Top 10 Pokemon That Were BANNED!

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Did you know that bans happen in the Pokemon realm? Well in this video I go over 10 interesting scenarios where a Pokemon was banned! I hope you guys enjoy the video, be sure to subscribe and ring the bell for more to come; until next time! See ya-!
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Commenti 100
Shotou Todoroki
Shotou Todoroki 6 mesi fa
Be honest though, youngster Joey's Rattata should've been on the list
blossom grove
blossom grove 7 giorni fa
Lol yes
charles lewis
charles lewis 18 giorni fa
lol true
Switchpikachu1 28 giorni fa
Abdul Samad
Abdul Samad Mese fa
10 minutes in and I have already gotten 3 ads. But I'll still watch them. Gotta support my boy. 😎
anime tale
anime tale 2 mesi fa
@Shotou Todoroki Wrong Anime dude
What were the offensive names in their names in the gts pokemon???
Fareez redONE
Fareez redONE 3 giorni fa
Conkeldurr burger
crispy cweem
crispy cweem 3 giorni fa
Why does the joker have dabi's quirk?
kings chapter
kings chapter 4 giorni fa
Story time I had 3 blue eyes white dragons and i could have attacked (he had 200 lp left) but noooo i combined them and equiped my card that boost attack by 300 and i also had another one so i had double his life points as extra attack so yea do you guys know what mirrar force does ?
ボット 4 giorni fa
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 4 giorni fa
mans just said kawk el door
dinoo playzz
dinoo playzz 5 giorni fa
I remember when my freind who watched that seizure episode now he has a shiny polygon that he bullies everyday.
Fareez redONE
Fareez redONE 3 giorni fa
What the duck
LeOnline 4 giorni fa
What the duck
Bird 5 giorni fa
4:45 Asgore: Yes, I have been transfered to a more peaceful and more calm world than the underground, at least I hope so. Asgore: Wait, why am I in a red and white spherical room? Red: Go, ASGORE!! Asgore: Why am I being controlled by a human, HEY YOU, MILLENIA- Red: ASGORE, Use Trident throw Asgore: Wait, NO, I am not going to hurt my kind, this monster is peaceful!! Red: Thats a pokemon, idiotic goat Asgore: Im still not going to hurt it!! Red: Alright then, ASGORE, Come back, Go, SANS Asgore: WHY DO I HAVE TO LIVE IN A BALL?? **Pokeball opens** Sans: Eh? Oh, its just you kiddo, alright use another pokemon This took me 20 minutes to make so pls like
Knicko Cruda
Knicko Cruda 5 giorni fa
ass is the awnser lol
DjXero Gaming
DjXero Gaming 6 giorni fa
No One Is Gonna Talk About How He Summoned Pot Of Greed(he summon a spell card Wow?)
blossom grove
blossom grove 7 giorni fa
Number seven: * Ad: It's nerf Me: oh ok
Miguel Mercedes
Miguel Mercedes 7 giorni fa
Jynx for being racist in gen 1
hendrik and the hendersons
I'd ban Whitney for various reasons too overpowered for the 3rd gym being one, Clair for being petulant and making me go in a dragons den to get the badge! And zubats because they just suck (pun intended) just let me have a crobat without the bs. 👍
Melissa Jones
Melissa Jones 8 giorni fa
Don’t blame it on the...porygon~ porygon~ ** me like music reference**
Langston Sanders
Langston Sanders 8 giorni fa
Gabite.???? Conkeldurr.???? I'm genuinely lost....
Demon Skull of Nightmares
whats so bad about gabite
Justin Dabson
Justin Dabson 9 giorni fa
Mega raquaza was not on here? It got banned from ubers
Andre Rajagukguk
Andre Rajagukguk 10 giorni fa
Number two... MEWTWO Coincidence? I THINK NOT :P
Vann Xbox
Vann Xbox 10 giorni fa
Why did he use beckertrung from undertale though
Cesar Quijano
Cesar Quijano 11 giorni fa
The banned Pokémon from before I get, but Gabite? I don't see an offensive word in there, so could someone point it out for me? Edit: Actually, I don't get the rest of the Pokémon after Gabite as well with the exception of Sharpedo. I really need someone to inform me lol
Penguin Zero
Penguin Zero 11 giorni fa
I’ve watched this episode and I never got a Caesar 8:00
isnot neverdream
isnot neverdream 12 giorni fa
Yeet master 6 The best
WHY IS ASGORES THEME ahahahaha it’s a different game
aidan coggins
aidan coggins 12 giorni fa
Garchomp in diamond and pearl should be a honorable mention.
hectopia 12 giorni fa
It's funny how you see yourself as an anime character... Insecure much ?
