the ground and get up
@kyleharvey6391 2 mesi fa
@brandonwheeler5219 refs probably had a brain cramp lol that should be a travel
@user-ly3sx2lp5z 16 giorni fa
This is superbly done!
@clumz4630 2 mesi fa
#4 had a goat scream 💀
I remember #4 like it was yesterday. Grew up in Watervliet Ny, one of the craziest sports plays to bless our area.
@flyguyry1 Mese fa
Why did dude pass ball and not just hold it and win? Deserved to lose 😅
@David-so6kv 11 giorni fa
​@@flyguyry1the way i would of been cussing out #4 He would of given up on the sport
@gptstudios9580 2 mesi fa
Naw 7 was my fav 💯 They singing goodbye like there wasn’t 1.2 seconds left😂
@eh6138 Mese fa
#10 keeping the dribble alive. Clean.
@crisgee4893 2 mesi fa
“… from his butt..” 😂😂
The people singing "nah nah nahnah goodbye"....then getting full-courted was priceless!!! Up by 3, free-throw will make it 4 but he misses and then..........yup. #7
@jahnelss 2 mesi fa
Gotta see the fan reactiona though So hyped
@ScottyBeen 2 mesi fa
#10 was by far the most impressive 👏
@bachirkebe9848 2 mesi fa
He is a selfish mf though lol
@@bachirkebe9848how lmao, diving catch then the awareness to set his feet and go for it
I was in 8th or 9th grade and that was my team they beat at the state tourney with that shot. Everyone there will remember that shot like it was yesterday
@Jaypocalypse 2 mesi fa
​@@devilsadvocate8906I'm from estherville and i know the kid and still had no idea that happened
@celtz7876 2 mesi fa
​@@Jaypocalypsemaybe because you weren't there. He clearly says "everyone there".
@treyirby949 Mese fa
The fact that each clip was a home game‼️ insane! I know that feeling was something special fr🦾
Какое-то безумие от такой настройки. Суперские трёх очковые броски. Классная подборка последних секунд игры.
@joey6528 Mese fa
Ohhh the punani that them dudes got after that game was probably legendary.
@arodyanksfan 12 giorni fa
Can we talk about the parent yelling Timeout please? Gotta love the stand coaches. They know best!
@GarrettHapp 2 mesi fa
3 is insane
Thank you bro
@@andrewgarcia5091idk if that was you but if it was, then you're tuff af for that. You can literally see the dude bobble the ball, mid jump, mid spin, and still yam tf outta that shot
@@eventhoughimaloserandavirg3279his name was Harris in the video and “Andrew Garcia” said thanks and you asked if that was him? Lmfao
@peytonmubarak 2 mesi fa
Jidion needa start a Bible study every Sunday thatd be awesome
@fapojr6059 Mese fa
That woman screaming timeout with half a second left😂😂
#7 as the crowd singing... lmao. Amazing
@calebburt180 2 mesi fa
I like how everyone of then cuts off right before the crowd goes nuts
So glad I got to witness one and hit one at the halftime buzzer too. The feeling is surreal
@blackmagick77 20 ore fa
I don't usually watch basketball but these are insane.
@av9877 Mese fa
Don't cut out the crowd's excitement, that's the best part
@BADMANPIOUS 3 mesi fa
Amazing God bless all of them
@user-hf4df3zk1z 19 giorni fa
The last one💀
Last one is probably the most impressive
Andrew Landis DID NOT beat the buzzer.
@davidk813 2 mesi fa
Isn’t that the guy from shutter island?
Yea he was way to slow he wasn't even in his shooting stance before it went off
@lastfewtokes 2 mesi fa
@@davidk813Close. That’s Andrew Laeddis
@seffer9772 2 mesi fa
He infact did, goofy
@@seffer9772 you must be him... NO SIR!
the ref in #2 killed me😂
@Sultan-mg7fe 2 mesi fa
You gotta let us watch the celebrations man, that’s the best bit!
