Top 10 Most Confrontational TV Moments

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The most confrontational TV moments brought out the worst in people. We’re looking at times when people were called out on TV - for one reason or another - and didn’t take too kindly to it, making for some epic clashes. This list just goes to show that TV is no place to settle an argument! WatchMojo ranks the most confrontational TV moments. Which confrontational TV moment made you uncomfortable? Let us know in the comments!
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Commenti 80
Phoebe - WatchMojo
Which of these moments made you cringe the hardest?!
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 11 giorni fa
Phoebe - WatchMojo definitely the second last one
Maria Torres
Maria Torres Mese fa
Phoebe - WatchMojo 2:18
Nick Weiland
Nick Weiland 2 mesi fa
Your comment is cringeworthy in itself
Eric Mason
Eric Mason 2 mesi fa
Geraldo- He sets up this garbage just for ratings. Now he is on Fox saying whatever incites the Fox fan base. He has no ethics... no moral compass.
I. Wynn Wynn
I. Wynn Wynn 2 mesi fa
Phoebe - WatchMojo the dad who used and abused his kid and then hid him and was exposed
Chris Guzman
Chris Guzman 7 giorni fa
The woman behind nicki name
Graham Sowerby
Graham Sowerby 8 giorni fa
The Reynolds one must have been a set up or why were there custard pies ready???
Dndnnd Snsnsn
Dndnnd Snsnsn 10 giorni fa
Nikki acted like it was wwe
Elizabeth OSullivan
Elizabeth OSullivan 10 giorni fa
Amy Chapman
Amy Chapman 12 giorni fa
Tom Cruise doesn't know jack shit about psychiatry. He thinks he does but he doesn't. And he never should have put Brooke Shields down for taking antidepressants.
Craig Roberts
Craig Roberts 13 giorni fa
At least in a shipwreck Nikki’s ass would probably keep her afloat...jeez, who dresses this woman? Not flattering at all.
Tara McMennamy
Tara McMennamy 16 giorni fa
i fought drake it was a whole lot of cursing:(
Asher-Lee Orr
Asher-Lee Orr 16 giorni fa
do yall have anything original to say about nicki minaj? or is it always gonna be closeted-lust about her ass?
Ross Rapoza
Ross Rapoza 17 giorni fa
As much as i dislike Trump. He really is right about Rosie O'Donnell being horrible and nasty.
Ryan Richey
Ryan Richey 17 giorni fa
How is Morton Downey Jr an asshole for pointing out facts?
Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis 18 giorni fa
I agree but my problem with the Geraldo one was that the "racist skinheads" were not the ones who took things to the physical level yet they were the ones removed.
Patt Carl
Patt Carl 20 giorni fa
Ever heard 'women understand each other and they hate each other
Niel Patrick Condino
Held their son hostage for publicity? That is crazy
Neckcron 22 giorni fa
Number 2 i watched the clip they seem like they were having it in good fun
knight099159 22 giorni fa
The Right Wing bimbo brigade, There may be 10 braincells between them... Megyn Kelly, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Tomi Lahren, Laura Ingraham, Meghan McCain, Ainsley Earhardt, Ivanka Trump, Dana Perino, Scottie Nell Hughes, Lara Trump etc etc the list goes on
ShinRyojin 23 giorni fa
2005 was the peak douche Cruise. The today show interview, going full retard on Oprah, as well as loosing his shit on a harmless prank.
Egyptian Queen
Egyptian Queen 23 giorni fa
I feel like when white people get black people confused they do that shit on purpose. Not all black people look alike. I've seen a lot of white people that look the same.
Marianne Contrino
Marianne Contrino 24 giorni fa
Geraldo goes from trying to expose "racists" to working at a network run by them. Definitely giving Jaime Lannister a run for his money in the category of "Worst Character Arc Ever". Side note: Did anyone else get an ad for antidepressants during the Tom Cruise bit? Smart bastards, those drug companies are.
Tanner Moubray
Tanner Moubray 27 giorni fa
Bro who Batista bombed that pie in his face
karla cendejas
karla cendejas 28 giorni fa
Tom Cruz seems like such a jackass... 🙄 I really hope it's all for show.
Iain young
Iain young 28 giorni fa
Hassleback 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️
Jonathan Sykes
Jonathan Sykes 29 giorni fa
Geraldo is now a white nationalist. Funny how times change.
TheOffkilter 29 giorni fa
I love that intro line "with most people if someone said something about them in public, theyd choose to have a word with that person in private and settle theyre differences". You madam have far too high of an opinion of "most people" lol
Jenna Robinson
Jenna Robinson 29 giorni fa
Burt Reynolds didn’t just hit him with a pie... he used his fist
Trey Factz
Trey Factz Mese fa
Lol Nicki didn't have that energy when Cardi B wanted the smoke
Roman Empire
Roman Empire Mese fa
Number 10 is what I see Outside of PCB club. So not so impressive. Lol
she did all of that for miley but didnt do nothing with cardi .. guess she knows how to pick her battles
onyxell Mese fa
Gotta love Naomi😍
dizzyaztec Mese fa
Do you watch pirn?
Kc KcAdonai
Kc KcAdonai Mese fa
Success does not determined fulfilment, acne hearts even with all wealth
Keyser Soze
Keyser Soze Mese fa
Bert smacked him with that pie hahaha
Ghost Hunters NYC-Upper West Side Occult Science
»Nice exposure of demons in the entertainment industry. - J.
Ziggy Manchester
I think Miley would whoop Nikki’s ass..
Samuel L Jackson should get over himself. It was an honest mistake and his classless self had to bring the race card into it. Pathetic.
Kel McGowan
Kel McGowan Mese fa
Seems Fergie interviews as well as her ex-husband. Really are a match made in heaven.