Swagga Gee
Swagga Gee 13 giorni fa
BlastingYoshi 13 giorni fa
I'd like to say, as a Showdown player, some of these are definitely true. I run a blaziken but the speed boost is op, I thought dobbs was going to talk about porygon 2 and the eviolite, Pretty sure bidoof was actually banned because of his op hidden ability Moody where at the end of every turn, any of the stats would be raised by 2 but one would be lowered by 1. This made bidoof be banned in showdown. Another honorable mention was extreme eeveeboost and baton pass.
David Johnson
David Johnson 13 giorni fa
Actually Mew was the most powerful pokemon in generation 1. I would know I had one and it's special hit 360 at level 100. that was with rare candies it could have been more than that if i just trained it by battling.
nola doromal
nola doromal 14 giorni fa
Hi rick ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Eagle Fly
Eagle Fly 15 giorni fa
i dont get what was offensive in gabite i searched all over plz someone send a link to somewhere where it says why
Levi Mcclung
Levi Mcclung 13 giorni fa
Nathan Pfirman
Nathan Pfirman 15 giorni fa
And then you have a unown that has an abbility to automattically win the battle i have a card that says that
Baby Inosuke
Baby Inosuke 15 giorni fa
Youngster joey in 2070 Finally,after so many year i can beat the champion,why do i need to train so long? The champion are weak tho
Itz Sheep
Itz Sheep 15 giorni fa
11:14 why is conkelldurr, skuntank and crococaw banned?
dualweilder 18
dualweilder 18 11 giorni fa
@Mari how about con(kell)durr as k-ill and cro(coc)caw I think you can guess that
Mari 14 giorni fa
S(kunt)ank -- c unt I guess But I dunno about the other two. Maybe someone else can help
DrXgen V1rs Olsen
DrXgen V1rs Olsen 15 giorni fa
youtuber Jairus
youtuber Jairus 16 giorni fa
I only know probopass and frosslass and nosepass but I dont know the others
Kendall Bell
Kendall Bell 14 giorni fa
@MolfredoElGrande the only thing that they all have in common is the "Saur" at the end
youtuber Jairus
youtuber Jairus 14 giorni fa
@MolfredoElGrande Thanks guys
MolfredoElGrande 14 giorni fa
Bulba is a way to refer female reprodictive organ But ivy and vena???
Kendall Bell
Kendall Bell 15 giorni fa
@youtuber Jairus You are welcome.
youtuber Jairus
youtuber Jairus 15 giorni fa
@Kendall Bell Thank you very much!
Lourila La petit louve
*ITS THE FINAL POKÉMON BATTLE TOURNAMENT 2021 BETWEEN REDKARIOU AND LORDCUS* *THEY ARE OUR 2 FINALIST !!!* Redkariou send charizard for this final battle Lordcus send Caterpie !!! Wow that will be a difficult start for Lordcus Charizard use [Fire Breath] AND MISS!!!!! THAT CALLED LUCK for this Caterpie!!! Caterpie use [String shot]
Zeus OI
Zeus OI 17 giorni fa
Why wasnt moody Bidoof included???
moistbean1eman 18 giorni fa
I don't think this should be banned but the beldum line needs a higher catch rate, it has the same catch rate as galar zapdos
That One Game Dev
That One Game Dev 18 giorni fa
"Utilize Choice Band" "Mega Kangaskan" *"Utilize Choice Band"* *"Mega Kangaskan"* *You need a Kangaskanite to mega evolve Kangaskan* *Choice Band needs to be held to raise attack* *HMMMMMMMMM*
That One Game Dev
That One Game Dev 7 giorni fa
@Brendan Yee that makes no sence
Brendan Yee
Brendan Yee 8 giorni fa
lmao he said Choice Band because the Parental Bond boost pre nerf was essentially like a Choice Band Boost He used Choice Band so people could understand easier
UltraNinja 18 giorni fa
I get why Froslass Probopass Nosepass was banned from trading in the gts but the others I don't see it
Aidan Lovick
Aidan Lovick 16 giorni fa
The mummy Pokémon had the word f*g in it but the others I don’t understand either
SC1V3R 18 giorni fa
Look im sure this was funny and all but like... what does Pot of Greed do again?
