Top 10 Parallel Universe Snacks That Shouldn't Exist

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Top 10 Parallel Universe Snacks That Shouldn't Exist
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I feel like parallel universes would honestly have the best snacks no question. I don't know why but in my head i just envision them to be similar to food in our world but just very colorful and whimsical but i mean that's best case scenario. We don't know whats out there and with that being said these are the Top 10 Parallel Universe Snacks That Shouldn't Exist.
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Commenti 80
Dustin Arko
Dustin Arko 13 giorni fa
This is just making money from someone else’s product
Rodolfo Delacruz
Rodolfo Delacruz 23 giorni fa
Cold Frozen Cheetos
Lol if u want to taste colors take some lsd 😄 oh and I have to say this flamin hot Cheeto’ s are better than regular Cheetos 😋
the whole world vegan? *I'D RATHER DIE*
Fan 2.0
Fan 2.0 Mese fa
I wish I knew what all the colours of the world tasted like
charmanater 2 mesi fa
this is so dumb
Nevaeh Star Rojas
If anyone would think to consider looking into the link and description box below the video youd see that the content was ACCREDITED TO GMM. idiots just write crap without thinking or investigating. Wait till you grow up and have to do JURY DUTY. were you have to look i to that stiff before you JUDGE someones life Freaking morons
Dizy Dino
Dizy Dino 3 mesi fa
I can make freezin cold cheetos
Emile Dorsey
Emile Dorsey 3 mesi fa
Lmfao... She called Mythical Chef Josh a "Monstrous Devil" (Good Mythical Morning) 🤣🤣🤣🤣 itvid.net/video/video-e3qMuO5sEO4.html
charizard ranger
Cinnamon spice
Mr. Caleb
Mr. Caleb 3 mesi fa
Where is the Ice age baby
thxyou666 3 mesi fa
Take way to long to get to the point bye I'm done
LizAnAngel Icy
LizAnAngel Icy 3 mesi fa
For #1 he might actually be a snow leopard..?
• Annie アニー •
Try to create a color. Not a shade of one that exists now, but make your own color. Invent one. It's almost impossible.
Gobl 943
Gobl 943 3 mesi fa
My idea of Freezin' Cold Cheetos would be wheat-based snacks with a blue colored cheese dust and they would have a combo flavor of blue cheese dressing and provolone.
Brady Duty
Brady Duty 3 mesi fa
love the video and freezing cold cheatos
SmokeySprite 3 mesi fa
I straight up wouldn't mind some freezing cold cheetos
ZoeyizaDragonYT 3 mesi fa
Number one: Freezin' cold Cheetos. I always knew there was a Parallel Universe that had opposites!!
Saadia F.
Saadia F. 3 mesi fa
2:43 ew..
I_EAT_DRYWALL_ 3 mesi fa
CEO of stealing ideas
Shawn Nelson
Shawn Nelson 3 mesi fa
I like how she put cookies in the back round
Shawn Nelson
Shawn Nelson 3 mesi fa
There's nothing scary about snacks ????? Maybe so
JM Delaquesta
JM Delaquesta 3 mesi fa
I'll try the avocado toast crunch I love avocado my family and I make smash avocado with evaporated milk and sugar and add bit off crunchy cookies 😍😍😍
Meant cabbage 711
Come one stealing content
Simone 3 mesi fa
My word everyone’s banging on about GMM.. get your own comment? Works the same way. Not the first channel to do something similar to another channel 😴😂
Preston G. Harris
You stole this from GMM
Alex Wood
Alex Wood 3 mesi fa
The opinion that only because these parallel universe snacks are different means that the snacks should not exist. Is a hasty conclusion because our universe is similar to their universe with only a few differents making it parallel to their universe.
Subfish -__-
Subfish -__- 3 mesi fa
You guys should have gave GMM a shout out that’s just dirty, but it’s not like they need it lol but I feel like it’s needed
Plump Cat
Plump Cat 3 mesi fa
WARNING Stolen content
Vincenzo Foglia
Vincenzo Foglia 3 mesi fa
Not only do you steal content from good mythical morning and didn't even watch the episode because you got things wrong but also you said flaming hot Cheetos is a "sub par sequal" to regular Cheetos. Like wtf. What dumbass like regular Cheetos more than the hot ones
Joe Marino
Joe Marino 3 mesi fa
Shouldn’t? SHOULD
David Lightner
David Lightner 3 mesi fa
This is gmms stuff
Inny74 3 mesi fa
1:44 At this moment she knew *SHE FUCKED UP* Seriously, you lost a sub. I watch this, the food videos specifically, to get away from "I wAnT eVeRyOnE tO bE vEgAn" bull. Oh, you also completely plagarized this video. So this makes me question all the other videos you make.
Willow_Rui Likes To Draw
Good mythical morning: hey, I've seen this one! Most amazing top 10:what do you mean? It's brand new
Retep Williams
Retep Williams 3 mesi fa
Zorua 3 mesi fa
World war chetto had started VOTE cold or hot Hot power level-0. Cold power level-0 1 vote = 1 power level for the one u vote
Irish Billy
Irish Billy 3 mesi fa
Ugh. She is horrible.
