TOP 10 Players who scored FIVE goals in ONE match 

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Top 10 Players who scored FIVE goals in ONE match
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16 mar 2023




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Commenti : 156   
J 2 mesi fa
I see many people claiming Haaland was lucky. So for those: if it happens 4 times in a match it’s not luck. It’s intelligent positioning. One of the most important qualities of a striker of creative team for obvious reasons
Paul Mbanefo
Paul Mbanefo 2 mesi fa
You may call it lucky but halland is a good striker with absolute positioning which makes him score the lucky goal you said and that is the most potential of a good striker
Alan Mese fa
still, a little
Presley Norman
That's not luck
Kizito Sadaati
seriously he positioning himself smartly than anybody else
W L Mese fa
5 goals in 9 minutes is ridiculous…it will never ever happen again…Lewandowski is so underappreciated 🤯
Pres Geen Stress
And Pep Guardiola was coach in three of them😂🐐
Blessing Kabeya
Blessing Kabeya 2 mesi fa
Ya 😂
Swifties For Life
Craziest Career Stat for a Coach 🎉
Emmanuel Chukwuemeka
He did not coach lewandowski
Tidiane Diakite
Tidiane Diakite 18 giorni fa
​@Emmanuel Chukwuemeka yes hé did
Alex Jacobs
Alex Jacobs 10 giorni fa
@Emmanuel Chukwuemeka he’s literally in the clip
Samson kamanza
Samson kamanza 2 mesi fa
Guardiola coaching three of them just wonderful,,, Haaland, Messi and lewandowski
Roseandree Filsaime
Dimitar Berbatov’s goal is an absolute masterpiece 👏🏼👏🏼❤
effwee Mese fa
robert lewandowski 5 goals in 8 min and 59sec... brilliant... never ever will a player broke this record...
Lydia 2 mesi fa
Haaland, Messi and Lewandoski scored the 5 goals when Pep was coaching their team
Bugati Bugati
Bugati Bugati 19 ore fa
Messi 5 goals was very clear and sweet to watch without penalty❤
Si Mese fa
5 goals in 9 minutes -Lewandoski
ahmad adeyeye
Guardiola must have been so lucky to have had 4 of the best forwards the wold has ever seen . having messi then lewandoski then aguero then haaland.
Md Shamim Ahmed
Md Shamim Ahmed 15 giorni fa
Messi's goals was really awesome 👌
Miguel Florez
Miguel Florez 2 mesi fa
Falcao was a MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!
Skipper_ 2 mesi fa
The 🐐(Messi) scored no tapins no penalties What a legend 🙌
🧢 I saw a tap in after the keeper spilled it.
Okonji Ikechukwu
@👑 IKIXISPHILIP 👑 yeah one tap in.. Unlike others with several tap in goals
Sabin Yonzan
Sabin Yonzan Mese fa
@Okonji Ikechukwu are you new to football??bruhhh I think you don't the main role of striker
Zohir Mese fa
​​@Okonji Ikechukwu that was not tapin.. That goal also create one -two by messi. And about to missed that but luckily got the goal again..
Chris rocks
Chris rocks 16 giorni fa
@👑 IKIXISPHILIP 👑that’s not a tap in , he hits the ball and the keeper punched in and he hits it again , google search about tap ins
Nazir 21
Nazir 21 2 mesi fa
-Oh, who is the best? -Of course, Pep!
Gaming Allïté
Gaming Allïté 8 giorni fa
There is more difference between Messi's goals and others goals... Messi"s goal was legendary, creative and unique ❤❤❤
Muhammad Zakariyo
Prime Messi amazing did you even see he dribbles and make it wonderful ❤
Muhammad Zakariyo
I will I could see that times when Messi has gone with 5 goals❤
Bernadette Odongo
Bernadette Odongo 22 giorni fa
Michael Olunga scored 7 goals in one match
gecata luchev
gecata luchev 2 mesi fa
Oleg Salenko scores 5 goals in 1 match in world cup 1994
Aurélien Snappe
Am I the only one that feel like the Lewandowski' manita is different everytime I watch it ?