Blue Wolf Zero
Blue Wolf Zero 19 giorni fa
Honorable Mention: Kadabra, because Uri Gellar thought Kadabra made fun of him and so he banned it from the TCG in 2003 and it wasn’t until just last month when Gellar wrote an apology note on Twitter, lifting the Kadabra ban.
Galaxy Fox
Galaxy Fox 19 giorni fa
NUMBER 7 *asgore theme starts playing*
Razor Studios
Razor Studios 19 giorni fa
For all you that are saying ‘PIKACHU CAUSED ALL THE SEIZURES’ they couldn’t get rid of Pikachu so they had to ban Porygon or they would be some reports or bans.
Toom 400
Toom 400 21 giorno fa
What’s offensive about Gabite’s name?
Christopher Bowling aka Z3R0P00L
Is it me or does he sound a lot like Rick from Rick & Marty? 😆
The boi Michael
The boi Michael 21 giorno fa
I wonder if anyone noticed that he said that M Kang can abuse choice band. IT NEEDS A MEGA STONE TO HAVE THAT ABILITY THUS CANT HOLD CHOICE BAND. lol
Ash Greninja
Ash Greninja 22 giorni fa
U can catch the wabafett
Ash Greninja
Ash Greninja 22 giorni fa
The pokmn trainer is still there
Mainy CC
Mainy CC 22 giorni fa
is it me or he sounds like Rick ?
Neo the harpy king
Neo the harpy king 22 giorni fa
Quite frankly i really didn’t know what pot of greed does. Thanks for showing me m8 I appreciate it.
LunatheWeeb 23 giorni fa
Let's all just ignore the totodile using a normal type move on gastly
Milán Csicsics
Milán Csicsics 24 giorni fa
0:50 why that squirtle have a moustage ate the right
diego moreno
diego moreno 25 giorni fa
Bro I use to play Pokémon back in elementary and my friend used a caterpie and I couldn’t win and I was like it’s either this Pokémon was broken or I was just trash
A Paige Of A Shaolin monk
Hey Dobbs can u do a yugioh review
fat master
fat master 26 giorni fa
If we catch the wobbafet
Valor1 Omega
Valor1 Omega 26 giorni fa
Funny, porygon wasn't the one who actually caused the flashing lights, it was actually Pikachu when it blew up the missiles sent after them. So by alrighty it should have been that yellow rat that should have been band. But couldn't have them baning their mascot pokemon so porygon was the escape goat. I think they should ban pikachu from *everything* for 20 years to make it right.
Jonathan Leonard
Jonathan Leonard 26 giorni fa
Dat intro tho
AkumaFang 27 giorni fa
I hated when they banned mega gengar his greatest weekness( lost levitate) i just stoped all competive its was just a way to salty seen for me
Kyden Hall
Kyden Hall 27 giorni fa
Tbh, power up punch was a little bit op in some circumstances, but dosen't swords dance give more attack?
Blue juice
Blue juice Mese fa
What's wrong with gabite I mean I got all the others but not gabite (I'm dumb)
Pegse 28 giorni fa
I’m dumb can you explain them please?
Rajesh Tr
Rajesh Tr Mese fa
come on mega rayqaza should be first it got banned
ezstick76 Mese fa
Back when wormadam was worthadam
Brett Sigler
Brett Sigler Mese fa
I'd wreck shop in X&Y with my Speed Bost/ Flame Charge Blaziken
Mystic bunny
Mystic bunny Mese fa
It sucks that porygon got banned in the anime due to pikachus mistake. However I still like pikachu.
Terence Johunkin
Was Lance throwing balls to kill a JoJo reference?
M.F. Styles
M.F. Styles Mese fa
It was pikachu fault not porygon
Luis Vera
Luis Vera Mese fa
Blaziken: I was the most op Pokémon to ever live Caterpie: I used to be god
Vilma Nohemi
Vilma Nohemi Mese fa
2:35 I have that card
justin spaulding
Why do you sound like a sober rick?
UnOrdinaryGamers !
DOBBS u sound kinda like austin from game theory but better lol anyone else notice that?