ROZENE BLAD 3 mesi fa
You stole mythical morning!
parry 3 mesi fa
H2o yeah
Butcher Beaver
Butcher Beaver 3 mesi fa
*when you run out of ideas for content so you start stealing someone elses original content without giving them credit* Most Amazing Top 10 moment
Mylum O'Shinn
Mylum O'Shinn 3 mesi fa
Umm...Ayman, most if all Vegans must supplement proteins and other cholestorel that are absent from consuming meat. 90% of vegans will go back to eating meats within 5 years.
Yarlet Murillo
Yarlet Murillo 3 mesi fa
I would want to know what colors taste like 🤔 if they taste like a rainbow 😺
The Cartoonist Guy
Um, didn't I see all of these things on good mythical morning...? 🙃
Michelle Wood
Michelle Wood 3 mesi fa
OMG no!!!! Not interested
Hansum One
Hansum One 3 mesi fa
This vid was a waste of my life
Kate Smith
Kate Smith 3 mesi fa
"I didn't like the taste of water" Me- oh thank gods, I'm not the only one. 😌
IVANNA RICO 3 mesi fa
color coded pt2 imagine eating a salad people would be so bipolar
jackscoop 3 mesi fa
Let's just RIP off good mythical morning
psychoalucard 3 mesi fa
Don't trust vegetarians
WrApSALT 3 mesi fa
Yay you stole an idea from GMM
Almond 3 mesi fa
Ask Terezi she knows rhe taste of colors
joe whitton
joe whitton 3 mesi fa
Running out out of ideas, now top 10 is making videos up.
Sam Hornyak
Sam Hornyak 3 mesi fa
1:39 Alligator is good, so I'd imagine that snake would taste similar
I'm sorry but I could not live without meat
Sam Hornyak
Sam Hornyak 3 mesi fa
Same. I know another person who used to think that but they went vegan or vegetarian. I forgot which one but she managed to do it when she thought she couldn't
Jennet the wølf Valender
"Freezing cold Cheetos taste cold and minty" So toothpaste?
Kaleb Downing
Kaleb Downing 3 mesi fa
You can taste purple by drinking "grape" soda. I does not taste like grape but sure as hell tastes like purple.
Haziq Haris
Haziq Haris 3 mesi fa
Our universe : Pkmn X & Y Other universe : Pkmn Z
Klyde Johnson
Klyde Johnson 3 mesi fa
Dumbest video you guys made in a whole i can tell u wer just throwing around ideas in this one😂😂
tinkerbell41484 3 mesi fa
So has Rhett and Link seen this yet?
MystiqueHorizon 3 mesi fa
My Mom doesn't like the taste(or lack thereof?) of water either... I drink a big blue cooler bottle 19L of water in around a week. Lol
Joey Wolf
Joey Wolf 3 mesi fa
I Love GMM and GMM. 🙃
James Not bond
James Not bond 3 mesi fa
Miss when this channel was good
Bobby Duncan
Bobby Duncan 3 mesi fa
Every time I see one of Ayman Hasan's videos, i wind up on porn sites, watching Mia Khalifa.
Thu Vo
Thu Vo 3 mesi fa
I love flaming hot cheetos
Travis Scott Fan
My nigas ballin like curry
Sargent Will
Sargent Will 3 mesi fa
Who else checked out the good mythical morning videos
Jordan95 HD
Jordan95 HD 3 mesi fa
A lot of the videos on this channel, including this, are preeetty interesting, Ayman!
AßDEY bebe
AßDEY bebe 3 mesi fa
Luv your humor. 😉 keep up the great work. 💫
Ivan Barbosa
Ivan Barbosa 3 mesi fa
None of them seem good
Equinox 3 mesi fa
Did Rhett and Link get credit for this video?? Since you know... they kinda started this
STEEZ ORTIZ 3 mesi fa
Water don’t have a taste tho?
John Clark
John Clark 3 mesi fa
from one cheetos fan to another, i'd try the freezing cold cheetos.
Kaus Australis
Kaus Australis 3 mesi fa
Lol y'all got a bunch of good mythical morning stuff lmao
SpeediraWindira 3 mesi fa
Good Mythical Morning and their parallel world foods....xD
yeahriight57 3 mesi fa
Aren’t you a millennial? LoL
Anna Jimenez
Anna Jimenez 3 mesi fa
I would totally do drown aroos!
HannBerryy 3 mesi fa
I fall in love with Amund more and more each video
Lucky Top Hat Studios
Icy Cold Cheetos actually look and sound good Maybe It's because I like the cold and winter THAT MUCH.
Carcar Love
Carcar Love 3 mesi fa
Ask mr Krupp to eat abacato tost cronch
Lesly G.
Lesly G. 3 mesi fa
I’m at least glad u didn’t leave the squad..
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