@henrymeow5950 2 mesi fa
Rip dad. You were the main witness to all my game winning shots and goals!! 🏀 ⚽️ I miss you so much dad! I can close my eyes and remember running towards you after all the game winners and you lifting me up and being so proud of me! I love you so fuckn much dad! Fakkkkkk 😭 😭 😭 I see you in the crowd all the time! Such cool shots to everyone who took the leap of faith!
@Racingirl911 2 mesi fa
I absolutely LOVE this kind of video!!! 👍🏼👍🏼
These are all awesome shots, too difficult to pick the best! Great video! (I can't help but to notice in #4 where the player for the white jersey team puts up a halfhearted shot/pass only to have the ball snatched out of the air and he watches the game winning, miracle shot go in as he walks off the court. Oh noooooo.....
@Mi1KK 2 mesi fa
#8 was waayyyy after the buzzer 😂
@seffer9772 2 mesi fa
Cap, its out of his hands at the start of the buzz
#5 was the best fr. That pass saved the game along with the shot
I don't know about #8
@Hamsandwich78 3 mesi fa
#8 happened at my school
@mkpieris1 2 mesi fa
Way after the buzzer
@Reallybruh99 2 mesi fa
@@Hamsandwich78he didn’t beat the buzzer
@rddillon4410 21 giorno fa
Imagine coming to school after that
@Creature0522 2 mesi fa
Bro #7 was my fav 😂 they start singing then they lost. Imagine 😂😂😂
@pmudri 2 mesi fa
better highlights than entire wnba history
@douggauzy6258 2 mesi fa
That second one was quite the distance . Crazy !
@jmind_xd8502 2 mesi fa
I love the absence of sound right before the shoot goes in. People just holding their breath realizing greatness may just about to happen
that first one was tough! catching it while falling, and then short quick dribble to keep it alive and standing up is insane!
#2 was insane. I love how he fell to the floor when it actually went in.
@gelofajardo 2 mesi fa
I thought I'll see the one with the barking dude. That was epic
@TheSardine 2 mesi fa
We’re all of em home games too cuz every audience was cheering after every buzzer beater
@yamudda88 2 mesi fa
"Time Out" proceeds anyways "AND THE CROWD GOES WILD"
@ftltrub8992 2 mesi fa
All was great, But number 2 with the stance like he knew he released a good shot was the best
@imthamost 23 ore fa
Man this whole vid got me hype. Is it the shots or the crowd✌🏿
Keep making your videos I love them
i cant image how the guy who missed the free throw felt in #7 💀
Blake peters went to my high school, still a legend
#GoKits 🟠🔵
@tomoyakun9294 2 mesi fa
#3 is something we will never see again .. that was mega hard
@Margxela 15 giorni fa
#7 is the craziest bc the crowd was literally just singing goodbye to them💀imagine the shock and the embarrassment from the crowd.
@mario020282 2 mesi fa
#7 was the best because the home crowd was singing "hey hey hey goodbye" lol ....the egg on their face after that 😂😂.
@hnwla1977 Mese fa
Please make 2 top fives... More crowd reaction in them 🥳🥳
How Legends are born these videos are awesome 😊
You need to add Barton college 2007 national championship..last minutes were crazy and ending was perfectly unreal
going to school the next day finna hit different
@BlackMask-YT 2 mesi fa
#9 was crazy
@mambamd1190 2 mesi fa
I like how it shows their little names
On #4😱🥶 Dude that lost possession on the losing team 🫣😭 I hope you recover from that one 🙏
@alonzolloyd104 2 mesi fa
And that's when they all became Legendary at School
@fuse911 Mese fa
My sophomore homecoming came my boy alex had to ally for the buzzer. One of the greatest things ive ever seen we had less then a second on the clock
Them are some crazy buzzer beaters
Number 7 is by far the best. With the crowd singing goodbye because they think their team has already won.😂😂😂
@hiro7489 24 giorni fa
I love how you say these peoples names like we know who they are 😂😂
We gotta need to see the reactions after the shot
@kennethjames3925 13 giorni fa
#8 was definitely still on his hand when the buzzer sounded.
@Blackjackfootball 23 giorni fa
Imagine going to school the next day 🔥🔥
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