Richard Tucker
Me: Cofagrigus doesn't have an offensive word in it. *looks again* Me after looking twice: 😧😦😮😯😲😱
Jules Uchiha
Jules Uchiha 7 giorni fa
Can u tell me all of em
game Faqih TV
Drawing a blank on gabite on wards to sharpedo but I could see why the first 4 of #3 got stopped by the GTS
With #5 Porygon did nothing wrong as the electric rat was the actual cause
FoeHammer E419
Can i get a link to each of the 8 bit tracks used here?...their themes are total bangers.
Master Pokémon Flames
RIP. Koga
Captain _dsz
Captain _dsz Mese fa
also porigon is a digimon confirmed
Captain _dsz
Captain _dsz Mese fa
lets be real though a giganatmax mega evolution would be too op
Captain _dsz
Captain _dsz Mese fa
yo legit tho lance is totally seto kaiba tho both obsessed with dragons both were champions and both screw the rules cuz they have money i also totally see kaibas va voicing not only regulsrily vocing brock but lance too
Ban Celebi
TEDD 16 Mese fa
B b b but u cant summon spell card.
Where was mega rayqauza
kuhkubo99 Mese fa
I have a hard time believing a freaking ninja would get hit in the head not once but twice from a pokeball by noodle arms lance 😂
I remember my mega kangastan with power up punch and dragon rage
CJer Mese fa
Ah yes. Mega Kangaskhan. My favorite choice band user.
Cassandra Spoelhof
Wow. That’s bad programming when a Move crashes the game. It also happened with Metronome/Fairy Lock in Sword and Shield. Thankfully that got fixed.
WisK Mese fa
Wait why was gabite banned I don’t see any curse words in its name
Speed Mese fa
11:03, What's wrong with Gabite? Conkeldurr seems fine unless you're saying Con or Durr or something? Really, Bulbasaur is Bulba a bad word now? And Ivysaur, what's wrong with saur? Know what, none of that makes sense beyond saying ass. Words in it are Gabite, Gabit, Gab, Ga, G A bite, A bit, Abi, Ab, A Bite, Bit, Bi, B Ite, It, I Te, T E
MCPunk55 Mese fa
Gabite, Conkeldurr, Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur, Croconaw and Skuntank. What specifically is wrong with those names? Sure, Shar"pedo" is pretty obvious.
MCPunk55 29 giorni fa
@Absolute Inksanity Apparently, you are stupid, because you stopped reading at "C"...
Absolute Inksanity
Absolute Inksanity 29 giorni fa
@MCPunk55 I know it's supposed to be spelled with a c, I'm not stupid. Still, spelling it with a "k" is a method someone could use to work around the filter. Thus, it was also added to the filter.
MCPunk55 29 giorni fa
@Absolute Inksanity Its correct spelling is with a "C"... that is just petty, especially considering Nintendo of America came up with the English names.
Absolute Inksanity
Absolute Inksanity 29 giorni fa
Skuntank was banned because of the "kunt" portion
Ya Boi
Ya Boi Mese fa
Did he say a mega could abuse choice band?
KumaTRASH's Work
Porygon: *exists* Japanese Kid: Guess I'll Die
Justin Dougherty
If wobefet still lost health the battle would end. Right. Does damage and takes half. Hows that last forever
Cade Candee
Cade Candee Mese fa
Metapod: *uses harden* Me: so it begins...
Aaron Ennis
Aaron Ennis Mese fa
Jynx's soft ban, Kadabra's legal blocked ban (that just got lifted!), etc.
Gabriel Howe
Gabriel Howe Mese fa
i still cant see th bad word that was in Gabite :/
WingsofFire Master999
Half of those innapropriate names I didn't get,
Gamer jones
Gamer jones Mese fa
I found a wobbefet once then I threw out ditto and it didn’t end until I had to restart
Jascha Bull
Jascha Bull Mese fa
Mewtwo: I have been crafted with meticulous genetic engineering to be the mightiest pokémon of the ages! I cannot be beat! Caterpie: *ties everyone up with silk* Game over, pal.
Kyle Kautz
Kyle Kautz Mese fa
I honestly cant see why Gabite was flagged as having an offensive word... Or Conkeldurr Or the Bulbasaur evolution line Or Croconaw
Trilobite RW
Trilobite RW Mese fa
I’m not 100% sure myself but I think the gabite is for the word bite (but that seems a bit off) and conkeldurr and croconaw for having the start of their names sounding like cock. No idea about the bulbasaur line.
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