Boniek20 4 giorni fa
Lewandowski’s 5 goals in 8min 59secs - will never see that again….and with 5 touches!
Football lover
Football lover 2 mesi fa
Gift Msowoya
Gift Msowoya Mese fa
I like how simple Messi goals were
bighugstudio 13 ore fa
Yeah boring and weak
Mathis Kitio Tchambou
Messi 2012 un vrai monstre il était trop fort
David Crosby
David Crosby Mese fa
Does anyone else know that a chap called Archie Thompson scored 13 goals in a pro game? Just found that out. Ppl on the internet have been saying it’s Haaland with his 9. Still Archie scored his against American Samoa so…
Salmann Nawool
Lewandowski was by far the best amongst!!! Y?? Bcoz he came on as a sub in 2nd half... yet scoring one of the fastest hattrick in Bundesliga n even World!!!
ecod 18 giorni fa
the fastest hat trick was scored by sadio mane three goals in 2 min
Chris rocks
Chris rocks 16 giorni fa
I keep saying ronaldo and messi don’t even see this 5 goals thing as a record for someone to break because to them it’s normal especially to messi , when people were shouting haaland has break the record of scoring 5 goals in one match messi was just laughing cus to him it’s normal and every striker needs to do that , he wasn’t surprised because lewandowki scored the 5 within 9 minutes with no penalty, haaland is overrated
Salmann Nawool
Salmann Nawool 16 giorni fa
@ecod you are in a wrong place mate!!! We're talking about ""5 goals in a match"" See the Captions before commenting my friend.. I'm not harsh, I'm just Advising. Thanks 4und... chill dude!!! Lewandowski held the FASTEST Record uptil now...
Salmann Nawool
Salmann Nawool 16 giorni fa
@Chris rocks Yes you are right somewhere but Still I wud say, The FASTEST RECORD OF SCORING 5 GOALS IN A MATCH IS NO OTHER THAN THE GREAT MASTERCLASS FINISHER "ROBERT LEWANDOWSKI 😉" Yes it's a normal thing for Messi n CR7, but they didn't did it either!!! So LEWANDOWSKI fans have something to say infront of Messi n CR7 atleast 🤔 🙄 😝
Salmann Nawool
Salmann Nawool 16 giorni fa
@Chris rocks Messi n CR7 as well got attitude mate... its a normal thing, put urself in that place, what wud anyone do if someone tries to intimidate you like such? U wud show attitude...as if its not bothering U!!! That's normal... anyone wud do that... Well Messi is out of this World, CR7 is insane too... uncomparable bet Messi/CR7 n Lewan... But still LEWANDOWSKI MERITS A BALLON DOR IN FRONT OF THEM... As well as Mane, Iniesta n so on.... even VVD also... But Media always backs Messi n CR7!!!! But I love the history of Lewan 💪❤️❤️❤️
ChilledCoke Mese fa
Messi😮😢 what a genius
Teeraey Mese fa
Why do they substitute them after scoring 5 goals? Is it some kind of rule?
Jay Keys
Jay Keys Mese fa
Haaland scored 4 rebounds and 1 penalty…!! Checkout Messi’s 5 non penalty goals.. Lewy in 9 minutes 🙌🏾🙌🏾
Scaregrow Boys
messi scored 5 goals in a match twice😎 . one for barca and another for argentina .he never disappoint anyone🔥
Frank Diaba
Frank Diaba Mese fa
Ronaldo also did it twice anyway
Martha Chila
Martha Chila Mese fa
If Only God allowed to have an idol mmmmm messi the 🐐. Leo is at every competition what a player
sun. 2 mesi fa
2015 peak of football.
