Top 10 Cyber Monday 2019 TECH DEALS

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I have found the BEST Cyber Monday bargains! I have summed up the Top 10 deals that i found so you don't have to do the digging to find the good tech deals. Watch now! ↓↓ Click "show more" for the DEAL LINKS FOR TODAY ↓↓
TOP 10 CYBER MONDAY 2019 TECH LINKS: mattsdailydeals.com/product/top-10-tech-deals-for-cyber-monday/
Bonus Amazon Top 50 List: mattsdailydeals.com/cyber-monday-deals-on-amazon/
**The above contains an affiliate link. If you buy something through this link I may get a small share of the sale. (You're helping me buy diapers for my new baby, so thank you)
In this video The Deal Guy has found the BEST tech deals this Cyber Monday 2018. This top 10 best tech deals list sums up the best Cyber Monday deals this year. These top 10 Cyber Monday deals are the best of the best.
If you're looking to do all your Cyber Monday shopping on amazon, best buy, walmart and more then this video is for you. Don't miss the best Cyber Monday 2019 deals!
Don't miss out!
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clik uk
clik uk 6 ore fa
Reading your comments below you are a salesman's dream come true
Joyeux Irashubije
Redonna Leckie
Redonna Leckie 2 giorni fa
Have a blessed day!
Denise Kennedy
Denise Kennedy 2 giorni fa
Hey matt December 5th is birthday maybe u could send me a pin plate or something never won or got a gift and turning 55😞
JustMe8606 2 giorni fa
Love it!
KC Kara
KC Kara 2 giorni fa
I really need some of that energy! I don't know how you do it, but I'm glad you do!
Ron Leppanen
Ron Leppanen 2 giorni fa
Good work
Jo Lee
Jo Lee 2 giorni fa
Alexi N
Alexi N 3 giorni fa
Time to chargeee it!
ValntinGrl Chan
ValntinGrl Chan 3 giorni fa
Awesome!! Thanks!
Michael Mancha
Michael Mancha 3 giorni fa
I actually got some better deals on Cyber Monday than on black Friday 🙃🤗
Chaneca Smith
Chaneca Smith 3 giorni fa
love it
Karen Pratt
Karen Pratt 3 giorni fa
Cool deals!
Donna Battles
Donna Battles 3 giorni fa
Thanks again Matt!!
Gord Blanc
Gord Blanc 3 giorni fa
Great deals
Dawn Swinney
Dawn Swinney 3 giorni fa
Great Job Matt !
Raul Sibayan
Raul Sibayan 3 giorni fa
Happy Shopping!!
Jonmack4u 3 giorni fa
Thanks for the list of deals!
Tina Bates
Tina Bates 3 giorni fa
Thanks for the deals!
Marisol Ortiz
Marisol Ortiz 3 giorni fa
Oh my God. Such a gorgeous babu👶
Charlene Wisely
Charlene Wisely 3 giorni fa
Love the deals you give us.
Tammy Sargent
Tammy Sargent 3 giorni fa
cyber monday O.M.Goodness, thanks Matt!
Zombie Plague
Zombie Plague 3 giorni fa
Do you have best video game deals for parents?
Finding Crystal Gail
Your baby is too cute!!
demorippa 3 giorni fa
I tried signing up to the daily news letter a few times and got no response.
Sunkissedangel808 3 giorni fa
Happy cyber Monday!💗
Crystal Taylor
Crystal Taylor 3 giorni fa
best deal on apple watch generation 3, 42
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 3 giorni fa
I have the top..... 10
Traci Hawk
Traci Hawk 3 giorni fa
Thanks for the good deals Matt.
Hiren Gandhi
Hiren Gandhi 3 giorni fa
It's refreshing to see you so excited as always. Happy Cyber Monday :)
Freddy Jr Ballester
I want the airport pros so bad 😭 I don't have any Airpods
Rohit Tawani
Rohit Tawani 3 giorni fa
i don’t know how to thank you and mattsdailydeals love you bro ❤️❤️🔥🔥
cornell 749
cornell 749 3 giorni fa
Alicia Rice
Alicia Rice 3 giorni fa
Matt, can you find deals for Lifx smart lighting system? Heard they work better with Google Assistant
Alicia Rice
Alicia Rice 3 giorni fa
Fitbit's website has the Versa 2 for 129.99 right now. They are taking $70 off.
Marietta Thomasyytbb. Beverly. Byh
I appreciate your videos
Tiffany Barton
Tiffany Barton 3 giorni fa
Thanks Matt!
Jay Krueger
Jay Krueger 3 giorni fa
Thanks for the great deals !
Aimee Burrier
Aimee Burrier 3 giorni fa
You’re so happy!!
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