Blanca Canales
Nicki shut up🙄
The Trent
The Trent Mese fa
You watch your damn mouth about Jerry.
Mohamad Ali Malimzed
What a bunch of a-holes
Arturo Martin Salgado
"the racists skin heads" best quote ever
Georgi Georgi
Tom Cruise has lost his mind
Diogenes Teufelsdracht
What? Jim Rome Vs. Jim Everett doesn't make this list?! Rome got his ass kicked on live TV after being warned to take a break. Search it above.
SuperDave66 !
How can Nikki just stand like she doesn’t have a gigantic deformed ass? 🤷🏾‍♂️
Jason Krueger
Minaj gotta take a hellacious dump
Important Videos
In love with that blonde chick arguing
Anthony Rupert
Matt Lauer in ANY interview nowadays would be cringeworthy.
M. Zane'e
M. Zane'e Mese fa
Lmao. Nicki ain’t that hard. Where was that energy when she was beefing with remy🥱
savethemule Mese fa
guy openly assaults another guy for his harmless idiotic opinion, then the victim of the assault is removed from the set..... where have I seen this? I'm looking at you ANTIFA!
Roca Vil
Roca Vil Mese fa
Talk shit, get hit
brianna Mese fa
Can you do a top 10 on the most successful artist of the 2000’s
Eric Tirado
Eric Tirado Mese fa
Geraldo put his hands on that dude then complains about his poor nose, their white supremacist u think they think
The Blue Knight
10:25 this part reminds me of the church scene from kingsman
Angela Nova
Angela Nova Mese fa
Omg that Nancy Grace one
Alex B.
Alex B. Mese fa
I would love to see Nicki try to talk to me that way. I don't care who you are or where we are, no one has the right to speak to another person like that. Apparently, Miley said that she was a bad role model? Of course, she is! But so was Miley but whatever. I would have loved to chew Nicki out for having the audacity to think she can treat people however way she pleases.
"You're son has been found in your basement" *EVENTUAL* *SURPRISED* *PIKACHU* *FACE*
Robbin Hood
Robbin Hood Mese fa
He was lucky Burt didn't lay him out right there.
gamer forever
Well going from trash talk tv to disgusting trash reality shows, This is why I don't really watch tv much.
Patrick O'Konis
How about Jim Everett confronting Jim Rome ?!?!?!
Brian Eddy
Brian Eddy Mese fa
#1: While definitely provoked by the white nationalists, that clip shows the physical violence initiated by the African American gentleman.
steven lerch
steven lerch Mese fa
No bill Maher?? No Sam Harris be Ben Affleck
Alonso Medina
Dude. This video would be so much better if you shhhhh
Joah Bullis
Joah Bullis 2 mesi fa
Matt Lauer can suck it!
Tokin Bowls
Tokin Bowls 2 mesi fa
He smacked the fuck out of Mark summers
Alex Morales
Alex Morales 2 mesi fa
Confrontation between Samuel L Jackson and Sam Rubin is barely a confrontation
Nobody guy
Nobody guy 2 mesi fa
Minaj's butt just looks so extra fake
C J 2 mesi fa
They are both GONE... MC and NM! The door is on your left, Ladies.. Billy E is it!
Good Fella
Good Fella 2 mesi fa
Downy Jr should have been punched in the face a 100 times
Silas Quackenbush
Jerry Springer is not trashy
Pig face
Pig face 2 mesi fa
Nikki Manaj is trash.
Confused Badger
Confused Badger 2 mesi fa
Ah Niki Minge, showing how classy black women are. Keep up the good work, gotta keep that stereotype alive.
Jerry Lawler and Andy Kaufman
Jacob Blott
Jacob Blott 2 mesi fa
I finally understand the Austin Powers reference with Dr. Evil
Michael Weiskopf
I kind of wanted to see Nicki and Miley get into a cat fight
Alik Bey
Alik Bey 2 mesi fa
Kiri Koshiba
Kiri Koshiba 2 mesi fa
that whole Nicki Minaj vs Miley thing was tackier than mismatched patterns, smh.
Wojtek Czemas
Wojtek Czemas 2 mesi fa
0:49 wtf does she hide in that ass , anotcher Nicki Minaj ??
Mark Still
Mark Still 2 mesi fa
Sam Jackson did not handle that well, and I am perplexed that you could laud him for this. As long as we have different rules for the different colors in this world, we are stuck in a zero-sum game of bigotry. I used to confuse Jackson and Fishbourne when they both started out, because in my mind they were similar: They both found prominence in the early 70s, when unfortunately prominent Black actors were rare. I confused Rob Reiner and Rob Howard, because they were both TV stars that transitioned to directing at the same time. I confused Matthew Broderick and John Cusak because they were young, White and raven-haired at the same time. I still confuse actors and singers and even my neighbors and family. That the journalist made a mistake and should be called out for it is absolute. That Jackson had to make it about ethnicity and culture - and apparently you did, too - is inexcusably counterproductive toward this harmonious society we are all supposedly striving toward. ( And by the way, I mistakingly typed Fishbourne instead of Jackson in that last sentence. Opposie! That lousy human DNA done tripped me up again! 🤓)
peek a boo
peek a boo 2 mesi fa
He handled it perfect... This essay tho is unnecessary. I only read the first line. You should who ure inviting to your home lol
MC Philosophy Beats
Who cares about the drama!!!
Nick Lennox
Nick Lennox 2 mesi fa
To be fair, the black guy swung first. Don’t start nothin won’t be nothin.
Ned Nakamori
Ned Nakamori 2 mesi fa
Nicki is more fake than Caitlyn J’s old bitties.
Peter Majongwe
Peter Majongwe 2 mesi fa
The Nancy Grace incident,reminds me of balloon boy
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