Vincent Simiyu
You cant be GOAT if you never score 5goals in a game. and you cant be GOAT if one of them is a penalty
NR Mese fa
*Haaland is a beast !*
Ikenna 2 mesi fa
I don't think any players had a single pen in them 5 goals until Ronaldo appeared 😂😂😂😂
lawlelo 2 mesi fa
Haland did 😏
Ezinna Cornelius
Andriano with two penalty
Peanut905 Mese fa
Stop hating on Ronaldo he is the goat 🐐
Filip Moskwa
Filip Moskwa 2 mesi fa
Where is Aduriz five goals vs Genk in 2016/17 UEL???
D'God Of Legendary
Mbappes Goals were all wonderful but Haaland only scored through rebounds,tapping and a penalty
Mustafa Abdulrahman
Mbappe score 5 goals againts a smalltalk Club
Son Goku
Son Goku 2 mesi fa
And?does beautiful goals count for 2?
Adoghe Allison
Just like Ronaldo
Adnane Aref
Adnane Aref Mese fa
@Son Goku no but they make you win the Puskas award tho 🙂
Mic Greenson
Mic Greenson 2 mesi fa
ALLAHU AKBAR ☝️ Amazing player's 🎉
Beauty Daberechi
Haaland would have scored more than the five goal if he was not change from the match because the all the five goals was scored in just 55 minutes if he plays the full match he could have scored up to six goals or seven goals 😉
LamaAlq 2 mesi fa
tbf he scored 9 goals once with norway. the guy is genuinely insane.
samuel adjei
samuel adjei Mese fa
Only Messi's 5 goals in a single game was a CHAMPIONS LEAGUE GAME.
Yakzoo Mese fa
Adriano and haaland too?
J A B P 2 mesi fa
FALCAOOOOOOOO I miss him so much
Roman from Siberia
Надо было в обратном порядке ставить авторов, пентатрик Левандовски, Месси, Бербатова - лучшие!
Adam's k4
Adam's k4 Mese fa
For Luka jovic was very beautiful
Old Video Master
Still messi have the best one without any penalty👑
Maxime Charette
Maxime Charette 2 mesi fa
Lewandoski did it with no penalty in 9 minutes
Old Video Master
@Maxime Charette i know but messi always is something else
Jaset 5 giorni fa
@Old Video Master Yes, he is. However, Messi did not score 5 goals as a substitute in 8 minutes and 59 seconds. Lewandowski received 4 certificates from Guinness book of world record while Messi did not.
Old Video Master
Old Video Master 5 giorni fa
@Jaset i am with you with that but still messi is messi always the best 👌🏻 also dont forgot player in messi level will never be as substitute in any game
Takitey Albert
Takitey Albert 2 mesi fa
5gosls without penalty is the best one and 5goals with assist is the best ever
5 goals in 9 minutes is the best
Marvin Verheul
Lewandowski is more impressive.
Hassan Abdulmalik Odunayo
Only Ronaldo having 4 tap ins in 5 goals
Aronu Toomuchmmoney
Cristiano Ronaldo scored 5 Goals in a single La Liga match, tying the record for the most goals scored in a single La Liga match in the 21st Century.
Generali pinton
Super 💯 coach gurdiola ,three players under him
Kudzashe Kurehwa
Only messi can score 5 without penalty that's the real G.O.A.T 🎉
Damian 13 giorni fa
Check a video once again. Not only Messi.
