Top 10 INSANE Upcoming Post-Apocalyptic Games in 2019 & 2020 | PS4 Xbox One PC

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Top 10 INSANE Upcoming Post-Apocalyptic Games: Metro Exodus, The Devision 2, Fear the Wolves, Atomic Heart, The Last of Us 2, Doom: Eternal, Days Gone, Dying Light 2, Far Cry: New Dawn, Death Stranding
0:00 Metro Exodus
3:57 The Devision 2
6:15 Fear the Wolves
8:45 Atomic Heart
11:08 The Last of Us 2
13:58 Doom: Eternal
17:06 Days Gone
19:19 Far Cry: New Dawn
21:18 Dying Light 2
24:06 Death Stranding
26:40 Generation Zero
29:57 World War Z


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8 feb 2019

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Commenti 781
saeed beh
saeed beh 2 giorni fa
hello okey
A Roj
A Roj 2 giorni fa
Why is Daryl Dixon fighting holograms? I stopped watching the walking dead, is this the direction the walkers evolved?
LifeInTheMatrix 5 giorni fa
there is no need for the disgusting graphic violence in last of us 2 - that is titillaitng shock value for the sake of it (and also the strategic agenda to desensitise the younger sheeple to extreme and horrific brutality as the norm). The human foetus-encased-in-futuristic-technology-aiding-in-violence idea of 'death stranding' is also diabolical.How to do these devs sleep at night knowing they helped spread hell on earth in their own small way? Someone else mentioned below that all this is just pre programming for whats coming and I have to agree with that comment.
Ibrahim Al-Otaibi
Ibrahim Al-Otaibi 9 giorni fa
The trailers are fake and the games will be crap don’t get excited
Matteus Barbosa
Matteus Barbosa 9 giorni fa
very much of the same boring stories
A123cov45678 9 giorni fa
There is a game that I want to buy that I don't know the name of its a space game where you can build a spaceship and travel space visiting planets and you can collect all different types of DNA and make different being to help you fight the enemy anyone know what its called and when its coming out????
A123cov45678 9 giorni fa
Its an old revamp of an 80s game 20 years in the making aparrently
A123cov45678 9 giorni fa
Got farcry new dawn and days gone but dying light 2 and generation zero look really good on my list of games to buy now
Kyle brewer
Kyle brewer 9 giorni fa
Genaration zero I’m totally down
Kyle brewer
Kyle brewer 9 giorni fa
I tell you doom I wouldn’t even play if I got a free copy. Last one was garbage and far cry get fucked just the old one with a new change of cloths. Dying light I will definitely play. Looks abit redundent tho. Give us Skyrim 2 for ffs
r3l1csvk 9 giorni fa
shame that Fear the wolves ended as DoA
Sergeant Danelarton
Why isn't dead matter in this list?
Mastero 10 giorni fa
Where is Minecraft?
leebog31 10 giorni fa
All these movies and games are just preprograming you for what's really coming.
Antony Whatever
Antony Whatever 7 giorni fa
Overhype train?
Christopher Cory
Christopher Cory 12 giorni fa
How about planet of the apes in negative hell in door open to talk to Fallout and red dead redemption mini series 3diffrent games. Join in a creative ideas. You can pick a game be part that world then crashed landed in red dead redemption. 3 large open world. With a crossovers series. It be talk about game in years! These games are great.sell lot.it sure last of us 🇺🇸.
Tony Dumay
Tony Dumay 14 giorni fa
not that interesting....a lot of these games have woman with bigger Dicks than the men. lacking severely.
Nick Krug
Nick Krug 15 giorni fa
better get new video card soon
Club Head
Club Head 15 giorni fa
No matter how you cut it nothing can top the last of us.
skalpel66 15 giorni fa
Guess,Last of us,Days gone,Far cry,Dying light are same world another place.
Agree2Disagree 16 giorni fa
Nobody can touch QuantumDream!
Non-Player Character
Atomic Heart looks AWESOME!
Imadeaboomontherug 16 giorni fa
Last of Us..you must make it to PC...your killing me smalls
G Money
G Money 18 giorni fa
WWz so dumb not creative at all worst game ever.
Charccy 18 giorni fa
Dunno why, but ubisoft doesn't give me a thrill anymore. Tom Clancy's XYZ .. it's getting old .
Shy Giggling
Shy Giggling 18 giorni fa
"Ohh Cyka!"
Paul Moffett
Paul Moffett 20 giorni fa
Anybody besides me getting tired of post apocalyptic games?👎how about something new!
insum snoy
insum snoy 21 giorno fa
Wilhelm scream at 1:45
Federico Natiello
Federico Natiello 22 giorni fa
The division 2 graphics from 2010 wtf...
astrolover 95
astrolover 95 22 giorni fa
Cant wait for last of us 2
Elias Pereira
Elias Pereira 22 giorni fa
What rubbish, every game now has to have a bitch who's a soldier, progressive motherfuckers!
ميليوداس ساما
death stranding in pc ?
Вау Фарт
Вау Фарт 22 giorni fa
Daniel Allen
Daniel Allen 22 giorni fa
Man wouldn't it be so awesome if all gameplay looked as good as that Metro trailer?
Diego Rooks
Diego Rooks 24 giorni fa
LOL "the Division" i bet thats what Clancey was fed by the Clinton mafia. To bad he knew to much and paid the price. I guess this game would be like the ultimate fantasy of SJW"S LOL LOL. Dream again.
D. 24 giorni fa
10:17- 10:30 the most realistic Russian swearing simulator ever. I am sold!! Это охуенно!
Leuckmann DRVO
Leuckmann DRVO 26 giorni fa
stalkers want to live in the zone , kids want to play doom XD
Sunny Sonnington
Sunny Sonnington 28 giorni fa
They need a basics apocalypse
Ismail s_playz
Ismail s_playz 28 giorni fa
Why is every game this year is either a zombie or survival game?
Пожуй 29 giorni fa
Putin was in the first trailer
Ryan W
Ryan W Mese fa
A whole cigarette in 1 pull 😂😂 9:26
Deena Gold
Deena Gold Mese fa
Check out 'Nether - the untold chapter' just out on Steam , it's how post apocalypse games should look, it's in the city and it's a marvelous alternative to 'zombies in the woods' staple yawwwwwn,.
JJ Johnson
JJ Johnson Mese fa
Metro sucked it was too short and easy
lomich Mese fa
Окуительные игры!
Злой Gabbry
конченая лажа на 9й минуте,не игра а просто выкидышь ублюдков... постыдились бы выпускать такое!
JE Garcia
JE Garcia Mese fa
There's no way I seen any of this in Metro Exodus. What bullshit.
Am I the only one around here who's sick of this genre?
Tenet Mese fa
Why does The Division 2 look ten times worse than the original The Division? It looks like a game from 2008.
Phil B
Phil B Mese fa
Gameost great channel and great vids. I have a quick question because you seem to be a video game trailer expert. I saw a video game commercial on tv a few months ago and in the trailer is had a girl taking on a giant monster with the help of a mech and a dinosaur. Anyone know what the name of this video game is?? Thank you for any assistance.
Philip Aylmer
Butts rule
Alex Junior
Alex Junior Mese fa
Eu quero saber, quando as gameplays terá esses gráficos de trailer?
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