pedro riq83
pedro riq83 Mese fa
Zamorano 5 goles a Venezuela en clasificatorias mundial 1998
Lisso Kpannan
Lisso Kpannan 2 mesi fa
Lewandowski is the best
Pia Enholm
Pia Enholm Mese fa
luka jovitc goals 😮‍💨
mfRizqi 2 mesi fa
top 20 PL goals 22/23
Muneiwa Maphodo
Muneiwa Maphodo 11 giorni fa
My favorite player halaand 🎉🎉
Juan Del Toro
Juan Del Toro 2 mesi fa
Cristiano Ronaldo a Machine
Young Cisto
Young Cisto 2 mesi fa
Which one was the easiest 🤔
Bright Amara
Bright Amara Mese fa
ANIME trailers
ANIME trailers 14 giorni fa
So it means that if pep wasn't a coach, those15 goal were not able to become true
OG Villa boy
OG Villa boy 17 giorni fa
I love this especially my messi
Jeshika Gurung
Jeshika Gurung 22 giorni fa
Haland ❤
The Taste of Water
George Best once scored 6
beny benou
beny benou 2 mesi fa
haaland scoring 9 goals in one match itvid.net/video/video-rJXkb9Ukdec.html
Yeboah Asiamah
Peps boys are always the best
movie universe
movie universe 13 giorni fa
Haaland is the only one scoring tap_ins and penalties
Leo gerald
Leo gerald Mese fa
Why is it that none of them completes their 6th goal before there are sub 🤣🤣
viwe 2 mesi fa
The first 4 players were coached by pep
Uduak Ubokudom
Uduak Ubokudom 13 giorni fa
Pep, coach in all
Francis Gafa Chikombe
Look at Messi goals
KM JAGUAR 2 mesi fa
Keep going
Valentine Popeval
Hasn't any player scored 6 goals yet?🤔
AAS Editz
AAS Editz 2 mesi fa
It's football not Soccer
fireboy 123
fireboy 123 2 mesi fa
of course
SqubanY !
SqubanY ! 17 giorni fa
Aaaa Bbbb
Aaaa Bbbb 2 mesi fa
Andy Cole vs Ipswich 1995
Bezhan Uddin
Bezhan Uddin Mese fa
CR7 vs granada 💔✨💫
Abdul Afeez Folorunsho
Check out AGURO on fire wearing different boot in this video
Damian Steinert
Damian Steinert 3 giorni fa
RL9 5 ⚽ 9 minut 💪👌👏😱
Cosdollarmusic 2 mesi fa
Where is Messi's 5 goals against Estonia
Okaru Abujah
Okaru Abujah Mese fa
Where is Jermain Defoe here bcos he scored 5 goals as well against Wigan?
Quentin 10
Quentin 10 2 mesi fa
Bro y does halland look broc Lesnar in the cover of the vid💀
MR TEEBOY 2 mesi fa
First of all Messi scored 5 twice
Adnane Aref
Adnane Aref Mese fa
Now compare messi’s goals to haaland’s ones 🙂 See the difference? 🙂
Investor Mary
Investor Mary 2 giorni fa
Ronaldo the Goat🎉
amar mestofa
amar mestofa Mese fa
Veronica Hernandez
Did you know that I scored five goals in one match last Sunday and I am only nine years old.
Махмут Камбаш
On Cristiano Ronaldo 2 5goals
Sushil Adhikari
Sushil Adhikari 24 giorni fa
Haaland could score 6
zolay lay
zolay lay Mese fa
messic no pt
Khang Trần
Khang Trần 2 mesi fa
Jermain defoe?
wisalaman10 2 mesi fa
Messi vs estonia..
Brendon Tafirenyika
Jamila Hamza
Jamila Hamza 2 mesi fa
Lyam 😢
abdus salam
abdus salam Mese fa
দুই আরজেন্টিনাইন প্লেয়ার
DaSwagKaT Mese fa
7 goals in 1 match. find the player
Young King
Young King Mese fa
Where's Messi vs Estonia
Chidimma Akaolisa
Chidimma Akaolisa 15 giorni fa
Lionel Messi is the best
Ikemesit essien
Ikemesit essien 4 giorni fa
Where's aduriz
Rabby Hossin
Rabby Hossin 2 mesi fa
plz pin my comment😍😋
Yeboah Asiamah
Cr7 is the best
Kenjaroo 2 mesi fa
Messi is the goat
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